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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 15, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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california's indoor mask mandate lifts in less than 24 hours. what is driving the decision on masks in schools. kumasi: the u.s. preparing for the possibility of war, taking steps to protect its own in busy in ukraine's capital. reggie: a mega drought that has been worse then it has been in decades. kumasi: plus the oscars. hosts revealed for the very first time. we have that announcement to share with all of you. happy tuesday everybody. we hope you had a good love day. drew: you felt yesterday. it was chilly. reggie: it was cold. drew: it was freezing. >> i came from chicago. you can't talk to me until it is nine degrees. drew: 20 degrees cooler compared
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to the weekend and we are going to do it again today. it is all about this wind that has developed and will stick with us. along the coast you can see the wind is still gusting and it is that wind direction coming from the north and the northwest. up in the 30's and 40's. it is 43 in cloverdale, 47 in oakland, 44 in concord. a live look showing you we have clear skies with a breeze. sunrise at 6:59 a.m.. another cool afternoon with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we will take a closer look at those temperatures coming up. reggie: the u.s. is now protecting its embassy in the
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country capital. jobina, we are hoping for a diplomatic solution. jobina: russia's parliament will vote on whether to recognize russian backed rebel areas of ukraine. lay the groundwork for war. the u.s. is preparing for the possibility of war, temporarily shutting down the and busy in kiev. russia is still signaling the possibility for diplomacy as the foreign minister says negotiations with the west were far from exhausted and should continue. >> we have. not seen that escalation. we do not know that -- we have not seen that escalation. do not know that president putin has made a decision. we need toheum orussian 0, nearl russia's defense ministry says
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they are pulling some of their troops back but u.s. intelligence is not verified the movement of any russian troops. the u.s. will offer up to $1 billion in loan guarantees to ukraine. kumasi: an invasion by russia could mean even higher gas prices. yesterday they climbed to the highest point in more than seven years. russia produces roughly 10% of the global supply of oil and ukraine is a key transit hub. while the u.s. only gets about 3% of its oil from russia, the price is set in global markets. here is a look at what drivers are paying across the bay area on average. the average price of a gallon of gas in san francisco is $4.85. in san jose, it is $4.76. pre-much the same in oakland, where the average is $4.76 a gallon. the national average is $3.49 a gallon.
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by this time tomorrow, california's indoor mask mandate will be over. you will no longer have to cover your face when you go into certain places like the grocery store and restaurants, if you are vaccinated. amy hollyfield joins us live with everything you need to know. amy: the mask will still be required on school campuses. state officials say they want to leave that mandate in place for now and give administrators and teachers time to plan and get prepared for if and when this mask mandate in schools is dropped. that way they will know what other layer's of protection they want to put in play -- layers of protection they want to put in place. the mask mandate in most public places will be dropped tomorrow. the state health and human services secretary left the possibility open for dropping masks in schools soon. >>
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the data continues to be where it is, taking the time to prepare and work with the school community and communities at large, that we anticipate making the change. amy: in most public places starting tomorrow, but officials still recommend them in crowded settings. they will be required on public transit, in hospitals and schools. this is the case in all bay area counties except for one. santa clara will keep their mask mandate in place for now until the number of covid cases comes down. casecasecasecasecase about 75% from this time a month ago. reggie: at last check, the is averaging 170 5000 new covid-19 cases a day.
