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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 16, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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reggie:california statewide mask and take on this money. but the rules will vary depend on where you live in the bay area. kumasi: another step in us all meeting the endemic. but the slow and booster shots might slow us from getting there. it is wednesday, february 16. reggie: lots to talk about, but first get to the weather. drew: breeze in our hills today, and the winds are turning offshore, compared to the onshore breeze we have the last couple of days. that means a little warmer later on this afternoon compared to yesterday. already feeling that out there, running several degrees warmer than it yesterday morning. either side of 50 degrees along the bay shoreline. 53 right now in the city. a clear sky from sutro tower. here's how the day is shaping up. sunrise at 6:57. warmer afternoon. we will take a closer look at those highs coming up in about nine minutes. kumasi: give your phone, keys,
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wallet. you are no longer required to bring a face mask, at least in most place place. you will still need to wear them on public transit, in hospitals, schools, or private businesses that require you to mask up. we have live team coverage on everything we know with the rules. gloria rodriguez is standing by for us. we want to start with amy hollyfield on the santa clara county border. we know they are not dropping their mask mandate just yet. amy: this is work it's a little confusing. if you go into this gym, you do not have to wear this mess. if you go to one about five miles from here, you do have to wear one. we have seen one -- we've seen some people here who are excited about getting to work out without their mask. of also noticed a lot of people are not ready to take them off yet or just old habits die hard. a lot of people are still walking in with their mask song, even though it is not required here in redwood city anymore. in santa clara county, it is
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still required. the health officer in that county, which is just a few miles from here, says she wants to see the number of covid cases come down before she is going to let that mandate. if you live near the county line, if you go back and forth, you're going to need to keep that mass candy for now. >> that may be a little annoying, carrying one around, i'm doing some shopping over here, but then one over by stanford where i have to put a mask on. i think that will cause some confusion about where i have to wear it and where i don't. amy: this is happening because today is the day that state officials have said counties can allow people who are vaccinated to go mask-free. santa clara county decided not to drop that mask requirement. they are the only county in the bay area. masks are still required across the state in mid-may public places, including public transportation, hospitals, schools. if you want to go to the gym,
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office, grocery store in the counties that allow it, if you are vaccinated, masks are no longer required. reporting live in redwood city, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. indoor mess minutes will remain unchanged in city hall and other city facilities. visitors will continue to be required to wear masks in those buildings regardless of vaccination status. that includes libraries, operation sites operated by the city. reggie: reactions to ending the mask mandates has been mixed. this continues with gloria rodriguez. i know you talk to bring county, but what is changing there today? gloria: all north bay counties are following the state and lifting the mask mandate today. i talked to one woman and she tells me that 88% of their county is vaccinated against covid-19. a good portion of their population is ready to ditch the masks, with cases decreasing.
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many will continue to wear them. while she cannot speak for all businesses, she said the majority of the county are looking to making the shift. >> our businesses are simply following the state orders. the state dill -- still has a requirement in place starting today that people and vaccinated are supposed to wear masks indoors. if anything, we want to stress that businesses are trying to do right what the state is asking them to do. that being said, businesses do have the opportunity to be more restrictive if they want to. gloria: she says businesses can continue to mandate masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. public health officials are still urging folks to wear their masks inside, especially if they are immunocompromised or at higher risk, -- situations. coming up at 7:00, my interview with hendrix. why they are going against the advice of the cdc and lifting
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the indoor mess mandate. reggie: los angeles county will lift its mess mandate today, but only outdoors. that includes large events, like the super bowl victory parade today. the pace of people getting booster shots in the u.s. has dropped to its lowest rate ever. 50% of eligible people still have not gotten one. getting vaccinated against covid during pregnancy could offer some protection for newborns. a cdc study shows babies born to mothers who had two shots had a 60% reduced risk of being hospitalized with covid in the first six month of life. on our website, we have a full guide on what to know with the mess mandate now lifted. go to for all that in your latest cover 19 headlines. kumasi: san francisco voters have decided to recall three school board members. it comes over debate of covid policies and district management. the recall was the big issue in the special election yesterday. look at these numbers. it was really not even close for
