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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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a >> >> lock from interstate 580. upon arrival officers located two individuals who had been shot. they rendered aid before the people were transferred to a hospital. kristin: police say one died and the other is incredible condition. the woman suspect died, but police will not confirm whether she shot herself after shootings the man. the shooting happened at 9:50 am. baseball was just getting ready to open at 10 a.m.. so there was no customers inside. --, >> the spot was just going right to open. >> it does not appear that there was a threat to public safety. kristen: police say the suspect drove up in this van and parked in front of the door of the spot. the vans when chilled was plastered with signs and posters, some of which ended up on the street. a dog inside the van was picked up unharmed by animal control officers.
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this is the second fatal shooting on this busy block of grand avenue in just the past couple of months. nine weeks ago, a man was shot and killed after he tried to intervene during a car break-in. oakland police are asking for anyone with information on the sought shooting to contact their felony assault section. in oakland, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. larry: san jose police need help finding the hit-and-run driver who killed a pedestrian. the seventh pedestrian killed in the city this year. it happened around 4:40 a.m. on sunday, january 20 third. the victim died five days later. police say a possible transit van driving east man that eastbound hit the man and a marked crosswalk at newhall street. the driver stopped briefly and then drove away. >> right now, we are looking for witnesses. we do not have a lot of information in this hit-and-run. we do not know what the traffic signal situation was like. but i can confirm that the pedestrian was in the crosswalk. larry: san jose police say they
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are working with the department of transportation and other agencies to try to come up with solutions to reduce traffic deaths kristen: developing news. powerful wind gusts leaving their mark. you see a huge tree branch crashed to the ground at a park in san jose. two teenagers suffered minor injuries, they were taken to the hospital. fire crews say the bridge fell during high winds. larry: strong winds expected across the bay area this week. in the north bay, there is a wind advisory in place for lower elevations. anchor liz joining us live in santa rosa with more on what people can expect. liz: winds have intensified throughout the day. pg and e says the strongest winds in the north bay are expected later tonight and those winds will shift to the east bay tomorrow. of course, as is always the case around here, fire is a concern, especially after that dry january that we had. but right now, officials say the
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biggest most likely impact will be unplanned power outages. in santa rosa, flags blowing, pinwheels spinning. all signs of the increasingly strong winds expected across the bay area. >> we are looking at a second significant wind event for this time of year. and really no measurable rain in the last couple weeks now. and no rain on the horizon for at least the next couple of weeks. liz: it was less than two weeks ago that dry heavy wind caused fallen trees and power lines and power outages in the oakland hills. those winds also started that rare wildfire near big sur in a small brush fire near geyserville in sonoma county. that is something paul with santa rosa fire says could happen again. paul: are we concerned that we will have a large-scale fire? the likelihood is not great. is there a potential that we could have some level of fire on a smaller scale at that could cause damage? absolutely. liz: to prepare, pg&e are
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stocking up on transformers and power poles. crews are focused on the north bay and plan to shift to the east bay as the winds intensified. >> pg meteorologists are tracking these wins. up to 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts, so we want our customers to be prepared for the power outages. liz: while conditions remain dry across the bay area, near lake tahoe the annual snow survey shows snow levels near average for this time of year. but given the big storms late last year, those levels could have been significantly higher had there been any recent rain. >> our climate is experiencing these volatile shifts from wet to dry, year after year, even month after month. which make water resources and planning and water management so challenging in a changing climate. >> the conditions are dry. we don't have the amount of rain that we would've liked to have seen this time of year. liz: marin county fire i i i changes because of these wins.
