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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 22, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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reggie: the threat of a invasion. what is now being encouraged from world leaders. kumasi: at&t shutting down 3g. the fact it could have that the effect it could have on commuters. >> after 43 days, any precipitation looks good. reggie: rain here and snow in the sierra. kumasi: good morning. it is tuesday, february 22. reggie: you know i that means, right? it is 2-22-22. what are we doing. jobina: we need some tickets. reggie: was red was the color but it is
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blue. drew: we ended our dry streak in the city of san francisco at 44 days. it has been more than a month since live in dr. learner -- live doppler has been active. showers are scattered in nature. light showers and parts of the east bay. towards the south bay, light showers. it's no falling around moat hamilton. we will likely find a dusting of snow in the peaks. this is a level one on the impact scale. it is chilly out there, 30's and 40's. colder air moving in tomorrow. a mix of stars and clouds on the exploratorium. the best chance for raining -- finding rain and hail this afternoon. i will show you the cold weather
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coming tomorrow. reggie: the situation in ukraine, while you were sleeping, the ukrainian president said he believes there will be no war with russia but that his country is prepared. that comes as the u.s. and other countries prepared to impose stiff tensions on russia to prevent further escalation. jobina: the u.s. imposed minor sanctions but tougher ones are on the way as soon today. vladimir putin r r r r r r r r r ukraine russians -- two ukraine regions as >> this is clearly the basis for russia's attempt to create a pretext for a further invasion
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into ukraine. he will place russian troops in these regions. he calls them peacekeepers. this is nonsense. we know what they really are. jobina: some russian forces less than six miles from the border. the white house is urging ukraine's president to leave the capital for his own safety. antony blinken is meeting with the warned minister today. the message will be today that the u.s. stands firmly with ukraine. jobina: hearing an imminent attack, four airlines have canceled flights out of keefe -- kyiv. the airli airli airli airli monitoring the situation and will make a decision to reschedule flights. reggie: the valeo city council will vote whether they want to rescind the mask mandates.
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8% are now fully vaccinated. california -- 80% are now fully vaccinated. they believe they can make them optional. the city council is meeting remotely but planning to resume in person meetings on march 8. here is a look at more covid headlines. for the first time in a month the daily average of cases fell below 2000. the u.k. has lifted all of its coronavirus restrictions. prime minister boris johnson said of the country needs to learn to live with it. buckingham palace announced the queen has canceled virtual events as she recovers from covid. she is still having mild, cold like symptoms. kumasi: at&t is shutting down its 3g network and moving to 5g. that means some older devices may not work. if you
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electronic displays showing when and bus will arrival not to be working. amy hollyfield joins us with more on this. amy: they are saying don't expect to rely on the electronic signs anymore. they have 650 signs. and they will shut them down temporarily. but you are getting new ones. it is stopping at the bus stops because they use 3g modems and they are now going to five g. you will not see real-time arrivals. you will have to look it up on your phone for now you will not be able to use the push to talk buttons some of the bus shelters have. they plan to upgrade the modems so they can get signs up and
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running temporarily while they wait for new signs that they have ordered. this will affect people who have old phones that use 3g and could affect old home alarms are medical devices. at&t is the first carrier to make the switch to 5g. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: many school districts offer midwinter break and some families are spending it in lake tahoe. we have more on the boost for some is this is. j.r.: it just started snowing a half-hour ago. snow conditions in south lake tahoe are expected to pick up traffic cams already showing backups on i-80 as the snow came down. >> 36 inches and i guess where you are, double that. >> i don't want to jinx it --
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three to six inches and i guess where you are, double that. >> i don't want to jinx it. after 43 days, any precipitation looks good. we are now down and able to see dirt again. j.r.: many kids out on midwinter break. shots with groomed snow on the ground. more than a month since there has been any measurable snowfall. you would never know it at the california ski company, custom boot fitting backed up four to six weeks and now a rush for rentals after management added to the collection in the off-season. >> we are completely running out of kids skis and have very few adult skis available. j.r.: eight inches could come down in the next few hours.