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that is a drop of more than 75% since the omicron peak a month ago. in california, hospitalizations are down more than 60% and artest positivity average is just over 6%. it was close to 23% a month ago. we have a guide on what to know as the statewide indoor mask mandate is lifted. head to to find the latest headlines. kumasi: all lanes are back open after a deadly crash on westbound interstate 580 near the lakeshore avenue offramp last night. one person died. the chp closed all but one lane and that was backing up traffic. lanes reopened overnight. reggie: the san francisco district attorney plans to hold a press conference later tonight to address dna samples being used in sexual assault cases. a property crime suspect was rigidly identified based on dna. the da says she gave that to
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police years earlier doing a rape exam. many are asking if that is standard protocol. >> san francisco police allegedly used dna from a woman's rape kit to recently identify her as a property crime suspect. the district attorney shared the news monday, saying his office only learned about the case last week. victim advocacy groups fear the practice. people from reporting when they have been sexually abused. >> we are horrified that this is happening, absolutely horrified. >> the country's -- anti-sexual violence organization says it is the first they have heard of such a practice, though it is unclear how often it has been used at sfpd. >> this is a violation of a victim's right to privacy. >> when a sexual assault victim gives their dna, they are doing that consensually and if you utilize that dna evidence against them, that is outside the scope of that consent, and
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really is questionably constitutional. >> former prosecutor stephen clark says the more dna databases investigators have access to, the more crimes that can be solve but the question here is at what societal cost? >> the greater good is prosecuting sexual offenders, not going after the victim for a property crime. >> the da office sent us a statement that said in part, this practice treats people like evidence, not human beings. my office is demanding this practice end immediately. the police chief says if it is a practice of the investigations bureau, he will end it, adding in part, we will begin immediately reviewing our practices and policies. we must never create disincentive crime victims to cooperate with police. >> i was literally speechless. i could not law enforcement would use dna from a rape kit to implicate someone in an unrelated crime.
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>> state senator scott weiner says his office is looking into whether doing so violates state law. if not he is considering legislation to ban the practice. the da has a tuesday morning press conference on the subject. kumasi: that that that amid a dispute between the san francisco das office and the police department over use of force investigations. negotiations are set to begin this week on a new memorandum of understanding between the two. the talks come two weeks after the police chief terminated the 2019 deal that made the das office the lead investigator on all police use of force investigations. the attorney general,aya statemf thefforeach a new deal. at reads in part quote, w are working together to suppo theft and collaboratively rean emt on thet addressesgnificant l
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, accountability and mutual expectations. we will continue to stay on top of that story. the da's news conference is at 10:30 this morning. you can watch that on your mobile app or the abc 7 streaming app. drew: a new study says the mega drought that has gripped the western u.s. for two decades is the worst in 1200 years. a report published in the journal of climate change says last year's record dry spell turn -- pushed the drought past the previous record holder which happened back in the late 1500s. the study kegley did that more than 40% of the current drought can be attributed to human caused climate change. the uclast who led the research says it would take seven years of above average rainfall to end the drought season. there is this pattern where we
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get these long-term droughts. the pattern shows it is getting worse and worse. there is a storm moving through california right now. it brought the cool air to us yesterday. that continues today, but it is going to leave -- lead any precipitation away from the area. we have snow falling around lake tahoe very light right now. live doppler 7 showing your south lake tahoe, very light snowfall falling right now. all of this is moving into southern california later today. for us, we remain dry. that does continue through the extended forecast. while the snow was to over east, we are going to get wind later this afternoon. the wind is gusty, 20 to 35 miles per hour. the direction as we head into wednesday is going to change. by wednesday, especially
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thursday, temperatures are going to warm above average again. another bright and breezy day, with temperatures very close to where we should be for the 15th day of february. upper 50's to lower 60's. 62 in oakland, 64 in santa rosa. let's say good morning to jobina. jobina: unfortunately we are starting with a deadly crash in san jose that was reported around 1:00 this morning. it is on surface streets and it will impact -- and it won't impact your freeway commute. investigators will be there throughout the morning. chp has not given us a time as to when all lanes will reopen. it is blurry on that side but i is essentially telling you that there are high winds. we have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge, the bay bridge, the antioch bridge and also through the altamont pass. i could certainly feel it is i
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made my way in, this morning. reggie: it is an oscars first. the newly revealed hosts. honoring an american icon.
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reggie: family, friends and fans came together in the east bay to remember a legendary coach and area native, john madden. a memorial was held of the oakland coliseum last night and j.r. stone was there. >> he believed in the raiders. i believe in the raiders. the oakland raiders raiders rais j.r.: and with that, john madden's widow got fans of the oakland coliseum cheering. the focus on this monday night, remembering and celebrating the life of john madden who passed away last december at the age of 85. >> as that would say, it is good
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hitting weather. >> he was a big guy who was animated and sincere and funny. he was creative. he would just hold your attention for three hours. j.r.: steve mariucci was one of several who spoke at the madden memorial, highlighting john madden, the emmy-winning broadcaster, the super bowl winning raiders coach. >> he was personable, but he was also a bad [bleep]. when you messed up, he let you know. >> is an honor to be here. >> once he knew you were serious and you were authentic, didn't you feel like he was on your side? >> 100%. j.r.: leslie vizard spent a great deal of time with john madden, and remember his impact
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on his and other industries outside football. >> some guy just a little differently, english accent, big glasses, joined me and said that is elton john. j.r.: madden had the interest of some of the world's biggest superstars, but will forever be loved by his family and raiders fans. >> he has provided me with a lifetime full of lessons and memories. and i'm proud. reggie: proceed pro sold last night benefit of the john madden foundation, which helps east bay youth. virginia madden pledged to match up to $1 million. kumasi: plastic packaging waste has soared so now southern california state lawmakers want to do some thick about it. laura friedman is proposing a bill that would require online retailers to stop shipping items in plastic packaging designed to be used once and tossed in the trash.
