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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 9, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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votes to close schools. the long debate and the decision after the nearly eight hour school board meeting. kumasi: the man facing a murder charge in a deadly shooting on interstate 880 do in court and the emotional words from the victim's best friend as investigators get to possible motive. reggie: more states easing pandemic restrictions and the cdc director explains why she thinks the country is not prepared. kumasi: soak up the sun. drew is tracking possible record warmth. good morning. it is wednesday, february 9. reggie: we will start with meteorologist drew tuma. drew: today sets the stage for the warm weather and over the next three days records are possible each afternoon. the only issue we have is with fog in santa rosa. elsewhere, clear skies. temperature-wise, this is a
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correct reading. half moon bay close to 70 degrees. offshore winds are doing their thing. they are rolling down the hillsides and that is why half moon bay is coming in at 68 degrees. elsewhere, 30's and 50's. 54 in the city. a live look, we have calm conditions, clear skies and today temperatures will really take off. by 9:00 a.m. we are in the 50's and close to 70 degrees by noon and by 4:00 p.m., we are going into the 70's where records are possible. we will take a closer look at highs coming up. reggie: the battle over schools in oakland after weeks of debate. the school board voted to close or merge nearly one dozen campuses. that meeting went on for nearly eight hours. opponents of the plan are promising legal action. they will try to fight to keep the schools open. jobina: yes they are.
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the meeting was extremely contentious. the school board decided to close or merge these 11 schools and we are also learning that they are going to happen over the next two years so parker k eight and community day school are expected to close this year with five more next year. the other schools will be merged or some grade levels will beveas since the proposal was announced, worried the closures would affect families already hit hard by the pandemic. as soon as the vote was completed, board member mike hutchinson said they just declared war on the community. >> this is the most offensive thing i have ever seen. the lawsuits will be filed tomorrow. i hope you are ready for the action you just unleashed. the lead is -- the lid is about to come off of this city.
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i do not care the recording stopped. you all have made one mistake too many and for you to close our schools and have the nerve to tell us you are doing this to help students, you have lost your mind. jobina: open unified is facing a $90 million budget shortfall because of unpaid state loans and declining enrollment. they could face more intervention if the budget is not balanced. one of the teachers participating in a hunger strike over the plan was released from the hospital last night after not eating solid food for days. kumasi: the enduring mask mandate for vaccinated people expires in a week and in just a few hours we could know if santa clara county will be following suit. the public health director is holding a news conference this morning. that is where news reporter amy hollyfield is joining us live. what is expected to come of this? amy: it would be interesting to find out if this will impact masks and businesses and whether you can go into these businesses
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without your mask. it is interesting that dr. cody has called a press confidence. yesterday she told the board of supervisors that the county was still studying data and was not ready to make an announcement about the speculation is that we will learn something this morning about masks indoors here in santa clara county with that press conference this morning. that is the big question. while bay area counties follow the state and drop the indoor mask mandates next week for vaccinated people? miranda and solano are on board but other counties have said they are still looking at the data and evaluating whether it is safe to drop the masks. one doctor told us what we really need are uniform guidelines >> it is basically about safety. amy: santa clara county has not
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offered any parameters that the county would have to meet in order to drop the mask mandate but the health writer has called a press conference so we will give you all the details as soon as we get them. reporting live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: starting today, you can get free covid-19 home test kits in santa clara county. the giveaways at the library on south san antonio road from 1:00 until 5:00 p.m. or until supplies run out. n 95 masks will also be available. other distributions include libraries in cupertino, gilroy, and morgan hill. reggie: the governor of new york will drop the state's indoor mask mandate and the governors of massachusetts and illinois will announce changes to their mandates. the changes, as we see an increase in the subvariant of omicron.