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any of the three members on the ballot. nearly 80% of the voters said yes to the recall of alison collins, 75% voted in favor of recalling the school board president, the youngest woman ever elected to public office in san francisco. and the current vice president was also recalled. 72% of voters said yes to that. they were the first pacific islander elected to office in san francisco. reggie: voters believed it took too long for kids to go back to it-person learning and they say the board was focused on the wrong things. >> i thought the school hought prioritize renaming schools over getting kids back into school. >> they should've been focused on reopening schools, like most district were thinking about and doing. reggie: we talked with two of the people, who defended their actions during the pandemic. >> it could be misconstrued and
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sometimes people believe we cannot do one thing while focusing on another. we were simultaneously working on enhancing the safety within our schools and regarding the renaming, that work started in 2017 with former board members who are no longer on the board. >> the allegations made against me in terms of the recall have been false. another thing that voters have voted for me to do. reggie: someone at the whole school board recalled, but that cannot happen. once elected, members have to serve at least one year for being reelected. the voters have delivered a clear message that the school board must focus on the essentials of delivering a well-run school system above all else. the school district has a lot of work to do and the city is ready to offer support as we all move forward. sure -- she noted remaining challenges, including budget deficit, replacing the retiring superintendent, and the ongoing pandemic. once the election results are certified, the mayor will appoint three new school board
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members. we sent this push alert on our abc 7 news app when those results were in. if you want breaking news alerts like this in the future, download our app. >> yesterday was her birthday. >> i cannot believe this. they have playground equipment out there and children. i have never seen that little girl outside, ever. kumasi: a little girl just on captive underneath her parents stairs. apparently, she has been there for two years. the police chief is speaking out the tnay : mh haierews, a wedding season exposure. get the time off because here comes the bride. and bride. and for brides. the things changing in 22 groom. hello, we are part of that. hour-by-hour, we will work through the 50's by 9 a.m. we are excepting a lot of sunshine, a nice day to grab lunch outside.
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drew: some encouraging news. we did see a little bit of snow in the sierra, a tiny testing on tuesday. this time lapse, we are showing the national weather service in the area. according to the central sierra snow lab, this was the first measurable snowfall in the sierra in 37 days. it isee bee jn und conditions for more a month. let's talk about where we are with our snowpack. if you remember at the beginning of january, statewide, we were so above average for this date. now, with weeks of dry, warm weather, our snowpack is shrinking. statewide, we are at 72% of average this date.
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accurate home, it is all breezy, bright, and warmer conditions. storm free, the 40th date in san francisco without a drop of rain. 69 in oakland, 71 in santa rosa. 70 in concord. as we take a look at the state, southern california brought that high elevation snow, some hail in pasadena. that pushed off to the east. temperatures basically in the 60's and 70's for most of us. let's say good morning to jobina. jobina: good morning, everyone. we have a pretty major crash in fremont that is causing a big slowdown for everybody in the area. between two big rigs here, injuries have been reported on the southbound 680 before vargas road. check that out. you can s red line goes all the way past 84. a big back up, speeds down to miles per hour. not too bad right now. speeds are at the limit if you headed toward the san mateo bridge.
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it is beginning to fill in for people making their way toward the peninsula. reggie: here is a cute story. a young boy has been united with a teddy bear after he lost it at an airport. the five-year-old was in milwaukee, heading home to dallas for thanksgiving. he was playing with his bear, tossed it high in the air, and it got stuck in the rafters. the family left the bear behind because they had to get on their flight. workers spotted the bear last month, got it down, and shared the story on social beer, which went viral. >> this would not have been possible without the millions of people who commented, shared. my wife jumped up out of her chair like we won the lottery when she saw the video of the bear on the internet. we are just so happy to get the bear back. reggie: southwest flu ezekiel and his dad to milwaukee for that reunion yesterday. kumasi: one of the most iconic cars of all time is getting an that she is getting a makeover. reggie: and the new high-tech
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car part to make it much safer to drive. kumasi: also, prince andrew settling the sex abuse case agains the
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( ♪ ) (chiming) ( ♪ ) (laughter) ( ♪ )
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reggie: the agreement between the queens sun and the woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager. a bombshell reversal for prince andrew. he has agreed to and out of kurt settlement. the amount is not disclosed. the 61-year-old royal has spent years denying her claims against him. the 38-year-old woman says jeffrey epstein and glenn maxwell trafficked her for sex with the prince when she was 17 years old. under this deal, prince andrew does not agree to assaulting or even meeting his accuser.
