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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 14, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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tomorrow morning, tune in at 7:00 for good morning america >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- seth rogen, from "abbott elementary," tyler james williams. and music from aly & aj. and now, jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: hello. thank you, thank you. that's very nice, thank you. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i am the host. please, relax. thank you for joining us. i hope you're having a sensual valentine's night. although if you are watching this right now, you probably are not. what's your plan for valentine's, guillermo?
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>> guillermo: oh, jimmy, we're going order some dinner. >> jimmy: you are? >> guillermo: yes. we don't want to go out today. >> jimmy: do you know what you're going to order? >> guillermo: yeah, mediterranean food. >> jimmy: oh, mediterranean food? >> guillermo: yeah, that's my wife's favorite. >> jimmy: what do you usually order? >> guillermo: we order a greek salad, chicken. a lot of things. >> jimmy: does it come in styrofoam or no? >> guillermo: styrofoam? it comes in a tray, a little tray. >> jimmy: you are a romantic devil. i think it's weird having valentine's day after the super bowl. i was out past midnight last night flipping suvs and setting mattresses on fire. now i'm supposed to be romantic? i'm all charged up! yesterday, as i hope you know, was super bowl sunday. also known as "cryptocurrency awareness day." it's all crypto now. even the halftime show, bloods
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versus the cryptos. it crypto and peacock all day long. there were more ads for peacock than there are living peacocks on earth. the los angeles rams, who left us in 1995 but eventually came back, just like ben and j lo, are super bowl champs. they beat the cincinnati bengals on a big night for nbc. nbc had the super bowl and then ice dancing at the olympics. it was like following wrestlemania with the tony awards. and i loved watching them trying to convince football fans to stay up and watch. "if you love football, stick around for the exact opposite!" it was an exciting game though. and they did make the most of their proximity to valentine's day. eminem wasn't the only one to get down on a knee. rams safety taylor rapp won a ring and then gave one away. he proposed to his girlfriend. on the field after they won. good thing they won. that would have been one bummer
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of a proposal. they hug and he ran off and got drunk with his friends. that wasn't the only big family moment for the rams. so this is an interesting story we didn't know about. wide receiver van jefferson had four passes and had to leave immediately after they won because his wife samaria went into labor at the game. they took her out of the stadium on a stretcher, which is a very clever way to beat the traffic, by the way. the baby was born about two hours after the game ended. they had a boy. his wife didn't let them tell her husband she was in labor until after the game. she didn't want to distract him, which is amazing. i hope he remembered to get her flowers today. that's a double whammy if he didn't. speaking of children, sean mcvay of the rams became the youngest coach to win a super bowl. [ applause ] and after the game, at the press conference, his youthful enthusiasm really shined through. >> i just can't say enough about how much i love this group. they played for one another.
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there is something really powerful about being a part of something bigger than yourself. you can see that the way these guys competed. love these players. love these coaches. they're world champs. glad i don't have to listen to gary give me any [ bleep ] anymore >> jimmy: somebody get coach a capri sun, will you? because the game was in l.a., it was even more star-studded than usual. usually most of the celebrities at the game are there to plug their new high-octane detective series or something. but this year, the stars were out in force. >> basketball royalty in the house. lebron james, and of course, irv ing magic johnson. mark wahlberg making a call. sean penn looking cool as ever, and matt damon finding his spot as well. >> jimmy: finding his spot. finding his spot in the bad mustache hall of fame. come on, now, what is that? that's a mustache -- justin bieber laughs at that mustache. my god.
