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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 7, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PST

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the city -- concerning developments in the russia-ukraine. a warning that an invasion could happen any day. the hope today for a diplomatic solution. kumasi: new vaccine rules if you plan to eat or workout in one city. reggie:lln dollar homes could be heading new neighbors. reggie: it is funny what happens when the attorney general writes you a letter. drew: we are in store for a warm week for all of california. right now, visibility and issue. a quarter mile in santa rosa.
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the 30's to mid 40's. 47 in the city. 44 the current temperature in hackman bthisook calm conditions. you can see patchy fog as start to cross the bay bridge. follow mainly in the north bay area total sunshine throughout the day and into the afternoon. we are talking mild temperatures. mid-60's to low 70's by 4:00 p.m. today is the coolest date we have on the seven day forecast. kumasi: this morning, new morni vaccine rules if you plan to eat or workout inside in berkeley. starting today, anyone over the age of five has to be vaccinated over -- to go into the
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establishments. amy: if you are headed out in berkeley, don't forget your vaccine card if you want to go to a restaurant or headed to a gym. you will have to show proof of vaccination if you are older than five. if you are an employee who deals with customers, you are now required to have the booster shot. this is jim's, pharmacies, restaurants -- this is pharmacies, restaurants. starting march 14 an event event more than 500 people were required vaccination and the negative covid test will not be enough. they said this well at a critical layer of safety in places of higher risk for this all goes into effect today except for the required
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vaccination for the large venue. reggie: questions on when pandemic restrictions will ease. new daily cases are down over 60% since the peak of a micron. our vaccine team member says the signs are encouraging that the light at the end of the tunnel is closer than we think. >> we want to get -- we won't get completely out of this until we require it to be an end amick. it is important that the task force and the cdc are transparent on a regular basis about these numbers and what milestones we need to meet where we can finally start lifting restrictions without fear of going backwards. reggie: he went on to say ttricy sp take a twofold herd immunity for people who have had the virus and those who have
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gotten oxen aided. our vaccine -- have gotten vaccinated. our team is here to answer your questions. kumasi: developments in russia and ukraine. president biden's national security advisor saying an invasion could happen any day now. jobina: adding to the concern, u.s. officials have concerned russia has gathered 70% of the military power needed for an invasion. the u.s. and allies are working to stop the invasion from happening. today president biden will meet with the german chancellor to discuss what will be done ahead of a meeting between the chancellor and vladimir putin later this week. they are hoping for a somatic solution. >> he has put himself in a position with military deployments to be able to act aggressively against ukraine anytime now.
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jobina: it is estimated a russian attack could result in as many as 50,000 deaths. u.s. troops now knew the border with ukraine. more on the way. french president emmanuel macron involved in the effort. he meets with putin in moscow today. reggie: friends and family grieving the loss of iman killed in an oakland free weight shooting aired the senseless -- shooting. the senseless death has stunned those who knew him. he played basketball at berkeley high and then uc berkeley, getting a tryout with the warriors. he returned to berkeley high to mentor young players. >> he expected the best out of us. he coached our freshman team. we were undefeated that year he expected us to perform at a high level. reggie: his son shared memory of
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his father saying, he opened the door for future basketball stars who came out of the bay area. he was looked up to and left by many. i will never forget him and will always love him. police have arrested this man on murder charges in connection with his killing and is being held without bail. jail records show he will be arraigned in dublin. the highway patrol arrested him in san francisco. kumasi: new tate -- new details on a shooting at a spa. the space has been closed since the shooting on tuesday. the campaign has raised $20,000 for the employee. he is out of a coma and facing a long recovery. organizers hope to raise $25,000. reggie: the town of woodside will accept applications for housing projects today. they tried arguing it was exempt
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because it was considered the whole town a mountain lion sanctuary. last night, a reversal. it comes after the state threatened legal action. >> for the past 10 days the town of woodside claimed it was not eligible for sb nine housing projects claiming the town was a mountain lion habitat. that didn't sit well with the california attorney general who sent a letter on sunday challenging that notion. >> they made a claim that is not stand shaded and provided no evidence. sb nine does not allow for entire counties or cities to be clear -- declared off-limits. >> it is an attempt to alleviate the housing shortage. the state needs three point 5 million housing units by 2025. the average homeage homeage home
