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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 2, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> what does it mean to you? >> because this is important and needs to happen. >> an ultimate show protest for underserved communities. teachers going hungry to stop school closures in oakmont. >> first we are talking about the wind this morning, bringing you live team coverage tracking intense fire danger and a tricky time on the roadways. >> good morning it is wednesday, february 2. >> let's start with a check of the forecast withdrew. drew: we are tracking the lines closely because they will be elevated and increase as the day goes on. in the hills it is active, diablo gusting to 50. even hawkeyes 51 miles per hour. a wind advisory yellow. a high-wind warning for the mountains where you find the strongest winds there at the day. here is the rooftop camera in the city along the buckeye narrow -- along the embarcadero.
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the winds will ramp up to the morning. it is another sunny day. the wind speak this afternoon and by the evening, the winds will calm down. temperatures today back into the 60's. kumasi: the wind is real so let's take a live look from the abc 7 roof camera right now on the embarcadero and looking at the flag really sums everything up. a might not seem very gusty in san francisco but wind speeds are really going to be kicking in in areas of higher fire -- high fire danger. our coverage continues with a look at how things are looking out there. >> hi there. we are in st. helena in napa county at calfire where they tell us they are watching this situation carefully. they are aware of the forecast. it is calm right now but they are concerned about the dry conditions here and what the wind could do to this area. they are also telling people
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of trees coming down and for people to drive carefully. officials put out this morning because of the dry conditions. they say it could be a dangerous combination, even though this is not the typical time of year when we are worried about wildfires. wind situation in st. helena. pg&e is also on standby, ready to respond to any power poles that fall, power outages caused by the wind. in marin county, open burning is banned because of the fire risk. the band and the wind warnings are in place until tomorrow when this wind is expected to die down. reporting live in st. helena, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. you can track the wind where you are with all part of the abc 7
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bay area app. we are streaming to any 47 on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. reggie: pfizer authorized its covered vaccine for kids as young as six months old. >> just last week, more than 800,000 children tested positive for covid. advisors are set to hold a hearing february 15 about the data on pfizer's vaccine for young kids. if approved, eligible children under five will get two doses of the vaccine. pfizer is researching whether a third does, given two months after the second shots, will give more protection. >> we will not to become triple until we are countable giving this to our own grandchildren. >> we may see emergency authorization by the end of march. so hopefully shots will go into arms not long after that. >> the hospital expected mothers are also struggling with covid infections. doctors say have to 15 percent
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of pregnant patients delivering babies test positive. data also shows why health experts continue to urge people to get vaccinated. a study from the alley county health department shows people unvaccinated or 23 times more likely to be hospitalized compared to people who are vaccinated and boosted. kumasi: thank you. california's first ever surgeon general has reportedly resigned according to the chronicle. dr. nadine burke harris is stepping down, named surgeon general in 2019. she is the founder and ceo of the san francisco-based center for youth wellness. the governor says her expertise in leadership has been instrumental in advancing the health and well-being of california. it is not clear when the governor will be appointing another surgeon general. reggie: in the east bay, a spot in grand avenue in oakland will be closed until further notice after a shooting inside. police were called to the spot before 10:00 yesterday money.
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witnesses say a man shot a woman inside. the woman later died at the hospital. investigators are not saying if her wounds were self-inflicted. in an email to customer, "this attack on our employees was devastating intra-medic for us. we have decided it is best to close the grand location so we can provide support to those involved." kumasi: an update in the search for a woman missing from oakley. officers served a search warrant. it 24-year-old has not been seen in a week now. officers search a home yesterday in antioch and did not say who lives there. police were seen leaving with several items. there is a facebook page dedicated to finding gabe called "help bring alexis came home." reggie: at least two people at one middle school are on a hunger strike in protest of planned school closures and mergers. students at westlake middle school walked out of class yesterday. the school is one of several the district plans to close or merge. monday's board meeting discussing the closure lasted
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until 3:15 yesterday morning. the district faces a $50 million shortfall next year and says these moves are necessary. people against the closure say it will hurt communities of color the most. >> let's put this on display nationwide, on display in your offices, so you can witness bodies eroding and you can see witness bodies eating at themselves. then see how you make decisions then. reggie: the board president says a vote to consolidate the schools will happen in a bout -- in about a week. kumasi: high-speed internet access for homes, schools, and workplaces will come soon to one county. the board voted in favor of the digital marin plan and this plan ensures everyone in the county has access to affordable and reliable internet. officials say 600 households like internet access or digital devices and more than half of first responders say they have slow conductivity or outages every day. reggie: bombshell allegations rocking that if l.
