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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 1, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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forecast coming up. >> the bay area is on high alert for heavy winds. >> firecrackers meant to bring good luck leaving others upset. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> rooftop flag shows that the winds are strong tonight. most of the bay area is under an advisory. there is even concern about the possibility of wildfires. think you for joining us. i am dan ashley. ama: and i am on my dates.
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>> power outages along with downed trees. it's me show you a live picture from art camera. you can see how shaky the camera is looking back toward san francisco and the bay. 25 mile-per-hour winds right now, but look at mount diablo. that's northern wind is drying out the atmosphere even though fairfield is only at 25 miles per hour. the concern is that humidity is low and 20 two in fairfield. the conversation of that with a drought means fire concerns. an advisory for the rest of the area shaded in yellow. downed trees and power lines are not out of the question as gusts can reach anywhere from 65 miles per hour or higher. ama: thank you. many people in the bay area are preparing for the worst due to
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the high winds. wildfires are a serious concern. how calfire is getting ready. >> we are ready to respond to any wind and fire. reporter: high leading to an increased risk for wildfires. he says the wind mixed with a january was no rain means a fire could spread rapidly. >> it will match the relative humidity and dry out. reporter: similar to the fire in big sur recently, he says he would not be surprised if something similar happened up north. >> we have a healthy concern for the wind because in our history we do have wind driven fires in january. reporter: but the risk of fires is not the only cause of concern. the wind caused this tree to fall in san jose. >> we got a lot
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stuffed -- stuff tipped over already that could not support itself, so we have got to look at those tomorrow. reporter: josh runs a tree service in the east bay. this week he says he is booked. >> whenever we encounter heavy winds, rains, fire, we are busy all the time. people are already worried about the structural damage. reporter: the recent events from the wind are just enough to keep people from the bay area on their toes. ama: you may think our state snowpack is at a good level from storms in january -- december, but the january totals are concerning. snowpack is at 92% below normal for the state.
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state water officials say the decrease proves we are still definitely in a drought. you can the wind where you live. live conditions are all part of the abc 7 bay area app we are streaming on all streaming apps. dan: people across the bay area are fulfilling beloved family traditions. at the cemetery in san jose, some groups set off fireworks for good luck. no doubt catching the attention of others. reporter: firecrackers, families filled with special offerings. at oak hill cemetery at san jose, family are keeping traditions as they welcome in the new year. >> the new year day is when the family gathered together to go visit their ancestors. reporter: on tuesday, this man or here to honor his father who
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died more than a decade ago, lighting firecrackers bringing good luck. >> we do it to scare the bad spirits away. so that the good spirit can remain. reporter: it is that system -- symbolism that jerry says makes these celebrations so meaningful. >> it is part of what will happen to you in the new year. the tangerine is gold,old,old, means they will be rich in the next year. reporter: candidate marking sweetness, fortune cookies bring good fortune, and there is no missing those bright red envelopes. >> it means i am bringing you good wishes and good luck. reporter: back at the cemetery, similar to the new year's eve or july 4 celebration, some residents were critical of the
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use of firecrackers, so we reached out to the cemetery about policies. >> we want to apologize for the inconvenience, the nuisance. it is going to go away tomorrow and the next day, so i appreciate everybody's patients and love. ama: officially got underway in san francisco today. hundreds of rang in the year of the tiger at the annual celebration at cordesman square, the first time the event was heldpectat since the pandemic began. people born during the tiger year are thought to be natural leaders who are both brave and thrillseeking. san francisco city supervisors approached -- approved a resolution to apologize to asian
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americans today. the resolution apologizes on behalf of the board and the city for systemic and structural discrimination and targeted acts of violence. dan: new at 11:00, an update on a woman missing from oakley with officers serving a search warrant today. alexis was last heard from on wednesday night. officers searched a home in antioch. police were seen leaving with several items. there's a facebook page dedicated to finding her. it is called, help bring alexis home. kume spa will be f be until notice in oakland due to a shooting inside. witnesses say a woman shot a man inside the building. police found b wh a gunshot wound. the woman later died a hospital. in an emailed to customers, kume
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spa said this attack on our employees was devastating for us. we have decided it is best to close our location until further notice so we can provide counseling and support to those involved. ama: at least two people at one oakland middle school have a planned hunger strike. students at west lake school walked out of class. last night's board meeting discussed the close of the school this morning. the district faces a $15 million shortfall next year and says the moves are necessary. people says this will communities of color the most. >> let us put this on buildings nationwide so you can see these bodies eating themselves and then see how you can make decisions then. ama: the consolidation of the schools will happen in a week. children aged six months up to five years could be the next
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route to get the vaccination ok from the fda. today pfizer requested emergency use authorization for kids in that age range. work here at the bay t led to that announcement. stanford has been involved in the trials since the beginning. >> we have not seen any concerns with safety, so that is always the main point. it is this vaccine safe? we do not anticipate this will change and it seems safe so far. ama: they will meet february 15 to decide this. if the fda approves, it then has to be cleared by the cdc. dan: what b goldberg is known for her strong opinions. what she set on the view that led to her suspension. ama: and a man man man man man m to a bank before it closed and it is gone.
