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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 21, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news in the standoff with russia, amid warnings that russian troops have been told to be ready for orders to invade. word this morning of a new agreement that could bring president biden and russian president putin to the table for new talks. complete coverage from ukraine, moscow, and washington right now. queen elizabeth tests positive for covid just weeks after her son, prince charles. this morning, what we're learning about her condition and her plans for the days ahead. the investigation into two helicopter crashes caught on camera, one deadly. this police chopper crashing into the water. the other crash barely missing this crowded beach in florida. witnesses now describing how people jumped in to help save
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the passengers. paying the bills now harder than ever. the shocking rent increase many americans are now seeing and what's to blame. plus what sparked this basketbrawl apparently started by a coach, and it's not the first time he's been in trouble. what both sides are now saying. and later, hank the tank. the giant black bear on the run from authorities strikes again. >> announcer: from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." good monday morning, everyone. i'm mona kosar abdi. >> and i'm rhiannon ally in for andrew. we want to begin this morning with breaking news in the standoff with russia over ukraine. >> u.s. officials say russian troops are on the brink of invading. but overnight, word of a possible summit that could be held between president biden and russian president vladimir putin with one condition. abc's faith abubey is here with the very latest. faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, mona. as the threat of a russian
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invasion looms, a possible diplomatic solution is now emerging. this morning, a last-ditch effort to avoid war in europe. president biden and russian president vladimir putin have agreed to hold a summit in principle with one major condition, that russia does not invade ukraine. >> through those 70 years as i mentioned yesterday, there has been peace and security. we are talking about the real possibility of war in europe. >> reporter: there's still no timing or format for the summit proposed by french president macron, who spoke separately over the weekend with president biden, putin, and ukraine president zelensky. china is also now pushing for a diplomatic solution. the chinese foreign minister saying, quote, the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of any country should be respected and safeguarded. ukraine is no exception. this all coming after u.s. officials said russian commanders have now been given orders to plan to invade. >> the u.s. believes that putin
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has told his tactical commanders to be prepared, to move into position, ready to conduct an attack. that's very different from putin making the actual decision and saying, you will attack. >> reporter: more than 150,000 russian troops are thought to be gathered on three sides of ukraine. some estimates claim that number could be as high as 190,000. adding to the pressure, russia announcing troops will continue to carry out military drills in belarus just north of ukraine's border. abc's james longman is there. >> reporter: russia and belarus have been adamant so far. all this, these are just pre-planned military exercises. but with the tension ratcheting up over in eastern ukraine, these military drills have certainly taken on a much more threatening character. >> reporter: and new overnight, word the biden administration has sent a letter to the united nations saying it has credible information that shows moscow is creating lists of identified
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ukrainians to be killed or sent to camps following a military occupation. across ukraine, civilians are taking part in combat training, preparing to fight if necessary. >> never give up. this is my country. it is my city. >> will your citizens take up weapons? >> yes. yes. i am optimistic. together with united states, together with great britain, victory, only victory. >> reporter: this morning, mona, the state department is now warning americans in russia to avoid crowded areas and stay alert in tourist areas as well. mona. >> faith abubey, thank you. sources say president biden is on track to announce his choice for the next supreme court justice as early as this week. the white house has been courting republican moderates in hopes of getting bipartisan support for the first black woman on the court. biden's short list includes judge ketanji brown jackson, a former clerk for justice stephen breyer.