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line flores -- brian f f alleging backroom corruption and discrimination. the fallout targeting the top rinks of the league. kumasi: loud cracks to the lunar new year. a family tradition leaving some upset this morning. drew: we are taking a live look from sutro tower. it is shaking in the wind and those winds will only increase as the morning goes on. winds right now 23 in san francisco, 30 half moon bay, coaster 30 fairfield. we
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reggie: if you wanted to see the largest lighting flash ever recorded, here you are. the world meteorological organization confirmed this mega flash from april 2020 was the
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longest ever. check it out over the gulf of mexico states. it stretched 477 miles. a second world record was confirmed in south america for one that was -- for one of the longest recorded duration of lightning flash. that flash june 2020 lasted more than 17 seconds. drew: that is wild. there is a thunderstorm and l.a. and that lining will hit us. kumasi: that's crazy. drew: that's far. if you are 500 miles away, you are not going to hear the thunder. that is insane. we're talking about winds and let's plan out your day. the morning hours, winds increase. mid-day, wines peek into the early afternoon and the offshore component. once the sun sets, the winds will come down. that will lead to a calmer day on the way for thursday but wind advisories and high-wind warning's are in effect due to elevated fire danger. we have not seen rain in a month so vegetation is drying out but we have elevated fire concerns
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and you can see a lot of the region under moderate to high fire danger early today and then it's really backs off after the winds come down tonight. with the offshore winds, it is a lot of sunshine and temperatures elevated again. low in mid 60's. 63 oakland, same in san jose, 65 santa rosa. 62 is the high and concord. how are we doing with the roads? jobina: i was just wrapping up this graphic because we have two crashes being reported in almost the same spot. let's get to it so you can see that. then we will talk about the lines. they have one crash northbound 680 before 84 and another one southbound 680 here. you can see the two crash icons, not very far apart. the speeds in the area are down to around 13 miles per hour. let's talk what the wind because chp has issued a wind advisory the bay bridge and also the antioch bridge. this is a live look at the toll prosody -- toll plaza.
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metering lights are on and they came on a bit earlier than usual, at 5:42, but no back up and we look at the san mateo bridge where things are at their limit. kumasi: thank you. if you are a fan of running an undercover fame, we have the perfect job opening for you. reggie: plus all that speculation for where tom brady might be heading next. his fourth-grade teacher in san mateo is talking about the impact he is having at home. ♪
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♪ for skin that never holds you back. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin. reggie: developing news, it former head coach is accusing the league and three teams of racial discrimination and hiring and suing them. jobina has the details of the lawsuit calling for changes. jobina: the 58-page lawsuit was filed in manhattan federal courts and seeks class-action
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status. the centers on two jobs former miami dolphins head coach brian flores was interviewing for. the most recent last week with the new york giants. flores says days before the meeting, new england patriots head coach bill belichick mistakenly sent him text messages saying the giants head coaching job had already gone into someone else and it was a white coach. he also alleges a similar scenario in 2019 when interviewing with the denver broncos. flores because both meetings shamin or views to satisfy the league rooney role which mandates teams interview at least one minority candidate for top positions. >> when you consider 70% of the players in the nfl are black and there is one black head coach right now, what is happening on the field is not at all being represented by what is happening on the sidelines. jobina: the nfl responded with a statement saying, "diversity is core of everything we do and ues on which
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our clubs and internal leadership team spend more time. we will defend against these claims which are without merit. the broncos, dolphins, and giants also issued statements denying the allegations. kumasi: thank you. whoopi goldberg is not going to be on the view today. she has been suspended for two weeks after claiming the holocaust was "not about race." she later tweeted out an apology and opened yesterday's show with another apology. kim got wind released this statement saying "while will be has apologized, i have asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments." reggie: the san francisco city supervisors approved a resolution to apologize to chinese immigrants and their descendants. the move comes as there has been a rise in assault and harassment a beige and ash of asian americans in the bay area and around the country. the resolution apologizes on behalf of the board and the city four systemic and structural --
