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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 21, 2022 3:30am-4:00am PST

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breaking overnight on "world news now, major developments in the crisis in ukraine. >> president biden agreeing to meet with vladimir putin with one catch. >> plus russian commanders give an order to plan to invade. we'll break it down. also this morning, the concern about 95-year-old queen elizabeth. the latest in her covid battle and signals being sent by the palace. drama on the court. after the wisconsin/michigan game, a coach facing disciplinary action. what both coaches are saying overnight. and on this presidents day, some facts about presidents we never knew. for example, which president is a "my little pony" expert. the answer ahead on this monday, february 21st. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> well, we know it wasn't george washington. >> i'm pretty sure my little pony was not around back then. >> probably not, if it was, it is vintage. >> hopefully it was one with a child. >> yes. >> not just watching my little pony on their own. >> maybe reagan, he's in hollywood. >> maybe. >> one was also a male model. >> ooh. >> yeah, we'll tell you. it's presidents day. we begin with a high-stakes meeting in the works between president biden and vladimir putin. >> the two leaders have agreed in principle to hold a summit later this week. but the u.s. is making it clear it is on the condition that russia does not invade ukraine. however, russia appears poised to do just that as residents in east ukraine return to survey the damage of their shelled-out homes. >> as the threat of an imminent
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russian invasion of ukraine looms, president biden met with his national security team on sunday, many recently returned from europe after reassuring allies and doubling down on the consequences for russian president vladimir putin if he attacks ukraine. they believe russian tactical commanders have been given orders to plan to invade. the "new york times" reporting the u.s. intelligence officials learned the kremlin gave the order to attack last week, which prompted president biden to say that he's convinced president putin made the decision to invade. >> the u.s. believes that putin has told his tactical commanders to be prepared, to move into position ready to conduct an attack. that's very different from putin making the decision and saying you will attack. >> more than 150,000 troops are thought to be amassed along three sides of ukraine. one official tells abc news, the number could be as high as 190,000 troops.
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50% of those forces are in attack positions. >> if he employs that kind of combat power, it will certainly create enormous casualties, you know, within a civilian population. >> heavy shelling continued in eastern ukraine, separatists facing off against ukrainian troops. the rebels making unsubstantiated claims of attacks by government forces, amid fear this could be used as justification for a russian invasion. in a letter to the united nations, the u.s. says the russians are making a list of ukrainians to target in an invasion, it includes officials, journalists and activists said to be marked for death, torture or murder. today was supposed to be the deadline for health care workers to receive vaccine shots. it has been pushed back because the boosting mandate may have made staffing shortages worse. the number of hospitalizations
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and cases are showing declines. and breaking overnight, australia is now welcoming back tourists after nearly two years of covid-related closures. emotions were high at sydney airport where returning australians were finally reunited with family members they haven't seen in that entire time. all passengers must be vaccinated. leaders from around the world are sending well wishes to britain's queen elizabeth who's recovering from covid. it is front page news across britain. lama hasan reports from london. >> reporter: the queen is isolating in buckingham palace after it was revealed the monarch has tested positive for covid. the palace trying to reassure the public, she expects to continue light duties over the coming week. it has been widely reported the queen is triple vaccinated, determined to keep calm and carry on as head of state and monarch, adding she will
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continue to receive medical attention and follow all the appropriate guidelines. >> we know the queen has some great physicians who are looking after her. at this stage, they are very much keeping a close eye on her as she tries as much as possible to carry on as normal. >> reporter: and just hours after the palace's announcement, the queen issuing this message, sending her warmest congratulations to great britain's olympic curling teams for bringing home their only medals in beijing. her majesty was last seen on wednesday, carrying out an engagement on a walking stick. quipping that she wasn't able to move. >> how are you? >> as you can see, i can't move. >> reporter: while she has enjoyed good health during her extraordinary 70 years on the throne, making history and celebrating her platinum jubilee back in october. and after spending a night in the hospital, the 95-year-old was told to rest, canceling many of her engagements. and there were growing concerns for her majesty's health after prince charles tested positive
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for covid nearly two weeks ago. charles has since recovered. messages of well wishes have been pouring in all day. >> we really hope she's okay. >> reporter: and at this point, what we know is that prime minister boris johnson is planning on lifting all the remaining covid restrictions in this country and part of that is this self-isolation period currently set at five days. all of this is part of the government's plan on how to live with covid. lama hasan, abc news, outside buckingham palace. south florida medical examiners are working to confirm that the sister of bernie madoff and her husband died of a murder/suicide. both had suffered gunshot wounds. the couple were among the victims of bernie madoff's ponzi scheme, which left them financially ruined. madoff died in prison last year. department of homeland security is part of the investigation into the killing
