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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 7, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PST

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ukraine. reggie: welcome to that monday. drew: dense fog in the north bay. as well as in the east bay. dense fog early on. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. 38 in palo alto. live look on the south bay. clear skies overhead. areas of fog first thing this morning. then we will find sunny skies throughout the afternoon. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. by wednesday and tuesday, even warmer air being in. kumasi: this morning, vaccine arose if you are planning to eat or workout inside in berkeley.
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anyone over the age of five past to be vaccinated to go inside many locations and employees have to be boosted. >> if you are headed out into berkeley today, do not forget your vaccine card. fort you go into a restaurant or agm, they will require proof of vaccination for anyone over the age of five. if you are an employee who deals with customers, you are required to have a booster. this is for gyms, childcare facilities. if you have tickets to a large crowd, you will need to be vaccinated. starting march 14, an event with 500 people will require vaccination. the health officer says these
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requirements will add a critical layer of safety. these go into effect today. reggie: there continue to beee questions about when restrictions will ease. across the u.s., daily cases are down since the peak of omicron. the signs are encouraging that the light of the end of the tunnel is closer than you think. >> we will not be completely out of this threat until you start to consider this virus endemic. it is important that the cdc be transparent about these numbers and what milestones we to lift restrictions. reggie: dr. patel will not be surprised if restrictions are lifted by spring. he believes the -- it will takee
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to fold herd immunity with people vaccinated and people who have had the virus. kumasi: new and concerning developments involving the situation between russia and ukraine. national security advisor now running an invasion could happen any day. jobina: adding to concerns, u.s. officials have confirmed russia has gathered 70% of military firepower needed or invasion. the u.s. and allies working to stop an invasion. president biden will meet the german chancellor to discuss what can be done ahead of a meeting with vladimir putin later this week. the biden administration still hoping for a diplomatic solution. >> he has put himself in a situation to be able to act aggressively at any time. >> it is estimated that a
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russian attack could result in as many as 50,000 deaths. u.s. troops into poland. manual mack road also involved -- emmanuel involved. reggie: grieving the loss of an east bay father killed in oakland shooting friday evening. his death has extended those who knew him. he played basketball at berkeley high and then you see berkeley. he returned to berkeley high to mentor young players. >> he coached our freshman team. we were undefeated that year. he expected us to perform at a high level. reggie: his shen
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shared memories, saying he opened the door for future basketball stars. he was looked up to and loved by many. the highway patrol arrested j j angel garcia on murder charges with the killing. he is being held without bell -- bail and will -- kumasi: more than one dozen people arrested from a piece of floating ice. reggie: changes to the castro theatre caused swift reactions. how the community is responding to an apology from management. drew: warm week ahead. temperatures with mild sunshine going to the 60's and 70's.
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being rescued from a cheat of floating ice near cleveland. the group had been snowmobiling when the ice cracked. a good samaritan with a boat rescued seven of them. the coast guard saved the other 11. the national weather service had been warning people to stay off the ice. drew: warm weather ahead. about a half-hour ago, we did have low clouds reported from emeryville to oakland. looks like a lot of that has lifted but still some issues. tree pollen last week was at high levels. this week, medium levels.
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it is a chilly start to the day, but we quickly warm up to the 50's and 60's by lunchtime. this afternoon, 60's and 70's. jobina: with graphics in hayward. a new crash there on the southbound 880 before industrial parkway. speeds down to 11 mph in theh in area. three lanes blocked. crash on 580pretty active commu. live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic picking up for people traveling towards the peninsula. emeryville, westbound, we have had some issues with fog.
