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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 20, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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wherever you stream. we begin with bella been news where we just learned moments ago that the french president rocher did an agreement between president joe biden and the russian president to attend a proposed summit. they both accepted in principle and on the condition that russia does not invade ukraine. in ukraine's east, pressure controlled rebels made new and unsubstantiated claims of coming under threat from ukraine. the u.s. and its allies believe their lies so that russian president vladimir putin can justify an attack. >> the kinds of things you would need to conduct a successful invasion. dion: lloyd austin told abc 7 news that russia has amassed
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enough firepower to take the ukrainian capital. >> if he employs that kind of firepower, it will create enormous casualties in a civilian population. dion: russia has denied plans to invade but after test firing nuclear capable ballistic missiles, it extended village letteri drills with belarus raising fears of an imminent invasion. leaving a security conference in germany, the vice president says there is still hope for a diplomatic solution. >> we are looking at a moment that is very decisive. dion: today the french president tried by phone to dissuade vladimir putin from an attack that according to the kremlin, they have expressed a serious concern about a teary ration in eastern ukraine and blame ukraine for edge. >> we still hope you will take a diplomatic path. dion: president joe biden
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meeting with his national security team on the deteriorating situation. plumas he is the hope but the u.s. believes that war is a reality. antony blinken says everything we see suggest that we are on the brink of an invasion. demonstrations in support of ukraine are happening all over the country including here in the bay area. tim johns went to one in san francisco earlier today and has a look at the emotional toll the russian threat is having on ukrainian americans. reporter: the emotional toll impacting many ukrainian americans in the bay area that came out to show their support for the country. many telling us they are standing up not just for ukrainian sovereignty but her values such as dum democracy. with tensions rising, dozens showed up at the ferry building to show their support for the eastern european nation. >> we find this absolutely
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disgusting that the world does not stand up to light and rep putin in the way that it should and stopped war in ukraine. reporter: he is the cochairmen of a charity based in palo alto. he says he worries the country of his birth is on the brink of a major catastrophe peering > i . >> i am angry and anxious and i'm worried for my family. reporter: organizers estimate around 150 people showed up to saturday's rally. many of them are ukrainians worried about their loved ones at home. >> it is really important for people to understand this is not just small eastern european country. there is a lot at stake. reporter: also many americans came to show their support not just for the ukrainian people but for fundamental values such as freedom and democracy. >> and if we really care about
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this and care about a world where it is not just might makes right and a big country swallows up another country or breaks it up, then ukraine matters profoundly right now. reporter: while the world waits with baited breath, he says he will continue speaking out being a voice for his country at one of its greatest times of need. >> i would like to see more americans stand up and say down with vladimir putin. reporter: organizers tell me if you would like to help, one of the best things you can do is get in touch with your local elected officials and urge them to stand with ukraine. dion: it is all about solidarity. as the situation in ukraine continues to develop, you can get the latest updates on the abc 7 news bay area at. this morning, it notified people that russian commanders were given orders consistent with an order to invade ukraine. you can get notifications sent
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to your device. san francisco's drug epidemic may have claimed the life of a 16-year-old girl. police are investigating her death as suspicious. officers responded to ministry your seventh friday morning to help paramedics with a possible overdose. the teenager died at the scene. san francisco saw 650 overdose deaths last year and the mayor declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin in december to do -- to address the crisis. details about a shooting in san francisco's mission district. according to please come of the victim has died. he was found friday shot several times in a car near san jose avenue. police say he was 36 years old. no arrests have been made. a focus on health. a component of abc 7's commitment to help build a better bay area. major covid developments
