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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 1, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it is scary. reggie: a high wind advisory and warning across -- affects parts of the bay area. we are watching the elevated fire danger and spots that could see wind damage. kumasi: a massive fire forced thousands out of their homes. the concern about what is in the building. reggie: a big development to get the push for young children under five to get vaccinated. when vaccines might start rolling out. kumasi: an alert for writers this morning, the warning about long lines and delays. good morning, tuesday, february 1. reggie: that means the rent is due. drew: oh my gosh. melanie: have you paid? reggie: i have not. drew: i always look at his tweets and say oh my gosh, scrambling. reggie: it is what i am mostly good for. kumasi: thank you. drew: we are tracking wind over
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the next 40 hours, locally but not only wind advisory but high wind warnings in effect. we will take you outside and here is a live look at sutro tower beginning to bounce around. today throughout the morning, the wind will ramp up as an offshore wind event gets underway. we will take you above 1000 feet in the wind is already active. the north bay guesting to 42. diablo, 40. the east foothills, 45. the wind is ramping up and it will stay strong not only today and tomorrow but through thursday morning. we are looking at a 40 hour wind event over -- underway. a lot of us will go under a wind advisory right now, those of us shaded in yellow and we are watching the north bay mountains under a high wind warning through thursday morning where you can see wind gusts over 65 miles an hour. downed trees and power outages
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are likely. we will see hour-by-hour in a few minutes. kumasi: businesses are doing their best to prepare for strong winds. and, potential power outages that come with them. pg andy says it is -- pg it is ready to respond. amy joins us with more on this. amy: we are in a walnut creek neighborhood lined with trees. no issues and we wanted to see what it would be like in the neighborhoods. the wind has not kicked up in this area, hearing about the wind advisory has some nervous that they will see problems at the wind created more than a week ago with power outages and downed power lines. in oakland, it cause problems. another wind advisory has people looking around and weighing what could be at risk this time. >> we do not have any trees that i am worried about, but for
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friends and neighbors who have big redwood trees it is scary. amy: pg&eg&eg&eg&eg&eg&e have moved cruise into the north and east bay so they can quickly respond. this will be in effect for most of the week but it is calm right now in the east bay. reporting live, amy hollyfield. kumasi: if you want to track the wind, we have live conditions on our streaming app. it is available on roku, amazon file or an apple tv. reggie: breaking news out of north carolina, this fertilizer plant fire has forced people to evacuate their homes in winston-salem. the fire first broke out last night leaving authorities going toward -- door-to-door warning able -- neighbors within a mile to leave. a minimum security prison is in the evacuation area and classes at wake forest university are canceled today.
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we will stay on top of that and bring you new information as we get it. younger children could be eligible for the vaccine sooner than expected. "the washington post" reports that pfizer could submit for its shot under five -- for people under five as early as today. jobina: along with the data they could submit a application for a two dose regimen for children six months to five years old. it comes as officials are under pressure to lift covid related restrictions. in massachusetts, the secretaries of education and health are causing -- calling for changes for policies at colleges and universities. they want the restrictions to focus on people who test positive or -- or are at serious risk. >> we have to be having serious conversations because changes will not happen overnight. jobina: at this .45 states are seeing covid infections leveling off or dropping. infections in children have also
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dropped for the first time since thanksgiving. canada, what started as a convoy of truckers protesting vaccine mandates has grown into a movement. thousands are rallying against covid restrictions. justin trudeau called the protester's behavior disgusting. the same day he announced he tested positive for the virus. reggie: thank you. starting today you can remove your mask in gyms and offices in san francisco if everyone is fully vaccinated and boosted. the indoor mask mandate is still in effect in most public settings. there are other changes, people with religious and medical vaccine exemptions can be indoors at restaurants and bars if they present a negative test. on vaccinated people -- people can attend events at 500 or more people if they attend -- if they show a negative test. in oakland everyone over the age of 12 is required to show proof of vaccinations to enter into