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million in that area. >> we are ready, willing, and able to fire -- file a lawsuit. she has lived in this community for 11 years. the wildcat habitat claim did not seem honest. >> yin >>awt theoo i but not here? >> never. >> hours had a meeting. after an hour and a half, woodside councilmembers unanimously agreed. >> the town of woodside will accept applications. >> claiming they understand whyn cannot be considered habitat for mountain lions. >> since january 25, town
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has received guidance from the department of fish and wildlife on how to properly implement this provision of the law. kumasi: a earthquake had an epicenter yesterday afternoon around 4:00 paired they felt and in oakland. -- 4:00. they felt it in oakland. >> here is a live loo loo loo lo we are dealing with fog in the north bay. patchy fog in north of the east bay. encouraging news when it comes to the allergy forecast. tree pollen isla week, t pleruin at hh level
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here is live doppler high pressure off of the coast line moving north and will almost sit over northern california. it will strengthen and bring about warm temperatures for the month of february. temperatures will warm quickly. by lunchtime, most of us into the low 60's. we will see 70's making a comeback in the warmest spots. 10 degrees above where we should be. up to 72 in santa rosa. 70 in sanos 68 the high in oakland. mild sunshine today and then we start to get warmer by tuesday and especially wednesday. we are all going into the 70's by midweek. by thursday and friday, talking about possible record-setting temperatures for the month of february.
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jobina: we are going to start in vallejo, following a crash on westbound 80 before georgia street. it does not appear any injuries are involved in note slowdowns in the area. a live look in emeryville. 80 is looking very foggy. chp has not issued any sort of fog advisories for people coming outs yode t yrie lsa--la -- toll plaza. reggie: one city starting a new tradition about dogs. kumasi: the country about to open its borders and welcome fully vaccinated travelers. reggie: how credit card use impaction your credit score. impaction your credit score. kumasi: a live look
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reggie: verizon customers will have to commit to longer time. they are locked into a three year contract with a new phone. they dropped the shorter plans. kumasi: everybody has a credit score and a credit card but it can be hard to know how credit cards make a credit score go up or down. here are some hopeful insights. >> consumers know how important it is to pay off credit cards and have good personal credit they don't always know that how you use your card can have aig impact on your credit sco factos with your credit score are making sure you are paying your bills on time. >> for the editor at large, automating credit cards is a great way to make sure that happens. >> the best way to make sure to remember to pay on time is to set it and forget it. hook up a checking account or savings account to the credit
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card on file and so whenever that payment is due it gets cleared. >> another factor is what is known as debt to credit utilization, the percentage of that and all of your credit cards divided by some of the credit limits. >> credit scores like to see utilization at 30% or less. americans with the highest credit scores, their debt to credit utilization is under 10%. >> she sent it is a myth that keeping a small balance on credit cards will help your credit score. >> carrying a balance on your credit card, the only person winning is the credit card company, because they are collecting interest on the balance. >> while they like to see borrowers have a variety of credit, applying for more credit cards is not necessarily a good idea. >> it is how many credit cards you have but how you're managing them. >> experts say the best advice
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is to keep the credit card balances as low as possible. it is the best thing for your credit score and your personal online. [cheering] reggie: look atgolden golden retriever's to celebrate international golden retriever day. it is a new tradition they want to start. they promise a lot of fun, fanfare and fluff. the city is expecting a bigger crowd here. kumasi: golden is a cute town. just walk down that street. and now they have all these golden retrievers. reggie: it is a cute idea. drew: i want that. reggie: it look like a nice day. drew: we are used to that. reggie: i know we need the rain.
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drew: we do. reggie: but we are not getting it, so let's enjoy the ■sun. i don't subscribe to sun guilt. drew: you don't get upset. l.a. later pushing 90. warm weather for the big day. kumasi: i am ready. drew: we have very warm air coming our way over the next couple of days. live doppler 7, fog in oakland down to a half-mile. santa rosa down to a quarter of a mile. patchy quickly. you can see it is clear and out of the fog in parts of the east bay.