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she has already gone through the senate confirmation process. california supreme court judge leondra kruger. and judge j. michelle childs from the district of south carolina. she has the support of congressman jim clyburn and senator lindsey graham. well we shalls are pouring if for queen elizabeth, who has now tested positive for covid. the 95-year-old is in isolation but is planning to do some light work while she recovers. the queen has been dealing with health concerns recently including a stay in the hospital last fall, and he's using a cane, recently telling her guests she can't move. >> i think there is concern for the queen primarily because of her age, but also because i think this announcement comes after a spate of several months where she has been unable to carry out her duties as she would have liked because of various different forms of ill health. back in october, she was forced to cancel several engagements when doctors advised her to rest a sprained ck eer recently walking using a stick to stand and walk. >> the palace says the queen is
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experiencing mild cold-like symptoms. she's believed to be vaccinated and boosted. new york is delaying a covid vaccine booster mandate for health care workers. it was supposed to take effect today, but it has been delayed because of concerns about staffing shortages at medical facilities. california and connecticut have also delayed similar mandates. and some encouraging news about the new subvariant of the omicron variant. it is no more dangerous than the original version. that is according to a new study from south africa, which found the ba.2 subvariant is not more likely to send people to the hospital. we're hearing from more witnesses this morning after two helicopter crashes this weekend, one of them deadly and the other in front of crowds on busy miami beach. over the weekend, two helicopter crashes caught on camera on opposite ends of the country. in southern california, this surveillance video capturing the moment a police helicopter spins out of control, narrowly missing
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houses, crashing into the bay near newport beach. >> if he had landed on a house, there would be a lot of casualties. >> reporter: first responders rushing to save the two huntineach police officers trapped inside. one was taken to the hospital and released. the other, 44-year-old nicholas vela, a 14-year veteran who did not survive. >> this is truly a heartbreaking time for all of us in huptding ton beach. >> reporter: the huntington beach police department grounding its fleet pending an investigation. >> a few seconds later, he transmitted they about going down. >> reporter: only hours earlier, this crash on miami beach. a camera capturing the moment a helicopter plunges into the ocean only feet away from swimmers. >> about 100 yards offshore. it looks like miami beach fire rescue is on scene. >> from the crash point, i was about maybe six meters. my family was telling me, it's going down, it's going down. i just looked back and i saw it when it crashed. i was really scared.
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>> reporter: bystanders rushing to the downed chopper to reach those inside, lifting up the wreckage to keep thepass s out of the water until they could be cut from their seat belts. >> everybody, i mean the whole beach ran to the scene. it was a very, very quick reaction. >> reporter: all three passengers survived. the faa is investigating the crash, saying the chopper went down under unknown circumstances. the owner of the chopper has not been revealed yet. five people have been found dead inside of an apartment near denver. the bodies, three women and two men, were found sunday afternoon in commerce city, colorado. another woman as well as a 4-month-old baby were also inside. th they are okay. investigators say illicit narcotics were found in the apartment and they say the surviving adult is talking to police. former president trump is making a comeback on social media, launching his own app today one year after he was booted from twitter and other mainstream platforms. truth social will now be available in the apple app store, promising to be free from
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political discrimination. it's unclear when the android version will be released. it is time now for a look at your monday weather. extreme drought is one reason wildfires have now burned more than 3,000 square miles in argentina. large numbers of animals and vast amounts of farmlands have been destroyed. here in the u.s., a storm will be dropping up to two feet of snow in the rockies before it moves on to the plains and midwest. ice and rain is also expected around chicago and kansas city. severe storms are possible from texas to missouri. checking today's highs, cool in southern california but above normal temps in the northeast. 60s across the south. coming up, the rising cost of rent. the shocking monthly payment some people now face. also ahead, hundreds of family dollar stores are forced to close because of a rodent
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problem. the products affected. but first, a murder mystery. a college student is found dead on the side of the road. what we are lear
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this morning new questions surrounding the murder of 21-year-old elizabeth howell, a college student found shot and killed in upstate new york. her parents say they don't think she knew her alleged killer, leading police to believe the shooting is random. >> female, unknown trauma. >> reporter: on friday before 6:00 p.m. police found elizabeth's body on a road only
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100 feet from the campus of suny potsdam where she was a cellist. investigators charged michael snow of nearby mecina, new york, with second degree murder. now authorities releasing this picture of snow's car the day of the murder, asking if anyone in the area saw him or his gray honda civic. what led to snow's arrest remains unclear and police have not released a motive. the school saying it appears to be an isolated incident. elizabeth's father telling "the new york post" she didn't have enemies and certainly no one would want to kill her. as soon as they told us, we figured wrong place, wrong time. he calls elizabeth a wonderful young lady, a talented musician, a dear friend, an all around
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great person. elizabeth was set to graduate this year with a degree in music education. an urgent warning for consumers. thousands of family dollars are closing because products may be c contaminat contaminated. the products include lipsticks, vitami vitamins, baby wipes and dental floss. the scores closed are in alabama, arkansas, mississippi,s year. miami saw the biggest jump with rent nearly 50% higher. the hikes are being blamed on low vacancy rates. many americans are tapping into their savings. coming up, the latest on that cargo ship
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the storm overturned this truck in england. the driver there is okay. wow. but at least eight deaths are blamed on that storm. fire continues to burn onboard a cargo ship carrying thousands of cars, including 1,100 porsches in the atlantic ocean. officials say the large number of electric vehicles on the ship i complicating firefighting efforts because of their the ship caught fire off the coast of portugal wednesday. it was due in rhode island last week. we now turn to that brawl in college basketball, not between players. between coaches. here's abc's derek dennis. >> see, they're going at it. > reporter: a basketbrawl at the end of the michigan-wisconsin game. michigan coach juwan howard in a heated talk with greg gard. others stepping in to separate them. but then howard reaches over and hits wisconsin assistant joe crabb crabben host. a melee broke out from there.