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"good morning america" spoke to an expert about where the settlement money is coming from. >> print center is not independently wealthy. at the moment, he is in a ski chalet in switzerland, which could be in the region of $25 million. we are told that it is not public money, so the only thing we could think of is that it is either from the queen herself who is securing that from the money for him, but again, that has not been confirmed. reggie: buckingham palace is not commenting on the settlement and prince andrew issued a letter to the courts saying he commends the bravery of the woman and other survivors for standing up for themselves and others. kumasi: a young girl missing for two years has been found underneath a staircase. her mom, dad, and grandfather are under arrest. the parents lost custody of the girl in 2019 and police now say the parents abductive her and hit her in their house in upstate new york. investigators got a tip that the girl was there. the six-year-old was discovered in a damp hidden room underneath
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the stairs in a home belonging to the parents. >> we took a flashlight and looked between the cracks between the steps. he saw what he thought was a blanket. he started ripping the steps off the staircase itself. at one point, they saw little feet, as he put it. kumasi: oh my goodness. the girl is said to be in good health. she is back with her legal guardian and has been reunited with her sister. reggie: the biden administration will allow california to own admission standards once again. there was a waiver for decades, until a trump era rollback. a new waiver is being finalized. the state will use the biden epa's recently adopted standards. those rules set fuel emission standards for cars and trucks at 40 miles per gallon by the 26 model year. kumasi: brace yourself for a bridal blitz. we will see more weddings this year than we have seen in more than 40 years. it has been two years of cancellations, postponements,
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and now brides and grooms are making up for lost time. data indicates we should expect 2.6 million weddings in 2022. the couples will spend about 27,000 dollars in weddings. expect those weddings and receptions to be anything but typical. >> this whole movement around personalization and individuality, really doing it your own way and confident in your own way, yes, i'm going to have my wedding in a baseball park and you can wear a sports jersey under your suit if you want. kumasi: you can't? reggie: please don't invite me for any reason. kumasi: the average number of guests for this year is expected to be about 101 and i people, up from 105 last year. october is expect it to be the most popular wedding month. october 22 of 2022 is the most coveted date. that is interesting. drew: really? i wonder why. reggie: here comes the groom,
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drew tuma. drew: yeah. we thought about october, but it is either going be hot, smoky, could be wildfires. we want april. april is going to be a nice one. i do not wish planning a wedding on any of my worst enemies. you want to talk about getting pushed and pushed, then all these people who got their wedding pushed in 2020, then everyone last year, then omicron came up and that whole thing. it is happening. it is finally happening. we are going to do it in april. i live outside at the tam cam, showing you it is gorgeous. son will be up at 6:57 this morning. clear skies overhead. numbers right now, with a breeze in our hills, keeping temperatures elevated in the 40's and 50's. 53 in the city, 42 in napa. 45 is the current aperture in san jose. a close look at highs today starting in the south bay. it will be mild.
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60 in san jose. this is our 49th day in a row without a drop of rain in san jose. that is the record longest stretch in our winter season that we have not seen a drop of rain in the south bay. you can see how dry it has been this winter season. 68 in gilroy. 67 in pacifica. 66 downtown, 60 for daly city. into the north bay, 60's and santa rosa, 69 in vallejo. it is breezy, bright, and warm. inland, we are up in the 60's to lower 70's. overnight tonight, it is moonlit skies. we have a full moon in our sky. the moon rises at 6 p.m. this evening. we will take a look at that. temperatures in the 40's and 50's because we continue to have that breeze and our hills. when we have that, it keeps temperatures elevated, it cannot cool off too quickly. either side of about 50 degrees
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along the bay shoreline as we head into thursday. here is your accuweather 7 a forecast. it is breezy and mild today, keeping those temperatures to the end of the week. you cool off and cloud up by sunday. early next week, we will watch for wins picking up and temperatures may be below average in the 50's and low 60's. reggie: now we bring in ginger zee with what is coming up on "gma" this morning. ginger:ginger:ginger:ginger:gin: you today. the latest on the crushing -- the crisis in russia. president biden remains optimistic for diplomatic solution. secretary of state blinken will join us already costing us more at the gas pump. this morning, which states are getting hit the hardest. our must-see live demo, showing you how to drive on snow and ice. our map will show the right way to navigate the dangerous conditions.
