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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> one woman is dead and a man is incredible condition after a shooting -- is in critical condition after a shooting inside a spa across the street from oaklands lake merritt. >> oakland police say there is no threat to the public. leslie brinkley has the latest on the investigation. reporter: witnesses say a woman opened fire on a man inside this spa. on visit grand avenue east of lake merritt in downtown oakland just a block from interstate 580. >> upon arrival, officers located two individuals who had been shot. the officers rendered aid before both of the individuals were transported to a local hospital. reporter: police say one person died and the other is in critical condition.
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a witness said the woman suspect died but police will not confirm whether she shot herself after shooting the man. the shooting happened at 9:58 a.m. -- 9:50 to open at 10 a.m., so there were no customers inside. >> it does not appear this was a random shooting. and we believe there is no threat to public safety. reporter: police say the suspect, who witnesses claim was a woman, drove up in this van and parked in front of the door of the spa. the windshield was plastered with signs and posters, some of which ended up on the street. a dog inside the van was later picked up one by animal control officers. this is the second fatal shooting on this busy block of grand avenue in just the past couple of months. nine weeks ago, a man was shot and killed after he tried to intervene to bring a car break-in. oakland police are asking for anyone with information on the
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spot shooting -- spa shooting to contact their felony assault section. dan: the man charged in the 2015 shooting death of a hayward police sergeant has agreed to a plea deal with authorities a week before his trial was set to begin. according to the district attorney's office, marc anthony estrada has pleaded guilty to the murder of sergeant scott l. during a traffic stop in exchange facing 50 years in prison when he is formally sentenced on march 18. the case had actually gone to trial in 2020 but was stopped due to the pandemic, forcing a mistrial. >> police are looking for a hit-and-run driver responsible for the seventh pedestrian death in the city this year. and happened sunday, january 23, on the alameda and newhall street. the victim died five days later. the victim was in the marked crosswalk when the driver of a transit van hit him.
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the driver stopped briefly, then drove away. >> right now we are looking for witnesses. we don't have a lot of information in this hit-and-run. we don't know what the traffic signal situation was like. but i can confirm the pedestrian was in the crosswalk. are working with the department of transportation and other agencies to come up with solutions to reduce traffic deaths. dan: police in san francisco are also looking for the driver involved in a fatal hit-and-run. they say the suspect was driving a stolen car. melanie woodrow spoke with the victim's friend. reporter: 38-year-old barry was killed saturday night in the outer sunset district while riding as a passenger in an uber. his friend was on the way to meet a family member for dinner. >> everyone remembers his smile and being such a good friend. reporter: police say a collision occurred between the honda suv mcgrath was in and and audi suv
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around 7:30 p.m. at 46 and lincoln streets. he left the vehicle he was in behind. the audi was reported stolen out of san francisco on january 12. >> it is terrible. it is shocking. reporter: mcgrath was from ireland and had been in the bay area since 2015. he was treasurer of the athletic association of san francisco and enjoyed hurling and football. >> helping to organize as well the games. he was pretty much well-known across the county. reporter: a vigil was held last night. >> we are seeing such an outpouring of grief. because he had so many people and made connections with people. reporter: an uber spokesperson says, our thoughts are with's -- with various family after this incident, we hope the driver makes a full recovery and police arrest a person responsible.
