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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 14, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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russia and ukraine. i officials say an invasion could happen at any moment. >> the bay area ukrainian community stressed over the situation back home. >> one last monday night football event at the coliseum in oakland. the memorial planned for legendary raiders coach john madden. >> it is time to take the mask off and get back to normal. >> clearly people are ready to ditch these masks. in a few more days you won't have to wear them indoors in most places in the bay area. >> did you see that woman dancing? >> she said it is time. it is monday, february 14 and it is valentine's day. i am loving this red we have. >> this is pink. >> our cameras are not going to
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pick up on that. >> just know that i have the colors on. >> i stand corrected. >> good morning. >> we are going to start with the pink shirt. >> and we've gone through this five day record warmth streak and that is coming to an end. it is going to feel a lot cooler out there and temperatures this afternoon are closer to where we should be for this time of year. right now, this is an issue across the board, santa rosa, we are down to half a mile. less than two miles in carlos. a lot of low cloud cover out there, an indication of the changing weather pattern. this is going to lead to a cooler afternoon. 40's and 50's out the door this morning. a live look showing a lot of fog upstairs and the big take away on valentine's day, it is breezy in the afternoon, 10 to 15
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degrees cooler compared to this weekend. we will take a closer look at these highs in a few minutes. reggie: developing news this morning, the threat of a russian invasion of ukraine. russian president vladimir putin is putting even more troops along the border with ukraine. ike ugochi has the latest. ike: russian troops and heavy artillery performing massive military drills all stop u.s. officials say in the last 10 days, russia has accelerated its buildup of forces. putin now has an estimated 130,000 troops amassed on three sides of the country with u.s. officials warning of a possible imminent attack. >> it is likely to begin with a barrage of missiles and bob attacks -- bomb attacks, followed by an onslaught of ground forces moving across the ukrainian frontier. ike: ukraine advising airlines
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to avoid the airspace over the black sea. today, the german chancellor is in kiev. president biden speaking by phone with the ukrainian president over the weekend, making it clear the u.s. and its allies will respond swiftly and decisively if russia invades. the ukrainian president asking the u.s. to provide even more military and financial support, inviting biden to visit the country. >> we have good sources of intelligence, telling us things are building now to some sort of crescendo opportunity for mr. putin. ike: on the ground, a completely different sentiment. >> people are planning and preparing, and case the worst happens. ike: despite the feeling on the ground, the state department taking no chances, ordering all u.s. citizens to get out of ukraine while they still can. canada announcing it is closing its embassy in kiev.
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joining dozens of other nature -- dozens of other nations asking residents to leave. kumasi: in the bay area, many ukrainian americans have family and friends caught in the middle of the crisis back home. they are watching the situation unfold and it is stressful. amy hollyfield joins us live in palo alto and we know people are doing what they can to help. amy: there is a nonprofit saying it is time to step up and help. it is called novo ukraine. they are planning a rally to draw attention to the situation, and they are also planning to provide humanitarian relief and there are also prayers being offered up. many parishioners at st. michael's ukrainian church have family members in ukraine. many of the prayers during the sunday service focused on the people there, and this possible invasion. >> people are very sober about the fact that war is possible.
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hopefully in the coming days, the pressure from international politics will slow down any of the bad tensions coming from the russian side. amy: many parishioners say they are scared and praying for a diplomatic resolution. this group here, nova ukraine, is planning a rally for next sunday. it is going to to t building in san francisco. reggie: thank you amy. firefighters are invest getting the cause of a fire that destroyed part of an apartment building in san francisco. you can see flames shooting out of the top floor. the four-story building is on market street near sacramento street. firefighters rescued several people and one person was hurt. kumasi: the 49ers have been hit by hackers for the second time in two years and this time their target -- the target was the
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corporate i.t. network. 18 financial document was posted on the dark web. there is no information about ransom demands or details of what was stolen but the fbi is aware of this incident. in a statement, the 49ers said they had no idea the incident involved systems outside the corporate network, such as those connected to stadium operation or ticketholders. reggie: today is one of the last days you will have to wear a mask indoors. starting wednesday morning, mask mandates will be over in every county except santa clara. there is a sense among businesses that we have turned a corner in the pandemic. >> football fans out on super bowl sunday and out in big numbers. >> love the people, the energy, the fun. i just love it. >> love was in the air at the blue lake bar in san francisco i
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theyready elined, looking at thbar patrons. >>t is ordue. the mask mandate, it is time to take the mask off and get back to normal. >> i think people feel like they've been locked up for too long. >> jonny love, the bar owner says the huge crowds out this weekend were something he has not seen since november. >> this has been like the first weekend before omicron, where we had almost normalcy. >> viewing parties like this one at the alameda theater brought out families for the game. >> my wife and my daughter, they felt comfortable to come out. >> while the crowd at the theater was split with those wearing masks and those without masks, there was a sense of safety and confidence in light of covid numbers dropping and vaccinations rising. >> knowing that people are actually taking the proper steps to get vaccinated and boosted
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and take care of themselves and each other. it feels good to be around folks like that. >> it is not totally crowded. we feel safe. it is wonderful. >> like there is a level of comfort right now. all the changes when it comes to mandates through our website at kumasi: happening public memorial for john madden. one more monday night in oakland. it will be held at ring central coliseum. madden died in december and was head coach of the oakland raiders until 1978 -- from 19 69 until 1978 -- from 1969 1969 1978.