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they have cancer ferns that they had scheduled -- they have cancer burns what they have scheduled. wins have been intensifying drought today. hundred 50 people are without power, so not a big number. peak winds are expected later tonight. live in santa rosa, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. larry: unfortunately, in the north bay, and many other places, people have been through this before. is there anything that they can do if you are bracing for a possible power outages? any advice pg nde or others are offering? liz: unlike psps shut off, these are unplanned power outages. it is really up to mother nature. it santa rosa fire really wanted us to get the message out that if you do lose power, police do not turn to candles. they say people often use candles and that can lead to fires, which of course is what we are trying to avoid. they say be prepared, have a plan and really have
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battery-powered flashlights and battery-powered lanterns available and at the ready if you can. larry: thank you. kristen: of course these wins will be an issue for a few days. the danger includes gusts up to 60 miles per hour. larry: 60 gets your attention in a hurry. let's check in with meteorologist mike, the latest on conditions, like, what can expect in the next 48 hours or so. mike: good afternoon everybody. let's take a look at the data because it is changing. first by walking you outside, here we are in emeryville. you can see how gusty it is because the camera is bouncing. but also the ferry ride is going to be choppy and blustery. so far, our fastest wind those from 28 at napa in the valley floor to 59 on mount diablo, nearly 3850 feet into the sky, where the fastest wins there in the north bay mountains could each 65 miles per hour. now, here is a look at what to expect. if you are in the yellow, winds could cost anywhere from 30 to
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65 miles per hour. now, it is until thursday morning, you are already in us if you are in the diablo range, the east bay hills, the peninsula coastal north bay mountains. it starts at 9:00 tonight goes for 24 hours until nine :00 tomorrow night. if you live in the east bay valleys along the north bay coast, san francisco, and the santa cruz mountains. the worst of it is going to be through at least 9:00 thursday, that is the origin that is the north bay mountains. that is where those winds could be even faster. objects need to be secured faster -- now or they could become missiles. don't part under trees, they will come down. and possible power outages as liz mentioned. now, as we go through the evening hours, you will notice the winds pick up and especially during the overnight hours, of the north bay mountains, those will filter down to the rest of us starting at 7:00 tomorrow through about 3:00 in the afternoon. that is going to be the. where are most stressful winds are coming through and they will be hitting some of the stressed vegetation, such as those trees that have not had water in a long time. kristen: mike, thank you.
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former ucla lecturers expected of threatening a possible shooting at the university is now in custody. police arrested mathew harris without incident after a standoff at his home in boulder, colorado. according to authorities, harris sent a video referencing a mass shooting and an 800 page manifesto with specific threats to members of the university's philosophy department yesterday. the university moved classes online today as a precaution. the fbi is now investigating bomb threats that forced lockdowns out traditionally black universities the last few days. a total of 13 universities reported threats after six similar threats yesterday. many of the campuses, including howard university in washington dc, issued all clear messages to their communities by this afternoon. the threats coincide with the start of black history month today. oakland city council is excited to formally pass an ordinance banning those so-called ghost guns. today's action is the second and
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final vote on the measure. it bans anybody from buying, selling, making or even possessing the parts to build those guns. ghost guns are built from parts that are often bought online. they are not traceable. officials say the popularity of ghost guns has spiked in recent years amid a wave of gun violence in the city. >> kids and vaccines. one step closer to the vaccine for children under five. hunger strike. the fight to keep some oakland schools from closing. rolling out all the stops, tesla forced the recall -- were first to recall we've got our vision... ...and so much to choose from. but with free in-store design services our budget and our time are well spent. at floor and decor, with a wide selection of products all at everyday low prices, creating a space to match your taste has never been easier.
