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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 15, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> we have the big announcement this morning. kumasi: we will start the of our forecast with drew. temperatures closer to what we should be after coming off days of heat. it is breezing along the coast. you can see it is roughly 20 miles per hour. those winds become more widespread later on this afternoon. take the winter jacket this afternoon. again, it is breezy this afternoon but it is bright, a nice-looking day. we will find temperatures in the upper 50's.
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let's check in with traffic. >> we're going to get right into sky seven. it is approaching a deadly crash that we have been following in san jose. we are getting a look ahead right now. shortly after one this morning at the intersection of the expressway come at the intersection of payne avenue. you can see that intersection. there was a deadly motorcycle crash. this is significant because san jose has been struggling with deadly traffic crashes. this is already the 14th incident this year. now the 15th person that has a dyed in the deadly crash in san jose according to sj p.a.d.. they will be releasing more information this morning on what has happened here. kumasi: san attorney will be addressing accusation, dna evidence from sexual assault cases has been misused. the police recently linked a
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property crime suspect, based on the dna that the woman gave the police earlier. gloria? >> deleter with the grape abuseu -- the leaser or with the grape abuse says this is a violation of the victims right to privacy. advocacy groups fear this will stop people from reporting when they have them sexually abused. district attorney says san francisco police recently identified a property crime suspect based on dna she gave police a years earlier during a break exam. he said his office learned about the case last week and wants to know if this is standard protocol. formal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney ways in. >> when a sexual assault victim gives their dna, they are doing that consensually. if you utilize that dna evidence against them, that is outside the scope of that consent.
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it really is questionably constitutional. >> the police chief says if it is a practice of the investigations bureau, he will end at. adding, we will immediately begin reviewing our dna collection practices and policies. we must never re-create disincentives for crime victims to cooperate for police. an office is looking at whether this violates state law and if not, he is considering introducing legislation to ban the practice. the district attorneys news conference starts at 1030 this morning. we will have updates for you on that. kumasi: of course we will stay on top of that story and the dna database investigation. that conference starts at 10:30 this morning. you can watch it on our app. on our tv or mobile app. >>
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over ukraine. the u.s. is taking steps to protect its own embassy in ukraine. u.s. and other nations are still hoping for a diplomatic crisis. >> brushes parliament will vote on whether to recognize areas of ukraine. it could lay the groundwork for more. if it gets delayed, the u.s. is preparing for the possibility of a war temporarily shutting down the embassy and moving diplomats. americans and neighboring belarus have already been told to leave immediately. russia is signaling a possibly of diplomacy. the foreign minister says negotiations with the west are far from exhausted and should continue. >> we have not seen that de-escalation. we do not know yet that president putin has made a decision. that is why we think diplomacy continues to be vital. we need to see de-escalation in order to enter diplomacy. the number of russian troops
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along the border is estimated 100 and 50. it is pulling some of his troops back. u.s. officials have not verified any russian troop movements. the u.s. has announced it will offer up to $1 billion of long guarantees to help ukraine's economy. now to the pandemic writ u.s. is averaging 175 thousand kucova 19 cases a day. according to data, that is a drop of more than 75% since the omicron peaked a month ago. in california, hospital admissions are down more than 60% last month. our test positively averages over 6%. it was close to 23% a month ago. kumasi: california's indoor mask made it will be over. you will no longer be required to cover your face in places like grocery stores or restaurants of your vaccinated. but kids will still need them at schools. live with what you need to know, amy?
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amy: these will still be required on school campuses for now. the state is saying giving the schools ellen more time. it will give administrations more time to appear -- prepare when they must made it will be lifted at schools. >> in two weeks, confirming that the data continues to be where it is, taking the time to prepare and work with the school community and communities at large, that we anticipate making the change. >> most public places starting tomorrow, but officials recommend them in crowded settings. they will be required on public transit, in hospitals and in schools. this is all the case in the counters except for santa clara, they are going to keep the mask mandate in place for now. state officials to like it is appropriate to go ahead and lifted across the state because case rates are down 75% than where we were a month ago.
