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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 11, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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to get vaccinated. >> care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause!
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>> this is abc 7 news. >> parents and pediatricians forced to wait longer to vaccinate their children under five years old against covid-19. pfizer and the fda pushing back the timeline for possible authorization. thank you for joining us. ama: luz pena explains that while the delay is frustrating, some experts say it is actually a good sign. reporter: the fda is waiting on more data before deciding whether to authorize pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for children under five. >> the great news is it was safe for every kid. the question was one of efficacy. luz: pfizer requested this delay
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after noticing the omicron variant was better than delta at evading the vaccine, suggesting the two doses were not enough attention for this age group. pfizer is waiting on data for a third dose. >> the third dose would be intended to increase immunity for the kids six months to two years, and also provide augmented immunity for the kids two years to just about five. luz: there are roughly 18 million children in america under five years old. the biden administration was hoping to expand vaccinations for this age group by next week. 16-month-old victoria will have to wait much longer while her parents try their best to keep her safe. >> as long as all our family members are vaccinated, we are somewhat comfortable, but it provides another level of protection if our daughter was also vaccinated. luz: golden gate pediatrics was gearing up to begin the
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vaccination process. they have 2500 patients under five years old, and now they will have to wait until at least april, when pfizer is expected to release new data. >> group of families was excited. they understand. i think there is a bit of a letdown, but overall it is better to get it right. luz: the fda was expected to publish an analysis of pfizer status today. experts say pfizer made the right choice by asking for more time. >> this should be taken as a huge vote of confidence from the pfizer team. luz: luz pena, abc 7 news. dan: a new bill would compel every californian worker to get vaccinated against covid-19. the proposal would require businesses to make sure employees are in compliance. ryan curry explains that the bill, as you can imagine, is getting mixed reaction. reporter: every worker in
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california vaccinated against covid-19. that is the goal of a new bill proposed by buffy wicks. >> people have been experiencing so much whiplash when it comes to testing guidelines and mask mandates and vaccine guidance. reporter: at a press conference friday, wicks says it should ensure a safer barrier against covid-19. if it passes, all businesses would require employees and contractors to get the vaccine. it comes after the supreme court ruled against a vaccine proposed by the biden administration, but makes thanks this plan is legal. >> we know enough at this point about the pandemic that we can make this happen together. reporter: this plan is being met with mixed reviews. >> i don't really like the idea. it is government control. reportreportreportreportreportrt executives who think this is an over step of power. >> the virus is real, but the
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governor has used it as an opportunity to take away more freedom. reporter: the ceo of red balloon, a company that helps people find jobs in places with little or no covid mandates, thanks people should be able to make their own decisions -- thinks people should be able to make their own decisions. >> they are stirring to dial back the mandates, and california thanks, let's dial up the mandates. reporter: however, supporters think this will create a clear path of recovering from the pandemic. >> it is time that businesses can get back to normal functioning. reporter: the ceo of small business majority says this bill will give his this is, especially small ones -- businesses, especially small ones, a chance not to worry about mandates. >> small businesses do not want to be traffic cops for public safety. they are looking for a statewide standard that disentangled them from politics. reporter: if it passes, the bill will likely take effect next
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year, and employers who do not comply could face penalties. dan: remember, our vaccine team is here to answer your questions. had to and click on the luvox to submit your question. ama: a small earthquake rattled san leandro tonight. at some of you called in to tell us you felt it because the east bay and peninsula -- across the east bay and peninsula. it was 3.2 and a to do. there are no reports of damage or injuries. dan: what is the weekend looking like? let's go to sandhya patel for more on this warmth, but it is changing a bit. sandhya: absolutely. mother nature is clearly confused, and it feels more like spring. we are going to continue that. let me show you a live picture from our mount tam cam. city by the bay is sparkling. record highs were set for a third straight day. san jose, 79 today, a new
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record. half moon bay not only had a daily record high, but for the entire month it tied its february record at 78 degrees. oakland was a tie at 77. it was pretty warm across the bay area, 78 at santa rosa, 75 at san francisco, 76 at livermore. tomorrow morning, 40's and 50's will quickly turn to 60's, 70's by the lunch hour. in the afternoon, it is going to be warm. we are looking at a major change on monday. look at the sharp drop in temperatures with the winds picking up. i will let you know if that is the only change we can expect, coming up. dan: remember do contract the temperatures where you live. live conditions and the forecasts are part of the abc 7 app. ama: tonight we details about the suspect involved in last nights deadly shooting at the civic center