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public places including restaurants, senior for -- care facilities and museums. you will have to carry id and show that with your vexing card. if you have a medical exemption you have to show proof and a negative test result. kumasi: a new testing site is opening at the san mateo county event center providing up to 2000 tests every day and the tests are free. you can register for an appointment or walk in. you can expect to get your results in 48 hours. it'll -- it is open tuesday and -- tuesday through sunday. if you need a covid test head over to our website and it shows this location throughout the bay area. go to reggie: oakland unified leaders revealed plans to close some schools and merge others. some of the changes could be in place by next school year. ryan has the details and reaction from parents. >> you have never come to help
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our school, you go straight to closing the school, it is beyond belief. >> why are there no people in public comments supporting what you are doing? all of us are against you. ryan: parents and teachers upset at the school board meeting. they are considering a consolidation plan. these six schools could be close to this fall and others could be merged. by 2023, 15 schools could be impacted. most of the schools serve communities of color. >> this is not easy for me to present this information, especially knowing that african-american students and families will be the most impacted by these recommendations. ryan: the board went over what specific schools could be riff -- be affected. they say at low enrollment and future budget deficit are the main reasons. the community is meeting the board with heavy criticism. >> they make these decisions and say it is to benefit our students, each year they take
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something away from them. ryan: vanessa has a child at an elementary school that could seen -- could see half its programs cut. she believes that her daughter might be forced to start a new school. >> i will have to look for a new school and build that relationship and make sure it is comfortable for her. ryan: the board president said the move would benefit all students by giving each school proper funding. >> the idea is to consolidate programs so that we have enough students in a school to provide the kind of resources that we know our kids need. ryan: during the meeting. >> promises have been made and not tapped. ryan: many concerned parents and teachers say that they do not trust the board. >> it is easy to work when you are up here and you can make those suggestions, but it is nothing compared to when you are in the front line. reggie: protests will be held at several schools over the closure
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plan. the school board is scheduled to make a final vote next tuesday, february 8. we have a full list of all potentially impacted schools on our website. reggie: another -- kumasi: another big storm is making its way across the country spanning 2000 miles from the rockies to the northeast ringing a mix of snow, ice, and rain today through friday. 35 million people are under winter storm watches and these could see up to a foot or more of snow. this storm is coming days after a weekend blizzard that dumped 30 inches of snow in some areas. they are going through it. drew: it is the middle of winter and they are getting dumped on. we are seeing a trough move through which is why are we in -- our wind is ramping up. we have wind advisory and high wind warnings. visibility is a-ok. when we have wind events it clears out cloud cover.
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temperature wise, 30's and 40's out there. the heavier jacket until the sunshine and the big story is certainly the wind. throughout the day, the wind will ramp up over the next six to 12 hours. 1:00 p.m., strong wind and the east bay hills. that is creating 25 to 35 miles an hour. the wind ebbs and flows throughout the next 24 to 48 hours but i do expect tomorrow morning into midday tomorrow, that is when the strongest winds will peak, and we will see wind gusts over 45 to 50 miles an hour. everything will come down thursday morning. what you can do as the wind is ramping up, secure outdoor objects and try not to park under trees because we expect limbs to come down there is the possibility of seeing power outages. when increasing today with a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50's. 61, oakland.
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60 conquered. that is the weather, let us see how we are doing on the roadways. jobina: we are following a crash in livermore involving a big rig on westbound 580. there is a slight slowdown and it has not moved onto the shoulder and hopefully people will be moving just fine in a few minutes. we are starting to see a backup coming out of tracy so you will see that she will hit a slow spot and the crash is in the area as well. emeryville at 80. the lights are traveling westbound for you, everything else is moving at the limit excluding that crash we are following in livermore and then wrapping up with a live look in san jose showing off 87. a heads up if you are planning to take muni, expect long lines and delays. they are working with staffing issues. they are asking you to consider alternate options of transportation. reggie: the fast food chain hoping you will become your own
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reggie: investigators are trying to track down a group of serial con artists who be -- you could be hitting places across the state. latest victim is a buddhist monk. three woman -- three women showed up to the temple on saturday and asked to share a meal. shares deputies say that the women were trying to distract the monks, giving one of them enough time to swipe a safe from behind a curtain. >> the safe and the rope. reggie: it had $35,000 in it. a monk was saving that money for his son's wedding in cambodia. deputies are looking at surveillance video helping to identify them. kumasi: police in los gatos are warning about attacks on trails. there been two recent attacks at joseph's hill. the first one happened on the
