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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 14, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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was an all-out ode to the west coast. taking us all back in the best way. some people want to know, can we get some more mary j. blige? i am one of those people. [laughter] reggie: timmy, you leave them wanting more. and she is dropping a new album. ck do that? good morning on this monday, for barrois 14. kumasi: also, she fell out. kumasi:they were all great. >> loved eminem. reggie: love seeing him. seeing $.50 upside down. kumasi: i like it. reggie: it is from his video. it was such a good call back. kumasi: it to me right back. reggie: hi, drew. drew: he is wearing a pink shirt. drew:everyone tells me it looks white.
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kumasi: we tried. drew: we are in the mood. it is valentine's day today. we are talking about back to reality, so to speak. temperatures are going to feel cool today, compared to last week. it is where we should be for february. we should be in the 50's and 60's. a little bit of fog in santa rosa, down 2.miles. . you'ing up to ba board. that low cloud cover right now. again, it is going to feel cool this afternoon, in the 50's and 60's. we will take a look at this coming up in about seven minutes. reggie: thank you. firefighters are investigating a fire that destroyed part of an apartment building in san francisco. you can see flames shooting out of the top floor unit. the four-story building is on market street near sacramento hill in the nob hill area. firefighters rescued several people. one person was hurt.
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kumasi: developing business running. threats of russian invasion is intensifying. an abc news reporter has more. reporter: this morning, russia continuing its aggressive actions along ukraine's borders, russian troops and heavy artillery performing massive military drills. u.s. officials say in the last 10 days, russia has accelerated its buildup of forces putin now has an estimated 130,000 troops amassed on three sides of the country, with u.s. officials warning of a possible imminent attack. >> it is likely to begin with a significant rush of missiles and -- missiles and bomb attacks. it would then be followed by an onslaught of the ground force moving across the ukrainian frontier. reporter: this morning, ukraine advising airlines to avoid the space over parts of the black sea out of safety. still, attends for diplomacy on display. today, the german champ tiller
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-- the german chancellor is in kiev. the u.s. and its respond swiftly and decisively if russia invades. the chancellor asking for military and financial support, even inviting biden to visit the country. >> intelligence is telling us that things are building now to some sort of constraint no opportunity for mr. putin. reporter: on the ground, a completely different sentiment. >> there is no sense in panicking, but people are certainly planning and appearing in case the worst happens. reporter: despite the film on the ground, the state department taking no chances, ordering all american citizens to get out ukraine while they still can. canada announcing closing its embassy in kiev. australia today joining dozens of other nations, asking its residents to leave. reggie: for most of the bay
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area, today is one of the last days you will have to wear a mask indoors. every county except santa clara is lifting its mandate on wednesday. it is another sign that perhaps the worst is behind us, especially with yesterday super bowl. there is a sense among businesses that we have turned a corner in the pandemic. what was certainly in the air. the bar in san francisco, one day before same -- before valentine's day and three days before the mass minutes have dropped, you might not have realized it looking at many of bar patrons. >> it's overdue. it's time to take the masks off and enjoy getting back to normal. reggie: viewing parties like this one at the alameda theatre and cineplex burned-out families for the game. the crowded theater was split with those wearing masks and those without. there was a sense of safety and confidence in light of covid numbers dropping and vaccinations rising. kumasi: you can keep track of
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all the changes when it comes to mates or our website abc seven -- we have a list of requirements for each county. reggie: nfl edging john madden is going be celebrated right on his home turf. he led the raiders to a super bowl in 1976. the daly city native will go on to build a lifelong legacy,eg dying at his home in december. here's what we can expect for a powerful trip. reporter: good morning. this evening's tribute to the legendary john madden is being called one more monday night in oakland. speakers include his son, mike, the washington commanders head coach and kansas city's head coach. the memorial service for the raiders hall of fame coach will be at the oakland coliseum, the stadium were coach maddon won so many games. in addition to speakers, there will be performances and video tributes.