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reporting live. kumasi: we have a guide on what you need to know as the statewide enormous mating is lifted tomorrow -- -- mask mandate is lifted tomorrow. >> more top stories coming your way. oakland gets a personal and powerful farewell to the raiders john madden. how his legacy will live on. kumasi: the west coast mega drought, the reason why it is at its worse. >> mor'osrs we are tracking cles and chilly conditions out there this morning. later on today, another cool afternoon going into the low 60's. our average this time of year is in the low 60's. pretty close to where we should be for the 15th day of
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>> a new study says the maker drought that has been in the western u.s. in the decade is the first in 1200 years. in report published about climate change assess last year's pushed the previous record holder which happened in the late 1500. the study calculated that 40% of the current drought could be attributed to human caused climate change. the ucla neurologist who ledst d research said it will take several years to end the drought. -- meteorologists who led the research is that it will take several years to end the drought. drew: no rain in the forecast
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but a beautiful picture. here is a live look from sky seven. it gets the name paul snow because february is one of the snowiest months -- it gets its name because ofhe- ne of the sn. whence are active this afternoon. keep those temperatures in your average. the waves are gusting to me five miles per hour. tomorrow that direction is going to change. what that will be by wednesday is warm up temperatures. by wednesday afternoon, we do find 70's making a return. you will feel those warmer temperatures. let's get a traffic check. >> we're going to start with a live look at the bay. we will see how things began to stack up as we get further into
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the 6:00 hour. the richmond bridge moving nicely. speeds are at the limit as you make your way across. we know changes are around 7 a.m. so get out there as soon as you can if you rely on that bread for your commute traveling in the westbound direction. -- if you rely on that for your commute traveling in the westbound direction. kumasi: a priest in messed up thousands of catholic rights of passages with just one word. reggie: just 15 year old and already the tallest highschooler as we had to break, we are taking a live look outside. look at that.
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reggie: in the east bay, family and friends came together to remember a legendary coach john madden. >> he believed in the raiders. i believe in the raiders. the oakland raiders. reggie: john madden died in december. he was 85. seven people took to the state to remember and honor his legacy as a coach, broadcaster and world-renowned influencer of ball. >> he was like the big guy that was animated insincere, funny, interesting, creative. he would just hold your attention for three hours. >> he has provided me with a lifetime full of lessons and
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memories and i am proud. reggie: proceeds from tickets benefited the john madden foundation which helps east bay youth. kumasi: with so many events getting things delivered because of the pandemic and also just because plastic packaging waste has soared. now a lawmaker wants to do something about it. she is proposing a bill that requires online retailers to stop shipping items in plastic packaging designed to be used p. texas is doing metta. the company illegally kept the facial recognition data of texans for a decade. facebook got rid of the photo tagging feature, but the company is accused of not getting users consent to gather that data. meta responded and says these te
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are without merit and will defend ourselves. reggie: the local d the local dd the priest in question here about andre has performed thousands of baptisms. he would say we baptize you. he was supposed to say, i baptize you in the name of the father and the holy spirit. the eye is seen as jesus christ baptizing the person and is important to the ritual. because the baptism is the first of the church sacraments, the people will need to repeat communion and confirmation. kumasi: the oscars officially have a host, a trio of ladies will be leading hollywood's biggest night. the announcement rebuild on good morning america. >> i am not sure who thought this was a good idea but i am hosting the oscars earned on with my good friend wonder sites
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-- the oscars. i am with wanda sykes and regina hall. kumasi: this is the first times the three women have ever been hosting the oscars. the ceremony has gone without a host since 2018. jimmy kimmel was the honors but that is changing this year. gma will have a full report on the oscars host coming up at seven. you can watch the oscars right here on abc 7. the award show is set for sunday march 27. reggie: this is going to be great. i am excited. three funny women. this opening monologue is about to be fire. drew: i hope so. i hope they bring it. you know amy will. please. might make some people mad to, but that is all right. kumasi: trying to keep their