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kristen: there is a tentative agreement in the school district for new covid safety measures. it includes providing kn95 masks for students. the district already were our them for staff and if a positive case is reported, everyone in that class will be tested twice per week. testing will also be provided for students and staff before returning from this month's presidents' day holiday and larry: the spring recess in larry: april. in oakland, the school board discussed the closure of sums was deemed necessary, they say to keep the district solvent. parents, students, teachers, many are outraged over the closures. there are so upset, two people have begun a hunger strike in protest. abc 7 educator -- educative
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reporter has been following the story closely joining us live with their actions. leeann: the board meeting ended at 315 this morning with a decision to push forward on school closures. at that point, a few people decided to do something big to bring attention to what is happening to their schools and how this will him back certain -- impact certain underserved community. at noon, students walked out of westlake middle school in oakland. their plea to keep their school from merging with another. maurice andrea is one of the organizersig lht to stop the consolidation of schools. >> i am doing a hunger strike. >> what does it mean to you? >> this is important and it needs to happen. leeann: from westlake they washed on broadway to district headquarters. -- they marched down broadway. a few more including westlake will merge. another group of schools are slated for closure by 2024. >> i am telling my students to
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stand up for what is right, to stand up against racism and to fight for their committees. leeann: at last nights board meeting the superintendent confirmed that the closures will hurt committees of colors the most. >> this is not easy for me to present this information. especially knowing that african-american students and families will be the most impacted. leeann: at the district says despite one-time money from the state, they face a $50 million budget deficit next year. declining enrollment has been and continues to be a factor. most board members agree it has become impossible to maintain all of the schools in the district. >> one of the strategies was to look at schools, especially the smallest schools and see if those are really efficient. it turns out that there is a significant subsidy on our smaller schools. leeann: moses is a school administrator at westlake who has joined the hunger strike. he has been drinking water mixed with salt. >> let's put this on display
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nationwide. let's put this on display in front of your offices so you can witness bodies eroding. you can witness bodies eating at themselves. and let's see how you make decisions then. kristen: so this is not the first hunger strike associated with oakland unified. the reverend cabrera a fasted for 28 days in 1996. during the oakland teachers strike. the reverend lived on water, lemon and honey in a tent. right across from district headquarters. larry: so any idea of the hunger strike is going to get enough attention to help stop the closure of these schools question mark or is a foregone conclusion at this point that the decision has been made. it is being driven by economics and everybody is going to have to live with it? kristen: anything could happen, that is what they're are hoping for to get that not only national attention but international attention if they can get it. and you heard them, this will go on until their demands are met. but also, the president of the board told me this afternoon they have made up their minds. they're not going to change this
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time. and in about a week, they will vote larry to consolidate those schools. larry: we will see what the impact the hunger strike has and if anybody changes their mind. leeann, thank you very much. union representing 30,000 workers at oil refineries, chemical plants and pipelines says it has ejected the latest proposal for a new labor contract. united steelworkers wants better wages, benefits and working conditions. it is offered rolling extensions of the current contract, which expired at midnight. some workers at chevron's richmond refinery are presented by this union and chevron released a statement saying quote chevron is committed to negotiating to work towards a mutually acceptable agreement and we are prepared to continue normal operations if need be. kristen: today the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously passed a resolution formally apologizing to chinese immigrants and their descendants for past atrocities. the resolution first proposed by supervisor matt haney last year
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apologizes for systemic and structural dissemination targeted acts of violence and to commit to the rectification and redress of past policies and misdeeds. this book makes san francisco the fourth california city to apologize for historical wrongs to chinese immigrants. it was the brainchild of a few teenagers as well in san francisco. the other cities are san jose, antioch. it is a day of celebration around the world and here in the bay area as people mark the lunar new year and well, the year of the tiger. hundreds gathered for the chinese chamber of commerce in safranciscanal celebraon at portsmouth square. it is the first time it has been held with spectators since the pandemic began two years ago. in addition to speeches, lots of well wishes, the celebration accused the -- concluded with the dotting of tiger heads which symbolizes bringing the target alive. year of the tiger civilize is three and strength. -- symbolizes strength.
