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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 18, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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competition fell several times and ended with a fourth-place finish at the beijing games. the 15-year-old tested positive for a banned substance but was still allowed to compete, left the ice in tears. that's "nightline" for this evening. you can catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> governor newsom announces
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california shifting to an endemic plan. >> former vice president mike pence addresses a sold-out crowd. >> this weekend could be one of the busiest since the start of the pandemic here in san francisco as lunar new year celebrations are upon us. >> from spring light back to winter. details on the big changes coming up. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: two years into the pandemic, california is turning the page and moving into a long-term approach of living with the virus. governor newsom announcing a seven part plan but no immediate changes. thank you for joining us. ama: luz pena has the elements of the plan doctors are homing in on. >> moving away from a reactive and crisis mindset to living
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with this virus. >> governor gavin newsom announced what he described as the next phase of california's pandemic response, plan coined smarter. the letters stand for the main targets moving shots, masks, awareness, readiness, testing, education, and rx -- for prescriptions and covid pharmaceuticals. >> i thought it was a very strong plan. i thought it was appropriate. one of the thing i asked them was what is the headline? the answer appropriately is there is not one thing, it is really a whole way of living and a whole set of policy choices. >> the plan sets specific goals such as having 75 million masks available, ramping up to 200,000 vaccinations, and 500,000 tests a day and adding 3000 medical
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workers within three weeks in problematic areas. >> vaccination is by far the most important, so getting as many people as possible including kids to have had their full vaccine panel, i think the pharmaceuticals, the treatments will become more important over time as they become more available. >> when ucsf scientist and his team has been studying all the variants of concern to stay ahead of this virus. he agrees with the doctor and says a three dose vaccination plan plus accessible pharmaceuticals will be key. >> i think a year from now, there will be a larger selection of drugs that can be used once one is infected and the hope is that those drugs will be equally effective across any variants that we see. >> some aspects of this plan are vague. >> in treatment, they make the point that there are a number of treatments that we need to be able to get people access to them as quickly as possible.
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i would like to see a little bit more meat on those bones if it turns out the offramp is a case rate below a certain number, what are the kinds of things that would say we've got to reinstitute masking? >> with this plan, california becomes the first state to formally shift to an endemic phase of the pandemic. regarding schools, california's school mask mandate will continue. governor newsom said they will reassess and make an update february 28. in the newsroom, luz pena. ama: thank you. to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, go to dan: tonight, a packed auditorium at stanford university for former vice president mike pence. outside, some protests ahead of his talk entitled how to save america from the woke left. amanda del castillo has more of the speech, pushback. >> hello, stanford. >> with that, former vice
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president mike pence addressed a sold-out crowd at stanford university. the introduction started with a video critical of the biden administration. he covered several topics, the pandemic, defending the police, the border crisis, inflation, and much more. he put focus on san francisco's special recall election. >> i had to read it twice. this week in san francisco, parents recalled three woke school board members who cared more about renaming schools than reopening them. >> the stanford college republicans organized the event. >> we found out the former vice president was available and able to come. we have been working since the fall to make that a reality. >> the title how to save america from the woke left. about 100 students protested before hand, including one stanford freshman. >> i don't disagree with the fact that stanford allowed him to come, i think i just want to
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send a message that i don't agree with him and i don't stand for him. >> one student planned to stream the sold-out show. >> i would be interested in how mike pence defined woke. >> afterward, he took questions from guests, some inquiring about the insurrection on january 6 and having been asked by former president trump to stop the certification. >> i knew what my duty was and i kept my oath even though it hurt and we move the nation forward. i don't know if the president and i will ever see i to i know that, but i will always be proud of the record that president donald trump and i created for the american people. engagement, differing perspectives the university says it values. stanford saying the university is committed to ensuring that varying viewpoints can be voiced in an atmosphere of thoughtful and respectful engagement. this stop is his third and a
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2021, 2022 campus tour. ama: pleasanton police say officers shot and killed a domestic violent suspect after he came out of an apartment with a knife. video may be disturbing to some. it shows officers breaking a window and yelling the suspect is at the door. he leaves the apartment and a shot by officers on the sidewalk. police released this image and say this was the knife the man was holding. officers were called to the apartment complex by a person who said they were a victim of domestic violence. police say before the shooting, the suspect refused to come out of the apartment for several hours. >> we know the public wants to know more which is why we are moving quickly together facts. the most professional response is to take the time to get this right. ama: pleasanton police and the alameda county district attorney's office are conducting investigations. dan: investigators are looking for witnesses or anyone with information about a hit-and-run
