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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 4, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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around the ice. she's a former professional skater. now he has his own skates that fit his paws perfectly and his own act. even attempting a jump. all helping to raise money for children and animal charities. many of us could use a reason to smile tonight. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> we are learning more about the assault that put a 49ers fan
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in a medically induced,. inglewood's merit reviewing footage and sharing the details. >> all new requirements are in place if you plan to watch the golden state warriors live. i will explain. >> there are about 40,000 units sitting vacant in san francisco. supervisors say they are considering a new tax to force those onto the market. >> springlike weather and near record warmth. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> tonight, we are learning more about an oakland resident, restaurant owner, and 49ers fan who is now fighting for his life. daniel luna remains in a coma after a fight outside sofi stadium during last sunday's nfc championship game in inglewood between the 49ers and the rams. now the city's mayor is describing surveillance video collected from that day.
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ama: abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo young has the details. amanda: this incident occurred in less than five seconds. amanda: inglewood mayor james butts is detailing the time it took daniel luna to sustained severe injuries. luna remains in a coma after inglewood pd says he was assaulted outside sofi stadium. this was during sunday's nfc championship game between the 49ers and the l.a. rams. referring to video collected from the parking lot, butts says authorities have a better idea of what happened. >> mr. luna pushes someone from behind. that person, when mr. luna turns away, pushes him, takes another step towards him, and punches him in the mouth area. mr. luna falls back on his head. amanda: that footage is not being released. >> you have to remember, sports teams, stadium operators have a
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detail to to safeguard their viewers. amanda: he was the lead trial counsel. stoewe ended up in a coma following a brutal beating by dodgers fans in l.a. back in 2011. thursday night, inglewood's mayor was asked about the similarities. >> the situation at dodger stadium is in no way comparable to this. amanda: but he says luna wasn't standing with a group of 15 to 16 people, seemingly 49ers fans, when the situation turned physical, calling it a small alteration that turned bad. although it is unclear what they were talking about, an attorney says security plan seem to be reviewed and making changes depending on the crowd. >> this was an nfc championship game between two rivals. no different than the dodgers and giants rivalry.
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so it wasn't a surprise, unfortunately. amanda: he says only time will uncover whether the plans were fully executed. sofi stadium says they are working with police as part of the investigation. >> you are not going to stop every altercation that occurs between fans. >> while you cannot prevent every instance of assault or violence in any arena, it will be interesting to see if there are gaps in their security plan. could this have been prevented? amanda: early thursday, abc 7 news spoke with close friends of luna who said the man could never be violent. >> i don't know what he could do to deserve that beating. i don't know what kind of people -- or maybe they are not people. i just wish police would find them. amanda: the mayor says police have not been able to interview luna because he was already in a coma when they
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arrived at the hospital. dan: daniel luna's family declined requests today, but should the statement. we appreciate all the prayers and support from the community. god bless everyone and keep daniel in your continued prayers. nor family requests privacy. the 49ers also released a statement offering their thoughts and prayers. police ask anyone who have information to contact them. no arrests have been made, although they are looking for a car possibly linked to the suspect. ama: moving onto covid headlines. san francisco department of public health will allow children participating in indoor sports programs to remove their masks during practice, as long as they are vaccinated. tasks will be required during competitions. contra costa county has decided to continue its suspension of jury trials through next thursday. the county is optimistic jury trials will resume the following monday, fed rate 14.
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medicare will soon start paying for covid tests handed out at pharmacies in other locations. dan: golden state warriors fans are facing covid percussions. chase center is one of five arenas with vaccine mandates, but they are going a step further with a booster requirement for those who are eligible. j.r. stone was at the game tonight and talked to both fans and the organization. >> i just need your vaccination card and identification. j.r.: step right up and assure that vaccination card. if you are eligible for a booster, that needs to be on the card, too. >> if you are eligible for a booster, we expect to see proof of booster results or a negative test. j.r.: proof of a negative antigen test within 24 hours or a negative pcr within 48 hours. while these restrictions might be controversial in some regions
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of the country, not here at chase. among many warriors fans we talked with thursday night. >> when we are in there eating, there are people who won't put their mask on at all right next to us. so it is safer knowing that more people are vaccinated and booster. >> i was just at a suns game. they had no requirements. they did not check for vaccine status or anything. j.r.: just 64% of vaccinated san franciscans have received a booster shot. some wonder if this new requirement will affect attendance here at warriors games. >> the warriors fan base, i think we will still see lots of fans here. >> chase center has been one of the safest buildings in the country, certainly the bay area, since we reopened post-pandemic. this really doesn't change any of that. j.r.: while little isaiah only recently became eligible for the vaccine, he got his covid test to come to the game and has no problem wearing his mask. >> what do you think of having her mask on? >> i feel great.