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larry: we have a ton of wind over the next two days. mike: we really do and a ton of dry wind at that, larry, kristin, hi everybody. let's jump into what is going on outside. it's about 52 degrees, wind around 20 to 37 miles per hour. our wins are going to ramp up tonight. they will be fastest in our hills, most dangerous there. the fire index remains fairly low. it is complicated, but it will climb over the next point for hours. our extended. lacking rain, but what it does not like a spring worth. here's a look down the apartment from a roof camera, where we have wins already sliding down here at about 20 to 23 miles per hour. the wind is going to keep temperatures pretty couple this evening. i would expect them to fall back much into the mid-50's during the evening hours from the 59 to 62 range. here is a look at san jose where the winds, this is one of those areas in the lower elevations that is going to be immune from the fastest wins but should still be breezy from time to time but these 15 to 18 mile per
4:19 pm
hour wind. some jurors in livermore for d6, everywhere else, conquered up to santa rosa 63. above 2500 feet, thickly most of us don't live appear because that is where the dangers wind will be. it dry and distressed meditation, yes, our hills are green, but there that is stressed and dead. that is very dry. in fact, record dryness they're holding right now. and that is why we can have some issues with the fire threat. so let's take a look at what is going on with the relative few beauty. this was this morning. frost on the car. look what happened when those dry winds kicked in. everybody is bone dry. so what happens to the fire danger index? you can see we are very high to extreme in some areas and that is weighing the winds and the dry air more so than the fuels. and you can see it actually accelerates during the evening and overnight hours with those fastest wins. by tomorrow afternoon, that fire index starts to taper. senator snyder going to be all over the scale. from low to mid 30's -- temperatures tonight all over
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the scale. to 50's up in our hills with those wins. tomorrow will be a little bit more homogenized and a little but warmer than today. about 60 in livermore, 50 nine in richmond, the cool spot. 65 it's in orissa, 62 in fremont and palo alto. the entire month of february, this is an outlook that shows that we are going to be very dry. in fact, we have a 40 to 60% chance of below average precipitation and more than likely, we are going to be warmer than average. and we will start to see that in the back half of the forecast. until then with those colder nights on the way, we will still have the low 60's tomorrow. low to mid 60's friday, and then you can see is we had an a saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, temperatures are hitting 62 at the coast to nearly 70. springlike inland. i want to show you this really cool and incredible video. this is a lightning strike from a storm on april 29, 2020 is now being reported as the longest on record. it was 477 miles long and
4:21 pm
stretch from central texas all the way to louisiana. i've never seen something like that. we did have the longest duration of lightning from uruguay and it was 17 seconds. that is pretty incredible. 17 seconds and 477 miles. the more we put satellites of a misguided, the more we are starting to see how extreme larry: our weather can be. larry:how to be a long 17 seconds if the strike was above you. mike: can you imagine how long the thunder was? larry: thank you mike. abc 7 is now streaming 20 47 and our bay area up for your smart phone, connected tv, as well. soon i can watch next hour of abc 7 mornings on the abc 7 bay area news app or kristen: jones could be the future of fighting wildfires. -- drones could be the future. this special drone that is
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kristen: time now for consumer needs. larry: michael finney with a look at the headlines starting with tesla. michael: tesla is recalling more than 50,000 cars because it's full self drive mode is programmed to let the car roll through stop signs. owners can select from several
4:25 pm
modes including chill, average and assertive. the assertive mode allowed cars to perform rolling stops at stop signs. summing to 5.6 mile per hour or lower if certain conditions were met. but not actually stopping as required by law. the rolling stop feature will be disabled through and over the ear software update. has received temporary restraining order receiving that's preventing the dmv from releasing information on it's a thomas vehicle permit. the alphabet owned company filed suit against the dmv in order to prevent the release of information to a third party who made a public records request. they contend that releasing information reveals trade secrets while consumer advocates and critics contend their definition of trade secrets allows a company to conceal information relevant to public interest and safety. another hearing is set for later this month. general motors and honda backed
4:26 pm