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>> it is starting to flurry and the projection is it will go through tomorrow. >> mother nature is not giving up. we are going to have a good season. reggie: you can check the weather conditions where you live anytime on our abc 7 bay area news app. you can catch me on the bunny hill, i guess. drew: do you ski? reggie: i have been out one time. drew: so it is the bunny hill. live doppler seven, showers moving through. san francisco's winter dry streak has come to an end after a record 44 days. light rain falling over the city. light rain on the peninsula. not hamilton, it is so cold up in the higher elevations that we are seeing snow. that is the white color uc. snow falling in the sierra.
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-- that is the white color yo snow falling in the sierra. a level warm -- level one light shower. get her showers. hail is possible. snow levels are low. we will see a dusting of snow on the highest peaks. a likely break mid day. in the afternoon, showers pop back up. we will track the chance of snow in the hills. by 9:00 p.m., everything columns down. -- everything calms down. jobina: i will mention now that chains are required for 50, 88, 80, and 89 up to tahoe. we are looking at wind advisories.
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the san mateo bridge, bay bridge and bring in a live picture from wallet craig showing off 680. clear conditions as far as the roadways are concerned. we are seeing the slowdown out of tracy for the super commuters. tracy to dublin sitting at 42 minutes. reggie: it is a great day to get married. the county is extending hours for those hoping to tie the knot. kumasi: a crackdown on crazy driving in one neighborhood. reggie: searching for substitute. the things changing to try to attract more candidates. kumasi:
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hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years.
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i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. kumasi: chp is investigating a crash in -- where the work for teenagers. this happened over the weekend -- where there were four teenagers involved.
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this happened over the weekend. 17-year-old zack willow died. there is a gofundme to help the family. reggie: those in the northside neighborhood being forced to slowdown. abc 7 has followed the dangerous driving behavior documented by residents. speed humps are being installed could we have more and how neighbors led the effort to build a better bay area. >> drivers are now taking it slow for the newly installed speed humps. he is one of many northside neighborhood residents who fought for years, fed up with people speeding. dragracing disregarding the safety of those living in the area. after years of back-and-forth with the city, several speed humps were installed with more to come. they are designed to be less
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aggressive compared to speed bumps we see in parking lots. he said he dedicated more t dedd 14 years in his push for street calming measures and he became aware after his first daughter was born and witnessed the behavior worsened in the years that followed. >> this is not something hypothetical. these are life being affected on our block. >> before they were painted, they captured cars hitting them at full speed. it was concern for the he said not traffic enhancement would enhance that. >> they force you can speed up p before the next one paid we need to back it up with enforcement. >> the councilman said the process to get here was challenging saying something needs to be done so other neighborhoods can do the same. >> it is extremely unusual.
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you would not see that before the speed humps were here. kumasi: san francisco unified teachers and educators planning a protest ahead of the school board meeting. they're trying to stop the board from voting to improve a controversial budget-cutting plan. the union representing teachers and educators says more than 400 preliminary layoff notices were sent out. they are facing a $125 million budget apposite and declining enrollment. the board voted to enact $50 million in cuts for the school year over the course of the pandemic. 3500 students have left the district paired the board will take up a plan to increase the number of substitute teachers -- district. the board will take up a plan tn increase the number of substitute teachers.
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the district hr b b >> there are a number of requirements to be a substitute teacher, but having a bachelors degree was one that is not always necessary for every classroom and every substitute teaching role. kumasi: the district says being a tough -- substitute can be a good way to supplement what you are doing and a good path to becoming a full-time teacher. reggie: today is "two 2-22-22, a lucky day to get married. custer county -- costa konta county will extend hours for those who are to say i dues. san mateo is fully booked with 10 ceremonies do, every hour on the hour. all of us can celebrate whether married or not, because krispy
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kreme is offering a special deal if you dial -- by any dozen or 16 minis, you can get original glaze dozen for two dollars. use the promo code " and also they have a twix doughnut. it is a doughnut with a full twix bar inside of it. drew: reggie: you like it very basic. kumasi: even if it is a re cee's, i don't need it in the doughnut.
