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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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that 49ers fan in a, outside sofi stadium. the mayor of inglewood describing surveillance video. >> that u.s. raid in that resulted in the death of the isis leader. >> be prepared to show proof of a booster in the southbay. >> free two day delivery is going to cost you more. we are talking the price hike for amazon. good morning. happy friday. >> it is not just a dollar or five. >> how much is it? >> we are talking more than 20. >> for the membership? >> all at once. >> they started charging you $10 for delivery at home. what is happening? now this.
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>> i'll pay it. it comes right to your door. i am in bed. i need a toothbrush. order now. it is there the next day. it is there. >> trying to come for our money. >> blend well at stop? -- when will it stop? >> take my money. >> feel like a sucker. >> good morning. we are finding sunshine today. that dry pattern will continue into the weekend. we are doing well, fog not an issue today. the number 10. you want to see that. that is unlimited visibility so to speak. right now, with those clear skies, it is a chilly morning. we are in the 30's and 40's. 49 san francisco. half moon bay close to the water, it is mild at 50 degrees.
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let's look outside. great-looking camera shot. clear skies. the city is berkeley. the day shapes up like this. it is nothing but sunshine. it is chilly first thing in the morning. winds are not an issue. it is another mild day. we are going into the 60's. we will show you that we can forecast in seven minutes. reggie: we are learning more about the fight outside of sofi stadium ahead of last weekend's championship game. daniel luna remains in a,. the mayor of ingalls would -- of inglewood is describing that incident. >> inglewood mayor james butts is detailing the time it took for daniel luna to sustain severe injuries. he remains in a, after polluting
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-- police say he was assaulted. referring to video elected from the parking lot, butts says authorities have a better idea of what happened. >> mr. luna pushes someone. that person pushes him, takes another step towards him and punches him in the mouth. mr. luna falls on his head. >> that footage is not being released. >> sports teams, stadium operators have a duty to safeguard visitors. >> david lira was the lead trial counsel on behalf of bryan stow versus the dodgers. stow ended up in a coma following a brutal beating by dodgers fans in l.a. back in 2011. thursday night, inglewood mayor brian -- james butts was
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asked about the situation. butts says blue was standing with a group of 15 or 16 people when the situation turned physical, calling it a small altercation that went bad. attorney lira says officials need to be reviewing security plans and making changes depending on the crowd coming to the stadium. >> this was an nfc championship game between two rivals, no different than the dodgers and giants rivalry. it was not a surprise, unfortunately. >> he says only time will uncover weather plans and to the nfc championship game were executed. sofi stadium says they are working with police. >> you are knocking to stop every altercation, argument that occurs between fans. >> while you cannot prevent every instance of assault or violence in any arena, i will be
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interested to see if there are gaps in their security plan. could this have been prevented? >> mayor butts says police were not able to interview luna because he was already in that medically induced, the night of the assault. >> daniel luna's family declined interview requests. they shared the statement, we appreciate the prayers and support from the community. keep daniel in your prayers. our family requests privacy. the 49ers issued a statement expressing their concern. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. a tip line number is on your screen. they have not arrested anyone. they are looking for a car possibly linked to the suspect. kumasi: we are learning more about that u.s. raid in syria. no u.s. personnel were harmed. the government says they may have saved civilian lives.
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>> president biden is labeling this mission a success and is even getting praise from republican lawmakers. one of the secret hideouts of the top isis leader has been destroyed, and the terrorist is dead. the pentagon says he blew himself up along with his wife and children before u.s. forces could capture him. rescue workers on the ground say they recovered at least 13 bodies from the rubble. the pentagon is crediting u.s. forces with protecting more than 10 women and children in the home. they say the choice to go with ground forces rather than a drone strike limited civilian deaths. >> strong indications are that to the degree there is a loss of innocent life, it is a lost cause by mr. abdullah. >> an american helicopter had to be blown up on the ground after experiencing a mechanical problem. crews determined it was unsafe
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to fly the chopper out of the region. in washington, d.c., lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are praising president biden. reggie: more protests today against a proposal to merge 15 schools in oakland. a precursor to a day of protests today. parents, faculty, and leaders say the closures will be detrimental. the district says declining enrollment and a budget deficit leaves them with no choice. everyone involved knows how difficult discussion about possible consolidation is and how deeply invested in their school communities school staff and families are. kumasi: you are going to need a covid-19 booster shot if you want to go to an event at sap center or any large event in san jose.