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j.r.: no problems with current restrictions. just don't debate with him about stephen curry. this stephen curry pretty good? >> no, he's really good. he can make it from half-court. dan: a similar mandate takes effect tomorrow in san jose. people attending events at sap center will have to show proof of a booster if eligible, proof of full vaccination if not yet booster eligible, or a negative covid-19 test. the new rules apply to concerts, shows or sporting events with 50 or more people at any city-owned facility. if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest headlines, we have more information on our website, including a place where you can ask your questions. head to ama: members of the oakland community protested this evening against a proposal to close or merge 15 of the city's 80 public schools. today's rally was a precursor to
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a day of protests scheduled for tomorrow. parents, faculty, and school leaders say the closures will be detrimental to communities of color. the city says declining enrollment and a budget deficit is leaving them no choice but to look to closing schools, which could happen by fall. in a statement, the district tells us everyone involved knows how difficult the discussion about possible consolidation is and how deeply invested in their school communities students, staff, and families are. dan: new information tonight on police chief william scott's decision to pull out of an agreement that makes the da office the lead investigator for all police use of force incidents. reporters were told today the agreement has worked in the past and it is believed to be salvageable. >> i am confident he will see that this team under my leadership has done things and there has been no prejudice to
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any investigation, to any case, and to the extent there are miscommunications, they are a normal part of the back-and-forth. dan: yesterday, chief scott announced he is pulling out of the agreement because of allegations that an investigator with the das office felt pressured to withhold evidence in a case against a police officer. ama: by walking away from their agreement, it raises the question of whether the da's office can continue to work hand-in-hand with the police department. >> our officers have to function as a team if we are going to keep san francisco safe, and we are doing our best to do that in difficult circumstances. there are a lot of people who would like to see us fighting and refusing to work together. san francisco deserves better and they will get that from me. ama: he said bing ou of the agreement the police department undermines the public's trust and creates obstacles for investigators looking into police shootings. dan: the accused party mom in
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los gatos is back in court. the statements from several victims and their parents. ama: new details about a fire in san francisco today. dan: also, a proposal that could force thousands of empty bay area homes onto the market. sandhya: a taste of spring and winter. i will show you how warm and how long coming up. ama: first, a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks. tonight's show is not just good. >> i've got two girls and every day in the house it is this. we don't talk about bruno. [laughter]
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dan: the south bay mother accused of calling alcohol fueled parties for teenagers and accusin is in court. prosecutors say she would supply alcohol and push it until some teens vomited. the teens said they also felt forced into sexual encounters. for more parents who had been hesitant to today against shannon o'connor. last month, two girls tearfully begged the judge to not let her out of jail. >> i think after the last hearing, seeing how that hearing occurred, more people came
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forward today because they wanted their voice to be heard as well. dan: o'connor faces 39 criminal charges. ama: new details on this morning's fire at a san francisco apartment building that chased nearly two dozen people out of their homes. fire investigators say a pile of burning debris set fire to the complex. the blaze also shut down the popular restaurant located on the ground floor of the building. the fire supervisor will ask the fire chief whether changes need to be made to deal with the danger. dan: a new report estimates there are more than 40,000 housing units currently sitting vacant in san francisco. the housing crisis is something we are very much focused on at abc 7 as we work to build a better bay area. tim johns explains some local legislators are now considering a vacancy tax as a solution. tim: for decades, the city of
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san francisco has suffered from one of the worst housing crises in the country. now a new report released by the budget and legislative analysis says there are more than 40,000 units sitting vacant, a finding that has caused some lawmakers to look into a vacancy tax as a possible solution to the housing shortage. >> they have passed an empty homes tax in vancouver and saw almost immediately within the first year of implementing it over 20% drop in the number of vacant units. tim: supervisor jean preston's office is drafting legislation in order to get more people into those homes, many of which preston says are owned by wealthy corporations or investors. >> they are just buying it, holding onto it until the market goes up, and selling it for profit. they have no interest in providing homes for folks. tim: some housing experts say that 40,000 number is misleading and the real amount is actually much lower. >> we see about 8000 units are
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long-term not occupied, problematic. tim: the executive director of the housing action coalition says of those 40,000 units, about 32,000 of those fall into categories that would most likely be exempt from a vacancy tax. properties recently bought or sold or that the tenants have not moved into yet, or once were landlords are currently doing renovations or up words. >> it will not move the needle on the affordability crisis in any meaningful way. tim: he says with the city needs to be doing is tilting more housing. >> in order to keep the cost of housing to be increasing at the same rate of inflation, you need to be adding about 2% to our housing stock per year. tim: a problem david says will not be fixed overnight. >> this is a 20 year plan, but we need the will. we need to start doing it. tim: in san francisco, tim johns, abc 7 news.