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right now we are basically in the 30's and 40's. 38 in palo alto. 38 in santa rosa. typical winter chill first thing this morning. this afternoon, it feels like anything but winter. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. 66 in san francisco. 72 in santa rosa. these numbers are 10 degreesoveh warmer weather moving in by thursday and friday. it is sunny and windy. near 80 and l.a. in the bay area, by wednesday in the mid-70's. l.a. will be in the 80's the by thursy,liing with0 degrees. back at home, mainly clear skies. patchy fog. mild sunshine through the unshi
5:19 am
it feels like spring midweek records are possible thursday and friday. some spots thursday and friday close to 80 degrees. my near -- there is only minor cooling saturday and sunday. kumasi: what rooftop are we going to. that is the question. reggie: mine. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know. reggie: reopening the border, a countryxcept avels si close
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know. russia could invade ukraine any day according to a white house security advisor. u.s. officials confirmed russia has assembled 70% of the military firepower needed. reggie: number two, berkeley, starting today certain settings have to have boosters. they are also required to check vaccination status. kumasi: number three, septheikil
5:22 am
protest the consolidation order. it follows large protests last week. reggie: number four, woodside will accept application for new housing projects as soon as today. officials argued it was exempt because it was a mountain lion sanctuary. the state threatened legal action. drew: number five, we are in store for a warm week. going into the 60's and 70's. 68 -- jobina: a new crash we are following in san rafael. this is on northbound 101 past vinson street. kumasi: number seven, coordinator has been the head coach. reggie: the man facing federal kidnapping charges in a scheme to abduct michael bloomberg's
5:23 am
daughters is due in court tomorrow. >> a billionaire kidnapping plot thwarted. dramatic police video showing the moments the swat team rescued housekeeper of michael bloomberg after she was abducted and driven across state lines and held hostage for more than 15 hours. >> this strikes me as a disorganized kidnapping. that can be some of the most dangerous situations. >> investigators say the suspect forced his way onto the ranch and demanded to know where his daughters were saying he wanted to make an international scene. according to court documents, the former new york city mayor estimated to be worth $70 billion were not there. much more on this case and the latest on the bloomberg family coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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kumasi: dramatic video video vio maryland as an officer puts her life on the line to save a student. we want to warn you, you may find this video difficult to watch. you can see this officer in the crosswalk putting her hand up signaling a car to stop as a student is walking into the crosswalk. the car barrels through, througu the officer as she pushes the student out of harm's way. the driver was fin reggie: queen elizabeth said she wants camilla to be a queen. her platinum jubilee mar years on the throne and said it was her severe -- or sincere wish for camilla to be given the title of queen. some people still blame camilla
5:25 am
for the divorce of charles and diana. kumasi: australia manning to reopen borders to international travelers. anyone entering the country has to be fully vaccinated unless they are eligible for medical exemption. australia closed its borders two years ago at the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak. reggie: coming up, the number one valentine's day candy sold in california. protesters demanding answers in a deadly shooting. kumasi: a live look we will be right
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♪ ♪ i love you, too. ♪ ♪ announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: and east bay city tightening rules on vaccinations. kumasi: some kids are not going to be in school for today or the rest of the week. the protest planned. reggie: something else besides kids invading this playground. kumasi: let's get a check of our forecast. drew: starting out with fog. fog in the east bay around oakland, a half-mile visibility, impacting emeryville and parts
5:29 am
of the bay bridge. fog from novato to santa rosa. low clouds in spots but otherwise sunshine and mild temperatures. the typical chill. 47 in the city. 44 the current temperature in half moon bay. generally clear skies over the airport. we have areas of fog this morning but is quickly out of here. all the sunshine and warmer weather this afternoon. a lot of us away from the coast into the 70's. sunsets at 5:40. today is the coolest day, relatively speaking. reggie: new roles in berkeley. many people will have to show proof of vaccination or boosters to enter and work in certain businesses.
