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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 18, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. yourself right now are voicing present. stern warning from president biden today who says he has convinced that russian president vladimir putin has decided to invade ukraine, but the president does add that there is still time for diplomacy. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm karina nova. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 and always streaming on the abc 7 bay area app president biden held calls today with nato and european union allies and members of congress. the white house is urging a diplomatic path toward de-escalation around at the ukraine border. biden says there are new
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warnings. russia is preparing. to attack ukraine. meanwhile, the russian defense minister says president putin plans to oversee drills involving nuclear capable missiles saturday. i don't think he is remotely contemplating nuclear. usually nuclear weapons how much of it is a cover for just saying we're just doing exercises. and and there's more than that. i just can't it's hard to read his mind. the us says there are are are 150 to 190,000 russian troops and russian-backed separatists threatening, ukraine ukrainian officials say despite the escalation and possible false flag claims. they don't see imminent signs of a russian invasion, and this is not a wait and see situation for many bay area companies who have employees working in ukraine some are being moved away from the russian border as we speak and abc 7 news reporter david louis talked with an employee of the online site just can't just answer in ukraine about ways the
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country is already actually under attack. ukraine's 41 and a half million people are well aware of the military buildup along its eastern border with russia. the threat is a big concern for san francisco's just answer one third of its workforce 252 people live. train a lot of our engineering a lot of our our critical functions are done there. so it's very scary and and even more scary on personal level because these are all our friends we could actually but not just -- they used to live near the border with poland who believes russia has already initiated cyber attacks we experiencing and a set of cyber attacks on different websites and banking system and some governmental websites. so it's weird. she has an 18 year old son and an 11 year old daughter their safety has already been threatened two times during class. four weeks. i guess i had to pick up my kid from a school because someone called that there is a bomb in
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the in the school just answer his develop its own action plan. it puts the current threat level in moderate to high because of some military activities as the threat rises too high and to realize threat that will initiate more action to protect its workers. we are moving people from the east to the west as we speak and give them time off and putting them up in hotels and and actively helping them move. across the country from the more dangerous parts of ukraine stress levels are rising school children are drilled about evacuating to shelters, which frighten not just daughters. she was stressed with that. so she was asking me like when we supposed to expand the the real work to come here. so why russians doing this why people are starting the worst are you really can be killed now andy kurza again his family lived in ukraine for six months in 2019 prior to the russian threat the people and the culture of ukraine captivated them. we love them. we've been working with them for
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a long time and we're committed to that david louie abc 7 news. today the state of california is making national news for a proposed new gun, bill. the governor says california's modeling gun legislation after texas's controversial abortion law. that was upheld by the supreme court that law allows private citizens to sue anyone that performs or even helps someone have an abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected the new california gun bill proposed today would allow private citizens to sue gunmakers and sellers for for harm caused by firearms they make the supreme court of the united states opened up a door wide open. we're using their rules. those that seemingly support coming out of the extreme anti-abortion legislation that came out of, texas. and we're going to allow all of you to enforce the rules and regulations and laws of the state of california. and i think that's a good thing.