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all charities supporting youth in oakland. the memorial service starts at 5:30. drew: temperatures are going back to where they should be for this time of year. we spent five days with record warm temperatures thanks to this area of high pressure sitting over california for much of the weekend and parts of last week. part of the reason why this area of low pressure will dip out of the pacific northwest. it will dive to the east over the next 24 hours. it will bring in much cooler air with temperatures in the 50's and 60's, 10 to 15 degrees cooler compared to over the weekend. we have an onshore flow. you public notice to the fog. the wind is gusting in the city and that is helping to push cooler air inland this morning with a lot of low cloud cover. a mix of sun and clouds.
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temperatures are slow to warm, basically in the 50's by noon and then in the upper 50's to lower 60's in the afternoon. 59 in the city, 65 i 63 in santa rosa and with this breeze, it will help clear some of the gloom out of our atmosphere. let's say good morning to sue. sue: we have a little bit of fog over the golden gate bridge this morning right now you are taking a look at a clear san mateo bridge with taillights heading in the westbound direction across the causeway. here is a look at the golden gate. the bridge itself looks clear but expect that fog over the grade as you make your way southbound. good news or better news just moments ago.
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we had cleared southbound 880 near mallory. you can see it is trying to recover. you have that purple line of traffic backing into newark. all lanes were closed with chp telling me they were just now reopening southbound 880 near maori and foreign -- and thorne. reggie: why the consumer product safety commission is tweeting about not eating soap. kumasi: art changes you will see today. reggie: flower shops getting a big boost on this valentine's day. okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network. which means this mega fan never misses a second.
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including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. kumasi: family and friends of -- held a vigil to mark his 40th birthday. he was tased and killed by officers in 2014, when he was stopped for jaywalking. >> we are here to support the family and try to shine light on this terrible tragedy.
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kumasi: his family has long disputed claims by the sheriff's office that deputies tried to defuse the situation. they say police video contradicts what officers claimed happened reading up to his death. the district attorneys office decided not to file criminal charges, saying the officers acted in a lawful manner. reggie: cyclists came together in the south bay to remember ellen lay from fremont. she died in a collision with an suv south of livermore last sunday. she was taking part in a ride with a touring club from san jose. fellow riders joined the memorial ride. that deadly crash remains under investigation. kumasi: expect some delays for at least a few more weeks. the transit agency says there will be systemwide delays because of continuing staffing issues. disruptions could several more weeks before staffing levels stabilize.
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reggie: some good news for bart writers. they are restoring service hours to pre-pandemic levels. that means trains will operate until midnight every day of the week. bart is also tweaking its schedule to improve connections. it will operate all five of its lines on sunday for the first time in history including the richmond sfo line and san jose. kumasi: rams fans hit the streets of l.a. to celebrate their team's championship. video shows fans up on cars, in the streets, this is near arena. police declared the an unlawful assembly and had to fire projectiles to clear everyone out. there have been no reports of injuries. reggie: the nfl says it did not try to stop eminem from kneeling during the super bowl halftime show. it was a symbolic move in support of colin kaepernick.