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saturday, raiders fans kicking off the celebration of cap -- -- of coach maddon's life. the nonprofit forever oakland organizing that tailgate. if you want to go to tonight's memorial, the tickets are $32.14 on ticketmaster. that price is in honor of maddens super bowl 11 team that beat the vikings 32-14. it starts at 5:30. the proceeds go to the john madden foundation, providing educational opportunities for oakland youth. kumasi: thank you. anotbeved andttnment away overnht. se of the most iconic scenes of the 70's and 80's. plus. >> the dozen red roses is not always everyone's favorite, so they are actually paying attention and trying to get what someone would want. reggie: here's a tip. don't be so basic. [laughter]
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one local flower shop sharing some of the top requests this year drew: from valentines lovebirds. drew:for valentine's day today, we're are talking about temperatures much cooler than this weekend. we are going into the upper 50's to lower 60's across the board. it will be a breezy afternoon. this winter, comcast business is helping team usa and businesses across america stay ahead. keep yours ahead too with reliable connectivity and secure solutions on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. and get access to over 20 million wifi hotspots from coast to coast. so no matter what big event comes up, your team can be ready for what's next. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for just $64.99 a month. or, ask how to get a visa prepaid card with a qualifying bundle.
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drew: time now is 6:09 a.m. the winds will turn receipt later on today. it is an onshore wind, meaning that it is coming off the cool ocean water and pushing inland. that will help keep temperatures much cooler today, compared to the weekend. the winds are breezy through the city and the delta. we do expect those winds to increase out the day. by 4 p.m. later today, is a breezy day with those onshore winds, likely gusting anywhere from 20 mph to 30 mph. one of the benefits when you do
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get this wind is that it does tend to clean out this air. our air quality does improve over the next couple of days, especially tomorrow. we find good air quality across the entire bay area. let's take a check of the traffic with sue. sue: good morning, everyone. it is not an official holiday, but the day after super bowl, valentine's day, let's take a look at the bay bridge toll process. it looks holiday like to me. let's not sit, but very few cars coming on. very few metering lights. let's go to san jose, highway 101 at the 880. you can see tra tra the northbound direction. no major stalls or accidents to report to you. you can see it is slow coming over the ultima pass. you typically have about a 50 minute drive on west on 580 into livermore. kumasi: thanknknk new at 6:00, it was not all about the super bowl.
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another big game drew quite the attention. you know what we are talking about. these two dogs were caught cheering on their canine companions in the puppy bowl yesterday. these are golden retriever's in michigan. they were glued to the screen as the teams faced off in year 18 of this annual puppy bowl. i know you want to know. team fluff won the game. there were 100 adoptable puppy players featured. reggie: congratulations to team fluff. kumasi: also new at 6:00, the disney+ remake of the quickly claimed series that people been calling for for years now. reggie: up at night and a leg fireworks, riot shields, all part of the celebrations, coming in for overnight. kumasi: a light look from the outside at the bay area. we will be right back. we will be right back. ♪
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reggie: kumasi: -- a jury will be started today with the three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. they were all convicted by a georgia jury of killing the 25-year-old in february 2020. they were sentenced to life terms. federal prosecutors are prepared to argue that race was a factor in his killing. 1000 potential jurors were called, lawyers narrow that down to 64 perspective jurors and 56 will be seated later today. reggie: the man behind some of the most iconic movies in the 70's and 80's heads died. ivan reitman passed away in his home over the weekend. >> ♪
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reggie: he was the hollywood heavyweight behind some amazing movies, like "national lampoon's animal house." he also did 1984's "ghostbusters," one of the biggest hits of all time. they have not said how he died. he was 75 years old. kumasi: look at this video. you can clearly see fans jumping on cars, roaming the streets near arena. somebody set off fireworks in the middle of an intersection. police declared the celebration and unlawful assembly and had to fire projectiles to clear people out. so far, no reports of injuries. reggie: this morning, the nfl says it did not try to stop eminem from kneeling during the super bowl halftime show. that was a symbolic move in support of colin kaepernick, the former 49ers quarterback. he took a need during the 2016 national anthem to protest