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joining us live at sap center with all the details, amy. reporter: good morning. the sap center will now require vaccinated people prove that they have also been boosted before they will be allowed in. you can provide proof of a negative covid test to get inside a venue like this. this rule applies to any large event like concerts or sports events with 50 or more people. the mayor announced this in december. it is starting today. when he did, he said it would be a public health benefit. this is aimed at keeping hospitalization rates down. this applies to all city-owned buildings like city hall and also public libraries. in san jose, amy hollyfield. >> take a look at live doppler seven along the satellite. this time of year, we can to plea get a dip -- we can
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typically get a dip in our jetstream. this high-pressure is still firmly in control. it is keeping any storm from moving into california. all the storms are north of us. as we move toward the mid-atlantic and northeast, this winter storm continues to march east. it is snow, ice, and rain. a live look from our east bay hills camera. we have great visibility. we have unlimited visibility out there. pollen forecast has not changed. tree pollen at high levels. cedar, juniper, alder, --. a lot of sunshine warming us in the 40's. upper 50's to lower 60's. we are going above average into the 60's across the board. it is sunny. it is drive for another day today.
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bright skies out there. 63 oakland. a nice day in wine country. san jose 63. good morning, jobina. jobina: good morning. we have a new crash coming in i am going to mention briefly on camera. this is northbound 85 before san jose. we just got details. they are blocking a lane right now. we are going to check out the map. an overall view of the bay area. all the green in the area. it is nice and light this morning. those drive times, walnut creek to dublin 14 minutes. highway 12 los gatos is going to be 21 minutes. let's wrap up with a live picture and one a creek. there it is. 680 clear as well.
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reggie: the federal hate crime trial against gregory michael is set to begin on monday. mcmichael informed the court he was withdrawing his plans to plead guilty. the change came after a federal judge rejected the terms of a plea agreement. mcmichael is found guilty on state charges and was sentenced to life in prison. kumasi: the southbay mom accused of drawing alcohol fueled parties for teenagers and pushing them to have sex with each other is now in jail. prosecutors say she would buy
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alcohol and push it until some teenagers vomited. teenagers testified they felt forced into sexual encounters. last month, two teenaged girls tearfully begged the judge not to let her out of jail. >> i think after the last hearing, seeing how that hearing occurred, more people came forward today because they wanted their voice to be heard. kumasi: o'connor is facing 30 nine criminal charges. reggie: new details on this fire in san francisco's mission district. officials say a pile of burning degree -- debris outside spread to the complex. several units fire early yesterday. the fire shut down a taqueria on the ground floor of the building. she is asking the fire chief on whether changes need to be made to deal with fires that started in the street.
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a new report estimates there are over 40,000 units sitting vacant in san francisco. the housing crisis, something we are focused on here, tim johns explains some local legislators are considering a vacancy tax. reporter: for decades, san francisco has suffered from one of the worst housing crises in the country. now a new report estimates there are over 40,000 units sitting vacant. a finding that has caused lawmakers to look into a vacancy tax. >> they passed an empty homes tax in vancouver and saw within the first year of implementing it over 20% drop in the number of vacant units. reporter: supervisor jane preston's office is drafting a tax. many of which are owned by
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wealthy corporations or investors. >> they are just buying it, holding onto it until the market goes up, and selling it for profit. they have no interest in providing homes. reporter: housing experts say that 40,000 number is misleading. the real amount is much lower. >> we see about 80,000 units are long-term not occupied. -- 8000 units are long-term not occupied. reporter: he says about 32,000 units fall into categories that would most likely be exempt from vacancy taxes. properties that have been bought or sold or ones where tenants have not moved in yet. >> it will not move the affordability needle in any meaningful way. reporter: david says the city needs
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housing. >> in order to keep the house cost at the rate of inflation, you need to add 2% to our housing stock per year. kumasi: look at this whale and dolphin swimming together. you can see them flipping, spinning, playing. it caught his attention. he noticed the two animals playing together like finding a needle in a haystack. reggie: i did not know this was a thing. wow. woah. i see, the momentum of the water.
