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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 4, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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opposite robert? >> not necessarily. if that works for you, fine. >> betty white said she wanted to be remembered as having made people laugh, and think a bit. >> it's betty being silly again. that's what i would like to be remembered as. betty as a good friend that they invited into their home. >> rest in peace. that's "nightline" for tonight. watch all of our full episodes on hulu. see you back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> a california jury has found theranos founder elizabeth
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holmes guilty of four of 11 accounts against her. >> more bay area restaurants making the tough choice to close temporarily due to the omicron surge. >> the wet morning commute tomorrow. abc 7 news begins right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> once a rising star and biotech, now preparing for criminal sentencing. a south bay jury delivered a split verdict in elizabeth holmes' fraud trial. ama: the jury found the former ceo a blood testing company theranos guilty on a conspiracy charge and three fraud charges, not guilty on four counts, and the jury deadlocked on three counts. j.r. stone has the reaction and what is next. j.r.: theranos founder elizabeth holmes making her way out of the courtroom after a jury found her
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guilty on four counts of fraud and conspiracy involving defrauding investors. >> anything you want to say? j.r.: no response from t: no 37-year-old after the jury deliberated for more than 45 hours over the course of seven days. homes once claiming her company had invented technology that could accurately and reliably test for a range of health conditions with just a few drops of blood. she was found guilty on the four counts. she was found not guilty on another four counts. jury also failed to decide one way or the other on three additional charges. >> i found myself shifting tooo feeling very much more sympathetic to the investors. i realized if you just get flat out lied to, it is awfully hard to make a rational decision. j.r.: that from a retired biotechnology executive who
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spent more than 30 days in the courthouse watching holmes and this trial. >> i was very influenced also by the investor from texas that recorded in secret the pitch that elizabeth was making and i found it made me much more sympathetic to the investors than i had been before the trial, that they seemed like they were really getting lied to. >> she consciously and purposefully had the data and falsified it and i think the charges that she was convicted on demonstrate that. j.r.: that from a biotechnology advisor and san jose state professor. as for what is next, a sentencing phase in the coming months. >> the average in 2020 was 21 months. she is convicted of conspiracy and three other wire fraud counts. those four counts total. you can't fake it till you make
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it and you can't fraud it until you make it either. dan: we sent out a push alert about the verdict as soon as it was announced. download the abc 7 news app so you will be the first to know when news like this breaks in our area. ama: rain has been coming down. conditions were treacherous for drivers. spencer christian is here with a look at the conditions. spencer: it is wet in some spots and not in others. we have some of san francisco through south san francisco and into the burlingame area. in the east bay, we have wet weather, as well. light rain. oakland, san leandro, castro valley getting a little wet weather. the storm of light intensity. we expect light showers, breezy
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conditions, less than 0.25 inches of rain in most areas. i will give you a closer look at the seven-day forecast and more rain coming our way later in the broadcast. dan: as the covid omicron surgee continues to spike, more bay area restaurants and bars are making the tough call, deciding to close temporarily in the name of safety. the pandemics impacted on the economy is a key focus as we work to build a better bay area. cornell barnard spoke with one restaurant owner who may not reopen until spring. >> these are really hard decisions and we are tired of trying to figure it out. cornell: christian albertson made one of the toughest choices of his career, deciding to point -- put his restaurant into hibernation, closing doors until spring when the omicron surge may be subsiding. >> we feel a moral responsibility to provide the guests and our staff especially,
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but everyone, a safe environment to dine in. right now, it is a dangerous time. cornell: he says 35 employees were laid off. none had recently tested positive for covid. >> offending everybody's lives is the hardest part about it. cornell: the san francisco location will remain open, but indoor dining will be eliminated. others are taking the same path. paper mill creek saloon says it will not reopen until january 12 to err on the side of caution. some san francisco restaurants are among a growing list of eateries also closing temporarily due to the surge of new cases. four bars in the castro voluntarily locked up over the holidays and hope to reopen soon. >> we already had one of our employees had a breakthrough covid infection, so we didn't want any more people getting sick. cornell: the golden gate restaurant association told us
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lack of staff who can work and/or concerned staff is having the effect of several restaurants having to temporarily close. this is only adding more stress and financial burden to an already stressed industry. christian albertson says he looks forward to the day when it is safe to serve his loyal customers again. >> we will be back. cornell: in marin county, cornell barnard. ama: oaklands first friday has been scrapped due to the covid case surge. the festival brings together local businesses, artists, and performers. organizers hope to hold the event on february 4. dan: starbucks said its workers in the u.s. must be fully vaccinated by february 9 forget tested weekly at their own expense. the coffee giant says the requirement is in response to a federal mandate. the federal judge today ruled in favor of 35 navy seals who sued the biden the military covid-19 mandate.