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13th of january. a man armed with a knife threatened and attacked two people. this past saturday a man with a similar description attacked a hiker from behind. police are urging hikers to stay vigilant and carry a cell phone to call for help. oakland city council could finalize a ban on ghost guns. the council approved an ordinance that bans anyone from buying, selling, making or possessing the parts to build a ghost gun. those are guns built from parts bought online and are not traceable. if the ordinance is approved it is going to become law. officials say the popularity of ghost guns has spiked in recent years amid a wave of gun violence. reggie: fast food workers could have more power over their working conditions. the state is considering creating a fast food sector counsel. the first of its kind would set industry standards including wages, training, working conditions and more. a bill is moving to the senate and it would be limited to fast
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food restaurants with at least 30 locations nationwide. more on fast food because in gma's first look companies are finding creative ways to deal with a shortage of delivery drivers. trevor first look it is the super bowl versus the supply chain. domino's is hoping to overcome staffing shortages by offering customers a little extra cheese. hoping more people will become their own delivery drivers. given anyone who orders carry out a three dollar store credit to. >> every great delivery driver deserves a tip. trevor: slice using independent pizzerias to help and edge the surge. >> are additional capabilities and operations and people services piece of this is how we are helping independent shops solve for this problem related to staffing and other issues. trevor: coming up we will tell
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you what other super bowl items are in high demand so you can avoid a party fumble. with your gma first look, trevor ault. kumasi: credit. reggie: we do not want a credit. drew: if you are picking up the food than it needs to be a lower price. kumasi: give me five dollars off my order. they are trying to stay in business. drew: i was going to say 10. kumasi: then they would be bankrupt. reggie: when i was in college, the only thing i could afford was to walk to the papa john's, i cannot afford the pizza, so i would get the breadsticks because they were filling. drew: they are really good. that garlic sauce. ew i livedtreet what wlid f you still have metabolism for it. drew: in your 20's you can eat
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anything. now, not so much. we will be talking about the wind a lot because this effect is getting underway and will last through thursday morning. right now this is the surface where we live most of the time. the wind is just beginning to pick up in napa and tell -- and calistoga. what i want to do is take you 1000 feet up where we are finding the winds even stronger. the oakland hills just had a wind gusts to 39 miles an hour. we can see knoxville, 36. the wind is ramping up and throughout the morning that is the theme. the winds are increasing and they will stay active over the next 48 hours. a wind advisory in effect for a lot of us. everyone shaded in yellow includes the city and east bay, much of the north bay valleys were you see the offshore wind where gusts can be over 30 miles an hour. downed tree limbs are possible along with power outages.
5:19 am
as we dig into the north bay, the mountains are stronger. a high wind warning is in effect for area shaded in orange. isolated wind gusts up to 95 miles an hour. this event is shaping up to be similar to the one we saw a week and a half ago where we had the wind very active. we will track it hour-by-hour. later on this afternoon the wind is ramping up in the offshore wind component is underway. the wind will ebb and flow over the next 40 hours but the wind will peak tomorrow morning until midday. we are tracking high winds and elevated fire concerns. i know it is january but we have been in a dry pattern. any fires that start can spread rapidly. gusty wind and fire concerns. wendy tomorrow and the wind weakens thursday morning leading to a calmer end to the week and we are looking at a dry pattern the next seven days. kumasi: coming up the seven
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things you need to know. reggie: they kickoff to the lunar new year, the early celebrations underway. kumasi: a scramble to save a local food pantry. ♪ [mallet banging] ♪ [drums banging] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] [mallet banging] [drums banging] [inhales] ♪
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drew: if you are just joining us here are seven things you need to know. it is all about high wind and elevated fire concerns. we have with advisories shaded in yellow, high wind warnings for the north bay and this wind event will likely peak tomorrow morning into midday wednesday. kumasi: pg&e is ready to respond to outages. they have crews that are ready to -- they have crews in t areas ready and -- and offices ready to lift maskngs ever isin. crecoul be eligible for the vaccinehaex. er can submit data as soon as today making authorization possible by the end of the month. reggie: antony blinken will have a critical conversation with the russian foreign minister. this comes amid an international push to get russia to dissolve
5:23 am
