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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 2, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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bay area under a high wind warning or advisory trade here is a look at from our roof camera at abc 7 bay area app. winds reaching speeds of 70 miles an hour. kumasi: advisors covid vaccine for kids under 5:00 is closer to becoming a reality. reggie: students taking action over possible school closures. the protests happening now. >> we will go. we won't go. kumasi: oh, lord. it is drama. do you think they will still love him? the celebration and whether he found his shadow. reggie: we may have been infiltrated, kumasi, i just want to warn you, because i think someone in this box likes groundhog day. kumasi: who is it?! >> he is from pennsylvania.
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>> i went to school in pennsylvania, grew up in pennsylvania, this is the big deal in pennsylvania. gobblers knob, which is where all the people are at, it is a lot of fun. reggie: you know what, drew? you can have escalade you can also have stakes at the golden corral -- can have this, and you can also have steaks at the golden corral. [laughter] drew: winds are the big big today. we are going to do it again today, and we will likely see higher wind speeds. because of these wins, i stepped outside in this city, it is warm out there. we have the winds bracing down our hillsides. in moderate, it warms up a little bit, and temperatures are elevated. shelter areas in our valleys like livermore, chile at 34 degrees. there is a mixed bag of
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temperatures right now because of the offshore wind. it is very active right now, gusting at 50 miles an hour. the high wind warning in effect will likely see the strongest when, a winter advisory. it is bouncing around right now. the winds are going to increase once again. they are going to peak this afternoon. the winds will decrease later on the evening, by about 9:00 p.m., guys. kumasi: thank you, drew. some people are preparing for the worse because of those trees. -- high winds, fallen trees. amy hollyfield is live with preparations. amy: hi there. we are at cal fire station in sonoma county, where calfire says they are watching this situation very carefully. they are aware of the winter advisory. we are not expecting much went
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right now, it is, this moment, and they say people need to watch out for falling linens and fallen trees today, and to drive carefully. they save the high winds could be a dangerous combination, even though it is not the time of year we typically worry about wildfires. >> we have a healthy concern for the wind, because in our history, we have wind visit -- went-driven wildfires in january and february. amy: here is a look at the conditions here in st. helena. pg&e is on standby, ready to respond to any power all that fall, any power outages that could be caused by these whens. -- winds. in marin county, open bad right now because of these dry, windy conditions.
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all of these are in place until tomorrow get reporting live in st. helena, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you, amy. . you can track wind where you live. live conditions and the weather forecaster are all i part of the abc 7 bay area app. we are streaming now on abc 7, hulu to become an apple tv. reggie: vaccines for kids as young as six months old. jobina, that comes as kids testing positive for the virus is very high. jobina: yes. fda independent advisors are set to hold a public hearing on february 15 about the vaccine for young kids. if approved, eligible children under five would get two doses of the vaccine. pfizer is still researching whether a third dose, given two months after the second shot, would offer more protection. >>
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this until we are comfortable that we would give it to our own children our own grandchildren. >> we may see emergency authorization by the end of february or early march, so hopefully shots go to arms not long after that. jobina: in the hospital, expectant mothers are struggling with covid infection. doctors say up to 15% of patients delivering their baby test positive. a study from the l.a. county health department shows people who were unvaccinated 23 times more likely to be hospitalized compared to people who were vaccinated and posted. back to you. kumasi: thank you, jobina. california's first ever surgeon general has reportedly resigned. according to "the chronicle," she is stepping down. she was the cofounder and ceo of the san francisco bay area posies center for wellness.
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it is not clear when the governor will appoint another surgeon general. reggie: san mateo police say two people suffer smoke and elation in this fire that broke out at a building on south boulevard around palm avenue around 7:00 last night. the police department says the two people will be ok. kume spa will remain closed until further notice after shooting happened inside. witnesses say a woman shot a man inside. police found both with gunshot wounds and the woman later died at the hospital. investigators are not seeing if her wounds were self-inflicted. kume spa said, quote, "this attack on our employees was devastating and traumatic for us. we decided to close until further notice a we can provide counseling and support to all involved." kumasi: an update on a woman missing from oakley.