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the very accounts for nearly 4% of new infections in the u.s. -- the variant accounts for nearly 4% of new infections in the u.s.. dr. rochelle walensky the country is not prepared to lift rules like mask mandates just yet. >> are cdc guidance has not changed. we continue to recommend masking in areas of high and substantial transmission everywhere in the country in public indoor settings. we recommend universal masking in our schools. reggie: californiaofficisg ne wd hospitalizations have plummeted from january peaks. they are preparing to transition from the crisis phase of the pandemic to a more stable endemic period. just a up-to-date on the latest headlines, we have more info on our website including a place where you can ask questions. that is abc7news/coronavirus. kumasi: a man facing a murder charge in a shooting on
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interstate 80 is due in court this morning as we are getting new details about the shooting that left a former college basketball star dead. j.r. stone has new details from court documents and reactions from some of the victims closest friends. >> he texted me that we were going to get together and i never got the chance because of what happened. j.r.: tears from delcares whose best friend jean ransom was shot and killed on by a 80 and oakland last friday. days later, a murder charge has been filed against 35-year-old juan garcia of san francisco. those close to the investigation tell abc 7 road rage is likely to blame here. >> i do not know all of the specific details but this is premeditated murder we are talking about. over what? j.r.: ransom was a basketball
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standout in the 1970's at berkeley high school and eventually the university of nevada reno. chp says rca was driving a black lexus last friday that went onto the shoulder of the fast lane to get side-by-side with ransom's honda. detectives say garcia fired a single shot that killed him striking him in the head. >> i am hurt, shocked. we are always teammates. we looked out for each other and i wish i was there look out for him at that particular time. j.r.: baxter played basketball with ransom and was his former roommate. he wants garcia prosecuted to the full extent of the law but also wants this to be a learning moment in the community. >> these young people need help. >> it is senseless. a 25-year-old kid, that these were the individuals he spent the last 20 years of his life trying to coach them and teach them away from gun violence. j.r.: garcia is expected in court wednesday.
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j.r. stone, abc 7 news. reggie: the deadly stabbing of a man in san jose is the first homicide of the year there. sky cap -- sky seven captured videos of the scene yesterday near carl's jr. restaurant near highway 101. the victim ended up at a nearby gas station. police spent three hours collecting evidence. the search for a man swept into the ocean in marin county has turned into a recovery operation. jose's fiance share these photos with us. she says he moved to san francisco and he was 15 and was studying biotechnology at city college san francisco. today would have been his 29th birthday. he was with two other men fishing on the rocks on monday when a wave knocked him into the water. those two men were rescued. one of them was his cousin. the coast guard was searching for him yesterday morning, but called it off. kumasi: a fire at a homeless camp in antioch damaged a fire
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station. firefighters were returning from a call when they noticed smoke next to the building on 10th street. the fire spread to nearby buildings and did some damage to the area where firefighters sleep. investigators think it may be connected to an incident earlier in the day when a woman from the homeless camp tried to break in the station. her belongings were removed and the fire started a short time later. drew: it is all about warm weather today and records possible not only this but also tomorrow and friday. we are in the midst of a warm pattern. a live look from the exploratorium camera. we have clear skies. santa rosa forecast high of 78 would tie the record back in 2018. napa will want to tie record at 76. similar for oakland tying a record of 74 degrees setback in 2006. san jose looks safe. the record is 80 and we are only going to 75. here in the city, the record is
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76 and we will only go to 75. high pressure and control bringing offshore winds across california keeping temperatures very warm. highs today widespread 70's across the board. record temperatures in the north bay 70 four half moon bay, 75 in san jose. 75 in vallejo. while records are possible in southern california going 86 in l.a., 87 in palm springs. a heat advisory for southern california has been issued lasting through sunday. even the big game on sunday, probably warm in the mid and upper 80's so it will be a warm gameplay on sunday afternoon. jobina: the shorts. drew: the sunscreen. can you believe it? in february? jobina: we have a crash on westbound 80 before grant line road out of tracy. you can see the slowdown tracy to dublin, 32 minutes. we do not have any further details.