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then, channing tatum joining us like. he will see that it's a much more right here on "gma." reggie: channing tatum is on the show because he is in this new movie called "dog." i told armand that i had just seen this movie the dog." she thought it was channing tatum's movie. i just told her to go see it. ginger: god bless our. we will have a debrief after. i like that. my mom is always the one who says, "you know who that is? she looks like..." and she never knows who it is. reggie: she's the one lady with the hair who always does that thing. ginger: yeah. reggie: she plays lucy.
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kumasi: new at 6:00, another country is enjoying a four-day workweek. el jim is now allowing people to work four days and they have the right to ignore work-related messages after hours without any consequence is paired the prime minister says the pandemic has changed the way we work, so workers should be able to evolve to. last month, u.k. announced its plans to try a four-day workweek. some companies have started the new schedule. reggie: do you want monday or friday off? i am fine with either. kumasi: i will take credit. reggie: cool. we just got it done. federalists -- federal highway safety rig leaders have just approved new it will be available on higher cost luxury vehicles at first,
6:27 am
but it will spread to other vehicles when the spread of that technology decreases. reggie: the delorean is ready to rev up some new business. the iconic sports car company announced its official return of a new teaser for the delorean reimagined. the new electric vehicle is set to debut this year. the delorean was famously used in "back to the future," that film trilogy. but it was a short-lived card. production only lasted between 1981 and 1983. they are planning a comeback with global headquarters in san antonio. reggie: while. next at 6:30, want t is your best chance to get to space today. but no free drink tickets. kumasi: plus, the weather service calling this thunder snow. hail in a place that never sees any at all. reggie: that incredible medical breakthrough in a push to find a cure for hiv. kumasi: taking a live look
6:28 am
outside at 6:27. we
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories as you wake up at 6:30, warnings from russia. the u.s. and its allies say there is no sign of vladimir putin pulling back troops from ukraine after all. we have that new interview with secretary of state antony blinken on "gma." >> it's kind of annoying that you have to carry one around. i may have to wear one over here, but then carry one over to stanford. kumasi: we are breaking down everything there is to know about the east mask mandate rules, including the important places you will still need to keep a mask on. reggie: plus, it has long been called the mess on venice. after long delays, that troubled stretch of san francisco is finally ready to open. there is a peculiar day the city chose to do this. good morning on this wednesday,
6:31 am
february 16. kumasi: before we get to all the stores, we want to check in with drew on our forecast. drew: warmer afternoon today than yesterday. part of the reason why is that our winds have turned more offshore, meaning a warmer wind is time of the year. it is breezy in our hills i tll wdsig n are evated. if you stepsidehe cit right now, it is 51. 50 and brentwood. 46 in half moon bay. the tam camera showing you or just early-morning pictures as the sun slowly rises. nothing but sunshine and a warm afternoon in the 60's and 70's. we will take a look at those eyes coming up in about nine minutes. reggie: thank you. as of this point, most of the bay area is going mask free in the bay area, but as with anything, there are exceptions. private businesses can always set their own rules and decide to keep those masks required. you also need them on public transit, like bart or the
6:32 am
airports, and in schools. there are other exemptions. santa clara county is not dropping the indoor mask mandate at least for now. abc 7 news reported amy hollyfield is like to break down that distinction. amy: mask on, mask off. the difference just a few miles can make right here we are standing. there is a sign at the desk here at this 24 hour fitness in redwood city that says masks are no longer required. if you go five or six miles from here, you would have to wear your masks. that is what is going on right now, with the difference in county mandates. take a look at this video of people walking into this redwood city gym this morning. some people don't appear ready to take their masks off yet. we do see people here working out with their masks on. but some are not in some say they are very happy to have those masks off. in santa clara county, the health officer there is saying she wants the case numbers to come down before she will lift
6:33 am
the mandate. people living near that county line will need to keep that mask handy for now. >> i guess that may be a little bit annoying you still have to carry one around. maybe over here, but then i have to do shopping over by stanford and i have to put my mask on. i think that will cause confusion about where i can wear one and where i don't have to. amy: this is happening because state officials have said today is the day that counties can allow people to go mask-free if they are vaccinated. the santa clara county decided not to. it is the only bay area county not dropping that base mask requirement for the vaccinated. masks are required across the state on public transit rotation, in schools and hospitals. but most areas of the bay, you can take your mask off if you are vaccinated in the office, at the grocery store, at the gym, only if you are vaccinated. porting life in redwood city, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you.