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face together. drew: we are tracking a gorgeous start to our morning. it is chilly but we have sky seven up in the air giving you gorgeous shot right now. we have no delays at the airport, clear skies up above. we are totally fog free. we are in store for a lot of sunshine today. but again, winds will be an issue, meaning it will be cool for a second day in the row. winds are active in our hills. again, it is that onshore breeze that will keep temperatures cluster average for the 15th day of february. we are in the 30's and 40's, take the heavy jacket with you this morning. you may need to leave it on for the rest of the day because we are slow to warm over the next couple of hours. we do have a storm moving to california. just very light snow in the
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sierra. as that storm swoops off to our east and to the south, we will bring some light showered to southern california. unfortunately, this chart keeps us dry and windy later on this afternoon. there's just no right now in the sierra. light share -- showers later on today. back here at home later on today, it is bright and breezy temperatures in the 50's and low 60's. these numbers pretty close to where we should be for this time of year. still chilly since we are coming up that weeks worth of heat last week. a full moon out there tonight. we will find clear skies and temperatures in the 30's and 40's. w 24 hours. nowhere near the record warmth of last week. all and all we are driving next seven days. kumasi: we are checking in with ginger with what is live on what is coming up on gma.
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good morning. ginger: coming up, we have the situation with ukraine and the mixed messages from russia. building up troops but also hitting -- hinting at a diplomatic way out of the crisis. our reporters are live in the ukraine and russia. a follow-up in the olympics doping scandal. americans have responded after russia's top figure skater is allowed to compete after testing us up a banned substance. the fbi's urgent new warning about criminals targeting your phone. what you need to know about sim swaps and how you can protect your information and money. do not miss our takeouts make out. -- take out fake out. i did not get any, i am starving. also, some details on the new host of the oscars. to watch these oscar films so we are ready.
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>> 6:24 on your tuesday. drew: we had a beautiful view of the moon earlier. the day planner today showing you we have a ton of son once that sun gets up here. that sun going down at 5:48 a.m.. that went is with us. again, those winds are gusting 25 miles per hour. lower 60's, this is where we should be for this time of year. reggie: thank you. tickets for giants game go on sale this friday. this upcoming baseball season is unclear because there is still a player lucked out. it started in december. the league and the players association met saturday. according to espn, it seems like little progress has been made to support a bargaining agreement. right now, there aren't any plans to support the new season. kumasi: three of the happiest
6:26 am
rams are still beaming this morning after a magical trip to disneyland. >> who is more excited to be at disney world today you are your kids? kumasi: abc was there in the super bowl champs celebrated the victory with their families. >> i fell like a kid with this whole experience. i am just taking it all in. it has been a long journey to get to this point. we are all blessed to be here. we are all happy to share it with our family. kumasi: you will hear more about these excited super bowl champs at disneyland. it is coming up on good morning america. reggie: canadian best well player has been certified the tallest team in the world by guinness. meet 15-year-old -- meet the 50-year-old. his mom is
6:27 am
>> yeah. i was like taller than every kid in my school. reggie: is this man's name oliver? ok. it is beltre different ways. his -- it is spelled to different ways. his coach says he is a good passer, can shoot from a distant and finish at the rim over his opponents. kumasi: he does go to high school in florida. let's just put that on the long list of great things in florida. reggie: ok. kumasi: now that that is settled. more top stories. reggie: is it? kumasi: yes.
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more top stories you write. -- your way. reggie: plus, some would say abc 7 is the new trailblazer of the internet. one browser change that looks similar to ours. kumasi: someone publishes in north -- it might all depend on the rice you eat. reggie: as a had to break, it is 6:28. i love it when we complement ourselves. kumasi: you are supporting self-love.