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bart station in san francisco, at a time when bart is experiencing low ridership. the on miller -- the online has more on what the -- dion has more on what the agency is doing to keep passengers safe. dion: at just 25% of pre-pandemic levels, the agency's police chief of -- addressed the shooting. >> suspect shot the victim at the handgun at the bottom of the escalator. reporter: while a motive has not been released, chief alvarez touted the quick response from bart officers. >> six bart police personnel responded within one minute of the incident. reporter: chief alvarez says that is the reason for the quick arrest of 24-year-old shane holman. >> he does have a critical record. that is part of the investigation. reporter: i obtained his court records. multiple sources confirm holman
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was on probation from being arrested for burglary. he was also arrested in march of last year for being a felon in possession of an unregistered firearm. i asked the da's office why he was charged been released. a public information officer acknowledged holman's release, and said it happened while they waited on dna evidence results. he added the office will hold the suspect accountable. bart's police chief told me overall crime across the service is down, but admitted problems at civic center and what is being done to address it. >> we have two full-time police officers at that station, in addition to two at community service officers as well. dion: for riders we spoke with, it was not enough. >> this station gets very sketchy. i have seen people with knives, sticks inside. it just does not give you that comfortable feeling. >> a lot of my clients -- i
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work with the elderly -- and they are frightened to go anywhere close to bart. j.r.: please consider -- dion: these concerns adding to their hesitancy to write more. dan: a former military police sergeant and a member of the boogaloo extremist movement pleaded guilty today to killing a security guard in oakland. he entered a federal court in front of more than a dozen relatives of pat underwood, the man he now admits to killing. underwood was inside a guard shack at the federal building in may when he was hit with bullets fired from a white van. underwood's sister talked about her brother. >> my brother was amazing, such a humble man, and he helped so many different people that he never talked about. he was just one of those people that always did the right thing. dan: the parties agreed to a 41 year sentence. the judge says he still has to
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decide if she will accept that agreement. the suspect also faces charges for killing a santa cruz sergeant a week after the oakland shooting. ama: a man's body has been found at a marin county beach, where a fisherman disappeared on monday. the body was discovered today below the muir beach overlook. it has been taken to the marin county coroner's office for identification. three fishermen were fishing in the same area on monday when a wave knocked them into the water. two men were rescued, but a third man was taken by the waves. dan: still ahead, acknowledging a dark part of american history by honoring thousands wrongly imprisoned by the u.s. government. the groundbreaking ceremony for a memorial plaza on the peninsula. ama: pay tribute to john madden. preparations underway in the east bay for monday's big memorial. and -- >> there is a lot of love across sunnyvale. one idea
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dan: new developments with the crisis in ukraine. the united states is preparing to evacuate people from its embassy, after officials warned a russian invasion could happen before the olympics end on february 20. russia is building troops along the border and doing military drills with belarus. the build up is said to be around 100,000, which would be enough to carry out a major attack. earlier in the day, u.s. citizens were told to get out of ukraine by the end of the weekend. >> we cannot predict the future. we do not know what is going to happen, but the risk is now high enough and the threat is now immediate enough that this is what prudence demands. dan: president biden is expected
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to talk with vladimir putin a matter of hours. ama: a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the 10 friend memorial plaza. it will pay tribute to the 8000 japanese americans who were forced to live in staples at the former racetrack during world war ii. the memorial will be completed by summer. the hope is exposure will be high, because about 6800 people pass review station on a monthly basis. >> our country american citizens of their constitutional rights, and forced by prejudice, put them in concentration camps. ama: the memorial will include a statue honoring two young girls, ages six and nine, forced to relocate to their family to tanfaran in 1942. dan: a memorial service for legendary raiders coach john madden will take place at the coliseum in oakland.
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it starts at 530 in the afternoon and will feature speakers, video tributes, and performances. people will need to buy a ticket to get in with all proceeds going to charity. the cost is $32 and $.14 $32.14, in honor of when the raiders beat the vikings 32-14. ama: city hall will be open tomorrow ahead of the special election. the ballot has a number of items, including the district 17 assembly seat and is guiding whethero rechoo bo members -- and deciding whether toe hool bod mbers. dan: in the southa lot of extran and felt across sunnyvale, just in time for valentine's day. residents have launched a festive scavenger hunt for hearts. amanda del castillo highlights this effort to build a better bay area. reporter: these hearts are hard to miss, each part of a suite
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scavenger hunt launched by a sunnyvale local artist asked to be identified only as winnie. when he's festive displays have become neighborhood favorites, and for valentine's day, she decided to share the love. >> i dreamed, why don't we get a whole bunch of people to put candy hearts in their yards? reporter: she posted to social media and heard back from 100 people hoping to host a heart. >>oyesciallyri>> it reallyan fl around the neighborhood, and see where they put them. >> it is nice to see something that kind of brings people together. people come for photo ops, stuff like that. reporter: that is the idea. snap a pic and post it to facebook. winners will go to three categories, including those who find the most hearts. there are serious contenders, including the mayor.