its troop filled up over -- along the ukrainian border. jobina: all of our early warning crashes have cleared and i am bringing you a life picture from oakland. kumasi: state lawmakers kil lawe bill that would've created universal care in california. san jose assembly member says it did not have the votes. reggie: a food pantry in san jose is having to go through extra steps to continue helping the community. lighthouse ministries recently warned that it needs a special use permit. tomorrow city officials will consider a proposal to waive fees or cover the cost. here is amanda. amanda: on monday afternoon and similar to most days lighthouse ministries served area residents, free food, fresh frui aetlean meals pickedy thosepe when thin. regular, one of a thousand the
5:24 am
who rely on the food pantry daily since it set up this outdoor makeshift market one year ago. a recent complaint to the city written to shut down the operation. >> to have this outside the front end of the sidewalk, you could not have these canopies and these tables, and i guess someone called a parking issue. amanda: lighthouse ministries ceo was warned about special use permitting fees, faced with a price tag of $15,000 and a deadline of mid february. >> this is not common sense or any type of compassion, why are we playing this in a pandemic? amanda: it could put a stop to the small inspiration that had a -- a small operation that had a major impact on residents. the community has raised more than enough to raise permitting costs but questions remaining
5:25 am
about future fees. now a councilman is proposing waving special use fees or finding funding to cover special costs. >> for small nonprofits like these, those fees can be pretty exorbitant, so we want to make sure that organizations like this are not put out of business. amanda: in the future he says he wants to look for a more permanent way to do the same post-pandemic. the the mayor and council member's proposals on wednesday. kumasi: moreoreore people across the world will be celebrating the start of the lunar new year including folks all across the bay area. in san jose celebrations are underway last night. families are looking forward to being together again. >> the last couple of years we have not been able to celebrate with them. this year, hopefully it will bring you luck and prosperity. kumasi: there is also plenty of
5:26 am
prosperity for businesses with a steady line at the store. people were buying clothing, red envelopes and flowers. florists say that they sold tens of thousand of orchids and other flowers of the last two weeks. music, art and food, the black history month celebration at disney parks. reggie: governor newsom's explanation about why he was not covering his faced -- his face in this photo. kumasi: we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: conversation with the russian foreign minister. the international push to get russia to dissolve its troop buildup along the ukrainian border. kumasi: developments in the january 6 insurrection association. the records were ripped up and had to be taken -- taped back together. reggie: chase center down on covid entry restrictions. kumasi: elevated fire danger with a high wind warning. we are part -- we are tracking the potential trouble spots. we want to get straight to drew on more with the wind. drew: we will talk about the win for the next couple of days because this offshore event will last until thursday morning. here is a live look. when you get a wind event
5:30 am
underway a clear slow fog, so a lot of us waking up to clear skies. we have a wind advisory in effect for areas in yellow and a high wind for the north bay mountains under a high wind warning with wind gusts in excess of 65 miles an hour. the potential is there for tree limbs to come down and also isolated power outages. we will take you into the hills where the wind is ramping up. diablo gusting to 40. knoxville, near 40. we saw wind gusts in the oakland hills. throughout the morning today, the wind will ramp up. 1:00 p.m. in the offshore wind event is underway. it will likelyin will go ho finish out this timeline in just a few minutes. reggie: let us talk about that because you might want to tie some things down and move the car before high wind causes a little bit of chaos. amy hollyfield is in walnut creek. amy: hello.
5:31 am
you have some time to prepare for this one. we are here in a walnut creek neighborhood filled with trees and we are not experiencing wind at this time. no issues yet, but some went to bed thinking about the wind advisory and wondering if it could bring the same issues that happened more than a week ago. down power lines -- downed downd lines and outages. fire departments are watching and worrying about what the wind could do. >> it is a concern for the wind coming through, even though it is january or february, we are still setup the -- susceptible to wind driven fires. amy: pg&e is monitoring the stnorth bay's and ours into t position to respond to any wind created problems. it is expected to take up later today and we will likely see it really, the strongest winds tomorrow so you do have time to
5:32 am
prepare. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield. reggie: you contract the weather conditions on our abc 7 bay area app. kumasi: today, antony blinken will have a critical conversation with the russian foreign minister amid an international push to get russia to dissolve its troop ailed up along the ukrainian border. jobina: u.s. officials say o phone call between secretary blinken and his russian counterpart is part of the next step in a push for diplomacy. the new order from the u.s. state department is urging families of american diplomats in belarus to leave all they can. u.s. intelligence officials says that they have evidence that rush is planning to move in 30,000 troops into ukraine's northern neighbor as part of its -- northern border as part of its continued military aggression towards it.