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kumasi: people are for filling beloved family traditions. at oak hill cemetery and san jose, some lay firecrackers at the graves of family members for good luck but it caught the attention of others. [firecrackers exploding] kumasi: families lay firecrackers with the belief these loud booms will bring good luck. it is the deep symbolism some say makes the celebration so meaningful. >> we do it to spirits away. so that the good spirit can remain. >> everything signifies a part of what is going to happen to you in the new year. kumasi: some residents on social media were critical of the use of illegal firecrackers and reached out to oak hill cemetery about his policies but did not hear back. reggie: hundreds gather for the chinese chamber of commerce of san francisco's annual
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celebration at portsmouth square. it is the first time it is held since -- with spectators since the pandemic began two years ago. >> i am so proud to stand with you today because no community has displayed more courage than these past few years than our chinese american community. reggie: in addition to speeches and lots of well wishes, the celebration included the dotting of the tiger heads which symbolizes bringing the tiger to life. reggie: new -- kumasi: new at 6:00, the washington nationals are looking for candidates for its racing president. at home games, the mascot race 200 yards from center field to first base in the fourth inning. the presidents include abe lincoln, teddy roosevelt, a blinken, and thomas jefferson. the suit weighs 50 pounds and they must uphold the nationals core value of excellence, performance, and accountability. reggie: if you're going to hit
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me with a bat at the end and i fall down, i'm not here for that. drew: i used to work in washington, d.c., and we had them. in our parking lot at work. we raced them. let me tell you, they are fast. with 50 pounds on them, they are still fast. when one falls over, it tends to take them all down, like a domino effect. reggie: yeah. kumasi: erased them or your colleagues? drew: we all did. i'll try to find a picture. reggie: did you win? you had to have one. drew: what had happened was. kumasi: what had happened was. [laughter] go ahead. drew: one fellow, then the next fellow, and they all kind of fell. so we stopped just to make sure. reggie: so it was rigged. [laughter] drew: but that is no joke, the 50 pounds. once you get the momentum going -- reggie: timber. drew: timber.
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the offshore wind event is underway. the cameras bouncing around. pam is gusting over 30 miles per hour. we take it to the rooftop camera. have been watching this all morning long and it has not let up and the gusty winds will continue and strengthen over the next couple hours. when we have the offshore winds, the winds will race down our hillsides and as they do, they warm up so you step outside, especially in the east bay and the city, we are in the 50's right now, but in the sheltered valleys like livermore, we are in the 30's. current winds gusting to 26 in the city, 20 six half moon bay, 27 fairfield, even stronger into the hills. diablo gusting over 50, hawkeye near 50. the oakland hills throughout the morning has been gusting over 20 miles per hour at times. high-wind warning's in effect for the north bay mountains where we expect the strongest wind gusts. we will focus our attention there. by 11:00 a.m., the offshore winds are close to if not over
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40 miles per hour and by night time, the winds will back off. it is a windy day today and we find temperatures back to the 60's. there is sunshine, offshore winds blowing everything out to sea. clear skies and good air quality. overnights and i, the wind come down and partly cuddy skies in the north day. temperatures in the 30's and 40's and we take to the next 10 days. the pattern is not changing. it rainfall eludes us for the next 10 days so california remains dry. the next seven days, gusty winds, elevated fire danger, comber winds tomorrow, and the dry pattern continues. next week, near 70 degrees by monday, especially tuesday. reggie: i hate to even hear that as we wade into ginger's the because we are talking about it is windy and it will be 70 degrees soon and she is in an actual real-life storm. hi, ginger. ginger: yes. [laughter] hey, my glove is not even all the way back on because you have
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to keep your hands warm and take in all of this. i am actually on the campus of the university of illinois, the alma mater statue behind me. it is picturesque if you like this no gloves and living in one. that is what we will do here. it why i'm here, it is great to be with you and talking about another storm. this one is seriously impacting dozens of states and the impacts will be really big. it is not just the snow from illinois back to st. louis and parts of indiana and michigan, it is the southern end where i'm concerned about isaac emulating from texas and arkansas, parts of oklahoma, to memphis, and kentucky so it all moves to the northeast end if you have travel plans for friday into saturday, i would watch this one. also on top of this, we have to talk about pfizer and they're coming up with emergency you -- emergency use authorization for the covid vaccine for six months to five years old. then budgeting, taking control
6:23 am
of your money. well how they took care of their money. they will share that and more. but more snow. you guys need to get snow and i will come see you. see how that works? kumasi: come anyway. we don't want that. [laughter] reggie: i think you need to come here to thaw out. ginger: you don't want to see me that bad. [laughter] all right. we will work on that. reggie: as you taught us, kumasi is setting limits. ginger: yes. so many boundaries. that is one. [laughter] congratulations. reggie: we are learning and ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) imagine a place where we can finally be free. free to zoom without a meeting request.