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did you know matt damon gave all that money he made from that crypto commercial to charity? you know why he did it? because no one likes him. the only way he can get anyone to like him. the halftime show was great. you know a musical performance is cool when every 45 seconds your mom asks "who's that?" they're gonna be talking about that one on fox news for many years to come. dr. dre, 50 cent, eminem, kendrick lamar, anderson paak, and -- it was supposed to be mary j. blige, but snoop dogg smoked all the js, so it was just mary blige. snoop was really good. great as he always is. he was all business, that snoop dogg. they even caught him warming up his vocal chords before the show. you can see there, there he is. for snoop, that's a performance-enhancing drug. this is a headline in "new york post" today. "snoop dogg smokes weed right before star-studded super
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bowl halftime show." yeah. no kidding. snoop smokes weed right before everything. you know, it's funny, we make a lot of jokes about l.a. fans not caring much about football, but they definitely celebrated last night. things got so out of hand, the lapd had to tweet a warning. they wrote, "we ask those that are celebrating tonight, celebrate responsibly. do not allow your actions to tarnish a great #superbowlwin." right. although, i doubt you're going to have any problems from the people who are following the lapd on twitter. this is the scene downtown last night, not too far from usc. >> taking over the streets outside with dancers and partiers, coupled with a side of illegal street takeovers and fireworks. >> i came here after we won. literally, the craziest experience of my life. everyone is going crazy, everyone is clapping each other's hands, everyone is dancing. >> random strangers. it is unlike anything. >> we go to college. well go to parties all the time.
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this is like a next level energy. >> jimmy: they go to parties all the time. [ applause ] they're cool guys. they go to parties all the time. but it did get pretty crazy last night. >> so l.a. polic dla seraorders throughout the night for people to just go home. we also saw two metrobuses unfortunately get vandalized, and a jewelry store looted as well. >> jimmy: well, it's the night before valentine's day. what do you expect? that's not looting, that's last-minute shopping is what that is. meanwhile, the winter olympics were going on during the whole super bowl in beijing. but some of the events had to be canceled yesterday because of snow. they've been using artificial snow up until this point, but they got a couple inches of real snow. that was enough for them to postpone women's downhill and delay the giant slalom and
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slopestyle events. that's right. snow disrupted the winter olympics. like water disrupting a swim meet. it doesn't make sense. back here at home, this comes to us courtesy of a local team in savannah, georgia who are winners of the award for excellence in reporting. >> mayor norton says he'll be here on monday as well, although he is not sure how much city business they can ever conduct -- [ bleep ]. i was so close. >> oh, my. pardon us for that. >> jimmy: oh my. [ laughter ] so will they separate the greek salad from the other stuff? >> guillermo: yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: sometimes when they put the salad in the thing, it gets hot. it sometimes up the salad. tell them i want the salad in a separate bag. >> guillermo: yes, i will. and the margaritas separate too.
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>> jimmy: oh, the margaritas? goypz yes. >> jimmy: the mediterranean restaurant makes you a margarita? you don't know how to make a margarita? >> guillermo: yes, but i'm tired tonight. >> jimmy: he's been sitting on a stool for 11 minutes. you're tired. >> guillermo: from yesterday! from yesterday. >> jimmy: here is an interesting bit of information that seems relevant on valentine's day. according to something called the general social survey, americans are having the lowest amount of sex we've had in 30 years. in 1989, 35% of americans reported having sex once a month or less. now that number is over 50%. 1 in 4 americans hasn't had sex in a year. so just look around you. this audience, and you'll see, you know what we're going to do? we're going to identify the -- the study says there are a number of possible reasons for
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it, including fewer people getting married, an aging population. but let's be months. we all know what the real reason is, unlimited porn. the same reason people at the olive garden are eating more breadsticks. it's unlimited. but tonight, we turn it all around. right, guillermo? >> guillermo: right, jimmy. valentine's day, we decided to do a poll of our own. we went out on the street and asked couples questions about their partners. we asked the guys questions. very basic questions. to see how well the men knew their women. and it turns out, the answer was "not that well." >> so today we're asking guys questions about their girlfriends. so here we go. when is her birthday? >> july -- 21st? [ buzzer ] >> no. >> no? >> how do you not know my birthday? >> july what? july 20 what? >> july 29th. oh my goodness. >> so sorry. >> what are the names of
11:46 pm
siblings? >> andrew and -- [ buzzer ] >> dude, don't, this is kind of embarrassing. > what's her middle name? >> it's something -- >> it's my grandparents' name. >> it's an old timey name. it's going to be another embarrassing pass. >> where did she go to college. >> sfu. [ buzzer ] >> state. >> sf state. >> can you close your eyes for us? what color are her eyes? >> green. [ buzzer ] >> blue. >> what is your wedding date? >> november 14th? [ buzzer ] close? 18? >> 20th. >> 20th. close. >> what is her current job title at work? >> that's a great question. she works from home. i hear a data -- >> no. >> a loan person? >> no. >> internal i.t. maybe? [ buzzer ] >> no.