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officers issued a search warrant. alexis has not been seen in a week. police were seen going several items. there is a facebook page now dedicated to finding her. it is called help find alexis ga be-holmes. reggie: students at westlake middle school walked out of class yesterday. the school is one of several the district plans to close warm orange. monday's board meeting -- or m erge. monday's board meeting lasted until 3:15 in the morning. the district says these moves are necessary after a budget shortfall. critics say it will hurt people of color the most. >> let's put this on display nationwide, in front of your offices, so you can witness bodies eroding, eating at themselves, and then see how you make decisions then. reggie: the board president says
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a vote to close and consolidate the schools will happen in about a week. kumasi: while you may say our state posies novak is that a good level, our dry january has really taken a toll. a snowpack survey shows the water and sierra mountains is at 92% of what is normal for this date. in december, rain and snow was at 160% of its average snow-water content. stay water officials show that we are definitely in a drought, drew. drew: remember, we have improved across the entire bay area to that severe category, huge improvement to the exceptional category we were in at the start of a lot of years we had a great december, january not so much, and it is likely we may reverse that trend. we may see that drought category were century there is a winter storm making its way through the four corners right now. this is very cold air that is
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rushing are wagered as it does, it is moderating, meaning it warms up. as it does, it increases our wind. not only here in the bay area but also across much of southern california as well. the cancan right now, this is how it will be for much of early morning and afternoon. we have had this wind gusts for a few hours. even santa rosa saw 45 miles an hour. temperatures are elevated because of those wins. we are in the 40's and 50's right in a lot of spots. here is the wind advisory, shaded in yellow, until 9:00 p.m. tonight. a high wind warning in the north bay mountains will find the strongest when happening later on today. midday, those winds are strengthening once again. the afternoon as windy. when the sun sets, the wind will back off. today, though, those offshore winds or a problem.
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it is a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the low to mid 60's this afternoon. that is weather. let's think of morning to jobina. how are the roads this morning? jobina: the chp has issued wind advisories for the commute for the antioch branch and also the bay bridge. we will start with a live picture. traffic is moving smoothly, even though we had issues on the upper deck making your way to san francisco, but all of that has moved out of the way, which is very nice to report. san jose, 101 clear ride, moving at the limit. supercomputers coming out of tracy, 31 minutes, antioch to concord, a 15-minute ride. overall review of the map. reggie: a commitment to reducing cancer deaths in america. the timeline overnight. the timeline overnight. kumasi: a pro, floor and decor is my go-to to get it all. tile, wood, stone, installation materials, tools — they've got it all. and, they've got my back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ got an amazing deal on this gourmet pepper mill at marshalls. it's so fancy! ♪ reggie: this morning, president biden is preparing to announce new plans to fight cancer. the white house revealing
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overnight you will revive an initiative that was first launched in 2016. jobina is here with the cancer one shot. jobina: president biden is committed to reducing the cancer death rate by 50%. a senior administration official tells abc news biden has that a 25-year timeline for achieving that goal, part of his broader effort to in cancer as we know it. he will simply cancer cabinet that includes 18 federal departments, agencies, and the president is scheduled to give remarks from the east room at the white house along with his wife jill and vice-president kamala harris. the issue is deeply personal to biden. he lost his sign -- son beau to brain cancer. kumasi: for the lunar new year, some beloved family traditions. firecrackers at the great family r good luck.
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abc 7 news amanda del castillo has that story. amanda: and gravesites filled with special offerings. families keeping up special traditions as they welcome the lunar new year. >> our cultures know year's day is when families gather together to go visit their ancestors. amanda: on thursday, phon nguyen and his family were here to honor his father, who died a year ago. firecrackers bring good luck. >> we do it to scare the bad spirit away, so that the good spirit can remain. amanda: it is that deep symbolism that jerry long with the chinese historical and cultural project says makes this so important.
