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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 11, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PST

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forcing trains to bypass the civic center. what led up to the gently -- the deadly incident. kumasi: we are just days away from information we expect to learn on pfizer shot for kids. >> what is normal anymore? we don't have a normal growing season. reggie: an expert explains why we are in much better shape for growing a season. kumasi: we made it to fr to fr . an all-time highest temperature in february set at 78 degrees. we expect more records later in n j half-moon
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clear skies across the entire region. we are starting fog free. the number. by noon the 70's. back into the 70's across the board where records are likely for a third day in a row. southern california, l.a. going to a four degrees later this afternoon. kumasi: in the north bay, another day possibly of record-setting and combined with rain could be trouble for the wine makers. amy hollyfield is joining us. amy: they say we are still enjoying the impact of the rain that we got. they are not too concerned about the unusual warm weather we are getting right now at this point. they said the rain we had in
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october and december is carrying them. those in the wine business say it is unusual. they say it will be essential to get some in march but they have learned to just accept whates ea >> i am a believer that every year is random. you get dealt the hand you get help -- dealt. we kind of joke about what is normal anymore we don't have a normal growing season, and we have to adapt to a number of things. if it is not dry conditions, we are getting fires. if we are not getting fires we are still having thunderstorms. amy: they say we are in much better shape right now than we were in 2021 because of the rainstorms we had in october and december. so right now the grapes in wine country are doing fine here and winemakers hope we see normal temperatures and rain soon.
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reporting live from sonoma, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >>. reggie: people hitting the pool in santa rosa. temperatures climb to the 80's. they warn that february may feel good but there could be potentially dangerous conditions at bay area beaches. warm weather brings a risk for sneaker waves and rib current -- rip currents. buescher we did ro three fatalities on the north coast. in all of those cases, it was folks who just got too close. reggie: some reminders to never turn your back to the waves. it stay off wet rocks and pay attention to the tides. you can track temperatures where
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you live and the temperature forecast on the bay area app. we are streaming live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: jobina is tracking new details in getting america's youngest kids vaccinated and more mask developments. jobina: the meeting next week to authorize the vaccine for kids under five. if that happens, doses would start arriving in pediatric offices. the federal government is prepping 10 million doses. shipments will be ready to go. delaware and rhode island lifting indoor mask mandates. 11 states, including california, have announced changes to masking policies this week period of this despite the cdc warning it is still too soon for most americans to remove their masks in indoor public spaces, including schools. >> one of the challenging aces
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has been how we make guidance that is general enough so that it can be applied to new york city and rural montana and indian country which is our responsibility, and have it be specific enough so people can get their questions answered. jobina: ahead of the week -- the meeting next week, pfizer expected to release more information about their safety and how it works in kids. reggie: the civic center bart station in san francisco is back open after a deadly shooting. the victim was shot on the platform last night after a fight with another man. bart said multiple police offi were at the station when this happened, including two who just got off the train and they helped take the suspect into custody. the city of sausalito has declared a state of emergency following a dangerous explosion and fire at a homeless encampment. they hope that sausalito can get
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extra resources for is on housed population. -- it's unhoused d d d d three died of various illnesses. sausalito relocated residents to the site after another park they occupied became rundown. kumasi: hundreds of families out of their homes because the wildfires in southern california. strong wind and hot conditions sparked brush fires. one came close to multimillion dollar homes. we first told you about this yesterday. lake contee fire gave an update saying it is 20% contained and crews have stopped it's forward progress. >> this is subject to wind and wind changes and we are monitoring that very close. we are taking safety very serious.
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jobina: in addition to the strong wind, humidity and hot conditions feeling the fire. dr we have been talking not only in the bay area has been a long time since we have seen rain, parts of southern california haven't seen rain since high pressure off of the coastline, very close to us. the wind is backing off in the hills but offshore wind does continue in southern california. we have clear skies overhead. records are likely once again today. i don't think they will be as widespread as we saw yesterday, but i still think san jose will set a new record at 77 degrees. 74 would break the old record two years ago of 72 degrees. another warm day, well above where we should be this time of
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year. in the afternoon, clouds moving in. 74 in oakland. 77 in santa rosa. concord up to 75 degrees. air quality remains on the moderate side today and tomorrow . better air quality eart ek. lookin a the weekend, and sunday, temperatures above average, in the 70's. early morning fog leading to mostly cloudy skies. ing. theoa are jobina: we are going to start with a live picture in emeryville showing off 80. part of the later commute yesterday, you were really backed up here. i am glad it is all clear for you right now. sansansansansansansansansan very light conditions. it is true for the drive times.