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reggie: we are hearing from want to tom brady's teachers following his announcement he is retiring from that of fell. brady grew up in san mateo and his fourth-grade teacher at think gregory's elementary school says sometimes brick -- sometimes brady becomes part of the lesson plan. >> i will throw tommy brady's name out that tommy brady would
6:26 am
have never done that. tommy brady showed a lot of love and compassion. i was sad for him but also happy. life is so sure. he is able not to spend time with his family. reggie: it is the way she says tommy brady. brady's donations to the school led to the creation of the brady family science center. he has had video chats with the students who dressed up to support him when he is playing in the super bowl. kumasi: that's cute. a teenager who got the attention of elon musk for a twitter account that tracks his private jet now has a job offer. according to the new york post, an orlando-based pride or -- private charter from has offered a job to the 19-year-old but he says he is not sure if he is going to accept that. he originally rejected a $5,000 offer from moss to delete the twitter account and ask for a 50,000, but must then block all social media accounts connected
6:27 am
to sweeney. reggie: this young man won't accept any kind of offer. kumasi: i am not upset. know your worth. reggie: he's ready to negotiate. more top stories at 6:30, fighting back against cancer in america. president biden releasing a plan to cut deaths in half. his goal to get there. plus -- >> people don't realize if you have a young child, you are still stuck in march 2020. kumasi: a push from pfizer to authorize vaccines for young children. parents sharing personal stories of how much it will mean for their everyday lives. reggie: they live look outside, it is 627 time. we have a nice little sunrise going and we will be right back.
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♪s you back. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: the extreme winter storm stretching 2000 miles.
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look at this live look. this is a very snowy scene in kansas city. we are tracking snow and ice. reggie: worries at home because we are tracking potentially dangerous windy weather in bone dry locations. you can see the flag from our rooftop camera. team coverage on the highest gust, fire concerns, and timing ahead. kumasi: good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, february 2, and we are blast that we do not live in that winter snow. but we do have our own challenges. drew: we do. we are not out of the woods with our weather. we are tracking offshore wind gust be right now, and they're only going to increase as the morning goes on. i've seen gusts over 50 miles per hour. taking a live look at sutro tower, it is bouncing around as the wind shakes the camera. looking at san francisco and east bay in the background. current winds in the hills, we are watching very closely the ease foothills gusting to 40,
6:31 am
hawkeye 48 and even the team can gusting at 36 miles per hour right now. here's how the day is shaping up , a lot of sunshine with offshore winds that clear everything out of our sky. the winds ran about this morning and peek this afternoon with temperatures in the 60's and then after sunset and later this evening, the winds will greatly come down and that leaves a calmer day on the way tomorrow. reggie: thank you. the winds are especially threatening in the north bay where firefighters are on high alert. amy hollyfield is live with what the conditions look like now. >> we are getting wind wind w st. helena at the calfire station. here's a look at the wind hammering this area here. this is where they are hoping not to be too busy but with the dry conditions and high winds, they are worried. they say the winds could cause serious problems, even though it is february, not a month where . the conditions are creating the
6:32 am
threat of fire area >> the dead grouse -- dead grass and branches well match the relative humidity. they get drier in the winds. >> marin county has even put an open burn ban in place, saying it is too risky right now. they will leave that in place until the winds died down and the warning is canceled which would likely be tomorrow. today, the word is to be aware of limbs or trees falling. pg&e is on standby and is stationed in windy areas just in case. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. you can always keep an eye on the winds and weather conditions where you live, weather forecast specific to your neighborhood are of the abc 7 bay area news app. we are streaming 20 on roku, amazon fire, android tv, and apple tv. kumasi: pg&e is ready for the wind. crews are cutting trees and east bay and have transformers ready
6:33 am
to go if repairs are needed. nearly two weeks ago, strong winds knocked down trees and power poles leading to a huge power outages in the oakland hills. those winds also started the rare winter wildfire near big sur and a small brush fire near geyserville in sonoma county. are we concerned we have a large-scale wildfire? the likelihood of that is not so great. is there a potential we can have some fire activity on a smaller scale that could cause damage? absolutely. kumasi: in marin county, the fire department canceled three prescribed burns because of the winds. strong wind likely knocked this huge tree branch at paseo's park in san jose. if you look closely, you can see the caution tape and tree branches rustling in the wind. two teenagers had to be taken to the hospital but they were not seriously hurt. reggie: this morning a winter storm slamming parts of the country with dangerous snow and ice expected all the way south to texas. jimena is live at the desk.