6:34 am
if you hours, the white house covid response team will field questions about their mask ident during a briefing.the chief mede current to think ouchi says we are -- the chief medical advisor at dr. anthony fauci he says we are training in the right direction. we are hitting about 151,000 new covid cases per day. that is down 44% since last week. nearly 83,000 people are in the hospital with covid. as of yesterday, that is a 23% drop from last week. deaths from covid are still high. about 2300 per day. that is still 10% down in one week. >> if we continue to go in this direction, we will start to see a lightening up of the negations going on, which is what we are all hoping for. reggie: the cdc still recommends the use of indoor masks. one cdc director says they are encouraged by the current trends, but we are not there yet for updating the mask guidance. disneyland and disney world say
6:35 am
they are there because they are dropping their mask mandate for vaccinated guests starting tomorrow, except on a closedsihl ed to we mks indoor locations. his knee is a parent company of abc 7. kumasi: two of the c c largest music festivals will not require masks, testing, or covid-19 vaccinations. these guidelines were updat yesterday. officials say they have changed their covid-19 policies to be in alignment with local guidelines. right now on our website, we have a full guide to what you need to know the statewide mask mandate now lifted. had to for that as well as the latest covid headlines. reggie: now to more results from the special election. three unified school board members were recalled.
6:36 am
if no candidate gets over 50%, the top two will head to run off in april. the seat is open because one became the san francisco attorney. i should mention the have to run again in june, then november. it is a long journey. can say confidently that the race is decided. they will keep the job, getting just about every vote so far. he was the only person on the ballot, -- only opposed by a right-wing candidate. "the chronicle" reports the proposal that was just past will change the window. recall petitions concurrently start six-month after an official has taken office. this proposal would push it to 12 months. also, a petition cannot be submitted within a year of a regularly scheduled election. this is for several positions,
6:37 am
including the school board and district attorney. kumasi: russia cleanse their pulling troops back from the ukraine importer, but u.s. intelligence is saying the opposite. meanwhile, president biden is telling citizens how it will affect us back at home. jobina: thank you. president biden says a war between russia and ukraine will likely affect american energy prices, a price he says he is willing to pay. he says he is given russia every chance. he is rushing -- he is pressing vladimir putin to step back from the brick of work. he says it will not come without cost to our economy. secretary of state antony blinken is on "gma, talking about this. >> diplomacy is my job. we will pursue that. as the president said yesterday, we are prepared either way. we are prepared if russia is actually able to engage in meaningful diplomacy, but we are also prepared if they choose aggression toward ukraine. the choice is really president
6:38 am
prudence. jobina: a war a war a war a ukraine would not be easy for ukraine. -- for russia. ukraine outnumbers russian troops. there is a possible reggie: reggie: sign of more to come. thank you. a crucial part of our focus in the building a better bay area is tracking how the economy is changing for you through the pandemic. in the south bay, there is an exodus from silicon valley. it is likely tied to the high cost of housing and the wealth gap. new data compiled finds 25% of the population holds 92% of the wealth. 40,000 people moved away in just the past year. one third relocated to nearby counties, one fourth to sacramento and other parts of northern california. the top three out-of-state destinations are all in the west -- seattle, phoenix, and portland.
