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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 9, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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round of applause! soluti 7dan: taking a live look outsie across the bay, a reprieve overnight before temperatures rise again tomorrow. it was warm and sunny across the region today. with the unseasonable weather comes concern about fire this time of year. strange to say that. ama: 15 coverage tonight beginning with sandhya patel. sandhya: we are talking about fire danger. that is because it's been so dry. look at the record set today, 75 in richmond. 78 downtown oakland, rigging its previous record -- breaking its previous record from 2006. it was pretty much areawide in the 70's.
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cloverdale hit 80 degrees today during one of our wettest winter months. by noon time, we are already in the 60's and 70's as we had to the afternoon hours as of this is more like spring the winter. that is why we are concerned, along with those dusty offshore winds that brought them warm. 43 miles an hour on mount diablo. combine that with the low humidity and dry conditions and we talking about fire danger in the middle of winter. already three days since the last measurable rain in the bay area. in february, -- 33 days since the last measurable rain in the bay area. i will be back to let you know more about the fire danger and what we will get cooler weather, possibly rain. ama: we hope for that. environmental scientists and firefighters are keep an eye on these hot and dry conditions. tim johns spoke with both tonight about the concerns and how they are preparing for a
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potentially rough season ahead. reporter: after what december last year, for most of 2022, the rain has been staying away from the bay area. >> this is bad. reporter: with temperatures rising into the 70's, the risk of wildfires has grown. a wednesday, firefighters in marin county were called to put out a small fire. experts say we could seek more fires burning the normal. the lack of rain has caused brush to dry out and vegetation flammability metrics are at levels closer to those typical of the summer time months. >> it is pretty concerning to see that year after year we are getting less and less rein in our typical rain season of january and february. every year we think next year should be better. it is looking pretty dire. reporter: warm temperatures are just impacting the potential for wildfires. they're also influencing how firefighters are preparing for the upcoming season.
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>> does not of the season that we would bring them on a little earlier. we would have the springtime higher temperatures with winds. reporter: she is a spokesperson for cal fire. she says the risk of a prolonged fire season has caused her team to look into the possibility of bringing in extra resources as early as april 1. with the sunny skies set to continue for the foreseeable future, experts say their crossing their fingers, waiting on mother nature. >> we have to hope for a miracle march. hopefully the storm track window starts open up we start getting a lot of rain. if that doesn't happen, we could be in a serious situation in the summer. ama: you can track the weather conditions where you live at on the abc 7 bay area app, available on roku, amazon fire, android tv and apple tv. dan: san francisco's police chief is answering questions
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about his decision to back out of the mutual agreement that makes the district attorney's office lead investigator of all police use of force incidents. chief scott worked to explain his reasoning to the dutch police commission. made up of civilians appointed by city leadership. our reporter j.r. stone is covering that meeting. reporter: this meeting is still going on right now. this is all about the process of independent investigations of officers. the chief says procedures have not been followed by the das office. the office says they have. police commissioner's with lots to say tonight. all seem to want to find a way to make the agreement work. >> i felt that you had directly attacked this commission's authority. the problem came blindsided us. tonight, you're bringing up all
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these incidents, you are blind-siding us. reporter: san francisco police commissioner firing questions and stressing his frustration with san francisco police chief phil scott. questions on why the chief pulled out of an agreement that made the district attorney's office lead investigator of all police officer shootings and use of force incidents. >> that is not why came here for. >> this provision was not followed by the sf das office. still to my knowledge. reporter: last week, the san francisco district attorney defended the mou agreement, that has been in place since previous da was in charge. >> i went to be clear. it was working. the dean says there were 14 fatal police shootings from 2015
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to 2018. since the agreement was signed in 2019, the da says police killings have gone down dramatically. chief scott says da investigator recently testified in court that she was pressured to mislead police about the status of a criminal investigation against an sfpd officer. the chief says that the das office continues to be in violation, saying it has failed to respond to multiple requests from sfpd investigators to take part in criminal investigations as mou requires. the chief says this is caused a collapse of trust among officers. >> we have 10,000 people should cap or something, who do this job. all you've got to do is talk to us. reporter: when asked about the investigator said she was pressured by someone in the das office, the da said last week, he couldn't talk about potential
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hr issues. chief scott says he did meet with the da today but they did not come to an agreement. the california attorney general says his office is working with both sides to help them identify a path forward to enable their work to continue at the local level. back to you. dan: tonight's meeting is still going on. we will bring you further developments here on abc 7 and on our website, ama: in one week the statewide mask mandate for indoor public spaces will be lifted. there's one place making an exception. santa clara county is the only local county that is choosing not to follow the state's change allowing vaccinated people to take off masks inside most public spaces. that includes grocery stores and retail shops. schools, hospitals and public transit facilities are not affected by the rule change. they are recovered by different rules which still require masks. dan: why is santa clara standing