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be aware that you may run into low visibility. kumasi: peninsula town now accepting applications for new housing projects. reggie: get paid to watch the super bowl. the job and a big paycheck one company is offering to pay close attention to everything in the
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provide information on a discriminatory practices about transgender and non-binary drivers. san francisco city attorney signed a letter with attorneys from l.a. and san diego in response to stories from drivers saying they were matt -- banned
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from uber. they also say uber shows a name they used before transitioning, which out them on the app. reggie: the new management at the castro theater is apologizing for the abrupt nature of plans to transform the theater. danaus plans last month to transform the theater into a live music venue by 2023. blindsided. this was the hot topic at their meeting. a senior vice president apologized to merchants and pledged to be a good neighbor. community leaders say they are excited about the changes but just want to know about them. kumasi: crew may spot is
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to hope raise around $20,000 an employee identified as joe. he is out of it, but faces a long recovery. reggie: woodside will accepting applications for a new housing project as soon as today. woodside claimed they were exempt because last night, they changed their mind. >> for the past 10 days, t dayst town of woodside claimed it was not eligible for sb9 projects, claiming the town was a mountain lion habitat. that did not sit well with california attorney general who challenged the notion. >> they provided no evidence for
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their claim. sb9 does not allow towns or cities to be declared off-limits. >> sb9 is an attempt to alleviate california's housing shortage. the state needs 3.5 million housing units by 2025. in this town, the average home price is $5 million. four woodside resident vanes the wildcat habitat claimant did not seem honest. >> have you seen it mountain lions? not here? >> not here. if anyone else comes in to the city does not belong to these groups, they are rude. >> woodside council members had a meeting.
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after nearly an hour and a half of a closed session meeting, council members unanimously agreed. >> woodside accept applications for sb9 projects. >> claiming they understand why their entire town cannot be considered a habitat for mountain lions. >> town staff has received guidance from the department of fish and wildlife on how to identify a habitat andlaw. kumasi: a magnitude 3.2 earthquake rumbled in the east bay. the epicenter was about one mile north of san leandro yesterday afternoon. social media report -- users reported feeling it.
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reggie: what you are seeing is a meet and greet in olden, colorado, the city synonymous with coors beer. they brought in 1500 golden retrievers. it is a tradition the city wants to get started. the city is already expecting an even bigger crowd year. kumasi: can you bring it --? is that allowed? reggie: sometimes what i think is better is do not ask. drew: this early on, who going to know? reggie: everyone can mind their own business. kumasi: i like that. reggie: rooster is quiet, -ish. what could go wrong?
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drew: nothing, but let us talk about the weather. visibility -- a few issues. a little bit of fog in the east bay, but i think that oakland reading is going to improve. north bay, we still have issues. technical trouble spots in the early morning hours, you get sheltered valleys. dense fog. but a beautiful picture, a live look from our southbay camera showing that son get up. nice start to thetemperature wi, typical for this time of the year. 42 in san mateo. livermore,
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but temperatures quickly warming throughout the morning and early afternoon. later on today, it does not feel like enter at all. later on tonight, some patchy fog developing in the north fate. across california, nothing but warmeather over the next several days. 70's, if not 80's, in the bay area. it has been a month since we have seen rain. we are not seeing any over the next seven days. this weekend, cooling but still in the 60's and 70's. reggie: ginger? >> great to be with you this morning. coming up on gma, the heights takes diplomatic mission. frech president macron is set to meet with vladimir putin as the
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biden administration is warning could attack at any moment. anger on the streets of minneapolis after the killing of amir locke. his parents speak out. plus, the new announcement from the queen about camilla. when charles takes the throne, what happens? we are honoring a beloved jazz teacher. do not miss our surprise. then who played who played wh percussion. what did george say? trump aide. i am bobo. -- obo. i played piano but then the obo. reggie: church band? >> yeah. reggie: this was not revealed in
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either of your books. >> i do not know that jesus was as praised with my, but i tried. reggie: -- kumasi: hopefully, you had someone who was like, go ahead, ginger. >> her name was my mom. reggie:
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pressure off the coastline. it will build over the next couple of days and bring us some warm air. nice looking horizon, the sun slowly rising. starting out in the 30's and
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40's, warming to the 60's by lunchtime. these numbers 10 degrees above average. 60's and 70's later. kumasi: dramatic video from a maryland officer shows her putting her life on the line to save a student. no one got seriously hurt. you might find the video hard to watch. the officer is signaling for a part to stop, but the car barrels through. it hit the officer as she pushes the student out of harm's way. the driver was fined. reggie: queen elizabeth says she wants charles's wife to be queen camilla one day. r nceramla toued a meshes spoins inherit the queen consort title.
