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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 26, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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eastern europe. efforts for a diplomatic solution from the u.s. and nato. kumasi: san jose now the first city in the u.s. to require insurance or gun owners. reggie: ensuring students have a free ride to school. a proposed bill. kumasi: dolly parton's new project. wednesday, january 26. reggie: someone side, i really wish dolly would have said working 10:00 to 4:00 and four day work weeks. we should talk to dolly about the remake. >> maybe we could put this into the universe. reggie: put it out there. kumasi: i will work on it. >> dense fog advisory.
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that fog is thick once again this morning. the north valley to the bay shoreline, anywhere from oakland to sonoma is affected. low cloud cover is widespread. first, we will go into the north bay. napa is a quarter of a mile. peninsula and the south bay, you are impacted from 280 to 101. 1. look. areas of dense fog this morning. writer skies this afternoon. a touch warmer today compared to yesterday. 60's by 4:00. reggie: france set to host the talks. it comes amid intensifying tensions in eastern europe. ukraine has acknowledged the threat of a possible invasion. jobina: u.s. and nato stepping
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up efforts for a diplomatic solution. today's meeting hopes to ease tensions, but president biden says the u.s. troops on standby may be deployed sooner than later. he also warns the u.s.-made personally sanctioned vladimir putin if russia invades. >> this would be the largest invasion since world war ii two. it would change the world. >> the ukrainians are capable of defending their country. we do not think ukraine should have to live with a gun to its head. kumasi: the kremlin insist they will not attack, even as troops are gathered near the border. the u.s. is finalizing plans to help with natural gas should russia cut off supply. talks with cutter on monday. -- qatar on monday.
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reggie: officers called to hama avenue and daytona drive overnight. it is not clear yet what happened. we have a call into sin as a police and will bring more as we get it. kumasi: we are hearing from the mayor of san jose after the city passed two new mandates. they will require most gun owners to pay an annual fee and have the ability insurance. more on these measures and how people feel about them. >> the mayor proposed this two years ago. last night, almost 100 people spoke out. now it has passed and will be going into effect in august. this meeting last night went until about 10:20. san jose will now be the first
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city to require gun owners to purchase liability insurance and to pay an annual fee. gun rights groups are promising legal action to block the mandate, with opponents saying his taxes law-abiding citizens. san jose's mayor hopes this will result in safer gun ownership and reduce gun violence. here are some comments we heard last night. >> charging a fee and requiring insurance does not restrain anyone from owning a gun, but it does require that an owner's responsibility. >> you guys know what you are doing is wrong, but you are like petulant children. >> between $25 and $35 toward a nonprofit organization like suicide prevention or your
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arm safety. the police chief in san jose has said he will not be funding his officers door to door to enforce this, if gun is discovered during an investigation, they will ask for proof of insurance and that the e was paid. reggie: retirement not in the plan for nancy pelosi. she is running for reelection. >> this election is crucial. nothing less is at stake than our democracy, but we do not agonize, we organize. that is why i am running for reelection and respectfully seek your support. reggie: her announcement comes as 29 house democrats have announced plans to retire. she is seen as a crucial fundraiser. the one-year-old made no mention as to whether she would seek another term as speaker -- the 81 eayear old.
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kumasi: and 8% drop hospitalizations last week. california's positivity rate is down 1.7% from a week ago. the world health organization is asking to monitor this new sub variant, ba.2. there are 11 cases in california. officials say a little is known about this sub variant. >> it probably behaves just like ba.1, but it is probably probaby early to tell because of the small number of cases that have occurred so far. kumasi: officials are not releasing any information about the two people who tested positive in santa clara county. reggie: california ensuring kids
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have a free ride to school. a proposed bill would allow local school districts to expand their own school bus program or partner with public transit agencies to get students to and from school. the current lack -- supporters say the current lack of options affects low income kids and those of color. critics talk about the staff shortages. kumasi: governor newsom will highlight the state's investment in zero emissions. his package will expand access to zero emission vehicles and structure in low income communities. the news conference starts at 10:50 this morning. you can watch it on our app or our website. mosquito fogging helicopters over the streets today. vector control says treatment will stop growth of mosquitoes in the palo alto food basin.