6:39 am
even as alston managed to lure tesla and oracle, it rings number seven on that list. despite the moves, 15,000 jobs were added in the past year, putting the valley at pre-pandemic levels. >> our top tech companies are still hiring and adding to the workforce here. they are still investing heavily in silicon valley. reggie: silicon valley is also seeing a population decline due to a lower birthrate, a higher death rate as covid became the number three cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. and a decline in immigration due to federal policy changes. kumasi: here is a very rare sight. this is hail in pasadena. after a week of roasting in summerlike temperatures, there were -- there was some dramatic cooling overnight. the national weather service says this is because of a cold low-pressure system from northern california. >> a wild type into the california. this was the same system that
6:40 am
brought that very chilly day on monday. we are warming up through the day today, but i do want to take you quickly to our earthquake tracker. about 20 minutes ago, we had a very minor earthquake just to the east of san leandro's. nothing crazy. was that a truck that moved by or was my house shaking? just take note that about 20 minute ago, it was just to the east of san leandro. the wind is the story for all of us today. they are gusting from the where from 20 and ph to 30 mph. we are talking about a change in wind direction. we still have an onshore breeze from the coast, but away from that is an offshore breeze. that offshore is likely going to win out this afternoon and bring us warmer weather later. this remains active later tonight, which keech -- which keeps temperatures elevated overnight. it is breezy, bright, and warmer today. 66 in the city, 68 in san jose, 71 in santa rosa.
6:41 am
we do have a beach hazard statement that begins at 2 p.m. today. if you're thinking about going to the coast, be aware that we do have an active ocean current. there is the risk of recurrent and dangerous waves. they are already elevated at this hour, nine to 12 feet along the coast. that storm that brought hale to southern california has now pushed off to the east. we are talking temperatures basically in the 60's and 70's for most of us in california. that is the weather. let's take a look at traffic. jobina: hi, everyone. we have a signal alert underway. until sky seven gets there, we want to show you the impact in the area on the sensors. speeds are down to around seven mph. injuries have been reported. this is a crash between two big rigs. the metering lights came on a 5:43. we are seeing that back up the maze. we also want to let you know that chp officers and san jose
6:42 am
are investigating a deadly crash that happened on 280 northbound. it appears a vehicle went off the roadway and landed down an embankment on margaret way. crews had to cut back brush to get the car out of the area. we know unfortunately at least one person died and it is not clear what caused the crash. reggie: thank you. dramatic video only on abc seven of a man armed with a rifle, taking down with a gutsy act. and east bay restaurant owner talking about a customer she calls a superhero. kumasi: you're looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange peered we are starting down at 60 points. reggie: plus, apple, meat your newest competitor. if you like what you see, it might take some getting used to in one particular way. today on abc seven at 7:00, and exciting announcement about tim from cisco pride. you won't want to miss it. streaming live at 7 a.m. 47 on our streaming apps. you can download the app now for
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reggie: new this money, new york firefighters are dealing with a massive cleanup after a huge fire overnight. a gasoline truck crashed into a building on long island and sparked this fire. officials say the tanker was carrying about 13,000 gallons of gas on sunrise highway when it crashed. the driver was able to escape the burning tanker without serious injury. the business on fire used to be a former la-z-boy furniture showroom. it also spread into the local sewer system. kumasi: several families are out of their homes this morning after a fire in a high-rise in west oakland. some residents had to be rescued and medics had to take at least five people to the hospital, including some firefighters. >> the thing on my and -- my
6:46 am
mind, anybody's mind, is to get out. >> i was about freemen its way from getting burned. it was that close. kumasi: a couple noticed smoke bursting into their apartment when they tried to get out to the main door. they were hit with a cloud of smoke. the only option was the balcony. they said they jumped from the sixth floor to the fifth floor, then climbed a ladder to get down. >> we had residents on the balconies. at the same time, we had other rescues that we had to make with civilians that were trapped inside the smoke-filled building. it was nothing but the dedication and heart of these personnel to where we had the outcomes that we had.kumasi: thr investigation. this fire displaced 15 residents. reggie: only on abc seven about, but a brief customer stopped it. the owner of "monkey king" is a man woman walked into the
6:47 am
restaurant, pointed an assault rifle at a customer, and demanded his wallet. one shot was fired and hit the wall. >> he is our superhero. he saved all of us. i'm so think for for him. reggie: alameda police announced on monday that they arrested someone they believe was the robber. he was arrested on 11 felonies. his alleged accomplice is still at large. kumasi: a major medical break there. for the first time, a woman has been cured of hiv after a stem cell transplant. the woman has not been identified, but she is middle-aged and mixed-race. she was diagnosed with leukemia and took that transplant as part of the treatment. she should note signed of virus 40 months later. >> what this case tells