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san rafael to san francisco a 16 minute ride. an exciting update if you drive on highway 101 on the peninsula. new express lanes opened. they will operate from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. from highway 85 at 101 two whipple avenue. you need a fast-track toll tag and it will be based on congestion pricing which will be displayed. carpools with three or more people can use the lanes for free. toll lanes will cover 22 miles. the second phase will open later this year. reggie: the warriors dancing reunion years in the making. kumasi: the 70 put pen -- the 70 foot pendulum. this opens today. this opens today. reggie: get your personal points plan! i'm james corden and i'm here to tell people that
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and our time are well spent. at floor and decor, with a wide selection of products all at everyday low prices, creating a space to match your taste has never been easier. discover floor and decor today! creating a space to match your taste has never been easier. ♪ i don't give a med 'bout my reputation. ♪ ♪ living in the past, it's a new generation. ♪ and a girl can do what she wants to do ♪ ♪ and that's what i'm gonna do ♪ not me! kumasi: we are learning more
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about the death of bob saget. he died from head trauma likely caused by an accidental fall. he fractured his skull and went to sleep. any head trauma should be checked out immediately. officials say he was covid positive but that did not contribute to his death. reggie: san jose police investigating the 12th deadly crash this year. a person walking was hit at the intersection of foxworthy and alban. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the driver hit him stayed at the scene and is cooperating. of the tower well -- of the 12 accidents, 10 have been pedestrians. there is a call for foot patrols downtown. kumasi: hundreds has sound and -- signed an online petition. we explain that this faces some hurdles. amanda: reinstate the foot troll
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in san jose -- the foot patrol in san jose. that request coming from those who frequent the core. in virtually to get input on budget priorities. >> we are trained to remind them that having a dedicated foot troll is our priority -- foot troll is our priority. amanda: they are backing the petition for funding that the community hopes will pay for dedicated patrol officers to enhance safety, is a security and other issues. >> i can't think of anything that will have his big impact. amanda: he is behind the petition. >> restaurants have had their windows broken, graffiti, robberies.
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it is enough. amanda: he says the overall ovea sensibility would -- sense of stability would return. and it believes with -- begins with safety. the mayor said homelessness, crime and blight of the top budget priorities. he puts his support for foot patrols. >> a response. reggie: the only full-service grocery store in west oakland is going out of business. community foods market opened in 2019 with high hopes of serving the underserved neighborhood but the pandemic hit eight months they'd are in the store owners
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were not able to overcome labor shortages, inflation and supply chain issues. it will officially close sunday. the pandemic also forcing the closure of the rockwall wine company. the popular winery will stop serving february 27. it ne to allow members to pick up wine. it opened in 2008 on the grounds of the old naval air station. kumasi: we are highlighting people in our community making history right now. today one bay area artist bringing a first of its kind exhibit to a san francisco landmark. have you ever seen that before? this is a 70 foot pendulum that swings from the pews to the pulpit, all part of a new performance installation called love, a state of grace. the creator wanted to reflect on
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love after several acts of violence in sacred places. >> the time george floyd happened, i think i just had a huge, something cracked open in me. i was really suffering like so many of us from what i think is ancestral grief. kumasi: the 70 foot surrendering to love. terry ladder is a reminder that love is an action that can be scary and hard. there is also a series of meditations designed to give people a chance to engage and reflect. it is a four-day performance installation opening today. you can catch it through february 18 at grace the april.
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it is amazing. grace cathedral by itself, and then you add these. when the swing dropped for the first time, there is something about it. it just makes you reflect. reggie: the letter look like something out of dr. seuss. kumasi: they are so graceful with it. it is amazing. i can't wait to go back and see it. when i was there they didn't have the music that will be a part of it. that will take it to a whole other level. reggie: what a cool idea. drew: i wish i had the courage to go that high. it scares me. kumasi: they are hooked in. drew: not going out. i will watch from the ground. are talking about another day of record warmth.