5:15 am
holding up a trail of eight immortals, she explains. >> the candy means that they will be rich. amanda: and there is no missing those bright red envelopes. >> when i give it to you, it means i am freeing you good wishes, good luck. amanda: back at the cemetery, similar to new year's eve for july 4 celebrations, some on social media were critical about the use of illegal fireworks, so we reach out to the cemetery about its policies but did not hear back. we also asked family members. >> i want to apologize for t for inconvenience of the nuisance. it will go away tomorrow or the next day, so i appreciate everybody's patience and love. amanda: in san jose, i am amanda del castillo, abc 7 news kumasi: will be gober be gober r
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be on "the view" today after claiming the holocaust "was not about race." . she apologized and opened the neck show with an apology. abc news has a says that she has taken time to reflect about her comment. reggie: delete spotify. the band belly has this on their spotify page, but their songs are still available to be streamed. the streaming service has been criticized for allowing podcaster joe rogan to spread covid misinformation. neil young and joni mitchell have pulled their music from spotify, and now india ari says it is a door that she must walk through. it might be the biggest stage of nikki's career. the country star will be singing the national anthem at the super
5:17 am
bowl. last year, she was nominated best country album. the super bowl is happening next sunday. that answers that question. kumasi: all right. it is groundhog day, and it appears we are in for a long winter. >> with my shadow, i have cast a long, lustrous, six more weeks of winter. [applause] kumasi: why are they cheering? [laughter] ok, well, punxsutawney phil saw his shadow in pennsylvania this morning. this was the 106th 106th 106th h of groundhog day. every year on february 2, people turn to field to see if you will predict more spring or winter. on average, phil has gotten it right about 40% of the time over the past 10 years.
5:18 am
drew: all right, so means six more weeks of sunshine and 60's. [laughter] i went to college at penn state, and gobbler's knob is not too far from here, so i had and to go here, they would tailgate 24 hours ahead of time come up with the children call, this insane energy. kumasi: tailgate in the cold? what drew: drew: are you going to do? you have to stay warm somehow. kumasi: you stay home. [laughter] so you have done this? drew: no, it was, like, 2 degrees outside. we had a great time. reggie: why don't we ever see thi that part? all we see are these old-fashioned, the top hat. drew: the crowd -- it is
5:19 am
massive. they have a dj. it is an event. it is so fun. reggie: of all the things covid canceled, and we still have this? [laughter] kumasi: it is outdoors. drew: they will cancel it. more than a century going on. he is only right two out of five times? we are talking about the offshore winds today. these cameras are shaking. we have the wings that are just breezy if not dusty right now, and they will only increase of the morning goes on. winds at the surface, current wind gust, fairfield gusting close to 30. 80 right now through solano county. it is windy. these winds are running perpendicular to our bridges, so that means grab the steering wheel tighter. look at hawkeye, 51.
5:20 am
the blue is gusting at 53. look at the wind gustd gustd 42 miles an hour. high-wind warning's in effect. you notice your skin cr your little bit more. they bring an -- air. the fire danger is elevated. moderate to high because of those wins, but that is something we will be tracking, because we do a dry vegetation right now. hi wind today. we are going into the 60's. later tonight, the winds will calm down. looking at the next 10 days, the weather pattern is not changing, not a drop of rain across california. the accuweather 7-dayther 7-dayy much, tomorrow, that fire danger really lessons on thursday, but
5:21 am
next week near 70 degrees, guys, so that pattern continues. kumasi: all right. reggie: jimmy's last performance with the 49ers. his goodbye the all new ww personalpoints program is proven to make weight loss easier. it's our first-ever program made just for you. you take a quiz, tell us what you love, enter your goals, and ww designs your individualized plan. with new zeropoint foods to choose from and ways to help you build healthy habits like drinking water and eating veggies. now is your time to live the life you love and lose the weight you want. today only, get started at
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drew: if you are just doing this coming year are 7 things you need to know this morning. number one, we have when and re i a w over 30 miles an hour. a lot of sunshine today and temperatures back to the 60's. kumasi: number 2, firefighters our monitoring the wind very closely. pg&e on standby to monitor any power poles that fall and cause possible outages. also, a burn ban because if i risks. reggie: pfizer asking the fda to authorize a vaccine for kids as young as six-month-old. they are also considering whether a third dose would offer more protection. kumasi: number four, joe biden is planning to announce a commitment to lower the cancer death rate by 50% over the next 25 years. the moonshot against the disease
5:24 am
was announced in 2016, when he was vice president. reggie: at least two people at an oakland middle school are on a hunger strike in protest of planned school mergers. people against the mergers say it will hurt communities of color the most. jobina: number six, the wind is also going to impact your commute this morning. the chp has issued wind advisory for the antioch bridge in the bay bridge, which you are seeing a live shot of now. kumasi: number 7, many passengers are hoping for a smoother day-to-day. staffing shortages caused delays and wait times yesterday. more than 70 officers were lost because of vaccination issues. reggie: in the "gma" first look, we are seeing dramatic video of the man. the waffle house shooting. here is janai norman. first look -- never before seen surveillance video from the waffle house in antioch, tennessee nearly four
5:25 am
years after the deadly shooting in april 2018. >> i finally get the gun, i watched the gun, it looked like it was in the air for days. janai: in an act of pure bravery and courage, ignited by tamura, -- terror a customer -- now , hailed as the waffle house hero, james shaw, emerges from behind the door and confronts the gunman, who had just charged inside the restaurant, eventually forcing the shooter back out. shaw recalling the moments when he faced the prosecution. we will have much more on the trial and that surveillance video coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look, i am janai norman, abc news, new york. kumasi: well, it appears 49ers quarterback jimmy g. paid plate has less -- played his last game with the team.