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racial inequality. here is reporter will dance with more. >> west coast, make some noise. reporter: the super bowl halftime show having some love. >> ♪ reporter: five of the the the te producers in history, with dr. dre at the helm. >> ♪ reporter: from snoop dogg to eminem, to kendrick lamar. >> ♪ reporter: even mary j. >> ♪ reporter: a nonstop amash to the greatest in hip-hop and rap. >> ♪ reporter: eminem taking a knee. from start to finish -- >> ♪
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reporter: -- a surprise appearance by 50 cent. >> ♪ reporter: celebrities in attendance for the big game in lala land, martha and tracy, martha and i, and then a for 2.0. justin bieber as well. before the game, the rock proving there is something for non-football fans on super bowl sunday, too. >> it is time. time for a team to unleash a soul crushing, unrelenting defense. reporter: how big are his arms running on google ahead of the game. halle berry fino for disney+. >> a lot of goats here. nothing weird about this at all. i got the next one. reporter: in an epic reunion, the cast of "austin powers"
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coming back together. >> ladies and gentlemen, our takeover of general motors is complete. reporter: will ganz, abc news, new york. reggie: i just room ember the commercial i didn't really like. it was very installed for me. kumasi: which one? reggie: the barbie dream house commercial. did anyone see that one? can i name the company that they were trying to sell me something? no, i cannot. but it was anna kendrick. she has a barbie dream house and she is the realtor. barbie is getting outbid. [laughter] it is some kind of mortgage loan thing on their cap. she is like, "the navels are a little -- the neighbors are a little eh." again, can't name the company, but it was a good commercial. drew: with that housing market. reggie: someone has an all cash offer. drew: what was her sister's
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name? schipperke? -- skipper? kumasi: how much would you pay to live next he-man? reggie: how much money is there in the world? kumasi: he loves he-man. drew: are we talking millions or billions? reggie: when you are at six years old. kumasi: he loves some he-man. reggie: oceans seven. drew: i feel that. let's talk about it happening outside. it is the coolest picture. here is the tam cam. the sun is rising at exactly 7 a.m. you can see a lot of new cloud -- low cloud cover right now. as a blend of sun and clouds later on today. unfortunately, pollen is on the rise once again. this is the big question i get every day, when will we get relief? no relief anytime soon. tree pollen back at high levels. here are your main offenders.
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it feels like it's been a month now and it continues today. live doppler 7 visibility mode showing you there are some trouble spots. santa rosa down 2.5 miles. livermore down to 2.5 miles. elsewhere, it is a lot of low cloud cover first thing this morning. this indication that it is a changing weather pattern, compared to that occurred once we had over the weekend. basically the 40's across the board, low 50's along the bay shoreline. 52 in san jose 44 in concord. live doppler 7, along with satellite high-pressure was over us for most of the week. cooler air is moving in things to a to the north. later on today, it is cooler, some 15 degrees cooler compared to where we were over the weekend. 59 in the city, 60 in oakland, six to five in san jose, 63 in santa rosa. later on tonight, cooler spots will drop into the 30's or middle 40's as we head into the tuesdays.
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breezy and much cooler on valentine's day. we will keep that do tuesday. temperatures do rebound for the rest of the week. again, nowhere near that record once we had for much of last weekend. reggie: thank you. here is alive look at what is happening on " gma." >> great to be with both of you. coming up here on "gma," we're going to keep going on the super bowl because you can't not. fresh off that rims victory, we will bring you that and so much more. then, some exclusive details from the blockbuster halftime show. i know i saw that. that is all i saw. i am happy about that. we are also going to talk about commercials. the new warning is the next part of our program about russia. the administration now again saying that it could invade ukraine at any moment. that is after the presidents call with vladimir putin, warning him of the consequences if he does. we will have the latest live in the region. was, susan lucci telling us about hernia health scare. we will see that first on "
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jimmy." --gma." over the we, thousands of voters voted to pair off to people for a date. they went on a date and we get to see how it went. hopefully, there will be another. who needs tender? we have "gma." >> [laughter] reggie: i think that might work out. if you don't follow ginger on instagram, what are you doing? get on that. she has the funniest posts ever. ginger: in miami, south beach particularly. it takes on a south beach warm weather feel it reggie: if you've never seen a full moon during the deep -- airing the daytime, this is your chance. that's my tease. >> [laughter] ginger: the kids did not notice
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at all. they did not blink an eye. ben and i were like, "yes, good photo." reggie: happy valentine's day to you. kumasi: i love your red. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning.