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the former 49ers quarterback took a knee during the national anthem in 2016 to protest racial inequality. that is just one of the most talked about moments from the show. here is will ganz with more top moments. will: the super bowl lvi halftime show c givingali -- show giving cali all the love. the epic performance starring five of the biggest giants in hip-hop with producer dr. dre at the helm. ♪ from snoop dogg to kendrick lamar, and even mary j. ♪ a nonstop collage to the greatest in hip-hop and rap.
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eminem, t t from start to finish appearance by $.50. martha and tracy, martha and guy, and bennifer 2.0. sharp -- sean mendez and justin bieber as well. the rock proving there is something for nonfootball fans on super bowl sunday too. >> it is time. time for a team to unleash a soul crushing unrelenting defense. will: how big are his arms, trending on google ahead of the game. as for the commercials. halle berry for caesars. aqua fina -- awkafina for disney
5:18 am
plus. >> a lot of goats here. will: the cast of austin powers coming back together for gm. >> our takeover of general motors is complete. kumasi: so many moments. this morning, a new breed's commercial that aired on the super bowl is getting a lot of attention. it is called uber don't eads. >> if it was delivered with uber eats, does that mean i can eats it? kumasi: what? this is funny. so the commercial is highlighting the app and how you can order nonfood items. it features celebrities -- drew: are they eating a candle? reggie: did you see what the candle was? kumasi: jennifer coolidge is in
5:19 am
it, trevor noel, kenneth paltrow. that prompted the consumer product safety commission to tweet the very obvious do not eat soap. these are some expensive commercials because companies plate -- paid $7 million for 30 seconds of airtime this year. that is the highest this year. drew: it was ok. kumasi: the whole thing are just the commercials? drew: i did not watch any of the commercials. reggie: that is probably the best one. you just live the best one. kumasi: i only saw one commercial and it was google pixel talking about how their camera highlights different skin tones. i saw the gm one,m one,m one,m , like a whole movie production. reggie: the halftime show was
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even better than i expected it to be. it was really good. kumasi: because 50 cent popped out. drew: i feel like that song is almost 20 years old now. kumasi: i am here with all of my favorites. reggie: mary j did no more drama. kumasi: i texted you immediately. it went, it did. reggie: she made it work. i was really happy. drew: i was too. i did not watch much of the game but i enjoyed that. reggie: as soon as the halftime show was over, it was over for me. drew: i didn't know who won until this morning. good for them. let's talk about what is happening here. we've got some changes.
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we have been used to this warm sunny pattern. starting off with some fog out there, that is one indication that our pattern is changing and you can see the low clouds right now, a live look showing you overcast skies. a lot of us will wake up to low cloud cover this morning. temperatures mainly in the 40's and 50's. it is not terribly chilly out there but this afternoon is going to feel a lot cooler, by 15 degrees in some spots. this afternoon does turn breezy with this onshore wind really picking up. that is going to help to usher in some cooler air from the north, settling in over us for the next couple of days. temperatures closer to where they should be for this time of year. it is cooler and breezy and we have spent the past six days in the 70's. today, it is only 59 degrees. 60 in oakland, 65 in san jose, 66 in concord.
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we will drop into the 30's overnight in our coolest spots. valentine's day, it is breezy and it feels much cooler. we will keep that trend tomorrow and temperatures rebound to end of the week -- to end the week. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: another unruly passenger forcing a plane to make an emergency landing. how a flight attendant stopped
5:23 am
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kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know. the by demonstration believes russia now has 130,000 troops along its border with ukraine. ukraine's president has asked president biden for military and financial aid if an attack happens. reggie: a cdc study finds protection from the covid-19 booster starts to wane after about four months. however, doctors say you are still highly protected and those who get covid are getting less sick. kumasi: celebrations in the streets of l.a. overnight because the rams won the super bowl. things did get a little bit out of hand. lapd ended up declaring an unlawful assembly to get people to go home.
