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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 3, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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district. the injuries and displacement it caused overnight. kumasi: and some bart passengers able to shake a mile off their commute to get to the station. reggie: and the massive winter storm emergency taking aim at 130 million americans. here is a look at the ic commute in oklahoma city. the snow, sleet, and ice wreaking havoc from new mexico and dallas to detroit. drew is tracking a different day for us here in the bay area. good morning on this thursday, february 3. kumasi: let's get right to drew to talk about what we have in store. thankfully, not all of that. drew: we are seeing this major winter storm gear up for millions. for us, a concern today and also on tuesday with wind advisories. they have expired and it is a comber morning out there.
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the camera is no longer bouncing around. we had partly cloudy skies throughout the day, temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's among comber winds and partly caught -- comber winds and partly cloudy skies. reggie: -- kumasi: this is a look at the senior 16th street and julian avenue in mission, not far from the 60 two st park station. this was just after midnight. two people had to go to the hospital for smokeeeeeee inhalation. it is not clear if there is damage to the business, but firefighters managed to get this under control in about two hours. reggie: more information about deadly shooting on a greyhound bus in orville. it happened when the bus was stopped at this arco gas station. one person died, four others
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were hurt. the suspect ran off. deputies later arrested that person inside a nearby walmart. it is not clear what led up to the shooting, but a news conference is expected at 9:00 this morning. kumasi: this morning, an oakland man is in a medically induced coma after police believe he was assaulted after the 49ers game. jobina is at the live desk with the latest. jobina: this is a devastating situation. the man was identified as 40-year-old daniel luna. he was found outside the stadium about an hour after the game kicked off. medical staff discovered serious injuries to his upper body and face. he owns a peruvian restaurant on piedmont avenue in oakland. we are also learning the police say they do not have any
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suspects. they are working with sofi stadium security team and are reviewing surveillance footage. this is reminiscent of an attack on bryan stow, a that was beaten outside the stadium. he was wearing a 49ers jersey and a -- and black pants when he was found, but it is unclear if he was targeted for being a 49ers fan. reggie: chief william scott says this is because of allegations that the das office investigator felt pressured to withhold evidence in a case against an officer. the das office released a statement, saying in part it is disappointing, but no coincidence sfpd chose to withdraw from its agreement during the first-ever trial against an on-duty san francisco officer for an unlawful beating.
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the termination is set to take effect in two weeks. chief scott has reached out to the attorney general's office to seek guidance on possible options for alternatives. kumasi: happening right now, the pedestrian bridge in fremont is finally opening after years of delays. it will mean much easier access to the station for thousands of people who live and work in that area. amy hollyfield joining us live at the station for more on the opening. amy? amy: hi, kumasi. the walk i am making right now looks simple, but it is a big deal and will change some lives. i am on the brand-new pedestrian bridge that will connect the bart station to the innovation district here in fremont. we shot some video of the bridge, you can get some different angles and a good view of what this thing looks like that they have been waiting for for a long time. they have been dreaming of this. it was supposed to open in 2018,
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it is opening today. it connects the bart station to what they call the innovation district in fremont, where there are a lot of technology companies and more are popping up. of course, we have tesla there, and this gives people a direct path to barge. before, they had to deal with the railroad track that ran between the district, there are also some homes over there, so they would have to go around the railroad tracks that added an extra hassle to the day. they are excited and happy to have this available to them. there were some delays. this was supposed to open in 2018, so this was a long time, -- coming, and this with news of low ridership for bart, so people will be pleased to find they are coming back to a better system. you can see where the railroad tracks are. this is the amtrak railroad tracks that was in the way, and
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they have a bridge over these tracks, direct access to the bart station, to their homes or businesses, hopefully going to make life a lot easier for commuters. reporting live in fremont, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: it looks nice, amy, thank you. now to that massive winter storm. snow, sleet, ice wreaking havoc from dallas to detroit. here's a live look in the chicago area. look at what is happening there. a frozen tundra. more than 2200 flights have been canceled across the country today and more than 34,000 power outages reported across texas and oklahoma as temperatures plunged into the teens. in texas, store shelves have been stripped bare. people are rushing to buy essentials. >> because of last year, people are afraid. they want to stock up on food in case the power goes out. reggie: this could cause home
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heating prices to rise. natural gas prices rose yesterday due to the surge in demand. kumasi: now at 6:00, extra cash free of charge. the new push from the evp to let it -- let you keep some of its extra funds. and a bone drive bay area, but this city posted an all-time record. drew: the dry pattern continues today, but look at the monster winter storm to our east. snow for a lot, ice for some. we have winter storm warnings affecting dozens of states and look at how much ice is forecast for the next 24 hours. back okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network.