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the helicopters will spray a fine test that will kill those mosquitoes. that is set to start at 7:30 this morning. arch trails. reggie: calfire it says height wins blew embers into nearby brush. 700 acres have burned near big sur since that fire started friday night. hundreds evacuated and anxious to go home. >> wheat left animals there. it is going on the fifth day. we are ready to go home. reggie: a stretch of highway one remains closed because calfire says there are numerous hazards. however, essential services dropped often supplies to businesses isolated. mike: talking fog. fog advisory for the north
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valleys, the entire bay shoreline. take a look at visibility's. a lot of thick fog -- a quarter of a mile inlpha, -- in napa, down to the san jose. at the distance between the car in front of you since visibility's are dropping. use your low beams. fog thicker than normal this morning. we have this fog through 10:00 a.m. temperatures elevated. 44 in san jose, 46 in oakland. hour-by-hour, we have fog... it is likely going to take it's time to lift. mid-day, brighter skies but likely still some patchy fog little bit warmer -- 62 in the
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city today. san jose will rise to 65. see how we are doing on those roads with that fog. jobina: the fog certainly a part of the commute. a fog advisory for the area surrounding napa. we will start with a map so you can get an overall view. no slowdowns except for out of tracy. i am interested to see how the golden gate bridge will look throughout the morning's commute. yesterday, it was fog in. tracy to dublin is our only slow spot right now. 32 minutes. reggie: dolly parton's sweet debut. her new project. kumasi: apple's restraining order against a virginia woman.
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for survivors after a boat capsized off the coast of florida. 39 people missing. one man was clinging to the boat when a good samaritan helped him too short. he said no one on board was wearing a life jacket. the coast guard suspects human smuggling. kumasi: an after a fire in santa clara. fire broke out around 7:40 night on calabasas boulevard. printing streets had to be closed for a few hours. reggie: apple has taking out a
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restraining order against a virginia woman accused of stalking ceo tim cook. they accuse the woman of erratic, threatening, bizarre behavior. >> for more than a year, apple says it's ceo has been stalked and harassed by a virginia woman. they allege the woman recently drove across the country to reach him, even trespassing on his property twice. >> this sounds like a certain kind of stalking often called eroto-mania. >> big delusional disorder according to dr. thomas plant who has never treated the woman. it is that behavior behind the temporary restraining order. we are not naming the woman because she is not currently facing charges. however, workpapers -- court
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papers contain photos allegedly sent by her to cook with photos of loaded guns. >> the apple team is saying she could be very dangerous. >> a legal analyst says order goes beyond demanding physical distance and no contact. the woman is barred from possessing guns, approaching apple employees, and entering company property. >> the next step could be criminal charges. >> according to court documents, the woman has threatened cook over twitter. apple says she claims to be cook's wife, saying they had twins together. >> legal means often do not stop people from trying to contact the person. >> a hearing is scheduled for late march.
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kumasi: a castro valley woman has been reunited with her french bulldog after it was stolen at gunpoint. the reunion that happened last night. megan was out walking her dog in castro valley a few weekends ago when a group of thieves took the dog and her purse. they later stole her car. it is not clear where the dog was, where he was found, or any arrest have been made. reggie: a bend in on opening new bars in the castro neighborhood has been lifted. new bars are allowed to open in the commercial district of the castro. the supervisor it says this would help ease the storefront vacancy rate. the castro storefront had a vacancy of 50% as of november. kumasi: you may not be able to sing like dolly but you may be
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able to make like dolly. she is to up with duncan hines to launch her own cake mixes. the collection is already sold out. duncan was offering special baking kits for $40. the cake mixes and frosting will be available in march. you can still go to the website and check out her recipes for banana pudding cake, coconut cake, and other recipes. did you all know that dolly could cook? reggie: i knew she could cook. she has a couple of youtube videos there in her kitchen whipping up breakfast. i am ready for the holidays hols she has hard candy christmas. drew: that is my favorite christmas song. kumasi: it is january.