5:30 am
amy hollyfield is live in berkeley. amy: big changes coming to berkeley today or if you are headed to a restaurant here today and older than five, you are going to need to show proof you are vaccinated before stepping inside this is for restaurants, gyms. workers have to show they are boosted for places like restaurants, gyms, dental offices and childcare facilities. they can show proof of a medicac or religious belief that prevents them from getting an ocular did. if you have tickets to an event that will have a crowd of more than 500 people, you have five weeks to get vaccinated. starting march 14 you will be required to be vaccinated. a negative of a test will not be enough. berkeley's health officer says
5:31 am
the requirements will help lower people risks for severe illness and improve the community safety. officials point out vaccinations are easy to find now and the requirement starts today. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: some parents keeping their children out of classes this week over a consolidation of schools. parents will protest every morning at one school, after hundreds marched through oakland friday. the school board is set to vote on the plan. they said the budget deficit leaves them no choice. those against the move argued the closures would negatively impact communities of color. if approved, the closures and mergers would start in the fall. kumasi: early voting for san francisco special election. officials say they are saying half the turnout of last
5:32 am
september's governor recall. it is open for early voting and voter registration. it includes recall measures for three board of education members. officials tell us without a state ride -- statewide race, numbers are lower. >> voting began in the middle of january and will slow down and then expecting to pick up. kumasi: the city is making sure poll workers are ready. they trained 21 people yesterday. the election is next tuesday. you can find more about drop off boxes on the website. dive teams have recovered the body of a skater who fell through the ice near truckee. eight people were skating on the lake when the ice broke on saturday. six people fell in, only five were able to get out with the
5:33 am
help of the other two that did not fall in. police running the ice is not stable. reggie: the family of a missing woman is becoming more distressed and worried. it is been two weeks since she has last been seen. our reporter was at a vigil. >> we are hoping and praying that she will be back safely. >> family, friends, strangers taking part in a vigil walk to remind the community that she is still missing. >> everyday feels unreal. it is really heartbreaking. the missing flyers are everywhere in east custer konta county. billboards up on highway four asking for tips. >> everyone is willing to help. we are super grateful for the businesses that put up flyers. >> we can't do this alone.
5:34 am
your support means everything. i think it keeps the right amount of pressure on the case self to continue moving forward so that we can get alexis back home. >> relatives told us that she seen by her ex-boyfriend around january 26. today's vigil walk started at trenton street and oakley road. this is the same spot where her car was found. the keys were still in it. >> doors were unlocked. >> on february 1, they searched the home ain't to her ex-boyfriend, removing bags of evidence. police say there are no new developments. >> hang onto that hope. >> her friends and family know her as kind, smart, and funny. >> she had dreams, but she was at a point in her life where she was finding herself. >> enjenshe was very happy.
5:35 am
kumasi: former full house star jody sweeten opening up about the death of her tv dad. her emotional interview. reggie: rodents at one of san francisco's busiest and nicest playgrounds. they need to know about possible health concerns. but first a check on the weather. drew: here is the east bay hills camera. you can see generally speaking we have good visibility. looking at east bay, a thin layer of fog over parts of oakland and emeryville. low clouds out there in the east bay and parts of the north bay but it is all about sunshine. tree palm has been miserable for the past month. tree palm levels are dropping. we are done to medium levels.
5:36 am
we are trending in the right direction. cedar, juniper, pine, and -- are the main ones -- and ash the main ones now. warm temperatures across much of california. southern california probably 80's close to 90 degrees. back at home, weekly warming conditions in the 60's. we will find temperatures in the warmest spots exceeding 70 degrees. 66 in the city. 70 in san jose. 69 the high in santa cruz. air-quality forecast fluctuating between good and moderate. that is weather. jobina: we are going to start with a crash definitely impacting the commuters out of
5:37 am
tracy. this is on westbound 580 right before grant line road peered speeds down to 29 miles per hour in the area. one lane is blocked. tracy to dublin, 50 minutes. san rafael to san francisco, a 60 minute ride. in bay, we have some fog. in emeryville, heads up along 80 and entering the bay bridge toll plaza. very clear in san jose. we wrap up with a live picture of 101.