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kumasi: the month of january was
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one of the driest on record for the bay area, especially for san jose. the city finished its driest january on record, reporting just a trace of precipitation. this is quite a stretch, from the dr year. drew, things might be staying this way for the next few days, right? drew: not just the next few days. we are looking towards to valentine's day and the third week of february. we have an offshore wind event and winds are much lighter, so we are not dealing with that today and tomorrow. a blend of son and clouds, -- sun and clouds, in the 40's by 9:00, and a little cooler compared to yesterday.
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the big story, the wind remains light. 61 in vallejo, 60 three in san jose. 64 in santa rosa. we have issues in southern california, santa ana's are not getting up quite yet, but we will find gusty skies around l.a. at 63 degrees. let's say hi to jobina. jobina: let's start with the san mateo bridge -- a crash being reported on westbound 92 at the high-rise. the good news, as we moved off to the shoulder, i thought i would bring you a live camera to know what to expect in the westbound direction. for the bay bridge, metering lights came on at 5:42, so they are turning on a bit earlier than normal. they have been trending a little bit after 6:00 a.m., so the backup starts earlier as well, traveling from the east bay and san francisco. another slowdown finally beginning out of tracy, 48 minutes traveling from tracy to dublin. kumasi: the bay area city now
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letting businesses rebuild their outdoor parklets. reggie: and feral pigs causing big problems in bay area neighborhoods. one place has an aggressive solution to control the wild animals. and this young boy reeled in two catches that are stumping local police. kumasi: as we had to break, we wi
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reggie: unemployment apartments in all 50 states are remaking that request to congress, arguing that workers may have been overpaid through nop fault of their own, as unemployment rules kept changing during the pandemic. the state emphasized they are still going after billions of dollars collected by fraudsters. we have been tracking these back and forth edd changes and getting solutions for problems that pop up. you can contact the 7 on your side team about your edd problems on our website. kumasi: -- an area zoned for single-family homes. according to the chronicle, the town official says the state law does not allow for building permits to be issued as long as the mountain lion is a candidate for the endangered species list in the central coast habitat,
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which woodside is a part of. reggie: a state senator from the bay area wants to make it easier for people to hunt pesky wild pigs. he points to destruction and public health risks as reason to get the estates feral pig population under control. amanda concilio says not everyone agrees hunting is the answer. amanda: we have seen the surveillance footage, would -- video of wild pigs plowing through bay area communities. >> they are dangerous animals. amanda: dangerous and destructive. his -- senator dodd introduced a bill that would replace the current wild pig tag requirement. licensed hunters in california need to have a tag for each wild pig killed. >> there are no tags in this particular case. they get licensed and they are free to go out and take as many
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as they want. amanda: his bill would require a validation that require residents to pay $15 for a hunting license, $50 for nonresidents. >> most bay area residents want fewer guns in our communities and less animal cruelty as well, and this bill would do the opposite. amanda: the focus should be , some say, on seeking humane alternatives. but senator dodd post at the hundreds of thousands of wild pigs proliferating across the soy.ia in what >> i know i spent thousands of dollars because i had 100 sent damage. -- 100% damage. that is one house. amanda: this man replaced the grass and the animals returned. he doesn't know the answer, but knows something must be done. >> i would like to have
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something in between. not necessarily go and shooting them around, but make it easier for professionals to handle them properly. amanda: dodd's bill would ban anyone from trapping and releasing the animals elsewhere, saying that simply makes no sense. >> there are not many other ways this can be done, particularly on the scale that it has to be done. amanda: senator dodd expects the first legislative hearing in the next 30 to 45 days. i'm amanda concilio, abc 7 news. kumasi: a grandfather and grandson going out fishing -- this is a classic tale -- but they ended up with a very interesting catch. >> i am catching guns and saving the world, which means picking up garbage. kumasi: yeah, it wasn't just garbage. duane and his 11-year-old grandson reeled in two sniper rifles. they weighed about 20 pounds each.
