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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 2, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> uh-oh. right now on "america this morning," winter storm emergency. 90 million americans on alert for snow, ice and power outages as far south as oklahoma and today is just the beginning. we'll time out the track. two deadly school shootings in america on the same day. among the victims, two college campus police officers known as the dynamic duo shot and killed on the job. what investigators are now saying. whoopi goldberg suspended after controversial comments on "the view" about the holocaust. her apology and the discipline she's now facing. the bombshell lawsuit rocking the nfl. a fired coach claiming racial discrimination. the text messages he's now revealing as evidence. waffle house hero. new surveillance video of the
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man who confronted a gunman during a shooting rampage at this popular restaurant. he describes the terrifying >>and ter hn smos and a special "full house" moment.we slamming parts of the country right now. ice expected all the way south to texas. >> this storm is expected to stretch 2,000 miles. here's abc's derricke dennis. >> there it is, baby. we got snow. >> reporter: this morning, a major winter storm slamming a huge portion of the country expanding stretching from new mexico eventually to new england. more than 90 million people under weather advisories. >> three bags. >> reporter: in illinois the department of transportation is warning of life-threatening travel conditions.
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>> i'm super excited because i do body work for a living, so tomorrow is going to be a good day for me. >> reporter: parts of the midwest could see up to a foot of snow threatening records in cities like toledo, ohio, fort wayne, indiana and detroit. missouri's governor already declaring an emergency. airlines already canceling more than 1,200 flights nationwide today. crews now racing to treat roads across the south where ice accumulation poses the biggest risk. freezing rain is in the forecast for texas, nearly one year after that historic storm devastated the power grid causing hundreds of deaths. the governor says the power grid is ready this time, but he can't guarantee there won't be power outages. >> no one can guarantee there won't be a, code, load shed event. the power will stay on across the entire state. >> reporter: the dallas area could see up to a quarter inch of ice.
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derricke dennis, abc news. >> we'll take a closer look at your forecast in about five minutes. the other big story this morning, two more deadly school shootings in america in one day. and this time security officers on a college campus are among the victims. overnight authorities in virginia confirming two campus security officers at bridgewater college have been killed in the line of duty. >> all of a sudden we heard a gunshot. we heard another two, and everyone dropped to the floor. we all just dropped and laid, laid in the building, barricaded ourselves. >> reporter: officers j.j. jefferson and john painter responded to a call about a suspicious man on campus. >> after a brief interaction with the man, the subject opened fire and shot both officers. >> reporter: the suspect fleeing on foot. the college issuing a shelter in place order. a short time later police were seen here subduing the suspect now identified as 27-year-old alexander wyatt campbell.
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he's charged with two counts of capital murder. the motive for the shootings, unclear. the two officers were known on campus as the dynamic duo. mu ecollege president saying s at almost the same time another school shooting was unfolding in minnesota outside a special needs school near minneapolis. one student was killed. another left in critical condition. police later arrested two suspects. an investigation into what prompted the shooting is under way. >> this is a terrible tragedy and loss. >> reporter: and more tense moments at historically black colleges and universities across the country. at least a dozen hbcus were forced into lockdown tuesday, some for the second consecutive day due to bomb threats. one college president saying the timing coinciding with the start of black history month is no coincidence. no explosives have been found. meanwhile, the shootings in virginia and minnesota come
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after a record year of violence on school campuses with nearly 200 incidents of gunfire reported. pfizer is asking the fda to authorize a new version of its covid vaccine made for children as young as 6 months old. the vaccine contains only 1/10 of the adult dose. it's still unclear if children under 5 will need two or three shots. they could be eligible by the end of the month, but the fda advisers need to sign off first. >> everybody that sits around the table's fda advisory committee is a skeptic and we're not going to approve it until we are comfortable we would give it to our own children or our own grandchildren. >> reporter: kids under 5 the only group not eligible to be vaccinated. steny hoyer has tested positive for covid. the second most powerful democrat in the house behind speaker nancy pelosi. hoyer says he has mild symptoms. now to the controversy surrounding whoopi goldberg and
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her recent comments about the holocaust. she's now being disciplined. here's abc's will ganss. >> reporter: this morning, abc news suspending whoopi goldberg in response to her inaccurate claims that the holocaust was not related to race. abc news president kim godwin saying, effective immediately i am suspending whoopi goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments. while whoopi has apologized, i've asked her to take time to refledge and learn about the impact of her comments. the entire abc news organization stands in solidarity with our jewish colleagues, friends, family and communities. goldberg made the inflammatory remarks monday on "the view" while discussing a tennessee school board's decision to ban the book "maus," a graphic novel about the holocaust. >> if you're going to do this then let's be truthful about it because the holocaust isn't about race. >> no. >> no, it's not about race. >> well, maybe it -- >> a different race. >> it's not about race. it's not about race. >> what is it about?