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chilly and colder weather is about to move in. live doppler seven, as norm -- a storm moving through for the first time in several weeks. snow in the sierra and rain locally. wet weather isolated in nature. it will not rain the entire time for the next 24 hours. we can see hail and high elevation snow appeared that is where you see in mount hamilton. the theme today is that scattered showers return and it is cold. 37 in napa. 46 in oakland. the layers are the key. you may even want a hat. on the storm impact scale, a level 1 light storm.
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the rain is very light in terms of how much we will see. we will find snow on the peaks. to up. we could see hail in any the shower that develops today. low to mid 50's. once the storm going to get cold in terms of the north bay. a lot of subfreezing temperatures. a freeze warning will be in effect for the east bay. a wintry mix today. we will bounce back over the weekend, near average by saturday and sunday. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know. reggie: plus hank the tank. kumasi: online romances that end
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up raking hearts and wallets. scammers finding new ways to swindle. reggie: a live look o
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kumasi: here are the seven things to nope your number one, u.s. diplomats in ukraine -- seven things to know. number one, u.s. diplomats in ukraine moved. reggie: overnight, germany halted the nord stream 2 gas pipeline that carries gas from russia to germany and the rest of the world. that could drive prices even higher. drew: number three, winter has returned to the bay area are tracking rain showers hail and snow in the highest peaks. best chances first thing this morning and later on this afternoon. kumasi: an indoor mask mandate may be lifted by tonight by the vallejo city council. residents are vaccinated at 80%. the city thinks it is time to make masks optional. reggie: number five, 3g technology is now no more.
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it means the muni stop monitors will go off-line and an upgrade will take months. jobina: number six, no major blocking issues but a lot of wind advisories from chp. kumasi: number seven, theber se largest cruise ship about to take it maiden voyage. the wonder of the seas can carry 9000 people. apparently they have the tallest slide ever, a zipline, it leaves from fort lauderdale next friday. reggie: a new scam involving cryptocurrency targeting people on dating apps. >> a hurtful a hurtful a hurtful online romances that break more than just a heart. >> signed up for a dating app.
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one of his hobbies was doing bitcoin contract trading. >> many turning to the cryptocurrency, many finding ways to swindle. >> o'loughlin i could verify her. it was very complex and well rehearsed. >> they are still trying to track down scammers behind heartless acts. >> your savings and everything you worked so hard for taken away. >> what experts recommend to protect yourself. kumasi: instagram is discontinuing time limit options piggies to be able to select a time limit as low as five minutes and you get a reminder to be conscious about scrolling. now the reminders start at 30 minutes and go up to three
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hours. analyst say this could be an effort to keep the users on the platform longer. we heart -- we are use -- we are hearing from a homeowner that got a break and from hank the tank. he has been leaving a trail of destruction. police spotted him inside a home after he got in through a window. we spoke with a woman who was at home when hank first the front door. >> lives around. he does not hibernate. he breaks into people's homes for food. he knows front doors are where it is at. he broke through our home at 2:00 in the morning. they don't like dogs, so the dogs and might screaming sort of got him to go away. after the doorframe was reinforced with steel because he smashed the door down, he came back and tried to do it again but didn't make it through that
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time. reggie: -- oh, hank. kumasi: they have been trying to catch him for months now and have had no luck. tablet, roku, and android tv. reggie: come on, hank. kumasi: what do you want for him. reggie: to live in a nice place that is safe for him. kumasi: i don't know about breaking into homes at 2:00 in the morning. reggie: i am starting to feel more optimistic he will be fine
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in the end. coming up at 5:30, the old products you might be hiding in your house that are worth hundreds of bucks. kumasi: the missing woman in oakley. her father assisting. reggie:
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with lowe's price promise. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: feeling tuesday morning. here is a live look from our cameras. drew is checking the chilly spots. kumasi: a look at how doctors are treating kids suffering from long-haul covid-19. reggie: soaring gas prices as tensions escalate between russia and ukraine. kumasi: dust off the old devices retro apple products could be
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worth a lot of money. reggie: now you tell me. kumasi: i have a small one like this. reggie: i have the original. kumasi: really? reggie: i think i threw it away. youyouyouyouyouyouyouyou kumasi: you have that one box. reggie: the one box i can put in memories. when you get married, you will know that. drew: it is already happening. i think i have a nano somewhere. we are tracking which are's return. scattered showers as well. the theme today, showers light and scattered. scattered showers in the east bay hills. a light shower in the santa cruz mountains.