6:19 am
they were out magnet fishing in the miami area over the weekend. the grandfather says they were coveredo called police right away. he says it is a new twist in the tradition he hopes will keep going. >> it has been really special to do something outside that he likes. so, something we both like that we can do together is icing on the cake. kumasi: so the rifles were not loaded, there was no ammunition found. local teams are now inspecting their condition. reggie: imagine, you think you've got a big fish. kumasi: low and behold. reggie: and behold. kumasi: you've got to explain. i like to look at it as an adventure. you never really know what you're going to encounter. reggie: i love that positive spin. [laughter] drew: the whole state.
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let's talk about the whole state of california. a better morning out there compared to yesterday. light wind, clear skies, a live look from the exploratorium camera, this is the skyline. plenty of stars above as the sun is slowly rising. you can see those beautiful watercolors beginning to. our morning sky -- to dot morning sky on this thursday. we have clear skies across the board. here's high-pressure -- if you want to complain about no rain, this is the cold front. this thing is not going to move the next seven to 10 days. there is a weaker ripple of energy to our north, this slides down the coastline today to add some cirrus clouds to our sky, bringing temperatures down a few degrees compared to yesterday. a cold start, oakland, 38, 35 in palo alto, 36 in brentwood, the
6:21 am
mild spot coming in at 48 degrees. the afternoon, upper 50's to lower 60's with partly cloudy skies and light winds. there are no wind advisories and effect. tonight, we go into the 30's again, if not the 40's, so a chilly start to our friday. the next rainfall potential over the next eight to 10 days, it does look dry. chilly mornings the next couple of mornings. we warm up over the next couple of weekends and springlike temperatures with temperatures in the 60's and 70's, guys. reggie: that sounds so nice. let's turn to ginger's -- ginger zee with a look at what's coming up on gma. >> howinering the
6:22 am
winter storm. there are snow warnings all the way from the rio grande -- if you would drive 2100 miles, you would be in a winter storm warning up to maine. they are trying to make up for there's no deficit here, but it is about the ice i will be talking about on gma, in the midsouth and moving into the northeast. if you have travel plans to anywhere east, thousands of flights in and out of the nation canceled, including ours. we will probably have to drive to chicago to get home. that will be fun. coming up, we are following that breaking news, the u.s. special forces conducting a counterterrorism operation in syria, and there have been reports of civilian casualties after the raids, so we will be tracking that. end deals and steals from black owned businesses today, and there is a good surprise to for a teacher. you will want to see it on gma. reggie: speaking of teachers,
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one thing we are so into right now is the shoaib it elementary. have you seen it? >> i have not seen it, but i cannot wait to. i heard it is good. reggie: on the drive from st. louis to chicago, when you try to catch that plane -- which will also be delayed -- push this up on hulu and watch it. you can get all caught up. [laughter] >> it will make me happy with everything going on. then i can make sure to turn the radar off and focus on my shows, my programs. thank you thank you. reggie: get a few laughs in between the snowflakes. between the snowflakes. >> when that car hit my motorcycle, between the snowflakes. >> insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million and now most admired alum!
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reggie: a conquered man has been sentenced to five and a half years in federal prison for a person aiding a mailman that cost his victims $250,000.