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yesterday was the hottest day we had this week today, you are still going to feel the warm temperatures. we do have breezes in the hills put another fog free morning. numbers in the cool spots generally in the 40's. livermore at 43 degrees. 47 at san mateo. temperatures will create the launching pad for a warm afternoon. records possible. 75 in cupertino. redwood 72 for half moon bay. 74 daly city. 73 in san rafael. 73 in napa. 74 in oakland. we are going back to the 70's. 75 in concord.
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overnight tonight, a mild night. partly cloudy skies air temperatures in the 40's and 50's. early next week on monday and tuesday, a storm moving into the west coast. the track would take it more over tahoe. i don't get me to much in the way of rain, more in the way of likely dusting to 30 miles per hour on monday. record highs again today. it is warm over the weekend. the big headline monday and tuesday, it is windy. perhaps a chance on a date. not looking very encouraging. temperatures back to average, in the 60's. kumasi: some san jose leaders are helping the blood shortage paired the mayor and -- blood shortage. the mayor and others donated at the american red cross.
5:20 am
this is actually this councilperson 62nd time donating blood. >> the pandemic has forced the shutdown of a lot of the kinds of events we would typically have at schools and workplaces and so forth where people would come and give blood. kumasi: a single pint of blood can save up to three lives. the process is safe and easy and they h heldast ghinan francisco and he has entertained audiences with his playful technique of teaching traditional chinese cooking since 1978. kumasi: that look like a lot
5:21 am
fun. coming up, the seven things to know. reggie: plus the jump you will likely see on your pg&e bill. kumasi: and a it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. what if i sleep hot? ...or cold? no problem, the sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. and it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? yes! you'll know exactly how well you slept, night after night. we take care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. don't miss our weekend special. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 24 months and free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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ctnsn rg gatherings. they are ready to welcome more gas. number two, state lawmakers extended this state of emergency oven or newsom issued two years ago. the publicans called for the order to end. number three -- republicans called for the order to end. number three, your pg&e bill going up. electricity prices feeling the hike. reggie: number four, a mall closing to make way for a tech mega campus. a closing date hasn't been announced. drew: number five, we are in store for a third day of record temperatures. back into the 70's we go. cool weather moves in early next week. jobina: number six, no advisories are issues for your
5:24 am
commute this morning. this is a live picture from oakland. kumasi: number seven, more electric car chargers are on the way. the biden giving $5 billion to build up the network and california it will get $57 million. reggie: there are reports that turks are planning on blocking -- there are reports that truckers are planning to block roads. >> on the heels of the trucker protesting canada, homeland security warning there could be similar protests around sofi stadium but say they are largely aspirational. >> we don't want to speculate about what type of appearance might occur in this area but we are prepared to address it. >> they are sweeping southern california for threats. air marine operations on high alert giving us a behind the scene look at the concerns. >> they are looking for any kind
5:25 am
of threat in the air or on the ground as we head into super bowl sunday. >> coming up, good morning america is counting down to the super bowl with security and the details on the halftime show and a look at the quarterbacks squaring off. kumasi: fan of the year celebrated at the nfl honors awards. the niners honored her as ts tss number one fan earlier this season after finding out she organized the first mass vaccination clinic all while battling a brain tumor. they will be at the super bowl courtesy of the nfl.
5:26 am
reunited. this is former members from the 1980's, 1990's, and to thousands joining the current team to perform last night. the dance team first started in 1985. reggie: look at that. coming up, the old ua to meet someone new -- the old g -- way to meet someone new. kumasi: a live look outside.
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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club. annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: restrictions on large gatherings reducing in one area. >> this brings back a lot of nostalgia and great memories.
5:29 am
kumasi: the end of an era for a mall that has been around for decades. the shops closing. the transformation that will take place. reggie: get ready to see a price hike on your pg&e bill. kumasi: with this warm weather will received into the weekend? we want to start with a check of our forecast. drew: the weekend will be warm can record warmth yesterday and wednesday and we expect a third day of record warmth. high pressure in control. that means there is no fog. clear skies on this early morning our. temperatures in the cool spots in the 40's. fremont at 48. 40 at santa rosa. aha m in the city, checking in at 57 degrees. here is a live look. the gorgeous golden gate bridge.