5:33 am
yesterday the u.s. castle -- investor blamed russia for disturbing the peace in the region. >> this is the largest, you hear it clearly, mobilization of troops in europe in decades. and, as we speak, russia is sending more forces and arms to join them. jobina: the state department confirmed it received a written response from russia as negotiations continue. ukrainian officials say they have detained two people with possible russian ties for attempting to destabilize the country. they were allegedly part of an estimated 5000 person group who were reportedly plotting massive riots. reggie: now to the pandemic and the latest headlines. moderna's vaccine received full approval from the food and drug ministration but hope is that this will encourage more people to get vaccinated. novavax requested emergency use
5:34 am
for its vaccine. it is protein based different from the others on the market. california is seeing its covid surge level off. the test positive you rate is just over 14%. chase center is the only arena in the country to mandate booster shots for entry. at least in the nba. anyone 16 and older must get their booster shot one week before attending an event. children five to 11 are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative to -- nobody -- negative covid test. kumasi: governor newsom defending his actions in this photo. the state is under a statewide mask mandate but on sunday the governor was photographed with magic johnson at the nfc championship game. other pictures show the san francisco and los angeles mayors without masks. newsom says the mask was offer a moment. >> i took the mask for a brief
5:35 am
second. magic was kind and generous enough to ask me for a photograph and in my left hand is the mask i took the photo. the rest of the time i wore it. as we all should. kumasi: a spokesperson for the l.a. mayor issued a written statement that echoes the governor saying that "he was wearing a mask at the game and removed it to take three photos." reggie: records from the trump white house have been turned over to investigators and it seems that some of them were ripped up and had to be taped back together. here is mona. mona: abc news confirms that some documents turned over to the committee investigating the january 6 attack were torn up and had to be taped back together. politico reported in 2018 that aids are often forced to tape up shredded documents due to trump's habit of ripping up white house records. a statement from the national archives confirmed the report
5:36 am
saying that documents "included paper records that had been torn up by former president trump." comes is another person close to the trump administration cooperates with the investigation. former vice president's chief of staff has testified before the committee coming hours after president trump admitted that he wanted pens to "overturn the election" by throwing out electoral votes. >> that is clearly not what the constitution provides for. he must be kidding. mona: at a rally trump suggested that he would pardon the january 6 rioters if he was back in the white house. >> if it requires pardons we will give them pardons because they are treated so unfairly. mona: liz cheney responding tweeting "trump uses language that he knows causes the january 6 violence suggesting that he pardoned that she would pardon
5:37 am
the defendants and that he would overturn the election. "the new york times" reports that trump was more directly involved in plans to seize voting machines after the election. they were conceived by his advisors to get the justice department and other agencies to look for fard -- fraud. kumasi: coming up the intensifying search for the 24-year-old who disappeared under suspicious circumstances. reggie: a new owner for wordl e and the purchase price. drew: good for him. we are talking the wind and when we get them it tends to keep the visibility in a nice area, low clouds in the south bay but we are doing a ok in terms of fog. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. 40 santa rosa. 33 san ramon. the wind is the big story today and tomorrow. future trackers showing you that by 1:00 p.m., the offshore wind
5:38 am
showing you wind gust 25 to 35 miles an hour and even higher in the hills. the wind ebbs and flows, meaning it is not consistently strong and it may weaken from time to time but tomorrow morning intimate day on wednesday is when we see this wind event peak before everything just kind of dies off early thursday morning. we have elevated fire concerns because we have been in a dry pattern. that dry pattern continues for february. later on as offshore wind develops and strengthens it drags in dry air drying out vegetation. this afternoon and tomorrow we have elevated fire concerns. how to prepare this morning as the wind begins to increase, secure any outdoor objects, try not toect tree limbs to come down and the chance for power outages. a bright looking day with temperatures in the upper 50's
5:39 am
to lower 60's. 60 in the city. 63, santa rosa. 60, concord. jobina: good morning. hello, we will be given some live pictures outside starting with the richmond-san rafael bridge with a live look at the headlights traveling westbound into the north bay. everything is looking great. this is a quick update. the san mateo bridge and i will give you the drive times for the bridges. southbound on the golden gate, six minutes. westbound on the bay bridge, eight minutes. the longest drive will be the san mateo bridge at 13 minutes and wrapping up with a look at the bay area, the big red line coming out of tracy, there is
5:40 am
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5:42 am
alexis gabe was last heard from on wednesday night and her disappearance is suspicious. her car was an abandoned in an area she was not familiar with and the keys were in the ignition. her family says this is taking an emotional toll. >> you feel any kind of guilt to do anything else or think about anything else, because you do not know what happened to her or are not looking at where she could be. kumasi: relatives say she recently finished a program to become a medical assistant and wanted to pursue a career in nursing. they started a facebook group to find her. we have new details on a deadly hit and run in san francisco. a vigil was held for the victim. he was a passenger killed on a ride in the outer sunshine -- outer sunset. he was heavily involved in the gaelic athletic association. it happened that 46th avenue and lincoln way saturday night.
