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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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news and that breaking news is in s police vehicles have been involved in a crash sky 7 is live over mckee road and jose vergarais avenue these tow trucks just arrived to take the suvs away. you can see this head-on collision. that's right in front of the regional medical center to give you a better perspective. we have calls in to san jose police for more details on this. we will bring that information to you just as soon as it comes into the newsroom. and there's this breaking news out of the east bay the orinda bart station is closed right now because of what bart is calling a major medical. emergency, we understand. there's someone on the tracks trains are not stopping at orinda station right now. we will bring you updates as we get more information for now, though. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm on dates and i'm dan ashley. we are all so following new developments on the coronavirus
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here in california with governor newsom announcing late today that the end of california's indoor mask requirement is now in sight starting next tuesday, february 15th, the statewide indoor mask mandate will expire but that's only if vaccinated keep in mind the governor says unvaccinated people will still need to wear masks indoors. the mandate will also remain. place on public transportation regardless of vaccination status and kids in schools will still have to wear masks some parents have been calling on the governor to lift that mandate ucsf epidemiologist, dr. george ruthe says, it's best to keep it. i think that has a longer tail to it mostly because the downside is not just infection. it's schools get closed and they and they miss out on education and it's disruptive for everyone. we've reached out to all the bay area counties to see if they plan to align with the state. marin county rescinded its local mask mandate on december 29th and says it will defer to whatever the state recommends
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the governor says. the state's case rate has decreased by 65% since our omicron peak hospitalizations have stabilized. they've been decreasing since the last week of january our test positivity rate is nine and a half percent. that is the lowest number since december 24th the funeral bell at the national drill in washington marked a pandemic milestone today. the 900,000 people who have died. the united states from covid each ring is the equivalent obviously of a thousand lives. the us hit this milestone on friday. covid crushed a us athletes hopes for olympic day the enormity of the situation to just the pain of it all is pretty insane team usa figure skater vincent joe made the announcement today on instagram the 21 year old from san jose
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won a silver medal in beijing for team figure skating. he withdrew from tomorrow's individual competition after testing positive for covid a second time, although he had to withdrawal from the games joe said he was proud of his achievements as he should be that's a shame. right. let's move on now three days after the latest. deadly highway shooting in oakland. there is a renewed push now for surveillance cameras the freeways of the jurisdiction of the state, but city officials can push for changes and abc 7 news reporter loose pena questioned oakland mayor libby schaaf about what's being done to stop these fatalities. it's the agonizing call chp officers make far too often their data shows. there were 144 highway shootings in bay area freeways in 2021. very unresponsible the latest one took the life of uc berkeley hall of fame basketball star jean ransom on interstate 880 in oakland on friday, terry wiley
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chief assistant district attorney for alameda county grew up hearing about ransom now his prosecuting this case. this is a man who spent the last 20 years of his life trying to keep kids off of the streets away from gun violence, and then he's gunned down in the last nine months five people. killed in oakland freeways before jean ransom was david when killed on i-580. so what are your recruits was killed a month ago? here we are again. what has changed nothing's changed. we went to alameda county searching for answers without highway cameras. the da's office depends on dash cam video for evidence. there's nothing we can do other than to get cameras on the freeways that allow for 24 hour recording we questioned oakland mayor levy chef about her plan to combat crime and add highway cameras. she pointed to a letter. she sent to governor newsome in december what came out of that?
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the governor did commit to working with the legislature in looking at this as a budget proposal for the upcoming budget, but will not see another revised budget until may and that's when we'll have more information meaning they're likely won't be any change until the summer so we kept pushing. are you calling in governor newsome asking for something to happen even sooner before the budget that is certainly my desire. no one can wait for more safety alameda county sheriff greg. ahern is not waiting for the state budget. he is advocating for highway cameras. now. how is your office pushing for this? i want to make a very vocal statement to the state. we're going to talk to the state sheriff. see we get some support from the state sheriff's association in san francisco loose pena. the news opening statements began today in the case that led to the current rift between the san francisco police department and the office of district attorney chase a boudin officer.