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>> it's about man's inhumanity to man. that's what it's about. >> but it's about white supremacy and it's about going after -- >> these are two white groups of people. how do -- >> but you're missing the point. you're missing the point. >> yeah. >> the minute you turn it into race, it goes down this alley. let's talk about it for what it is. it's how people treat each other. it's a problem. it doesn't matter if you're black or white because black, white, jews, italian, everybody. it's each other. >> reporter: tuesday she apologized. >> i said that the holocaust wasn't about race, and it was instead about man's inhumanity to man, but it is indeed about race because hitler and the nazis considered jews to be an inferior race. now, words matter and mine are no exception. i regret my comments, as i said, and i stand corrected and stand with the jewish people as they
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know and y'all know because i've td of t anti-defatue "thvi saying throut the jewish people's history they've been marginalized because people commonwealth they were not a different religion but indeed a different race, andrea, mona. >> thank you. classes are canceled again today at wake forest university because of the fire burning at a nearby fertilizer plant since monday. more than 6,000 people living near the plant in winston-salem, north carolina, were evacuated because of concern about ammonium nitrate exploding. vladimir putin is accusing the u.s. of ignoring russian security concerns in the standoff over ukraine. the west has repeatedly rejected russia's demands to ban ukraine from joining nato, and putin has refused to pull back his troops from ukraine's border, but the door to diplomacy is apparently still open. secretary of state antony blinken and his russian counterpart have agreed to hold more talks. all right. time now for a look at your wednesday weather.
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good morning. another major winter storm is under way across the rockies, southern plains, into the midwest and over the next couple of days and nights, folks, arctic air and gulf moisture will come together and give us snow and ice from dallas all the way to the eastern great lakes. this ice storm is going to be formidable with power outages, trees down, we'll have issues from dallas all the way up into the ohio valley and as far as snow could see more than a foot from kansas city to the eastern great lakes. i'm accuweather meteorologist kevin coskren. coming up, the new controversy surrounding tom brady. but first caught on camera, the waffle house hero who stopped a shooter during a deadly restaurant rampage testifies about the terrifying moments. and later a stunning discovery. a 99 million-year-old flower still intact.
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yikes! back now with an out-of-control car crashing through this deck in ohio. police say the driver was reaching into the back seat for a water bottle when she veered off the road. fortunately, there were no serious injuries. more americans are saying, i quit. new figures show 47 million people quit their jobs last year compared to 42 million in 2019. workers found positions with higher pay approximate better conditions. the u.s. national debt has topped $30 trillion for the first time. about 7 trillion was wrapped up during the pandemic. dramatic video showing the moment a man brave live stopped a shooting rampage inside a waffle house. >> reporter: for the first time we are seeing the horror inside
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a tennessee waffle house when a gunman unleashed a rampage in 2018. the video played at this trial revealing the chaos as bullets shattered glass and sent diners scrambling to find safety. >> he was just yelling my name. he was just telling me he wasn't paying. >> reporter: four people, all in their 20s, were killed, including da silva's brother. >> he said he couldn't breathe. he kept looking at me and telling me he couldn't breathe. >> reporter: the 32-year-old showed up with the intent to kill. naked from the waist down, firing two dozen bullets from this ar-15. >> he was determined, but he knew what he was doing and what he planned and i'm sure my eyes looked like i was begging for mercy without saying anything. and he shot me anyway. >> reporter: security video captured the names james shaw
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heroically stopped the killing, confronting the gunman, wrestling the weapon away, even getting burned by the gun's barrel before throwing it over the counter. >> i take him. i'm kind of jumping him with my left hand, and pushing him, and pushing him out the way. i take my left hand off him. just pulling up, pulling up, pulling up. until i finally get the gun, and i throw it. >> reporter: as the day lay on the floor you can see two employees hiding behind the counter. while shaw finally fought off the gunman. rankin has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. >> his actions that night were a direct result of the delusions he was suffering because of his schizophrenia. >> reporter: jurors are expected to hear from more than 60 witnesses at this trial. mona, andrea. >> thank you. a close call at a run way at a major airport