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reggie: a public or more real for john madden will be held tonight at the coliseum in oakland. charities and the memorial starts at 5:30. drew: no more record warmth as we head into valentine's day. much cooler by the afternoon, cooler compared to this weekend. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. sue: we are following your monday morning commute and we had an earlier issue in rio vista. that are news here, all lanes have reopened on 160, about a quarter-mile from the antioch bridge. kumasi: the busiest border crossing between the u.s. and canada is back open this morning . it had been shut down by protests to end covid-19 restrictions. reggie: today on gma's first
5:26 am
look, a man tried to break into the cockpit and open the emergency exit while the plane was in midflight. >> scare in the air. >> he is trying to get into the cockpit. >> a nearly full flight from los angeles to washington, d.c. forced to make an emergency landing in kansas city after a passenger attempt to get into the cockpit and tried to open the door of the plane midflight a passenger telling gma overnight a flight attendant's reportedly subduing the passenger with a coffee pot, passengers pending the person down -- pinning the person down. >> the pilot was trying to get us down as fast as possible. >> some confused passengers were unsure of what happened or if they even survived. we will have much more on the quick thinking has endures and crew of the flight coming up at 7:00.
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kumasi: valentine's day, despite rising prices and reports of supply issues. we are seeing increased sales of flowers. the bud stop is fully stocked even though there are reports of global flower shortages because of supply chain issues, labor shortages and poor growing conditions. it seems that red roses are not the flower of choice this year. >> a lot of people are asking for orange and yellow. they want bright and colorful. a dozen red roses is not everyone's favorite. they are actually paying attention and trying to get what someone would want. kumasi: the bud stop says today is excited to be there busiest day. reggie: a building on the cal campus is getting demolished. why students say it is one of the most disliked buildings at
5:28 am
the university. kumasi: where you will soon be able to find famous texas toast and fried chicken. reggie: no more guacamole? ♪ ahhh! oh my! okay it's my turn, i'm going to drive. ♪ you've been, you've been ♪ ♪ running through my mind ♪ ♪ and i've been thinking that it's just about time ♪ ♪ we get together, together ♪ ♪ i've been, i've been ♪ ♪ doing just fine ♪ ♪ and you've been, you've been doing alright ♪ ♪ let's get together, ♪ ♪ together ♪ ♪ so come on ♪
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, fear and frustration. a bay area nonprofit still trying to get its workers out of afghanistan, six months since the taliban takeover. kumasi: a new report looking at the disparities between student vaccinations. why some say there should not be vaccine mandates in schools. reggie: a unique and unusual tourist attraction shutting its doors. why the san francisco dungeon is no longer in operation. good morning on this monday. kumasi: let's start with a check of our forecast. drew: we were tracking all that record warmth over the weekend and late last week. it is going to feel a lot
5:31 am
different today. a lot cooler and it turns breezy this afternoon. the thickest fog is in the north bay, santa rosa down to half a mile, and we see some low clouds first thing this morning. temperatures are basically in the 40's right now as you step out the door. a live look outside in the south bay, you can see overcast skies first thing in the morning we will deal with a blend of sun and clouds throughout your valentine's day today. temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees cooler compared to the weekend. later this afternoon, we are in the 50's and 60's. we take a closer look at the wind coming up in about seven minutes. kumasi: russia has nearly doubled the number of troops along its border with ukraine in the last week. the u.s. estimates there are now 130,000 russian troops surrounding three sides of ukraine. u.s. officials have warned of a possible imminent attack. ukraine has warned commercial
5:32 am
airlines to avoid air over parts of the black sea out of safety. president biden and the ukrainian president has spoken over the phone this weekend and if russia invades, ukraine's president has asked president biden to provide more military and financial support. reggie: it is a orient -- it is a worrisome time for ukrainian americans who could not do much more than pray. amy hollyfield is live in palo alto. amy: there is a nonprofit here in palo alto that is wanting to rally support, rally the bay area to come together. they are planning a rally for sunday and also planning for some humanitarian relief. here is a look at the human impact in the bay area. parishioners at st. michael's ukrainian orthodox church in san francisco say they are very worried about this possible invasion. many of them have family members who live in ukraine. >> everybody is a bit scared.
