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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 30, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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>> some counties are issuing
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recommendations for new year's eve, and some people have already changed their plans. >> less sensitive to detecting omicron, but still useful tool, health experts weigh in on new findings about at home covid tests. >> storms moving out, chill settling in, your holiday we can forecast coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> our most the parties, but i feel like staying safe is the way to go right now. >> many of us are changing plans and scaling back, uncertain about the risks of getting covid. clear guidance on how we can celebrate safely this new year's eve. thanks for joining us, i'm dan ashley. many of us will embrace -- embrace bringing in the new year amidst the covid search. our abc 7 news reporter spoke with a county health officer who issued guidance on how we can celebrate safely. >> it seems that this covid
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surge is going to have some sort of impact on new year's eve. many folks that i spoke with tonight would say they are not chancing going out this year. >> just not a risk i feel like i can take. on this years new year's eve. and i usually full of parties, but for breonna, not this year, she's traveling to a wedding in two weeks, so she won't be turning friends at a large party in napa due to covid concerns. >> i just can't afford to be down, i just have time to stay at home for five to 10 days depending on if i get a. >> sonoma county officials are hoping others use caution, and issued indoor recommendations for new year's eve. besides gathering with faxed and boosted individuals, they recommend keeping gathering small and short, wearing
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surgical masks, venting the location well in testing before gathering. >> we seen case rate spike after every holiday. this variant is -- we haven't seen this type of transmission. >> many that we spoke with online say they are heeding the warnings. >> i have too many friends calling me saying, i husbands got covid, or kids got covid, i'm like, yeah, staying at home. >> while counties require indoor masking, not everyone is confident that will happen at new year's eve parties. >> we all have the right to wear a mask inside, but then their champagne and food, you can't eat and drink with a mask on. >> i was really looking forward to this and being out and about, getting dressed up, not spending new year's at home, but it just doesn't feel like the
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responsible thing to do right now, so i'm just sad. >> officials say holiday gatherings account for 40% of new covid cases with a norm -- a known source of its of infection. they urge people to stay home of sick. as for gathering, some people told me that rapid tests are hard to come by at stores in their neighborhood. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: we've heard a lot of that, haven't we. ? club food ghazi canceled its new year's eve performance. they canceled all performances through the end of the year. a breakthrough case was detected among the theater group. just yesterday, san francisco canceled its new year's eve fireworks show. we all have to wear a mask at all indoor public spaces, no matter what county. all bay area counties that had exemptions to the mass policy reversed them today. changes were made by alameda,
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san francisco, marin and sonoma counties. previously those counties allowed for masks off in places like jim's and offices, and there's a relatively small number of people. the owner of a jim worries that the new mask mandate will keep people from signing up for memberships january 1, where the fitness industry typically thrives. >> after two years of being as impacted as we have been. >> today, san francisco added a booster shot requirement for workers in dash settings. here are the covid developments, the u.s. reached a new record for average daily covid cases, topping 277,000 new infections daily. that's higher than any other point in the pandemic. omicron is not likely to be more severe for children, despite increased hospitalizations we are seeing. experts say that's because children under 11 are still unvaccinated.
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on the subject of vaccinations, the supreme court is considering whether to allow the biden administration to require millions of americans to get covid-19 vaccines. new at 11:00, new rapid at home tests could be in store soon after the fda approved two additional grants. but there are questions about how effective those antigen test's are at detecting omicron. abc 7's news reporter spoke with medical experts. quake stays away from the new year and many are still on the hunt, hoping to get their hands out a quick at home antigen test. add to man met with new fda discovery. the agency found that while tests detected the omicron variant, they did so with less sensitivity, meaning it's possible tests could miss an infection. dr. fauci: there never have been 100% sensitive. if you want to definitively find out your son was infected, for example, if something has symptoms and reasons to believe they are infected, the test two
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uses a pcr tests. >> lab-based pcr tests are more sensitive and have a turnaround time of 72 hours. dr. anthony fauci telling abc news, although sensitivity has diminished, there is still a sensitive to for broad surveillance. dr. george rutherford said antigen test's are reliable with no variant to variant variability. >> the tricky part is timing omicron may have a shorter incubation period than the prior. that's one of the reasons the isolation has shrunk down. >> rapid antigen test results in about 15 minutes. they work by detecting the proteins of coronavirus. they tell people to submit to tests on separate days for accurate results. >> the antigen test, if you can get your hands on one, should be taken right before a potential gathering. that's like a snapshot in time. >> one of two new
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over-the-counter antigen test authorized by the fda. the u.s. department of health and human services said it will bring tens of millions of new tests per month area >> this is a time for more testing, lot -- not left -- not less testing. quake studies are on the way. >> zuni café became one of the first restaurants in san francisco to require gas to show proof of a covid-19 booster. the rule applies only to people who are eligible to receive the booster. those not eligible now show documentation for the vaccine they received. the restaurants chef said he is worried about losing business. >> am afraid covid-19 thinks -- this is what our customers expect us to do, and that's why we are doing it. >> it seems like a good idea and a good way to keep people safe. i'm glad i got my booster.