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terrence stengel is charged with four felonies related to this october 2019 incident in which the officer struck a domestic violence suspect several times with his baton. this is video from stringles body camera boudin filed charges against him shortly after he took office in 2020. this is the first use of force case. he's brought to it begins a week after police. chief williams got terminated an agreement that the da's office to investigate officer involved incidents that lead to death or serious bodily injury. and oakland family has been on a nearly two years search for answers after the death of their son. they allege his death was not properly investigated because he was asian. and gay thousands of people including a state senator are now calling on investigators to do more. and abc 7 news. anchor dion limb has a story you'll see only on seven. jackson was very much that that vibrant humorous jokester a
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little mischievous, but always with a big heart and empathy that was him. it's that life that according to jim salas and angie aquino solace makes it so hard to comprehend that their son. jackson is no longer in this world. i was just so proud to see him and the man he was growing into being jackson was found dead in a san francisco apartment on march 2nd 2020 reports show. he had met a man on a dating app and that there were drugs in his system as fpd released a statement to me saying there were no signs of foul play but the solace family alleges they were kept dark over details of what really happened. we spent the first year trying to get reports. we finally got the final report of what happened to our son in november of 2020. they also believed their son's case was dismissed as an accidental overdose because of his sexual orientation jackson is asian he is gay and so when i heard the medical examiner tell me the gay community always uses
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ghb or uses ghb very dismissive. i've seen the medical examiners and police reports and this is a complicated case, but this isn't a story about the drugs found in jackson's system or the circumstances where he was found. it's about a family's fight for fairness and the community rallying behind them the families petition to reopen the investigation has more than 40,000 signatures alleging. the investigation was not through enough. senator scott wiener also wrote this letter asking for sfpd and the emmy support we need to make sure that the community has trust in our government. police and the medical examiner parents shouldn't have to speculate about what happened when their child has died. no matter the outcome the solace family hopes one thing that is legacy will set an example for others regardless of sexual orientation. he should have an equal investigation as anyone else and
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inspire other families of children in the lgbtq community to have a voice? we were so proud of them in alameda. limb abc 7 news a body was this afternoon floating in the water south. high street bridge which links oakland and alameda abc 7 news was at the scene off oakport street near the san francisco bay trail. east bay regional park police are handling the investigation and aren't releasing a whole lot of details crews are looking for a fisherman who got knocked into the water by a wave at muir beach in marin county this afternoon sky 7 was over the scene at about 2:30 as a chp helicopter lifted another person off the rocks to safety as you can see here and all two people were pulled out of the water and are said to be doing fine the golden gate national park service says the three fishermen hiked down to the rocks from the overlook. the since there's no trail. a new bill announced just before the weekend aims to take more action against sex trafficking in california if passed hotels
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and motels in the state could get a fine if they knew sex trafficking was happening and didn't report it abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes has a details. human trafficking according to local experts is happening across the state in tragic ways trafficers particularly sex traffickers, utilize hotels and motels and hotels and motels really. don't speak up the way they should california law requires hotels to provide training to staff so they can recognize human trafficking assembly member jordan cunningham from san luis. obispo says he wants to add another tool introducing assembly both 1788 if passed it would let local authorities issue a penalty if it's found that a hotel supervisor new or should have known that sex trafficking was happening and didn't report it within 24 hours the first time it happens, they'd be fine one thousand dollars the second 3,000 and $5. was every other time during a calendar year cunningham says this state bill gives local authorities more leverage than the current federal law its
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models after that only allows a civil recourse for the actual victim and allows a federal criminal prosecution. so this tries to fill a gap on the local level and give another another tool for those that want to disrupt trafficking organizations ruth's over to hope is the legal services chair with the south bay coalition to end human trafficking. she says provisions that are in the federal law should be incl particularly that a person can sue the traffic or and the person who didn't say anything when they knowingly saw the trafficking happens. i'm also concerned that it's only sex trafficking because we do have people that knew or should have known about trafficking cunningham told me that the focus is sex trafficking because that's largely the kind being conducted in hotels. he says that if the bill passes a trafficking victim would then have the federal and state law if they want to take action. this simply gives our district attorneys and our city attorneys another enforcement tool that they previously have not had and san jose zach cuentes abc 7 news still ahead here a small but
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significant development as attorneys for scott peterson trying to get a new trial because of alleged. your misconduct and is the department of justice changing its stance on safe injection sites what it's now saying about allowing places where people can openly use drugs like heron and other narcotics abc 7 news at 5. we'll be ri oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs.