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we're not gonna tell you which of these mcdonald's burgers is made of plants. ok, fine. introducing the new mcplant. made with the first plant-based patty worthy of being called of a mcdonald's burger. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ >> moving forward finding solutions, this is abc7news. reggie: it is election day in san francisco. key races to watch with one that could shake up the school board. >> this façade of a state of emergency. >> i do believe it is a right
6:31 am
choice for my family. kumasi: the masking debate in california schools. the statewide mandate lifts at midnight tonight. reggie: the oscars happening right here on abc 7. les, you now know who has a say on who wins in a newly added category. kumasi: good morning everyone. drew: we will find those cooler temperatures out there. sky seven is up there right now. we have launched it this morning. it is beautiful out there. we have clear skies overhead. we are in store for a a lot of sunshine wants that sun gets up your at 6:59. it is just gorgeous. numbers right now in the 30's and the 40's. take the winter jacket with you, you will likely need for much of the day-to-day. here is how it is shaping up. it is bright, and breezy. we will take a closer look at
6:32 am
those afternoon highs coming in eight minutes. reggie: in most california counties the indoor mast medic is ending at midnight. teutons across the state will continue to mask up, at least for now. -- students across the state will continue to mask up, at least for now. >> these masks will still be required in the hallways of schools, classrooms, that is for now. state officials did hint that that could be changing in just a couple of more weeks. officials say requiring mass. >> i do believe it is the right choice. i think it does help to continue to wear masks. >> they're continuing to keep our children's faces covered while adults, politicians, celebrities, all enjoy the super bowl game while continuing with this façade of a state of emergency. >> so, while so, while so, whil,
6:33 am
for children at school, the state mandate regarding masks in public places will expire tomorrow. you will be able to go into a gym or star without a mask in the bay area. santa clara county will keep its mandate in place for now. state officials say it will reassess the school mask rules in two weeks if case numbers are still holding steady or still going down. then they were talking about -- then they will talk about making a change. it is not a matter of if, but a matter of a wind. hen. reggie: we have a guide on what to know as it is lifted tomorrow. kumasi: now to your voice, your boat. today is the special election in san francisco. there are three races on the ballot that you needed pay attention to. there is a school board recall as well as a race for assessor's office and a vacant facility
6:34 am
seat. >> it is a relatively group in the city. they are targeting mobilizing first-time voters, folks in this industry who may have been engaged. they are taking a more moderate approach. their perspective based current folks in power now aren't doing what they need to be due -- doing in the city, they are looking for fresh faces. kumasi: the recall is san francisco's first since 1983. for those who want to vote in person in today's election, the polls open at seven and close at 8 p.m.. you can drop off your balance at any official box until 8 p.m. if you decide to vote by mail, your belly has to be postmarked for today. reggie: uc berkeley may be forced to cut enrollment because of a court ruling.
6:35 am
depending on the outcome of the school's appeal, it may be forced to slash the incoming freshman class by 3000 students. cal has appealed the case to the state supreme court. kumasi: supervisors will boat this morning on a -- will boat this morning on a key plan. the plan plans to use this money for people are experiencing homelessness. a lot of neighbors are not happy about this. 2500 people signed up to petition against this project. the list of concerns is a of children. the facility is a four-minute walk. >> this is a monday morning. emily's and kids enjoy this part every single day -- families and friends enjoy this part every single day. >> we are looking for people who we know will be able to be successful in a residential
6:36 am
study that they are sharing with other people, also not lead a threat to the community. kumasi: the building will house 50 men and women. 16 will be reserved for people who are living with mental illness. the county said it will bed all residents and deny people with the history of violence. reggie: the number of cannabis storefront allowed in san jose will be considered at the council meeting. there are 16 dispensers right now. if the council approves it will go up to 37. dispensers and we able to open at strip malls and other places that are assessable. opponents of the plan says they do not think it will help sales. supporters says it is a clear need for more options. kumasi: a suburban spy knockout -- now caught in the act. drew: you're looking live at the big board right now. we are in positive territory. we will check the markets in a
6:37 am
few minutes. kumasi: abbott elementary becoming a bit tv favorite. one of the stars of the show are explaining what she thought her parents did for a living. we alive at the founder of black joy parade. joy parade. -- we are live at the founder of black joy parade. you can download the app right now for your phone, tablet, roku, and was on fire and android tv. drew: we are tracking another day of cool temperatures. you felt the reality check yesterday. you probably felt chilly compared to that record we had last week. again, those average temperatures continued for a second day. this is where we should be for this time of year. sky seven is life for this time right now. -- sky seven as alive -- for this time right now.
