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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 22, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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500 pounds, large and in charge, and there is a debate on how to stop hank, the tank's, break-ins in south lake tahoe. i feel like i am part of a wwe match -- get ready to rumble! he is not large and in charge. good morning on this tuesday, february 22, 2022. kumasi: yes, 2-22-22. we are wearing blue, except for you, reggie. reggie: this is technically navy. yet, a very dark navy. on tv, it reads black. i understand. we are just going to go with it. kumasi: it works. drew: in real life, it looks black. reggie: it is navy.
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drew: not trying to be shady. we felt the cold air yesterday and might have seen a shower late last night, and the scattered showers continue, isolated in nature. light rain this morning, even snow likely at the highest peaks, like mount hamilton. it is a level 1 storm we are tracking today. scattered showers, low amounts of rain, low snow levels. the best bet for that wet weather first thing this morning, a break mid day, and by the afternoon, the best bet of rain and hail. we will go hourly and show you this rain and some very cold air moving in later on tonight, in just about seven minutes. kumasi: you can track these weather conditions where you live anytime on the abc 7 bay areaur phone, tablet, amazon fire, android tv, and apple tv. reggie: while you were sleeping, the ukrainian president said he believes there will be no war with russia, but his country is prepared. this comes as the u.s. and other
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countries prepared to impose stiff sanctions against russia. >> the u.s. already imposed minor sanctions, but it appears chopper one's are on the way today. putin recognized two areas of ukraine is independent, and then deployed troops to those areas. the u.s. ambassador called the move by russia unprovoked and says it is a clear attack on ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. >> this move by president putin is clearly the basis for russia's attempt to create a pretext for further invasion of ukraine. he has since announced that he would place russian troops in these regions. he calls them peacekeepers. this is nonsense. we know what they really are. >> some of the russian forces are now less than six miles from
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the border. the white house is urging the ukrainian president to leave the capital for his own safety. the secretary of state is expected to meet with the ukrainian foreign minister in washington today, and the message will be that the u.s. stance further with ukraine. kumasi: thank you. vallejo city council will vote on whether to resend an indoor mask mandate tonight. 80% of the residents are fully vaccinated, case counts are low, and california has allowed the state wide mandate to expire. vallejo believes they can make masks optional in municipal buildings and city-owned venues. the city council plans to be in-person starting march 8. reggie: for the first time in nearly a month, the daily average of covid-19 deaths in the u.s. fell below 2000. the united kingdom has lifted all of its coronavirus restrictions. the prime ministers of the country needs to learn to live with it. and overnight, buckingham palace announced the queen has canceled
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her virtual events today as she recovers from covid. we're told she still has mild cold like symptoms. kumasi: the next area of the american workforce leaving their jobs in droves is clergy members. one synagogue in sacramento is feeling the impact since its rabbi retired in 2020 and they have not and able to find a replacement. clergy members say the job is always demanding and has become impossible during the pandemic, that is partly because political divisions have deepened, fueled by fights over covid-19 rules and meeting with parishioners over video. reggie: we are getting new information about the effort to track down the 500 pound bear that is breaking into dozens of homes in south lake tahoe. he is famous now, and his name is hank, the tank. he is blamed for breaking into 40 homes since july. now the entire town and much of the internet fighting over what to do with him. gloria rodrigue rez here with the latest on wildlife officials