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35-year-old jason blackard was caught using the u.s. postal service key to open a mailbox in sacramento and powell streets in 2019. his fraud scheme included stealing identities, writing checks and getting loans for big ticket items, like a $58,000 sports car, a motorboat, and a mercedes-benz. kumasi: and some relief for bart writers who find themselves in a desperate situation. they faced the toilet paper cutting ceremony, which marked the renovation of the restrooms. the restrooms were closed for security reason after the september 11 attacks. this reopening columns after -- comes after years of public demand. they plan to follow with more
6:27 am
openings over the course of the next year. reggie: we are standing by for a special report as president biden is set to deliver remarks on the u.s. rate in syria, with the key target hit. kumasi: and the new voicemail tactic from those robo callers. no, you did not just win
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xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: breaking news at 6 6 6 the major u.s. special forces raid in syria, and news about a top target that was hit. we are standing by with an news special report, which should be happening any minute. kumasi: and a bart opening happening right now. the station getting an updated facelift. kumasi: and amy schneider -- reggie: and amy schneider's next
6:30 am
move. the oakland native just shared the next challenge she will tackle. kumasi: let's start with a look at our forecast. drew: the winds will calm down, we had gusty winds and our hills. it is calm and most regions, if not light, so the offshore wind event is over and we will be greeted with a nice afternoon on the way. here is how your day is shaping up. partly cloudy skies after a chilly morning in the 30's and ready. light winds throughout the day and partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the upper 50's through lower 60's. kumasi: right now, we are waiting for an abc news special report. president biden is set to address a raid that killed the leader of isis in syria. you can see rubble, all that is left of this home. local residents posted about the raid on social media, saying it went on for hours.
6:31 am
no u.s. troops were killed, but 12 bodies were found in the rubble, including women and kids. the pentagon says one of the helicopters had a mechanical issue and was blown up on the ground. we will go live to president biden as soon as he begins to speak. happening today, president biden is traveling to new york after a somber ceremony for a police officer shot and killed on duty. jobina: gun violence across the country is spiking. in nine major cities, major homicide records in the last year. thousands of police officers lined the streets of new york city, paying a tribute to a 27-year-old officer, william mora, and his partner, jason rivera. both officers were ambushed after a domestic violence call. today, president biden expects to announce new plans to curb gun violence.
6:32 am
this includes calling on congress to fund additional community policing. some mothers who lost their children to gun violence have this message to the president. >> get these guns and get them out of our children's hands. keep them from coming into our community. jobina: little rock, arkansas just declared a violent crime a public health emergency after 10 people were injured in shootings this past weekend. the president is expected to urge lawmakers today to come together to find more community policing and intervention efforts. reggie? reggie: the president is also ordering thousands of u.s. troops to deploy to eastern europe in the coming days, as russia continues its military aggression towards ukraine. this comes as the state department confirms information about documents leaked to a spanish newspaper. faith abubey explains. faith: newly published documents
6:33 am
show russia was offered transparency in exchange exchane dialing down tensions along ukraine's border. state department spokesperson ned price saying the documents confirm much of what the u.n. has already said publicly. >> if the source of these documents, whoever that source may be, thought that by leaking them, that they would embarrass the united states, that they would drive a wedge between the united states and nato, i think they will find they were sorely mistaken. faith: this morning, diplo -- negotiations continue over a diplomatic way forward. 2000 american soldiers were deployed from fort bragg in north carolina to poland and germany, another 1000 based in
6:34 am
germany will move to romania. >> we are going to reassure our nato allies in eastern europe that we are there. faith: in response, russia the deployment of u.s. troops into the region is a disruptive step. reggie: to the latest pandemic headlines, the white house says it is planning to have vaccines available for kids six-month-old to five years old once authorized by the fda and cdc. airline and tourism groups are asking the government to eliminate negative test requirement for international travelers coming to the u.s.. the groups say it is discouraging people from taking international trips. the u.k. scrapped a similar rule last month. and l.a. county announced additional measures at sofi stadium, including free covid vaccinations, tests and masks. kumasi: police are investigating
6:35 am
this site on petaluma that may have been operating illegally. they got calls about it starting on january 15. officers determined the testing center had proper documents and appeared to be operated by crestview clinical laboratory, but later, they learned crestview was not running that site. people did confirm they received the test and results there. it was closed by the time police returned. we have been investigating test sites for weeks now. you can contact the i team if you would like to see something investigated. go to abc 7 news's website, reggie: and an increase coming at starbucks -- a price increase coming at starbucks. kumasi: the big board at the new
6:36 am
york stock exchange is down. >> i did not want anything too cheesy. reggie: and bringing the cozy to you. this cup could be all yours, if you can fit it. and abc 7 at 7:00 is streaming every weekday at 7:00 a.m. on abc 7 bay area news app's. download for your phone, tablet, roku, android tv, amazon fire and more. drew: wind advisories and high wind warnings have expired, leading to high winds over the next 48 hours. the watercolors on the horizon and looking beautiful this morning. notice the flags atop the building, they are not moving that much. light wind right now, but to the east, look at this major winter storm stretching from texas to new england, affecting millions. not only snow, ice as well over the next 24 hours.