5:33 am
everybody is under pressure and nobody knows what happens tomorrow. >> we need to pray for a double medic resolution to this situation, and hope that mr. pruden -- mr. putin can see, don't be foolish about a little bit of real estate. amy: prayers sunday on the people of ukraine. there will be our rally to raise awareness and show support scheduled for sunday. it will be in front of the ferry building in san francisco at 1:00. kumasi: these images so terrifying. tomorrow marks six months since the taliban takeover in afghanistan and this morning we are bringing you an update on one bay area nonprofit desperately trying to get its most vulnerable employees out of the country. tara campbell has the story you
5:34 am
will only see on abc 7 news. tara: fear and frustration for the founder and ceo of the nonprofit roots of peace. >> it breaks my heart to hear this because i have fought a battle for the last six months. tara: a battle to save dozens of employees who narrowly missed escape from kabul airport, now a taliban target. the women are the most wonderful. >> these women continue to work for roots of peace and are g nslands with trees and building businesses. women are leading the way. we changed her name and blurt her face to protect her identity. >> they won't accept you as a woman. they don't accept you as a human even. afghanistan is a
5:35 am
ranked the most -- i can't say it. tara: heidi is quick to point out that bringing these women here from afghanistan not only helps keep them safe, but the bay area will also benefit. >> these women are businesswomen. they have been meant toward by the funding we have so generously received. tara: she says their efforts to build a peaceful afghanistan need to be recognized. >> these afghan women who work for me and have worked for me for dozens of years, some of them are young women who are educated and deserve the right to be evacuated. tara: and as far as giving up, heidi says no way. >> it would be much easier to stay in my beautiful backyard in california. but then i hear their voices and i hear their courage, and how dare i not step up? reggie: the busiest b
5:36 am
crossing between the u.s. and canada is back open this morning. it was closed for several days because of a trucker protest. police in ontario finished clearing protesters off of the ambassador bridge yesterday. officers arrested at least 25 people and seized about a dozen vehicles. authorities are taking steps to prevent more protests on that bridge. >> any unlawful activity in the area will not be tolerated and officers will take necessary action to keep the peace and traffic flowing. there will be coming up consequences for those who interfere with traffic flow. reggie: the protest started 18 days ago by truckers opposed to the vaccine or quarantine mandate for drivers crossing the border. protests caused severe disruptions to auto factories in detroit, which could last for weeks. kumasi: avocados are about to become harder to find and unfortunately more expensive. the buy demonstration has suspended all imported mexican avocados after a u.s. safety inspector in mexico got a
5:37 am
threat. mexico is the largest avocado producer in the world and counts for more than 30% of global production. in the last six weeks, avocado producers in mexico exported more than 139,000 tons of avocados. reggie: police are looking for a gunman who shot four people outside a restaurant in west hollywood. rapper kodak black is among the injured. a lot of chaos in that video. this happened early saturday morning at a super bowl party hosted by justin bieber. a fight broke out between several people before shots were fired. four men are in the hospital and they are stable. detectives are asking witnesses for help identifying the suspects. kumasi: one of uc berkeley's most disliked buildings is coming down. the 12 story evans hall is being torn down. it was built in 19711
5:38 am
seismically unsafe and it is cheaper to bulldoze it than retrofit it. the building was not really well-liked. it had too many windowless classrooms and its hulking presence blocked the view of the golden gate. the university plans to transform the footprint of the building into an open space. reggie: one of the more ostentatious tourist attractions of pier 39 has permanently closed. the san francisco dungeon is no more. it was located on jefferson street and it never reopened after it closed during the pandemic. the dungeon leeward tourists on a walking tour to hear about the sordid history during the gold rush, marbury coast areas, from live actors. there was even an underground ride. no word yet on why the u.k. company that owns the dungeon decided to call it quits but tourism to pier 39 remains down with fewer visitors to the city. kumasi: the pandemic has impacted everyone and their daily life. we are getting a closer look at
5:39 am
how recent college grads have been affected in their search for a job. reggie: multimillion dollar holiday. how much people are respected to spend for valentine's day -- are expected to spend for valentine's day. drew: a live look a live look al the exploratorium camera. a fair amount of low cloud cover, an indication that things are changing for the cooler. pollen forecast. we've been suffering for what feels like a month now. tree pollen is at a high level now. ash, cedar and juniper. we have onshore flow which means wind is coming off of the ocean and helping temperatures remain near average. we expect
5:40 am
afternoon. by 4:00 you see that onshore flow gusting between 20 and 30 miles per hour. later today, it feels noticeably cooler out there. 15 degrees compared to where we were this weekend. we will lose that breeze in the afternoon. the high is where we should -- is close to where we should be for this time of year. 66 is the high in concord. let's see how we are doing on the roads. sue: good morning everyone. happy monday. we have quieted down a little bit, which is good news. a couple earlier accidents are gone from the roadways. if your commute takes you from novato through san rafael to southern -- you are looking at smooth sailing. about a 17 minute drive south of 101. we pop down to the south bay and this is highway 87 with taillights heading in the northbound direction, up towards the airport lights.