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ama: guests -- dan: guests can eat outdoors regardless of their vaccination status. a jacket was recommended tonight. the soaring covid case rates will be keeping -- keeping kids out of public schools in san francisco. the city's health department reaffirm support for in person learning, despite the highly contagious omicron variant. officials say multiple layer's of health and safety protocols have schools open and are urging everyone to continue to follow these recommendations. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team any time, that's why they are there. abc and click on the big blue box. let me turn your attention to storm watch record-breaking snow. having a major impact in the sierra tonight. why the main highways have reopened, still a treacherous journey. if you don't have chains or snow tires, you won't get far. these visitors parked their car
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near the mobil gas station and they have been digging out for three days. >> we definitely got buried, it was a big winter, big winter storm, we didn't expect it. >> california road crews and emergency responders have been working around-the-clock the clock to restore power. locals are finding it hard to get gas to fuel their generators. >> we are out of gas, so we drove three miles out yesterday to the other gas station and they were shut down. >> tens of thousands of people have no heat and are unable to cook as snow piles up in placer and nevada counties. the biggest challenge for pg&e cruises getting access to the roads. >> it's like a chicken and egg situation, there's the tree across the road and then there's no and you have to get it plowed . >> for many in colfax, the power has been out since december 26. the best estimates residents have is getting their power restored by january 2. in the east bay, a fallen tree
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in oakland hit a car, sending a person to the hospital. these are pictures treated by oakland. it happened on sheppard canyon road. it closed a stretch of the road at shelter would drive. the injured person was not seriously hurt. but we are entering a bit of a low in terms of rain and snow. >> time to dry out and put those umbrellas away. to get a couple of dry weather -- a couple of days of dry weather. all is calm, that's for sure as we look at a beautiful view of san francisco. the rain is gone. i want to show you that storm brought quite a bit of rain. it's across the bay area. snow in the sierra and now all of that has shifted into southern california. if you are doing traveling, that's where it's at. 60 300s in san francisco, 41 hundredths in oakland, a third
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of an inch in concord and santa rosa. the chill is settling in, temperatures are in the 30's and 40's period watch what happens as we head towards tomorrow morning. the clouds will be the only thing insulating us, but it is going to get cold down to the low 30's to low 40's. even colder weather is headed our way. i will let you know how we will close out 2021 and begin the new year. dan: thanks. remember, you can keep an eye on the weather, including live doppler seven anytime it's convenient for you. you will find it on the abc 7 bay area news app available on amazon fire, android tv and apple tv. a lot more to come. a tiger attacked a maintenance worker at a zoo who reached into the animal's cage. what investigators they happen. california's ex-pats sometimes get a bad reputation, accused of driving up home prices in the cities they move, but is that true? we discover something about that plane that just doesn't add up. >> if you wanted fresh crab, i
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>> a tiger tonight attacked a man who entered a restricted area of the naples zoo in florida. he was seriously injured. the tiger took the man's arm in its mouth and would not let go
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until a deputy shot and killed the animal. the man was part of a cleaning crew, but investigators say he tried to pet or feed the tiger after hours. the economy is an issue abc 7 news focused on in an effort to build a better bay area. we hear that when californians move out of state, they make housing prices increase in that new city. sometimes people are angry. but is it really true? 7 on your side's michael finney got the answers. >> when i first interviewed the industry expert shelley hunter, she lived there. that was then, and this is now. shelley moved with her family to boise four years ago and has not looked back. >> cost-of-living is less and people are really friendly and it has been a great move for us. >> i love the bay area, but the cost of living is affecting our quality of life that i knew it was time for a change. >> but shelley has run into
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resentment wherever californians show up from boise to seattle to washington, look not too happy with equity rich californians. when you tell people you're from california, do they blame you for higher prices? >> there's not a ton of here for people who are from california, i will be honest with you, but, i guess for me i feel like most of the people that have moved here share the reason i moved here. >> she says they are embracing idaho, not trying to make it like california. still are the locals right, is shelley and those like her the cause of rising home prices? here is dillow economist nicole. >> we get that question a lot, california has races that are high. the number of people from california that moved to austin is so small that it's not really making a big dent at all. >> it's not just austin, it
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seattle, boise, sarasota and all the rest. more people in slow building drives up the cost of housing. they in theithey in theithey iny not seen as the driving forces. >> we have people moving from all different parts of the country to all over. we have people moving out of california to texas. we have people moving out of texas to california. >> the next time someone tells you our friends are ruining their out-of-state towns, feel free to fire back. if your people moving to california that's causing our home prices to go up. i michael finney, 7 on your side. dan: isn't that interesting. commercial dungeness crab season is underway in the port of san francisco is making it easy for local fishermen to sell their catch. new pilot program allows fishermen to sell fresh crab right off their boats in
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fisherman's wharf. one fishermen we spoke with just loves this change. >> it's great, especially for smaller boats like mine that don't produce thousands of tons. it gives us a little bit of an option to sell it off and keep our living going. >> the pilot program will run for at least a year. fresh dungeness is selling for $10 a pound. the start of the commercial season was delayed until today. it was for them to migrate safely, but the season is on and does not get any fresher than right off the boat. that's go back to sandy and update the forecast. sandy: we had a nice wintry day today. we had some snow over calm out and and snow in the sierra along with rain and the bay area. i want to show you the video. this is the time lapse from the lake tahoe camera. this is what it looked like a few hours ago. you see the snowflakes coming down, it was such a nice scene. hopefully you will get a chance to get up there.