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the seals refused to get the vaccine for religious reasons. booster shots for kids ages 12 to 15 could be available thursday. the fda authorized to them today. ac/dc advisory panel will consider the issue wednesday. ama: the hottest back-to-school item is a covid test. they are not necessarily mandatory, but many bay area districts are offering them. some parents waited for hours over the weekend. there was more testing today and all the rapid tests available at district headquarters were gone by noon. the district sent letters to families letting them know about locations across the city. >> we want people to know how to access testing and how that information -- have that information for what they choose to do. ama: there was also alignment lafayette. this one was relatively short. dan: people lined up to get tested all across our area today. this was the scene at the kaiser facility in san jose.
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experts say the number of infections in the bay area could be higher than reported because so many people are also testing at home. luz has more on the impact on local hospitals. >> california is in the middle of a winter surge, the last time we saw numbers this high was a year ago. >> it is alarming, having rising case numbers is not good, but not having markedly rising proportionally rising hospitalization rates is good. with that speaks to is a decoupling between cases and hospitalizations. the omicron variant is milder, it causes less severe disease. >> one covid testing company is seeing an influx of testing across the bay area and reporting a 19% positivity rate in multiple cities across the bay, including in san francisco's mission site. >> we are seeing numbers doubling per week. >> more than 1000 people are
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getting tested a day at this site in san bruno. >> latin community is testing positive at 31%, higher than the 19% average in other places. >> as covid cases increase, one epidemiologist believes we need to focus our attention o hospitalizations ton understand the real impact this surge could have. >> right now, we are well within our capacity. >> state data shows over 7000 people hospitalized with covid-19. in san francisco, is starting to see the increase firsthand. >> we were down to about five or six in the hospital three weeks ago and only one or two in the icu. we are now up to 20 in the hospital with about five in icu. >> nationwide, more than 100,000 people are hospitalized with covid-19. for the first time in nearly four months, some testing
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positive after being treated for other medical reasons, and not necessarily getting admitted for covid-19. abc 7 news. dan: according to the latest state data, the majority of cases are happening among the unvaccinated population. you've heard this. if you have questions about vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. click on the big blue box. ama: a french bulldog is back home with her family. the journey she went through after being stolen in san francisco. dan: did you win? the drawing for a near record powerball drawing. ama: and a foodie tribute to betty white. how one restaurant
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dan: that's a live look at the u.s. capitol, where lawmakers will mark one year since the insurrection. tonight, members of the house committee investigating the attacker revealing what they've learned about what then president trump was doing during the siege. our chief washington correspondent has more. >> january 6 committee has spoken to people who were at the white house with donald trump the day his supporters attacked the capitol. the top republican on the committee says they know what the former president was up to as the chaos unfolded. >> the committee has firsthand testimony that he was sitting in the dining room next to the oval office watching the attack on television as the assault on the capital occurred. >> citing that firsthand
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testimony, cheney says trump made no effort to stop the violence. the white house briefing room was right down the hall, but he made no statement condemning the riot. the morning before the riot, ivanka trump was backstage at the rally where her father made his now infamous speech. >> if you don't fight like hell, you are not going to have a country anymore. >> witnesses have said ivanka trump would later plead with her father to do something to call off the rioters. >> we have firsthand testimony that his daughter ivanka went in at least twice to ask him to please stop the violence. >> the committee previously revealed donald trump, jr. texted chief of staff mark meadows again and again that day to urge his father to act. he's got to condemn this -- asap. we need an oval office address. he has to leave now. it has gone too far and gotten out of hand. democrats plan a variety of events to commemorate the anniversary of the capitol attack, including a speech by
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president biden. republican leaders in congress have no intention to take part in any of those commemorations. for the most part, they do not intend to be in washington on that day. jonathan carl, abc news. ama: a family is reunited with their french bulldog rosie after she was brazenly stolen while on a walk in the marina district. >> welcome home, welcome home, we missed you. ama: look at that hello. a car pulled along rosie's owner and got up and grabbed the puppy before taking off. the owner reported the theft and honored -- offered a $10,000 reward. they received a call for police saying someone purchased rosie in the sacramento area and was hoping to exchange her for the reward. >> e>> e helpful and we want to make sure everyone knows how grateful we are for their help. ama: the two were reunited in vacaville. rosie seems to be in good spirits.