5:30 am
with clear skies, like yesterday, once the sun rises it will quickly warm temperatures later on this morning and into the afternoon. fog free this morning. by noon, into the low 70's and then by 4 p.m., all back into the 70's paired records are likely. i don't think they will be as widespread but many have a chance to set one. reggie: covid rules falling throughout the bay area and one of the most restrictive just went away in wine country. amy hollyfield is live in sonoma. amy: large gatherings are allowed again. shea how ready they are to embrace this, look at what pulled up. the beer truck. they are getting ready. a large gatherings allowed again . they are ready to go here in
5:31 am
sonoma county. they canceled large events a month ago because of surgeon saying half of the covid cases were coming from large gatherings. this impacted sports at schools, concerts, weddings. those in the party business say they are ready to try and get back to normal. >> this year i feel like people are just ready to move forward. whatever that is going to mean, they will be flexible. a lot of guest counts change and people are ok with that here they seem to be a little more agreeable to just go with what is happening. amy: the wedding venues ready to fill their laces back up with people. delta partners still recommending the elderly and immunocompromised -- the health department still recommending the elderly and immunocompromised still mask
5:32 am
indoors. the number of cases is going down and it is clear that peak from omicron has come and gone. kumasi: keep california's covid-19 state of emergency and place for now. the order issued by gavin newsom nearly two years ago. it was set to expire next month. republican can legislators gathered on the steps of the capital calling in and to this emergency declaration. >> the question needs to come back at him, why have you not end the emergency? that is what this is about today why have you not ended the emergency. you are hosting the super bowl. reggie: now to the blockade at the border. a massive protest to threatening trade. the biden administration urging the canadian government to use its power to stop this blockade.
5:33 am
kumasi: the hours could be numbered for the massive protest destructing traffic at the busiest border traffic in north america. it is happening at the ambassador bridge linking windsor ontario with the trait. truckers protesting vaccine mandates in canada have forced authorities to close the bridge. >> we are fighting for freedom. we are going to keep fighting. kumasi: this is a crucial transit part for moving auto parts. they have been halting or scaling back. the mayor of windsor seeking a court injunction that would allow police to physically move in and and the blockade. >> you can't gain compliance, then we bring tow trucks and police services to remove people illegally blocking the roadway. kumasi: demonstrators have forced the closure of two other border crossings. they may have to airlift auto supplies into the u.s.. kumasi: president biden aired
5:34 am
his list of potential supreme court nominees to four -- president biden has his list of potential supreme court nominees before. the president says he plans to nominate a black woman. he says the white house remains on track to make their pick at the end of the month. reggie: new questions about former president trump's white house records. a gap has been found in his phone records and other is where that some of the documents he took from the white house contained pacified information. >> this morning, former president trump facing new scrutiny over his handling of classified information after you took 15 boxes of presidential records with him when he left office, including letters from kim jong-un. >> he wrote meet beautiful
5:35 am
letters, and they are great letters. >> the washington post says some documents with have since been returned were clearly marked classified. trump denies any wrongdoing, saying he took boxes so he could one day display the documents his presidential library. he is also denying a new claim that he flushed official records down the toilet. in her upcoming book, a new york times reporter writes that workers in the white house periodically found toilets clogged with wads of paper. trump calls the story categorically untrue and simply made up. in the meantime, the committee investigating the attack on the u.s. capitol says it found a gap in the official white house call logs shows no calls to or from trump as the violence unfolded on to be, even though lawmakers have publicly said they spoke to trump during that time.evidencee
5:36 am
deleted or changed and it is wide really known that he often used his personal cell phone. an investigation into the recordkeeping practices. kumasi: your pg&e bill could be going up next month. customers looking at an increase of more than 9%. this is the second hike this year. the average residential customer could to their monthly bill go up by about $14. a consumer advocacy group calls the increased outrageous. it is when you at this increase to the one that went into effect at the start of the year, it amounts to the 20% hike so far in 2022. pg&e saying rising natural gas and wholesale electricity prices are to blame.