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practices are in the spotlight because of a new lawsuit claiming racial discrimination. a former coach is sharing text messages hoping to prove his case. this morning, a bombshell lawsuit claiming racial discrimination in pro football. former miami dolphins coach brian flores is suing the nfl and three teams claiming, quote, in certain critical ways the nfl is racially segregated and is managed much like a plantation. >> spare me the shock. don't be shocked that this is going on. >> reporter: the dolphins fired flores last month after back-to-back winning seasons but the team failed to make the playoffs. the lawsuit even accuses dolphins owner stephen ross of offering to pay flores $100,000 for every loss during the 2019 season to secure a higher draft pick. >> there were a lot of accusations that obviously he has been holding on to, and he decided that he was going to follow that lawsuit, which was filed today again seeking unspecified damaged. >> reporter: flores also claims the nfl and certain teams discriminated against him and
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other black coaches saying he was subjected to sham interviews only held so teams could satisfy league rules about interviewing minority candidates. the complaint reveals text messages flores received from patriots coach bill belichick last week where belichick indicates the giants already gave the head coaching job to another white coach three days before flores was scheduled to interview with the team. >> the fact that you have to have a rule to interview minority coaches is a problem. that's the problem. it's to create this whole utopia that everybody is equal in the nfl. >> reporter: 70% of nfl players are black, but there are no black owners and after flores' firing, only one black head coach. in a statement the nfl said, it will defend, quote, against these claims, which are without merritt adding, the nfl and our clubs are deeply committed to ensuring equitable employment practices. the teams named in the lawsuit have denied any wrongdoing.
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tom brady's retirement announcement has patriots fans feeling snubbed. in his 17-paragraph statement, brady thanked everyone in tampa, his home for the last two seasons but failed to mention the patriots or new england where he spent 20 years. his former teammates are speaking out. >> half of his life he was there. not to give out any shoutout, a head point, you know, i mean, so something is going on that we don't know what is really going on but something is going on. >> he uses the blanket statement all my former coaches, all my frmer teammates, all my former staff. i mean, of course, you're under that umbrella. but, really, do you feel slighted by him after all these years, by all the banners and all the things he said in context, i don't think you should, i really don't. >> after the patriots owner released a statement praising brady, tom posted a thank you to patriots fans. coming up, john stamos and a special "full house" moment. also ahead, a very bizarre job opening. ♪ (delivery man) that's for you.
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stadium clrlisle that says washington commanders. >> you guys had one job. well, the cat is out of the bag. meanwhile, a help wanted sign at the home of the washington nationals baseball team. >> the job description includes running around in a 50-pound presidential costume. the team is looking for candidates to join the racing presidents. they're the people who join up by like washington, lincoln, jefferson, and roosevelt at games. no experience necessary. looks like a good workout.
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>> had what do you do for a living? scientists found two flowers that bloomed when dinosaurs roamed the either. >> they were found in am berg. scientists now hope to learn more about how plants evolved. next, we turn to hollywood actor john stamos. he has a new fan. he played jesse on "full house" alongside bob saget. he posted video of his 3-year-old son billy watching the show and clearly enjoying it. >> stamos writing, billy was never interested inll hoe" perctine. bob died, and now he's obsessed. i blame bob. and finally, hockey players have all the moves. but this one, he's 10 years olda he moves in on the goalie and pulls off ala cross style shoot-out goal. >> sign him now. he worked on the move for four
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bay area under a high wind warning or advisory trade here is a look at from our roof camera at abc 7 bay area app. winds reaching speeds of 70 miles an hour. kumasi: advisors covid vaccine for kids under 5:00 is closer to becoming a reality. reggie: students taking action over possible school closures. the protests happening now. >> we will go. we won't go. kumasi: oh, lord. it is drama. do you think they will still love him? the celebration and whether he found his shadow. reggie: we may have been infiltrated, kumasi, i just want to warn you, because i think someone in this box likes groundhog day. kumasi: who is it?! >> he is from pennsylv


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