5:26 am
got on the mic, saying he expects to be traded in hopes to have a say in where he lands. jimmy graupel all the comebacks at levi's, come backs on the road, it has been a helluva ri de, you guys. see ya. kumasi: ok. the niners will be looking at trade possibilities. the 49ers lime's is in san francisco and hosted by the house of fun. reggie: i did not know this would happen. kumasi: it is very interesting. jimmy says, let me tell you something. i have something to say. reggie: that is definitely not where they expected to have that announcement made. he made it. kumasi: coming up at 5:30, while we are dealing with this wind, a
5:27 am
brutal winter storm is hitting the other side of the country, so we will have a look at the white out conditions there. reggie: and gangs infiltrating a bay area town. the crime surging in atherton righ living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause status.
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5:30 am
look at our sutro towers camera get a live look at the city. gusty winds shaking our camera at this hour. those winds right now are keeping temperatures elevated. when they press that our hillside, they warm up. it is 52 in oakland. shelter values like livermore and gilroy much colder. certainly a mixed bag of temperatures out the door this morning. winds, our hills are very active, even the east foothills have been a pretty active spot this morning, winds at 42 miles an hour. winds will increase over the next couple of hours. when advisories and high wind warnings are in effect today. winds will peak this afternoon. there's a lot of sunshine. winds might be gusting 30 to 50 miles an hour. once the sun goes down later on tonight, the winds are going to decrease. tomorrow is a much call learn day. -- calmer day. reggie: the winds are especially
5:31 am
threating to those in the north bay. abc 7 news reporter amy holly five -- amy hollyfield is live. amy: we are at the cal fire station anything helena, where they are watching the situation carefully. the wind is picking up this morning come in the last 30 minutes. they are hoping to not be busy here, but their concern is how dry the conditions are right now. i mean, high winds could cause some serious problems. even though it is february come about a month we typically talk about wildfire concerns, but this year we are. the conditions are creating the threat of fire. div. chief knecht: the dead grass and branches will mask the relative human to the. they will dry out, and they get drier in the winds. amy: marion county has even put an open burn ban in place, saying it is just too risky right now. they will leave that in place until the winds died down in the
5:32 am
warning is canceled, which would likely be tomorrow. today, the word is to be aware of limbs or trees falling as the winds pick up today. pg&e is on standby and is stationed in the windy areas, just in case. reporting live in st. helena, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you, amy. pg&e says they are ready for the winds. they have new power lines and transformers ready to go. strong wind two weeks ago not -- led to fires. it sonoma county, officials say this could happen again. >> are we concerned we are going to have a large-scale wildfire? the likelihood is not too great. is there a potential we have some level of fire activity on a smaller scale that could cause damage? absolutely. kumasi: in marin county, the fire department has canceled
5:33 am
three prescribed burns because of the wind. strong winds also knocked down these limbs in san jose. if you take a close look at it, you can see the tree branches just rustling in the wind. three teenagers had to be taken to the hospital because of this, though they were not seriously hurt. reggie: a winter storm slamming part of the country right now, with dangerous snow and ice expected all the way to texas. jobina fortson at the live desk. jobina, the storm is expected to stretch 2000 miles. jobina: yes,, reggie, that storm stretches from new mexico and will make it all the way to new england. here is a live look from the chicago area. more than 90 million people across the country are under weather advisory. parts of the midwest could see up to one foot of snow, and crews now are racing to treat roads across the south, where ice accumulation poses the biggest risk. freezing rain is in the forecast for texas, nearly one year after
5:34 am