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i will let you know if it impacts supercomputers. a live picture from oakland showing 880. headlights traveling southbound for you. the headlights here in emeryville on 80 traveling westbound so we have no major blocking issues or advisors to report at this time. reggie: a job where you can get paid to eat pizza. >> they are huge. they are huge and there are a lot of them. i drove past them and they stared me down. kumasi: turkey trouble. wildlife officials working to relocate these wild animals. the problems they are causing. reggie: new video showing a determined burglar breaking into a local business. the all new ww personalpoints program... on ww i lost 26 pounds.
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can your internet do that? learn more about gig-speed wifi, or get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. kumasi: this is new surveillance video showing a determined man trying to break into a berkeley market. the owners of the market shared this with us and you can see a man using various tools trying to pry the door open on saturday morning.
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the owners say after 20 minutes he finally got in, took some cigarettes and other items valued around $10,000. >> the individual coming four different times to try to break into the door and it is frustrating knowing that this could have been prevented. that is the biggest thing. watching the footage was just. tough to do. . kumasi: the owner says the man got away but investigators may recognize him from the surveillance video. reggie: wild turkeys are causing trouble in mountain view. federal, state and local agencies teaming up to capture and relocate these amals. here is amanda del castillo. amanda: that coup that coup thap turkeys roosting in ames
5:16 am
research center causing problems. >> male turkeys can be aggressive. they can charge after people sometimes. my understanding is that it is a combination of that. >> a combination that the department of wildlife says is driving a new partnership to address the growing population of wild turkeys. nasa and the u.s. department of agriculture are working to track and relocate the birds. the fish and wildlife agency is providing the release site, all action that could be proved easier said than done. >> turkeys are quick and more agile than you would think they would be an they are probably smarter than you think. they are not easy to track. >> but they are noticeable. the wild turkeys stood out. >> they are huge and there are a lot of them. i drove past them and they stared me down. amanda: relocating wild animals is not something the department does often. they typically try to stay away from doing so as it can be problematic. >> we will have to disease test all of these turkeys so that takes resources.
5:17 am
we never want to take wildlife and relocate it and make it someone else's problem. amanda: while the turkeys pose minimal impact to the community, a statement read, "this questions the well-being of the turkeys and the community and workforce." the plan is to relocate the turkeys to the ecological reserve east of mount hamilton. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. kumasi: where the black panther party movement began is one step closer to being redeveloped. the city's landmark board supports the plan for a 20 unit apartment building at the side of the black panthers first headquarters on martin luther king jr. way. an oakland resident from outside the building says it is a part of history. >> i would not believe that tearing it down would be a good thing. this is where it started. it is a landmark. leave it alone and let it stay and let it be history. kumasi: the huey p. newton
5:18 am
foundation, a nonprofit that preserves the legacy of the black panther party, says -- stands in support of the redevelopment. the foundation reached a deal with the owner to preserve parts of the building and provide more space dedicated to black panther history. reggie: today is national pizza day. yelp is looking to hire a chief pizza officer. it is a six month gig that pays $25,000 and they will be responsible for spreading their love of pizza and sharing the latest trends with fellow yelpers. to apply, you have to submit a video explaining why you should make the cut. the deadline is the end of the month. drew: that is how warped my mind is. reggie: i am assuming it is young people, folks in college.
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they can do that and go to school. is pizza your favorite food or am i the only one? kumasi: i do not know about favorite. maybe. do you have a favorite pizza place? or a favorite kind? reggie: like a flavor or a topping? give me veggie lovers anything. do not put white sauce on it. drew: why? kumasi: it has to be -- reggie: it has to be red sauce. white sauce is like white chocolate. drew: the you ever had tomato pie? straight up tomato sauce? reggie: red sauce on the bread? do we live on the same east coast? we live on border state. i was in maryland and you were in pennsylvania. what happened? drew: philly is an interesting area.