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wow. that is something. >> that is so cool. this is what i wanted to see. reggie: let's talk about this. this cannot last night as well. >> whales are a theme in my life. reggie: our friend was not going whale watching in the right place, moderate. >> jersey. let's go to hawaii. reggie: let's. kumasi: i want to go whale watching for real. drew: i will go with you. kumasi: february, this is their month. drew: forges. i just want to go to hawaii. a live look from the exploratorium camera. calm winds, clear skies. plenty of stars above san francisco. one of the issues we have been having, the air is dry. we are looking at dew points. this measures how much moisture is in the atmosphere.
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if you are like me, when these numbers start to dip into the 30's and 40's, it is dry. when it is below 30, that is like skin cracking. you are going to need the lotion because dry air is settling over us. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. 34 napa. it is chilly in the north bay. 42 oakland. not too bad in the east bay. later on, those temperatures rebound quickly. a lot of sunshine, dry conditions in the low to mid 60's. this is warm for this time of year. overnight tonight, increasing clouds moving through. temperatures in the 40's as we start you into saturday. we could be talking potential record-breaking temperatures next week. we have this ridge of high pressure centered over the west coast. when we start seeing these reds and pinks encompassing the bay
5:20 am
area, those are well above average temperatures. we are talking later next week well into the 70's. parts of southern california going into the 80's and possibly 90. we certainly have a dry pattern. morning chill, mild afternoons. the weekend looking nice in terms of sunny skies. watch tuesday for wins kicking up. reggie: happening today in the southbay, sam liccardo will take part in the lunar new year. there will be dragon and lion dances and arts and crafts for kids. it starts at 4:00 this afternoon. a new york congresswoman wants to make the lunar new year a federal holiday. the democrat has introduced a bill to recognize the day as america's 12 federal holiday. the bill has 40 cosponsors
5:21 am
already. establishing the holiday would give federal workers the day off. it would be up to states and companies to recognize it. kumasi: celebrating black history month is opening in redwood city tomorrow. it highlights the contributions of african-americans. the collection started 25 years ago when her grandson asked her who else besides dr. martin luther king jr. was worth studying during black history month? >> it is amazing that these accomplishments were made by a race of people, that it was illegal for them to be able to learn to read and write. kumasi: the collection is now on display in downtown redwood city. it is free to everyone. reggie: get ready to pay an extra 20 bucks for amazon prime every year. kumasi:
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kumasi: san jose's booster mandate starts today.
5:24 am
people attending events at city-owned facilities will be required to show proof of a booster shot. reggie: more demonstrations are scheduled against the plan to merge or close 15 public schools in oakland. members of the oakland community protested last night as a precursor to a day of protests now. kumasi: the pentagon is crediting u.s. forces with saving civilian lives in syria. the pentagon says the choice to go with ground forces rather than a drone strike limited other debts. kumasi: a massive winter storm headed across the country is headed to the northeast. in texas, sleet and snow has triggered thousands of power outages across the state. drew: that storm is not affecting us. nothing but sunshine today. chilly mornings, but bright afternoons by sunday.
