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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 22, 2022 1:06am-1:39am PST

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going bad, it's either poland or spain. >> and that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> an emergency international meeting as tensions continue to
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rise between 10 -- russia and ukraine. we will have the latest development. >> traffic measures coming to one 10 has eight neighborhood. residents say after more than a decade line fight. >> after 43 days, is finally snowed in lake tahoe. or snow on the way. >> live doppler 7 tracking a cold storm ring and wintry mix. hour-by-hour forecast coming up. abc7news at 11:00 starts now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: tonight, and emergency international meeting of the increasingly tense situation between russia and ukraine. it comes after russian president vladimir putin ordered the russian military to enter areas held by separatists in eastern ukraine. thank you for joining us. ama: abc7news reporter has been tracking the story on night. >> u.s. and western officials
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does most -- dismissing that notion of russian troops being there in a peacekeeping capacity. an emergency meeting of the united nation's security council taking place in new york. calling russia's action a pretext for further invasion. reporter: tensions -- between russia and ukraine meeting russia -- putin signing a decree recognizing independence of doughnuts and luhansk. -- dansk and >> his mission in office is to restore what he regards as what is now calling historic russia. that means taking over ukraine. reporter: stephen fish is a political science professor. he has stayed post communist countries. he says the current situation is biggest security crisis in europe since he and of the second world war.
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>> this returns europe from 75 years of peace to a world of war. reporter: in response to boudin's actions, -- putin's actions, calling an emergency meeting of the un security council. >> consequences will be higher. -- dyer. reporter: >> i suspect his plans are to push further and take territory. reporter: some 6000 miles away from the ukrainian border, a local community also feeling the strain. he is the cosponsor of noble ukraine and still has family in country. >> file for should be there trying to protect them. i don't think i can fly there. they are are no longer flying there. i am trying to convince him to lead. reporter: they've spent the last following -- last week's calling
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elected officials to take a hard line against boudin and support the ukrainian people in a time of need. >> our people are strong and resilient we will survive this. we will win. reporter: many are now asking if russia does invade, what could be u.s. and its allies do to respond? one choice would be more sanctions. the u.s. and european union could cut russia out of swift, the network that underpins the global financial system. we would essentially cut them off for most international financial transactions and immediately hit the country's economy. this is never been done before but was considered when russia invaded premier -- crimea in 2014. it was eventually canned because pressure called it akin to a declaration of war. ama: we did send a special alert on our abc seven news app is the united nations how the emergency
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meeting. it was streamed live on our app and website. if you are breaking news alerts like this, the app is available in the app store. dan: tonight the bay area seeing some showers after a long winter dry spell. let's go to meteorologist sandhya patel, tracking the conditions here and in the sierra. sandhya: it is a welcome sight. we are finally breaking that long winter dry spell. that's check out live doppler 7. we have showers moving through san francisco right now. had four hundredths of an inch. that measures, you are seeing the wet weather. it is the east bay, coming down around driscoll road, mission road, 680. as we head toward the mount helen did area, switching to a mix of rain and snow. some scattered showers around the santa cruz mountains. it is a level 1 storm through tomorrow. scattered when treatments -- makes. under .2 inches for most areas.
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tomorrow morning, watch out for what roadways -- what roadways. it is coming down in the sierra nevada. that was a live look. they're chaining up as snow is falling. you could see it on our radar. i will be back with an hour-by-hour forecast. ama: the colder temperatures and snow in the sierra are coming at a perfect time. many school districts or offer midwinter break. some families are spending in lake tahoe. j.r. stone has more on the boost this is giving businesses. reporter: it just started snowing on the south shore about a half-hour ago. reporter: those light snow conditions in south lake tahoe are expected to pick up in the overnight hours. traffic cams monday evening, already showing backups along i-80 as the snow came down. >> lake levels three to six inches. maybe double that. reporter: i sure hope so.
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>> how big of deal is it to get any snow right now? >> that's a great question. after 43 days, any precipitation looks good. i was just up my yard, it was eight, 10 feet of snow. we are able to see the dirt again. reporter: many kids are out of school for midwinter break. their families sent is the deal from sledding hills and ski resorts, shots there pretty with groomed snow on the ground. it has been more than a month concerns been a measurable snowfall in the sierra. he would never know at california ski company in berkeley. custom boot fitting is backed up four to six weeks. now a rush for rentals after management added to their collections in the off-season. >> where completely rented out of jet skis and -- kid skis and have few adult skis available. reporter: eight inches could come down at some elevations in the next 24 hours.