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>> what do you do? >> system support analyst ii. >> which is what i said. [ buzzer ] . >> has she ever played a sport? >> it doesn't appear so. [ buzzer ] >> just because you're unathletic. >> what is her middle name? >> oh -- >> you know, i actually forgot. [ buzzer ] >> do you know his middle name? >> yes. afrain. >> that's got to hurt. >> what's her middle name? >> actually, i actually don't know your middle name. i've never asked what your middle name was. >> that's rude. >> damn it, we talked about this two days ago. [ buzzer ] >> do you know where she went to school? >> dothan high in dothan, alabama. >> [ buzzer ] . >> no! >> what is her boss's name? >> her boss kim.
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[ buzzer ] >> how old is she? >> she's 55. [ buzzer ] >> i had a birthday. i'm 56. >> what is her middle name? >> it starts with an s. it's got to be sheree or something. [ buzzer ] >> you don't know who you're married to. [ applause ] >> jimmy: all right. well, better luck next time i guess. hey, we have a good show for you tonight. from the great show "abbott elementary," tyler james williams is here with us. we have music from aly and aj. and we'll be right back with seth rogen. so stick around. ♪ >> abc's "jimmy kimmel live!" brought to you by toyota.
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>> hi there. welcome back. tonight from "abbott elementary," tyler james williams is with us. then later from torrance, california, this is their deluxe album. it's called "a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet, gets you out and then into the sun." they're not exactly pearl jam with the album titles. aly and aj from the mercedes-benz stage. this week, we've got new shows with robert pattinson, he's batman now, you know. mark wahlberg, foo fighters, shaun white, olympic gold medal winner chloe kim, and ringo starr from the beatles with music from spoon. please join us for all of that. our first guest tonight is a gentleman of many talents and agricultural pursuits. he plays a carpenter turned sex tape thief in the true hollywood story "pam and tommy." new episodes on wednesdays on hulu. please welcome seth rogen.
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♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: how are you doing? i feel like you're getting dapper on me as the years go by. >> i am pretty -- i'm not wearing socks right now, which was a real -- it's valentine's day. so i thought i would go with a sexy wardrobe choice. and yeah, it shows how pale -- i mean, the contrasting color between my ankle and face is alarming. >> jimmy: yeah, it is. >> but you know what? you guys just got to deal with that [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: yeah, you must really wear thick socks. because it would appear that your ankles have never seen the sun. >> perhaps never. but they're good ankles. >> jimmy: they're solid ankles and the whole body looks good. >> i feel good. glad to be here. >> jimmy: i know you're not a big sports fan, right?