that historic storm knocked out power across the state. . i know we all remember that. the governor says the power grid is ready this time, but he cannot guarantee there won't be outages. governor abbott: nobody can guarantee there won't be a low jet event. what we are -- load-she jobina: airlines have already canceled more than 12,000 flights nationwide today, including more than half of the flight in st. louis. kumasi: thank you. children ages six months to five years could be the latest to get the vaccine from the fda. pfizer has requested authorization for kids and that age range. stanford has been involved with the pediatric pfizer trials since they began. >> we have not seen any concerns about safety, so that is always the big issue. that is the main point -- is
5:35 am
this vaccine safe? it looks extremely safe so far. we don't anticipate that it will change in this age group. kumasi: the fda's vaccine advisory committee will be meeting in about two weeks, on every 15, to discuss -- on february 15, to discuss. san mateo county now giving way personal protective equipment that was left out in the rain for months. this is a story the idea has been following. the equipment that was not ruined has been wiped down, repackaged, and donated to community groups, talking face shields, gowns, goggles, and more, purchased with your tax dollars to protect people from this pandemic. abc 7 news i-team reporter dan noris is still trying to figure out why these were not protected improperly stored.
5:36 am
reggie: atherton is dealing with a surge in home burglaries involving chilean gang members. eight residential burglaries were reported in the city last month. police suspect six of them were organized by chilean gang members operating out of the area. over the last five years, atherton averaged about two burglaries per month. kumasi: san jose police are looking for a hit-and-run driver they say is responsible for the seventh pedestrian death in the city this year. it happened about w ago. the victim died last week. police say the victim was in the crosswalk when the driver, that has been described as a transit van driver, hit him. the driver stopped briefly and then drove off. >> right now we are looking for witnesses, and we don't have a lot of information in his hit-and-run. we don't know what the traffic
5:37 am
signal situation was like, but i can confirm that the pedestrian was in the crosswalk. kumasi: san jose police are working with the department of transportation and other agencies to come up with a solution to traffic thats. reggie: a union representing 30,000 workers at will refineries, including some workers at chevron's richmond refinery, has rejected the latest contract offer. the united steelworkers union also represents workers at pipelines and powerplants. for now, the expired contract is going to be extended. chevron has released a statement, "we are prepared to continue normal operations if need be. " kumasi: staffing shortages caused delays this week on several bus lines. more than 20 lines were behind schedule, with weight lines significantly longer in some cases.
5:38 am
a spokesperson told "the chronicle" this is because of all the sick because they have been getting. they have also lost more than 70 operators because of vaccination issues. b.a.r.t. is getting milestone today. the unique ribbon-cutting. reggie: and love is in the air. first, he took a weather with drew tuma. drew: good morning. here is our camera at kgo, on the roof, and the flags waving in the wind right now. the winds will just strengthen as the morning goes on. 22 the current wind gust in oakland, 27 in the city, 31 the wound gust in half, again, this offshore breeze drugs in the dry air, some relative humidity is low and also warmed this up later on this afternoon. when advisory in effect for areas shaded in yellow. high wind warnings in effect for the north bay mountains. this is where we will see the strongest wind gusts in the
5:39 am
north bay mountains, close to 70 miles an hour later on this afternoon. wind gusts strengthen this afternoon. they are peaking this afternoon. offshore wind continues for much of your wednesday. once the sun goes down and we go into the nighttime hours, the winds are really going to back off. you have 12 more hours in an offshore wind event before the winds will calm down. hi today, we see a lot of sunshine with the offshore wind that will bloom everything out to sea. limit 60's across the entire bay area and even across california, we have these offshore winds. much of southern california under advisories and high wind warnings. you can see california, it is underway. that is weather. let's check in with jobina. jobina: thank you. we have a new crash in fremont, southbound 680 and vargas involving two cars and a big ring. at least one lane is blocked. we will move on to our live cameras, starting in emeryville, showing off 80.