6:38 am
it is a really pretty looking day. with the wind, it is going to be feeling cool. winds are an issue closer to the coast right now. they become more widespread later on today, very similar to yesterday were it was a breezy, if not windy afternoon. future tracking shows the wind coming off the ocean water continues this afternoon, gusting 25 to 35 miles per hour. that reinforces that cool air for the second day. it is bright, breezy out there. numbers are slow to warm up today. you might need that jacket for much of the day today. 60 for san francisco. 62 in oakland. 62 in san jose. again, these are temperatures where we should be this time of year we are getting across the entire state today, we have a storm moving to california. it is bringing light snow into bcr. we're talking -- light snow into
6:39 am
the sierra. southern california could see some light showers later on this afternoon. anything would be less than a quarter of an inch of rain. this keeps us dry and windy the next couple of days. let's get a check on the roads. >> good morning. we're going to get to the maps before we check out a life picture from sky seven. unfortunately, there is a major crash on the bridge according to the chp. the car versus pedestrian situation and other vehicles are involved. now, let's take in sky seven live over the bay bridge. this is our westbound traffic you could see on the upper deck of the bridge. it is looking nice for the most part. moving almost at the limit. i was tracking the speeds
6:40 am
earlier. it is not completely at the limit but a nice time to head out the door into san francisco if
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. reggie: police state 100 cars gathered on the boulevard friday night. nearly 200 people were on the crowd. as officers arrive, people pointed lasers and set off fireworks. police arrested three people, recovered two guns and told three cars. kumasi: an elite ski accident -- a deadly ski accident has really shaken a community. scott was on a local ski team. he is recovering in the hospital. this accident happened on yellow trail. >> i just think that everyone
6:43 am
needs to come together and support each other. you know. it is going to be i wild to get everyone -- a while to get everyone to get through this. luckily, we have each other to work it out. kumasi: he was a sophomore at north tahoe high school. brought in nine mental health professionals. >> were arrested in october. he had tops of purity -- security clearance. he confessed to sending a package of documents to and under government in april of 2020. the fbi found out. undercover agents posing as spies made a deal with toby to share the information in exchange for $100,000. investigator state he used elaborate tricks to conceal data cards, like hiding one in a
6:44 am
butter sandwich, another disguised in a pack of gum. >> the deepest secrets that he was government has. >> these fast attack submarines, which incorporate a lot of stealth technology. the submarines cost about a billion dollars each. kumasi: official say he admitted that his wife help in the plot but she denied it. she is facing espionage charges. jonathan will likely face 12 to 17 years in prison. >> local businesses in san jose help -- tim got with the police to help -- teaming up with police. >> the san jose police foundation help the man's family and providing equipment to help three auto repair shops where you can get your catalytic converter periphery. >> the price from metals are
6:45 am
worth more than gold. it is a way to market with something identifying your license plate, drivers license number. kumasi: the cost to replace a catalytic converter can be more than $1000. reggie: protest continue in new zealand ever covid-19 mandates. demonstrators are opposed to the requirements that teachers, doctors, nurses, police and military members must be vaccinated. many are also against mass mandates. new zealand opposed strict lucked out and close its borders to limit the spread of the virus. the company has -- country has reported 53 deaths. kumasi: residents are confining about noisy neighbors. people who live in sunnyvale have fouled noise complaints. according to our media partner, lee terry fighter chess are
6:46 am
expected to continue flying over the bay area until march. they started earlier this month. officials say the jets are being stationed because it is close to the military operations area. they are ensuring residents that there is nothing wrong and it is routine training. marley country's largest corporations -- more of the country's largest corporations are betting that business will return closer to normal. microsoft clams it is going to bring its employees back into the office. the microsoft campus in mountain view will also fully open on february 28. facebook's parent company says it plans to reopen its u.s. campuses to the end of march, but it is giving workers a remote option. reggie: now for your morning money -- money report. faxing makers are also falling fast. moderna stocks sank more than