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she says she consul he hears from consumers who are upset about items being wrapped in plastic. the bill would require large online retailers to phase out certain types of plastic packaging buttoning 24. -- by turning 24. -- by 2024. reggie: a trio will be leading hollywood's biggest night in the announcement was revealed on good morning america. >> i'm not sure who thought this was a good idea, but i am hosting the oscars along with my good friends want to and regina hall -- wanda sykes and regina hall. reggie: amy schumer, regina hall, wanda sykes. they are making history. it is the first time three women have been named the host of the oscars. -- has been meeting amy and wanda over the past few weeks. jimmy kimmel was the last person to host the oscars. that all changes this year. jimmy will have a full report coming up at 7:00.
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you can watch the oscars right here on abc 7. the war show is set for sunday, march 27. kumasi: that -- the award show is set for sunday, march 27. kumasi: this is exciting. will packer is an alum of my university. reggie: i didn't realize that. kumasi: this is huge. he has done a lot of movies and shows. reggie: have movies as we promised? kumasi: a friend of mine watched five movies this weekend. i thought we had a pass. drew: i was outside reggie: i suffered through power of the dog for all of you. drew: that was the one i was most looking forward to. reggie: let me know what you think. it is beautifully shot. drew: is it long? reggie: it feels long. kumasi: what didn't you watch?
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reggie: i haven't watched dune or king richard. drew: let's make that our goal in the next seven days. let's talk about what is happening in the weather. you felt the reality yesterday. much cooler air moved that cool air lingers today as well. great visibility out there, the fog is not an issue. the wind is still pretty active in our hills right now, gusting close to 35. temperatures basically in 30's and 40's, so it is a cool start to the day. keep that jacket handy because today, temperatures are very slow to warm. we have a storm moving through california, very light in nature. southern california could see some light rain. for us, this track of the storm to our east will keep our wind pretty active over the next 24 hours.
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the next 10 days, it looks like rain looks to escape the bay area, it is likely the entire month of february could e ue. pened before but that would be a very long stretch of dry weather in our wet season. temperatures in the 50'stain snn california showers. 50's and 60's for a lot of us. overnight, moonlit skies with temperatures in the 30's and 40's. gusty wind today, we will warm up midweek it is nowhere near the record warmth of last week and over the weekend, just some increasing cloud cover. reggie: no w w celebrities a screening umoja only web addresses. kumasi:
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. it is a special election day in san francisco. there are three races on the ballot. a school board recall, the assessor's office and a vacant assembly seat. reggie: california public health officials say the school mask mandate will not lift at the
5:24 am
same time the indoor mask mandate does, but they plan to revisit the data in two weeks. kumasi: san francisco d.a. to address the use of dna evidence collected in sexual assault cases. this after police risley identified a property crime suspect based on dna she gave police years earlier during a rape investigation. reggie: the u.s. is temporally shut down the embassy in ukraine and is moving diplomats amid tensions with russia. russian troops along ukraine's border have grown to nearly 150,000. drew: if you like the cooler weather of yesterday, we repeat it today. it is bright and breezy, gusty this afternoon with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. jobina: we are continuing to follow a deadly crash in san jose. this is right at the intersection of santa monica expressway and unfortunately this is the 15th traffic fatality in san jose this year. kumasi: yesterday was for
5:25 am
for couples and today is for singles because it is singles awareness day. it is just a day to recognize people who are not in a romantic relationship. reggie: tickets for giants games go on sale this friday. this upcoming baseball season is unclear because there is a player lockout, overplay or pay that started december 2. the league and the players association met saturday. according to espn, it seems like little progress has been made toward a new bargaining agreement. right now there are not any plans for this next season. kumasi: in today's gma first look, the l.a. rams celebrated their super bowl win at the happiest place on earth. >> in this morning's gma first look, they went to disneyland. gma was right there when the super bowl champions -- with the super bowl champions as they celebrate the victory. >> who is more excited to be at