a thomas car company crews will soon offer free san francisco rides in its driverless taxes. potential riders can sign up at cruises public waitlist at get cruise is allowed to operate on public roads but is not permitted by the california public utilities commission to charge for rides. cruises fleet is made up of battery-powered cars and get this, it does not have humans as backup drivers. so when you get in one, it is just you. larry: it's going to be fascinating to see because there's a ton of companies working on this technology. who gets their fastest and safest. because that is the most important thing, you have to get to your this nation. michael: safest is what i am worried about. kristen: from cars to planes, check out the world's first fully electric passenger plane called alice. the prototype debuted in 2019 and it is currently going through testing in seattle. the israeli company says the
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electric commuter plane can carry up to nine passengers for one hour and has a max cruise speed of 287 miles per hour. alice should be ready for flights and the next few weeks. larry: we are now one step closer to kids under five years old being eligible to get the covid-19 vaccine. so what does that mean for you? kristen: and it san mateo native tom brady is that's retired w wi
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>> moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kristen: pfizer has asked the fda to include children six months to four years old in its emergency use authorization. an advisory committee is set to
4:30 pm
meet to review data. and denmark has lifted covid restrictions despite having the second highest infection rate of any nation in the world. officials say it is no longer considered a socially critical illness. meantime, california's test positivity rate continues to drop. it is 13.8% now. down more than 5%. larry: let's bring in dr. dr. on abc 7 news contributor and member of our own abc 7 vaccine team. as always, thank you for joining us. let's start with vaccinations for kids under five, when are we expected to see the first shots going into arms and how much reluctance do you think we will see from parents who are like i don't know? >> i think i am anticipating seeing a lot of the i don't know is based on what we saw in kids age five to 11. what we're seeing right now on twitter, a lot of skepticism, a lot of questions. if everything goes according to plan with edit and review committee on the draper team, the emergency authorization goes through for those first two shots. it is entirely possible that by the end of the month or early
4:31 pm
march, those kids under the age of five can start to get the first of two shots. we will see what happens in a few months after the third shot, that data comes in. if that is approved as well. in kids will presumably be able to get all three shots for complete series hopefully by the late and of spring or early summer. that is what we're looking at. but a lot of this will be dependent on parents actually going and getting the shot that is the limiting factor. larry: do you think that this will be a game changer as we plod along to herd immunity? >> i don't see mathematically how it can be a game changer. yes, it is extreme important that we protect this vulnerable population. we've seen them get hospitalized severely ill, spread covid to others, get long covid themselves. but if we look at the population at stake right now, a little bit over 20 million kids under the age of five paid when we look at the group five to 11, we are only 20 to 25% of that group has been vaccinated. we still have work to do. but i do that this is one step forward to herd immunity which is important.
4:32 pm
but also and possibly more portly in some situations, this is a big step forward for those parents out there who are worried about their kids with underlying medical conditions. larry: q covid-19 cases among children dropped last week for the first time since thanksgiving. does that mean things are getting better? it really feels like we're trending in the right direction for the first time in a long time on this. >> absolutely. if we look at this as a country, we are moving in the right direction. but also if we look at the case transmission cap on the cdc, the entire country is still red, meaning high levels of trans. i am particularly worried about those kids under the age of five with underlying the conditions, but those who live in community's that may not have a high vaccination rate. may have high community transmission and a lot more cases out there. so we have to look at this cautiously, but still up domestically because we are going in the right direction. larry: today san francisco's new rules take effect. we are not exact we going all denmark here. this is not a thing anymore. but we are -- masks do not have
4:33 pm
been worn in gyms and most offices. so is the timing right on this? >> i think the timing is right. we have over 80% of the city vaccinated and if you are in a setting, you can actually verify that vaccination status of everyone around you, including a booster and if not, you can verify that the people around you have a negative test. we should feel pretty comfortable based on our own individual risk to take that mask off. this is what we were doing last year. you know, i feel it we have earned this. this does not mean we are going to completely a limited the threat out that we are not going to get to a place with zero risk. but this feels like a calculated move. think it is important not only for people kind of breathing a sigh of relief, figuratively and literally, but also saying there is an offramp here. there is some optimism. larry: i'm going to start the countdown calendar to the day that you're going to be sitting next to me again. like we used to. in the old days. >> soon, larry, soon. in the meantime, happy year of the tiger. larry: thank you doc, talk to you soon. kristen: san mateo county is
