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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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live and wherever you stream. and of course this is a time to celebrate and heal. abc7 news reporter ryan ryan has a look at some of the preparations behind the parade and the hopes for a brighter year ahead. ryan: crews are securing the final details on each float ahead of the parade saturday evening. >> we're just inspecting everything and maybe adding little things here and there. but for the most part we're basically done. ryan: stephanie's team wants to make should be the floats look as good as possible when they head down market street during the parade's anticipated return. and it was canceled last year due to the pandemic. >> great to be back here right now because the hard work is the hard part. this is the payoff. coming out and seeing people enjoy all the work we put into it. ryan: most of the floats have a decorated tiger. the symbol for this year's chinese new year. the year of the tiger represents bravery and confidence. at the street fair saturday in
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chinatown those we spoke with say those traits are something everyone should embrace. especially if the community wants to heal from the difficulties from the past two years. >> and a lot of crimes that are happening, you feel lonely. even for us we feel lonely and coming out a reminder that we're a community. there's a lot of us here. >> hudson lowe runs a nonprofit asians are strong. a group dedicated to empowering the asian community. he says hopefully the parade will remind everyone how important the asian culture is to the bay area. >> it's been a rough couple of years. and the last month has been pretty horrible for our community. so coming out and showing people that we don't have to be afraid. we don't have to stay home. ryan: as hundreds crowded the new year festivities, lowe says it reminds him the strength. bay area community can overcome any obstacle. >> step away from all the bad and remember the good. because that's what -- that hope what pushes us forward. dion: so nice to see. i think of the word resilience.
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taking a live look outside now along market street where the parade is set to begin any minute now. actually, it was supposed to kick off at about a quarter after 5:00 but things on a little bit of a delay. we're not sure exactly as to why. but after not having a parade last year, what is an extra hour or so, right? and just a reminder that this really is the culmination of two weeks of festivities. the flower market also the ms. chinatown celebrations and today like you saw along grand avenue and other parts of chinatown really the celebrations once again in full swing. we'll dip back live a little on later in the newscast. muni says it is celebrating the chinese new year by offering free service and additional safety measures this weekend. the agency says it has muni transit ambassadors on the buses and on bus stops in the -- in chinatown to assist riders and assist bus operators. free service began this morning at 5:00 and lasts through 5:00 a.m. monday morning. this includes the cable cars.
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you will not need to tap your clipper card or active ate a muni mobile ticket when you get onboard. now also this weekend, bart is doing something it's never done before. all five lines will be in service on sunday starting tomorrow. trains will also be running until midnight on sunday for the very first time since the start of the pandemic. moving on to developing news now, ukraine's president today called for russian president vladimir putin to meet and seek a resolution to the crisis. this unity march was held in la viv ukraine as others flee their home under threat of a war from russia. russian-backed separatists are urging people in eastern ukraine to evacuate. >> amid escalating tensions between ukraine and russia, the u.s. is continuing to warn russia could invade ukraine any day. president biden told reporters friday he's convinced russian president putin has decided to take military action but the president said diplomatic
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resolutions remain a possibility. asked about it today, biden didn't answer. >> what's latest on ukraine, mr. president? president biden: good to see you. >> u.s. officials say 15,000 russian troops are massed near the ukraine borders and new satellite images showing russian military activity building up in belarus, crimea, and western russia. russia conducted drills involving advanced meyersonic missiles with its neighborhood belarus. with presidents putin and alexander luck shevchenko watching from moscow. in russian led breakaway parts of eastern crane separatists called for civilians to evacuate and accused ukraine without evidence of preparing to launch its own attack. the u.s. sees this as part of russia's attempt to cast ukraine as the aggressor and invade under the pretext of protecting russian-speaking citizens. >> the west is warning that this could be the pretext for a russian invasion. because vladimir putin is claiming that the russian speakers in the east of the country are under attack. reporter: in germany ukrainian
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president zelensky the u.s. national security team and nato allies gathered to talk about a diplomatic solution. vice president kamala harris said one is still possible but she issued this warning. >> if russia further invades ukraine, the united states together with our allies and partners will impose significant and unprecedented economic costs. reporter: abc news, ukraine. dion: in the east bay, the search is on for a missing woman. 29-year-old kamani mckelpist n was seen in el serrato taking a walk. she is from the l.a. and visiting family. there was a sighting of her in uptown oakland tuesday. friends say she may be disoriented. how does oakland keep its schools from closing or consolidating? that is the question community members tried answering during a gathering this afternoon. parents, teachers, and students
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met at markham elementary for a town hall style gathering. they talked about putting more pressure on the school board to block niece cuts and even asking governor newsom to intervene. teachers also spoke of staging a walkout. >> i'm thinking that it's going to be another big movement. and hopefully that shows them how serious we are about keeping our schools open. dion: today's town hall follows an emotional friday night oakland school board meeting where members rejected a proposal to postpone the closure of two schools and the restructuring of another. a district says declining enrollment and a budget deficit is leaving them no choice but to consolidate more than a dozen campuses. two covid headlines now. where police today pushed back against a crowd that was protesting covid mandates in canada for the past three weeks. officers arrested or drove out protesters to retake control of the streets. all but one state now, hawaii, is now lifting or planning to lift mask mandates. california lifted its mandate