11:55 pm
>> no. not particularly, no. i like buffalo wings so that was a fun event for me yesterday. i ate a lot of those. i arbitrarily, i think because i liked his name had a boomer esiason poster in my bedroom as a kid. >> jimmy: really? >> so i always had an affinity for the cincinnati bengals. >> jimmy: wow. >> but not enough to root for them. >> jimmy: boomer esiason, the only human wider than your ankles by the way. >> this is in honor of boomer esiason's skin tone. >> jimmy: that's very strange. even though you weren't a sports fan, you had a poster of boomer on the wall. >> i would get whatever free posters i could and put them on the wall. >> jimmy: who else? >> i had a jean-claude van damme, but i sorted that out. legion of doom. directly above my bed i had a poster of a man jump kicking another man in the chest, and two ro id'd out monsters with
11:56 pm
football apparatus. i had a "shawshank redemption" poster on my wall and i didn't see that movie until two years ago. i think i got it for free. >> jimmy: really? >> and i loved it. when i finally saw it, thank god it's good. >> jimmy: it's funny, because i read your book, which was very funny. i enjoyed it immensely. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and one of my favorite little tidbits was how tickled you are by the name sylvester stallone. >> it's a weird name. >> jimmy: which is something i never thought of before. >> it's a name i grew up with. it's been in my life as long as i can remember. and i met sylvester stallone once at the opening of the planet hollywood casino in las vegas. in the warehouse, you meet sylvester stallone. that's when they let him out. it's time! and the remembe hi my hd. and the deepest rumbliest
11:57 pm
voice i ever heard, he said "i'm sylvester." and at that moment i remember thinking i never met another human with the name sylvester. i don't think i've even heard of another human with the name sylvester. there is one, sylvester, stallone. and a cat. there is two sylvesters. but no, it was really weird with the stallone. so sylvester stallone, not a weird name. sylvester just dangling out there, shocking to have. a man come up to you and say i'm sylvester. how many syllables is that? >> jimmy: i think it's all of them, really. >> it's every one. it's a wild name. >> jimmy: you were part of a super bowl commercial. >> i was. >> jimmy: you and paul rudd did a glades potato chips. >> thank you. it was a little alarming in some ways, honestly, because when i started working with paul rudd, he was older than i was.
11:58 pm
and now i somehow passed him. >> jimmy: he does look youthful. >> you would assume i was his uncle if the two of -- you would assume i was watching him or something like that. he looks so good.pand it's shoc. and yeah, i showed up on set and i was damn, what happened? how did i pass you? did they freeze you? it was really upsetting in a lot of ways. >> jimmy: were you at like a party or watching it with a small group? how was it? >> i went to my father-in-law's house. >> jimmy: did you make everyone be quiet when your commercial came on? >> no, no. >> jimmy: was everyone quiet when your commercial came on? >> no, they weren't at all. >> jimmy: really? >> people were walking all around, doing everything. >> jimmy: you're sitting there and they're just ignoring your commercial? >> i watched it aloaned. [ applause ] thank you for clapping.
11:59 pm
literally. my father-in-law is the swedish meatballs are ready and everyone is ooh and they clear out of the room as i sit there. you really did it, seth. >> jimmy: do you celebrate valentine's day? an observer? >> i'm celebrating it right now. this is it. i do, yeah. yes, i celebrate valentine's day. >> jimmy: flowers and dinner and stuff like that? >> dinner, if there is a flower place between here and my home, the flowers as well. >> jimmy: i see. will you really stop? would you buy flowers from one of the guys on the street with them? >> yeah, i've done that. from a street flower gentleman. i don't know what they like to go by. >> jimmy: street florists i think they're called. >> street floorist. >> jimmy: did you date a lot before meeting your wife lauren? >> i dated, yes. and i was terrible. i was a bad dater, terrible experiences dating women. and i think the women who dated
12:00 am
me also did not have the best experiences. but the worst one i had a woman that i was like casually -- we were like hooking up i guess. and i was 20 maybe, and she was a few years older. and it was my birthday coming up. and so i asked her, it was like let's go out to dinner on my birthday. and i'm going ask her to be my girlfriend at this dinner on my birthday. >> jimmy: really? >> and i asked her around when the appetizers were arriving, and she said no. and then i started crying. [ applause ] >> jimmy: had you already ordered the full thing? >> and then i was like we need to eat. we can't leave. she was like it's your birthday. >> jimmy: don't want to waste the money. >> there was a cake coming and [ bleep ]. so i had to sit there.
12:01 am
and this poor woman had to sit there with me as i like wept into my truffle mac & cheese. and yeah, you guys know, you don't ask until the end of the meal. that was my big thing. >> jimmy: you don't even ask. >> you don't even ask that. i was 20. i don't know. i was so young. i guess you don't ask will you be my girlfriend. >> jimmy: no, you don't. >> i've been in a relationship for so long, i don't know what you do. >> jimmy: yeah. >> now, if you're watching, kids, don't ask. and if you do, ask at the end of the meal. >> jimmy: very good. excellent advice. >> not when the appetizers have come. >> jimmy: seth rogen is with us. we'll be right back.