5:25 am
jobina: we have a new crash being reported now on the line of bill rate and burling gave. this will be past broadway. speeds down to 17 miles per hour. kumasi: a major milestone for queen elizabeth. sunday marks 70 years on the throne. celebrations will culminate in a four day bank holiday that starts june 2. reggie: the owner of the nfl washington commanders dan snyder is responding to allegations of sexual harassment. reporter: blistering testimony against an nfl team owner. >> he left his hand on the middle of my thigh until i physically removed it. reporter: the allegation against dan snyder part of a string of accusations against top executives. six former employees testifying in front of congress.
5:26 am
>> under dan snyder's leadership, women were used as sex objects. reporter: snyder apologized to those who are mistreated, saying with the exception of the new allegations leveled against me personally today, these issues have all been thoroughly investigated and remediated by the firing of the responsible individuals. as for the new allegations, i deny it. we will have more on this developing story coming up at 7:00 a.m. kumasi: if you have amazon prime, soon you will be paying more. the subscription price is going up 20 bucks. now it is going to be $139 a year. a monthly version will cost you two dollars more. amazon has not raised the prime subscription fee since 2018. amazon shares are up in market
5:27 am
trading. reggie: i am canceled. you know what, i guess i am not. kumasi: you are not. reggie: they got me. the service one airline is bringing back for the first time since the start of the pandemic. kumasi: disappearing deposit. a big response from you in a story featuring an east bay man's ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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stomach pain and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. for you i wish many things... to see all the world can be. but most of all... i wish you'll never stop wishing. ♪ ♪ announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: that massive storm sweeping across the country in areas from texas to new england crippled by ice and snow overnight. the power outages that could be worse this morning. kumasi: a new covid mandate in the southbay. the rule for concerts, shows starting today.
5:30 am
reggie: good morning. we made it to friday. kumasi: i am happy it is friday. drew: the weekend is looking beautiful. unfortunately, this dry pattern continues for the next several days. a little fog has developed in novato. be aware if you are traveling around 101. we are dealing with clear skies and chilly temperatures this early friday morning. palo alto 42. san jose near freezing. here is the golden gate bridge camera right now. no fog from this vantage point. here is how the day is shaping up. a lot of sunshine in store. friday is shaping up to be beautiful. we are in the 40's and 50's by 9:00 a.m. in the 50's by noon. 4:00 p.m., we are going above average. we are well into the 60's across the board. the wind remains light. kumasi: thank you.
5:31 am
now to that massive storm sweeping across the country, moving into the northeast. heavy rain and dangerous ice is going to make for a treacherous morning commute from texas to new england. jobina: thank you. sleet and snow are causing problems in texas less than one year after a catastrophic freeze that buckled the state power grid. this is a look from rochester, new york. lots of snow on the side. in texas, dozens of crashes plaguing drivers across the state as temperatures dip into the teens. in austin, icy roads are blamed for a 14 vehicle pileup officials had to stop flights out of the dallas-fort worth airport for hours. more than a foot of snow fell in some cities with more on the way. it has triggered thousands of power outages across the state with demand for electricity expected to peak this morning.