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and the group trying to find hank a new home. gloria: a lot of people weighing in on hank, the tank, social media. what should they do with him? the department of fish and wildlife says they are considering all options, to taking him to a sanctuary or, last resort, euthanasia. hank, the tank, is known for breaking into dozens of homes in celtic tahoe and eating people's food. -- in south lake tahoe and eating people's food. and he evades authorities. the police department posted these photos and said hank managed to squeeze through a small vid -- window to get into a secured home. a resident captured this video of hank, and the owner says he broke into her house. >> he just broke through the front door at 2:00 in the morning, and that was pretty shocking. but bears do not like dogs, so the dogs and my screaming got him to kind of go away. but after the doorframe was
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reinforced with steel because he smashed the entire door down, he came back and tried to do it again but did not make it through that time. luria: the executive director of the bear league says they do not want hank to be killed but to be taken to a sanctuary. the department of fish and wildlife tells me that authorities have responded to over 150 calls about hank, including emergency calls where people are fearful for their safety. so a big controversy here. reggie: does it look like he will be able to go to a sanctuary? that is my biggest question. kumasi: i hope so. gloria will have the updates. reggie: gloria will keep looking at this hank, the tank, debate. at 7:00, you can hear more of her interview with fish and wildlife about the search for hank and the group trying to find him a new home at a sanctuary. that will be at seven :00 a.m. on our free abc 7 bay area app available on your phone, tablet,
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roku, apple tv, amazon fire, and android tv. kumasi: searching for subs, what is being changed for more candidates in the classroom. reggie: a crackdown on crazy driving in the south bay, the new solution in one neighborhood that is doing a great job. >> mother nature is not giving up on winter yet. kumasi: say it ain't snow, taking advantage of sorely missed snowfall in the sierra. when we come back, places that might be seeing snow in the bay area this morning. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer
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reggie: happening now, take a look at lake tahoe. as you can see, gusts of snow blowing in all directions. heads up if you plan on going there later today, chain controls an effect on interstate 80 and highway 50. many bay area students and families are spending their midwinter break from school and the tahoe area. resorts are excited over that fresh snow expected over the day. it has been more than a month since there has been any sort of measurable snowfall in the sierra. >> after 43 days, any precipitation, and we had what was -- we are now down back into the times of seeing the dirt again. reggie: at the california ski company in berkeley, custom luke for -- boot fitting is backed up four to six weeks, and rentals have been in high demand, too.
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storm warning in effect until 10:00 p.m. of snow likely at 40t around the sierra. at home, like showers. marin county, a live look at light scattered showers. even some light showers across the east bay. everything is very scattered and light. hamilton, you see the white shade on live doppler 7, that is snow at the highest peaks. a dusting of snow on mount hamilton once the sun comes up. here is the zephyr cove camera at lake tahoe. hourly, later on this morning, by 9:00 a.m., best chance of wet weather post to the coast, break mid-day, and after 3:00 p.m., scattered showers continuing before exiting at about 9:00 p.m. now a check on the roads. jobina: a new crash, minor backup. this is southbound 680 at
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andratta road. meter lights came on at 5:39, never came on yesterday pair the holiday is over and the commute is back. things moving at the bridge here. super commuters tracy, tracy to dublin, one hour and five minutes, so slowing down on highway 4. antioch to concord, 21 minutes. and we could get a tollroad to help pay for a wider, rerouted highway less prone to flooding, and the proposal is receiving mixed feedback with opponents saying it would price out low income drivers who depend on the highway to get to them from work or school, and with sea level rising expected come officials fear the highway could be underwater in just the coming decades. kumasi: thank you. you longing for a four-day workweek?