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reggie: love is in bloom this valentine's day, despite flower shortages. flower shops are seeing a brisk sales as people find their valentine's day bouquets. one shop in san francisco is fully stocked, even though there are reports of global flower shortages due to supply chain issues, labor shortages, and pork growing conditions. this year, it seems like red roses are not the flower of choice. >> lots of pink and, honestly, a lot of people are asking for orange and yellow. they want bright and colorful. the dozen red roses is not always everyone's favorite. they're actually paying attention and trying to get what someone would want. reggie: they say today is
6:26 am
unsurprisingly supposed to be there busiest day. kumasi: things are about to get ladder and platter -- lowder and prater over at disney+. >> i am live winds jenkins. >> what kind of brother are you? >> the best kind. the brother in charge. kumasi: [laughter] reggie: that's good. kumasi: this is a revival from the hit series in the 2000 and it from years next week. this money, we are hearing from one of the stars. he is talking with "good morning america" about his role in the series and what he said yes to playing randall. >> they presented me with the character i am playing, randall, who moves in with his caucasian husband on the street. they have their adopted two children. what i love about this is that
6:27 am
as artists, we get to use our art to transform hearts and minds. kumasi: you can watch the fullat interview on "gma" at 7:00. our cure calendars because the show hits disney+ on february 23. disney is a parent -- is the parent company of abc 7. reggie: that is funny. kumasi: i didn't watch it that much, but are never people watching and loving the show. reggie: i just love listening to billy porter talk. the thing is, he articulates a lot. kumasi: [laughter] reggie: i aspire to that. next at six going 30, the attraction at the worst that is permanently closed. kumasi: i welcomed goodbye for one of the lease loved fillings on cal's campus. people are happy to see it torn down. reggie: avocado at the grocery
6:28 am
store? the reason some californians might have an article -- avocado crisis. kumasi: as we had to break, let's take alive look outside. this is gorgeous. ♪
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a breakthrough eczema treatment. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 6:30. a cap down to the indoor mast mandate change. just days away, as the debate inside schools still rages on any report out this morning on the number of student yet to be vaccinated in the bay area. kumasi: plus, bart getting back to normal in at least one way today. the shift in trying to get back on board. reggie: first, a live look outside to start your morning. carl the bog has come back to link it in some spots. drew is tracking a much
6:31 am
different forecast than the record highs we saw in the past few days. kumasi: i hope you all enjoyed that, because i am back. reggie: karel actually said he was at a conference. did you see that? he said he was at a conference last week and it was terrible. kumasi: [laughter] drew: he is here. a lot of people miss him and he is back. he is bringing cooler weather with him today. we were with those record highs for six days in a row. it felt like we were well into the 70's for much of last week. that is going to change today. today feels a lot cooler compared to where we were last week. outside right now, we are finding areas of dense fog, especially in the south bay, santa rosa, even some in livermore. we are waking up to gray skies. temperatures are in the 40's and low 50's as he step out the door. good morning, san mateo. 48 in napa, 46 in brentwood. hello, carl. once we get rid of this fog this money, it is a blend of sun and clouds for your valentine's day.
6:32 am
it will feel cooler, some 15 degrees cooler compared to this weekend. it is also breezy. alive look in nine minutes. kumasi: developing news, russia has nearly doubled its troops along the border of ukraine this week. the u.s. estimates there are now 130,000 troops surrounding resides of ukraine. u.s. officials have warned of a possible imminent attack. ukraine has warned commercial airlines to avoid airspace over the black sea out of safety. the president has spoken to the ukraine president over the weekend. president biden has been asked to his -- two's -- more financial and military support. reggie: it is tougher people in the bay area who are praying and try to get people's attention. amy hollyfield is life in palo alto. amy: and nonprofit here in palo alto is wanting to motivate the bay area to start showing support.