5:32 am
>> we are dealing with one of the most significant icing events we have had in the state of texas in several decades. jobina: in tennessee, more than 150,000 power outages reported overnight. trees and power lines toppled. yesterday, more than 5200 flights were canceled across the country. the biggest flight cancellation date in nearly four years. reggie: want to see the sharks play? want to see dually but -- dua lipa? you have to prove you got your booster or don't show up. amy. reporter: i love dua lipa. a few changes coming to sap center, including changes for children. that is when their dua lipa rolls into town, disney on ice. there are new rules for children
5:33 am
between the ages of five and 12. they were exempt from having to show proof of vaccination. now they are going to have to show proof of vaccination and a booster or negative covid test to attend a large event at the sap center where disney on ice will be performing next week. that is now the rule for everyone five and older. a standard at home covid test will not be accepted. you must have an official lab report that shows the date the test was given. the mayor announced this new rule in december. it goes into effect today for any large event with 50 or more people. this new rule is a bit more lenient than the one that was in place when only vaccinated people were allowed inside. now you will be allowed to show that negative covid test. that will be accepted. reporting live in san jose, amy hollyfield. kumasi: golden state warriors
5:34 am
fans facing tougher covid precautions. chase center is one of five venues in the nba that has had a vaccine mandate since the start of the season. they're ruing up is now going -- the arena is going further with a booster requirement. reporter: step right up and show that vaccination card if you are going to the warriors game and eligible for a booster, that needs to be on the card. >> we expect to see proof of booster or a negative test. reporter: proof of a negative antigen test within 24 hours or a negative pcr test. this might be controversial in some areas of the country, but not here at chase. >> when we are in there eating, there are people there who will not put their mascot at all right next to us. -- mask on at all right next to
5:35 am
us. >> i was just at a suns game sunday. they have no requirements at all. they did not check for vaccine status. reporter: 64% of vaccinated san franciscans have actually received a booster shot. >> the warrior fan base, i think we will see lots of fans. >> chase center has been one of the safest buildings in the country since we have reopened post-pandemic. this does not change. reporter: while isaiah only recently became eligible for the vaccine, he got his covid test to come to the game. >> having his mask on. >> i feel great. reporter: no problems with current restrictions. just don't debate with them about steph curry. is steph curry good? >> he y goodreggie: that kid is.
5:36 am
san francisco department of public health will allow kids participating in indoor sports programs to remove their masks during practice as long as they are vaccinated. they still have to wear the mask during contributions. contra costa county has decided to continue its suspension of jury trials through next thursday. the county is optimistic jury trials will resume february 14. medicare will soon start paying for at home covid test. if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, we have more information on our website. just had to coronavirus. kumasi: the department is pulling out of an agreement that makes the da the lead investigator. the agreement has worked in the
5:37 am
past. he believes it is salvageable. he would like to discuss it with chief scott. >> i am confident he will see that this team under my adership has done things by the book. there has been no prejudice to any investigation, any case. to the extent there are miscommunications, they are a normal part of the back-and-forth. kumasi: you remember chief scott announced he is pulling out of that agreement because of allegations that an investigator with the das office felt pressured to withhold evidence in a case against a police officer. reggie: walking away from this agreement raises the question of whether the das office can continue to work with the police department. we talked about it at the san francisco standard. >> our departments have to function as a team. we are doing our best to do that. there are lots of people out there who would love to see us
5:38 am
fighting and refusing to work together. san francisco deserves better. reggie: he said that by pulling out of the agreement, the police department undermines public trust and creates significant obstacles for investigators looking into police shootings. kumasi: downsizing, the san francisco-based company letting go of nearly 2000 square feet of downtown office space. reggie: score a deal on your summer vacation. the best places to look for a bargain. drew: it already feels like summer here already. enjoy the weather. high-pressure is in control across the west coast. this is blocking any storm from moving in. right now, that high-pressure is keeping us high and dry. there is that monster winter storm still wreaking havoc on the mid-atlantic and northeast. we are talking ice, heavy rain. that storm will exit over the
5:39 am
next 24 hours. here at home, it is all about sunshine and warming temperatures. by lunchtime, today is a good day to grab lunch outside. bright skies and temperatures near 60 degrees. into the afternoon, we are going into the low to mid 60's. 62 in the city. 63 oakland. 63 palo alto. 63 concord. across the state it is sunny and dry. high wind warnings in effect. 70 and sunny around l.a. here at home, sunshine today after a cool morning. we will keep sunshine through the weekend, warming temperatures saturday into sunday. sunday, our warmest spots going to the upper 60's if not 70. let's see how we are doing on the roads. jobina: good morning. overall, it is a classic friday on the traffic front. we have a crash i want to get to.