4:34 pm
working with the new covid-19 test provider carbon health is set up at the center tuesday through saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. the site can accommodate up to 2000 tests per day. there is still a separate site at the event center for vaccinations. and chase center is now the first nba arena in the country to mandate booster shots for entry. anyone 16 and older must get there booster shot at least one week before attending an event. children five to 11 are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. larry: coming up, tom brady officially retires. plus, the perfect present for
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that may help protect against vision loss. visit and take charge of your sight. larry: time for the four at four as spencer and mike jonas. record-setting quarterback tom brady retiring. he made the announcement on social media and think speculation about his hoosier. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield spoke with some people who knew him. with that one. >> i was tommy brady's fourth grade teacher. reporter: cindy stewart says she feels honored to have taught tom tommy brady here at saint gregory's elementary school in san mateo. she has mixed feelings about the news of his retirement. >> i was sad for him, but also happy because life is so short. and he is able now to spend time with his family. reporter: she hopes this means he will have time to come back here to visit. faculty says brady has always
4:38 pm
been very good to the school. his donations led to the creation of the brady family and science center. >> what we have auctions here, he autographed jerseys and footballs. reporter: he has had video chats with students who have just up to support him when he's playing in a super bowl. mr. stewart even sometimes uses him as an example when children are misbehaving. -- misses stewart. >> i will throw his name out there saying tommy brady would've never done that. tommy brady showed a law of love and compassion to each other. >> it is astonishing what he is done. reporter: the football coach at the high school were tom brady played and graduated and where the stadium is named after him, says he feels depressed about brady's retirement. he has known him for 20 years and says it is sired to see this era come to an end. -- it is sad to see this era come to an end. >> he is a genuine human being, the very best on someone who is my kids no model after he is someone who has put himself out there to hear someone everyone should follow. >> he is a blessing to all of us. to his team's that he is played
4:39 pm
on, to his community. reporter: they both said the dream come true would be for him to come back here and play for a year for the niners. now that is the storybook ending to this that they would love to see. no hard feelings though if it does not work out that way. they say he has already given so much to this community. in san mateo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. larry: people, their minds would be blown if he actually decided to come out of retirement and play for the 49ers. >> just one season, fleas. larry: i love how she calls him little tommy. i wish he was going to continue playing just because i think the nfl, sports are better with tom brady in it. but i do respect the fact that he squeezed every single ounce that he had in his body and gave it to age 44, blowing away, much like spencer. losing every ounce of his abilities to keep going. >> sometimes, all of us folks
4:40 pm
have to walk away. but seriously, you cannot keep enough superlatives on tom brady. i hesitate to sing this for a long time, because i'm a huge joe montana fan, but tom brady is the greatest of all time. you have to give him credit. >> was not an earthquake in walnut creek? i'm kidding. i agree with you. a lot of people are jealous of him for i don't know why. >> he's perfect, that's why. >> he has the perfect jawline, the perfect hair. you and i've talked about it a lot. he has the perfect life i guess if you want a supermodel wife. he's also got three kids that are nine to 14. and you want to be there during those ages. >> i am with giselle. you got nothing left to prove, we could use you. so, retire now and congratulations to him. i mean, he has done great and he has done so much for the san mateo community, just a great moral model. good job tommy.
4:41 pm
your super bowl party could include something very special. a keg full of chilly cheese hormel may have tapped into something there. it is a fully functioning half barrel cake that can hold up to 15 gallons of chilly cheese dip. it features a handle shape like a can. and it pump to pull out the dip. you cannot buy it, you can only enter to win and the deadline is february 6. carmel says it will be delivered by the super bowl. ok, is anyone actually excited about this question mark larry: spencer, you can have my portion. spencer: where he and i are definitely not the ones for this. we should say is not for us. larry: yeah, i just see cheese whiz, easy cheese, they're just like oh my. this one it says here hold my beer. i am so much bigger than you and better because i also have chili . >> you can't buy it though you have to win it. so not available to everyone.