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last wednesday. but individual counties can opt to keep it. and sonoma county health officials said today that one million doses of covid vaccine have been administered there. 80% of those eligible are now fully vaccinated while 60% have received their booster shot. this is the last weekend sonoma county will hold a large scale free vaccine clinic. the sonoma county fair grounds has been home to a mass vaccination clinic for past three weekends. it's helping first responders and public school staff get their shots. the deadline for them to be fully vaccinated is march 1. that clinic is open tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., walk-ins are welcome. it is a day to honor japanese americans who were incarcerated during world war ii. we check out an event today in the bay area that marks that dark time in history. and seeks to safeguard the civil rights of all americans. >> ended up being a lot more treacherous than we were
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expecting. >> extreme athletes who are also history buffs. decide to retrace the steps of a famous pioneer group. known as the donner party. hear what they have to say about the experience. >> i'm spencer christian. spring-like warmth is checking out and winter chill is checking in. the accuweather coming up
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dion: on the peninsula a day of remembrance. marked the 80th anniversary of the executive order that resulted in the interment of japanese americans during world war ii. community members came to the san mateo county history museum to learn about executive order 9066. from speakers who described how their families were sent to interment camps all around the country. steve akamato was interred with his family and what is now the tan fran mall in san bruno. >> there's a lot of young japanese children who never heard this from their parents or grandparents because when they came home from the camps, they were either ashamed, they were upset, or they were told by the government don't be japanese. dion: earlier this month, akamoto helped break ground on a
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memorial near the san bruno station to honor those who were wrongly imprisoned for the order. and honoring six people for their contributions to historically black colleges and universities. those recognized included fremont's fire chief curtis jacobson, dr. eric bishop and dr. leanne osborne the first black deaf administrator at california school for the deaf in fremont. >> i see them doing the hard work, doing the work day in and day out and the determination, the perseverance, the high integrity of character and bringing -- thinking out of the box. dion: the event was held at albert augustine junior memorial park of sunny hills. that park is named after a leader of the black community who lived in the sunny hills neighborhood. the very first planned racially integrated community in the united states. it's been 175 years since
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american pioneer group the donner party rescuers set out to help those they left behind. this week, another group saddled up at the historic johnson ravage near wheatland to retrace their steps. four extreme athletes followed the relief party's 100 mile route on foot and horseback. bob crowley had been planning this trip for eight years but he injured his knee on the first day. >> just like with the relief party, we had to sort of find the mettle to persevere and just push on. dion: that is the spirit. the relief party ended the re-enactment at donner memorial state park on friday. the donner party is often linked to cannibalism but as the re-enactment showed it is also a tale of heroism. it wasn't sharks, swimmers in florida had to watch out for today at the beach. it was a helicopter. rescue crews saying landing was simply incredible. the very latest on three passengers aboard that chopper. and we are in for some weather changes when we wake up tomorrow
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morning as we take a live look outside at a simply postcard perfect scene of san francisco. abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian will let you know what we can expect. spencer: don't even put me on tv. go back to that shot. that was beautiful. normally we have a prime time game on our air right now. but this time, it's all-star weekend so here we are. and we'll still show you how stephen curry shows off his range on and off the court at all-star
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dion: some breathtaking video coming out of miami where you can see a helicopter go down today very close to swimmers at the beach. two people onboard the helicopter were taken to the hospital. they were not seriously hurt. a third person on the helicopter was not injured. that is the good news. the miami beach fire department said if the crash happened 50 yards more inland, it would have been a mass casualty event. they say it's incredible and insane that no one was hurt. taking a look at the beach, and compared to what we're experiencing, not going to be beach weather come tomorrow. spencer: no. we've had enough beach weather for a while. not in my book. but that's the way it's working out in the atmosphere. here's a look at what's happening right now. it is a bit milder at this hour today than it was at this time yesterday about two to four
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degrees warmer in many locations. so let's take a look at a gorgeous post-sunset sky looking westward from emeryville and current temperature read red wings these. 61 in san francisco. oakland, 59, 64 mount view, san jose still mild at 67, 52 at half moon bay. clear skies over the golden state and a little breezy and 62 degrees in santa rosa and 61 degrees at petaluma, 60 at conored and livermore and a lovely view from mount tam looking at the post sunset sky. and sunset occurred at 5:53 this afternoon. these are our forecast features. clouds will increase overnight with areas of fog. by morning, it will be windier and much cooler beginning tomorrow. that pattern will continue into next week. bringing us a winter chill with showers and possibly some snow in our higher elevations by tuesday. but for tonight we'll just see increasing clouds and lots of high clouds going over and some low clouds and fog developing near the coast. around the bay and in some of our inland valleys. we get more clearing again tomorrow. and the daytime. but clouds will return tomorrow