6:33 am
they are organizing a rally and talking about providing humanitarian support. here is a look at the human impact here in the bay area. these are parishioners at st. michael's ukrainian orthodox church in san francisco. they say they are very worried about the possible invasion. many of them say they have family members who live in ukraine. >> everybody is a little bit scared, everybody under pressure. nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. >> we need to pray for a diplomatic resolution to this situation and hope that mr. putin can see about a little bit of real estate that you may need. amy: their prayersrayersrayersrs service were focused on resolution and the people living in ukraine. there will be a rally to raise awareness and show support.
6:34 am
that is scheduled for sunday in san francisco, in front of the ferry building. they have scheduled that for 1:00. porting live in palo alto, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. the images are still terrifying. tomorrow marks six months since the taliban take over in afghanistan. we are bringing you an update on one bay area nonprofit desk really trying to get all of its employees out of the country. one abc news reporter has story will only see on abc 7 news. reporter: fear and frustration for heidi, founder and ceo of the nonprofit roots of peace. >> it breaks my heart to hear this because i have fought a battle for the last six month. reporter: a battle to save dozens of employees who narrowly missed an escape from the kabul airport. now a taliban target, the women most vulnerable. >> these women continue to work for roots of peace and helping thousands of farmers cultivate peace through agriculture. reporter: the nonprofit employs
6:35 am
300 afghans, helping to transform the country's farming, replacing landmines with fruit trees and building businesses. women like this are leading the way. we have changed her name and blurt her face to protect her identity. >> they don't accept you as a woman, they don't accept you as a human even. reporter: she broke down. >> as you know, afghanistan is a country which i i i i i i i i can't say it. reporter: heidi is quick to point out the bringing these women here from afghanistan not only helps keep them safe, the bay area will also benefit. >> these women are businesswomen. they have been mentored by the funding we have so generously received by the united states government. reporter: she says their efforts to help build a peaceful afghanistan need to be recognized. >> these afghan women who work for me and have worked for me it
6:36 am
dozens of years, some of them young woman who are educated and deserve the right to be evacuated. reporter: as far as giving up, heidi says no way. >> it will be much easier to stay in my beautiful backyard of marin county, california. but then i hear the voices and i hear their courage. how dare i not step up. reporter: terry campbell, abc 7 news. kumasi: the busiest business crossing between the u.s. and canada is reopen this morning. it was close because of a trucker protest. the protesters were cleared off the bridge yesterday. officers arrested at least 15 people and seized about a dozen vehicles. authorities are taking steps to prevent more on the bridge. >> any unlawful action in the area will not be tolerated. officers will try to keep the peace and keep traffic flowing.
6:37 am
there will be criminal consequences for those who try to interrupt traffic flow. kumasi: it started 18 days ago by truckers opposed to vaccine mandates. it caused audio manufacturers in detroit have problems. reggie: black and children are less likely to be vaccinated than their white and asian parts. there were helped permit stats that were looked at to come up to that conclusion. the disparity is a reason why school districts should not enact vaccine mandates for students. they believe a student vaccination mandate would result in tens of thousands of bay area student stopping able to go to school, with many of them being students of color. kumasi: one of uc berkeley's most disliked buildings is torn down. this is according to the "daily california," the student newspaper there. it is home to the math
6:38 am
department. it was built in 1971 and is seismically unsafe. at this point, it is just cheaper to bulldoze it than corrupt or fitted so it can -- dan to retrofit it. it had committee windows classrooms and the hulking presence blocked the view of the golden gate. they're looking to transform the footprint of that building into an open space. reggie: one of the more ostentation's -- ostentatious tourist attractions is close. the dungeon is no more. it closed during the pandemic and has not reopened. it brings tourists in on a walking tour to tell people about the sort is history from live actors. no word yet on why the u.k. company that owns a decided to call it quits. pier 39 remains down with your visitors to the city. covid-19 turning the life of a college student upside down.