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live dop seven, that is snow. scattered showers. hail possible. the best bet of finding wet weather. the best bet for finding rain and hail will be this afternoon. reggie: don't count on seeing your muni bus schedule. 3g is shutting down and moving to 5g. hundreds of signs won't work and the same goes for older devices. amy: new, modern times. if you have come to rely on electronic signs to tell you when the bus is coming, you may not have them today. they will be shut down today.
5:32 am
they have 650. good news. you will be getting new ones. this is happening because the electronic signs use 3g modems. at&t switching to 5g. you won't see real-time arrival information on the electronic signs anymore. the information will be on your phone. you also will not be able to use the push to talk buttons around the city because of the modem issue. they plan to upgrade the modems to 4g so they can get the signs up and running temporarily while they wait for new signs. they have been ordered and will be coming. this will affect people who have old phones that use 3g and could affect old home alarms and medical devices. at&t is the first carrier to make the switch to 5g.
5:33 am
electronic signs, you may be in for a surprise. kumasi: the u.s. union are moving to impose tough new sanctions against russia as vladimir putin continues to escalate tensions along the border with ukraine. u.n. security council held an emergency eating. -- emergency meeting. >> tensions between russia and ukraine reaching a boiling point. vladimir putin signing a decree recognizing independence for two regions at the center of the conflict between the two eastern european nations. the u.s. and its allies calling the move a dramatic escalation and a possible pretext to a larger scale invasion. >> it is tooo
5:34 am
regards what he is now calling historic russia and that means taking over ukraine. >> he is a professor of science at uc berkeley who has studied authoritarianism and he said this is the biggest security crisis in europe since the end of the second world war. >> this returns europe from 75 years of peace to a world of war. >> in response to putin's actions, western countries announcing sanctions. >> consequences of russia's actions will be dire. >> overwhelming calls for russia to de-escalate and stop further advances into ukraine. >> i suspect the plans are to push further and to take the territory. >> 6000 miles away from the border, the local ukraine community in the bay area feeling the strain.
5:35 am
hehehehe country. >> i feel i should be there trying to protect them. i don't think i can fly there because the airlines are no longer flying there and i'm trying to convince them to leave. >> calling for leaders to take a hard line and asking western officials to support the ukrainian people and a time of need. >> our people are strong and resilient and we will survive this and we will win. kumasi: if russia invades invadi u.s. and european union could cut russia out of the network that underpins the global financial system. doing that would cut russia for most international financial transactions and hurt the economy. the threat of war is one of the key factors fueling a surge in gas prices. at one gas station in downtown l.a., it is six dollars 20 one
5:36 am
cents for a gallon of regular gas -- $6.21 $6.21 $6.21 $6.21 1 regular gas. >> the last time i filled it up was $110. i am tired of that. >> im ing to pay fogoin gallons it is $150. kumasi: gas prices averaging filon in the bay area. according to aaa, in oakland. reggie: an oakland woman woman n seen a month ago. the family is working to bring in the missing person experts.