5:41 am
sloping over the altamont pass for the early morning commuters -- slowing over the altamont pass for the early morning commuters. highway four westbound into concord, you sell your drive time from san rafael into san francisco. across the golden gate, you will encounter some fog. since i left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies. and now he's taking trulicity, and it looks like he's gotten into some new healthier habits, too.
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kumasi: -- has been disrupted by this pandemic. >> of conflicting emails. >> no one understood what was happening. >> without warning and in just a matter of days in early 2020, the lives of college students in america turned upside down. what started with one school at
5:44 am
the university of washington closing its doors quickly became a new reality as the bedroom and kitchen table replaced the classroom. >> i was super disappointed. the whole experience felt more isolating. >> computer screens and video conference calls now the new form of human interaction. isolation taking a toll on many students. >> my house is just me and my parents and that was it. we weren't going out and seeing people. i would have very deep depressive moments. >> any 2021 best colleges survey, 95 percent of college students reported experiencing mental health struggles as a result of the pandemic. >> a lack of social stimulation really does affect the brain in profound ways. >> for upperclassmen, long-awaited defense like job fairs, graduation ceremonies went virtual or were canceled altogether. >> i was excited for a gallery opening we were supposed to have in the gallery opening ended up
5:45 am
being family >> adding>> to the uncertainty, the unstable job market which made applying to work and internships a daunting task under normal circumstances even more challenging. >> i put out 400, 600 applications a month and i would hear nothing back. >> a career advisor at st. john's university new york with some of the challenges they face. >> we do a lot of emailing to students, letting them know we were available. >> she says recent grads interviewing for a job virtually should practice beforehand with interviewing software. >> it times you and it will calculate what filter words you are using too much of. >> for those continuing to struggle mentally and emotionally. >> i would encourage people to share with their friends and seek help if they feel they need it. reggie: black and latino teenagers in the bay area are less likely to be vaccinated against covid than white or asian counterparts according to
5:46 am
our media partner. they looked at local school districts and department data to come to that conclusion. experts say the disparity is the reason why school districts should not enact school mandates for students -- vaccination mandates for students. they believe it would result in tens of thousands of students not being able to go to school, with many of them being students of color. kumasi: today is your last chance to check out a very special valentine's day display in golden gate park. it is part of the entwined art installation in peacock and meadow. you can see an enchanted forest of shapes and lights. the installation is made up of 2000 led lights. it will continue through the park into march 5. reggie: love is in the air at a different part of golden gate park. the museum african penguins will receive heart-shaped valentines to build their nest. it is a yearly tradition.
5:47 am
each penguin waddles up to a staffer and nabs a red felt heart. the nesting material encourages breeding behavior and helps the penguin couples bond. the african penguins oversee their special valentines during morning feeding time. kumasi: do we have a live camera? reggie: we should. kumasi: i want to see who is going to be whose valentine. parents are spending big. total spending reached nearly $24 billion, a second-highest year on record. people celebrating say it is important to mark the holiday, given everything that has happened with the pandemic. people say they are planning to buy something for their partner, friends and even pets. the top five gifts include candy, cards, flowers, an evening out and some jewelry. the average person's planning to
5:48 am
spend $175. drew: $24 billion? reggie: a lot of pressure. kumasi: is it? reggie: i think so. drew: unnecessarily? reggie: possibly. i got a valentine from my mom. she always send me -- always sends me one. kumasi: do you know what i got from your mom? a thank you note. drew: don't forget a little box of chocolates. reggie: you know my mom watches this show. she is streaming it on her ipad right now and screaming at it. kumasi: just send her my address to start over. reggie: she has already mentioned it to me. i know i'm going to get it again when i get home. drew: one day. kumasi: one day. drew: let's talk about what is happening in the weather.