5:43 am
san francisco police say a man driving a stolen audi suv hit the car that mcgrath was in. the driver ran from the scene. the uber driver is expected to be ok. reggie: february 27 could become oscar grants day. the city council is considering a resolution to declare his birthday auster grant day and restaurant -- oscar grant day. he was shot and killed by a police officer new year's day 2009. his mother says the commemoration is long overdue. she tells the killing sparked a movement in motivated people into activism. kumasi: today marks the start of february and black history month recognizing the contributions that black people have made. a bare area congresswoman who has been called a traitor and conscious of congress is the subject of a documentary. david daniel spoke with barbara
5:44 am
lee about the film. >> i was a student at mills college as a young mother on welfare with two kids and was working in the community with the black panther party making sure that people have something to eat. social justice and has always been part of who i am. david: barbara lee speaking truth to power looks at the career at the career at the congresswoman from california's east bail -- east bay. >> it is an essential step of correcting the injustices on the failed war on drugs namely correcting the disparities. david: a host of colleagues eagerly spoke with coley -- with abby ginsberg. >> she approached me many times, she has a wonderful filmmaker first of all, but also she is very persistent. where 98% of my life is public and i have to accept that because this is what i want to
5:45 am
do in terms of public service. but lord knows the little 2% that is personal is personal and private. david: she found herself under the microscope after 9/11 as she cast the only vote against the authorization of military force she felt was far too broad. >> central to democracy is the right to dissent. >> she was right. >> it was important that her community understood the enormous risk that she took in standing up for peace and justice. david: it shows her engaging with the community. pre-plandemic she flew home to the district every weekend. >> will we make connections where all of the people understand what effects one, affects all. >> if you do not -- they do not see her as a congresswoman but her friend -- a friend and advocate. >> continued to speak out, do not back down. reggie: disney parks are celebrating lack history months.
5:46 am
celebrate soulfully honors black heritage and culture through music, art, and food. it'll be the first time it is also held at disneyland. they will hold a tribute to gospel music. grammy-winning singers will take the stage all month long and downtown disney will have nightly performances and art displays from black artists and new orleans style creole conceding -- cuisine. i love that. kumasi: happy black histo justime to really reflectlebre. and think about what is next and what is ahead. reggie: are we going to talk about valentine's day? drew: you have two weeks. reggie: two. kumasi: black history month. lunar you -- lunar new year. drew: we have a lot to talk about. the wind is the story and we are seeing them ramp up and they will peak over the next 24 to 48 hours.
5:47 am
let us take you to the surface most of us live, work, and play and in the north bay they are picking up. calistoga, close to 23 miles an hour. higher in elevation, 1000 feet up where the wind is more active. 35. mount diablo up to 30. mount hood gusting close to 30 miles an hour. we have a wind advisory in effect for today and tomorrow. all of the area shaded in yellow and the northerly wind could gust over 35 miles an hour. possible powerages and difficulty driving over area bridges today and tomorrow. the north bay, the winds are stronger in the north bay. a high wind warning in effect e xt 48 hours north wind is well above 65 miles an hour. i do want to focus on the north bay. there you can see the offshore wind really racing down the hillsides.