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>> the production is is going to snow all the way through tomorrow night. -- projection is going to snow all the way through tomorrow night. ama: you you you you you you conditions where you live anytime on the abc 7 bay area app. it is available on roku, and was, android tv and apple tv. dan: let's move to tonight's coronavirus headlines. for the first time in more than month, the daily average of covid deaths in the u.s. fell below 2000. the united kingdom today lifted all its coronavirus restrictions. trimester boris johnson says while the virus has not gone away -- prime minister boris johnson says while the virus is knock on white's of the country needs to learn to live with it. carnival cruises israel asking at smacks rules -- carnival cruises is relaxing its mask rules. ama: flowers
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jersey have been spot left at the spot near stafford lake. all four students attend sanna marin osco in novato -- high school in novato. 17-year-old zach wilhelm died. there's a gofundme to help his family. chp is investigating the accident. dan: to the south bay. drivers there in his eight sukkot north side neighborhood are finally being forced to slow down. over the last few years, abc7news followed dangerous driving that was documented by residents. now speed bumps are being resolved making a world of difference. amanda has more on how some neighbors lead this effort to build a better and safer bay area. reporter: along north 21st street in san jose, drivers are not taking it slow for these newly installed speed homes. -- speed humps. this is one of many residents
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who were fed up of people spitting. dragracing. blatantly disregarding the safety of those living in the area. after years of back-and-forth with the city, several speed homes were finally installed. humps are designed to be less aggressive at lower speeds -- higher speeds than speed bumps. he has dedicated more than 14 years in his push for street measures saying he became aware of the traffic issues after his first daughter was born. then witness the behavior worsened. >> this is not something that is hypothetical. these are lives being affected on our block. reporter: before they were painted over the weekend, he and others recorded cars hitting them at full speed. it was concern for residents that councilman push for more founding -- more funding. he says traffic enforcement would only enhance that call for safety.
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>> speed humps for suit to slow down. just force you to slow down. reporter: the councilman the process to get here was challenging, sing something must be done to streamline the process so other neighborhoods can do the same and slowdown traffic. >> this is extremely unusual, when 15 to try miles an hour over the speed humps, that is unheard of. dan: the drive-through ends in a terrifying attack. hear from the woman behind the camera. ama: this year's allman bloom is underweight in central california. how growers arkham -- preparing also digging out from supply chain problems. dan: hank the tank strikes again. wreaking havoc in a lake tahoe neighborho
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ama: a violent attack at a mcdonald's drive-through. tonight, richmond police are searching for the suspect. we see video of the salt and talk to the victim who says she and her children are traumatized. >> i want to treat them to something special. we pulled up, went into the drive-thru. reporter: all this mom of two wanted on february 5 was to get lunch for her two young sons on this mcdonald's on 2030 mcdonald's avenue. she never anticipated this would happen. >> you never should have cut me
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off you[beep] reporter: she says one lane was closed and she was merging. >> i wasn't cutting, i was going with the flow of traffic. reporter: after a verbal assault, the woman gets back into her car. you can hear tomorrow soothing her three and five-year-olds, trying to make this into a teachable moment. >> that's how you should not behave. reporter: seconds later, things escalate. >> she came to the side of my vehicle, started attacking my window. reporter: all. >> it's ok. reporter: listen as the suspect rubs her engine. --revs her engine into the back of the morrow car. reporter: the suspect drove
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straight into her and dragged her 150 feet on the pavement. while she was on the grounds of she gets punched several times. >> i know i should've not gotten out of the car. reporter: her physical pain will hero, the melt -- mental toll is had lasting effects. >> i am shaken just thinking what my babies went through and they are still traumatized. it keeps repeating. the bad lady was going to break a window. reporter: what is your plea to the public right now? >> she is out there. would like the public -- i would like the public to help me recognize her. reporter: richmond police as vehicle has been located, they are still working to identify her. dan: join the effort to find an oakland woman blessing nearly a month ago. her family is now working with that to -- mark class created
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the foundation in 1994 in honor of his 12-year-old daughter polly, who was kidnapped and murdered. he is now personally involved in the search for alexis. >> we are working closely with oakland police. they're giving us the locations where we should consider searching. what we do then is bring people in sub-we get them registered so we know who is working with us. dan: search groups will fan out from the contra costa county fairgrounds friday and this weekend to search from antioch to oakley. ama: at&t's shutdown of its 3d d -- 3g network tomorrow may affect your phone and your commute. at&t is the first carrier to move to 5g. if you own a 3g phone, you will no longer receive data or voice service. it could also impact older home alarms and alert devices. 3g shutdown will also affect muni.