6:37 am
on the west coast, california specifically, it is calm. some high clouds trying to move it across northern california. this weaker triple slides south -- weaker ripple s s s today, 38 and palo alto, 34 in san francisco. a blend of sun and clouds this morning, temperatures warming through the 40's and by lunchtime, upper 50's if not near 60 degrees. highs today under light wind, 60 and the city today, 60 in san jose, 60 is the high in antioch. let's see how we are doing on the traffic front. jobina: we are going to start with the graphics in pittsburgh, because we have a multicar crash causing a bit of a slowdown in the area, speeds are down to 25 miles per hour on westbound ford before loveridge road. that's a part of your commute this morning, heads up.
6:38 am
on the bay bridge, we have a couple of stalls around treasure island. that has moved out of the way, but from the east bay into san francisco, your speeds will be under the limit. metering lights came on at 5:42. in emeryville, this is 80. headlights are traveling westbound towards the mayes and tracy to dub
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it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. kumasi: new fallout on the lawsuit filed by former nfl head coach brian flores, the nfl is reportedly planning to investigate at least some of these allegations. jobina is at the lives desk with the latest on the lawsuit. jobina: the nfl says the racial discrimination claims and their
6:41 am
hiring practices are without merit, but the league will investigate one of flores' other allegations. fired by the miami dolphins after back-to-back winning seasons, he revealed that he was offered to pay paid -- flores declined the offer, and despite the lawsuit, flores says one day he hopes to coach again in the nfl, but no -- knows there is a chance's career is over. >> if my career is torpedoed but there is a change, it will be worth it. jobina: stephen doss called the claims false and defamatory. coming up on gma at 7:00 a.m., a former cincinnati bengals head coach discusses a
6:42 am
interview minority candidates for top positions. reggie: a multi-part documentary is now in production over colin kaepernick. this will be directed by spike lee. espn films says lee will w eave never before seen footage to --. he has not played with the team since kneeling for the national anthem. in 2020, kaepernick's production company signed an exclusive media deal with abc 7's parent company, disney. kumasi: happening today, a los gatos mother is due back in court for a bail hearing. two weeks ago, a hearing was continued to this morning.
6:43 am
six alleged victims she would further torment her accusers if she was released. 15 alleged victims, unusually high for one case. o'connor's lawyers say she is no risk to public safety and there is no need for her to stay in jail. oakland police are treating this is a highly suspicious missing person case -- leslie brantley sat down with alexis's brother, and he talked about what his family is going through. >> it felt like a regular day. she asked if she had mail at the post office. >> that was january 26, when gabe said by the next morning, his younger sister had not come home to the apartment she shares with her parents. >> what is it that made you feel that this was serious, this was a scary situation for her to disappear? >> because usually she comes
6:44 am
home. she has responsibilities. she drops my brother off at school. >> the family launched an intensive search around brentwood and oakley. they found her light blue infinity abandoned on the residential streets, keys still in the car. >> as soon as my parents got there, my dad was like, open the trunk. there was nothing there. >> nothing there? >> that moment was harrowing for sure. >> her cell cell cell cell celll they said, and her personal belongings are gone. they know something was terribly wrong and reported her missing to police. they said they then contacted her ex-boyfriend, someone she dated for three years until late 2021. they say she told them -- they say he told them he saw her the night she vanished. >> he did say she was there and she left at 9:00 p.m. >> the police executed a search
6:45 am
warrant at the ex-boyfriend's home in antioch, moving bags of potential evidence. they praise police for their efforts and launch their own social media campaign, distributing flyers across the entire bay area and beyond. >> this doesn't feel real. i am seeing a poster all over the place, i am seeing her on the news. my parents from the start were extremely worried. it's getting worse and worse, now a lot more darker thoughts are starting to enter my parents minds. >> yeah, it's pretty much indescribable. there is no words. >> the search continues as police pursued tips and analyze evidence. reggie: now for your morning money report. a terrible day on wall street for menlo park based metta. stocks dropped more than 20%
6:46 am