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people would be able to recover up to $10,000 in damages for each weapon plus attorneys fees the bill would apply to those who manufactured distribute or transport assault weapons and ghost guns. the governor says he expects the supreme court to oldest gun law as a dead in texas and this is one of four pieces of legislation targeting the gun industry in the state. the other bills would make it illegal to market assault weapons to children and would crack down on ghost guns a man is facing charges for a freeway shooting and a carjacking within minutes of each other in napa county this morning 42 year old tong win is accused of shooting a man on highway 29 near highway 221 at 6:40 this morning. the victim was hit in the head, but was able to call 9 one eight minutes later napa police responded to a carjacking downtown officers later stopped the stolen vehicle and detained win. oakland police are investigating an injury crash that happened just a short time ago. sky seven was above the scene at high street and ignacio an hour
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ago. you can see emergency responders tending to one of the two people who was injured after a car crashed into them. this is across the street from fremont high school so far no word on the conditions of the victims. now, this comes as we've been seeing a record increase in traffic fatalities, but as abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains a new assembly bill targets this problem and leaders hope that it will save lives. the roads are more dangerous than ever since the pandemic began thousands of residents have lost their lives to traffic accidents since 2020 police say one factor can be most dangerous. speed kills. we are seeing significant number of these test resulting from those drivers who are speeding and we know if we can do something about the speeding we can save lives enter assembly bill 236 the bill select cities to use automated cameras to manage speed and its co-authored by san francisco assembly member philippine. i'm a proud joint author of this
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bill because steve kills in san francisco in cities all across california. that's why san francisco's been trying to pilot traffic calming measures including traffic cameras by schools in particular. the cameras will read license plates to check speeds and automatically issue set fines of 50 100 200 or 500 dollars in six california cities including cisco oakland and san jose san jose tied an all-time high number of traffic fatalities in 2021 and the city is now on a record pace of deaths in 2022 mayor sam. licardo says 55% of fatalities happen on 3% of the city streets and these cameras will hopefully lead to the reduction of speed on these dangerous roads with automated speed enforcement we can use technologies widely used in 14 other states to be able able to stop speeding and discourage speed. importantly meanwhile privacy advocates raise concerns about factors like the cameras usage enforcement and mass surveillance. i think it's enticing for people
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who are concerned about public safety and oftentimes either, you know, see or somehow experience speeding traffic on their streets to want to do something about it. i think it's an open question is to whether this is the thing. that should be done about it. that is going to be most effective if the cameras are not effective reducing speeding violations by 25% within the first 18 months cities will have to start planning construction of traffic calming measures to slow cars down dust and dorsey abc 7 news. happening tonight an emergency meeting of the oakland unified school district board, and they could vote to delay some school closures. they just voted in favor of last week a resolution before the board. push back two of the closures and one great truncation from the end of this school year to the next one. two educators who have been on an 18-day hunger strike to stop the closure say they plan to end it tonight moses omalade and andre sanchez gave a news conference this afternoon and
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urged people to sign up for public comment at the meeting. they will be making a presentation before the board. friends in classmates of a student hit the road from marin for the weekend their ski trip had added significance today. they loaded into a bus to celebrate the life of 15 year old scotty lap. scotty was killed in a skiing accident in tahoe last weekend. he had ties to marin county where he used to live with his adopted family and attended saint-hillary school the school helped put together today's trip and also produced a video tribute in memory of scotty friends from the school. say he moved to tahoe recently. to chase his passion for skiing oh my gosh. scotty laugh was an amazing human being he was full of full of adventure full of energy and he really was seen as a bright light at saint hilary school. a different kind of tribute to scotty is also in the works. so are more than 160,000 has
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been raised for a skate park to be built in his honor in tahoe next at 5 a major step toward keeping the a's in oakland. you're going to hear from the team president and oakland's mayor for reaction on last night's big vote plus starbucks employees rallying across the country and even here in the bay area what they say they're fighting for and how the company is responding abc 7
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there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine across the country and here in the bay area are working to join a growing union today employees rallied and supportive seven employees fired in memphis many saying they're firing was in retaliation for their work to unionize abc 7 news reporters. zach fuentes has more from a rally held in santa cruz and what the coffee giant has to say about it. dozens came out to rally outside this santa cruz starbucks store the first in the state that moved to unionize it's part of a
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growing trend being seen across the country. we saw the wave happened in new york and then in a short period of time and maybe a month and a half we've had over a hundred union petitions filed around the country lead union organizer. joseph thompson says the company he worked for before covid has changed since the pandemic out of our we're facing on the store covid safety starbucks has been terrible throughout this entire pandemic additionally, you know, we're fighting for higher wages and job security starbucks says that they have followed cdc guidelines and that wage increases from 15 to 23 dollars an hour are coming this summer and a statement. they say we are listening and learning from the partners in the stores as we always do across the country. they also go on to say that they are better together as part is without a union between them though employees of the santa cruz store continue their work to unionize the afternoon rally also centered around seven former starbucks employees in memphis who were recently fired the employees say their firing was retaliation for their efforts to unionize starbucks says that it's in part because of this interview done with the
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memphis tv station about their unionization efforts starbucks says the employees violated company policy by reopening the store after closing and inviting non-employes to come inside including behind the counter and in back rooms. these are some policies that they're picking purposely to be able to have the people that are supposed to be voting at this union to be fired and let go to turn the tide for their election back in santa cruz the lead union organiz. says that they'll continue pushing until the memphis employees are reinstated and they help more employees like them reach their goals. it's gonna keep growing and we're not gonna stop until every starbucks in the united states. i want a union gets a union zach fuentes abc7 news oakland mayor libby schaaf says oakland's waterfront ballpark will happen shaft who supports the project says last night's environmental impact report certification vote against the plan halfway there but but the city and the a's still negotiate who will pay for the project's infrastructure affordable housing and the
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community benefits plan a's officials say they're thrilled with the vote the team however continues to scope out potential ballpark sites in southern nevada last night sets the foundation it is the point of no return this project is happening and it is going to happen in a spectacular way. we really just need to know we can't let the process be the product and we need to really bring thing to a head and i hopefully see if we can get a final binding economic deal with the city this spring or summer. city staff and the a's will continue t xt few months the city council would then have to sign off on any future agreements marking 80 years thinking of the executive order that led to the unlawful incarceration of 120,000 japanese americans and now decades later that community is using its experience to help get justice.