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>> for now. >> good point. >> you better eat a lot of fiber after you put that in your body. >> if you are feeling not on the tv 12 menu, i know that. if you're feeling tired but you cannot sneak in a nap you may want to try meditating. according to a new study from oregon state university, just 10 minutes of meditation per day can give you a boost that is equivalent to 44 minutes of sleep. scientists say you cannot replace sleep with meditation, but when you're tired, it could help give you that boost to get you through the day. and that is what i have been telling the bosses for so long when they walk by the sports office and they see me on the couch there with my eyes closed. i'm not asleep. i meditating. i am rejuvenating. you guys and whether, you do the same in the back office. >> see that sherrod there?
4:43 pm
-- see that sherrod there? a picture of meditating during gma as my congratulations present to be boosted to this particular ship. we do do it. >> i find that deep breathing, there is a process, steps, deep breathing helps if i just want to get a little energy back and destress. but you have to do it for a while. you have to take very slow deep breaths, maybe 10 or 12 of them. and then release it very slowly. it works. >> it just seems like common sense, so i am surprised that a university funded such research to tell us that meditation can help you. you know, like reset the energy and all that. >> it is amazing. try it sometime. kristen: by the way if it boost your productivity by making you less tired at work, i'm sure the bosses totally support it. larry: that is what i keep saying. kristen: valentine's day is just around the corner, so why not give your partner something that really shows you care? meat. the man-to-man company has
4:44 pm
introduced meat hearts. think sweethearts, but made out of meat. with sayings like beef mine and meat me, these future the hearts went on sale today. already they are on backorder. the beef jerky flower bouquet and they consented gift wrapping paper are still available. -- bacon scented gift wrapping paper. >> here we go, come on, let ont go let's go. he's got a million of them. he does. you got one more spencer christian? spencer: i will stop trade i will stop. stick a fork in that one. >> so my sister actually gave me the jerky bouquet as a gift with some notes about who puts the church in jerky or something. -- the jerk in jerky. knowing i would not eat it, she ate it. quite the gift. kristen: that's a strategy but i
4:45 pm
think it is a good idea because it is cute and a lot of people don't like candy. they don't like sweets. so this is a good alternative for those who prefer savory things. >> and would not work for me because my wife is pesca terrien, so the only flesh she eats his fish. >> got fish jerky? >> that would be healthy. that is it for four at four. i had a line, spencer, but will i had a line, spencer, but will save it for entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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larry: drones could soon join
4:48 pm
the arsenal of other tools to help wildfires. it has been described as pickup trucks in the sky to take critical equipment to be fire lines. abc 7 reporter david went to a demonstration today of a hybrid tone that is being developed in the santa cruz county. david: as wildfires grow in size and scope a new joan is a development to fill the gap to support fire crews. it is a first generation hybrid drone that could be a much needed workforce to airlift equipment or supplies. >> what we don't have is something that can carry a heavy payload for a long time to drop critical supplies off at the front line of the fire, to do large-scale prescribed burns. and even to suppress spot fires. david: the new joan is made by parallel flight technologies, whose ceo is a former tesla engineer. the 100 when he five pound drone can carry a 100 on payload and state airborne for two hours compared to 15 minutes for a battery-powered drone. we were invited to a
4:49 pm
demonstration of this test rig that was carrying 60 pounds of fire hoses. with engineers at the controls, it flew over a dirt runway and delivered its payload several yards away. it's hybrid power system is what sets it apart. >> and that gives the aircraft stability, gives it the ability to handle higher winds. and it gives the extended flight duration. david: scott watson a retired air operations chief has been consulting on its development. >> it fits in side-by-side essentially with helicopters. it is not going to supplant the role of helicopters, the idea is to add another tool to the toolbox. david: while production is one euro way, parallel flights showed office preproduction model. it has raised $10 million from investors and has support from nasa, usda, and the national science foundation. in santa cruz county, david lui, abc 7 news. kristen: lookingngng
4:50 pm
that it creates it is nothing compared to the wind that we are actually going to get. larry: some of the fire concerns we have and it would be neat if they could make those drones drop water if they could get it big enough. and be able to carry that weight. but here is a look at those dangerous wind. the most dangerous will be in the north bay mountains and especially during the overnight hours. but there are at least thursday morning. the rest of the shaded in yellow, we have wind that could possibly gust between 30 and 65. so there is a likelihood of trees coming down and power outages. we did not talk much about bridges, but if you look around some of these bridges, they are running perpendicular to winds. the richmond san rafael bridge. we have the bay bridge. we also have the san mateo bridge and the dunbar bridge could you're going to have a nasty crosswind for the next 24 hours or so. see need to be careful and hold onto it right now, you can see the crosswind moving across the golden gate at about 26 miles per hour. attempt is falling into the 40's as we head towards 11. kristen. kristen: thanks, mike. disney parks are sold reading black history month.