5:37 am
a peninsula mall closing for good. the transformation that will take place at the shops. reggie: tender's -- new feature. but first we check in with drew. drew: high-pressure hugging the coastline. that means we are fog free. we warm up nicely this afternoon. offshore wind and issue in parts of southern california. a live look at sfo here yesterday the airport set an all-time hottest february temperature in recorded history at 78 degrees. yesterday was likely the hottest date we have under the warm spell, but today areas like san jose, livermore will set new records. livermore at 74. the record is 72 degrees two
5:38 am
years ago. highs repeating the forecast with temperatures into the 70's. 74 in oakland. the same in the city. 77 in san jose. half moon bay at 72 degrees. hotter in southern california. 84 the forecasted. at home, it has. we cool off -- at home, record highs. we cool off but temperatures are still above where they should be. we expect coastal fog for saturday and sunday but the afternoon will feature a lot of sunshine. jobina: we are going to check out view of the map. a slow spot coming out of tracy, the right to double will be 25 minutes. aside from that, everything is clear.
5:39 am
the san mateo bridge, things moving at limit. walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. highway one to los gatos 21 minutes.
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kumasi: police in illinois say the game worl woman. >> i was just trying to survive he said i won't harm or assault you. kumasi: he locked her in a bathroom for nearly 20 hours. in seattle her daughter called police after noticing her mom had not read her text messages are sent her score from the puzzle. >> i didn't said my older daughter a wordl understood -- s haening itas. was arrested. family helps other people can learn from this and remember the importance of staying in touch
5:43 am
with your loved ones. reggie: on the peninsula, the tanforan mall is getting ready to close. we have more about what is coming. >> for decades the shops have been a staple for bay area families, but all that is set to change. the mall was recently bought by a los angeles developer and will be transformed into an office campus for biotech firms. >> it makes me feel sad. >> news comes as a shock, customers have memories. >> i remember as a kid we would play on the little playground and there was a train and me and my brothers would write on it when we were kids. >> is not all sad news. >> tremendous opportunity. >> he says once complete the new office building will bring in new jobs.
5:44 am
it is not just about the new jobs coming in. it is about those going out pit several people tell us they don't want the rest of the community to be left behind -- it is about those going out. several people tell us they don't want the rest of the community to be left behind. yonder the changes, the transformation they say is also important for the owners to understand the legacy spot served as an internment camp for japanese during world war ii. >> whoever purchases this needs to recognize the history and what happened here. >> while the shops are still shops, many say they will keep enjoying it while they can, make it memories the same weight they have been doing so for years. >> this is the place that brings back a lot of nostalgia and great memories and just to know this won't be here anymore is
5:45 am
kind of sad. kumasi: moviepass is coming back . the subscription service will be available again this summer after shutting down in 2019. the details are unclear that the service will offer tiered ticket plans with special perks for survivors. reggie: watch out for romance scams. they are called romance scams because they originate on dating sites. they use stolen picks to contact unsuspecting users and ask them for money. more consumers than ever are falling for the scams. five and 47 million was lost last year alone -- $540 million was lost last year alone. kumasi: speaking of tinder, there
5:46 am
dating on their app. you can watch -- chat with them before you see them. drew: i think part of the reason relationships fail on these apps is that you text of the time and then when you meet up you have nothing to talk about. kumasi: you get two days of texting. you're not about to text me to death. reggie: i do not see the appeal for this. that is really that is very dated. drew: roxanne?
5:47 am
catfished. you don't get picture. you can make up whatever you want by yourself. reggie: this is not the way. a story attractive so he keeps sending love notes to her pretending he is someone else, the attractive guy. it is a movie out right now. drew: note. what is out, a movie? reggie: peter dinklage? drew: you have three days to figure out your valentine's day
5:48 am
if's. temperatures -- valentine's day gifts. today another day of record temperatures. a light breeze out there. numbers in the 40's and 50's p 57 in the city. 40 in napa. a bit of a chill. 41 in san ramon. highs today, south bay, 77. 76 in morgan hill. along the peninsula, a warm day. 73 in san mateo. downtown today will hit 74. 72 in south city. 75 in sonoma. 73 and sam obey -- san ramon. 70's, overnight
5:49 am
elevated, 40's and 50's. we are watching early next week for the chance of rain in parts of california paired i don't think we see much. i think we see more wind -- california. i don't think we see much. the weekend shaping up to be mild. cooler next week with the wind but we bounce by state and thursday. reggie: a modern-day immortalized in wax but people have an issue and how it turned out. kumasi: more electric vehicle charging stations will be popping up. the project expecting to make it easier free to go green. reggie: jeopardy champion amy schneider we've been cooking up this kitchen design for a while... it's going to be perfect.