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reggie: so? drew: the cake mix got sold out already. reggie: do not take this from us. a lot of spots dealing with low cloud cover. san rafael, this is a thick fog. we are so used to saw -- to fog, but this is especially that. this is san jose right now. southbay, you, too, are dealing with low cloud cover this morning. most of us impacted. some spots like concord and livermore not impacted, but you can see issues all the way from sam carlos to san jose, 280, 101
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impacted. take it easy out there. fog will linger at least through 10:00 a.m. this afternoon, sunshine. warmer compared to yesterday. morning dense fog giving way to afternoon sunshine. 625 in san jose, 62 in maine -- in half moon bay. numbers will drop into the 30's and 40's as we head into thursday. next week, the climate prediction center sees a chance of rain, but it looks like that is time. 527 today, mild temperatures through the weekend. -- fog to sun today. temperatures will rebound next week. kumasi: some boston moms are
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venting their frustrations by coming together in a field and screaming for 20 minutes. [screams] listen. i feel you. the scream session was organized by a wellness group. they wanted to give moms an outlet to express emotions during this pandemic. reggie: great used to have that in college, a thing called primal scream every quarter during finals week. everybody would scream. kumasi: how was it? reggie: strange. kumasi: you did not feel a release? reggie: it reminded me of how much pressure people were under and how tense it was. kumasi: i feel like it would be a good thing. reggie: let it out?
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kumasi: yeah. and then dance afterwards. reggie: thate could geto. weeed somethin ldcrm and go back to the library. i wanted a party. kumasi: that should have elevated it. seven things to know this morning. reggie: financial relief for californians forced out of work by covid. kumasi:
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kumasi:kumasi: seven things to know. gun owners in the south date will soon be required to buy insurance and pay an annual fee. legal action.oups are promising reggie: france set to host the escalation talks today. it comes amid intensifying -- president biden says trips may be deployed sooner than later. kumasi: scientists and governments being asked to monitor ba.2.
5:24 am
it has been detected in at least 40 countries. 11 confirmed cases in california. reggie: open to unified has avoided a teacher strike. ost will provide weekly calm and candy 95 -- kn95 masks. drew: dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. visibility greatly reduced. use low beams. kumasi: -- jobina: a deadly crash in san jose. shutting down all lanes on northbound 85. kumasi: san francisco residents could soon have free access to the conservatory of flowers. a committee will be discussing the proposal today. reggie: the australian open has reversed its ban on spectators
5:25 am
wearing t-shirts in support of peng shuai. >> with all eyes on beijing, it is the question that has not gone away -- where is peng shuai? on tuesday, tennis aon tuesday reversing its ban on t-shirts drawing attention to peng shuai, whose safety is being questioned after she seemed to disappear for weeks after accusing a former chinese official of sexual assault -- allegations the chinese government has refused to comment on. tennis australia saying that while pert safety is our primary concern, we do not allow clothing, banners, signs that are commercial or political. much more coming up at 7:00 a.m. reggie: david ortiz will ortiz l
5:26 am
inducted into the baseball hall of fame in july the fourth. that just happens to be barry bonds's birthday. the steroid cloud still hangs over bonds. he got stabbed despite being the overall -- all-time homerun king. he received 66% of votes. you need 75%. many say players like bonds she did so they should never be allowed in, but bud selig is in the hall of fame. dave dirties received nearly 78 % even though he used steroids. kumasi: the activity more and more are doing with their cats. reggie: fighting inflation. the major change expected today. kumasi: heart ache after
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about their heartache. this 12-year-old the victim of a drug overdose. the county announces new initiatives to combat drugs. kumasi: teachers in an east bay school district headed for a strike. reggie: a universal coronavirus vaccine. you have made it to wednesday, january 26. drew: we are waking up to a lot of fog. dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. for the north bay valleys, the city, east bay, peninsula, have visibility less then a quarter of a mile.