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avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. since president franklin d roosevelt signed an executive
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order that incarcerated japanese-americans during world war two observances are being held across the country as the focus shifts to multiracial solidarity abc 7 news race and culture reporter julian glover spoke to a local filmmaker who's showing how the japanese and african-american communities are standing together to demand reparations, february. 1942 is a day that will forever live on an infamy a notch in america's ugly past of hatred bigotry and xenophobia. it is a story that unfortunately not everybody still knows about on that day president franklin d roosevelt signed executive order 9066 two months after the bombing of pearl harbor the event that thrusted the us into world war two the order called for the incarceration of 120,000 people of japanese ancestry the vast majority were american born citizens really dark chapter. history because systemic racism that incarcerated my father and my mother and all of my aunts and uncles this is john osaki's
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father. he was incarcerated at the thule lake relocation center just outside of the california oregon border with thousands of other japanese americans in 1942 ripped from their homes strip to their belongings and forced to live in awful conditions like horse stables at the tanforan race track in san bruno until shortly after the war ended 80 years later japanese americans are vow. to remember means of healing and remembrance for members of the community who experienced the injustice the us government apologized to japanese-americans in 1988 with the passage of the civil liberties act signed by president reagan. and with that apology came reparations for $20,000 to surviving japanese americans, you know, our families did receive reparations and so many of us feel a certain amount of responsibility to speak out. or other injustices that have yet to be atoned for today. osaki a san francisco based filmmaker uses his voice to call
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for multiracial solidarity. once again this time for african-americans to receive reparations for the country's original sin of slavery and decades of jim crow the community who struggled for decades to win redress, it's our moral obligation to support the efforts, but this black american cries out as loudly as my asian american brothers and sisters japanese. race all across the country are having these events and many of them are talking about the topic. black reparation. his film reparations will be shown at an upcoming films of remembrance virtual film festival followed by a panel discussion. we as japanese-americans, we know something about prejudice don tamaki, the only non-black member of the california reparations task force will also serve on that panel as we mark february 19 to remember our community. we're reminded that each time america has owned up to its wrongs. paired them and become more inclusive it has become stronger
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as a nation california is the first in only state in the nation to convene a task force to explore reparations for african-americans that effort now gaining support from familiar allies to repair our country's deepest moral failing on a day we can never forget julian glover abc 7 news. julian is our race and social justice reporter. you can get in touch with him easily online. he would be delighted to hear from you on. and facebook you can find them at julian gabc 7 and on instagram. he's julian glover tv. it's now time to get a check on the weather abc 7 newsmaterologist. sandia patel is here sandy. i went for a walk this afternoon. i'm sure you all would agree. just beautiful day stunning absolutely stunning today. i mean picked a great day to get outside and walk karina and dan and it is going to be great walking weather tomorrow. also great parading weather. how about that? it's the chinese new year parade and it's back in person tomorrow four o'clock in the afternoon as
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can be bright and breezy a starry night 59 degrees at 6 o'clock by 8 pm temperatures will drop to the mid-50s, so i would just pack a jacket or a sweater if you're going it's always fun to see all the colorful floats the the chinese new year festival. unity street fair is taking place both days. it's the year of the tiger and it's going to be sunny and mild tomorrow mid-50s through upper 60s cooler and cloudier for your sunday with blustery conditions, but overall, i think the weather is going to cooperate. here's a look. a water vapor imagery an area of low pressure just skirting our coasts throwing a few high clouds our way. it did cool some parts of the bay area off not all temperatures still got up into the mid-60s to low 70s today. so it was a mile day live doppler 7 showing you those passing clouds and look at this stunning view from our east bay hills. here's a look at the temperatures 59 in san francisco. it's 62 in oakland right now near 70 mountain view 64, san jose and 54 and half moon bay considering how chilly it was this morning? it's turned out to be a nice day