5:50 am
ok, that pattern works. wow, this whole look works. and at a price that really works. i think our work here is done. at floor and decor, our helpful associates and free in-store design services add to your experience, not your expenses. and with an unmatched selection of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, creating the kitchen to match your taste has never been easier. discover floor and decor today!
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reggie: apple updating security measures for air tanks to try to get them to not be used for unwanted tracking. you will see a warning when you set it up and it includes a message stating the devices are meant to track your own belongings and tracking others without their consent is a crime. apple will fix the confusing unknown assess rate message which is caused by other devices . kumasi: you will likely see more electric vehicle charging stations popping up across the country. the biden administration launched a five billion dollar fund for infrastructure intended to ease anxiety. $57 million will be used in california. >> highways and interstates could soon see an influx of electric vehicle infrastructure. under a new initiative to meet the goal of building 500,000
5:53 am
charging stations across the country. with gasoline prices high and expected to rise, the federal government will provide $5 billion for states to install charging stations every 50 miles. so electric car drivers don't have to worry about running out of charge. it is part of 87 $.5 billion authorized for vehicle projects -- is as part of authorized for vehicle projects. >> we want to have them plug in wherever they live or work or want to head. >> they said americans who drive more could say the most by switching to electric nichols as long as there is -- switching to electric as long as it is veiled -- it is available. >> goes to dry the most stand to
5:54 am
say the most provided with support rural communities i do not leave them behind. >> states will submit plans by august 1. officials say this will create jobs to build and maintain charging systems. reggie: space x tesla founder elon musk said his new rocket could meet -- reach orbit in a couple of months. faa approval is needed to launch and he thinks he will get the go-ahead next month. he wants to land astronauts on the moon as early as 2025 and wants to use it to create a city on mars. kumasi: oakland jeopardy champion amy schneider adjusting to new life as a public figure. she hosted this event at the commonwealth club in san francisco here to her 40 game win streak helped raise awareness for the transgender community. a gender affirming clinic sponsor the event.
5:55 am
she talked about the pressure she faced being on jeopardy. >> i was just like, it comes with the territory and jeopardy put me in touch with people at gladden who gave me reparation and coaching on how to deal with it which was super helpful and i really appreciate that. kumasi: schneider says it helped her deal with the negative feedback on social media. she ranks second in total games won. you can watch it we got at 7:00a bridge. a clear morning out there. just like yesterday, numbers will click early -- quickly warm. this will be the third day in a row of record warmth, the best shot will be at livermore and san jose pits san jose going for a high of 77 which would best the record of 73 setback in
5:56 am
2020. 70's for the entire bay area. clouds in the afternoon. 74 in the city. 75 in concord. across the golden state, statee possible. a warm day. southern california in the mid-80's to lower 90's to finish out the week. kumasi: at 6:00, a perfume perfu time for valentine's day may crack the code but you may not be so quick to agree. reggie: the dried winter heat in wine country stick -- the dry winter heat sticking around in wine country. kumasi: gunfire inside a san francisco bart station pier 1 person killed. the word from police and any changes to the morning commute. reggie:
5:57 am
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moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> are stop stories right now. since the pfizer vaccine pipeline, specific target date. it is arriving at the pediatrician offices. some important information that could come today. >> you get sunburned because you've been in sweaters. now, it is hot. >> we talk about, what is normal. nothing like a pool day in the middle of february.
6:00 am
the unusual heat may make a difference your trip to the beat or we can visit wine country. >> plus, not just best in the bay area area just visit a local pizza joint. and chuck e. cheese is not on the list. it did make the cut. >> i will always honor chuck e. cheese. they gave a sizable paycheck. >> that's true. >> were here today. >> good morning. happy friday. it is the 11th of february. >> were going to get a check on the weather forecast. >> good morning. a lot of people say the ice cream was the thing to get. how warm it was. there were long lines and a lot of places, but we are going to repeat some of the heat again. record high temperatures for the third day in a row. right now, san francisco is a 37. the same in san jose. cool spot. knapp is the cola spot we have


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