5:49 am
it feels a lot closer to february. it is going to feel a lot cooler out there. rosa. we are waking up to areas of dense fog with overcast skies over the airport right now. we are waking up to a gray start with sunshine today but temperatures -- onshore flow picking up, so here is the set up with live doppler 7 and this ridge of high pressure that was essentially over california controlling our weather for the past week. that trough is going to swing through the west coast over the next two days, bump out the heat with clouds later on today. we could see coastal drizzle but
5:50 am
we will track some light snow in the sierra late tonight and early tomorrow morning. it is not a big snowstorm but just an indication of that cooler pattern that is coming back today and tomorrow. it is breezy and cooler, basically 50's to mid 60's, most 15 degrees cooler compared to this past weekend and then overnight tonight, our coolest spots will bounce into the 30's. the next seven days, it is breezy and much cooler for your valentine's day. we will keep that cool pattern tomorrow. temperatures rebound through the end of the week nowhere near that warm weather we have -- we had over the weekend. reggie: another competing tv event that had these viewers glued to the screen. kumasi: getting strange. a new look at the upcoming marvel movie, dr. strange and the multi-verse of madness. reggie: a live look
5:51 am
i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term.
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osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club. ♪ (jazz music) ♪ (thank you, have a nice day.) ♪ (trumpet solo) ♪ (bell dings) (pages slipping) ♪ ♪ ♪ (trumpet solo) ♪ ♪ ♪ (typing) (bell dings) ♪ ♪ (cheering ♪ ♪ (typing) ♪ ♪ ♪(trumpet solo) ♪
5:53 am
kumasi: what better way to celebrate than three super bowl stars and their families getting ready for a magical trip to disneyland today. they appeared in the iconic super bowl commercial after the rams victory last night. reggie: marvel has released a second trailer for dr. strange and the multi-verse of madness. it stars edited cumberbatch and elizabeth olson -- benedict cumberbatch and elizabeth olson. >> your desecration of reality will not go unpunished.
5:54 am
reggie: a few new secrets revealed. we got a sneak peek of the scarlet witch and we hear from someone who sounds a lot like patrick stewart reviving his role as professor x from the x-men series. the film hits theaters may 6 and disney is the parent company of both marble -- both marble and abc 7. tray and it delivers to customer tables. it has done about 1000 trips since two the -- since tuesday. the owner says the robot is helping offset higher food prices. kumasi: a popular louisiana fast food chain is bringing its famous crispy fried chicken tenders to the bay area. raising caine's is getting ready
5:55 am
to open three locations in the east bay. they are also known for their crackle cut fries, creamy coleslaw and buttery texas toast. chicken tenders come with a spicy mayo sauce dip and according to the website is a top secret recipe. kumasi: you didn't try it? drew: no. reggie: remember the pandemic? drew: that thing that is still happening. valentine's day is today and it is going to feel much cooler out there. we have a breeze picking up this afternoon. we had that record warmth. about six days today, closer to where we should be for this time of year. into the 50's and 60's we go this afternoon.
5:56 am
by 4:00, that onshore breeze, that wind is coming off of the cool ocean water and we will keep temperatures closer to average for this time of year. for your valentine's day, it is a nice-looking day, mostly sunny out there. 59 in the city. 60 in oakland, 65 in san jose, 66 later on today. kumasi: the return of a disney channel classic. a sneak peek at the revamped series that will pump fans full of cartoon nostalgia. reggie: one more monday night for madden. the coliseum turning into a celebration for the bay area football legend. some of the premier faces expected to attend. kumasi: check out these flames shooting from this -- in san francisco. reggie: right now, a live look outside. outside. outside. ♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪
5:57 am
♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪
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5:59 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: i can is ran out 6:00, on the brink of invasion. the russian threat at a tipping point, with an aggressive buildup of forces at the ukraine border. the promise coming from president biden. super bowl celebrations looking much like pre-pandemic years in the bay area. big business for the big game. a sign of that major mask eight -- mask mandate will change coming this week. plus. >> west coast make some noise.
6:00 am
reggie: this was -- kumasi: was an all-out ode to the west coast. taking us all back in the best way. some people want to know, can we get some more mary j. blige? i am one of those people. [laughter] reggie: timmy, you leave them wanting more. and she is dropping a new album. ck do that? good morning on this monday, for barrois 14. kumasi: also, she fell out. kumasi:they were all great. >> loved eminem. reggie: love seeing him. seeing $.50 upside down. kumasi: i like it. reggie: it is from his video. it was such a good call back. kumasi: it to me right back. reggie: hi, drew. drew: he is wearing a pink shirt. drew:everyone tells me it


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