6:47 am
11% yesterday. the biggest drop. pfizer slipped 2%. his partner biontech more than 9%. novavax also dropped more than 11%. moderna's covid vaccine is the company's only commercial product. the cdc says about 64% of americans are fully vaccinated. apple could be releasing new mac computer soon. apple has registered three new mac computers with the revelatory body overseas. the news comes ahead of apple's virtual event next month. i would take a look at the nearest stock exchange to see how training is doing this morning. surging this morning after russia announces a return to some of its troops away from the ukrainian border. you can see we are up about 435 points. kumasi: instagram is introducing a new feature. you can like somebody story without sending them adm. this will show up in the your sheep -- viewer sheet instead.
6:48 am
instagram says it is a way to send love without cluttering the inbox. reggie: you can create an emo only web address. a company is selling urls with strings of emojis. now, it only works for the opera internet browser. several music artists are already using them, including kasha, who are using the symbols rainbow, rocketship, alien. lil wayne is a using the alien emoji once again. kumasi: if you spent valentine's day doom scrolling through all of the couples on instagram, today is your day. it is national singles awareness day. it is not an official holiday but that serves to complement valentine's day for people who are single, not married or in a romantic relationship. it comes as a new research focuses on the positive aspects of being single. a study published in the journal of social and personal relationship shows being single
6:49 am
increases social connection with friends and families. the author of how to be single and happy has this advice. >> first thing is letting go of this myth is that somehow we are waiting for your life to start, or life will only be this good before it gets this good. kumasi: experts say that the ability to be on your own without being lonely is a skill. it takes time and practice but it is one of the most rewarding skill sets to have. first of all. should we not call it single awareness da i day? reggie: yeah. then it becomes that. this day? ok, bye. >> my friend every year, you know my friend. every year on valentines, the
6:50 am
day after valentine's day she posts. i'm going to look right now because she came up with something. valensides day when all of the valentine stuff go on 50% discount. if you get something today, that is a notice to you that you are a valenside. >> i think you knew yesterday? reggie: i think you knew yesterday. i think attacks on valentines day is better than getting -- i think the getting a text on valentine's day is better than the half of chocolate. >> that story was worth it. i think it was worth it. drew: it is a pretty picture out there this morning. we will find clear skies.
6:51 am
it is breezy out there. in the fields we have the most active -- in the hills, we have the most active window right now. that wind just kind of reinforces that cool air overhead. right now in we are in the 30's and 40's. i would take a heavy jacket with you. you may just want to keep it all on today because it does remain cool through the afternoon. there's a storm moving to california. we have some light snow falling through sierra. it is keeping us windy later on this afternoon and keeping the cooler air in place. future trak or wind gusts will have that onshore breeze, 20 to 35 miles per hour today. tomorrow, that wind direction is going to change. that wind is coming from the land pushing out to the ocean. that direction warms us up a little bit. not talking record warmth, but wednesday we will feel warmer than today.
6:52 am
it is bright and breezy out they gnashed out there. -- busy out there. lots of stars out there. it is chilly. here's the seven-day forecast. all about those gusty winds. nowhere near the record warmth we had last week. reggie: thank you. part of building a better bay area means protecting our environment. researchers may have come up with a way to help save local salmon populations. years of drought, other factors have mended the fish on the endangered species list. scientists are working with rice farmers to help bring them back from the break of extension. they state rice fields can be intentionally but it in the winter after the crop has been harvested to help restore salmon populations. >> they would come in and go out all on their own.