6:48 am
that if you can make cells resistant to hiv, you can stop the virus from coming back. we are doing this using different ways than transplantation, it not an intervention that could be implement it at scale. kumasi: the patient is the first woman and third person ever to be cured of hiv. however, researchers warn that this develop and only applies to a small fraction of people with hiv. this type of transplant is not a realistic option for a lot of patients. reggie: after your morning money report. a new arrival has arrived for earbuds. it allows you to hear more indiantown. you can control these by tapping the skin in front of your ear. yes. they cost $180. this morning, roadblock shares are down more than 20% after the san mateo company missed its
6:49 am
curly earnings report. it reported $170 million short of the number expected. they did report the number of daily active users is up 33% year-over-year. here is the nearest stock exchange for you can see we are down about 80 dew points. kumasi: the family of bob saget has fought the lawsuit to block the release of records from the investigation into his scented death. he died from head trauma, likely from an accidental fall. his wife and three daughters filed a lawsuit against the medical examiner's office. they're trying to prevent the release of any records, including videos, photos, as well as autopsy information. the lawsuit claims they will suffer irreparable harm if the records become public. tuesday, lawmakers are trying to prevent covered misinformation on social media. a bill is being introduced that will require facebook and other
6:50 am
platforms to share how their algorithms work. bill was proposed that would let doctors be prosecuted for posting this information. reggie: an eight-year-old in missouri is making waves in the fashion world. he is about to design his third clothing line for a national website. this is camden mcgraw. he is one a competition on the site zoo lily. this is for both boys and girls. his specialty is swimwear. he even uses his younger brother as a model. >> it was kind of hard to do, but what was going through my mind was that i want to make something comfortable for all kids. >> i have never known this was something he could do if i had given him a shot. kumasi: that is key. reggie: he is one of six winners and the only boy. he won $6,000, 5000 in cash and
6:51 am
the rest for the website. kumasi: so cute. just be cool. drew: so cute. reggie: there is again. drew: hey, there. i want to take you to sky seven because we have a gorgeous shot. this is the moon. it is nearly full. the full moon later tonight. you are looking toward the western horizon. we are basically over fremont right now, looking toward parts of the east bay. across the bay, we're looking at san bruno mountains. a gorgeous morning we have out there this morning. we do have clear skies. again, it is a day filled with sunshine. later this afternoon is a warmer afternoon, compared to yesterday. we have windsor hills right, which are gusting between 20 mph to 30 mph could this keeps temperatures elevated in the morning hours. we are in the 40's and 50's for the most part. as you get out the door on your wednesday. it is bright, breezy, and warm.
6:52 am
67 in cupertino. 67 and half moon bay. downtown today hitting 66. middle 60's with a lot of sunshine. 71 for santa rosa. 69 in vallejo. east bay, we are 69 in oakland today with lots of sunshine. and then, upper 60's and lower 70's. warm spots are fairfield and brentwood at 72. again, that full moon tonight rising at 6 p.m. on the eastern horizon. numbers in the 30's and 40's in the north bay. a lot of 40's and 50's along the bay shoreline. that praise continues in the hills. breezy and warmer today, mild for the end week, and cooling-off into early next week. reggie: thank you. developments. this is no joke. san francisco's first rapid transit system with dedicated
6:53 am
bus lanes will finally open for service on april fools' day. according to "the chronicle" the projectn final tasks before it is finished. this will be from mission to lumberton street. the project was supposed to be finished in 2019, but there are several delays, like challenges working underneath the 110-year-old roadway and crumbling infrastructure. kumasi: happening tonight, an undergraduate student from oakland will be trained to advance to the semifinals of the "jeopardy" national college championship. claire jackson, putin spellman, will try to land one of the spots in the semifinals. you can catch weeknights at 7 p.m. right here on abc 7. >> we are here at the disney
6:54 am
orlanda resort and i am a mentor on the 20 season on "american idol." i can't wait tree to see the talent. reggie: two singers who previously audition for the show are reportedly coming back to the show. they are going to be guest mentors. this is the 20th season of the show. host ryan seacf the alums return, from carrie underwood to jennifer hudson. you can watch the season per mirror on separate 27 right here on abc 7. your chance to really away from it all has finally arrived. virgin galactic space tickets are now open to the general public. the commercial service is expected to begin this year. the cost of a 90 minute flight to the edge of space is $450,000. there are too many places on this earth i have not seen. kumasi: but if you are in space, you can see all of them.