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dan: here is what will happen on jimmy kimmel live. >> watch this with your ferret. >> i was doing karaoke with this the night before. >> what song did you do? >> billy joel.
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>> set your alarms america because we are on gma. >> good morning america. dan: whoopi goldberg has bee hab suspended from the view for two weeks after she climbed on the show yesterday that the holocaust was not about race.
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goldberg related -- later tweeted out an apology. abc news president kim released this statement. while it will be has apologize, i have asked her to take the time off to reflect on her complex --comments. ama: an oil refinery has rejected the latest offer. talks ended today with both sides agreeing to continue negotiations at another date. for now, the contract will be extended. chevron is open to continuing to negotiate and they are preparing for normal operations. ongoing staffing shortages caused delays today on several bus lines. more than 20 lines were below -- behind schedule. a spokesperson told the
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chronicle that today's problem was due to sick calls. they lost several operations -- operators due to vaccination issues. dan: many banks closing branches as people bank online these days, but for one east bay man, it caused a mild panic. bank of america shut down his branch just hours after he made a huge deposit. he came to michael finney to find it. michael: it is hard to believe this could happen at a major bank. this man deposited $35,000 at a branch in oakland. hours later, the branch shut down and his a deposit never deposited. >> you're telling me that bank of america lost $35,000 of my money and there's nothing you can do? >> that is right. michael: it was like a bad
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dream. >> i was starting to think i may not seem -- see the money ever. michael: brian leonard depos des the money into his account at bank of america and it disappeared. >> there was none of it. michael: it all began here at his kitchen. brian had to pay the contractor for remodeling his kitchen and needed to transfer $33,000 from his account at wells fargo to bank of america. he brought the check straight to the teller so it would clear right away. >> she said it would post that afternoon or the next morning. michael: but when he checked his account the next day the money was not there. he called the bank and it was not good news. >> the woman said there was no record of the transaction so as far she was concerned, no transaction happened. michael: brian went back to the bank and got another surprise. they had shut down that branch
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after he had made his deposit. >> i realize the branch was closed and the teller that took my $33,000 check was nor to be found. my heart sank to my stomach. i saw a boat leaving the dock and my money is on that boat. michael: he wants to another branch to find the doors locked there too. >> the branches are closing, the people i have had contact with, gone. michael: he wants to a third branch that was open, but the manager did not help. >> he said there was no record of the transaction so there was nothing he could do. michael: he showed proof of the missing money. >> i said, you are the manager. can you escalate the issue? he said no. there was nothing he could do, nothing they could do. there was nothing they could do. they kept repeating, there was nothing i can do about it.