6:39 am
the true impact the pandemic is having on their daily life. kumasi: taking a live look at the big board at the newark stock exchange. starting down by almost 100 points. reggie: it certain type of service really stepped front and center during this year's super bowl ads. see if you can guess. the one commercial that now has a government agency to please not eat soap. kumasi: all right. remember, you can now get abc seven mornings for a whole extra hour with abc 7 at 7:00. we are streaming live on weekdays from 7:00 to 8:00 on our app. you can download it right now. drew: as we stop -- as we- as we started new week this money, you will find cooler temperatures later this afternoon. that record warm stretch we had that lasted six days is over today. temperatures are closer to where we should be for this time of year. live doppler 7 combined with satellite, we have this big
6:40 am
ridge of high pressure. it was sitting over california, acting like a heat pump. this is now getting suppressed to the south. there is a trough that will dip in from the north over the next 24 hours and will usher in cooler air and also breezy conditions. the winds are generally light, between five mph to 15 mph. we do expect those to pick up with an onshore direction, meaning it is coming off the cool ocean water and pushing in line. when those winds pick up later on this afternoon by 4 p.m., we will track winds gusting on the m.p.h. to 30 mph. that onshore wind will help to reinforce could temperatures not on this afternoon, but they repeat again on tuesday. the next 48 hours, temperatures closer to her -- closer to where we should be this time of year. we have the onshore flow, it really helps to clear any particulate matter. equality will improve the next couple of days. by tuesday, we find a fresh quality, good air across the entire bay area.
6:41 am
today, it is cooler out there, breezy, cooler by some 15 degrees compared to where we were this weekend. if t9 and the city, 60 in oakland, 65 in san jose, 63 in santa rosa. half moon bay, it will feel cool and 57 degrees. it is equaled across the entire state. expect several days in the 80's and 90's today, ellie hitting a high of 76 degrees. let's check out the road with sue. sue: good morning and happy valentine's day, and they after super bowl. a lot of folks taking the day off. pretty light conditions out there, taking a look at emeryville. drew has been telling us about a little bit of fog that is starting to settle in. there are no major stalls or accidents to report to you this money, which is good news. you find yourself in company ind over the high-rise, maybe some brake lights still lingering there. you are in company here, with
6:42 am
about a 17 minute drive. take a look at this. westbound commute over the ultimate pass in full swing this morning. tracy to dublin, a 1 hour drive. highway four is walking down now. a 30 minute drive. if you are traveling in to san francisco from marin, you are looking good from southern marin and across the golden gate bridge. hi, reggie. reggie: heads up for art writers today. they are restoring the hours to the pre-pandemic schedule. they will operate until midnight every day for the week, including sunday. for the first time in history, art will operate all five of its lines on sunday. that will include the richmond to sfo line and
6:43 am
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insurrection. that is what his lawyer is saying. giuliani was a central figure for former president trump's failed bid to overturn the 2020 election. he was supposed to appear at a deposition last week, but rescheduled that. his lawyer says it will happen, but it could take the form of a formal deposition or informal interview. reggie: this morning, passengers on a cross-country flight are talking about their emergency landing in kansas city because of yet another instance of an unruly passenger on board. idiot shows the chaotic scene yesterday. the plane was flying from l.a. to washington, d.c. when witnesses say the man first try to open the cockpit and then tried to open an emergency exit door. one passenger says the flight attendant reportedly subdued the passenger with a coffee pot. passengers then pinned the person down. >> had to go back and get the coffee pot just hit him on the head because i think the pilot was probably trying to get down as fast as possible. reggie: the man was bleeding when he was eventually taken
6:46 am
into custody in kansas city. "gma" has more on this deal ahead on 7:00. kumasi: health and education experts arcs pressing concern about college students whose key formative years have been disrupted by the pandemic. our abc7news reporter dives into the challenge students and grads are facing. >> we started getting all sorts of conflicting emails. >> no one understood what was happening. it just a matter of days in early 2020, the lives of college students in america turned upside down. what started with one school, the university of washington, closing its doors, it quickly became a new reality as the bedroom and kitchen table replace the classroom. >> i was super disappointed and honesty, the whole experience just felt more isolating. reporter: computer screens and video conference calls now the new form of human interaction. isolation taking its toll on many students. >> at my house, it was literally