5:40 am
it is on the line of burlingame and millbrae. there is a slight slowdown in the area. this is on northbound 101 past broadway. according to chp, it does not look like injuries are involved. oakland, good morning. this is our 880 at the coliseum camera. wrapping up with a live picture of 80. those headlights traveling westbound. if you are going westbound out of the east bay, the bay bridge looks great. we will be right back. >> it is the year of the tiger. >> tigers represent strength and bravery. >> for lunar new year, my family always eats dumplings and fish. >> i feel like i had a front row seat to some of the most spectacular celebrations. >> happy new year. >> wishing you great health and
5:41 am
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reggie: much better than expected numbers from the january jobs report. 400 67,000 new jobs were added last month. some economists forecasted up to 400,000 jobs lost with the omicron variant causing a sharp decline. the december jobs report was revised up to 510,000 jobs gained. the unemployment rate declined slightly. president biden will deliver remarks on the january jobs
5:44 am
report. kumasi: slack is letting go of nearly 2000 square feet of office space enchanting francisco. -- space in san francisco. the san francisco business times is reporting the company plans to sublease this office space. oaklands popular star line social club is making a comeback. it reopened tuesday. it is snoozing a new -- using a new business model where staff have an equal say in making decisions. the main ballroom has an upgraded bar, and the speakeasy space is slated to welcome local musicians and comedians. reggie: booze is back on southwest airlines. the airline is resuming alcohol sales february 16. flights will have beer, wine, and liquor for purchase.
5:45 am
southwest says it will honor drink coupons from the past two years. kumasi: it might be the middle of winter, but a lot of us are ready for a summer vacation. now might be the best time to book airfare. here is reena roy with those details. reporter: daydreaming about your summer vacation? escorting to scott skies, it is time to stop dreaming and start poking. >> think about booking your flights the same way you think about swimwear. it is going to be most expensive during the summer, but you will get the best deals during the winter. it is the same with flights. reporter: by searching in the opposite season, you can find major bargains. if you waited to the last minute, you will pay the price. >> i think cheap last-minute flights was something that was a pandemic anomaly.
5:46 am
in 2022, it is going to start to revert to how it was. reporter: the idea that you should book your flights at a certain time is a myth. airfares are changing by the day, hour, and sometimes by the minute. >> the best way to think about it is in terms of goldilocks windows. not too early but not too late. reporter: he recommends booking domestic flights one to three months in advance of travel and international flights two to eight months ahead. >> right now in the middle of winter, the goldilocks window for summer travel is upon us. reporter: juslo fares. there is another benefit to booking in advance. more joy. >> we make the mistake of thinking about travel as something we only enjoyed that week we are on vacation. if you look at the research, it turns out we get as much if not more joy in the weeks and months
5:47 am
leading up to a trip than we do on the trip itself. kumasi: that is true. reggie: i have not told you this, but i spent 30 minutes yesterday planning one of your trips. kumasi: thank you. thank you. reggie: an entire conversation about it. kumasi: yes. i will be ready for your fall report. thank you, friend. drew: i feel like because it has been so warm, i am not yearning as much as if it was a rainy winter. it is already summer. reggie: we get treated well in the winter. drew: we do. we saw that video of people shivering in the cold. reggie: she is getting real tired. drew: i live for that. i cannot wait to see her soon. it is cold. reggie: they need to throw her a little palm.
5:48 am
drew: put her in l.a. for the big game. reggie: that's a good idea. drew: we are going to see sunshine in full effect, not only today, but the next seven days. here is a live look from our east bay hills camera. great visibility. the only issue with fog is around novato. we are in the 30's and 40's. 37 novato. 50 half moon bay. colder as you move inland. haywood good morning. have the winter jacket again. we have been in this theme for about a month where it is cold in the morning. mild and sunny in the afternoon. later today, it is sunny and dry. later on tonight, we will find more in the way of high clouds streaming in. temperatures elevated compared to where we are now. up or 30's to mid 40's as we get you into saturday.