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where is milty? >> he went -- >> huh-uh, huh-uh. it's all part of the game. you got eat two more. let's try it again. where is milty? >> he went to amsterdam. you know how it's the diamond capital of the world? he went there because he's turning our money into diamonds. >> so you let your partner, our partner who controls all the money take that money and leave the country? >> that is seth rogen and andrew dice clay in "pam and tommy." it's on hulu now. it's a fantastic story. it's a true story. it's crazy that it's a true
12:07 am
story. >> it's totally insane. it's a wild story. i think most people, including myself did not know that pamela anderson and tommy lee sex tape was stolen by a disgruntled carpeter who had a background in porn and therefore was able to disseminate it through his porn back channels. it's a wild story. and, yeah, i play rand, the carpenter who stole the sex tape, yeah. and andrew dice clay plays a mobster who funded the operation of duplicating the tape enough times to sell it basically. >> did you know andrew dice clay before this? >> only from his work, no. >>. >> jimmy: right. >> and i was really honestly intimidated and a little scared of him. >> jimmy: why? >> as far as comedians go, he has kind of a rough persona. and then you meet him and he like an old jewish man. >> jimmy: right. >> and there is nothing less scary than an old jewish man. there is one and his name is
12:08 am
james kaan. it was great. he said all day, i don't think you can say that anybody, dice. but whatever. >> jimmy: you are also the executive producer of the show. did you always plan to play that character? was that the plan from the beginning? >> it was, yeah. it was a character i thought i could bring to life well. honestly, yeah, i was fascinated by how like -- like how little thought this man put into his actions, how kind of self-centered he was. >> jimmy: yeah. that was crazy, stealing that. >> the guy, he used a rug to dress like a big dog to sneak past their security cameras to steal their safe. he actually did that. >> jimmy: and it worked. >> and it worked. and tommy lee didn't even notice the safe was gone for several months. >> jimmy: yeah, that's pretty crazy. and even crazier, one of the characters is tommy lee's penis
12:09 am
is a character. >> yeah. and i think everyone because of my history cinematically, i understand people assume i imposed that on the show. whenever i've gotten a lot of oh, of course, seth rogen made the penis talk. not exactly. i get why people think that, but that's actually from tommy lee's book. and he writes about being high on drugs and talking to his penis and having a conversation about being in love with pamela anderson and how that it's just -- it's just the three of them then on i guess at that point. yeah. >> jimmy: jason mantookas plays tommy's mean news. >> jason, yeah. >> jimmy: i'd like to see how that is listed on his imdb. >> i think it's "tommy's penis." we talked about maybe -- i was making a strong push for chris evans at one point because i liked the marvel reference there. but i think that was too much. >> jimmy: why does the penis
12:10 am
have a shield? >> yeah, exactly. >> jimmy: wow. >> we could have used chris evans' penis too. >> jimmy: i know you get asked about your mother a lot. and in fact, your parents have been on this television show. >> yes. speaking of penises. >> jimmy: i find them very entertaining. your mother is very open as far as sex stuff goes. >> yeah. >> jimmy: think about a week and a half ago, this is something that your mom tweeted. and i'd like to share this with the audience here. she wrote on twitter -- you know how when you give blood you get a little badge that says i gave blood today. there should be one that says i had great sex today, ha ha ha. [ applause ] and then you -- you responded with these words. >> burn this app to the ground, yeah.
12:11 am
[ laughter ] >> it's gross. i don't know. but it's such a mom tweet because at the end there is a space and then the three dots. like no matter what, no matter how gross there is a grammatical error that only a mother could miss. >> jimmy: i cannot keep up with those things that are not acceptable now. if you learned to put two spaces after a period and now you're old. >> i might have muted my mom on twitter. >> jimmy: for real? >> i don't want to see that. my sister just sent me a vomiting emoji, and oh, no, what happened now? and she forwarded me that abominati abomination. >> jimmy: you think she's doing this just to drive you crazy? >> no, not at all. zero percent. i think she's just being funny. and this is the stuff she talks about. >> jimmy: is there any chance, i don't know if there is a safe back home that your parents have ever made a sex tape? >> oh, no! [ laughter ]
12:12 am
bad. i don't know how far down this road i want to go. conversationally right now. >> jimmy: we'll leave that to andrew dice clay to hoe for you. the series is called "pam and tommy," is on hulu now. the great seth rogen, everybody. we'll be back with tyler james williams. [ snoring ] honey, geo's pizza palace just launched cha cha cheesy bread. i'll go wake up the kids. excuse me. a random sales rep just emailed for the 14th time about an important new offer that has nothing to do with our business. well forget the merger, this is far more important. hey guys! a random sales rep just emailed for the 14th time...