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police are asking anyone with surveillance video to contact them. ama: it seems strong windndndndd coming our way are already leaving their mark in san jose. winds are suspected of knocking down this huge tree branch at las paseos park. you can see the caution tape and tree branches russell and the wind. two teenagers were taken to the hospital. thankfully they were not seriously hurt. dan: now for the latest on the strong winds. let's go to meteorologist sandy p. meteorologist: the winds will intensify. i will show you a lift picture. you can see the camera -- life picture. you can see the camera shaking. it is a bouncy view. 42 mph, 35 in mount tam. it is gusty, not a strong right now. 21 fairfield. 21 oakland. we do have a high wind warning for the northbay hills until 9
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a.m. thursday. 50-65 mph, potentially stronger winds over the hilltops. advisory for 30-65 mph or more, down trees, and power lines, the potential for problems obviously. we will look at the hourly forecast tonight -- gusty winds over had to rinse and lower elevations going into tomorrow afternoon. you will notice 30-35 mph winds at the lower elevations. even stronger at the higher elevations. i will let you know how long we stay on the windy pattern when i come back. ama: let's get to breaking news out of san jose -- firefighters are responding to a fire at a homeless encampment. take a look. this was the scene from sky 7 about 10 minutes ago. the fire was located off of 280 and south san jose. it was sending smoke onto the freeway. it doesn't appear to be impacting traffic. you can see cars moving slowly. we will continue to monitor this and bring you updates as we got them. dan: major developments this
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afternoon in the fight against covid -- pfizer has officially asked the fda to allow covid-19 vaccines for kids younger than five years old, if authorized, if would be the first vaccine available for children that young. our reporter spoke with a local mother about what this means, in the bay area medical experts who have played a major role in today's news. reporter: this is 18-month-old donovan. his mom patricia, thrilled a big step has been made that will allow her son to be vaccinated. >> it is absolutely huge relief. my kid was born during covid. we don't have a sense of normalcy. reporter: worked on here in the bay area has led to the big announcement from pfizer. stanford has been one of the centers that's been involved with the pediatric pfizer trial since the beginning. principal investigator dr. yvonne maldonado says the work they've been doing is crucial. >> there's a lot of people out there who don't think this disease is a big deal for children. we are seeing kids in the
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hospital and we are seeing kids dying unfortunately. reporter: if the fda gives emergency use authorization, the pfizer shot kids would get would be 1/10 of what adults get. what has to be determined is how many shots kids would need. two of the extra low doses were found to be strong enough for babies. but not strong enough for two to four-year-olds. pfizer is testing three shots. one thing the doctor says is clear is safety. >> we haven't seen any concerns about safety. so that's always the big issue, the main point -- is this vaccine safe? it looks extremely safe so far. and we don't anticipate that it will change in this age group. reporter: in the coming weeks, the fda may consider authorizing two shots, with a third shot being cleared later on if the study supports. once the fda approves it, it has to be cleared by the cdc. a moment parents can't wait for. >> the relief of knowing we can go to a restaurant or the library, we can go on a flight.
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while he still may get it, he is still more productive, and the symptoms will be reduced if he has the vaccination. ama: many writers may have dealt with delays today. officials say that there are ongoing staffing issues that could impact 21 routes. they are asking people to consider alternative options for transportation. delays were expected yesterday and through the early afternoon today. last month, muni was experiencing a high level of omicron cases, forcing staff to stay home from work and quarantine. dan: still ahead -- members of a chilean gang, accused of targeting and effluent bay area community -- an affluent bay area community. the latest into home burglaries. ama: and how viewers stepped up to help a seven-year-old girl and her mother who are in danger of being evicted in san of being evicted in san ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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ama: asian pride and strength are in display for the lunar new year. the billboard went up today. the nonprofit asians are strong put up the billboard after a banner the group displayed along 101 was vandalized. this billboard was dedicated to david n. the cadet killed in a freeway shooting. asians are strong says this is more than just a billboard, but a statement against hate and racism. >> dealing with a search of home burglaries involving chilean gang members. police eight residential burglaries were reported in the city last month. police suspect six of those were committed by organized chilean gang members operating out of los angeles. the police chief says chilean gang member burglaries have been a problem in the county and across the country. with to -- t burglaries per month. ama: a mother and a young
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daughter were at risk of being evicted from their san francisco apartment. minutes after the story aired, you called asking how to help. now they have raised more than $15,000 through a gofundme. today, we caught up with the peer and we learn how their donations made a difference in their lives. reporter: this could have been a story of another family ending up homeless in san francisco. but instead, 174 view -- 174 of you came together to avoid an eviction. this is one of the many people who donated. >> we realized we are all a community. >> hearing her story and your segment, my heart just went out to her. reporter: she was one month behind in rent. owing $1600. she raised close to 16,000, giving them several months of rent while she recovers from an eye surgery. today, we knocked on her door. >> hola!