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alone? what is the reasoning? our reporter asked counties top public health expert for an explanation. reporter: with most bay area counties days away from ending the indoor mass mandate, santa clara county has made the choice not to follow suit. >> we are taking a different course. and that we are continuing to follow our data and metrics to tell us when it is appropriate to lift. reporter: that decision getting mixed reaction from residents, some in favor. >> i agree we should keep the mandate. i work at a homeless shelter. i'm c mag.i feel it is better t. reporter: one san jose business owner said she trusts the decision will but knows there will come a time when the mandate will and in the decision will require -- land on her to require customers to mask up. >> i will be wearing my mask. i think people are getting tired
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of the whole thing, but the number one thing is keeping the community safe. reporter: today's news garnering resident -- frustration from residents on the border, or masks will be required next week. >> i think it is stupid. we live in the same state. we all travel, work in different counties. i think it is for many -- hypocritical. everyone should be treated the same. reporter: one could things change in santa clara county? the doctor says they are sitting at 1900 cases a day. they're looking for that case number to go down along with hospitalization numbers vaccination rates to go up. >> our goal is 550 cases per day , seven day moving average. and hold there for a week before we left. our models suggest we may get there sometime in march. dan: to stay up-to-date on the
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latest covid headlines, to you can also go there to get your covid questions answered. ama: in the south bay, a sprawling homeless and cap it could become a public garden and recreation site. on house residents tommy they have nowhere else to go. reporter: several rats seen scurrying across a san francisco playground. the new theory about where they came from. dan: jeopardy and ounces plans for a new type of tournament. details coming up. ama: a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel alive. >> look who came crawling back, it is me. >> people aren't ready for claire dunphy's darkside. >> i think we are totally ready for it.
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dan: paul local cities are addressing homelessness is something we are focused on as we work to build a better bay area. in the south bay, san jose city leaders want to transform the site of a sprawling hope -- homeless encampment to garden and recreation area. our reporter explains a development would be part moving more than 100 and house residents. people living under the flight path of the airport. reporter: when we see people, their motorhomes, makeshift shelters and tents. there could soon be a park. they want to transform 40 acres of land near the international airport. the council voted unanimously to pursue plans for park concept. >> some of this stuff is ridiculous. hearing them debate it, we should be talking more about places to put people. reporter: scott is more than 100
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people remaining at the final 18 acres that have yet to be cleared. he has lived here for 16 months. >> a year ago, when this problem had clearly materialized on the radar. reporter: severe weather is supposed to be barren. noise buffer property for the airport. it is that sound of roaring jets overhead that led the federal aviation administration to order the city where the large encampment or risk losing millions of dollars in federal funding. back in june why 21, the faa told us the location was exposing on housed residents to unacceptable levels of noise. >> they said nobody could be here. now everyone can be here for dogs and soccer and pickle ball. >> the city is looking to include a 15.8 acre area for disc golf, wildflower meadows that could become community gardens and urban farms and a 5.5 acre dog park. the faa telling us they will
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evaluate any formal proposal it receives from the city. >> these other activities, these people have money. they could go to some of the other dog parks. we don't need that here and now. reporter: homeless advocates say what is needed is affordable housing. there are certain that will not come before june 30, the city's deadline to clear the area. ama: a new apartment complexew a set to be built in six months to house most of the people living at the encampment. officials broke ground today on a new 76 apartment quick build community that will be next to the san jose police department. the mayor says the goal is to get 1000 units built or under construction this year. the complex obey the fourth quick belt community in san jose and is funded by a $6 million donation. >> we need to create solutions like this to get those individuals out of the streets and into housing. this is the solution that is
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going to help our community. ama: homeless rights advocates a construction comes too late. the complex is set to be completed in august. residents of the encampment must be out by june 30. dan: oaklands teacher union is planning to take action. educators could strike in the wake of the school board living forward with school closures. these schools are set to close this year, followed by five more here. for others will merge or lose grades. oakland mayor's calling that decision excruciating. students and familiesiesiesiesis schools will get priority enrollment adding campus. >> the school board did reduce the number of schools affected. i heard them be intentional about ensuring this is going to improve student outcomes. dan: oakland unified is facing a $90 million budget shortfall. the county or state could
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intervene if the budget is allen's. ama: new details on the rats -- dan: budget is imbalanced. ama: animal care controlled says the rats appear to be domesticated and illegally dumped. they plan to humanely capture and re-house them. we first brought you this story at sunday night. several dan: if you enjoy coffee, be prepared for a jolt in price. >> i'm a man who likes a small coffee. as always surprise me the price increase. dan: coffee prices hit a tenure high today. the prices nearly doubled since last year. blame rising shipping costs and increase in output by the world's largest producer, bird because of extreme weather. -- brazil, because of extreme weather. business is booming for columbia's coffee producers. >> there has
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the production that we were doing eight or 10 months ago. dan: market analysts don't expect prices to drop a time soon. intercontinental exchange says copy reserves are the lowest level in more than two decades. that is supply problem is causing real price increases. ama: you're going to want an iced latte. dan: or lemonade. sandhya: or ice cream. something to cool you off the next couple of days. it is going to be unseasonably warm again tomorrow. i want to talk about the heat and fire alert. record with your warmth expected again. -- record winter worth expected again. dry down sure wins. you can see those gusty winds shaking this camera around from our east bay hills camera. it is a clear view. expecting these records for tomorrow. santa rosa 80 degrees.