5:40 am
those headlines are traveling in the westbound direction. making your way to the bay bridge come expecting windy ride this . you heard drew, so i will just echo that, we have and when advisory for the bay bridge and also the antioch bridge this morning, so that is impacting your commute. a live look at oakland come of those headlines are traveling southbound for your reference. we will wrap up with some drive times. walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, a 48-minute ride. we will be right back.
5:41 am
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reggie: developing those, authorities are investigating two deadly school shootings in one day. classes are canceled at a school in virginia after two school security officers were killed on campus. here is andrea fujii. andrea: two campus security officers killed on duty. caleb needle: we were just sitting in our class. and then all of a sudden, we just heard a gunshot.
5:44 am
and then all of a sudden, we heard another two, and everyone just dropped. >> after police interaction with the man, the suspect open fire. andrea: the suspect fleeing on foot. a short time later, police were seen here, subduing the suspect, now defined as 27-year-old alexander wyatt campbell. he is charged with two counts of capital murder. the motive for the shooting, unclear. the two officers were known on campus as the dynamic duo. the college president saying they were known on campus a by faculty and staff. at almost the same time, another school shooting was unfolding in minnesota, outside a special needs school near minneapolis. one student was killed, another left in critical condition. police later arrested two suspects. an investigation into what prompted the shooting is underway. >> this is a terrible tragedy
5:45 am
and loss. andrea: more intense moments at historically black universities and colleges around the country. some force and locked up for the second consecutive day, due to bomb threats. one college president saying the timing, coinciding with the start of black history month, is no coincidence. no explosives have been found. we welcome the shootings in virginia and minnesota, for a record-setting year of violence on compasses with nearly 200 incidents of gunfire reported. andrea fujii, abc news, new york. kumasi: a hotel in san francisco will be converted into permanent housing for formerly homeless people. the gotham hotel on park street. more than 100 rooms will be available for people exiting homelessness. the city is paying $25 million for this acquisition. city officials say operations and supportive services are expected to cost $2.3 million a year.
5:46 am
happening today, b.a.r.t. is planning to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reopening of restrooms in san francisco. the bathrooms have been close for more than 20 years. they were shut down after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. a roll of toilet paper will be used as a ribbon to mark this occasion. reggie: valentine's day is not the only super popular data tightly not. today is also a significant data say "i do" because of the day. think about it, it is february 2, 2022. 2/2/22. the san mateo county clerks office is preparing for a rush. also valentine's day, but also 2/22/22 expected to be pretty busy. the county clerks office will be performance or money from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and if your friends cannot make it to the wedding, for $50 extra, they
5:47 am
will get you a webcast. kumasi: all right, can birds help us clean up the environment? a company is training burns to help collect trash. they can pick up sticks and drop minivan, and peanuts are given to the birds in the form of a reward. it is the first step to see if the birds can think of real litter that is set out for them. it is interesting that they can train birds to pick up trash but cannot teach people not to litter. reggie: drag us. [laughter] kumasi: they didn't have to go there. drew: i am here for a. reggie: can we get back for a second, because i really feel like we just glossed over the fact that after 20 years, the b.a.r.t. station is opening the bathroom, and they will use toilet paper as a ribbon-cutting. kumasi: how would you feel about
5:48 am
it? reggie: i think it is hilarious. drew: i do too! reggie: whoever is in charge of that decision -- drew: they read the room. reggie: they really did. don't make it more than it is. drew: good morning, everybody can we will find winds that are strengthening as the morning is going on. one of our more popular cameras this morning illustrates the gusty conditions we have out there this morning, and those wins again will increase as the morning goes on. we have this offshore wind event those winds roll down our mountainside at our hillside, and they warm up. if you step outside andright not chilly. 54 right now, 52 in oakland, but where we have more sheltered values, santa rosa, we have 40's and 30's. location is key to how cold you are right now, but nonetheless, we will have a warm afternoon on the way today. windsor already elevated.