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night. overnight lows, this night, mainly in the upper 30's at lakeport, santa rosa, low to mid 40's in most other inland locations right around the bay shoreline and on the coast. we'll see lows in the mid 40's. highs tomorrow, 56, and half moon bay 59, san francisco low 60's and other bay shore locations. mid 60's inland. mitt to -- mid to upper 60's in the north bay and mid sibs 'tis in the south bay. and forecast at noon on monday notice how frontal system sweeps in bringing us a mix of light rain and some snow in the sierra. on tuesday, maybe even some snow mixing in with rain in the higher elevations around the bay area. and that system moves out. and we have sunny skies but cold weather coming our way for the following morning. wednesday, thursday and even into friday morning next week. so here's the accuweather seven day forecast. presidents' day monday looking nice and sunny. chilly a bit windier. wintry mix with gusty wind on tuesday and a storm ranking one on the abc7 storm impact scale, cold mornings wednesday and thursday. with temperatures below
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freezing. certainly and maybe even in the upper 20's in some inland areas, thursday morning. and sunny and a little bit milder on friday turning even warmer on saturday. announcer: now sports from abc7 news. casey: it's nba all-star weekend and the warriors are well represented in cleveland. this afternoon the league's best and brightest were on the court for practice ahead of the big game. yep. in our lead story, we're talking about practice. not a game. practice. >> you want to go out and say that you're -- turning into a splash brother, too? >> he's going -- golden state one time. they got that secret, bro. and 40%. >> that secret success is shooting, bro. casey: first time all-star andrew wiggins getting some good natured ribbing from his teammates. the warriors do indeed have the secret. his name is stephen curry. he stole the show in team lebron warm-ups. bearing consecutive half court shots. we're else can you see team half court drills? but it all -- all-star weekend. curry a seven-time all-star trying to enjoy the moment. >> all-star weekend is always special.
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and recognizes the best in the league and represent your team, your family, come here and enjoy all the festivities. and experience the city different than when you come in as the road team to play. and always something you look forward to:the game especially. and like you said, this year, the -- 75th anniversary team. and even the hbcu classic going on out here a lot of different things to kind of look forward to. and yeah. it never really gets old. and i hope it never does. casey: all-tsar weekend -- all-star weekend isn't just for the players. check out this cuteeny noticed a wheelchair saying a poster his birthday and asked steph to not only sign it but he posed for photos. stephen curry the people's champion. juan tinoco anderson in his first dunk contest tonight. coming up soon. he guaranteed his invitation when he posterized former warrior javale mcgee right here. and it's literally a poster now.
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j.t.a. had the shot framed. javale even signed it. it's been a long road for the oakland native. undrafted out of marquette and spent years in smaller leagues before making the most of his chance with the dubs. he's truly living his dream. so he's been truthful when he says he's soaking it all in. >> you never know when your last one is your last one. and so if it's your first one you always remember your first one. so just enjoy and soak it all in and live in the moment. and that's one thing i'm 28, going on 29 i'm learning to do is live in the moment and enjoy every single moment that i have the blessing to. be a part of. casey: draymond green also enjoying all-star weekend but won't be playing due to a back injury that's forced him to miss the last 21 games. green will be an analyst on a special all-star game broadcast tomorrow. draymond has been sorely missed. especially on the defensive side. as the warriors lost four of their last five games heading into the all-star break. but he says it's not all bad. >> and the reality is since i've been out, i think we've had a ton of games where we played really well. you know, we're in a little rough patch coming into the
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break. but for the most part, i think guys have stepped up. and we're still in a good position. as -- and obviously think i can help by being healthy. and that's obviously the goal. casey: abc nba analyst jeff van gundy without -- day off. jordan shepherd high off the glass. gets the bounce. cal within four. 10 seconds to go, cal, shepherd finds jayden sell stein for a three. he bears down and we now have ourselves a game. utes miss a free throw. so the bears with the chance. shepherd brings it up court. he gets a good look. oh, doesn't go in, though. no good. bears fall 60-58. all right. juan toscano-anderson will take the stannel at the slam dunk contest tonight.
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dion: coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 there's a new study out object -- on a drug some people have been taking as a covid treatment. what researchers found when they looked closely at the drug ivermectin. and take a look at this. oh, it is hard to watch. and listen to. dangerous weather leads to this scary situation on a slick
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roadway. much more of this dramatic video coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. and a quick reminder you can always get local news and weather anytime on our new abc7 bay area streaming app. it's free. and easy to download on your roku, apple tv, fire tv, and android devices. a bit of disney magic is part of this year's chinese new year celebration. abc7's parent company disney has a booth at the community street fair in chinatown for turning red. the animated film follows miele as she navigates adolescence and discovers that she turns into a red panda when her emotions run too high. this community street fair features more than 100 booths and entertainment. i had a chance to check it out earlier today. it runs again if you missed out tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. turning red, launches exclusively on disney plus on march 11. and speaking of all of the lunar
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new year festivities, put on by our city, chinese new year parade festivities under way along market street. things were supposed to kick off at around quarter after 5:00 or so this evening. but it looked to be just a little bit delayed. you are looking at some video from some of the spectacular floats. organizers have been planning for months, especially after last year's canceled celebration, all of this certainly a welcome sight to see. that's it for the news at 6:00. i'm dion lim. we'll see you tonight on abc7 news at care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch
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