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♪ >> jimmy: hi ya, welcome back. music from aly & aj is on the way. our next guest grew up on tv. he played chris on "everybody hates chris." now he's grown up and a substitute teacher everybody loves in "abbott elementary." >> you never told us your favorite pizza place. >> oh, i should sit this one out. i'm more of a baltimore style pizza guy. >> oh, baltimore pizza, i've never heard of that. what makes it so different? >> you've never heard of baltimore style? oh, it's great. it's really crunchy and like wet. >> wet? >> yeah, yeah. no, it's great.
12:24 am
next time you're there, go to say cheese, say cheese pizza. they soak it. it's like sopping. mmm. >> "abbott elementary" tuesday nights on abc, please welcome tyler james williams. ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: boy, you know, i learned today and i realized because i've been watching "abbott elementary," and i think you're just great on it. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and the show itself is great. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and i was thinking, boy, i feel like i know him, but i didn't look it up. oh, yeah, you were the kid -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: on "everybody hates chris"? >> no, we've met before. >> jimmy: you were here. >> i was here. >> jimmy: as a kid 17 years ago. >> it's not your fault. i also did not remember. i don't remember much from that time. >> jimmy: is that true you
12:25 am
don't? >> i was 13. pick a random day of you being 13. >>jimmy: you're totally right that makes total sense to me. because you can maybe six things from when you're 13. >> maybe. >> jimmy: a birthday gift if you're reminded. >> i remember a press tour, which you were a part of. i got some really good jordans that year. really good. i got some 3s i really loved. >> jimmy: who gave you those? >> i think i stole them from set. i stole them from set and i had a show come out that was really successful. but that's all i got. >> jimmy: and of course a kid actor, you have to have three names. it's part of the law. it's written in law. >> in my contract. >> jimmy: and zendaya came around and blew that out of the water. didn't even bother with a second name. >> tyler, it just doesn't do it. >> jimmy: tyler james williams is a strong names. >> strong name. my parents expected me to be president. absolutely. >> jimmy: you've got every president represented there in
12:26 am
those names. >> all of them, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: sometimes doubling up. >> they did it with my brothers as well. and now we have to go on to do really successful things, otherwise it feels like a waste. >> jimmy: what do your brothers do? >> actors. also actors. it's our family business. >> jimmy: interesting. >> we're really chill about it. but everybody else isn't. >> jimmy: are your parents actors? >> no, no. my father teaches. he used to be a cop. he retired. my mother is a counselor. >> jimmy: oh, wow. how about that. so it's the new family business. >> it's the new family business. we expect everybody afterwards to build on this. >> jimmy: a cop and a counselor. is it hard to have fun when your father is a police officer? >> it's not hard to have fun. it's just some of the things that other people enjoy, we don't really get a chance to enjoy. like cop shows, for example. we don't get a chance to enjoy those because he is watching going yeah, none of this would happen. stabler would have gotten arrested a long time ago.