5:26 am
disneyland today, you or your kids? >> our kids for sure. they are fired up, having a blast out there. >> the raw emotions on the field turning from tears to pure joy. >> just taking it all in. truly a long journey to get to this point. all happy that we get to share this with our family. >> we will hear much more from these excited champions as they take one magical victory lap. >> incredible to be at the happiest place on earth with all of our family. >> with your gma first look, abc news, anaheim. reggie: you can now create an emoji only web address. a company selling urls with strings of emojis instead of standard domains in the web address bar. right now it only works with the opera internet browser. several music artists are already using this, including
5:27 am
ke$ha, and lil wayne. this is right up drew's alley because he does emoji forecast every day that you can watch. drew: why is the alien so popular? reggie: i don't know. i kind of like this. literally, they aren't from here. it's just right there. one day we will look back at this and know this is the moment. coming up, a new way to react to an instagram story. kumasi: also the ruling that may force you see berkeley to cut enrollment. reggie: bizarre video of a flock of birds falling from the sky.
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reggie: now controversy over masks in california schools. the plans to take another look at the statewide mandate -- drew: a atretch of summerlike days, tracking breezy and cooler weather. reggie: good morning on this tuesday, february 15. kumasi: how long is this going to last drew? drew: if it is not going to rain, why am i freezing? reggie: what benefit is this giving us? drew: let's talk wind. it is another windy day later on today. it will help reinforce that cool air. the wind becomes more widespread as the day goes on. you take that winter jacket with you because it is cold out there, 30's and 40's, and you
5:31 am
will need it for most of the day. temperatures were slow to warm today, despite a lot of sunshine. outside, here is a live look of the exploratorium camera, plenty of stars out there. we are fog free. the sun is up at 6:59 a.m. by 4:00, it is a cool afternoon in the 50's and low 60's. we take a closer look at those highs coming up. reggie: in most california counties, the indoor mask mandate is ending at midnight but we learned students across the state will have to continue to mask up. amy hollyfield is live with the plan to reassess that data soon. amy: masks will still be required here on school campuses, but state officials did hint this could only be for a few more weeks, maybe a couple more weeks. officials say requiring masks on school campuses will give it miss traders and teachers time to prepare for when they will be
5:32 am
allowed to come off, time to put other protection measures in place and it gives parents more time to get their kids vaccinated if they have not done that yet. some parents say they appreciate the time while others don't understand why kids have different rules than the rest of the state. >> ethic it is the right choice. -- i think it is the right choice. >> they are continuing to keep our children's faces covered, while adults, politicians, celebrities all enjoy the super bowl game, while continuing with this facade of a state of emergency. amy: the state mandate requiring masks in public places will expire -- will expire tomorrow. you'll be able to go to a gym or an office or store without a mask in the bay area and all counties except for santa clara county. that mandate will stay in place for now. state officials will reassess
5:33 am
the mass -- the school mask rules in two weeks and they will likely make a change at the state level. saying it is not a matter of if, but when. reggie: thank you amy. we have a guide on what to know as the statewide indoor mask mandate is lifted tomorrow. head to to find the latest covid headlines anytime. kumasi: it is special election day in san francisco and there are three races on the ballot. there is a school board recall, the assessor and a vacant assembly seat. >> grow sf is a relatively new political group in the city, targeting mobilizing first-time voters, folks in the tech industry who may traditionally may not have been as politically engaged, and they are taking a more moderate approach to democratic politics in san francisco. their perspective is the current folks in power now are not doing
5:34 am
what needs to be done for the city, so they are looking for fresh faces. kumasi: the recall is san francisco's first since 1983, when the attempt to recall they are diane feinstein failed. polls open at 7:00 and close at 8:00 p.m. you can drop your ballot at any official dropbox. reggie: uc berkeley may be forced to cut enrollment because of a court order. avon order to freeze enrollment as part of a lawsuit challenging a plan to expand the campus. depending on the outcome of the appeal, they may be forced to slash the incoming freshman class by about 3000 students. cal has appealed the case to the state supreme court. kumasi: moraine county of supervisors will vote on a $15.5 billion project. if the county -- the county