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what about three? the new trend that could be here sooner than you think. plus -- >> my family and i never set out to anchor our angers. reggie: and intense backyard battle over a young boy's treehouse. neighbors say they were fine with it at first, but not anymore. kumasi: and a live look outside right now in san
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in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at
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reggie: in the south bay, drivers through san jose's northside neighborhood are finally being forced to slow down. abc 7 has followed dangerous driving behavior documented by residents, and now speed bumps are being installed and are making a big difference. let's go to our reporter to find out how some neighbors lead this
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effort to build a better bay area. reporter: along north 21st street in san jose, drivers are now taking it slow with these newly installed speed humps. tony is one of the many residents who fought for years, fed up with people speeding. [tires screeching] dragracing -- [engines revving] lately disregarding the safety of those living in the area. after years of back-and-forth with the city, several speed humps were finally installed but with more to come. there designed to be less aggressive at loweris man has dn 14 years in his push for these measures, saying he became hyper aware of the traffic issues after his first daughter was born, then witness the behavior worsened in the years that followed. >> it is not hypothetical, these are lives are being affected on our block. reporter: before the humps were
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painted over the weekend, he and others captured cars hitting them at full speed. it was concern from residents that fueled the push for more funding to cover traffic measures on the north side, and now traffic enforcement will enhance the call for safety. >> speed humps force you to slow down, but you can speed up after it and before the next one, so we need to have it backed up with traffic enforcement. what's this councilman and a resident that met the process to get here was challenging, saying something must be done to streamline the process of other neighborhoods can do the same and slow down traffic. >> it is extremely unusual, stopping and going 15 to 20 miles per hour over the speed humps, and that is unheard of here. reporter: in san jose, abc 7 news. kumasi: san francisco unified teachers and parent educators are planning to protest ahead of tonight's school board meeting, trying to stop the board from voting to approve a controversial budget-cutting plan could eliminate hundreds of jobs. d rs h mrepresenting tto
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an 400 preliminary layoff notices were sent out last month. sf unified is facing a $125 million budget deficit and declining enrollment. in december, the board voted to enact $50 million in cuts for this school year, and over the course of the pandemic, 3500 students have left the district here the board will also take up a plan to increase the number of substitute teachers in the district. they want to increase pay for subs to make the right more competitive with districts around the bay area, and they also want to make it possible to work as a sub without having a bachelors degree. kristen is the district hr lead. >> there are still a number of requirements to be a substitute teacher, but having a bachelors degree was one that is not always necessary for every classroom, for every substitute teaching world. kumasi: the district says being a substitute can be a good part-time opportunity to supplement what you are already
6:19 am
doing and is also a path to becoming a full-time teacher in the district reggie: new at 6:00, backyard battle in new hampshire, the parents of an eight-year-old boy have to move a treehouse they just built for him. neighbors said they were fine with it at first, until they saw how big it is. it is eight feet high, 25 feet long, with a 168 square foot platform. >> it dominates view in our backyard and from our house. >> what does it solve by moving it? they will still see some sort of play structure in our yard. >> i will get specifics from the building inspector and how far away from the fence line it has to be, and we will try to move the whole platform. reggie: the family says that the neighbors had said something in the beginning, they would not have built it. ok, it is on their guard. what is a --
6:20 am
drew: ok, it is on their yard. reggie: what is a yard? drew: a patch of grass -- ok, when you are not in the bay area, you can buy a house. reggie: so none of us can buy a house? drew: yeah. reggie: cool. drew: come on, you can buy a house. reggie: also, i really get into it at the city council. the words were all there, but really punch it. drew: like, i want better wood. kumasi: y'all want a performance. reggie: i want a performance. drew: isn't that what those council meetings are for, passionate people? reggie: i want a literal pitchfork. kumasi: mm-hmm. drew: let's talk about what is happening, a storm is moving into northern california.