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[ticking clock] stressed out? time to refresh your rhythm with trident. ♪ ♪ trident gum. the fresh chew to refresh your rhythm. kumasi: a 22-year-old was shot and killed by police seconds after a swat team entered the apartment he was in. jobina: police body camera video suggests he was sleeping as the raid began. some of the video you are about to watch maybe difficult there there are questions about why this happened in november 2020. in neapolis restricted the use
5:41 am
-- minapolestricted the e of no-knk waantsutey haven't e they entered where he was. footage shows he was holding a gun. >> he wasn't even awake. he was in a deep sleep when those officers entered the residence and startled him out of a sleep and he didn't have an opportunity to see who decided to play god and take his life. jobina: protesters called for the interim police chief and the mayor to resign over the weekend. the officer who fired the shots has been placed on administrative leave. it is unknown why police upgraded the warrant to a no-knock warrant. temporary ban has been issued. kumasi: several correctional officers and a warden accused of sexually abusing inmates at the federal correction institution
5:42 am
in dublin according to an investigation by the associated press. the ap obtained records, interviewed employees and inmates and look at report records. inmates were often threatened or punished when they tried to speak up and claims of abuse were ignored or cast aside. four prison employees have been arrested, including the former warden. not of those charged nor their lawyers have responded to requests for comment. rodents are running around at one of the nicest playgrounds. we were there when kids started to chase one. j.r. stone is following the story from san francisco. this white cter plaroun in osan ll. we saw a white rat that came
5:43 am
out to look at us. about eight inches long and albino white. >>re looking for a lot of rats. >> look at the video reit recorded. other rats taking this playground area. several friday including this rat that runs under an occupied slide then under the entire play area before jumping into the bushes, something doctors say is concerning. >> rats can transmit quite a few infections. >> the doctor says he wouldn't stop sending kids to a playground do to rats but hopes their parents use caution. >> number one, wash your hands. instruct young kids not to put their hands in their mouth after running aun knowing the effectst illness like fever, diarrhea,
5:44 am
rash. city workers say the bushes is to be trimmed very short, but not anymore. we reached out to the parks department but have yet to hear back. it is unclear if traps have been set or if there are plans to get rid of the rats. sunday, family sue could be seer more of the rodents. >> disconcerting for the can mad find sanitary practices. >> they probably need to call an exterminator. reggie: someone has been flying a drone near uc berkeley and it is agitating to falcons who live at the top of the clock tower. they have shown defensive behavior to a drone intruding on their habitat according to staff who monitor and look after the birds.
5:45 am
you sleep -- uc berkeley prohibits drones flying on their property unless they have permission. can we solve something here? the falcons plus the rats. kumasi: chocolate milk coming back to vacaville school because students were protesting. >> what do we want? >> chocolate milk. >> now.t kumasi: they were not happy that the chocolate milk got cold -- hold from the menu -- pulled from the menu. >> will me to have chocolate milk you would beuc a spot. >> it was pulled because there is too much sugar. needs? kumasi: they came to a
5:46 am
compromise. chocolate milk is coming back but only for one day every other week. teachers say it was a good way to teach students how to form an argument and stand up for what they believe in. reggie: ok. for many, candy is an essential part of valentine's day. it seems the top can be picked depends on where you live. it is polarizing but conversation candy hearts are the biggest seller in california heard it is the biggest seller here and in 12 other states according to sales data. heart-shaped boxes of chocolates were the big seller in six states. m&ms with a bestseller in nine states. the retail federation expects nearly record-breaking candy sales.
5:47 am
kumasi: can we recap what we have just been through. reggie: go for it. kumasi: the rats in the park. it is a nice park. the falcons upset with the drones peered the kids upset about chocolate milk so they protested. reggie: and then the grossest valentines candy of all is popular in california. drew: i have a feeling these candy stats were made up to talk about it. remember the made-up parts you had last week? reggie: i asked what should be on hearts in the year 2022 because some are outdated. we had some good ideas but some i cannot repeat and television. catch me on the internet. drew: three c's are never on their -- rece
5:48 am
their. drew: visibility is an issue. parts of the north bay and coast, patchy fog. down to street level in oakland, impacting 580 and parts of ma real and the bay bridge -- parts of emeryville and the bay bridge. is abt sunshinend weather. a live look across the city showing generally calm conditions. numbers in the 30's and 40's at this hour. 41 in novato. san jose waking up to a temperature of 41 degrees.