6:34 am
that storm with a 2000 mile range. jobina: it is incredible because it is expanding stretching from new mexico and eventually reach all the way to new england. we will bring you a live picture from kansas city showing what is happening there. people across the country are under weather advisories right now. the number is sitting around 90 million people in parts of the midwest can see a foot of snow and cruise are racing to treat roads across the south were ice accumulation poses the biggest threat. freezing rain is either -- is in the forecast. nearly one year after the historic storm, we all remember when power was knocked out across the state. the governor says the power grid is ready but he cannot guarantee that will not be outages. >> no one can guarantee there won't be a low shed event. what we are prepared to achieve is the power will stay on across the state. >> the dallas area could see up to a .25 inch of ice and
6:35 am
airlines have canceled 1200 flights nationwide, including more than half of the flights in st. louis. kumasi: thank you. kids ages six months for five years could be the next group to get the vaccination ok from the fda. pfizer requested emergency use authorization for its two does covid-19 vaccine for kids in that age range. worked on in the bay area let up to this announcement. stanford has been involved with the pediatric pfizer trials since the very beginning. >> we have not seen concerns about safety, so that is always the big issue, the main point. is this vaccine safe? it looks extremely safe so far. we do not anticipate that it will change in this age group. kumasi: the fda vaccine advisory committee will meet in two weeks on february 15 to discuss. if the fda approves a, the cdc also has to declare it. reggie: the omicron surge has been hard on families, especially kids under age of five who are waiting for the vaccine area >> in some ways i
6:36 am
feel like this is the hardest part that we have been through so far because it has been really hard. >> people do not realize if you have a young child, you are still stuck in march 2020. reggie: day cares and preschools are doing their best to keep unvaccinated kids healthy, but just one positive case sends everyone. -- everyone into quarantine. >> the day before, your child will not have any daycare coverage or childcare coverage for 14 days is devastating. you had plans, meetings, deliverables, and now you cannot get any of it done. reggie: this doesn't solve problems but experts say parents need to know it is ok to be frustrated. kumasi: san mateo county is giving away personal protective equipment that was left out in the rain for months. this is a story the team has been following. acquit with that was not true and has been wiped down and repackaged and donated to community groups.
6:37 am
we are talking about face shields, gowns, goggles, more. all purchased with your tax dollars to protect people during the pandemic. dan is trying to figure out why these items were not protected and properly stored. if you are interested in taking a donation, san mateo county supplies, you can get in touch with them. the email address is smcdon reggie: rejected on the latest contract offer. the united steelworkers union represent workers at pipelines and chemical plants. talks ended yesterday with both sides agreeing to continue negotiations at a later date. for now, the expired contract will be extended. chevron released a statement saying chevron is continuing to negotiate and prepared to continue normal operations of need be. kumasi: many passengers are hoping for a smoother day today.