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it is a mesh of people coming together making whatever they want. it is really good. kumasi: i like thin crust pizza. drew: give me a long floppy slice, oh my gosh. with cheese. jobina knows what i'm talking about. there is this place in d.c. that has flights for two dollars and it is the best thing ever. reggie: what is the weather? drew: all right, fine. it is breezy out there. we have winds 10 to 25 miles an hour enhancing temperatures. especially close to the coast when we have winds down the hillside. it is warm in half moon bay. 66 degrees in half moon bay. 54 in the city. 50 in oakland. these numbers will quickly rise over the next couple of hours when the sun gets up. records are possible. 75 in san jose. 78 in gilroy would be a record
5:21 am
high. there is that 74 later onnnnnnnn half moon bay. downtown, we are going to 74. along the coast, 70 to 72 in daly city. it is warm out there. 80 in cloverdale. 75 in vallejo. a lot of sunshine, low to mid-70's. 74 oakland. that oakland temperature would be a record. inland it is hazy and warm. 73 walnut creek livermore. 76 in fairfield. with that breeze and the hills, it keeps temperatures elevated so we expect upper 50's mama coastline. mid-40's to mid-50's for everybody else. the accuweather 7 day forecast will show you we begin this setting possible records in the afternoon. tomorrow records are likely. friday records are likely. we cool off over the weekend. it is mostly sunny but we are in the 70's into the afternoon and
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valentine's day we are above average. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: cryptocurrency crack down. the arrest in an allegedly dollar money-laundering scheme. kumasi:
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. in an controversial decision before 1:00 this morning the oakland school district voted to close 11 schools. board member mike hutchinson who opposes the closure says lawsuits will be filed today. reggie: santa clara will make an announcement about when vaccinated people can stop wearing their masking doors. california will lift the statewide mandate next week but it is up to local counties to issue their own guidance. kumasi: cdc director dr.roelense country is not prepared to lift mask mandates yet. she says their guidance has not changed and the cdc continues to recommend masking indoors. reggie: new guidelines, to tiktok to crack down on inappropriate content. the company will strengthen its policies to promote safety, security, and well-being. drew: we are looking at records possible today.
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lot of warm weather later. tons of sunshine. we are all going to the 70's. 74 in oakland. 78 in santa rosa. jobina: we want to bring you a live picture from the richmond san rafael bridge. eastbound on i-80, the right lane is shut down due to roadwork. kumasi: a big night for adele. she took home prizes for artist of the year, album of the year, and british song of the year. what really got everybody talking was the ring she wore. this was on the red carpet. now people are wondering if she is engaged. reggie: oh my. in today's jury may 1 look -- -- today's gma first look, a couple facing charges in a money-laundering scheme. rebecca: a 3.5 billion dollars crypto crack down. the justice department ever, chg 34-year-old illia lichtenstein and his wife with
5:26 am
money-laundering and conspiracy to defraud the united states. their arrest stemming from a 2016 hack of hong kong-based virtual currency exchange when a cyber thief stole 120,000 bitcoin, transferring the funds to a virtual wallet controlled by lichtenstein. at the time, the stolen funds were valued around $71 million but today they are worth more than $4.5 billion as bitcoin's value has soared. what does this mean for crypto? it is all coming up at 7:00 a.m. i am rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. kumasi: the movie "koda" has been nominated for the oscar for best picture and it has led to the first deaf man receiving an oscar nomination. it follows the life of a family of four who are deaf. the daughter is a koda. the movie is the first with a
5:27 am
predominately deaf cast to be nominated for best picture. this is excitement for the deaf and harding hearing community -- deaf and hard of hearing community. >> it was great to see. as a koda myself, there is not a lot of representation of kodas. we are in the middle of both worlds and sometimes it can be tough to understand where do i belong. kumasi: the superintendent of the california school for the deaf says one of the many important and inspiring things about the film is that it was not hearing people play deaf characters. the 94th academy awards airs live on march 27th on abc7. reggie: i would like to see that. coming up, apple making contactless payments easier. the new system, to devices. kumasi:
5:28 am
5:29 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: addressing the mask
5:30 am
mandate. will local counties follow suit when california drops the rule next week? the bay area official we will hear from this morning. kumasi: covid travel checklist regg: the new art exhibit opening in san francisco. 9. we want to start with a check of our forecast. drew: it will be very warm today. records are possible this afternoon and the next three days. a little bit of fog in santa rosa but that is it in terms of cloud cover. a lot of sunshine when the sun comes up after 7:00 a.m. we have offshore winds creating a wide range of temperatures where the winds are sheltered from the valleys in the 30's. along the coast, the winds are racing down the hillsides. half moon bay at 66 degrees. 49 in oakland. 43 in san jose. we have calm conditions. it is clear out there.