6:21 am
we will dive into nevada right now. we are on the backside of this system, so to speak, so we have scattered showers. we are tracking some light rain. not everybody is seeing it. the showers are scattered today, not widespread rain like last december. this is a light storm. light rain in parts of marin county, parts of the east bay. the greens on the screen, not tracking intense showers. cold, 30's and low 40's. vallejo at 40. half moon bay at 43. a level 1 light storm today was scattered showers, even some hail possible, an indication of a dusting of snow on.otals sno the highest peaks. showers this mornimix of sun an. 4:00 p.m., the best bet of more
6:22 am
widespread rain and hail, all of by 9:00 p.m. mid-50's. behind the storm, colder air moves in, talking some freezing temperatures away from the coast. a freeze warning will begin at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the north bay and inland east bay. bring your pets inside and protect sensitive plants in your pipes. also dress warm the next couple of mornings, might need the hat and gloves. wintry mix, a chilly day today, cold mornings wednesday and thursday, possibly friday. then we will bounce back, a little bit warmer into the weekend. reggie: thank you. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00. kumasi: we have a look at what is ahead. >> fantastic to be with you here on a tuesday morning on gma you know we have a lot to get to. a fast-moving development in ukraine as fear of an all-out
6:23 am
invasion from russia grows. we will have team coverage on the potential crisis. then we have two big winter storms that we are tracking, and it will be flooding with severe storms, tornadoes, snow, ice, and i know you all are cooling down considerably. then a big surprise, the reason i am in a rainy backyard in north carolina this morning, 18-year-old who started not only a lemonade business, not just a stand, but a business that invests in the community -- a
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drew: 6:25, and we are tracking scattered showers, a level 1 light storm through the day. the best chance of finding that wet weather close to the coast, brief break midday, and this afternoon, showers the bubble back up, 3:00 through 5:00,
6:26 am
tracking more scattered showers before the storm exits i 9:00. reggie: thank you. even though the release is delayed until next month, it seems bear fans are still showing up this month. mask mandate dropping, brewpubs in sonoma county are getting a lot of visitors. one brewery says one week earlier this month was their busiest since 2019. official said the boost in beer lovers is partly due to other breweries that timed the release of special beers for february, when fans usually come from around the world. this year's release is scheduled for march 20 five. kumasi: could and in have in person three-day workweek be the new ideal? some bay area tech companies think so. according to the examiner, tech workers are going into the office midweek while working from home mondays and fridays while they can work on cello projects. tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays are voted for in-present collaboration with coworkers. experts say get ready, because
6:27 am
this is the new normal. reggie: so -- [laughs] i don't need the three, i am fine with the four. kumasi: it is hard to choose between monday and friday, suggest both. [laughter] reggie: then we come in late tuesday and leave early thursday. great. next at 6:30, the reason some are getting pretty upset online with people named ashley and emma. kumasi: a serious internet outage today that could affect everything from your home and your home security system, even your right to work.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> for him, his main mission in office is to restore what he is now calling historic russia, and that means taking over ukraine. reggie: top stories, pressure on the brink of invasion, threatening the balance of
6:30 am
international order. the tactics from the u.s. and its allies this morning. kumasi: and global tensions affecting everything from 401k's two gas prices. a live look from wall street this morning, set for another shaky day. reggie: first, waking up to a rainy day across the bay area. matter where you are, you should see some kind of precipitation. drew is following the much needed level 1 storm per kumasi: tuesday, february 22, 2020 two. reggie: supposed to be a lucky day, so we will see if it brings any kind of measurable rain. drew: finally on storm watch after several weeks of dry weather. showers are scattered in nature. a sweep across the region, and showers are mainly in parts of the north bay and along the coast. live doppler resting in closer to street level, showers in parts of marin county, showers along the coast, even showers, light in nature, in the east bay. a little bit of light rain
6:31 am
falling from this vantage point. the best bet for that wet weather, this level 1 storm this morning, likely a break in the day, than between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. later today, that is the best bet for finding rain and even some hail. we will show you future weather and a cold night on the way tonight, in just about eight minutes. reggie: thank you. do not count on being your muni bus arrival time at the bus stop soon. at&t is shutting down its 3g network and moving to 5g today, many hundreds of those sites will not work anymore, along with a number of other older devices. amy hollyfield's live in san francisco. hi, amy: you might not have thought the 5g situation would impact your muni ride, but it could. they are expecting to have these electronic signs at 650 of their bus shelters shut down for a while. they say you will be getting new signs, but for now, you will have to live without these signs telling you when the next bus is
6:32 am
coming. it is happening at muni bus stops because the electronic signs here use 3g modems, and at&t is switching to 5g and shutting down 3g modems. so you will not see real-time arrival information on the electronic signs. you will still be able to look it up on your phone. the information will still be there, just not broadcast here at the bus shelter. you also will not be able to use those push to talk buttons as some of the bus shelters around the city. muni plans to upgrade their 3g modems to 4g so they can get the signs up and running temporarily while they wait for the new signs to come in that they have ordered that will be updated. this will also affect people who have old phones that use 3g, could also impact old home alarms in medical is the first carrier to make the switch to 5g. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. developing, the u.s. and european union are moving to impose tough new sanctions against russia as russian