6:38 am
ongoing staffer shortages have caused delays on several bus lines. more than 20 lines were behind schedule yesterday with wait times a significantly longer in some cases. a spokesperson told the chronicle it is because they bue chronicle is reporting they lost more than 70 operators recently because of vaccination issues. reggie: this bars unique ribbon-cutting. kumasi: and we're taking a look at the big board of the new york stock exchange starting about 45 points up. another market on the -- update on the markets next. reggie: and the new name of the former washington football team. drew: and winds are certainly story -- the story today. over my right shoulder, the exploratorium is waving in the breeze. gusty winds and they will only ramp up as the morning goes on. we have a lovely sunrise from the tan camera now. here is a live look. it is bouncing around in the
6:39 am
winds. mount tam over 30 miles per hour right now as the offshore wind event continues for a second day. a wind advisory in effect for all areas shaded in yellow. a high-wind warning in effect for the north bay mountains shaded in orange. that is where we expect the strongest winds with the offshore wind event. these advisories and warnings continue until later tonight and will be dropped by midnight into thursday. hour-by-hour, they strengthen through the morning. by noon, the offshore wind in full effect, gusty across the entire region and stronger in the hills. that is how the afternoon is shaping up. by the evening after the sun goes down, the winds back off. it is a quite finished to the day after a breezy afternoon later on. highs today with gusty offshore wind and a lot of sunshine, we are finding temperatures in the 60's again. a mild afternoon for the second and february. 61 in the city, 63 in san jose, 62 concord with gusty winds. let's see how the winds are affecting roads.
6:40 am
good morning. jobina: thank you. the winds are definitely going to impact your commute this morning. chp has issued wind advisories for the bay bridge so looking at the toll plaza now where meter lights came on at 5:42. they have issued a wind advisory for the antioch bridge. i want to of you -- want to update you on crashes we are following. a minor slowdown in hayward on south on 880. moving over to snow, a second crash reported on northbound 680 before 84. bringing you a live look from the richmond san rafael bridge where traffic is definitely picking up for people traveling westbound into the north bay and then wrapping up with our drive times. it has gotten so much slower and i am so sorry for our super commuters. tracy to dublin will be one hour one minute for that
6:41 am
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come to the tv and look. a distracted driver, very lucky this morning, after veering off of this road in ohio and slamming into the front deck of this house. ohio state troopers released a video. this was from last month. they say the driver removes her seatbelt and was reaching for a water bottle in the backseat and just veered all the way off of the road. luckily nobody got hurt but it is an important reminder that you stay buckled up and stay focused on the road because thank goodness nobody was on the deck. reggie: how on earth? the water bottle? it made all the way there? president biden is prepared to announce renewed plans to fight cancer. the white house revealing overnight pain an initiative launched when he was vice president. jobina here with more on the cancer moonshot. jobina: president joe biden is committing to reducing the cancer death rate by 50%. a senior official says bite and
6:44 am
set a 25 your timeline for achieving that coal. part of his broader effort to end cancer as we know it. he will assemble a cancer cabinet that includes 18 federal departments, agencies, and offices. the president is scheduled to give remarks from the east room of the white house along with his wife, jill, and vice president kamala harris. the issue is deeply personal for president biden. he lost his eldest son to brain cancer in 2015. kumasi: thank you. developing news, authorities are investigating two separate school shootings in america in one day. classes are canceled today at a virginia college after two security officers were killed on campus. at bridgewater college, these were the officers, j.j. jefferson and officer paneer. they responded to a call about a suspicious man on campus. officfter a brief altercation. >> we heard gunshots. it we had another two and everyone dropped to the floor.
6:45 am
we all dropped and made it into the building and barricaded ourselves. kumasi: the suspect was arrested a short time later. another school shooting also happened in minnesota outside of a special needs school near minneapolis. one student was killed and another left in critical condition. police later arrested two suspects and at least a dozen hbcus, historically black colleges universities were forced into locked on yesterday, some for the second consecutive day because of bomb threats. happening today, today, today to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reopening of the restrooms at the powell street station in san francisco. the bathrooms have been closed for more than 20 years because they were shut down at their underground station after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. a roll of toilet paper will be used as a ribbon to mark this occasion and the ceremony starts at 11:00 a.m. reggie: a former restaurant owner is running for mayor of
6:46 am
oakland. derek johnson made the announcement yesterday. he used to own a home of chicken and waffles on toy bankruptcy scandal came to light. this is a video of an interview we did with him 2020. he supports hiring more police and will focus on job growth. councilmembers laura taylor and zhang tal plan to run. the mayor is terming out of the position and hasn't not announced to she plans to endorse. kumasi: now to the top story you are clicking on at a warning, if you are not banking online and going in person, an east man says his money was "lost" for a short time. brian leonard posited a cashiers check of $33,000 to a bank of america branch in oakland but hours later the branch shut down and his deposit never posted. he went to two other branches and showed his receipt, trying to find someone to help, and he came to 7 on your side. bank of america said the problem was the check was made out to
6:47 am
bank of america, not to brian, and that delayed the process of the deposit. >> bank of america contacted me and said we are going to give you $33,000 immediately. 7 on your side, you are on it from the get go and thank you. kumasi: the bank said shut down -- excuse me, that the shutdown of the branch may have caused problems with the deposit but says it is a temporary closure. reggie: your morning money report, the country's national debt hit a new milestone. passing $30 trillion for the first time. treasury department data shows government borrowing sped up during the pandemic as washington spent aggressively to lessen the economic impact on the crisis. sinc of 2019, the national debt surged by about $7 trillion. strong advertising sales pushed the years profits and google's parent company to a 36% increase from 2020.