5:49 am
a typical winter chill. this afternoon feels anything but wintry. 70 in san jose. 66 in the city. 72 in santa rosa. over the next three days, talking about a spring fling across all of california. in the bay, going into the 70's if not close to 80 degrees. l.a. by thur degrees by the aft. very warm across the golden state. we will have a blend of 30's 40's. the next seven days, mild sunshine as we head into the afternoon. we will keep the springlike temperatures. over the weekend, little change with 60's and 70's. reggie: uber is facing serious
5:50 am
questions towards not binary drivers. kumasi: joe rogan now apologizing for a recently surfaced video.
5:51 am
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osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club. reggie: we are hearing from a full house start talking about bob saget and his sudden death. he was found at the ritz-carlton in orlando. he is best known for america's add for his role on danny tanner on full house. -- america's dad for hisor hisos danny tanner on full house. >> we have a full house family group chat that goes back and forth and it is missing a lot about bob in it. the last individual text between
5:53 am
he and i and he did an individual episode of my podcast and i told him that i loved him and he said i love you always. you always knew you ended the phone conversation and it was an i love you. reggie: you can watch the full interview coming up on gma. kumasi: new controversy surrounding joe rogan who attracts an estimated 11 million visitors to each episode. his past use of a racial slur is causing his critics and supporters to speak out. >> podcasting star joe rogan is now apologizing for a recently surfaced video showing him repeatedly using a racial slur on his show over the years. >> the most regretful and shameful thing i have ever had to talk about publicly. i know to most people there is no context where a white person is ever allowed to say that word, never mind publicly on a
5:54 am
podcast. i agree with that now. >> the apology comes after spotify removed dozens of episodes of his s n pe, including episodes with alex jones and former breitbart officials. he is accused misinformation on covid. he signed a $100 million deal was spotify in 2020. the company ceo in a letter to employees sunday said he does not believe that silencing job is the answer. other comics and podcasters also coming to his defense. whitney cummings tweeting, comedians did not sign up to be your hero. stay focused on the people we take -- pay tax >> should not take medical advice from a comedian doing a five cast.
5:55 am
-- doing a podcast. >> spotify said it is adding advisories to podcasts. kumasi: if you have an -- if you have been meaning to reach out to an old friend, today might be the date to do it. it is national send a card to a friend day, the old way. the exact origin of this holiday is not clear. valentine's day is coming up next week, maybe it is meant to have you practice showing your love before the holiday. drew: it would be nice to get something in the mail besides bills. kusi i get stuff i didn't ask for. why is this in my mailbox? i don't even check my mailbox. drew: your mailman is probably like, will she ever?
5:56 am
kumasi: clean this out. drew: temperatures in the 30's and 40's. 47 in the city. 41 in fremont. we have generally calm conditions. patchy fog in the east and north bay. areas of fog this morning but then sunshine and mild temperatures. 60's and 70's later today. the pattern continues to warm incrementally by tuesday and wednesday. it feels like spring, widespread 70's. some spots close to 80 degrees. kumasi: new at 6:00, the company charged and blindsided by a change. reggie: east bay city now acquiring every
5:57 am
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. effect in berkeley. where you need to show proof. reggie: the second freeway shooting of the year in oakland. how the victim made an impact. >> a warning about the situation in between at russia and ukraine. reggie: welcome to that monday.
6:00 am
drew: dense fog in the north bay. as well as in the east bay. dense fog early on. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. 38 in palo alto. live look on the south bay. clear skies overhead. areas of fog first thing this morning. then we will find sunny skies throughout the afternoon. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. by wednesday and tuesday, even warmer air being in. kumasi: this morning, vaccine arose if you are planning to eat or workout inside in berkeley. anyone over the age of five past to be vaccinated to go inside


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