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camilla remains divisive. some still blame her for the divorce of diana and charles. however, her popularity has improved. festivities to celebrate the platinum jubilee planned for june. kumasi: australia planning to open its borders to international travelers january 21. anyone entering the country has two b vaccinated. reggie: after one year, mike mcdaniel named miami daniel -- miami dolphins head coach. his hiring marks the end of a momcdaniel, who identifies as multiracial, joins three others as a minority head coaches. kumasi: if you are looking to
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that she will be back safely. reggie: the family of a missing woman growing worry. nearly two weeks since she was last seen. the vigil hoping to get her home. kumasi: why some are keeping their kids out of school this week. reggie: one of san francisco's busiest playgrounds. kumasi: february 7. drew: some areas of fog first thing this morning in the north and east bay. zero miles of visibility in votto, a quarter in santa rosa. some low clouds this morning.
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bit of a chill. 30's and low 40's. palo alto at 39. 41 in san jose. lloro as the sun gets up. areas of fog this morning. but it is warm later... 60's and 70's. warmer weather later this week. reggie: in berkeley, many more people have to show proof of vaccination or a booster to enter and work in certain businesses. >> restaurants coming to berkeley. anyone older than five needs to show they are vaccinated before stepping inside a restaurant for jim. employees will have to show they are boosted. this is for restaurants, gyms,
6:31 am
pharmacies, dental offices, childcare facilities. they are allowed to show proof of a medical exemption or religious belief that prevents them from getting inoculated. tickets into an event that will have a crowd of more than 500 people, starting march 14, you will be required to be vaccinated. a negative covid test will not be enough. berkeley's health officer sang these requirements will lower risk. officials point out vaccinations are easy to find and these requirements go into effect today. reggie: some oakland parents plan to keep their kids out of class this week to protest a plan that would close or consolidate more than a dozen schools. parents will protest in person every morning.
6:32 am
this after hundreds of marched through oakland friday. tomorrow, the school board is set to vote. the district says declining enrollment and a budget deficit leaves them with no choice. some argue the closures would negatively impact communities of color. kumasi: early voting underway for san francisco's special election. the polls have been quiet. elections officials say they are saying about half the turnout of last september. city hall open for early voting and registration. the ballot includes recall measures for 340 of education members. but voter engagement has wavered. >> when early voting first begun in the middle of january, it has slowed down. i expected it to pick up this last week. kumasi: the city is making sure
6:33 am
all workers are ready. it has trained 21 people yesterday. election day next tuesday, brry 1 information the minneapolis city council reviewing the no knock policy. this comes after amir locke was killed during a raid last week. calls for the mayor and police chief to resign. >> he was killed seconds after eights what and entered his apartment. video suggests he was sleeping as the raid began. there are questions about why this happened. in november 2020, neapolis restricted no-knock warrants in response to george floyd, but they have continued, including
6:34 am
last week when officers used a key to enter the apartment where locke was under a blanket. >> he was in a deep sleep when those officers entered the residence and startled him. he did not have an opportunity to see who decided to take his life. >> protesters calle interim police chief and mayor of minneapolis to resign. the officer who fired the shots placed on administrative leave. it is still unknown why police upgraded the orange to a no-knock warrant. temporary ban. kumasi: teams have recovered the body of the skater who felt through the ice near truckee. 8 people were skating on a lake when the ice broke.
6:35 am
six people fell in. only five were able to get out. crews warning the ice is not stable. reggie: the family of alexis gave becoming more distressed. it has been close to two weeks since the oakland woman was last seen. >> >> family, friends, strangers taking part in the vigil to remind the community that alexis is still missing. >> this is day 11. every day gets harder and harder. >> flyers everywhere. new billboards up asking for tips. >>we
6:36 am
businesses who put up flyers. >> your support means everything continue moving forward so we get alexis back me. >> alexis was last seen by her ex-boyfriend around january 26. today's vigilant walk started at trenton street and oakley road, the same spot where her car was found. the keys were still in it. on february 1, police searched and antioch home linked to her ex-boyfriend, removing evidence. no new developments. >> alexis's friends and family know her is kind, smart, funny. >> i think she had dreams but was at a point in her life where
6:37 am
she was finding herself, enjoying the moment.she was ver. kumasi: today, the three white men convicted of killing ahmad arbery will be back in court. they will be standing trial on federal hate crime charges. jury selection set to start today. travis mcmichael, his father and their neighbor were already convicted of murder in a state trial. now, prosecutors are expected to argue the killing was motivated by racism. the mcmichael's planning to plead guilty but the judge t ggie rats on a playground in san francisco. the warning about getting too close. kumasi: looking live at the new
6:38 am
york stock exchange. down right now about 30 points. another update on the markets. also, live with the director of a new documentary about barbara lee. you can watch on the app, at if he sees you can download the app. drew: a live picture. not a cloud in the sky as the sun slowly gets up. a little bit of fog in the north bay, but today all about sunshine and warm temperatures. last week, tree pollen at height levels. your main offenders still cedar, juniper, pine, alder, ash.