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police said more information about the theft will be released soon. dan: emergency crews in the cra have been rescuing people who have gotten stranded because of all the snow. calfire shared this image. a person had to be helped out after they got stuck on the roof of a home after suffering a medical emergency. some hikers had to be rescued in the southern part of the mountain range after they got stranded in tuolumne county. ama: flight delays and cancellations are mounting at airports in the bay area and across the country. sfo reported 100 flight delays and at least 40 cancellations earlier today. airportairportairportairport break down what that the problems are related to whether or staffing shortages, possibly because of covid. one passenger said her plane set at the gate for more than an hour. >> the captain said they are understaffed because people are sick and they are reporting sick, so he there are
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people trying to do the work of three people down there. ama: experts recommend travelers sign up to get notifications from their airlines or call ahead before leaving for the airport. dan: no one won million powerball jackpot. here are the winning numbers. the powerball issss we spoke with a few people hoping to get lucky tonight and what they would do if they won. >> i would probably help a lot of people out with that kind of money. i'm not trying to keep it for myself. >> i would probably help my family. >> would you quit your job? >> probably not. dan: the next drawing is wednesday night and the jackpot is estimated to be $575 million. now we are talking. [laughter] dan: we weren't going to waste our time before. your odds of winning are about
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292 million to one. your odds are not much worse if you don't have a ticket. [laughter] ama: we all still have a chance if we want to play. spencer: i would just hire someone to do my job for me. ama: that is a good way to go about that, spencer. spencer: it is raining outside, have you noticed? dan: what are you paying, by the way? [laughter] spencer: we can negotiate. the light rain looked pretty impressive on live doppler. you can see the bulk of it is still offshore moving into the san francisco area and onto the peninsula. there are wet spots. this pattern will continue into the overnight hours. this is a view from the exploratorium camera. loan 50's. wet on the golden gate bridge right now. current temperature readings and
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other locations, mid 50's at novato, santa rosa. 50 at fairfield. the view from emeryville shows some slowly moving traffic on what appears to be wet pavement. light rain and showers will taper off during the overnight and early morning hours. drier pattern settles in late tomorrow through thursday. the week will not end without more rainfall. a storm of light intensity. we can expect more like showers, breezy conditions. more rain will fall in the north bay. this pattern will continue into the early morning hours before it tapers off. notice how widely scattered and light the showers appear to be going into the morning commute and then they will taper off by midday, giving us a period of drying. in the sierra, there will be snowfall. above 4000 feet, we expect another three to 10 inches of snow.
1:29 am
in the higher peaks, about 15 inches of additional snow. temperatures will mainly be in the upper 40's, much milder than the overnight conditions over the weekend. highs will generally be in the upper 50's to near 60. i should mention again that a coastal flood advisory will be in effect from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. as the king tides will be with us. there is the possibility of some minor coastal flooding in low-lying areas. tuesday into wednesday, mainly dry conditions, even on thursday. our next significant rainfall will come in on friday and that is likely to produce some snow over in the sierra. rainfall totals by the end of the week will range from about 0.25 inches or less to 0.5 inches or more in the north bay. a couple of milder days coming our way the next few days with high temperatures up to around 60 around the band inland. -- bay and inland.
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chase. make more of what's yours. dan: a staple in the l.a. food scene is paying tribute to a hollywood icon. pink hotdogs is selling the betty white naked hot dog this week with all the proceeds going to the l.a. zoo. >> she ate the hot dog and she says, i don't want anything on it, i just want defend the bond, and we said, you got it. youyouyouyouyouyou white gets naked at pinks. ama: what a great story. she has the rare distinction of having two pictures on pinks celebrity photo wall. dan: can the warriors win with steph curry being held to nine
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larry: good evening. how is this to wet your appetite? klay thompson warming up alongside fellow splash brother steph curry. klay is very close to returning after two years out with injuries. six days away at home against cleveland? draymond green back from the health and safety protocols had 13 assists. klay is thinking, that's going to be me soon. steph curry, rare off night, nine points total. jimmy butler turned his ankle. could be out for a while. warriors put it away late. andrew wiggins had 22 points. dubs had 39 assists. another pool party -- with authority! he had 32 off the bench. the warriors improved to 17-3 at
1:36 am
home. >> to have 39 have 39 have curry shoot 3-17, that is impressive. early, but beat the texans 23-7, trey lance had not played in a month, but it took the rookie have to settle in. a lot of teachable moments. niners will need to play a lot better to beat the rams. a win puts the niners in the playoffs. we don't know who will go in what is a must win game. >> it is a kind of thing where i'm always ready to go. if jimmy is healthy, he will be the guy. if not, i will do whatever i can to fill my role. >> if jimmy was 100% healthy, then i would definitely go with jimmy, but trey did a good job. we won't hesitate at all.
1:37 am
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case against him. what to expect. and why some experts are warning anyone over 45 to put down that snow shovel. we'll tell you why. you're watching "world news now."
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