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including a new study that shows an antiviral reduced the risk of hospitalization by 65 percent. research out of india involved more than 1200 people with covid. written's queen elizabeth has tested positive for coronavirus. the 95-year-old is experiencing minor cold like symptoms according to buckingham palace but expects to continue light duties at windsor over the coming week. covid cases and hospitalizations continued to fall in the country. johns hopkins university confirmed cases in the country barely exceeded 100,000. a sharp downturn from the more than 800,000 five weeks ago. changing forecast. as we take a live look outside. cooler outside today than yesterday. spencer christian joining us. the rain we are looking forward to is slight. spencer: it will be light rain
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but the changes overall are big. that me show you the wind conditions. we have wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour right now. overnight lows will drop into the low 30's in some spots on that is just tonight. it will get colder in the nights ahead. late tonight into tuesday, light rain coming along with snow at our higher elevations with more snow in the sierra. bund a lot. i have the accuweather full forecast coming up. dion: with the heat we have had, i forgot it was winter. just ahead, is celebration this week of culture and resilience. ♪ dion: crowds return of san francisco's chinese new year parade. the special meaning it took on this time. and a big loss for draymond green
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dion: san francisco mayor -- the san francisco mayor was on meet the press today. she was asked if she expects a crossover of frustration. she said she has not made a
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decision about the recall but said people are concerned about crime and frustrated about accountability. >> i am still debating on whether or not i will but ultimately what i want to be able to do is make sure that the decision i make is not an impediment to my ability to work with the district attorney in keeping san franciscans safe. dion: the recall is scheduled for june 7. news from the east bay where repair work is needed on a water break that continue to cause problems in the danville area. the district calls it the next -- calls it a complicated fix. one resident who lives on the street told abc7news water has been leaking for weeks. east bay says it customers if a temporary water shutdown is necessary. a couple of a loved cultural events in the bay area making a comeback this weekend.
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both contributing to big crowds and san francisco. organizers estimate hundreds of thousands turned out for the return of the chinese new year parade yesterday. it was canceled last year because of the pandemic. it is a celebration of rich traditions and promotes a message of unity after a series of violent attacks on asian americans. and the chinatown community street fair filled grand avenue with people reminiscent of the celebrations held before covid. some of the people celebrating probably took bart which saw its second-highest saturday ridership since the pandemic. there were more than 84,000 experts. 55% of pre-pandemic ridership. the busiest saturday was during fleet week and giants playoffs last week -- last year. just ahead, homeowners are bearing a burden in south lake tahoe. >> i am tired of having to fear for our lives.
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dion: a hungry bear has turned to a life of crime and is targeting one neighborhood in particular. taking another live look outside, looking pretty gorgeous. you will want to grab your jacket and may be an umbrella. spencer christian tells us about big changes in the forecast. chris: nascar opens the season with a photo finish and we go down memory lane with jason richardson. the connection between him
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dion: police are investigating a recent robbery at the home of draymond green. tmz is reporting his home was broken into during super bowl weekend with more than a million dollars of jewelry and other items were taken. he was in los angeles at the time attending the super bowl and he returned home to find his home had been ransacked. it is unclear if anyone was at home at the time of the break in. residents of south lake tahoe say there is a serial burglar that has hit dozens of homes recently. he is scarier than your average crook. a 500 pound bear is being blamed
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for 40 break-ins. he has the nickname of hank the tank. police recently found him inside a house he entered through a window. he is still on the loose and putting a scare into locals. >> it is really scary because we used to be able to go on walks and bike rides i ourselves but now we have a bigger problem. >> we bring the bear horn now. dion: the department of fish and wildlife has been trying to trap hank for weeks but so far, no luck. if you are a fan of cooler weather, you will be in luck. spencer: we will be in luck. we need this change in the weather pattern. take a look at the wind, the increasing wind at the surface. wind gusts up to about 40 miles per hour in several locations. it will feel chillier than it actually is and it is already feeling pretty chilly.