6:33 am
president vladimir putin continues to escalate tensions along his country's border with ukraine. the un security council held an emergency meeting about the situation. tim johns has more on the global reaction. tim: tensions between russia and ukraine reaching a boiling point monday. earlier in the day, the russian president signing a decree recognizing independence for two countries at the center of the on -- two regions at the center of the ongoing issue. the move is being called a dramatic escalation and a possible pretext to a larger scale invasion. >> for him, his main mission in office is to restore what he regards as what he is now calling historic russia, and that means taking over ukraine. tim: he is professor of political science at uc berkeley who studied authoritarianism and post-communist dish communist countries, and he said this is the biggest security crisis in europe since the end of the
6:34 am
second world war in 1945. >> this returns europe from the 75 years of peace it has had to a world of war. tim': in response to putins actions, western countries with new sanctions against moscow, calling an emergency meeting of the united nations security council. >> consequences of russia's actions will be dire. tim: at that meeting, overwhelming calls for russia to de-escalate the situation and stop further advances into ukraine. >> i suspect his plans are to push forward and take territory. tim: but some 6000 miles away from the ukrainian-russian border, the local ukrainian community in the bay area the strain. this is the cochair of a palo alto-based parity, and he has family still in the country. >> i feel like i should be there trying to protect them. i do not think i can fly there because airlines no longer fly there. tim: he and other local ukrainians have spent the last several weeks calling for elected leaders to take a hard
6:35 am
line against of vladimir putin, asking western officials to support the ukrainian people in a time of need. >> our people are strong and resilient, and we will survive this. we will win., tim: tim johns, abc 7 news. kumasi: if russia invades, the u.s. and european union could cut russia out of swift, the network that underpins the global financial system, which would get pressure off for most international financial transactions. that includes profits from oil and gas. fearing an imminent attack from russia, four airlines have canceled flights out of kiev to the end of the month, the first international airline being klm, and three others have adjusted schedules now. the airlines are monitoring the situation and will make a decision to reschedule flights. reggie: a search specialist will join the effort to find an oakley woman last seen nearly a month ago.
6:36 am
alexis gabe's family is working with a foundation, which was created in honor of a 12 euros he was kidnapped and murdered. the father is personally involved with the search for alexis now. >> we are working closely with oakley police, and they are giving us locations we should consider searching. so what we do then is we bring people in, we get them registered so we know exactly who it is that is working with us. reggie: search groups will fan out from the contra costa county fairgrounds friday and this weekend to search from antioch to oakley. kumasi: we are learning more about young covid-19 long-haulers, more on how doctors can learn from with the kids. reporter: the start of the pandemic, pediatric experts thought kids experience covid differently than adults, but the variants have shown doctors that children have similar symptoms to adult, including fever,
6:37 am
cough, headaches, difficulty breathing, and extreme fatigue. one in three kids i have trouble getting back to normal. >> what we are mainly saying is kids who used to be really good in school who are now struggling in school. or that athlete having a hard time returning to their level of activity. we are doing things to help them regain their stamina. so if they have chronic headaches, they may need to be on migraine medication. reporter: the national is conducting a trial looking at young long-haulers and other ways to treat patients. studies show being vaccinated, kids and adults, can reduce the risk of long-term symptoms. reggie: thank you. a disturbing viral drive-through attack at a local mcdonald's, the search for the woman behind the wheel and what led up to that confrontation. kumasi: and you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange, starting down by about 280 points. reggie: a major win for fair pay settled overnight. a u.s. soccer star on what it
6:38 am
means moving forward. kumasi: at 7:00, our interview with state officials trying to figure out what to do with hank, the tank, breaking into dozens of homes in south lake tahoe. this is about the effort to find him a new and safe home, and also in the east bay, we are talking live with the organizers of the pride prom. stay with us. we are streaming at 7:00. abc 7 available on our apps, phone, tablet, roku tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and apple tv. drew: tracking the return of some wet weather. san francisco ended its record which are dry streak at 44 days. officially saw one-100th, all it took to end it. and we are finally seeing some light showers, closest to the coast right now, best bet for finding any wet weather. here is live doppler seven over
6:39 am
the last 30 minutes, showers hugging the coast, moving parallel as they dive south. a light sprinkle in the richmond and the sunset and other parts of the city. live doppler 7 to mount hamilton. pops of white, that is precip, soap snow is falling in the highest peaks and around tahoe. a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 p.m. jane controls in effect appeared we are anticipating and anticipate -- chain controls in effect, anticipating an additional eight inches of snow. cold air in place. 36 in napa. 43 in half moon bay. 44 in palo alto. level 1 light storm today was scattered showers, and hail is possible. low snow levels. early this morning, best chances along the coast.