5:49 am
26 in calistoga, the same in fairfield, higher as we take you in elevations. diablo gusting to 40 right now. the east foothills have been a pretty active zone, gusting to 40 right now. 51 that current wind gust in hawkeye. we have a wind advisory and a high wind warning in effect for the north bay mountains. we will find the strongest wind gusts. we will focus there. that is very active, likely gusting over 40 miles an hour. . that does continue as the day goes on. by tonight, though, the winds will calm down. windy today, a lot of sunshine. the winds back off after sunset, and we will find temperatures in the 30's and 40's. if you are hoping for rain, it does not look like it is changing anytime soon. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast, fire danger elevated, much calmer tomorrow, then i drag pattern continues. -- that drive pattern continues.
5:50 am
kumasi: a new study shows that over-the-counter melatonin is up in the u.s., and some may be using it at dangerously high levels, some americans taking more than twice the amount in 2018 a decade earlier. if you have jet lag, overnight and shift them or occasional overnight shift, or occasional insomnia, that is fine, but about daily use. reggie: netflix will allow you to delete shows from your continue watching list, i guess for those shows that you watch one or two, forget about it, you don't like it, but they keep showing on your feet. 90 just click on "remove continue watching." new at 6:00, sure, there is groundhog day, but a different event in southern california has the animals really running the show. kumasi:
5:51 am
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reggie: the country posing national debt has hit a new milestone, passing $30 trillion for the first time ever. government borrowing sped up during the pandemic, as washington spent aggressively to lessen the economic impact of the crisis. since the end of 2019, the national debt has surged by about $7 trillion. kumasi: there is a new head of the california employment development department. we have been consistently following stories and the struggles so many of you have had accessing public benefits. now there is a new person in charge. nancy is a familiar face in the department. she was the edd's deputy director of external affairs, legislation, and policy. the outgoing director come upon
5:54 am
her retirement, said, "i am proud of the reforms and programs edd put in place." reggie: there's a new tesla recall impacting more than 50,000 vehicles. the problem is with the f-driving mode, which is programmed to let you roll through stop signs. owners can select through several muslim including chill, average, assertive. . the assertive mode lets cars slow down stop signs but not actually stop, which is required by law. the rolling stubble to be disabled by an update. kumasi: jill, average, and assertive? -- chill, average, and assertive? legal, not legal. reggie: and we were talking about the karaoke thing the other day. [laughter] kumasi: let's talk about this, do you think you would take a
5:55 am
free ride in a driverless taxi? if you say yes, you can cruise around san francisco in an economist cruise vehicle. potential ride cruise's fleet battery powered cars. just a you know, if you get in there, there is no backup driver. it is just you, cruising along. drew: cruising along in san francisco. kumasi: i feel like i would try this. reggie: you would?! oh, no. if there is no human in there -- drew: nuh-uh. reggie: i do not need to be the human guinea pig. kumasi: i just can't get over the chill, average, and
5:56 am
assertive. reggie: rich people are wild. drew: i'm not stopping. five miles now is the best you are going to get. [laughter] the wi it does continue with the offshore component today. 30 one half moon bay. fairfield, calistoga getting close to 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts. a high wind warning in effect for the north bay mountains will find the strongest window throughout the day today. hour-by-hour we go, those winds continue to increase at the morning goes on. it is a windy afternoon, and later on this evening, once the sun goes down, those winds are going to back off, and much calmer conditions on thursday. kumasi? kumasi: all new essex :00, you have to be tall, fit, and you have to really like american presidents. reggie: all right. plus, the search for this bay area woman, missing with her car keys in the ignition, today
5:57 am
marks a week since she was last missing. detectives may have picked up their biggest clues yet. kumasi: and the county connection, bringing i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex to keep my moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. find our coupon in sunday's paper.
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tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> making news at 6:00, california's first surgeon general suddenly resigning. a report this morning and statement from the governor's
6:00 am
office. >> i am doing a hunger strike. >> what does it mean to you? >> because this is important and needs to happen. >> an ultimate show protest for underserved communities. teachers going hungry to stop school closures in oakmont. >> first we are talking about the wind this morning, bringing you live team coverage tracking intense fire danger and a tricky time on the roadways. >> good morning it is wednesday, february 2. >> let's start with a check of the forecast withdrew. drew: we are tracking the lines closely because they will be elevated and increase as the day goes on. in the hills it is active, diablo gusting to 50. even hawkeyes 51 miles per hour. a wind advisory yellow. a high-wind warning for the mountains where you find the strongest winds there at the day. here is the rooftop camera in the city along the buckeye narrow


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