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reporter: last week, she was praying for a miracle. today, she had tears of gratitude. >> you are praying that god would touch -- >> we were praying that god would touch someone's heart. it touch the hearts of over 100 people. reporter: just a couple of days ago, she had her bags packed. >> i just feel so surprised. and i -- li this was going to happen ever, like, never. reporter: were you worried? >> i was worried, so much. i just didn't know what to do. reporter: for the first time, jasmine and her mom, relieved of the burden that was lifted, she had not been sleeping, imagining herself and her mom sleeping on the streets. >> every night, like, i don't know why i was thinking that -- but now i just feel so happy. reporter: now the bond
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between this mom and daughter has been strengthened by faith and the help of 100 strangers. what is your plan now? >> to go study english. reporter: you want to work in the medical field. >> yes. reporter: for mercedes, jasmine's peace>> i'm so happy g at peace and you can finally sleep. not worried, right? >> no. not worried anymore. ama: so sweet. if you or someone you know is facing eviction, just go to
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floor and decor, my go-to to get it all. tile, wood, stone and laminate — they've got it. installation materials — yup. and all the tools i need — they've got those too. more importantly, they've got my back with benefits and services i actually want and a pro app that makes my job easier. floor and decor just...gets it. and that means i get more done. at floor and decor, whether you're looking for everyday low pricing on in-stock job-lot quantities and installation materials, or a powerful partner to help take your business to the next level, we've got you covered. discover floor and decor today! dan: today marks the first day of black history month, as we honor the contributions of african-americans throughout history. we begin with a bay area congresswoman who has been called both a traitor and the conscience of congress.
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david daniel has more on the new documentary about congresswoman barbara lee. >> i was a student at mills college. as a young mother on welfare with two kids, working in the community with the black panther party, making sure people have something to eat. social justice has always been part of who i am. reporter: barbara lee, speaking truth to power, looks at the life and career of the woman from california's these two. >> correcting the on the war on drugs, the racial disparities and marijuana arrests and incarceration. reporter: a host of current and former colleagues eagerly spoke with the director for the film, but lee was more reluctant. >> they approached me many, many times. she is a wonderful filmmaker, but also she is very persistent. 98% of my life is
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and i have to accept that because this is what i want to do, in terms of public service. but lord knows that 2% that is personal is personally private. reporter: she found herself under the microscope after 9/11 after she cast the only congressional vote against authorization of military force she felt was far too broad. >> central to democracy is the right to dissent. >> she was right. >> it was important her community understood the enormous risks she took in standing up for peace and justice. reporter: the film shows lee engaging with the community. she flew home to her district every week in pre-pandemic. >> we make those connections. we intersect our policies in a way that people in my district understand what effects one affects all. >> people don't see her as a congresswoman, they see her as her friend -- their friends, their advocate, someone who stands up for them. >> we continue to speak out, don't back down. ama: time now to turn
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the weather. i looked outside today and thought, it's not that wendy. then i went outside. dan: it is beautiful and sparkling out there. but it is pretty breezy. it is going to get more so. ama: the winds will intensify later on tonight. the winds are blowing especially strong over the higher libations. let's take a look at this view. -- higher elevations. it's a very shaky view tonight. oeak gusts so far, 55 mph list vaqueros, mount diablo. what's bringing us the wind? anrea of low has moved on, high pressure is building in. we are really right in between the two. we are sandwiched in. the wind flow is dropping the humidity. it is down to 10% in santa rosa right now. 17% in oakland. 19% san jose. this is concerning because of the fact that in february, we obviously expect rain -- most of
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january except the last time we had general ring was the seventh. it's been so dry you can bind it with the drought, so fire concerns are there. you can see the wind is blowing, temperatures, low 60's from san francisco to oakland. 59 san jose. the bright skies and and quality is courtesy of the winds. 62 santa rosa. upper 50's from napa to fairfield. 55 livermore. look at this view from emeryville's camera. gusty winds and fire concern through thursday. winds eased thursday afternoon. it's going to be a warmer weekend. a dry pattern continues unfortunately through the middle of the month. here's what you need to know. when to below deck -- winds will blow down trees. and power outages are expected, especially in the mounds where the wind warning is ongoing and hazardous driving conditions. gusty winds across the region will pick up as we had to work tomorrow morning over 30 mph at the lower elevations.