12:27 am
throw him away. >> jimmy: you're on a sitcom obviously, and that was kids. and now you're the adult on a sitcom that has a lot of kids on it. >> it's very bizarre because i still feel like a child. i feel like the youngest person on set but there is actual children there. and i've had to like develop my dad voice. >> jimmy: what is the dad voice? >> you know the dad voice. everyone's dad has a voice that he uses. there is never full sentence. it's one word and a period. eh, now, stop. relax. it's all in the eyebrows as well. it's the whole thing. >> jimmy: i like that. so do you do that? is that something you will do with the kids on set? >> it's still kind of like we have a classroom of kids, you know what i mean? they don't really tell the difference between us as people or actual teachers. we have no actual power over them at all. they think we do. they think what we say goes. so, yeah, i have to pull that out. and it's wild because i have no
12:28 am
kids. so i'm developing this for them. and i've gotten mainly eyebrows is my thing now. you can't just yell over and over again. eventually they hear that if you just give a like, they'll calm down. >> jimmy: that works. that will work for a while. >> for a little bit. we'll see what happens with season 2. >> jimmy: these kids, a lot of the kids are not professional actors? >> no. i think that's what makes it work. >> jimmy: i do too. >> they're kids that were in school months ago that went -- you had quinta here. she is really committed to the authenticity. >> jimmy: the details are beautiful. >> and they're like learning the industry, which is nice to be a gap to bridge. i used to be in that position. so i can explain our producers. they know what we're doing. they know what's going on. if you explain it to them there may be careers that come out of this. i think people underestimate what kids are capable of. >> jimmy: did you know quinta before this? >> i did. i actually did. well did a black ladies sketch show together. >> jimmy: so you did get to know
12:29 am
her. >> we did. and then this came about. she dm'ed me. the deal went down and the dm is the entire thing. >> jimmy: really? >> yes. >> jimmy: so you said yes bato being on a twitter show on a dm? >> hey, have i this pilot. i threw your name in the pitch package. hope you don't mind. yeah, why not? and here we are. >> jimmy: are you -- i hope you don't mind me asking you, are you doing anything for valentine's day? you have a plan after this? >> i'm here. this is really wonderful. >> jimmy: you didn't bring me flowers. >> i didn't. i didn't. i wanted to change it up. i got candies for you in the back. >> well, you're welcome, you're welcome. no. i'm not really doing much for it. dating for me has always been weird. >> jimmy: have you ever cried on a date like seth did? >> no, no, no. that's a unique story. i wish nothing but the best for him and his therapist.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: maybe your mom can sit down with him. >> that's what i'm going to recommend my mom to talk to his mom. we'll get it all together. no, it's just been kind of weird because i've always been on tv. my entire dating history since 13 on has been with people knowing me and my work. >> jimmy: right. >> very intimate. most people wait until they meet their parents to see like baby pictures. all of mine is up there. it's out. they've seen all of my awkward phases, every time my voice cracked, it's all out there. so it's this weird imbalance for me in my life. i'm still trying to work through that. >> jimmy: maybe you have to find someone who has never watched tv. maybe an amish girl. >> i was going say do you have any friends you would like to messenger pigeon to me? >> jimmy: i have somebody in mind for you. she is 83 years old. >> fantastic. >> jimmy: but she churns butter like nobody else. she is terrific. >> that's applicable in a lot of ways. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. the show is great. >> thank you.
12:31 am
>> jimmy: you do a great show on it. if you haven't seen it is yet, "abbott elementary," tuesday nights 9:00 here on abc. tyler james williams, everybody. we'll be right back with music from aly and aj. ♪ >> lou: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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kfc. it's finger lickin' good. >> lou: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank my guests seth rogen and tyler james williams. apologies to matt damon. reran out of time for him and his mustache. tomorrow night mark wahlberg with music from spoon. "nightline" is next, but first, the deluxe version of their album is out now. here with the song, "get over here," aly and aj! [ cheering and applause ] ♪ ♪ it's a lonely sight a bottle of wine across the tv i stare ♪ ♪ it's the kind of night with nowhere to be and i don't care ♪
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12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, canada cracking down as some vaccine mandate protests come to an end. >> it's a beautiful sight. >> and others threatening to turn violent. >> we conducted a search warrant into three trailers associated to them resulting in the seizure of weapons, firearms, ammunition. >> the prime minister declaring a national emergency. >> this is not a peaceful protest. >> what's behind the sudden unrest that's been spreading around the globe? plus, school board fight. the battle lines are drawn in san francisco. >> the worst possible thing we can do is leave people in charge who cannot do their job. >> school board recalls pitting parent against parent. >> they are


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