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in the south bay in a vta park-and-ride lot in milpitas. deputies responded to the call of a person down around 8:30 this morning. the sheriff's traffic accident reconstruction specialist team is conducting the investigation. ama: the oakland city council has been meeting for hours tonight and could potentially hold a significant vote on the a's waterfront ballpark and housing proposal. casey pratt has been following the saga for over a decade and joins us now with more. >> it feels like i've been following this meeting for a decade. we are about seven and a half hours in. there has not been a vote to certify the environmental impact report. that could still come tonight. i just turned down the meeting when this started. but they did pass four hours ago was a resolution requiring city council action on community benefits and freight compatibility to protect the
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project, the interests, the community, the port. what they did was give themselves the out to not take the vote while satisfying the other non- eir options. what could come next? if they certify the eir tonight, there could be -- that come. it is important to note that the oakland planning commission met, they unanimously recommended this eir for certification by the city council. the planning commission are the experts on environmental impact reports, so that is a pretty good endorsement. i will continue monitoring this, hopefully at ends at some point before midnight. ama: yes, all right. dan: california state university chancellor joseph castro has resigned effective immediately, two weeks after reports that
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castro, while president of cal state fresno, did not properly follow up on years of sexual harassment complaints against a top official. that official was allowed to retire with full benefits. castro was the first mexican-american to lead the csu system, the nation's largest public university system. ama: new details about a california family who died on a hike last summer. how they tried to get help as they realized they were in trouble. dan: lunar new year celebrations underway in san francisco. the safety measures now in place. ama: recognizing some of the bay area's brightest students. the extra special celebration. sandhya: winter is making a return. it will bring the chill and may bring something we have not seen in a while, which is rain. dan: all that is ahead, but first here's a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc 7 news. >> it is like a party you can go to from bed. who was the gaseous to beetle?
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dan: the mariposa county sheriffs office is revealing details from a phone that was found with a california family who died on a hike last summer. the bodies of the family and their one-year-old baby girl and their dog were found august 17 on a trail in the sierra national forest. the sheriff's office determined they died of hyperthermia during
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a day of extreme heat, they overheated. after months of forensic work, the sheriff's office reconstructed this map from photos and gps locations. the family attempted five phone calls within half an hour, all made from the location where their bodies were found. what is more, the phone also contained a text message, the spelling was garbled, but it reads, can you help us? heading back to heights cove trail, no water, overheating with baby. unfortunately, the message never went out because of poor self-service. ama: the fda is warning against using certain powdered infant formulas that may be linked to several infections. three illnesses and one death have been reported in three states, but the products were distributed nationwide. do not use thehehehehe digits of the code on the container are 22 through 37 and
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the code contains k8, sh, or dan: whole foods is ready to open a flagship store in san francisco's market street that it hopes will help transform the midmarket neighborhood. sky 7 flew over the 65,000 square-foot store at market and 8th streets. whole foods has been expanding in the bay area recently. the chain opened a store at the stones town galleria in january and one in oakland in december. ama: the number of americans identifying as lgbtq+ has more than doubled over the last decade. a new paul found a record 7% of american adults identify as lgbtq. among lgbtq americans, 57% said they were bisexual, 21% said they were gay, 14% said they
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were lesbian, 12% transgender. leading the way of our people between the ages of 19 and 25 years old or generation z. 21% of gen zers identify as queer. dan: the point bonita lighthouse is reopening after being closed for nearly two years. the 160 seven-year-old lighthouse closed early in the pandemic for health and safety reasons. it will open on sunday's and mondays for two hours starting at 12:30 in the afternoon. the park service as you can expect long lines. ama: we are less than 48 hours away from one of san francisco's biggest celebrations, the lunar new year parade in chinatown. it is the first time the event is being held in person since the pandemic and the community is ready. new at 11 :00, j.r. stone was at san francisco city hall where the mayor helped kickoff the festivities tonight. ♪ j.r.: lions dan dan dan dan dan
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ground and in the air at san francisco city hall thursday night. preparation for this weekend's lunar new year celebrations in chinatown. >> we are so excited because of the last two years because of covid, all the events were virtual. we are so excited. j.r.: saturday's lunar new year celebrations, which include the traditional parade, will be in person. stephen lee owns lions of the only nightclubs to open in recent years in chinatown. he is hoping for a big weekend as the year of the tiger is celebrated. >> all across the board we are probably 50% down from what we were probably pre-pandemic. we are not giving up. we lasted this long during the pandemic. there is a good number of stores that survived it. j.r.: there are safety concerns in terms of -- in light of the anti-asian hate crimes. the sheriff and mayor say this
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will be a safe event. >> we will have meter ambassadors. j.r.: outside of city hall was lit up in red and gold for the lunar new year. >> the parade in san francisco is for the history books, so come on out, the floats are being made, the people are getting ready. i've got a new outfit, i'm super excited. >> much, so today is the celebration. j.r.: j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: just enjoy and the weather should be really nice for it. ama: sandhya patel is here with that. sandhya: it is going to be good parading weather. i want to show you the three day planner for the lunar new year festivities.