5:35 am
plans to use this money to convert a former nursing home in cranberry into permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness, but many neighbors are not happy about this. news anchor liz kreutz explains. liz: it looks like an unassuming building, but this site is at the center of a heated debate in moraine county. neighbors are pushing back against a proposal in greenbrae to turn this former nursing home into permanent supportive housing for the homeless. >> i don't know how it can work. >> we need a solution that works for everyone. liz: david and mary are two of the roughly 2500 people who signed a petition against the project. chief among their concerns is safety for children. the facility is about a four minute walk from a popular spot for families. >> monday morning, family and kids can enjoy this part every single day. to put this at risk is irresponsible. >> these aren't people they need to be concerned about. liz: the marin county district
5:36 am
two supervisor is backing the project would house up to 50 men and women. 16 of the units would be reserved for people living with severe mental illness. rice says the county can deny people with history of violence in the past three years. >> we are looking for people we know will be able to be successful in a residential setting, sharing with other people, and also not a threat to the community. liz: chuck is a neighbor who supports the project. he was out with a sign yes. >> i'm not scared of folks who would be living in that facility. they won't be any danger to kids. liz: david and mary say this is -- they want to help find housing for the homeless but believe this proposal which does not mandate wraparound services is not the solution and that it is only going to disrupt the safety of their neighborhood. >> if they have friends in
5:37 am
sausalito or san francisco, why wouldn't they want to come to moraine? i would. kumasi: nuclear engineer accused of trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets, the criminal case. reggie: -- talking about our hit sitcom and she explains what her parents think about what she does for a living but first, checking the weather. drew: we have a trough moving through california right now. there is a storm moving through and you can see a little snow in the area. for us, it has bt has bt has bt that continues today. a closer look at tahoe, here is live doppler and you can see the snow returns and we are talking very minimal snow. this is reinforcing the cool air that has moved into california over the last 24 hours.
5:38 am
locally, we are dry out there. clear skies but the wind will be an issue this afternoon. by 1:00 you can see the onshore breezes, 20 to 30 miles per hour, keeping that cool air in place. wednesday, that direction is going to change, it becomes more offshore, meaning that wind is coming in and pushing out over the ocean. we will see warmer temperatures tomorrow and thursday. today it is bright and breezy, close to average for this time of year and we will see temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's and again today, we are tracking that mountain snow and also some light showers in southern california. the bay area does escape it and we have cooler temperatures and gusty wind. jobina: we have a number of w advisories to get to.
5:39 am
when you go out there. let's bring you a live picture. we don't have blocking issues on the major freeways right now. i talked about an issue that is still underway in san jose. as we wrap up with a live look in oakland. those headlines -- headlights are traveling southbound and you can see this slope coming out of tracy.
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kumasi: a former u.s. navy nuclear engineer accused of trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets has pled guilty. jobina: jonathan toby and his wife diana were arrested in october. toby had top security clearance. in a plea hearing yesterday, he confessed to sending a package of documents to an undisclosed foreign government in april of
5:42 am
2020. the fbi found out. undercover agents posing as spies from that foreign nation allegedly made a deal with toby to share the information in exchange for $100,000. investigators say toby used elaborate tricks to conceal data cards, like hiding one inside a peanut butter sandwich, another disguised in a pack of gum. >> it is some of the most closely held technology in the deepest secrets the u.s. government has. >> these fast attack submarines which incorporate stealth technology, these submarines cost about $3 billion each. jobina: officials say toby admitted his wife helped in the plot, but she denied it. she is facing espionage charges after allegedly serving as a lookout. jonathan toby will likely face between 12 and 17 years in prison. reggie: a violent sideshow in oakland ended in an arrest and impounded cars.