6:39 am
chili temperatures but sunshine s.ll warm us up quickly. 66 in the city t 70 in fremont and san jose. half-moon a mild at 66.the nextd sunshine through wednesday. a warming trend gets under way. thursday and friday, records possible. a look at those numbers coming up, but how are we doing on the roads? jobina: a few issues. live look at the a bridge toll plaza. packed. also, a stalled car around
6:40 am
treasure island causing a backup . at least one lane is locked as you make your way into san francisco. bridge getting busier for people traveling westbound. brush fire in livermore along eastbound 580. we will be right back.
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kumasi: several corrections officers and the warden accused of abusing inmates in dublin. the ap obtained records, interviewed employees and inmates and interviewed court records. inmates were often threatened or punished when they tried to speak up. four employees have been arrested, including ray garcia. no responses to requests for comment. rats on the playground at one on san francisco's busiest and nicest playgrounds. following the story from san francisco. >> jacob jacob
6:44 am
chasing this sunday evening at one of the two civic center playgrounds in the shadows of san francisco city hall. >> about 8 ihes pink nose. >> but that rat is not alone. other rats also taking to this by ground in the afternoon hours. two more sunday night, including this right -- rat that runs under the play area before jumping in to the bushes, something doctors say is concerning. dr. peter ground due to rats but hopes their parents use caution. >> wash your hands, instruct
6:45 am
kids not to put their hands in their mouth after running around a potentially infested area. >> the effects of certain illnesses are fever, diarrhea, rash. bushes use to be trimmed very short, but not anymore. we reached out to the recreation and parks apartment but have yet to hear back. unclear if there are plans to get rid of the rats. sunday, some families could be seen looking for more of the rodents. >> hopefully, they can find some sort of sanitary practices. >> they probably need to call an exterminator. reggie: concerns about how muchm the federal reserve will increased interest rates are at ripples through stock market. markets across asia slipped
6:46 am
overnight after friday's strong jobs report. economists thinking for could push interest rates up 1.5% next month. live look at the new york stock exchange. we are down about 24 points. chanel may be testing the upper limits of his pricing. prices of small purses jumped $3000 last year. chanel is blaming the cost of production, raw materials. the parent company say not seen customer resistance. kumasi: spirit and frontier airlines landing to become one. the $6.6 billion merger announced this morning. this will create america's fifth
6:47 am
largest airline. no word on what brand they are going to fly under. the merger will offer more than 1000 daily flights to more than 145 western nations. jody sween talking about bob saget. the actor was found dead at ritz-carlton in orlando. he is best known for his role as danny tanner on full house. sweetintintin on the show. this morning, she revealed their last conversation. >> we have a full house family group chat. it is missing a lot without bob. the last individual text between he and i, he did an episode of my podcast. he said, love you. anything for you. that is how bob was.
6:48 am
kumasi: you can watch the full interview coming up at 7:00. reggie: campanelli flying a drone near uc berkeley. annie and grenell have shown defensive behavior to a drone intruding on their habitat. uc berkeley prohibits drones on his property unless they get special permission. kumasi: chocolate milkning a blk not happy that chocolate milk got cold, so the fourth grade class had a protest. >> in fourth grade, you would be lucky to get chocolate milk. >> chocolate milk has a lot of
6:49 am
sugar. sugar, is that what anybody needs? kumasi: students and the administration came to compromise. the chocolate milk will return one day every other week teachers say it was a good way to teach students to stand up for what they will even, even if that is chocolate milk. reggie: i feel like they could have gotten once a week. did you drink chocolate milk in school? drew: no. i only packed my lunch. reggie: because you had oscar meyer bologna. we found out about the. your mom made you bologna sandwiches. drew: they were delicious. reggie: hmhm. kumasi: what were you eating,
6:50 am
reggie? reggie: taco bell. they had it in our cafeteria. the 90's were wild. they let taco bell come in sell it to the children. drew: they would not even let soda in my school. reggie: i am going to call your mom. i obviously need some ohlone. drew: some fog in areas that is dense. north bay, visibility down to a order of eight mile from santa rosa. some issues if you are traveling 101. southbay, 280 impacted. some low clouds will lift for
6:51 am
sunshine. southbay, this is 280. you can see tlo cer but the themet about warm afternoon temperatures, but we have that typical winter chill. 47 in the city, but 34 in napa. later on today, temperatures will warm quickly. 66 in the city today, 72 in santa rosa. overnight, likely some areas of patchy fog developing. 30's and 40's heading into thursday. later this week, and 80's write some spots. l.a. by thursday approaching 90 degrees. mild sunshine on the menu. it has been one month since we have seen rainfall.