6:55 am
reggie: for 90 minutes. kumasi: that's enough time. reggie: $450,000. kumasi: save up. reggie: can you imagine the years of vacations you could go on for that amount? you could stay in the most luxurious resort. kumasi: you could, like every body else. reggie: [laughter] or you could have 90 minutes of bliss. kumasi: revelatory want to space? you can impress a lot of people. reggie: it better include a lot more than just that. kumasi: we need some details. it needs to be top-notch. i feel like it will be. reggie: you think it will be? kumasi: yeah. reggie: ok, i'm doubtful. virgin usually does it right, though. kumasi: they will make it an experience. reggie: i went on their plane one time, the virgin atlantic, and they had a full bar on there.
6:56 am
i sat down, went to that bar, and i made a friend. we are still in touch. kumasi: same thing for space. reggie: there better be a bar. kumasi: [laughter] up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: ♪ [mallet banging] ♪ [drums banging] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] [mallet banging] [drums banging] [inhales] ♪
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♪ ahhh! oh my! okay it's my turn, i'm going to drive. ♪ you've been, you've been ♪ ♪ running through my mind ♪ ♪ and i've been thinking that it's just about time ♪ ♪ we get together, together ♪ ♪ i've been, i've been ♪ ♪ doing just fine ♪ ♪ and you've been, you've been doing alright ♪ ♪ let's get together, ♪ ♪ together ♪ ♪ so come on ♪
6:58 am
kumasi: it is 6:58. here are the some things to know. it is over. california is officially ending the indoor masking requirement for vaccinated people today. here in the bay area, santa clara is the only county keeping its mass mandate for now, regardless of vaccination status. reggie: voters have recalled all three school board members in the city special election. more than 70% voted in favor of the recall each of those three members. kumasi: number three, president biden says if russia in bates ukraine, it will not come that cost to our economy, signaling the potential for higher gas prices. russian officials claim they are pulling back troops. the u.s. intelligence is saying the opposite. reggie: number four, prosecutors are seeking seven years in
6:59 am
prison for ken potter. she says she accidentally shot right after grabbing her gun instead of her taser. her sentencing is friday. drew: clear skies come a lot of sunshine today, warm in the 60's and 70's. jobina: sky seven was going to show us the backup in fremont. as we zoom out, we might be able to see a little bit of that traffic, but let's enjoy the sunrise. kumasi: francisco-based huber is now letting you see exactly how many one star and five star ratings you got and everything in between. this is a seven step process to find it, so get ready. we posted instructions on our website, reggie: was it worth it? you really need to know? jobina: i want to know.
7:00 am
i have a 4.9 overall. let me tell you why that is so good. i have been using uber since college. drew: college years are spicy good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. on this wednesday morning. more u.s. forces being deployed in the showdown with russia in ukraine. president biden warns a russian invasion of ukraine is still distinctly possible. this morning, reports of some russian troops being put into firing positions. the high-stakes diplomacy taking place right now. secretary of state antony blinken joins us live first on "gma." president biden warning americans that invasion would spark, quote, consequences here at home. the standoff is already costing us more at the gas pump. this morning, which states are getting hit hard. olympic doping investigation intensifies. the new report raising more questions about the 15-year-old russian figure skating star who returned to the ice. alec baldwin now


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