5:43 am
about 100 cars gathered on macarthur boulevard overnight. as officers arrived, people pointed lasers and three bottles, rocks and fireworks. police arrested three people, recovered two guns and towed three cars. kumasi: a deadly ski accident, a 16-year-old boy died after crashing into another teenager at palisades tahoe. palisades tahoe says the other boy is a member of the olympic river valley freestyle team. the accident happened sunday on yellow trail on the alpine side. >> everyone needs to come together and support each other. it is going to be a while, get everyone to get through this and luckily we have each other to work it out. kumasi: he was a sophomore at north tahoe high school. the school district said they brought in nine mental health
5:44 am
professionals to support students. reggie: in the south bay, local businesses in san jose are teaming up with police to keep your car's catalytic converter out of the hands of thieves. the program offers -- honors the life of -- she was killed last year in san jose when he confronted burglars stealing his catalytic converter. the san jose police foundation with cooperation from the man's family has provided equipment to these three auto repair shops re-can get your catalytic converter edged for free. >> the precious metals in these converters are worth more than gold, ounce for ounce. it is very tempting for these criminals. this is a way to mark it with something identifying, either the license plate number from your vehicle, your driver's license number. reggie: the cost to replace a catalytic converter can be more than $1000. kumasi: some southbay residents are complaining about noisy neighbors. people in sunnyvale have filed noise complaints coming from moffett field. military fighter jets are
5:45 am
expected to continue flying over the bay area until mid-march. they started earlier this month. officials say the jets are being stationed there because it is close to the bella terry operations area in the water. they are sure there is nothing wrong and that this is just routine training. >> i see what happens when you don't have these basics. kumasi: there is a big push in n daly city to save a commuter garden. we were at this rally at city hall yesterday. the garden has been around for at least 20 years. the jefferson union high school district wants to replace it with apartment buildings. those involved with the garden says it gives students an outlet and they have encouraged them to speak up. >> we keep telling them that their voices matter and that their actions matter, and we keep telling them they have to preserve green spaces, and and
5:46 am
is what they are trying to do. that is what they are showing up for. kumasi: supporters of the garden want to meet with the daly city city council to try and persuade them. they have also sent a petition to the mayor. reggie: actress quinta brunson is having a moment. >> i'm janine tiegs. i've been teaching here at abbott elementary for a year now. reggie: her new sitcom abbott elementary is one of the best reviewed and most-watched of the season. she says the best part is her parents love sitcoms and now they understand what she does for a living. the 32-year-old explains her parents were confused when she worked at buzzfeed making pretty decent money. >> my mom did not know what buzzfeed was. she asked if i was stripping. this is a very concrete thing that is understandable to the whole family. reggie: elementary airs tonight on abc seven. kumasi: are you caught up?
5:47 am
reggie: i watched it last night. drew: i didn't watch last night's yet. kumasi: can we talk about when melissa took off those earrings? reggie: she said hold my gold, it is going down. that was a wonderful moment. kumasi: it is such a funny show. i am constantly laughing. everything. reggie: the principle is my favorite -- the principal is my favorite. quinta brunson got for abbott elementary based on her mom's experiences. drew: she named after one of her teachers. kumasi: did you see the surprise when they surprised her with the teacher? reggie: if you are not watching abbott elementary, watch it. kumasi: please watch it. drew: every morning we talk about it. today we are talking about a cool afternoon for a second day in a row.
5:48 am
we had that reality check yesterday and today the wind and that cool air stays overhead. a live look outside and you can see the flags waving on top of the peers right now and that direction, whether blowing toward the bay from this vantage point, that is an onshore wind. the wind gusts right 1000 feet, it is pretty active. this is reinforcing that cool air, not only right now but later this afternoon. 40's as you step out the door. 39 in napa. take the winter jacket this morning. it is a cool afternoon on the way as we head toward tuesday afternoon. there is a storm moving through california in the sierra. we will see some rain moving to southern california but for us in the bay, it is all about the gusty wind and that cool afternoon.