5:31 am
sunshine throughout the day. we are warming to near 70 lunchtime. in the afternoon, we are all going into the 70's. a closer look at high temperatures coming up. reggie: we expect to hear from santa clara leaders about masks and if they will match the state when it drops mask requirements next week. amy hollyfield is live in san jose. amy: dr. sarah cody's office says she will be addressing indoor mask mandates so we could find out today whether you can take these off when you head inside businesses here in santa clara county. the state has tis going away net week. but counties can keep their mask requirements in place and most bay area counties have not announced what they plan to do, including dr. sarah cody here in santa clara county. she just toward -- told thee board of supervisors that she was still evaluating the data and she was not ready to make an announcement but now she has
5:32 am
called a press conference for this morning, implying that a decision has been made. no matter what counties decide, one doctor told us he suspects there will be some people who will continue to wear their masks no matter what the mandate says. >> if we can be left with one cultural relic from the pandemic , it is during times of respiratory viruses that we pull out the mask to not only protect ourselves, but to protect our neighbors. amy: the number of covi is dropping here in santa clara county. dr. cody has not given any parameters that the county would have to meet in order to drop the mask mandate here. but she has called a press conference for 8:30 this morning. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: cdc director dr. rochelle walensky says she knows americans are working hard to get out of the covid crisis but we are not there yet. >> we are still at 290,000 cases
5:33 am
per day. we still have hospitalization rates that are higher than they ever were during the peak of our delta wave and similarly, deaths still at 2300 per day. kumasi: in an interview, she is costlessly -- cautiously optimistic but we are not at a place where vaccines, testing, and treatment will keep most of the population safe from covid. she pointed out that hospitals are overwhelmed and if the country wants to move on, that has to improve first. reggie: booster shots will not be required if you are visiting hawaii. the governor evers plans a few weeks ago citing declining case counts and hospitalizations's on the mainland. he also said hawaii's high rate of vaccination and boosting as a reason not to mandate boosters for tourists. we have to have both shots of the vaccine and you can bypass the mandatory quarantine or proof of a test. to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, we have more information on our website
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including a place where you can ask questions. just head to kumasi: new details about the deadly school shooting near detroit last fall. text messages are revealing what the suspects parents were most concerned about before and during the shooting. jobina has more on the hearing. jobina: those text messages are now coming to light after the parents of the teen accused of murdering four students last november appeared in court. witnesses took the stand yesterday for a hearing involving james and jennifer crumbley accused of giving their son ethan gun and repeatedly ignoring warning signs. as news of the shooting broke, jennifer texted her boss, "i need my job. please do not judge me for what my son did." >> i was surprised by that text. >> why is that? >> i was surprised she was worried about her job at that time. i thought she would be more worried about what is going on. jobina: the 911 call from james crumbley was also played in court.
5:35 am
he is heard saying he knew about the shooting and thought his son, "took the gun." >> [indiscer jobina: pages of phone logs and other pages of phone logs and other messages in an attempt to prove the crumbleys ignored their son while he showed signs of mental distress. witnesses say on the morning of the shooting, jennifer showed people disturbingly violent drawings her son had sketched. back to you. reggie: the second gentleman is safe after being rushed out of a washington, d.c. high school because of a bomb threat. doug emhoff, the husband of vice-president kamala harris was there for a black history month event. the kids were sent home early in the school was declared safe later in the afternoon. at this time, the school does not have any information indicating that emhoff was the target of the threat. kumasi: san francisco is moving
5:36 am
ahead with a plan for a homeless shelter in lower nob hill. the ansonia hotel will units. it can house up to 250 people. the nonprofit group urban alchemy will be operating it. the shelter was supposed to open this month but that could be delayed. reggie: santa clara county board of supervisors passed a plan that aims to end family homelessness by 2025. the measure called heading home allocates a $75 million of funding to build six new affordable housing developments in three cities. san jose, sunnyvale, and morgan hill. those developments will add more than 750 homes for low income community members. the measure provides 2 million dollars in one-time state grants to double capacity for motel shelter programs for families with children. kumasi: canada tenderloin see a turnaround?