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it was tough to ask. michael: but there was something brian could do. he contacted the bank's ceo, the federal government, and 7 on your side. the bank tells us that the problem arose because the cash check was made out to bank of america and not brian. they did not say why no one helped brian tracked down his money until now. >> bank of america called me and said they will give me 33 thousand dollars immediately. 7 on your side is from on the get-go, so thank you. michael: the story is a great reminder, keep your receipts. bank of america did not comment on whether that shut down of the branch may have caused a problem with that deposit, but it says it is a temporary closure. this is one of hundreds of bank branches to close nationwide friends the past year. we're starting to hear more problems related to these shutdowns. i am michael finney, 7 on your side. dan: michael will stay on those
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problems. good to see the gentleman getting his money back. what is turn our attention to the wind. ama: meteorologist sandhya patel is here. sandhya: we have seen power outages on the peninsula tonight and that is still a policy ability -- still strong gusting winds and power outages still possible and different -- difficult driving conditions, especially for tomorrow morning, so be ready for that. high pressure is building in behind this area of low pressure that passed through and the winds are funneling out of the north right through our region. the high wind warning for the north bay mountains until 9:00 a.m. thursday. those gusts could take down the trees and power lines so that is concerning. most other parts of the bay area are under the wind advisory until 6:00 tomorrow night.
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for the santa cruz coast,it is n that will make it difficult for driving, especially over the bridges, so keep that in mind as you make your plans for tomorrow. 4:00 tomorrow morning, those winds are round 30 miles per hour and still gusty going into 7:00 a.m. the strongest winds are expected just before sunrise. as we go into the latter part of the day, things will begin to change. until then, the combination of dry winds, low humidity, and gusty winds means fire danger is elevated despite the fact we had rain early on in the season and there is more moisture than october. still looking at oranges and yellows in the north and east bay hills. beth expands in the afternoon hours and you will notice some yellows and oranges covering in
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the bay area, so stay alert. the tower was all lit up with the year of the tiger. gusts up to 55 at lust yellows and mount at 53. temperatures holding up to the 40's and 50's tonight. gusty winds and fire danger and tomorrow. it is going to be warmer for the weekend. a dry pattern through the middle of the week. lowe's will be in the 30's to 50's and windy conditions. still windy but sunny for your wednesday, and as far as rainbows, this takes you through the middle of your february. accuweather 7 day for groundhog day, we are all hoping for weeks of winter. winds will ease thursday afternoon and it will be warmer weather for the weekend, bringing you springlike
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conditions going into next week. 70's showing up inland. dan: that is amazing. thank you. ama: trash is for the birds. we will tell you about a project that could t
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world.
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like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high.
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up the environment? the swedish company is training them to pick up trash. they train the birds to pick up the trash and put them in the bin. ama: the next step is to see whether these birds pick up real leather -- real live or instead of trash laid out for them. it is interesting to think that they can teach birds to pick up trash but they cannot teach people to pickup letter. here is larry with your sports. >> happy?
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river rock casino. larry: the 49ers hosted by the t prime rib, and the quarterback who they were blocking this season said goodbye to the 49ers today. his last red gold. jimmy said he wanted to leave the 49ers debtor then when he arrived -- better than when he arrived. they look at trade possibilities as they now pass the torch. >> thank you very much for everything. it has been crazy. just all of the comebacks on the road, ups and downs, it has been a helluva ride. i love you guys. see you. larry: story of the weekend, tom
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brady making it official that he is retiring after 22 years in the nfl. he could no longer make the total commitment to the game and retires at age 44. steph curry and others setting out for the warriors tonight the warriors trailed by 17 in the fourth, but this windmill and already 19 points for the rookie. two minutes to go and damion lee for three, and the warriors are up by three. moses moo moo m hustling on the floor, leading to the jordan poole triple. 31 points and stuff loving every minute of it. big game basketball style at stanford. they tried to snap a seven-game from bell stotts. puts the cardinal up i four and
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pac-12 freshman of the week, rron ingram,to the ice we go. sharks in tampa are fighting to fight -- finish 84 game. we are not at and to. ot belongs to the two time defending champs. the sharks followed by a score of c-two.
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tonight. dan: we appreciate all of your time right now. jimmy kimmel >>ou: fromolwo lily james and sebastian stan -- quinta brunson -- and music from eric bellinger. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, thank you. very nice. thank you. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm glad to be here, i hope you are too. i'm glad to be at work. i had, an incident at home last night. i didn't tell you this, guillermo. it didn't really happen at home. it happened at school. so on sunday night, i made the kids, who are 4 and 7, billy and


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