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of a college senior close to the canadian border. a suspect is being held in a shooting near the state university of new york at potsdam. the town's first homicide in seven years. here's abc's janai norman. >> reporter: a college campus reeling following the arrest in the murder of a co-ed found gunned down on the side of the road. police responding just after 5:00 p.m. friday to reports of an unconscious woman found just off the state university of new york's potsdam campus. officers finding 21 year old honor student elizabeth howell shot, a cellist, behind the music school. investigators arresting michael snow, a man officials say has no affiliation with the college, either as a student, employee or graduate. snow is charged with second degree murder. authorities say the suspect was seen in this honda civic, passing through potsdam the evening of the murder. the suspect has been arraigned
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and is being held without bail. police say this is an isolated incident but they are seeking additional information. the college has canceled classes for monday. janai norman, abc news in new jersey. rents are soaring all across the country, rising on average a staggering 19.3% in big cities, over the course of 2021. miami saw the most astronomical jump with rents nearly 50% higher. the hikes are being blamed on low vacancies and unrelenting demand. it could keep inflation high through the end of the year. many americans are forced to tap into their savings or down size or fall behind on payments. >> yikes. one final time cue the olympic music as we say good-bye to the games of 2022. >> it happened really quickly, didn't it? >> mm-hm. >> american bobsledder, alana meyers taylor carrying the u.s. flag. team usa finished with 25 medals.
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eight of america's medals were gold. >> speaking of bobsledding, these dogs in iowa with their goggles and makeshift sled are ready for the next winter games. they start in milan, italy. next summer games will be in paris in 2024. supply chain issues have cost americans their favorite cereal. >> rice krispies have been really hard to find on store shelves. they blame supply constraints. they vow to fix the problem as quickly as possible. some twitter users say they haven't been able to find the cereal in over a month. >> yikes. >> i know a lot of people use it for baking and use it to mold things. >> people eat the same breakfast every single day. so when they can't find it for over a month -- >> we have problems. >> we got problems. >> coming up, toys perfect for the middle of winter.
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plus, michigan's head basketball coach throwing a punch. what led to this moment, and what both sides are saying overnight. and later, our presidents day quiz. here's another question. which president was a male model? the answer ahead. you're watching "world news now."
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back now wi back now with one of the highlight crashes from sunday's daytona 500. harrison burton's car flipping over in a wreck involving several other cars, thankfully burton was not hurt. the race ended with a two-lap overtime shootout and austin cindric took the checkered flag and dedicated the victory to roger penske who turned 85 yesterday. in college basketball, michigan men's head coach, juwan howard, may have to take a timeout because of a timeout. the one-time member of the school's fab five is facing possible disciplinary action for causing a scene at the end of the game. here's abc's derrick dennis. >> oh, they're going at it. >> reporter: a basket brawl at the end of the michigan/wisconsin game. michigan coach juwan howard in a
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heated talk with greg gard, pointed his finger in gard's face. and he reaches over and hits the assistant. >> i didn't like the timeout called. and i'll be totally honest with you. i thought it was not necessary at that moment. >> i can take a timeout. that's -- it gives my players a best chance to have success. >> reporter: the two coaches explaining their sides after the game. howard taking issue with them calling two timeouts even though the badgers were winning big. he was trying to explain why he took the timeout. >> he came over and pulled his mask down and pointed at me. >> i will remember that, because of that timeout. and for someone to touch me, i think that was very uncalled for, for him to touch me. >> reporter: this isn't the first time coach howard was
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ejected for an on-court melee. this morning, michigan's athletic director says the school will investigate, saying there is no excuse for any of our staff or student athletes to get into a physical altercation wth others, regardless of instigating factors. the big 10 conference says it will review sunday's incident and take, quote, swift and appropriate disciplinary action. mona, rhiannon? the santa fe, new mexico district attorney says alec baldwin may have fired the fatal shot on a movie set last year without pulling the trigger. baldwin told george stephanopoulos that he did not pull the trigger before halyna hutchins was fatally wounded. now the d.a. tells "vanity fair" she launched her own investigation of baldwin's claim and found a bullet could be fired without pulling the trigger. the fbi's analysis of the weapon used on the set is still pending. rapper ye's new streaming
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service is helping him cash in. that is the artist formerly known as kanye west. he is now ye. he revealed that it is only available through his $200 stem player. did you see it? it looks like a muffin top. as of saturday he made more than $2.2 million in 24 hours, adding "god is good." god is good. >> he's been making the news a lot. >> and yes, ye. is he brilliant? or -- >> so my thing is, it seems a little dated, right? we're going back to almost this mp 3 ipod era where that's been kind of phased out. but i also believe in owning your own stuff. and he did a lot of listening parties that were sold out and -- >> he has slammed streaming services saying that they're not paying people enough, paying artists enough. this is his way around that. >> we'll see how that turns out for him. probably good. coming up, turning to toys
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to beat cabin fever. our own will ganss checked in with our toy insider and an expert for the toys and games for the coldest months of the year. and later, our presidents day quiz, which president proposed with a $2.50 ring? the answer is coming up. up.