5:30 am
we are doing ok in concord and livermore, but most of us dealing with low cloud cover and thick fog. along the peninsula and southbay, you can see down to a quarter of a mile visibility. we have areas dense fog through 10:00 a.m. we will find brighter skies and warm up into the mid-60's later today. kumasi: santa clara will announce a new initiatives to fight drugs, including fentanyl. hear from the family of a 12-year-old girl who died from overdose. the present accused of selling the pill now facing a murder charge. >> her name was dalilah she was 12 years old and loved to dance. that came to an end after the
5:31 am
san jose girl ingested and m30 pill laced with fentanyl. >> she was loved by many people. >> in a zoom interview translated, dalilah's mom mom mm describe the emotions after learning what happened to her daughter, someone she says that good grades and was well liked. >> the day her daughter passed away, somebody took a photo. she was laying in the car. >> dalilah to the hospital, where she was declared dead. more than a year later, the then 16-year-old suspected of selling dalilah the drug was charged. >> the minor is being heldeldell
5:32 am
187 charges, which is murder. the minor head advertising sales before this time. >>.'s office saying these drugs have become a major problem. the da's office now creating a major crime and drug trafficking unit. as for the mother's reaction --- >> she did not even know that there was going to be --. she is not that today there is justice. >> that justice will not bring back dalilah, whose memories are left in these pictures and videos. kumasi: santa clara county planning to take action on
5:33 am
fentanyl use. they will be announcing a new unit dedicated to investigating and prosecuting drug cartels. reggie: san jose now officially the first city to require donors to write liability insurance. gun rights groups threatening legal action. >> the mayor is saying he is ready to help other cities do this, saying he is ready to support other cities in trying to replicate these initiatives. taegurits bd pass and will require donors to purchase liability insurance and pay an annual fee of $25 to $35. that will go to suicide prevention programs or firearm
5:34 am
safety training. we checked in with a legal professor. >> there will be a lawsuit asking for an injunction that will prevent this from going into e effect. -- into effect. it will ultimately have the ordinance declared unconstitutional. >> liability insurance and public interests, the money is going to go toward the enormous cost to taxpayers of gun violence. that seems like it will pass a legal test to me. >> opponents say they believe it is unconstitutional to require this of law-abiding citizens. the mayor and others hope the mandate will encourage safer and ownership. the po chief in san jose says his owi b asking to see proof that people
5:35 am
complied if they come across a gun in an investigation. he will not be sending officers the door-to-door to enforce this. it is set to go into effect in august. kumasi: teachers in the conscious county will try to prevent a strike over covered measures. they are demanding mandatory covid testing, plans in case of an outbreak, more substitute teachers, and kn95 masks provided daily. >> we are providing one mask per student per day. kumasi: while demands demands negotiated, the district says more student need to be vaccinated. 54% of students 12 and older reported being vaccinated. that is low. reggie: the threat of a strike
5:36 am
is over at oakland schools following a new agreement on covid safety measures. oakland unified will provide weekly testing and kennedy five masks. teachers were threatening to strike if safety demands weretil . kuma:om artored that the push to get booster shots is now using steam. just 40% of fully americans have gotten the booster. today, dr. white house to talk about a universal coronavirus vaccine. more on those conversations. jobina: health experts do not believe covid will away. the u.s. is averaging more than 2000 every day, slightly higher than the delta peak last
5:37 am
september. pfizer is testing its omicron- specific vaccines right now but what about other variants? >> there is a lot of investment to develop universal coronavirus vaccines. the importance of a panda coronavirus vaccine becomes even more apparent for what inevitably will be the emergence of future pandemics. jobina: the vaccines would also cover other forms of coronavirus. the nih develop and research pan coronavirus vaccines. reggie: more financial relief for california residents forced out of work by covid. the state is restoring paid sick leave.