5:37 am
he created daughter was kidnapped and murdered and is personally involved. >> we are working closely with the police and they are giving us locations we should consider searching. what we do then is bring people in and get them registered so we know exactly who it is that is working with us. reggie: search groups will fan out from the custer county fairgrounds. -- costa county fairgrounds. kumasi: how doctors are treating kids with covid. jobina: pediatric experts thought kids experience covid different than adults but they now have similar symptoms to adults that include fever, cough, headache, difficulty breathing, and extreme fatigue. one in three kids may have trouble getting back to normal. >> we are seeing that kids used to do good in school are now
5:38 am
struggling or the athlete who is having a hard time returning to their level of activity. we are doing things to help them regain stamina. if they have chronic headaches, we may need to put them on migraine educations. jobina: the national institutes of health are looking at long-haulers and way to treat patients. kumasi: an attack at a local mcdonald's drive-through caught on camera. the search for the woman behind the wheel and what led up to this confrontation. reggie: turn your old gadgets into quick cash the high prices for retro apple products. drew: i knew i should not have thrown it out. live doppler showing us we have winter showers coming back this morning. we will press closer and find wet weather. here is half moon bay showing it
5:39 am
is light in nature. we are seeing light showers out there. that is the theme here very scattered, light showers peered we could have hail and snow on the highest peaks. it is chilly out there. 35 in the city. 46 in hayward. on the storm impact scale, a level light storm. tracking scattered showers. hail is possible. under 1/10 of an inch of rain. . snow levels drop. hour-by-hour, by 9:00 a.m., the best chance for wet weather along the coast and in the south bay. we will see a break in the action mid day. showers will pop back up in the north bay and east bay. charms continue for the evening commute. by 9:00 p.m., the storm is out of here and cold air settles in. the high today will be a cold one, low to mid 50's as a
5:40 am
showers move through. that is the weather. let's get a check on the roads. jobina: we are going to start with an update because maintenance work is underway for the blue and green lines being replaced by buses. bringing a live picture from emeryville, much busier than yesterday. if you are traveling towards the bay bridge, a wind advisory for several bridges. walnut creek -- oakland camera,
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say and officers quick thinking stopped tragedy. the dad got into an argument with employees. when officers got there they tried to arrest him 11 of them noticed a gun coming out of the car. one officer swiped as it was fired and steered the bullet away. no charges on what the dad might face. a four-year-old and other children are in the care of social workers. reggie: a violent attack at a drive-through in richmond is getting national attention. police are trying to find the woman inv in this happened about two weeks ago after one driver accused another of cutting in line at the drive-through. the target was a mother of two. she said things escalated and the other driver rammed her car.
5:44 am
>> she started throwing stuff. she got out of the vehicle and started attacking my window. car. police say the other driver drove straight into her and dragged her 150 feet and then got out and punched her several times. all of this happened in front of the two young children. the car the other driver has been in has been located. kumasi: the irs allowing taxpayers to opt out of using facial recognition technology. you can a live virtual intervie. the irs announced they will transition away from facial recognition because of privacy concerns. reggie: apple reportedly launching new -- a new computer on march 8 and the first event
5:45 am
of 2022 and talk of updates to the macbook pro and m now might be a good time to dust off apple products. many are selling them for thousands of dollars. will: a pokémon card were $2000, a beanie baby worth 550, but the real collectors item in your early 2000 drawer might be this. right now on ebay, and apple first generation ipod listed for $30,000. the special edition ipods are even more valuable. one sold for $90,000. if you have this 1988 portable mac, that is currently listed for half $1 million. even newer models of used ipods patching thousands of bucks online, fans clamoring for the
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huge storage capacity, away to use music without plugging into the social media sphere. one saying that demand for retro apple products has grown in recent years and are now collected like sports memorabilia, especially since apple discontinued the ipod classic. can you make a pretty penny with the old ipod of yours? the second generation ipod is listed for a grand on ebay. looking to sell your phone, there is money there. reset to factory settings so your data and personal information is wiped. you can do that using your apple id or through the phone settings. you should also make sure you remove any passwords and make sure the phone is fully charged before you send it off. recent iphone models can still bring in bank looking to unload a gadget or two. >> if you are ready to
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jewel secrets playset will get you $2500 on ebay as of this morning. kumasi: i am keeping mine. reggie: i am going to jump into that memory box i have. drew: do you have a poly pocket? reggie: do you question mark -- do you? drew: i wanted my sisters. i am waiting to cash in my beanie babies. they are in my mom's house out east. reggie: do you have peanut? drew: not the oji one. reggie: -- not the oh i have an ipod nano. drew: i am a hoarder and my fiancé is like, you have to get rid of stuff.