6:52 am
records possible by the end of the week. kumasi: new controversy concerning joe rogan. his past use of a racial slur causing critics and supporters to speak out. >> podcasting start joe rogan now apologizing for a video showing him repeatedly using a racial slur over the years. >> the most regretful and shameful thing i have ever had to talk about publicly. to most people, there is no context where a person is allowed to say that word, never mind on a podcast. >> the apology comes afterer spotify removed dozens of episodes of his hit show, including episodes with a former write part in a tour.
6:53 am
rogan has been facing for sharing misinformation about covid, leading artists like neil young to pull music from the platform. rogan signed a deal with spotify in 2020. the ceo said he does not believe silencing joe is the answer. other critics also coming to his defense. comedians did not sign up to beat your hero. stay focused on the people we pay taxes to two the moral leaders. >> you should not take medical l advice from a comedian doing a podcast. that is not a thing. >> spotify now advisory's to covid related podcasts. reggie: this story i cannot
6:54 am
figure out, but you are picking a candidate which tastes like chalk. there are polarizing opinions, but conversation it candy hearts the biggest seller in our state. it is the top pick in california and other states. heart-shaped boxes of chocolate top sellers in 16 states. m&ms the best seller in nine states. this year, the national retail federation expects record-breaking candy sales. kumasi: if you have been meaning to reach out to an old friend, it is national send a card to a friend day, not text them, actually send a card. the exact origin of the day is not clear, but there is a theory this is meant to give you a
6:55 am
chance to practice showing love and head of valentine's day. reggie: what is the candy that you want for valentine's day? kumasi: nice chocolates. reggie: somewhere not get from the cvs. kumasi: that would be nice. reggie: nothing that has chalk on it. kumasi: i just like chocolate. reggie: more chocolate, less shock. kumasi: seven things you need to know up next. reggie: you can watch on our app.
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this morning. russia could in vain ukraine any day. u.s. officials confirmed russia has already assembled 70% of the
6:58 am
military power needed. reggie: berkeley is tightening vaccination rules. workers in restaurants, pharmacies, childcare settings have to get boosted. gyms and restaurants also required to check vaccination status. kumasi: oakland parents keeping kids out of class to protest a proposal to consolidate schools. it follows a large protest last week. the school board set to vote tomorrow. reggie: website will start accepting applications for new housing as soon as today. the city sent it was exempt from state law. the city threatened legal action. drew: warm week ahead. tracking sunshine after fog lifts. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. jobina: stalled upper deck on
6:59 am
the bay bridge around treasure island. kumasi: that is a rat. it is running around this playground. those children are chasing the rat around the playground near san francisco city hall. dr. peter hong says parentsarenr hands and do not put their hands in their mouth after running around a potentially infested area. drew: ♪ city living ♪ it is a nice park. jobina: i am sure you all have your thing, that one thing that is just like a hard no. rodents for me.
7:00 am
drew: thanks for me. reggie:er a pizza and you can call it chuck e. cheese. drew: good morning, america.r our. as we start the new week, a diplomatic full-court press to stop russian aggression. high-stakes mission. french president macron in moscow this morning meeting with vladimir putin trying to stop a russian invasion of ukraine as the biden administration warns putin could attack at any time now. state of emergency declared north of the border as protests against covid restrictions escalate. authorities say at least 500 trucks refuse to leave blocking the roads. this morning, the latest on the so-called "freedom convoy." demanding answers. demonstrators taking to the streets of minneapolis after the police killing of 22-year-old amir locke while executing a no-knock warrant. the incident captured on police
7:01 am
body cam video under investigation as locke's parents speak out this morning.


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