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with murdering two law enforcement officers in oakland and santa cruz county is set to change his plea. guilty, steven carrillo is accused of shooting and killing federal security officer david underwood in oakland in 2020 and a santa cruz county sheriff sergeant investigators. say carrillo, who was an air force sergeant at the time was associated with the anti-government group the boogaloo brothers a carrillo changed of plea and is set for friday a juror from scott. peterson's murder. trial will be granted immunity
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when she testified in an upcoming hearing to determine peterson is granted a new trial. yeah peterson was convicted in 2004 of murdering his pregnant wife lacey and their unborn son abc 7 news reporter melanie. woodrow has more on today's hearing. scott peterson's attorney describing a small but significant development in court today. this was the first time the prosecutor had stated they will give jury number seven immunity pat harris says drawer number 7 rochelle. nice wasn't honest during questioning and did not disclose a domestic violence related issue when she became a juror sure. needs to be cross-examined and needs to be it needs to be determined what her motives were for one being on the jury and number two why she lied to get on the jury now that the district attorney. office has said they will give her immunity from self-incrimination. harris says when she testifies in an upcoming hearing she'll have two options. she will either answer the questions or if she chooses not
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to she can be held and contempt and you can actually go to jail for that. harris says peterson is hopeful he could be granted a new trial in court today. he had a boot on just sort of a slip and fall type thing that he twisted his ankle doing something if a neutral is granted harris says it will be very different than the first one with evidence presented knowingly woodrow abc 7 news the justice department now says it might be open to allowing so-called safe injection sites where people can only use drugs the department stands comes a year after federal prosecutors won a major court ruling that the sites would violate federal law the first officially authorized safe injection sites opened in new york city. november back in december san francisco approved the purchase of two sites in the tenderloin with the support of mayor london breed advocates have hailed the safe havens as a way to curb overdose deaths. still ahead here subscriptions and unwanted charges 7 on your side to michael. finney will be here with what you should know and other
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nationwide gap is now getting ready to open four new stores at it san francisco headquarters and a new study shows. just how helpful or sometimes unhelpful crowdfunding sites are in covering medical bills. yeah, but we begin with subscriptions and unwanted charges 7 on your side's michael. finney is here with the details michael. hey, i'm a lot of interesting chef today. look how many subscriptions do you have cell phone video streaming services, maybe a monthly wine delivery or a beauty box there are lot to choose from and as it turns out a lot to keep track up is just surveyed those who have subscriptions and found more than f-51% say they have dealt with unwanted charges with subscriptions how well subscriptions they never agreed to or unwanted subscription renewals. well, those are the two top complaints millennials and gen
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zers are the most likely to pay for something. they don't want advice from here comb through your credit card bills and make sure you aren't paying for any subscriptions you no longer use or what if your idea of a health insurance is a go fun to be page after you get sick. you might want to reconsider that plan a study just published in the american journal of public health. found less than 12 percent of medical crowdfunding efforts meet their goals 16% didn't receive any donations at all. two billion dollars was donated during the five years study period but nearly eight and a half billion dollars was requested. the gaps headquarters on the embarcadero is about to become a shopping destination the san francisco business times is reporting the gap will open retail locations for the gap athleta, banana republic and old navy this comes as gap has been closing shores here in san
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francisco and nationwide and okay michael. thanks very much. san francisco state senator state senator scott weiner wants to continue to make it easier to approve environmentally friendly street projects. we need to make our streets safer yesterday. not in a year not in five years not after seven years of appeals and lawsuits now in 2020 the state enacted a law that exempted certain transportation projects from lengthy reviews under the california environmental quality act that includes projects that make streets safer for walking and biking improved bus speeds or modernized light rail stations. it's set to expire in 2023, but senator wieners proposed bill would make it permanent. he says in the 13 months since the law has been in effect 10 significant projects have been approved across the state and 20 more are in the pipel. all right on to the weather. another lovely april day. yeah.