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tomorrow morning, freezing fog in tahoe, it is icy on the roadways. a couple of snowflakes still going to remain in the forecast for the early hours. slight chance friday morning but you are good to go on friday and sunshine. look at how cold, three degrees in the morning, 31 in the afternoon. as we take you back in time 12 hours, you can see the snow was coming down. it has applied. sierra snowpack stands at 158% of average, well above where we were just about one year ago. in terms of rainfall, santa rosa, 186%. over 200, san francisco, oakland, 159%. exploratory camera showing stars and clouds. chili in the morning, colder with frost friday through sunday. it will be drive-through new year's eve at the holiday weekend in wet weather returns early next week. let's check out the planner for new year's eve. it will be bright and sunny at noontime if you are taking your kids to new new year's eve
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celebration. sun goes down at 5:00. temperatures will tumble. 30's and 40's by 8:00 p.m. you will definitely want a jacket when you are actually celebrating at midnight. you will be looking at temperatures close to freezing in our inland areas. numbers right now, 36 at ukiah. the only thing the cloud cover. the cloud cover. we go down to the 30's and 40's tomorrow morning, except up north where they will be in their 20's. those temperatures will continue to come down. friday morning you see 20's, 30's. saturday is 20's to 40's. sunday is when we will bottom out. it will be below freezing and some of our valleys, so you will definitely need to protect any frost sensitive plants. high temperatures tomorrow in the 40's and 50's. we will see some sunshine. the accuweather 7 day forecast, chilly couple of days as we close out 2021. it is going to be dry with a
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announcer: abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. >> a severely sprained right thumb with some ligament damage, but there is a chance he could play sunday. the good news, the injury does not require surgery. the bad news, he did not practice today. the rookie take all of the first-team team wrecks at quarterback in practice. despite the pain, he says he thinks there's a chance he could go sunday. >> as a quarterback, you are supposed to be out there. as the cornerback, it's my team and i'm supposed to be out there and that's my mindset. it's about being able to grip the ball, doing things i normally do. i feel confident. >> reaction continues to pour in as the football world reacts to the passing of hall of famer and icon john madden. depending on when you were born, memories of madden were different whether his coach, broadcaster or videogame during
1:36 am
his name, everyone has a john madden story. >> i would've been a much better student if it wasn't for john madden. i spent the first wednesday five years of my life playing his video game. >> the impact that john madden had on not only the nfl, but although the players here is tremendous. i wanted to show my respect because he's such a great person and great leader in football. >> i'm thankful for john for changing the way we all watched football and the excitement he brought to the broadcast. his sounds and his conversation, and his madden team and his thanksgiving date or deccan. >> see such an amazing man. so kind, everyone said he was a coach, he was definitely always a coach. >> jordan poole and moses have cleared health and safety protocols while james wiseman has gone into protocol. with every three-pointer stephen curry hits he continues to add to his all-time record. last night he hit his 3000
1:37 am
career triple on this play to end the quarter. he added four more to push the number to 3004 and counting. >> it's kind of a we are to think about the rest of my career. pretty sure every three i make will be a new record. i don't know what's next, 3333, or you have to start coming up with stuff. >> you heard of the gatorade bath, how about a cheesy bath. clemson be iowa state to win the cheese a bowl and you guessed it, celebratory cheese it's.
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dan: that's our report this wednesday night. i'm dan ashley, we appreciate your time, stay tuned right now for jimmy kimmel. can night.
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we're back now, and that is a helicopter lifting off from a zoo in naples, florida. on board was a man in his 20s who suffered serious arm injuries after being bitten by a tiger. the man was part of a crew hired to clean zoo facilities. he was attacked after sticking his arm into the tiger's enclosure. a responding officer shot the tiger named echo. the zoo says the tiger has died. on the west coast, a brazen attack in a popular neighborhood in los angeles has landed a dog owner in the hospital after thievegr


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