6:53 am
the fish grow very fast on rice fields. it is because they have exactly the food that they need to grow big and fast. reggie: the idea was designed to provide habitats for ducks, and swans. now it is being used to save other species. kumasi: hundreds of blackbirds dropped from the sky in mexico and now officials are trying to figure out why. it is not the prettiest site. you can see this huge flock of yellow headed blackbirds. they are flying over this home before they appear to crash and dropped on the ground. a lot of them died. some just flew away. toxic fumes from a nearby heater may have caused the burst to collapse. that is a theory at this point. 30's have not determine how the birds died. -- they have not determine how the birds died. >> i am teaching here at abend
6:54 am
elementary for a year. reggie: the best part is that her parents love sitcoms. now they understand what she loves doing for a living. they were confused when she worked at buzzfeed and made decent money. >> my mom did not know what buzzfeed was. she was like him are you stripping, how are you paying for everything? >> reggie: the newest elementary airs tonight at 9 p.m. on abc 7. kumasi: the oscars are changing things up. not only will three women be hosting the show, fans will also have a say on who wins. fans can vote further favorite movie in -- fans can vote for their favorite movie. we can vote now using #oscars fan favorite as well as oscars cheer moment.
6:55 am
those who vote can win big including a trip to the oscars in 2023. the other price is a you are free movies. the deadline to vote as march 3. you can watch the oscars right here on abc 7 on march 27. gma is going to have a full report on the oscars hosts coming up. reggie: up next, seven things you need to know today. kumasi: as her head to pray, we are taking a live ( ♪ )
6:56 am
(chiming) ( ♪ ) (laughter) ( ♪ )
6:57 am
kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. there are three things on the ballot. the school board recalled the assessor office and the assembly seat. reggie: california health officials say the school at mandate will not lift the same time as the indoor mask mandate. they plan to revisit the data in two weeks. kumasi: san francisco da is planning to address the use of
6:58 am
dna evidence collected in sexual assault cases. this comes as police identified a property crime suspect based on dna she gave police earlier. reggie: the u.s. has temporarily shut down the embassy in ukraine. russian troops along ukraine's border have grown to nearly 150,000. >> let's give you a nice way to wake up. drew: here is sky seven live. you can see it looking towards the eastern horizon. your sunrise is getting up before seven a young. it is 659 -- 6:59 this morning.i highs are very similar to yesterday. if it felt cold to you yesterday, the national today is going to fill call to you as well. -- today is going to be gusting -- today is going to feel cold to you as well.
6:59 am
mentioning, the oscars will have a triple dose of comedy this year from three very funny women. good morning america revealed that amy schumer, wanda sykes, reading hall will be hosting. >> who is you also that group? drew: all three of them are amazing. reggie: i still laugh in my head of regina hall in the original scary movie. those jokes are still good to me. i am excited to see what she is going to bring. kumasi: i am here for regina too. drew: i am telling you, the opening monologue is amazing. it is going to be good. reggie: the news continues right now streaming on abc news
7:00 am if you're staying with us here on our streaming apps, we'll be joining us. good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. mixed messages from russia on the ukraine crisis on this tuesday morning. tensions high. as many as 150,000 troops near the ukrainian border conducting military drills. the russian parliament makes a provocative move. the white house closes its embassy in kyiv urging other americans in the region to leave but putin hinting there could be a diplomatic way forward. some troops are withdrawing. we're covering all the angles from the white house to ukraine and russia. the latest this morning. going for the gold? the uncertainty and the backlash this morning as russia's 15-year-old star figure skater takes the ice. national emergency. canadian prime minister justin trudeau invoking emergency powers for the first time in 50 years in response to those


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