6:48 am
last year, small and large businesses rushed to google to advertise to the company's dominance in online search, video, and as face. google says it is planning a 20 to one stock split and i happen in july. the news drove the price of alphabet shares up 10%. we will look at how it is doing. it is up about 8%. here's a live look at the new york stock exchange as training gets underway. we are slightly down three points. kumasi: delete spotify. that is the message of listeners of one page two had those words. they had this on the spotify page but their songs are still able to be streamed. the streaming service has been criticized for letting podcaster joe rogan spread covid misinformation. joni mitchell and others have pulled music from spotify and now another says young opened a door that she must walk through. she cited rogan's comments on race.
6:49 am
record companies often control of music can be taken off of streaming services. reggie: it is official, the washington football team has a real name. this morning, the team shared this photo on twitter of their uniforms for the washington commanders with the hashtag #takecommand. it features a stylized w, two colors, burgundy with a gold outline and gold with a burgundy outline. the team has been known as the washington football team for two seasons after changing his name in 2020 due to the previous name's racist connotations. but they kept the colors. it might be the biggest stage of making guidance career. the country star will be singing the national anthem at the super bowl. she became the first black nominee to get a grammy for her country music album. jenae ako will saying amer sayin the beautiful. kumasi: it is groundhog day and
6:50 am
it appears we are in for a long winter. >> with my shadow i have cast, then a long lustrous six more weeks of winter. [cheering] kumasi: ok. punxsutawney phil in pennsylvania this morning. at -- every year february 2 people tune into cfl will predict an early spring or six more weeks of winter. as for that groundhog pre-party turn up, that drew was telling us about earlier -- reggie: is this it? kumasi: is this what you are talking about? >> ♪ out in the weather, the for and whether, the cold don't matter because we are all together ♪ >> ♪ uptown funk you up ♪ >> ♪
6:51 am
reggie: where's the turnup? kumasi: why have i never seen this turnup? drew: yeah. kumasi: what am i really watching? reggie: what in the terrible wedding is this? [laughter] drew: gobblers knob is lit. reggie: is it? kumasi: drew. reggie: i would rather attend a child's birthday party. drew: no you would not. reggie: with a bounce house. drew: i daresay you are lying. reggie: and the clown. reggie: and the clown. -- drew: and the clown. it is going to be an event. i'm not going to lico this. it does not mean much on the west coast but on these coast -- reggie: come see is the tiebreaker. drew: and you're done. [laughter] the flag is active out there and let show you the picture of fall. you can see it is breezy. if not gusty in the city. this is atop the exploratorium. sutro tower, equally as shaky.
6:52 am
the offshore winds do continue. when we have the offshore winds racing down our hillsides, it warms up. temperatures are not chilly in some spots. at 51 degrees, 55 in the city, but where we have more of the shelter valley's like livermore, gilroy, we are in the 30's. it is a mixed bag of temperatures and location is key as to how cold you are. 23 is a wind gust in the city. at 23 fairfield, we will take you higher in the hills where the winds are more active. diablo gusting over 50. in the east foothills 40 miles per hour, 32 in hawkeye, 40 a. the north bay mountains, a high-wind warning in effect until midnight where we will find the strongest winds. offshore winds racing 30 if not 40 miles per hour. as we go throughout the afternoon and evening, the winds really back off. especially after the sun goes down. much quieter conditions will prevail. highs today, windy, sunny, offshore wind continues with the wind advisory and high-wind
6:53 am
warning. 63 in oakland and san jose, 65 santa rosa. tonight the winds back off. temperatures drop to the 30's and into the 40's. looking at the next 10 days, the pattern does not change and we cannot find rain the next 10 days so all of california looks to remain dry as we head toward valentine's day. here's the accurate weather forecast, elevated fire danger, calm or tomorrow, and the dry pattern will continue the next seven days and look at monday, especially tuesday, close if not hitting 70 degrees. that is well above average for february. kumasi: all right. you may think our snowpack is at a good level because of the snowstorms we saw in december about this dry january we had has taken a toll. the annual snowpack survey yesterday showed the amount of water in the sierra nevada is at 92% of what is normal for this date. in december, the level was 160% of average no water content.