5:37 am
the san francisco neighborh bagg out about what is supposed to be a new resource. reggie: also, construction on the bay area's newest ikea. but first, a check on the hot weather. drew: good morning. we are tracking a warm afternoon on the way. the next three days well above average for this time of year. the cameras bouncing around in the east bay hills. those offshore winds are in effect helping to warm us up later today. let's take a look at the records possible. down to roast, napa likely tying the records in the mid and upper 70's. oakland will tie a record of 74 set back in 2006. gilroy tying a record at 78. san jose, near record is safe. the forecast high is 75 and the record is 80. the city will be warm but the record is safe at 76 degrees but nonetheless, it is a warm day across the bay area.
5:38 am
high pressure and control leading to offshore winds across california, warming us up so we are in the 70's later today before the records -- with records possible. 74 san rafael. 72 in san mateo. it is across all of california we find warm sthn iaikelgoing'y this warm pattern. records likely today, even through thursday and friday, sunshine in full effect. 70's and 80's, feeling more like summer than the middle of february. jobina: bring it. drew: kumasi is dancing right next to me. jobina: i cannot wait. thank you. good morning. we will start with the richmond san rafael bridge because traveling eastbound on 580, heads up. the right lane will be closed until 2:00 p.m. because of roadworks. that will definitely impact the commute as we get later into the afternoon. not so much in the morning because more people will be
5:39 am
traveling into the north bay. heads up either way. san mateo bridge, live picture. people traveling toward the peninsula where those taillights are. everything is moving smoothly so we will wrap up with some drive times. while to dublin, 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 21 minutes. we will be right back.
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reggie: san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood among the city's words for crime. it is so bad the mayor declared an emergency initiative to make change happen faster. the city recently opened a linkage center after mayor london breed declared a state of emergency, meant to help people dealing with drug abuse was short and long-term resources including food, shelter, and substance abuse treatment. a group of mothers gathered over the weekend to protest this new site, which they say may only worsen the crisis. the group decided to speak out against the linkage center after they saw photos showing someone using drugs inside the site. >> there is drug dealing going on in what is supposed to be a safe place and there is open drug use in the linkage center and that is what we are protesting. reggie: we received a statement from the department of public
5:43 am
health that suggests they are not stopping people from using drugs. kumasi: hyundai and kia are telling half a million car owners to park their vehicles outside because they could catch fire even if the engines are off. this recall includes kia's portage models from 2014 to 2016 and the kia k 900 sedan from 2018 to 2019. on the hyundai side, certain santa fe suvs made this list including the 2016 to 2018 models. owners will be notified with instructions to get a free repair. uber will be reminding you to put on your seatbelt. the notification consists of a chime on the driver's phone and a push notification sent to the riders phone. the reminder will recur over the next five trips and periodically after that. a survey found 80% of us do not always wear a seatbelt when we are on short trips or when we are in a taxi or rideshare. reggie: important news for
5:44 am
parents, tiktok is vowing to get tough and crackdown on inappropriate content. here is andrew for ge. andrea: to tiktok. the company announcing it will strengthen policies to promote safety, security and well-being. with more than 3 billion downloads, young people use tiktok for entertainment but it has a dark side. in december, schools across the country went on lockdown after tiktok videos threatening violence went viral. tiktok vowing to work harder to ensure criminal activity does not slip through the cracks, saying these updates clarify or expand upon the types of behavior and content will remove from our platform or make ineligible for recommendation in the feed. >> it is shocking and depending on the age of the user it can be a very impressionable age and that is where the real potential shock is. andrea: after revelation that content glorified eating disorders and suicide hoaxes was