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we will find out. we have wet weather through the bay area. scattered showers. marin county with scattered showers. there could bsnow falling in tm. mount hamilton seeing snow. we have a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 p.m., an additional eight to 12 inches possible. down to 2000 feet we could find a dusting of snow. that is how cold the snow is. a level 1 light storm. hail is possible. rainfall very minimal, under a 10th of an inch. we could see a dusting of snow on the highest peaks. hour-by-hour, the best chance of finding rain is likely along the
5:49 am
coast in the south bay. a break mid day and then wet weather picking up this afternoon and into the evening. showers very scattered in nature but could drop 1/10 of an inch. it is cold today, low to mid 50's for afternoon highs. tonight after the storm is outcome of colder air moving in. a freeze warning at 22222 2:00 a.m. for the inland east bay. a wintry mix. frosty morning tomorrow, and then bouncing back over the weekend. looking dry with temperatures in the 60's. kumasi: the world's largest cruise ship is getting ready for its biggest voyage, the 1200 ship -- 1200 foot ship can hold 9000 guests. it features a 10 dock high zipline, poolside movie screen
5:50 am
and what is being described as the tallest slide at sea. it is expected to lead from fort lauderdale next friday, march 4. reggie: once you have the guest plus. 9000 is a lot. kumasi: you will be on that slide. reggie: i will be on that. you are right. i will throw elbows to get to that slide. new at 6:00, some online are outraged over what is being done to their spotify account. kumasi: most people try to stay as far away of these as possible, but some are being reported stolen. the technology some beekeepers are using to protect their colonies. reggie: the new kind of
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reggie: some california almond growers have a big supply. >> we are having a hard time getting downloaded on a ship. reggie: almond growers have a backlog because than ever because 70% of the product is exported internationally and the supply chain crisis is leading to major shipping delays. >> the number one challenge that keeps us awake at night is the buildings behind us are bulging with omens. reggie: one almond growers said he had to build another storage unit to hold the overgrown. they expect the backlog to stretch into next year. they are one of california's top crops, second only to dairy products. kumasi: the california
5:54 am
industry is reporting thefts. this is a fast way for someone who knows what they are doing to make a quick buck. to be supply is tightening and demand is skyrocketing. one pollination has gone from $40 to $230. >> sadly, beekeepers are the only ones stealing from other beekeepers paired you have to have specialized equipment. it is very calculated. kumasi: beekeepers are using gpa trackers, surveillance trackers to protect their colonies. reggie: the 20th season of american idol is five days away. this morning, the judges are on gma talking about the excitement of the upcoming season. >> a lot of truly talented people are coming in and trusting us now.
5:55 am
i would say american idol is like the cream of the crop now. reggie: new this season, the judges are handing out platinum tickets to some singers. that means they adtionous. che on the season premiere is sunday at 8:00 p.m. drew: i remember 20 years ago watching kelly clarkson win. reggie: i do remember that. drew: and then from kelly to justin, remember that? reggie: kelly is still -- drew: kelly is great. reggie: but kelly, come on. kumasi: go on, drew. drew: i'm going to move it along. live doppler seven showing we have showers scattered in nature. winter has returned.
5:56 am
scattered throughout the day today. 46 in oakland. 35 in santa rosa and concord at 42. a level 1 light storm with scattered showers. snow levels are low, meaning a a dusting of snow on the highest peaks like mount hamilton. the best bet for showers first thing this morning, a break in the action and then the best bet for rain and hail this afternoon. kumasi: the new workers leaving their jobs in droves and they could be part of your weekly life. reggie: tolls coming to a bay highway. there is very good reason. kumasi: this is the top story you are clicking on, the social media star that cannot be satisfied. the debate on over hank the tank being taken off the streets. reggie:
5:57 am
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♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. urgent threat of war, and international rush overnight to back russian forces away from the ukrainian border. kumasi: and waking up to rain, if you can believe that. scattered showers for the first time in weeks. drew is tracking it. >> he does not hibernate.
6:00 am
he breaks into people's homes for food. reggie: feared, famished, and 500 pounds, large and in charge, and there is a debate on how to stop hank, the tank's, break-ins in south lake tahoe. i feel like i am part of a wwe match -- get ready to rumble! he is not large and in charge. good morning on this tuesday, february 22, 2022. kumasi: yes, 2-22-22. we are wearing blue, except for you, reggie. reggie: this is technically navy. yet, a very dark navy. on tv, it reads black. i understand. we are just going to go with it. kumasi: it works. drew: in real life, it


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