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most areas are 8-16 degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. take a live look out over the embarcadero. mt. view, 55. 50 at half moon bay.f mostly clear skies over golden gate right now. low 50's and petaluma, napa. 49 at livermore. and the sun has set as we can see in this view of the western sky. mostly clear and chilly overnight. breezy conditions will prevail and a big winter chill with showers and high elevation snow will visit the bay area on tuesday. for tonight, clouds moving out followed by clear skies mainly. gusty winds will tomorrow along with spotty showers activity near the coast line. not likely to get measurable
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rain tomorrow. tomorrow night, the possibility for rain increasing. low to mid 30's tonight. lows around the bay shoreline and on the coast will be mainly in the low 40's. highs tomorrow, low to mid 50's at the coast. the bay shoreline, the warmest will be 57. inland areas will reach upper 50's tomorrow. one or two places like fairfield will top out at 60 tomorrow. tuesday's approaching storm ranks a one on the scale. a be up to a 10th of an inch of rainfall. snow levels dropping down to 2000 feet. tomorrow afternoon, we will see increasing clouds. rain will start to approach the bay area tomorrow night with snow over the sierra area. a mix of snow and rain at the higher elevations. after that, clear skies going through the remainder of the
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week and very cold mornings for wednesday and thursday. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. storm comes tuesday. level 1 storm. brigid morning conditions on wednesday and thursday, temperatures into the upper 20's. it gets gradually warmer going into the weekend. temperatures back in the mid 60's by next weekend. >> now, abc 7 sports weather chris alvarez. chris: basketball best in cleveland for the all-star weekend. steph curry and andrew wiggins playing in the all-star game. draymond green is out with a back injury. in the dunk contest last night, toscano-anderson made the finals and for his last dunk he pulled out the jason richardson dunk. he had three attempts but did not get it and ended up in second place. any excuse is a good excuse to
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show richardson's dunk. man, he flew. the consolation prize was a call from richardson. another dream come true for the kid from oakland. >> and i apologize that i did not convert that last dunk. >> it was a one timer and it happened to be the dunk contest. i am just proud, man. all the love. >> those words mean a lot coming from you. i have been watching you since i was a kid. >> go ahead and finish off that season. chris: that is pretty cool. russell wilson -- his wife was watching their daughter. the three. stanford down finds her teammat.
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falling she was fouled. they have a 14 game win streak. men's college hoops, san jose state hosting new mexico. amari moore went for 18 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assess. the third triple-double in school history. spartans win. they snapped an 18 game mountain west losing streak. after wisconsin beat michigan this afternoon, howard had words for the badgers coach about a late timeout and then things got heated with players from both teams trying to keep the coaches away from each other. and then the wisconsin assistant said something causing howard to take a swipe. should gonzales at director has already publicly apologized for the incident.
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it was a little ugly. the big ten has promised to review. in the post game press conferences, neither coach apologized. howard said he reacted when someone from wisconsin put their hands on him. >> drivers, start your engines! chris: charles woodson starting the daytona 500 today. harrison flipping on lap 63. there was a to lap overtime. the rookie, austin held on in a photo finish to win the daytona 500. his first ever nascar cup victory winning by a half a car length over bubba wallace. a wild finish at daytona. when you have to go to a photo like that, those cars are going so fast we are talking inches. dion: that term -- if you blink
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you will miss it really does apply. are you counting until football comes back? chris: 29 sundays from now. dion: you are so precise. chris: i had to look it up. it is the first sunday without football. dion: just ahead, the nations hub of technology is celebrating its past and the future. you can visit a museum that pays
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dion: coming up tonight at 11:00, we are less the week into much of the bay area dropping indoor mask mandates but how much has really changed? at least one expert says he will still wear one. and the bay area ukrainian community is on edge with the threat of war. one family here on the visa wonders if it will ever be able to return home. that is all coming up tonight on abc7news at 11:00. after a two-year closure because of covid, the computer history museum in mountain view is back open. the museum explores the future
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of the tech devices that we use. you can also explore video games and texting. the museum offers a learning lab with hands-on activities and educational tors. it is only open on weekends and tickets start at just $13. that is it for this edition of abc7news at 6:00. for chris, spencer and all of us here, thank you for joining us. don't forget that abc7news is now streaming 20 47 on our
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♪ >> hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. on today's show, a mother and son duo inspiring others. >> we created "randall the blue spider goes surfing." >> mail moments from a pro. >> it's that human connection that a letter brings to you. >> beautiful knot art. >> i love the process so much and how it felt while i was doing it that i just kept doing it and doing it and doing it. >> a teen's wish comes true. >> it doesn't only benefit me. it benefits all of us. >> but first, decadent seven-layer fudge.


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