6:47 am
just me and my parents, and that was it. we were not going out and seeing people. so, i would have very deep oppressive moments. reporter: in a 2021 best survey, 95 percent of college students reported experiencing nettle health struggles as a result of the pandemic. >> lack of social stimulation really does affect the brain in profound neurologic ways. reporter: for upperclassman, long-awaited events like job fairs or graduations when virtual or were canceled altogether. >> i was excited for the gallery opening we were going to have. it ended up being family only. reporter: adding to the uncertainty, the job market. it made things even more challenging. >> i think i probably put out 400, 500, 600 applications and i would just tear nothing back. reporter: a career advisor at st. john's university in new
6:48 am
york shows the challenges they face. >> we do a lot of emailing to students, letting them know we are available. reporter: she said recent graduate -- grads interviewing. >> it will calculate what filler words you are using too much of. reporter: for those of you continuing to struggle mentally and emotionally. >> i would encourage people to share with their friends and see cap when they need it. reggie: now for your morning money report. kumasi: i will do it. a pricey increase is coming for a california goatee. the biden administration has suspended all imports of mexicay inspector in mexico got a threat. mexico is the largest avocado producer in the world and accounts for 30% of global production. in the last six weeks, avocado producers in mexico exported more than 130 5000 tons of avocados to the u.s..
6:49 am
reggie: once again, people are spending big to make valentine's day special. the national retail federation says a total spinning could reach near $4 billion. that is the second-highest year on record. the top five gifts include candy, cards, flowers, an evening out, and jewelry. exactly what you would expect. national retail federation critics the average person will spend about 100 semi five dollars. the price of oil is searching again. fears of a russian invasion of ukraine is pushing crude oil prices to $100 per barrel. suppliers are worried there will be a strain if there is an interruption of russian export. we could see even higher gas prices. the cost for a gallon of gas has remained elevated as supply attempt to catch up with demand. one of the big spender in super bowl ads, cryptocurrency providers. one was from coin base was just
6:50 am
60 seconds of a color changing qr code pouncing around the scene, like your screensavers of old. 70 people interacted with qr code that the app briefly crashed. mission accomplished. taking a look at the new york stock exchange, you can see we are down about 146 points. kumasi: this morning, and we were each commercial that air during the super bowl is getting a lot of attention. >> if it was delivered with new breeds, does that mean i can eat it? kumasi: [laughter] the commercial highlights the app and how you can now order non-food items. it features many celebrities. one actor is shown chugging a bottle of soap, which then prompted the consumer products safety commission to tweet the very obvious. reggie: no, no.
6:51 am
kumasi: this is making my stomach hurt. what? drew: did she eat tinfoil? kumasi: kitty litter in a cereal bowl. oh, gosh. >> [laughter] kumasi: apparently this is worth the money, because companies can make $7 million for 30 seconds of airtime this year. reggie: that was one of the more effective ad. it had a clear connection between the message and the company. drew: i also think that would not have worked with anybody else. reggie: without jennifer coolidge? i'm so glad people are writing checks to her. i love her. drew: love her so much. don't eat tinfoil, i guess. a lie look outside, this is gorgeous. we have some low cloud cover right now. your sunrise is occurring
6:52 am
exactly at 7 a.m. on this valentine's day. we continue to have issues with our pollen. allergy sufferers, i feel you. it is been a month we are dealing with this. tree pollen is unfortunately back at high levels. your main offenders are ash, cedar, juniper, and pine. there does not look to be any relief in sight. we have such a warm weather pattern, everything is blooming right now. visibility is down to a half-mile in santa rosa. even along the peninsula, we have some low clouds right now. waking up to gray skies, temperatures basically in the 40's and 50's. today is noticeably cooler compared to where we were over the weekend. we will be about 15 degrees cooler today compared yesterday. part of the reason why is there is cooler air moving in from the north. we will find high clouds moving in from time to time. even early tomorrow, a little bit of snow in this year, maybe one inch to two inches above 7000 feet. not a blockbuster storm by any means, but it shows you the
6:53 am