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dan: a new york -- ama: a new york congresswoman wants to make the chinese new year a federal holiday. she says the bill has 40 cosponsors already. establishing the federal holiday would give federal workers the day off. but it would be up to states and private companies to recognize it. dan: for want of rain, but it does not sound like there is any on the horizon. ama: if it is not going to rain. let's get to sandhya patel. sandhya: let's enjoy the sun if it is not going to rain, at least for the time being, because this cannot go on and on and on for more than a couple weeks. the rainfall, percent of normal since october 1. san jose is one of the driest spots. the rest of you are all above 100%. 145% average for oakland. 114% for santa rosa. the sierra snowpack not as good. it is starting to dwindle.
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we are now statewide at 92% of average, so we need to bring winter back. i will show you what is preventing that from coming. all the storms active in the pacific, but it is this area of high pressure sending the track to the north and east. this is the major winter storm that has moved out of texas and is heading toward the northeast. it is a wintry mix of ice, rain, snow. major travel delays expected. if you are heading back east tomorrow, keep that in mind. the doppler showing the lack of rain locally. fortunately, our drought situation has not changed because we started strong during the early part of the season so no change for the third consecutive week. moderate to severe statewide for most areas. and we are still in the severe category, so no change locally. but that will be changing as we go into a couple more weeks of dry weather. hl is settling in under mainly clear skies. 30's and 40's tonight. breezy over the hills but not terribly windy tonight.
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in case you are going down for the at&t pro-am, it will be sunny. a mild afternoon saturday, a few extra clouds. sunday, close to 70 degrees there. it is not crosby weather. it will be nice for spectators and players alike. a chilly morning, mainly sunny day. a warming trend for the upcoming weekend. temperatures nearing record levels next week. here is another view for our downtown san francisco camera. you will notice good to moderate air quality through the weekend and into early next week. chilly tomorrow morning, down to freezing. 30's and 40's for the rest of you. bundle up before you leave. for the afternoon, you could get away with short sleeve weather. mild sunshine for everyone. 66 in san jose. 66 in santa rosa. 63 in valeo and -- in vallejo
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and concord. you will notice the blocking ridge keeping everything well to the north. we will take the timeline out to february 13. starting to show some signs that maybe things will change around valentines. the accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and warmer for the weekend. hitting the low 70's as we head towards sunday, monday. springlike weather even into tuesday, breezy in the hills. records are certainly possible. it is not normal to have low to mid 70's in february. one of our wettest months, but what can you do? dan:
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reserve for the all-star game, but he will not be in cleveland. he says his injury may keep him out for three to four more weeks. curry had 20 points. this is one of his seven assists. he finds klay thompson, who
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opened the game on fire. klay hit his first seven shots. 23 points in 24 minutes. i love the snarl jt gave. yvonne looney -- kevon looney having a season. reverse it, rookie. goes for 18 points. the dubs build the lead and coast from there. the play, the steel, shooter, look out! the warriors win their eighth straight, 126-114. tons of college troops. sparky, stanford hosting wsu. 24 points made it a five-point game. michael flowers, 22 for the cougs, leaving stanford. check in on the ladies. stanford ranked second in the nation, taking on ucla. lexie hall can shoot. all 14 points came in the first half.
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the bank is open. stanford cruises. 8-0 in conference play. cal hosting washington. first half, jordan shepard attacking the rim, but he was held only six point. you will not win with defense like this. terrel brown junior going through everybody. ninth consecutive loss for cal. saint mary's in portland. she is feeling it. first half, logan johnson is dancing to the cup. plus the foul. this just turns into a rout. johnson, the steel, the finish. saint mary's wins their sixth in a row. they are 18-4 . usf at byu, big showdown. from way out, splash. he has hit buzzer beaters. watch your back.
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ama: thank you for watching. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. now on jimmy kimmel, josh gad.
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