6:54 am
stay water officials say the decrease proves we are still definitely in drought. we are going to be talking a lot more about this on abc 7 at 7:00. we will have an expert from the department of water resources joining us. abc 7 at 7:00 is streaming on our bay area apps. if you do not have it, make sure you download it now so you can stay with us. reggie: new it six, forget the ground hog day, it is all about a competitive eater and a bunny. >> get set, and they are off. [cheering] kumasi: ok. reggie: good, my other favorite thing in life, competitive eating. kumasi: uhk. reggie: rayna wong went head-to-head with whiskers. -- went head to whiskers with honey bunny. i want to get the rabbits name right. in a salad eating contest. honey could not be bothered to
6:55 am
eat one bite. good for her. organizers brought in a second rabbit named precious who also did not eat a single leaf. wong has been eating competitively for four years and eight tree .5 pounds of chopped salad in 10 minutes. >> salads are hard to chew. it was hard for me to eat fast so i had hot water to kind of melt the vegetables but either way it was hard to swallow without a lot of excess chewing. reggie: tell me less. kumasi: [laughter] reggie: long has eaten huge portions of burgers, burritos, and donuts, so she said she appreciated this healthier option. i'm gladdddd the things i cannot stand out of the way. punxsutawney phil, competitive eating. kumasi: every time they do the hot dog contest you and i -- reggie: i have to look away. i think both of us it starts that whole thing -- drew: they got to melt the
6:56 am
lettuce. reggie: where you have a sympathetic sickness that starts. kumasi: [laughter]
6:57 am
♪ [coughs] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] ♪ [camera click] [inhales] halls breathe it in
6:58 am
drew: it 6:58. if you are just running a -- just joining us, here are the seven things you need to know. the winds are gusting over 40 miles per hour and some spots. the tower is shaking. the winds increase this morning and peek this afternoon and then they finally decrease around tonight. reggie: numbered -- kumasi: number two, cal fire cruiser monitoring the wind. pg&e is on standby ready to respond to power calls -- power poles that might fall. also in california, opening burning is banned in -- open burning is banned. reggie: pfizer is still researching whether a third does given two months after the
6:59 am
second jab would offer more protection. kumasi: president biden's had to announce a commitment to reduce the cancer death rate by 50% over the next 25 years. the moonshot initiative was announced in 2016 when he was vice president. reggie: melinda french gates will no longer donate the bulk of her wealth through the gates foundation. she said will find a new philanthropic endeavors. the wall street journal said she made her change when the divorce with bill gates was finalized last year. jobina: we are bringing you a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. a minor slowdown is beginning at the bay bridge there. it is causing slow traffic into the city. kumasi: number seven, you can cruise around san francisco in an autonomous cruise vehicle. had to the public waitlist and it is free because the state is not letting the company charge. i will not be anybody in there with you. if you sign up. drew: not me. kumasi: i would tried on local
7:00 am
roads. jobina: until he decides to go on the freeway. reggie: we would love if good morning, america. for our viewers in the west. 98 million americans on alert for dangerous snow and ice this wednesday morning. a major cross-country winter storm is moving across the heartland this morning, making travel nearly impossible in some parts. more than a thousand flights already canceled. ginger is tracking the two big waves of this wintry mess. pfizer requesting emergency use authorization for its vaccines for kids 6 months to 5 years old. why it's submitting data for two doses even though the company thinks it will eventually require three. senator ben ray lujan suffers a stroke. the 49-year-old new mexico democrat expected to make a full recovery, but what does his absence mean for president biden's agenda? former head coach brian


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