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even stronger at the higher elevations. 10, still a windy pattern. into the afternoon, -- at 10 still a wendy pattern -- at 10:00 a.m., a wendy pattern. -- windy pattern. winds ease into tomorrow night. the only good news is some of the vegetation still has moisture from the winter rains. that doesn't mean we are out of the fire danger. wendy tomorrow morning. upper 20's to low 50's. it's going to be clear tomorrow afternoon. w pattern.n patte. a few your seven-dagroundhog dae sees his shadow, which would mean six more weeks of winter. dry, gusty winds eased thursday afternoon. is going to be a cold, frosty friday morning. the warm settles in for the weekend with mid and upper 60's. tuesday, talking spring-like 70's. that's nuts. dan: i will dig up my
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flip-flops. ama: my short sleeve, shorts. it is a day of celebration around the world and here in the bay area, as people mark the lunar new year and welcome the year of the tiger, which symbolizes bravery and courage. hundreds gathered for the chinese chamber of commerce of san francisco's annual celebration. is the first time it's been held with spectators since the pandemic began two years ago. >> i am so proud to stand with you today, because no community has displayed more courage in these past few years that our chinese-american community. ama: the celebration included the donning of the tiger heads, symbolizing bringing
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dan: it is official, tom brady confirming reports indicating he was retiring. ama: he released a statement today saying it was time to move on. our sports director joins us live from the newsroom with more. reporter: three days after word leaked out about brady retiring, the pride confirming what we expected -- the goat, hanging up the cleats at age 44. brady played an incredible 22
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bowls, sex with new england one with tampa bay, his commitment to the game is all-encompassing. brady cited that is one reason he's retiring. he just can't make the level of commitment he requires of himself. it's not like his play has diminished. he threw for a bus 43 touchdown this season. at age 44. he took a battered box team to the playoffs. jimmy g. is one of those offering best wishes. >> i think he's really going to enjoy retirement, he's always on the next thing and always has things happening. very grateful for what he taught me as a player, as a person, really helped me grow as a man, i really appreciate them for that and wish nothing but the best -- wish him nothing but the best. >> i think you should have done this 10 years ago, best football player to ever play. one of the best athletes i grew up with, michael jordan is that
5:27 pm
guy, and now i see tom brady is that guy. >> i was watching some special he did, he looks into the camera and says, if you are going to compete against me, you better be willing to give up your life, because i've been doing that for -- the focus, that is exactly what he did. reporter: among the many remarkable things about brady, this maniacal devotion to diet and workouts. he will only eat cold foods or hot foods for parts of the year, he's had his workout planned three years out. much like dan. [laughter] there's probably a routine for 2024 that will never be done. it will be interesting to see what he does next. going into tv -- brady's got his own production company, social media team. now he gets back the one thing that's been a challenge for the past couple of decades -- and that is time. we will have more on brady tonight at 6:00. it would be interesting of his successor was jimmy g.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. pfizer now asking the fda to grant emergency use authorization to vaccinate america's youngest children. pfizer's new low dose vaccine for children 6 months to 5 years old. how soon could there be a decision? what we've learned tonight. more than 808,000 children testing positive for covid last week. tonight, this new storm. more than 20 states now on alert from colorado to texas to new york, and all of the northeast. heavy snow, dangerous ice, and bitter cold. the storm coming in two rounds and ginger zee explains with this newest track tonight. the emergency evacuations. the massive fire at a fertilizer plant in north carolina. more than 6,000 people forced from their homes.


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