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displays a transit stopsransit s longer work. push to talk buttons at shelters will also no longer be operable. the 3g shutdown will not impact online transit information. dan: a tough not to crack for call -- california almond farmers who are now stuck with an overflowing supply. >> we have willing buyers all over the globe, but we are having a hard time getting them uploaded on a ship. -- loaded ownership. dan: almond growers have a backlog bigger than ever before. 70% of their products are exported. supply chain prices is leading to major shipping delays. >> our number one challenge and the number one thing the kids is awake at night is those buildings behind us are bulging with almonds. dan: one grower says he had to build another storage unit to hold the overflow. they expect the product backlog to stretch into next year.
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almonds are california's top cash crop second only to dairy products. ama: let's get to the weather. we finally got some rain. dan: rain here, snow in the sierra. sandhya: it is nice to see it, light as it might be. let me show you live doppler 7. tonight it is showing somewhat whether for a change. -- some wet weather for a change. oakland, alameda, you're seeing some light rain. matt hamilton is switching to an wintry mix. a live look from our emeryville camera, a very shaky butte, rainfall so far, san francisco breaking the longtime dry streak of 44 days, coming in at .04 inches. oakland .01 inches. we will take it. best to 33 at sfo. 30 in oakland. it might feel wrought out there, with the wind. 30's to 40's for most of you.
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there is a 50 degree rating in hayward. if you think that is cold, wait till you see what is coming? eight freeze warning does up wednesday through friday, covers north bay. subfreezing as low as 20 degrees. pets inside. protect sensitive vegetation and don't forget about pipes. it is a rainy and welcome sight on her golden gate bridge. it is wet weather, wintry mix, with bloat snow levels for your tuesday. chilly and windy morning and afternoon. they're looking at freezing weather friday through -- wednesday through friday morning. records are possible. it is a level 1, under .2 inches for most areas. we do have a possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow. the storms to develop would be primarily giving us an opportunity for some hail. as you go hour-by-hour, 4:00, seeing the snow showers up to our north. 9:00, you will notice matt hamilton is picking up wintry
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mix. going to the afternoon, still seeing the showers popping up as you going to 5:00. or what weather moving into the east bay around parts of the lake county and mount hamilton area. piercing that so. this starts to wind down late tomorrow night. we don't need to put the umbrellas a way that fast, rainfall totals will be from zero to 0.2 inches in concord. one to two feet above 6000 feet. expecting eight to 12 inches above 4000 with difficult trouble. the syllables are going to come down to about 2000 feet. chilly tomorrow morning, 30's to mid 40's. wendy, grab your umbrellas and jackets. 40's and 50's, a chillier day than today. below average. it is a level 1 wintry mix. definitely will feel that cold winter weather the next three mornings. frosty conditions and milder for
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dan: hank the tank has struck again. the 500 pound black bear broke into another home in lake last week. it's been roaming around, smashing his way into houses, sometimes breaking in through the front door. in this latest burglary, through a window. is blamed for over 30 break-ins and is notorious for the damage she leaves behind and search for food. wildlife officials want to to to despair and relocate him as soon as possible. ama: he is enormous.
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larry beil is here with sports. larry: remember when steph curry was chasing the record? if anyone could make 16 in a-game, it was him? that is what
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: decades from now, basketball fans will look back and recognize stephen curry was the one who changed the game, taking shots that used to mean you're going to get benched immediately. he is making them. warriors starts of a one-man show in the all-star game. not only did he score 50, he was taking 40 footers and turning his back as the shop when in. you don't need to look if you know it's going down? hang the record, 16 threes, he won the kobe bryant award. kobe bryant --
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all. >> enjoyed that. the game tonight in the , everything about this last four or five hours is been pretty remarkable in terms of a memorable experience i will take with me. pretty perfect. larry: potential trouble for the nba leading next sons. is it fractured them. he insisted on playing for a couple minutes. no bait was playing defense. paul expected to be out six to eight weeks. sons hope he is back in time for the playoffs. the brooklyn nets one the orange are judged -- the sweepstakes. he became a free agent. he will chase a title with the nets. the warriors, box, lakers among the teams also interested. the nets have this uncertainty over the status of irving.
1:37 am
michigan church -- coach slopping a wisconsin assistant coach after the game. howard suspended for the last five games of the regular season, and for -- find 40 thousand dollars. both teams are agitated at the finish. this was a complete embarrassment. college hoops, locally, usf taking pacific, can we keep her close on? dominating from start to finish. three plus the foul. behind the back to him, assists. up by 24th the half. splash right there. usf improves to 22-7 with 014-71 victory.
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