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he and his dog buddy have found i don't know how many by now. each heart hand delivered and installed by winnie's friends. each heart a reminder that even when the pandemic requires distance, a little love and bring us together. >> look for the hearts around the community and get excited about it. our kids get excited too. we will be in a different part of sunnyvale and they say, oh, there is a heart. >> beyond the scavenger hunt, i hope everyone feels loved during these times. reporter: the festive scavenger hunt wraps up on monday, valentine's day. winnie says she then looked forward to taking on st. patrick's day. dan: that is really sweet. a nice day to be outside doing just about anything. ama: yes, and you probably broke a sweat. sandhya: it was so unseasonably warm, and you are going to be breaking a sweat again tomorrow, because we are expecting some
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more warm weather. take a look at the records for tomorrow. san jose, if it hits 70 degrees, will tie its old record set in 1971. livermore expected to surpass its record, coming in at 75, by one degree. it is going to be warm elsewhere, more like april or may than february. air quality will be moderate tomorrow, good to moderate sunday, so if you did not get a chance to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, there is still time. high pressure is in charge, and while we would like to see these systems bump into the ridge and push it out so we can get some rain, it is not looking like anything is going to come through, at least not immediately. just high clouds over the top of the ridge of high pressure from that system. that system is also bringing a heat advisory for much of southern california, highs in the low 80's to low 90's. for super bowl lvi when the rams take on the bengals, it is going
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to be sunny and warm both days, but sunday in particular very warm. we are talking about low 80's, could be one of the hottest super balls they have played, so keep that in mind as you are watching the game and it is not as warm. just a stunning view of san francisco tonight. warm again tomorrow, sharply cooler and windier early next week. temperatures will be close to average for monday and tuesday. right now you are in the 40's and 50's. tomorrow morning you are looking at not much change, so it is a comfortable start. 40's, 50's out the door. afternoon highs will look like this. if you go for a run, do it early, because it is going to be warm in the south bay. 77 morgan hill. on the peninsula, 76 in palo alto. 73 and half moon bay. 72 degrees downtown francis is -- pacifica 72 degrees, downtown san francisco 70.
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bids 70's from san rafael to vallejo. ,akw mid 's. 74 in nerk the system we arealking about is going to come down and bring the sierra some snow monday night into tuesday. southern california gets rain, not a lot, but it is something. you'll notice 6/ angeles. for us, winds of 30 to 40 miles per hour. not this weekend, though. it is going to be mild to warm, possible records tomorrow. blustery and much cooler for valentine's day, still brisk and bright tuesday, then temperatures rebound. valentine's day is a little blustery, a little brisk, good hugging weather, cuddling weather, whatever you want to call it.
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dan: oakland will celebrate black history month this weekend with an event building a better bay area. ama: the block party happens sunday on the side of the west oakland mural project on 9th street. mural plays tribute to the black
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panther party. organizers hope to bring their mission to the party. >> it is trying to be there together, gathering in the way that oaklanders take care of oaklanders, trying to spread that message. dan: organizers are also spreading a message of service, giving away free food to those in need. a food drive is happening tomorrow at 7800 macarthur. stop by between 9:00 a.m. and noon if you would like to make a donation. it will certainly make a difference. ama: we are coming down to super bowl sunday. dan: larry beil is here with all the sports. larry: the bangles haveever won a super bowl. joe burrow aims to c care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines.
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this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause!
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larry: whether it is draymond green's injury and overall lack of size or retiring back to back , the warriors have suddenly dropped two in a row after winning nine straight. a chance to do well tomorrow against the l.a. lakers, 5:30 tip-off on abc 7. klay thompson is probably in disbelief you missed this shot to force overtime against the knicks last night and an overtime loss. klay enjoys facing the purple and gold. >> i always get excited facing the lakers. my best memories are with my dad sitting in high school and watching college games, watching kobe play. it is always awesome playing the hometown team. >> i have much time to work -- have not had time to worry about what everyone else is doing. i have so much going on, as you know, that focus has been here on our group and trying to figure out the best way to utilize that.
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larry: warriors and lakers tomorrow night at 5:30, followed by after the game. men's hoops, stand for hosting utah. -- women's hoops, stanford hosting utah. jones had 15 points. third quarter, one of fran's three steals. is she going to dunk it? no, but she was one of six cardinals in double figures. cardinals win, 9164 your -- 91-60 four your final. super bowl interviews have been almost all on zoom in l.a. today. no one really expected cincinnati to make it this far, but those who underestimated joe burrow will be at home watching on sunday. >> if you underestimate us, we are going to beat you. all this year, we got better and better each week and won a lot of big games, have been in a lot of situations. this is no different. larry: picking a winner
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scientifically, nick the dolphin in florida has made up his mind. he started toward the rams and then turned away and chose the bengals. nick has been correct in seven of his last nine predictions. a member of the -- remember the wanna get away commercials? the reversed slam here without authority, then commits a foul in frustration. the
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matter where you are, with the abc 7 bay area news app. we are streaming >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- lily james and sebastian stan -- quinta brunson -- and music from eric bellinger. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, thank you. very nice. thank you. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm glad to be here, i hope you are too. i'm glad to be at work. i had an incident at home last night. i didn't tell you this, guillermo. it didn't really happen at home. it happened at school.


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