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tomorrow, mild. a little warmer saturday. then windier and cooler for sunday. for the parade on saturday evening, if you were going, it is going to be bright and breezy. hopefully you get a chance to enjoy. it is going to cool off by 9:00 when the parade is actually ending in the low 50's, so grab a jacket before you go. winter is making a rnter is here is what you can expect early next week. yes, there is a chance of rain on tuesday. here is what you can expect tomorrow, high clouds streaming in. it will filter the sunshine. that low is not going to bring us rain. what you will see is higher clouds, increasing through the night, and so tomorrow morning you wake up tomorrow cloud cover. temperatures right now in the 40's in the 50's with the lack
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of the offshore winds. the temperatures are running lower than where they were yesterday. today it was 5-10 degrees above average. 69 in san jose. 73 in santa rosa. hard to believe it is winter. san jose camera showing you a lovely view of the shark tank. cooler and breezier. chance of rain first thing tomorrow morning, cloud cover be heavier. you still need to get that extra layer for the afternoon. it will be comfortable with filtered sunshine. low to upper 60's for the bay area. i want to fast to what is ahead for the second part of your weekend. sunday, the onshore wind begins to pick up. temperatures drop. monday is windier and even cooler and look at tuesday. this is winter.
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it is going to be in the 50's. many areas will be below average for this time of year. the computer animation showing you the cold storm. tuesday morning, you notice the possibility of a few showers. this continues through the afternoon. don't be surprised if you see that. rainfall totals, a couple hundredths of an inch up to a 10th of an inch in the mountains. this will lead to accumulating snow, several inches expected. sunny and warmer to start off your saturday. then sunday is cooler. we go with gusty wind. a level 1 system for tuesday. the storm impact scales back. cold with a chance of some showers. it will be chilly in the morning.
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night for hundreds of african-american high school students are made honor roll. ama: the mayor stopped by to offer her congratulations. >> you came back to class and readjusted to in person learning, you kept your grades up and paid attention. despite all the challenges of this pandemic, you have shown everyone you'd is possible to succeed when faced with hardship. ama: the event celebrates academic achievement, encourages students to keep striving for excellence. each student's name was read aloud and their name displayed on the screen. they received a certificate and students who earned a 4.0 gpa received an ancestral kente cloth. dan: march madness is just around the corner. ama: larry beil is here with sports. larry: two of the best teams in the bay area both with ncaa tournament hopes squaring off and sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.
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larry: good evening, the warriors hit the all-star break in need of a break. steph curry knew he made a mistake in the final seconds against denver last night. they will be at the all-star game against cleveland. jonathan come in and the rising stars challenge. one toscano-anderson will be in the dunk contest. a huge game between two ncaa tournament hopefuls. the usual steel and bucket, but that was the only two points he scored all night. second half. three of his team-high 22. splash. stress. gaels night. off the backboard. 22.
1:36 am
they win their 21st of the year. looking a little ragged. the drought taking its toll perhaps. under two minutes, died a 54-54, step back three for the utes. brandon angel off the mark. the cardinal went more than nine minutes without a hoop, they fall 60-56. chris mullen and jeff van gundy, pride of martinez. all bears in the first half. the bears led by 11. second half, all buffs. he does that. boom. he had a game-high 19. snapping the bears modest two game win streak. basketball game or a rave? what is going on? santa clara at loyola marymount. j lynn williams.
1:37 am
santa clara by one at the break. j lynn williams maybe the best player in the bay area and the broncos hang on 84-80. pedaling to the tank in san jose, here i come. hosting vancouver, sharks come back from a 2-0 deficit. meier ties it. scores with under a second and regulation! jt miller ends it. the sharks drop their fifth in a row. sports on abc
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ama: thank you so much for watching tonight. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice rest of the evening.
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stay tuned for jimmy kimmel. ringo starr is
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