6:40 am
a break in the action mid day this afternoon, expecting more showers to develop, 3:00 through 5:00. by 9:00 p.m., we will find those showers exiting the region. talk about that cold air settling in later on tonight in about nine minutes, first, good morning to jobina. jobina: good morning. a new crash that happened in the backup of the crash we were following around 6:15 this morning. here are the graphics. southbound 680 right before 84. traffic on 84 is also backing up. approaching the crash site, around 10 miles per hour. bay bridge toll plaza is very busy. a still on westbound 80 at the 7th street exit -- a stall on west on 80. meter lights came on at 5:39. walnut creek, 680, you can see the taillights southbound that are turning into brake lights.
6:41 am
we will be right back after the break. oh, wow, barbara corcoran!
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♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at kumasi: investigators in utah's hat and officers quick thinking stopped a potentially tragic situation. they believe the father told his four-year-old child to fire a gun at police after a dispute over a mcdonald's order. police say the father got into an argument with employees, and when officers got there, they try to arrest him. then one officer noticed a gun coming out of the car. one officer swiped at it as it was fired, steering the bullet away from them. the father is facing child abuse charges now, and the four-year-old and another child in that car are in the care of
6:44 am
social workers. reggie: a violent attack at a mcdonald's drive-through in richmond is getting national attention. police are still trying to find the women involved in the assault caught on video. >> [beep, beep, beep] reggie: one driver accused another of cutting in line in the drive-through, the target, a mom of two. she says things escalated and the other driver rammed her car. >> she started throwing stuff and got out of her vehicle, started attacking my window. >> [beep, beep] reggie: police say the other driver drove straight into her, dragging the car more than 150 feet, then got out and punched her several times. all this happened in from of the what -- in front of the woman's two young kids. the car the driver was in has been located, but police are still working to identify her. kumasi: a historic agreement has been reached to end a
6:45 am
discrimination lawsuit with the u.s. women's national soccer team, including an agreement to pay 20 formally dollars the players and a commitment -- $24 million to the players and a commitment for equal play -- pay moving forward. alex morgan is on gma talking about the settlement. >> this is just such a monumental step forward in feeling valued, feeling respected, and just mending our relationship with u.s. soccer. it has been full of tension and very far apart from each other for many years, for about six years now. kumasi: you can watch the full interview with alex morning and megan rapinoe coming up at 7:00 on gma. britney spears has reportedly signed a book deal with as much as 15 million dollars, described as a tell-all memoir. her long-standing conservatorship was just terminated three months ago, and since then she has been very vocal about her estrangement from her family. reggie: your morning money
6:46 am
report, the intensifying situation at the russia having ukraine border, one of the key factors fueling a surge in gas prices, price of oil surging this morning, and that means this. look at this gas station in downtown l.a., that is $6.21 for a gallon of regular gas. overnight, germany halted the nord stream 2 as pipeline that carries as from russia to germany and the rest of the world. this could drive prices even higher. >> last time i filled up, it was about $110. prior to that, probably $80, so it has gone up. >> am going to pay right now for 30 gallons, $120 or 100 $50. reggie: in the bay area, gas prices are averaging nearly five dollars a gallon. according to aaa, a gallon of regular in san jose cost $4.80, $4.81 in oakland, and $4.90 in the sacraments's -- san francisco.