4:51 pm
celebrate soulfully returns to disney world honoring black heritage through art and food. this year will be the first time it will also be held at disneyland. disney will prevent celebrate gospel interview to gospel music. -- present celibate gospel. grammy-winning singers will take the stage. content district will have performances from black artists and new orleans dialed cuisine. disney is the parent of any of abc 7. you can see more stories about black history month by going to our abc 7 bay area connected apps whenever you stream and wherever you stream. we have a shelf of curated stories that you can watch available on apple tv android tv, fire tv and roku. larry: a new series dives into the tumultuous relationship between pamela anderson and tommy lead. kristen: just ahead a closer look at what you can expect.
4:52 pm
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kristen: coming up tonight on abc 7 it 8:00 it is judge steve harvey followed by avid elementary and blackishsh it is more episodes of habit university followed by abc 7 news at 11. a new miniseries premiering on hulu focuses on a headline making company from -- from the 90's. reporter george from our abc sisters station in los angeles as a preview. george cole and cole and c tells the story of baywatch star pamela anderson a motley crew drummer tommy we and their romance. >> would you give me the insane honor of being my wife? would become a nightmare with the stolen kc around.
4:56 pm
and adult websites and distributors making millions off of their private lives. the two stars of pam and tommy, louis james and sebastian stan, gave this project 100%. did you know immediately you had to be all and to make this happen? >> yeah, all in is the word. i knew this was going to be the most challenging role i have ever played. >> how many copies are out there? could be dozens. coffees are spreading up all of the web. you don't seem to understand how big of a deal this is. this is worse for me. >> how is this worse for you? >> it was about the body, the voice, the look and playing a real person and that huge sense of responsibility. so it was a lot. >> when we first started, they would say things like maybe some days we don't need to do all the tattoos. we could just do half of them and i would be like no, that is not going to work in my head. they have to all be there. >> the drummer from motley
4:57 pm
crew. >> do you find him attractive? >> i liked his smile and i still do. >> it was a good group of people. we had amazing hair and makeup team. everone was supportive so we are going to have a good time doing it. at the same time though, i think we both wanted to be conscious that they are real people. they went there something we will never really truly know. >> george for abc 7 news. kristen: the eight part miniseries permits tomorrow on hulu. disney is the parent company of hulu and abc 7. you can get our live newscast, breaking news weather and more with our abc 7 bay area news app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. just search abc 7 bay area and download it now. that is it for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 with dan is coming up next.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> one woman is dead and a man is incredible condition after a shooting -- is in critical condition after a shooting inside a spa across the street from oaklands lake merritt. >> oakland police say there is no threat to the public. leslie brinkley has the latest on the investigation. reporter: witnesses say a woman opened fire on a man inside this spa. on visit grand avenue east of lake merritt in downtown oakland just a block from interstate 580. >> upon arrival, officers located two individuals who had been shot. the officers rendered aid before both of the individuals were transported to a local hospital. reporter: police say one


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