5:49 am
the rain is looking to escape us the next 10 days and if you push this out 10 days, we have some light showers at the bay area looks to be remain -- looks to remain dry. temperatures in the 50's and 60's under sunny skies. tonight we have moonlit skies and we will find clear conditions with temperatures in the 40's. it is cool and gusty, the wind becomes more offshore, so we warm up a bit again, it is not like the record warmth of last week, and we will find increasing cloud cover over the weekend. kumasi: the oscars is changing things up. not only will three women be hosting the show this year, but fans will also have a say on who wins. the academy is adding two new categories. fans can vote for their favorite movie of 2021 as well as the most cheer worthy movie moment ever. you can vote right now on twitter, using
5:50 am
favorite and #oscarscheermoment. you could win a trip for you and a friend to the oscars. the other prize is a year of free movies. the deadline to vote is march 3. reggie: saving the salmon. researchers at uc davis may have cracked the code to preserving the population. the answer, rice. kumasi: a first look at what could be the workplace of the future. employees help design their post-pandemic space. reggie: a flock of birds captured on video falling from the sky. get your personalpoints plan! i'm james corden and i'm here to tell people that ww is getting even more personal. keep on shopping, ignore us. i've lost like 28 pounds. you look great! i love that my clothes fit better,
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♪ and i've been thinking that it's just about time ♪ ♪ we get together, together ♪ ♪ i've been, i've been ♪ ♪ doing just fine ♪ ♪ and you've been, you've been doing alright ♪ ♪ let's get together, ♪ ♪ together ♪ ♪ so come on ♪ a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier for you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. new nature's bounty jelly beans. live bountifully. reggie: hundreds of blackbirds suddenly dropped from the sky in mexico.
5:53 am
this was caught on security camera video. you can see that huge yellow headed blackbirds flying over a house before they appeared to crash and drop to the ground. some of them flew away. kumasi: some of them didn't. reggie: according to a local newspaper, toxicity -- toxic fumes from a nearby heater may have caused the birds to collapse. authorities have not officially determined how the birds died. ok. kumasi: sorry y'all. but we are also getting a first look at what could be the workplace of the future. david louis shows us what one bay area company came up with and why. david: it wasn't him --im --im - an opportunity about 300 employees accepted, help design offices for the post-pandemic era. this architectural firm new what existed was not suitable as long
5:54 am
as remain at home is an option. >> you and one of the guy waved to each other across the monitors in you sit back down. that is not a space people want to return to. david: here is what the collaboration produced, lots of space to collaborate, a theater for large meetings and no assigned desks. >> there is not a lot of -- there was a lot of space and i am not crammed into one spot. >> basically no matter what you do, you end up on that stairs. david: employees and visitors will also have outdoor space to work on the roof. the pandemic encouraged us to do more outside. >> not covered with outdoor dining before the pandemic is not lost to me. david: it is a trade-off or continuing remote work several days a week. >> giving you the freedom and the agency and the trust to work
5:55 am
from home, and i'm asking you to share the space when you come in. i think it feels like a that are trade. david: managers believe the new offices will be the caret to lure people back to the office since they were part of the process. kumasi: a new feature. you can now like somebody's story without sending them a dm. it will show up in their viewer sheet instead. instagram says it is a way for users to send love without cluttering the inbox. drew: i wondered what that was. i thought they were valentines because they had the heart. reggie: i just saw that too. drew: thanks instagram? right now, tracking wind that is breezy along the coastline. you can see out in the votto and
5:56 am
half moon bay, gusting over 25 miles per hour. the wind becomes more widespread again, very similar to yesterday. remember it was windy out there, and that continues today. by 1:00, not a great hair day because the wind is gusting up to 30 miles per hour and the wind continues even into wednesday. it is a bright day with a ton of sunshine out there, but the wind is really going to slow the warming today, so with those breezes today, we will see temperatures in the 50's and 60's. 62 in oakland, up to 64 in santa rosa later today. kumasi: meet the tallest teenager in the world, living in the great state of florida. he has some big shoes to fill. reggie: plus the new between san francisco police and the das office. >> we are horrified that this is happening, absolutely horrified. reggie: a woman's dna from her
5:57 am
rape test kit used to link her to another crime. the debate taking a new step in just a few hours. kumasi: plus facebook's parent company is sued by the state of texas. when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at
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in new york city,
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>> we have the big announcement this morning. kumasi: we will start the of our forecast with drew. temperatures closer to what we should be after coming off days of heat. it is breezing along the coast. you can see it is roughly 20 miles per hour. those winds become more widespread later on this afternoon. take the winter jacket this afternoon. again, it is breezy this afternoon but it is bright, a nice-looking day. we will find temperatures in the upper 50's.


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