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♪ look around ♪ ♪ it's a hazy shade of winter ♪ welcome back to "world news now." as this winter weather drags on, you're probably itching to get outside.
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if you can't get outside, there's a way to have fun inside around the dining room table. and for that, we bring in our toy insider, ali, and our toy expert, charlie. thank you, guys. >> thank you for having me. >> this segment would not work without you, charlie. >> we'll start out with the paper butterfly science kit. >> charlie, did you have a chance to work on this? >> this is mine. >> yours are so cool, look how bright. >> my favorite is probably -- i have two favorites this one othne whi weather is k ch olysp tse beautiful yh. next up favorite gam.iss hangr. >>t's my favore iteaoufuregry, was y fun.
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it's trying to, like, convince your eyes, to like, think fast. and your hands. >> next we have an indoor treasure hunt. this is from spinmaster. and inside is kinetic sand. it's that tactile compound that kids can dig through. there's an included shovel. you'll find hidden treasures. there will be gems, there's also a special golden surprise. this is the jixle's creator set from fatbrain. there are your own blank pieces of paper. >> my mom loves puzzles. she does like 1,000-piece puzzles every day. when my mom saw this, she was like, this is a mini puzzle. >> next, is it jenga? >> i like this one a lot, because you have to hear what they're saying and know what to build. it's like a challenge. you don't know what you're building but you keep trying and
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it comes together at the end. >> our thanks to charlie for his insight. "world news now" will be right back. thanks to charlie f
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♪ ♪ time now for "the mix" on this presidents day and the answers to our presidential pop quiz. >> our first question was, which president was a male model? the answer, gerald ford. the 38th president once graced the cover of "cosmopolitan" shortly after joining the navy. >> andrew and i are expert question askers because of "jeopardy." that's on our resume now. >> i did see you on "jeopardy", and you did do a fantastic job. >> like my time on "jeopardy", which president proposed with a $2.50 ring. the answer? what is lyndon b. johnson. johnson traveled all the way from washington to texas to
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present his future wife a ring from sears. >> final question. which president is a my little pony expert. the answer? who is bill clinton. he once aced a pop quiz on the show. makes sense, he has a daughter. >> i meant to say "who is." >> you're the expert. >> it's been a while since my "jeopardy" days, it's been a whole week. next to the man down under who has reclaimed his m&ms world record. >> first it was four, then it was five. but now the australian serial record breaker has become the first person ever to stack six m&ms on top of one another. >> using bits of tissue paper, two steady hands and lots of patience, the 22-year-old managed to hold his mini tower steady for the required ten seconds. >> let's see if we've got what it takes. i didn't realize there was a hack involved. >> our producer has no faith in us. he gave us fun-sized m&ms.
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>> i already ate two. >> you work on this, and i'm going to tell everyone about a mom's hack for her kids' bedtime that i am calling genius. others might not agree. tiktoker ashley molina says the way she makes sure her daughter isn't up past her bedtime is never telling her what her bedtime is. instead of waiting until her actual bedtime at 8:00 p.m., she, at 7:15, she goes, do you want to go to bed or stay up late. we all know how her daughter answers. she says she wants to stay up late. then she ends up going to sleep at her normal time. molina says, quote, lie to them, they don't need to know what time bedtime is. as a parent your life is full of little white lies. i'm telling you, i've told my kids before that the playground was closed when it wasn't. i know, i'm not proud of it.
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how's it going over there by the way. >> i'm going to lie and say i have a guinness world reco i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a sportswriter from minneapolis, minnesota... a middle school teacher from williams bay, wisconsin... and our returning champion-- an engineering manager from oakland, california... whose 13-day cash winnings total... and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" we hope you enjoyed our recently concluded professors tournament,


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