5:49 am
all eyes are on next week. we are going to see even warmer air set up shop over california. we are talking up her 60's to lower 70's tuesday. by wednesday, mid 70's. thursday could be even warmer than that. we could be talking record temperatures by friday. when it is warm, it is dry. this map is not broken. there is no rainfall to speak of. all about that morning chill. it is spring like weather as that warming trend gets underway. a lot of us going into the 70's next week. reggie: no at 6:00, dr. fauci's delicious discovery. turns out he has been a fan and investor in a restaurant. kumasi: digging into the best way you can protect yourself from the same thing happening to
5:50 am
you. reggie: the love between a man and his cat. the documentary featuring a san francisco man that may have non-cat people thinking twice. kumasi: a usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex to keep my moving the way i was made to.
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kumasi: this is a live picture from the chicago area where you can see this document storage warehouse is on fire. the fire broke out yesterday morning. it is still burning now. this warehouse is stacked with boxes of documents. that means that fire has plenty of fuel. the fire says they are dumping water on it, but they think it is going to burn for several days.
5:53 am
ooh, this is more video you kind of have to see out of kansas city, missouri. it shows a train derailing. a total of six cars went off the track wednesday. it is not clear why this happened. no one was hurt. reggie: a seven on your side story about of the bank of america customer whose $33,000 deposit disappeared. thousands across the country are responding to this east bay man's struggle to find out what happened to his money. some say they lost deposits, too. brian layer deposited a cashiers check in oakland. hours later, that bank of america branch shut down. his deposit never posted. we went to 7 on your side, and finally the bank restored his money. >> the consumer did everything right. he used a cashiers check. he had copies of everything. reggie: how do you protect
5:54 am
yourself? keep copies of checks you deposit. take photos of the checks and receipts. check your account immediately after a deposit. it should show that it is pending. avoid depositing a big check at an atm where it is harder to correct a mistake. this is such sad news. embarcadero cinema is no more. the theater closed yesterday after more than a quarter of a century. landmark still runs the opera plaza in san francisco along with theaters in berkeley, alvin e, and pillow alto. -- albany, and palo alto. kumasi: it is called cat daddies. >> people see a cat dad and think you must be weird and creepy. we are getting to a point where it is going to be ok. i have cats. kumasi: ok.
5:55 am
[laughter] that was not nice. one of the men featured is bay area software engineer jeff. reggie, you spoke to the filmmaker who said she was inspired by her family's experience. reporter: when my husband and i were gestating, he was not a cap person at all. the cat found him. they bonded. it changed his life. it does not matter if you love cats or not. if you love animals, you will enjoy it. kumasi: you can see cat daddies at the rocking theater. you can stream the film and others at you can watch our new streaming show, abc 7 at seven. all you have to do is download the abc 7 bay area news app on your roku, amazon fire, apple,
5:56 am
and android tv. reggie: i talked to the filmmaker. i did not get to meet the man. as you mentioned, he will be at the premier of the roxy theater with his cat. i think there is an after party. the cat might turn up at the after party. but will the cat turn up at the after party? drew: no. he is just going to look at you and ask why you are here. kumasi: that is the party cat. drew: you think? reggie: that is a party cat. drew: i don't know much about cats. kumasi: i am glad you interviewed the man the way you out acting. drew: hello, cat daddies. kumasi: good morning to cat daddies and daddies. drew: and dog daddies. reggie: not hamster daddies. drew: if you see a man with a
5:57 am
hamster. reggie: get out. drew: 30's and 40's. a lot of stars out there. expect a lot of sunshine if you are going out for a walk with your dog. by 4:00 p.m., low to mid 60's. the weekend looks gorgeous as well. kumasi: it was city tested and kid approved. the new cafeteria food served. reggie: different rules of service starting in san jose. proof of vaccine is not going to cut it anymore. kumasi: stepped security for lunar new year in san francisco.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> a brutal fight between fans in a medically induced coma. conflicting opinions about the ordeal. >> aus raid in syria taking out the leader of isis. >> delicious discovery. america's most famous dr. dr. anthony fauci,, with a secret investment in the san francisco restaurant. that secret until now. good morning. >> yes.
6:01 am
first, our forecast. >> the weekend loong


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