5:45 am
available to youngsters on tiktok, the company may change as last year but will be more strict in enforcing them. tiktok already removes dangerous information on eating disorders but will also remove the promotion of disordered eating. as to whether these changes can realistically improve what kids are saying, experts these updates are a good sign. >> it is very important for social media platforms to continually reevaluate their community guidelines because life is ever-changing, threats are ever-changing so reevaluating them really makes the user safer. andrea: the guidelines are more important after a new survey found more than 75% of parents allow their kids as young as five to have their own social media accounts. andrea fuji, abc news, new york. kumasi: if you have an iphone, paying for things will get easier. apple is launching a new tap to pay feature that would let
5:46 am
people make purchases from businesses by tapping their iphones together. it works with contactless credit cards to turn iphones into payment terminals without any extra hardware. that means businesses can accept payments from wherever they are. this will be available later this year. reggie: construction on ikea's new store is underway. it will be located downtown san francisco. ikea bought an empty mall at market street benefit street for $198 million 18 months ago. it is working on renovating that property. this new store will be smaller, 25% of the size of ikea's typically huge showrooms. they had not said when the shopping center might open. originally they planned to open in september, but things got delayed because of the pandemic. kumasi: san francisco is a city full of hearts, small, medium, and large charts on display at the ferry building as part of the 18th annual hearts in san franciso art project. an online auction of these
5:47 am
hearts is happening through valentine's day. the money will support patient care at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. a new immersive art exhibit explore and the life and work of pablo picasso will make its u.s. debut in san francisco today. more than 200 of picasso's masterpieces will be on display in imagine picasso. organizers gave us this video. this is at the skylight at the armory in the mission district. tickets start at $40 for adults. you need proof of vaccination to attend. the exhibit will run through march 27. reggie: i like these. kumasi: what is the other when we went to? drew: van gogh? reggie: so good. he is only my favorite artist. i was like, monet? drew: very cool. kumasi: did i see one for freda kahlo? i cannot wait. drew: i love it.
5:48 am
one of the better places if you are trying to feel some cooler weather, this time of the year no one is acclimated to temperatures in the 70's and 80's and most of us do not want to see this right now. this is what we are dealing with. wind gusts in our hills are part of the story because they are not crazy windy. do not have any wind advisories but they are active 15 to 25 miles an hour and when we get this wind direction this tiwe are warm in half moon bay next to those offshore winds. 54 in the city but it is much cooler in the north bay. 34 santa rosa. 42 in palo alto. it is cool out there. warmer compared to yesterday morning but you need that jacket first thing. in the, records are possible because highs today going into the 70's. highs in the microclimate, 75 in san jose. 72 in cupertino. 74 in redwood city. 72 mt. view.
5:49 am
half moon bay at 74 later today. we are going to 74 later today downtown. 72 south city. adding to the north bay, 78 in santa rosa will be a record. 76 in napa will be a record as well. into the east bay, a lot of sunshine and hazy conditions. 74 in oakland will be a record. 72 in union city. 74 in concord. 72 san ramon. 70 in livermore. a warm afternoon is on the way and temperatures will fall overnight. with those breezy conditions in the hills, temperatures will remain elevated in the 40's and mid-50's as thursday repeats the trend of records possible. rainfall potential on valentine's day next monday, there could be an inside slider working into nevada that could bring some showers into the sierra. otherwise we are tracking dry conditions across the bay area so the dry pattern marches on through early parts of next week. here is the 7-day forecast. warm sunshine and breezy hills.