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napa expected to tie. oakland looks like it is going to set a record again if it 77. as a foe easier at 74. sin has 878. high pressure in command of our weather. the offshore winds, flowing from the land to the see is what is heeding us up. -- heating us up. they heat advisories until sunday evening in southern california and in wind advisory until thursday afternoon because of these wins. fire danger because of how dry it has been is a reality in the middle of winter. los angeles expected to hit a record tomorrow. upper 80's the next three days. records from fresno to redding, san francisco expected to be warm as well. if you're going down for the super bowl, rees em warm in inglewood. mid-eighties for the super bowl on sunday. it is going to be really hot by winter standards. we are talking 86 degrees in the middle of february.
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let's look at the temperatures now. 40's and 50's. a look at the beach hazard statement. what warms up, people tend to go to the coast to enjoy the water. don't turn your back on the water. beach hazard is 5:00 to 7:00 tomorrow. higher risk of recurrence. wave heights are six to eight weeks -- 68 feet. nust in the hills, elevated fir. tomorrow. chge.aird cooler again the weekend. a little better on sunday as we start to see some cooling temperatures to the cooler -- cooling to the 30's to 50's tomorrow. breezy in the north bay hills. afternoon high, 80 in gilroy. on the peninsula, 77 redwood city. 77 pacifica. well above average in san francisco, 76. 80 in santa rosa.
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warm one in the east bay. 77 oakland, 76 fremont. 74 liberal -- livermore. potential change. the european model wants to bring in the potential for showers valentines into the 15th. gfs says middle of february. records with fire danger at the next couple of days. cooler coast and bay. as we head toward monday, wendy, cooler for all areas. chance of rain? go wash her cars so we can get the rain. at this point, it is a chance. ama: and now most admired alum! get up there.
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♪ ama: jeopardy is giving some consistency -- some contestants a second chance. fourth-place finisher in the college championship will be invited to compete. no word yet on which other contestants will be involved. the executive producers say this will happen before the tournament of champions. at least one player from second chance tournament will compete. dan: some baseball news and
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. chris: the warriors in utah tonight, looking for history. an all-female crew of more than 30 handling the production. >> curry drives the lane. reporter: stuff and great halftime buzzer, -- stephen -- steph curry, dubs take the lead. here comes utah, lest i met later. jazz up to. utah pulling way, donovan mitchell, barry is the triple. a little stare down. less than a minute in the third, warriors, a little life. jonathan coming up, one-handed flush. full points and 23 minutes. dubs done 14.
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triple. 111, 85. -- 111-85. the largest loss. golden bears trying to snap a 10 day -- 10 game losing streak. under 20 seconds to go, german shepherd with the ball, that is going to be a bull tend. cal takes a two point lead. jared lucas, lucas, lucas, luca, wind. offensive rebound, cal windsor first road game, 63, 6 -- 63-61. pregame dunk, anna wilson, great pass to blaney. stanford led by a dozen at the break. hayley jones attacks the rack. two of her eight points here. hannah scored a game-high 19 off the bench. 82-59 over organ state.
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that would be buster posey day. they will honor his 12 year career with a pregame ceremony had the game against the cardinals. first chance to publicly honor buster who retired after the loss to l.a.. jeremy giambi has lost -- former oakland a jeremy
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bowen. we will see you tomorrow. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, julie bowen, from "the white lotus," murray bartlett, and music from pj morton. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. thank you. very nice. hey, cleto. hi. thanks a lot. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. oh, you know what that is, i can feel it. it's love that's in the air. love is in the air. do you feel that love, guillermo? > guillermo: i do, jimmy, it's a lot of love.
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