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great short sle eve and much the week unfortunate i could tell you we have storms coming, but it's more like april like dan mentioned than february. let me show you a live picture tonight from our mount tam cam and as we pan around here, i want you to see how hazy the skies are. you can clearly see that there's gunk in the atmosphere and this. because we have high pressure overhead putting a lid on things and it's not going to get better immediately even as we look towards the coast you can see how hazy it is. so let's check out live doppler 7 remember the fog this morning. it was so dense it burned off for most part but the air quality husband suffering. we have moderate air quality across a good chunk of the bay area santa rosa vacaville. santa cruz area is actually good right now. so for the next couple of days look for some pockets of moderate air quality, thursday and friday, the air district is saying good air quality that may
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change as we're still expecting warm weathers. so stay tuned for more exploratorium camera. you're looking at san francisco and blue skies overhead low 60s, san francisco oakland 65 in san jose 55 in half moon bay high so far today. the mid-60s to low 70s believe it or not golden gate bridge camera. look at this beautiful view and just a gentle breeze out. there mid to upper 60s from santa rosa to petaluma 69 in fairfield 62 napa 60 in livermore one other live picture from our emeryville camera right now in that haze is adding a little more color to the air warmer days rest of the work week records are possible between wednesday and friday it is going to be breezy in the hills with increased fire danger. so let's check out what's going to happen tomorrow morning. we're gonna to have the fog around near the coast. like today and then it'll peel away for the most part we will end up with sunshine across the region. the only sign of winter is the morning chill upper 30s to the upper 40s some patchy fog out there. north bay valleys and along the coast and then for the afternoon look at these temperatures 75 in
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gilroy 72 san jose milpitas on the penins. looking at 70 in palo alto 68 pacifica 69 half moon bay really warm for this time of year above average 68 in san francisco north bay 71 in san rafael. mid-70s, napa santa rosa 75 in calistoga breezy in the hills in the east bay 69 berkeley 71 oakland fremont had inland and it's going to be hazy sunshine 72 in concord 75 fairfield 71 in livermore as you check out. what's ahead for wednesday? it's going to be warm. i mean, especially for this time of year. pattern continues into thursday with plenty of seventies going into friday and one. thing i want to show you is the winds that are going to be picking up out of the northeast and the hills. that's the concern that could dry out our air and bring increased fire concerns accuweather 7-day forecast temperatures on the rise breezy in the hills midweek eighties for the warmest spots. thursday records are likely 70s around the coast and bay still the possibility of records friday, and it's definitely warm
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nominations for the oscars take place tomorrow morning right here on abc 7 leslie, jordan and tracy ellis ross will be announcing the 94th oscar nominations. you can watch it live. i have 18 tomorrow morning then join us on sunday, march 27th to find out who takes home the golden statue in the oscar ceremony airs alive from the dolby theater in hollywood. well from hollywood royalty to the other kind of finally tonight the uk celebrates another milestone for queen elizabeth the second. fired six two rounds today salute the queen becoming the first british monarch to reach a platinum jubilee at 70 years on the throne. the anniversary of the queen's accession was actually yesterday but tradition dictates royal salutes take place the following day buckingham palace released this video on saturday of the 95 year old monarch plans are in the works for a grand public celebration to take place in june when the weather is better. she something else. oh incredible. alright world news tonight with david bureau is next. i'm on the dates and i'm dan
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ashley for sandy patel all of us here. we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in half an hour for abc 7 news at 6. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so, remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments from a retina specialist that may help protect against vision loss. visit and take charge of your sight.
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tonight, breaking news as we tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the deadly shooting at a supermarket. also news on the pandemic. the states in the northeast planning to lift mask mandates. and what president biden has declared late today while standing beside germany's new chancellor at the white house when it comes to russia. first tonight, the pandemic. new jersey this evening, connecticut and delaware, too, all making moouves on mask mandates. plans to lift the mandates, then leaving the decision to schools. will new york follow suit? what new york's governor is now saying tonight. and dr. jha this evening. does he agree with this idea? also developing as we come on the air tonight, the manhunt now under way for the gunman who opened fire at a supermarket. the surveillance images already coming in. tonight, north of the border, the growing protests spreading to the u.s. border.


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