after reporting facebook lost daily users for the first time in its history. the company lost $200 billion in market value yesterday. yesterday, shares dropped another 20% in premarket trade. have you noticed the price of your morning coffee going up? starbucks has been raising prices, but it seems like customers are fine with it. the chain raised prices in october, then again last month. during the time, sales went up 10% globally and nearly 20% in north america. with inflation and increased wages, they expect another price hike later this year. taking another look at the new york stock exchange, where we were down a few minutes ago, and we remain so, 264 points in negative territory. kumasi: a new report by yelp increasingly finds that people are taking to the platform to blame restaurants for covid related issues. under its rules, yelp removes reviews that criticize businesses for following
6:47 am
mandatory government regulations or for taking safety measures, like requiring you to wear a mask. violations in the policy rose last year compared to 2020. reggie: new at 6:00, a pair of brothers in massachusetts are giving neighbors the feeling of a cold plate at their local pub by bringing the whole pub to them. this mobile bar has running taps, a warm fire, and the brothers came up with the idea during the pandemic while sharing a pint, as a tribute to local watering holes in ireland. the pub is rolling around just in time for st. patrick's day, but the brothers say they are all about authenticity. >> i did not want anything too cheesy, with the leprechauns and stuff. i want you to feel like you are in ireland at an irish pub. reggie: the seven foot by 17 foot rolling pub is built for private events, all the way
6:48 am
through march. the brothers are building a second pub, which will be ready later this spring. kumasi: it's actually really cute. they did a good job. drew: they did. have you guys been to dublin? one of my favorite places. beautiful, a great character, the city is gorgeous. reggie: did you go to any pubs? drew: oh, yeah. you are in pubs that are from the 12th century. it is so cool. so much fun. ireland is beautiful nonetheless. very cool. let's talk about the beautiful picture out there right now. look at the sun getting up there this morning. i love this picture, a nice calm , and we will take to the tam cam -- great visibility. you can see the sf skyline, here is the bay bridge, look even farther south on the south bay. we have good visibility at this hour. pollen, tree pollen is still an
6:49 am
issue, your main offenders are ash, cedar, elm and juniper right now. you see the number 10? that's as good as it gets on our map right now. fog is not an issue right now. novato, good morning. 38 in vallejo, 38 in oakland, 33 in san ramon. the warmest spot we have is 48 degrees. take the winter jacket with you this morning. dry conditions and lighter wind, upper 50's to lower 60's. it's a nice day in the bay. going to tahoe, nothing but sunshine. no storms on the horizon. in the 40's today and tomorrow. a warming trend gets underway saturday and sunday and temperatures in the low 50's. back here at home, the blend of stars and clouds, low 40's around the bay shoreline, and the next eight to 10 days, the weather pattern is not changing.
6:50 am
we are completely drive-thru the extended period. light wind, cold mornings the next couple of mornings, and the warming trend gets underway over the weekend. look at this, 60's and 70's by tuesday and wednesday. let's look at the toyota tahoe report with jobina. jobina: it's time for our toyota tahoe traffic report. the lack of precipitation is definitely reflected when you look at the base totals, because snow has decreased or not changed much. heavenly with some of the most snow, 47 to 78 inches. northstar, 37 to 85 inches, a ii the drive times are similar for all three resorts, and no chain requirements right now, so that is good news if you are headed up for the weekend. sugar bowl, three hours, four minutes. also the most snow, 62 to 102 inches, kirkwood checking in at
6:51 am
three hours and 28 minutes. sierra at tahoe is temporarily closed. if you are headed up there, have a good time and stay safe. kumasi: new details and the varsity blues college cheating scandal. one of the coaches convicted is sharing his story for the first time on television. >> if you did not accept that bag of cash, do you think you would have gone to prison? >> i thought about that a lot. that's a good question. i think the school might have been a little more supportive of me. kumasi: michael centre spent six months behind bars as the mens tennis coach at the university of texas. he accepted a $100,000 bribe in exchange for admission for singers clients. reggie: a a
6:52 am
lawmaker wants schools to collect information from parents about their guns. parents would have to report if there is a gun in the house, if it is safely stored, and if the child in the house has access to it. >> if you receive a credible threat, follow that threat to the best in stent extent possible, keep the weapon out of the hands of the shooter and make the classroom safe. reggie: it would also require schools to search a student's property for firearms if there is a credible threat of violence. they cite the shooting last year in michigan, where the suspect was not searched, despite a credible threat. kumasi: a woman was struck and killed while taking out her trash cans near fontanelle court yesterday morning. the driver cooperated. this is the eighth pedestrian