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from our golden gate bridge camera seeing a few wispy clouds 65 in santa rosa currently napa 64 and 62 in livermore. all right, if you're getting out of town, here's a look at your hawaiian airlines forecast, sunny and warmer at our local airports upper 60s to low 70s if you're heading to honolulu scattered showers warm degrees new york city 41 chicago windy 21 both areas will see snow showers los angeles sunshine and 73 degrees. we have some sunshine here as you can see in the city sunny and warmer tomorrow afternoon cooler windier days sunday through early next week and get ready for the winter chill showers and possibly snow on tuesday temperatures in the morning upper 30s to upper 40s some patchy fog right near the coast afternoon highs for your saturday. we're going to bump them up mid 60s to mid 70s, really? day to get outside and do anything you want to do as we fast forward to early next week. it's a cold system coming in. the sierra will get snow isolated showers. not out of the question monday night, but it's really tuesday
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that we start to see the wet weather that pink indicating a mix of rain snow. stability of hail as we head into tuesday night this winds down southern california and the southern sierra gets the action there in terms of rainfall totals. not a lot under a tenth of an inch for the bay area on tuesday and in the mountains this is going to turn into snow anywhere from a couple of inches to 10 inches at tahoe accuweather 7-day forecast. tomorrow's the warmest afternoon. we had it into sunday and it's going to cool cooler and gusty or for president's day expecting a wintry mix. and certainly chilly conditions as we had into wednesday and thursday morning, dan and karina. all right, sandi
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finally tonight excitement is really building before tomorrow's chinese new year festival and parade in san francisco. so excited to be the starts at 5:15 at market and 2nd streets and runs through union square ending in chinatown. the road closures will begin a few hours earlier around 3 pm. now this parade is a beloved tradition of course dating back to as early as the 1860s and it's said to be the largest parade celebrating the lunar new year outside of asia organizers say they're excited to celebrate the culture of san francisco's
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historic chinatown and happy to help bring tourism back to the city. as a lunar new year celebration. it is a celebration of the year the tiger it basically it is a stands for boldness and resiliency and new beginnings. the honorary marshall of this year's parade as shannon lee the daughter of bruce lee. the parade is free to attend but tickets are needed to sit in the bleachers near the bandstand at union square and if you're thinking of going muni is offering free rides to help you celebrate all weekend that starts at 5 am tomorrow morning continuing through 5 am monday muni also says extra transit ambassadors will be on buses and a bus stops in chinatown to help riders and support drivers in keeping. everyone there safe and if you're going have a great time. we're on your site with david muir is next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and i'm karina nova for sandia patel and all of us here. thanks for inviting us into your
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homes tonight. our next newscast is 6pm connect 24/7 at abc 7 thanks for watching.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. president biden a short time ago on vladimir putin and russia. the president saying he believes putin has made his decision and that he will invade ukraine. the president saying there is still room for diplomacy, but that given u.s. intelligence and what they're seeing, that putin has decided to invade. and that the u.s. warnings for days that there could be a false-flag attack, a manufactured incident that could ignite something much larger, tonight authorities believe russian separatists might have staged a car explosion in eastern ukraine today. evacuations of seniors and children there. the images now playing out on russian television. and russia claiming that it's actually ukraine about to take military action. tonight, what president biden said moments ago, saying that
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defies logic.


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