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>> i didn't like the time-out being called and i'll be totally honest with you. i thought it was not necessary at that moment. >> i can take a time-out. that's -- it gives my players the best chance to have success. >> reporter: the two coaches explaining their sides after the game. howard taking issue with wisconsin calling two time-outs in the final minute of the game even though the badgers were winning big at the time. the wisconsin coach says he was just trying to explain why he took the last time-out. >> he came up to me and pulled his mask down and said, i'll remember that, and he started pointing it at me and tapped me in the chest. >> i addressed it with the head coach that i will remember that because of that time-out, and for someone to touch me, you know, i think that was very uncalled for, for him to touch me. >> reporter: this isn't the first time coach howard has been involved in an on-court melee. he was ejected from this game against maryland last year after a heated exchange that cleared the benches. this morning michigan's athletic director says the school will investigate, saying there is no excuse for any of our staff or
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student athletes to get into a physical altercation with others regardless of instigating factors. the big ten conference says it will review sunday's incident and take, quote, swift and appropriate disciplinary action. mona, rhiannon. >> thank you. a thrilling end to the nba all-star game in cleveland. lebron james hit the final shot to give his team the win over team durant. 163-160. but the biggest story of the night was steph curry. he was named mvp after hitting a record 16 three-pointers. >> 50 points. coming up, saving you some money. the best sales on this presidents' day. but first, hank the tank. the 500-pound bear strikes ag
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time to check "the pulse," and we begin with hank the tank striking again. >> the 500-pound bear, there he is, he's been menacing south lake tahoe, california, for months. apparently is not deterred at all by the efforts to find him. >> he broke into another home in search of his latest meal, this time entering through a window. officials say hank has lost all fear of people, and he didn't hibernate because he has access to so much food. >> he said if goldilocks did it, i can too. he ransacked nearly 30 homes, but no one has been hurt fortunately. next, it is a big year for presidents' day sales. >> the biggest bargains today are on appliances and furniture. at best buy, we found huge discounts on appliances from fridges to air fryers, and at macy's, you can save big on mattresses and rugs. home improvement stars are offering bargains as well, off of 40% off of many items at the home depot. and at lowe's, deals on everything from bath fixtures to flooring. >> the discounts are better because of the huge backlog at
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u.s. ports before the holidays last year. >> retailers ordered a ton of goods for this holiday season, and it all got stuck on boats. but those goods are getting unpacked and getting put into stores right now, and retailers are going to have to offer deals in order to sell through all of that. >> clothing retailers are posting clearance sales of 70% off to make room for spring inventory. next, you are not alone if you've been searching for rice krispies and can't find them. >> kellogg's has an explanation. it says there is a temporary shortage due to supply constraints. >> no word when snap, crackle, and pop will be back in stores. next, it is the must-see shot on the basketball court. >> it happened at a high school game in virginia. watch the player from norfolk academy. he shoots a three-pointer. then he does a back flip before the ball even goes in. we'll show you again. the three-pointer and then the back flip. not bad at all. pretty good form. finally the olympics are over, but these dogs in iowa are still celebrating. look, they're dressed up.
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in the effort to keep russia from invading ukraine. developments. kumasi: do we need to think about a second booster shot? reggie: we are seeing a major cooldown and maybe some rain this week. drew is attracting the return of winter weather. we are going to start with drew. drew: winter made a comeback yesterday. that continues today. tomorrow, chance of light rain. a chilly morning, basically in the 30's and 40's. 39 in san jose. 46 in theoutside, the easoutsids we have clear co


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