6:53 am
death in san jose this year. in 2015, the city declared a vision zero initiative with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities. it is spending $6 million on infrastructure improvements to prevent crashes. check your fridge for this. this salad dressing is voluntarily being recalled because they have eggs in them, but that is not listed on the label. this impacts wishbone chunky blue cheese and thousand island dressings. the risk is to people allergic to eggs. so far, no reports of anyone getting sick. another layer of protection against robo calls. this proposal would require robo calls to get your consent before they send you a rimless voicemail, where a voicemail comes through even though your phone did not ring. this would increase your power to jews who or what is contacting you. reggie: university of san
6:54 am
francisco officials say they are in discussions to acquire san francisco art institute and could offer classes as soon as this fall. sfai has been struggling financially and last year said they would have to close. kumasi: yesterday in twitter, it amy schneider said she is taking some time away from her new -- from her job to put a brick proposal -- book proposal together to see if it gets any interest. she also says the most frivolous purchase she has made with her winnings was spending a night in a boutique hotel in half moon bay with the biggest bathtub she has ever seen. reggie: she does need to treat herself. kumasi: right? reggie: that should be the beginning. kumasi: i feel like it is. reggie: she needs to call you. kumasi: can you imagine me and amy out here living a life of
6:55 am
luxury? [laughter] reggie: i would love to see it. i want you to wear her signature pearls. it could be a whole thing. kumasi: it could be a thing. up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: as we head
6:56 am
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kumasi: 6:57. here are the seven things to know this morning. the u.s. military carried out amount -- a counterterrorism raii which president biden said kill the leader of isis in syria. number three, a bay area man is in a coma after being attacked outside of sofi stadium before sunday's nfc championship game. police say they don't have any suspects. reggie: bart just opened a new
6:58 am
pedestrian bridge at the warm springs station, allowing writers to get from a nearby neighborhood into the station safely. drew: better news in terms of our wind today, we have light winds out there, dry skies, and it is calm and most spots. a live look from our san rafael camera showing you the sunrise, giving us those gorgeous colors. it is a chilly morning this morning, 30's and 40's. by 9:00 a.m., close to 50. partly cloudy skies with light wind, and upper 50's to lower 60's by 4:00 p.m. jobina: we are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza, our second stall of the morning on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it's around treasure island, so you will be under the limit as you make your way from the east bay into san francisco. let's check out the drive times for our bridges. 12 minutes across the brave bridge -- bay bridge. kumasi: and this dad in
6:59 am
manitoba, canada is not letting the winter weather stop him from hanging his clothes out to dry. you can see dad taking frozen clothing off the line and putting them on the ground, in the snow. reggie: do you know how cold it has to be to have clothes stick straight up? that's not ok. drew: that's when you need to move. canadians are resilience, though. cold weather does not scare them. reggie: we are going to get 70 degrees when? drew: early next week. that tends to happen when it is cold on the east, warm on the west. kumasi: i can't wait. reggie: we need the rain. i love this journey for us. abc 7 at 7:00 starts in just a few seconds. minus on our livestream -- join us on our livestream or find us on
7:00 am
it's good times. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west. two big stories as we come on the air this thursday. a massive winter storm on the move and a special forces raid overseas. breaking news, the leader of isis killed in a u.s. special forces overnight in syria. president biden says the mission was successful. reports of civilian casualties after the raid. state of emergency. the massive winter storm sweeping across the country stretching more than 2,000 miles from texas to maine, more than 150 million americans on alert for heavy snow, ice, flooding, and bitter cold this morning and now the dangerous weather taking aim at the i-95 corridor. ginger and team are in the storm zone tracking it all. show of force.


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