5:38 am
that will help those unable to work. up to two weeks of submental paid sick leave will be available. to find out the latest about covid, head to our website. kumasi: a major change likelyly coming. the key decision expected today. reggie: a new first friend at smithsonian national zoo. you may be surprised to hear how zookeepers will find out if this is a boy or a girl. kumasi: that does not look like mom or dad. you do not like to tell people their children do not look like them. drew: i do not even know what that is. reggie: it is a porcupine. i never saw a baby porcupine. they are even cute as adults. drew: san raphael, thick fog. you can barely see cars on the
5:39 am
highway. a lot of thick fog this morning. dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. this morning. includes the north valleys, east bay around the shoreline. a lot of us impacted. the loan spot that is doing ok is conquered and livermore. as you move westward, you notice fog is thick. visibility down to a quarter of a mile. use low beams and drive an extra distance. this morning, fog is thick. 30's and 40's, 46 jose. talk is going to linger for much of the morning the afternoon is bright. the theme today -- morning five to afternoon sunshine, slightly warmer today compared to
5:40 am
yesterday. 60's this afternoon. jobina: we are covering covering crash in san jose. all plans shut down on northbound 85 pass to the hannah boulevard. the san jose police homicide unit on the scene. sounds like more than just a crash. live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. our camera is foggy. fog advisory for all roadways surrounding napa, but also you saw in san jose very foggy as well. wrapping up with a live look in emeryville showing you i-80.
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someone being pushed onto the tracks of the san bruno bart station. barta closed the station yesterday afternoon. a man was found, but it is unclear if he was hit by the train. >> before the train came, hopefully nothing happened. he could have made it. kumasi: a photographer so somebody being taken into custody. the victim was put into an ambulance, but we have not been told how badly he was injured. reggie: asian hate crimes in san francisco up 567%. >> we will not tolerate it. we will do everything we can to hold perpetrators accountable. reggie: security cameras
5:44 am
captured some of the crimes, while others will never be reported. the san francisco police department says there were 60 asian hate crimes last year, up from nine the previous year. 31 of the 60 attacks last year were connected to one person. >> i pleaded with them to stop, but they relish in their ability to inflict pain and fear on the defenseless senior citizen. reggie: without his knowledge, he says his attacker was given a plea deal with no jail time and one year of probation. he is suing dda. the da did not respond to a request for comment. a case of vandalism at an
5:45 am
element to school in palo alto may be a hate crime. the school has removed the sign. kumasi: the federal reserve expected to make a crucial decision about interest rates today. wall street has been on a roller coaster because of uncertainty about interest rates. >> a major change likely. the federal reserve is expected to announce it is raising interest rates for the first time in three years in response to inflation. >> rates are still historically low, but it could be enough to rattle investors and consumers. >> the hike would come as soon as march. some say the fed is moving too late to fight inflation. others say there is a risk the fed could act too aggressively. >> it increases the cost of
5:46 am
borrowing and makes it less desirable to bite risky things like stocks. that has led to this volatile market. >> overnight, it up slightly. the doubt plunging 800 points at one point. >> it is the sensitivity to the new environment. >> supply chain issues another factory the fed is considering. >> when you are dealing with a shortage of semiconductors, making the economy go slower is not the best way to address those issues. >> supply of semiconductors now alarmingly low. a survey found companies using the computer chips are down to fewer than five days of inventory. the auto industry hit hard by the chip shortage. general motors announcing tuesday the single largest investment in company history.
5:47 am
as for interest rates, some predict the fed could raise rates as many as four times this year to curb inflation. reggie: san francisco city leaders will talk today about a proposal to make some of the city's best attractions free for residents. this would allow people to visit the conservatory of flowers and the japanese tea garden for free. the plan will be discussed andnd the committee meeting at 10:30 this morning. kumasi: a musician and a vallejo native now part of the new colle -- m the company has created four
5:48 am
packages labels based on album art. the others include a tribute to david bowie, casey musgrave's, and rose alea. it is quote to be included. m&m's differences and bringing people together. that resonates with her reggie: the bottom left is david bowie. i love the casey musgrave's one. i am seeing her next month. she is coming to oakland. can we talk about the green m &m? this is a man said, why do they reverse the green m&m? they really did reverse it. drew: all the m&m's now.