6:47 am
looking at the stock exchange, bracing for another bumpy ride on wall street today. that is thanks to tensions between russia and ukraine. down about 220 points right now. get ready for the possibility of new macs in march with apple launching at least one new computer march 8 at the first event of 2022. there are talk of updates to the macbook pro and mini and new ones in either may or june. kumasi: the irs is allowing taxpayers to opt out of facial recognition technology. to access your online account, you can verify your identity with a live virtual interview paired the irs announced it would transition away from facial recognition because of privacy concerns. new at 6:00, check your playlists, some spotify by lists are being targeted by a bot named ashley. according to mashable, tiktok user spotted these bots, also called emma.
6:48 am
they said they are ruining some public collaborative playlists, and they believe their promotional accounts to boost listening stats of artists music by adding new songs to as many playlists as possible. you can manually remove each song added, block the bot, or make your list private. you know i do not have spotify. you do. is this a big deal? reggie: i do not get involved in other peoples playlists, i just make my own. so that is how you solve that problem. kumasi: oh , ok. reggie: who wants a bot in the playlist? no one. but it is clever. kumasi: they cannot get into your playlists? reggie: the only reason they can get into a playlist is because you have made it public and your collaborating with other people. like, i like your list, so let's make this together. kumasi: so as long as it is not
6:49 am
public. you do not want to share yours? reggie: no, that is for me. drew: you have some random songs in there? reggie: what do you think? drew: some 1990's bop? reggie: you know when you accidentally put it on so everyone can hear it in the gym, like, no, no, no, no. you think you are the only one hearing it. [laughter] but to answer your question, no, i do not share it. drew: ok, we do have showers that have returned after what has been several weeks of dry weather. here is live doppler 7 with satellite. the storm is moving through nevada at this hour, so we are seeing just scattered showers. the best chance currently at finding showers is close to the coast at this hour.
6:50 am
later this afternoon, i think the showers find their way across much of the bay area, very light in nature. it will not be an all day event right now, cold temperatures, fairfield at 37, 46 at oakland, 36 in santa rosa. winter jackets needed, perhaps the hat and gloves. take the umbrella with you if you will be out all day. checking scattered showers with a level 1 light storm today. low snow levels, a dusting of snow at our highest peaks like mount hamilton. a stormy morning as we look towards the western horizon was showers close to the coast. isolated shower this morning. later on today, between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., best chance of finding rain and even hail. a cold day, not raising far from where we are this morning, low to mid-50's is about it. the storm exits tonight, and the colder air moves in, talking
6:51 am
subfreezing temperatures across parts of the north bay the inland east bay. a freeze warning will begin at 2:00 a.m. bring the pets inside and protect your pets, plants, and pipes. cold mornings on the way tomorrow and thursday. the mild weather by the weekend. kumasi: thank you. developments in last year's disastrous caldor fire. forestry officials are beginning to start work to build back the area's ecology and economy. the plan includes rebuilding and restoring some of the communities destroyed by the more than 200,000 acre wildfire. work will begin to rebuild homes, and restoration will begin in the coming weeks along pollock pines and. the highway 50 corridor work is underway to rebuild the sierra at tahoe ski resort, heavily damaged by fire. reggie: california b industry is buzzing -- bee industry is
6:52 am
buzzing about hive thefts, a fast way for someone who knows what they are doing to make a quick buck. the bee supply is tightening, and demand has skyrocketed. one hive rental for pollination has gone from $40 to $230 in about two decades. wait until you hear who the culprit is. >> sadly, beekeepers are the only one stealing bees from other beekeepers. it is very calculated. reggie: the beekeepers are now using gps trackers, surveillance cameras, and other antitheft tech to protect the colonies. kumasi: the world's largest cruise ship is getting ready for its maiden voyage, a royal caribbean wonder of the seas. the nearly 1200 foot ship can hold nearly 7000 guests in more than 2000 crewmembers. it includes a zipline, poolside movie screen, and what is being described as the tallest slide