5:50 am
records likely again tomorrow. records likely again on friday. we cool off over the weekend but for valentine's day, close to 70 is above average. tuesday, temperatures not very february like in the upper 60's. reggie: new at 6:00, disney plus fashion equals the next runway look. some all new fits to recognize the most recognizable characters. kumasi: the baby products parents are having a hard time finding in stores. reggie: the dietary change that could add years to your life. kumasi: and a live look get your personal points plan! i'm james corden and i'm here to tell people that ww is getting even more personal. keep on shopping, ignore us. -i've lost like 28 pounds. -you look great! i love that my clothes fit better, but i just love ice cream a little bit more than that.
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[ticking clock] stressed out? time to refresh your rhythm with trident. ♪ ♪ trident gum. the fresh chew to refresh your rhythm. ♪ ♪ at lowe's, you never have to be finished with your finishing touches. with aisles of ways to refresh and restyle. for whatever style you're feeling. at prices you're really feelin. shop the lowe's bath style & save event now in-store and online. reggie: the house passed a bipartisan bill that is supposed to ease the budget restraints that has posed -- push the u.s.
5:53 am
postal service into debt. it will allow the postal service to modernize, replacing the aging fleet with electric trucks. the postal service is supposed to sustain itself with postal sales and other services but it has experienced 14 straight years of losses. the senate will take up the bill before the end of next week. kumasi: if you are struggling to find baby formula, you are not alone. infant formula inventories at stores were down nearly 20% in january compared to february of 2020 just before the pandemic. the shortages are happening everywhere from walgreens, amazon, walmart, and evs. manufacturers like enfamil are ramping up production but sales are more than doubled the predictor birthweight -- addicted birth rates. reggie: changing liking -- changing what you eat can add 14 years to your life. they found that if a woman started eating a plant-based diet at 20 years old, she could
5:54 am
increase her lifespan by more than 10 years. a man eating a healthier diet at age 20 could add 13 years. dr. ashton is on gma talking about the study and these dietary changes. >> you can make small changes with a meatless monday or just one meal of every day. read the labels, explore those food aisles. there are more plant-based options than ever. reggie: watch the full interview with dr. ashton coming up at 7:00 on gma. drew: all right, meatless monday. let's talk about the beach forecast. it is february 9 and we are talking about hitting the coast today. it is a warm day. 75 in santa cruz. 72 in pacifica. stinson beach at 68. we have moderate uv index. your ocean water temperature is chilly but we expect a lot of sunshine across the bay area. records are possible today at likely tying a record in opened
5:55 am
at 74. the same in napa and santa rosa. 73 in palo alto. it is a very warm day across the region. air quality today and tomorrow is not changing. it is moderate meaning you will notice the haze in the atmosphere as we see temperatures in the 70's and more records are possible thursday and friday. kumasi: thank you. the secrets to the season. valentines relationship advice from some who know best. reggie: here is a valentine's day still coming pre-covid sen. tester:. one county giving out as many as they can -- here is a valentine's day deal, free covid tests. one county giving out as many as they can. a live look outside. we will be right back.
5:56 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: top stories at 6:00, mask mandates up for debate. local doctors weighing in on if we are done for good and the major bay area county that could update guidance today. >> hypocrisy. hypocrisy. shame on you. shame not following your own rules. reggie: a bitter battle to save oakland schools, it stretches into the early morning and in the end it is not enough. two are set to close this year and more on the way.
6:00 am
kumasi: and the pricey parking in san francisco. what some are doing and one popular neighborhood to avoid a. reggie: welcome to wednesday, february 9, and get the shorts out. kumasi: it will be nice and hot. you want to find a nice rooftop, somewhere to be out because it is perfect today. drew: when we talked about yesterday, that continues. we want the rain but we get the sun and warm temperatures. the record warmth begins today and last three days, temperatures well into the 70's. a little fog in the north bay, santa rosa at .75 of a mile. offshore winds, 60 degrees, that is a correct reading. offshore winds slightly do warm up4's elsewhere. we have the large spread to warm us up quickly. clear skies from sutro tower. here's how the day is shaping up. nothing but sunshine. temperatures in the 70's. we take a closer look at records and about eight minutes.
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