5:49 am
reggie: justice for green m&m's #bringbacktheboots? are we still going to be talking about this at halloween? market this occasion. some will play this on october 31. drew: folk out there. a live look at the san mateo bridge. low cloud cover. not just in the san mateo bridge. look at san jose. we have low clouds as well. dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. visibility dropping to less than a quarter of a mile. that becomes hazardous when driving. use low beams and extra distance.
5:50 am
nevada, zero mile half a mile in santa rosa. a quarter mile in napa. from san carlos to hayward san jose, low cloud cover causing visibility's down toe. by 11:00 a.m., we are still seeing cloud cover. peaks of sunshine later but the afternoon will finish with bright skies. low to mid 60's later on today. tonight, we do expect fog to re-develop. i do not think it will be as thick, but we will have dense fog areas tomorrow morning. afternoon sunshine. we will keep that pattern through the weekend. chance of rain late sunday into early monday. lake show is expected to finish
5:51 am
out the weekend. kumasi: the cute furry critter is going to have to wait a few more weeks to get a name. more about this baby occupying or pork you -- porccu analysis to determine the sex. this is the second offspring for beatrix and crober. months before it starts to look like it's mom and dad. reggie: you can see where it is going? kumasi: yeah. reggie: nose. it is cute. do i want a porcupine? kumasi: you do not.
5:52 am
reggie: ok. lights, cameras, commercials -- a sneak peek at this year's super bowl. kumasi: rent protections running out. the woman and her daughter now facing the possibility of homelessness. reggie:
5:53 am
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and her daughter are afraid they are going to end up homeless. mercedes hernandez is at one month behind in rent. she got an eviction notice. renters like mercedes facing eviction would get a 10 date warning period. >> 10 days, is that enough?
5:55 am
>> we have a crazy system in california where a landlord on day one can say, give me the rent, survey notice. kumasi: the legislation will not help mercedes. it will not go into effect until march. a gofundme page has raised more than $6,000 to help mercedes estate in her home. reggie: senator alex padilla encouraging more to apply for rent leave. >> this program wrote -- will bring $1 billion to those who have fallen behind on mortgage payments because of hardship caused by the pandemic. reggie: senator padilla made the push. homeowners can receive up to $80,000 in assistance. apply at camor
5:56 am kumasi: people are taking cats with them on road trips. lots of drivers are cruising around with dogs, but more cat owners giving this a try. one couple took their cat on a winter vacation to palm springs. they found their flight home to seattle disrupted, so they rented an suv and drove act with the cat. reggie: we are going to hold a discussion about that during the commercial. kumasi: we know you love dogs. the price of san francisco ren n knocked down a peg. now another u.s. city is reggie: hussle, a great education at a fair price. kumasi: cases of an omicron seven
5:57 am
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> tensions escalating in the u.k. with russia's crisis. efforts are being drawn up for a diplomatic solution as president biden aims a direct ret at vladimir putin -- threat at vladimir putin. >> we are concerned about the victims of gun violence but we
6:00 am
are not to blame. >> major rules put in place overnight. of the reasons for and against as this debate is really only getting started. >> the queen of jeopardy, but how will the champ from oakland do when she faces the abc 7 version of this game. stay tuned to find out. >> also, what embarrassing thing will i ask her? i put it all out there. i was working on behalf of us as a team. i was trying to set up our next date, as jobina knows. one of us had to shoot that shot. i did it with the team -- for the team. we love amy. good morning on this wednesday. >> before we get to that, let's check in with drew. drew: we do have dense fog in a lot of spots. a dense fog advisory is currently in effect for a lot of us until 10:00 this morning.
6:01 am
oakland is i


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