clare moving in over the next couple of days. i get home, noticeably cooler, breezy in the afternoon, winds gusting up to 20 mph. onshore flow keeping temperatures at 59 in the city, 60 in oakland, 65 in san jose. overnight tonight, a blend of stars and clouds are cold as temperatures start dropping in the 30's. we will keep this cool pattern the next couple of days. midweek, by the end of the week, temperatures rebound. you're watching sunday. there's the slight chance of a shower, but right now any ring fall looks pretty minimal. kumasi: thank you. camilla, the duchess of cornwall, has tested positive for covid-19, four days after his charles was confirmed to be infected. they made the announcement this money. they say she is self-isolating. charles been inghe tested posit, but camilla had continued with public engagements while taking daily tests. they are both vaccinated and
6:54 am
boosted against covered. today is your last chance to check out a very special valentine's day display in golden gate park. you can take your loved ones to see an enchanted forest of shapes and lights. the nature inspired art installation is made up of 2000 led lights. "entwined" is going to be in the park until march 5. reggie: love is in the air. the museum african penguins will receive heart-shaped valentines to build their nests. this is a yearly tradition. the penguins waddle up to the academy staffer, take one of the hearts like so, then they take it into their nest. apparently, that encourages reading behavior and helps the penguin coupled bond. the african penguins will receive their special valentines during morning feeding time. >> ♪ >> you in the los angeles rams
6:55 am
have just won the super bowl. what are you going to do next? >> ♪ kumasi: what better way to celebrate the three some -- super bowl stars then getting them ready for a trip to disneyland today? they appeared in the commercial after the rams won last night. how was your trip to galesburg? reggie: i'm glad you brought that up. i got stopped audible times by people who watch us in the morning and they say hi to drew, to jobina, and especially to kumasi. kumasi: that is sweet. reggie: people are so kind up there. that is a great spot to have a valentine's day weekend. kumasi: was it warm? reggie: it was so warm. they had all the lights in pink. they put a bunch of lights up around the square in pink. it was great. i always love it. kumasi: you really do. reggie: go check it out. their food is amazing.
6:56 am
i know you had a good weekend in l.a.. kumasi: it was a different vibe, but there was a lot happening. i was out and about. gonna shake it. reggie: yeah. kumasi: it was also very, very hot. as much as i love the heat, i was like no. up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: as we will head to okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network.
6:57 am
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6:58 am
sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. book now at kumasi: it is 6:58. here the seven things you need to know this money. the biden administration police russia now has 130 thousand troops along its border with ukraine. ukraine's president has asked president biden for military and financial aid if an attack happens. reggie: a cdc study finds protection from a covenant booster shot starts to wane after about four months. however, doctors say you are still highly protected. those who do get covid are getting less sick. kumasi: celebrations in the streets of los angeles overnight, after the rams won the super bowl. they partied a little too hard,
6:59 am
because lapd ended up declaring and unlawful a simile to get people to go home. reggie: number four, public morogoro for john madden will be held tonight at the oakland coliseum. tickets are the $2.14, in honor of his super bowl 2011 team that beat the vikings 32-14. drew: no more record warmth. after six days of february heat, today for valentine's day, it is much cooler and breezy this afternoon. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. sue: pretty light conditions for your monday morning valentine's day, day after the super bowl, traffic. they did flip the metering lights on at 6:19 this morning. a minor backup here. kumasi: number seven. the moment you did not see on the field last night. the rims wide receiver had to run out after the win because his wife went into labor during the game. he confirmed the baby's birth on
7:00 am
his instagram page a few hours after that. reggie: that is the most amazing story. kumasi: they ha good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start a new week with you, the los angeles rams are the new super bowl champions. hollywood ending. the rams with a big comeback win beating the cincinnati bengals in a thrilling end to super bowl lvi. >> caught. got it, touchdown! plus, the excitement on the field beyond the final whistle, and the surprise super bowl baby. this morning, veteran andrew kwhit worth joining us fresh off that victory. brink of war. the russian invasion threat. president biden warns vladimir putin of swift and severe costs if he invades ukraine. breaking overnight.


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