5:48 am
30 to 40 miles an hour. throughout the day the ebb and flow, but the wind is very active. we are watching this closely with elevated fire concerns because we have been in a dry pattern even though we had a great start the storm season we have not seen rain in three weeks. upper 50's to lower 60's with an offshore wind event. tonight, windy and temperatures mainly in the 40's. the next seven days is all about the gusty winds today and tomorrow. wind will relax early thursday but the driving pattern matching -- marches on. reggie: "the new york times" bought the game wordle. it has a new five letter word every day and players have six chances to figure it out. users will often post how any guesses it took them. the new york times say the game will initially remain free and has not decided on any other specific plans. that means it will require a
5:49 am
subscription. the purchase price is said to be in the low seven figures, so john wordle is rich. kumasi: people are still going to play. reggie: no. i think it was a january thing for me. kumasi: why? the way you are playing it was like i would be talking to you and you are just in a whole different world. reggie: it was fun while it lasted. it burned bright and burned out. new at 6:00, saving slee without needing to nap. the 10 minute hack to picking up 40 minutes of extra rest. kumasi: a rising song at the top of the billboard hot 100. reggie: the effort to dismantle death row in california.
5:50 am
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reggie: a move is under day to close and quinton's death row. california is moving death row inmates other prisons. three years ago he put a moratorium on executions. >> the prosecute -- the prospect on ending up on death row has more to do with wealth and race than guilt or innocence. reggie: the governor says the state has the ability to move prisoners under a 2016 initiative that was intended to expedite executions. instead the state is capitalizing on a provision that allows inmates to be moved off of death row. california voters rejected ballot initiatives in 2012 and 2016 to repeal the death penalty. crime victim advocates say the governor is usurping the law and pouring salt on the wounds of victims. kumasi: california's latest push for universal care is over. the bill was killed after not getting put up for a vote in the state assembly.
5:53 am
it aims to move all of californians off of private insurance and onto a publicly funded system. let yesterday afternoon the measure was abruptly pulled. a san jose assembly member says that he knew he did not have enough votes. the california nurses association tweeted that they are outraged and will fight for cal care. an simile man wrote "our coalition will fight for a sex -- accessible and affordable health care." reggie: health care trials are underway for moderna's hiv vaccine. it follows 56 people who tested negative that causes aids and studies of the vaccine say that it is safe and effective. i hope the vaccine can deliver antigens to the body that will induce a positive immune response. the company says the vaccine appeared to work in 97% of participants in a proof of concept trial last year. kumasi: dolce and gabbana says
5:54 am
they will stop using for. they will experiment with other materials to make eco-furl products following a trend that is banning fur products. london magazine and fashion week have banned fur items. >> this song continues to records. disney's "encanto" and we do talk about bruno is the number one single and number one album whole new rlfrom "aladdidisney . drew: i do not think we get it.
5:55 am
reggie: my niece and nephew are obsessed and they know every lyric. i watched it with them and i could hear them behind me my whole time -- the whole time. so, all of the family members have a special gift, except for the main character and she is trying to figure out why so she is going through all of her family members and their gifts and bruno's gift is that he can see the future and the family does not like what he sees so it hides bruno away even though he does not cause the future, he sees it. kumasi: so they mad. reggie: so, they do not want to confront the future. kumasi: that is an interesting concept. reggie: that is why they do not talk about bruno. drew: i am surprised that frozen was not top. i heard that everywhere. kumasi: in the club? reggie: i have not heard it in the club. drew: i am not kidding. reggie: in the gay club. let us be clear. drew: it would come on.
5:56 am
reggie: she is a gay icon. drew: let us be real. the wind gusts are the story we are talking about today and tomorrow because an offshore wind event is getting underway. in the hills the wind is active. kldad gust over 30 miles an hour and ta wind adv od warningsre i warning is worse in the mountains with wind gusts over 65 miles an hour. as a wind gets underway, secure outdoor objects and try not to park under trees because tree limbs are likely to come down and there is a chance for possible power outages and the wind does not calm down until thursday morning. kumasi: the rise of virtual reality, more americans turning to the metaverse for a familiar way of life. reggie: as soon as today the new age group coming closer to getting the green light and it is sooner than expected. kumasi: special delivery in the
5:57 am
south bay, the new rule letting
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. kumasi: breaking news at 6:00, and massive fire at a fertilizer plant in north carolina. thousands evacuated from their homes overnight. firefighters now pulling back from fears of a possible explosion.
6:00 am
>> you would help our schools. you go straight to closing our schools. it is beyond belief. reggie: passions running high aimed at the open school board. even the superintendent uneasy about the choice to close schools. now there are plans of a teacher hunger strike coming up soon. kumasi: waking up to strong wind across most of the bay area. reggie: good morning, it tuesday, february 1. auto pay. jobina: i was going to say i don't like it either, but set alarm. drew: day three and they are like i am charging you more. jobina:


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