6:53 am
at sea. expected to leap from fort lauderdale next friday, march 4. reggie: the 20th season of "american idol" is five days away, and this morning the judges are on gma to talk about the excitement of the upcoming season. >> a lot of truly talented singer-songwriter artist people are coming in and trusting us now. so i would say "american idol" is like the cream of the crop now. reggie: this season, the judges will hand platinum tickets, meaning that if you get one, when you go to hollywood, you can sit out on one of the auditions. you can watch the full interview at 7:00 on gma the season premiere is this sunday at 8:00 p.m., only here on abc 7. kumasi: today is 2's-day, february 22, 2-22-22, and it is
6:54 am
apparently a good day to get married. contract county is holding additional ceremonies, and the san mateo county clerks office is extending hours for people wanting to get married. san mateo says it is fully booked with 10 ceremonies today, every hour on the hour, first one at 8:00 this morning. and to celebrate the day, krispy kreme is offering a special deal. if you purchase any dozen or 16 minis, you get a dozen original glazed for just two dollars. just use promo code twosday. and for two weeks only, the doughnut chain has this new collaboration with twix. you can get krispy kreme donuts with the candy bar inside, on top -- ok. three new creations in all sizes. reggie: i kinda of forgot that i do enjoy twix. now it is in my head.
6:55 am
something about that twix. kumasi: that is true. i do not want to take that away from you. reggie: soft and crunchy. but you do not wanted it in a doughnut? kumasi: we made the order, me and noah. reggie: where are you getting at? there is no krispy kreme in the city. kumasi: thinks -- thank goodness for delivery. reggie: are you going to bring me one? kumasi: are you going to have one this time? reggie: are you inviting me to have one? kumasi: you're always invited, but you know it depends on how you feel. reggie: i will have one today. i am excited. coming up next, seven things you need to know. kumasi: and a live look outside, because it is beautiful.
6:56 am
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kumasi: 650 72, seven things to nope your u.s. diplomat still in the ukraine, moved to poland to temporary -- for further safety paired the president of ukraine is urging the world to impose painful sanctions against russia to prevent further escalation. ketor fu a surge i o gas prices. overgh gma hteasipine from russo germany and the rest of the world. that could drive prices even higher. drew: on storm watch today, rain and possibility of hail and snow on our highest peaks. here is live doppler 7 showing wet weather at the coast. the best bet for finding wet weather later on today between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. kumasi: an indoor mask mandate may be lifted by tonight. 80% of residents are now fully vaccinated, and with case council, the city thinks it is time to make masks optional.
6:59 am
reggie: 3g technology is now history or that mean san francisco muni displays that depend on 3g will also go off-line. an upgrade to more modern technology will take months. jobina: one lane blocked on the bay bridge to san francisco, and a back up at the toll plaza. kumasi: and is it too early for christmas? reggie: yes. kumasi: listen, this morning the white house released its official 2022 christmas ornament , a gingerbread version of the white house. it costs about $25. why is it out now? reggie: i do not want to see this. jobina: we have so many things going on we have ipods to find it we have hank, the tank, that is thick and quick. reggie: jobina! jobina: everything y'all have been saying, i have been in deep thought. reggie: i cannot stop thinking
7:00 am
about hankey, the tank appeared we will talk about it more on our streaming show, which starts in just a few moments, abc 7 good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. we're tracking all the fast-moving developments from ukraine on this tuesday morning. threat of war. russia moves one step closer to invasion. president vladimir putin orders troops into ukraine's separatist regions. the white house and our allies imposing sanctions as president biden faces pressure from both parties for tougher ones and fears grow of a full-scale invasion. this morning, the biggest economic impact that could be felt at home. our team is live on the ground across ukraine, in moscow and at the white house tracking it all. one-two punch. back-to-back winter storms sweeping across the country causing massive pileups in oregon and north dakota. at least 34 states are under snow, ice, flood, bitter cold and tornado alerts.


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