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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 23, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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seeing from the bay area this morning. >> we are waking up to a winter weather freeze. i work bay area mountains seeing some snow. make sure you get all the blankets this morning, because drew is tracking the neighborhoods at or below freezing. reggie: i put on the good sweatshirt i have, the thick one. then the good jacket. kumasi: ok. reggie: that's what you were going to need today. kumasi: how cold are we talking about, drew? drew: we are sub-freezing. did you break up the hat and gloves? reggie: i broke out the hat last night. drew: us californians. this is one of the coldest mornings we are waking up to so far this season. you can see why. 33 right now in fremont. 28 that current temperature in santa rosa. it is 40 in oakland, so a lot of us waking up to cold temperatures temperatures. in live look from our exploratorium camera. frost advisories are in effect
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this morning. where those liars today, have a hat, have gloves. you may want to wear them the entire day, because by noon we are still stuck in the 40's, and by 4:00 p.m. i was storm from yesterday is out of here, so we are dry. temperatures barely topping out in the mid-50's. taking a closer look at highs and about seven minutes. reggie: thank you. one person has died and three people are cri on a freeway oven san francisco. the fire broke out just after midnight along 280 in the glen park neighborhood. firefighters say it started at an encampment at the bosworth on-ramp near san jose avenue. the person who died was pulled from what appears to be a crawlspace inside the overpass. san francisco fire has called an arson investigator team to the scene. kumasi: worthen 200 volunteers are fanning out across santa clara county to count the population of on house residence. this is the first count since
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2019, before the pandemic. this morning volunteers are worried about these cold temperatures. gloria rodriguez is here with the importance of this morning's count. gloria: this helps capture the scope of homelessness in the community. it has been more than two years since they have been able to do this count because of the pandemic. it kicked off this morning, despite the cool temperatures. the last point in time count or homelessness since this wasn't 2019, -- was in 2019. members of the un-housed response group, making some of the volunteer force. the county has 200 volunteers can use more. weighing on the minds of many today, the cold weather. >> we are excited to be doing the count. we are also fearful, because it is going to be in freezing conditions. there to get people have passed so far this year. we may find somebody else who has passed. gloria: the county says this
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gives them an idea of how many people are experiencing homelessness and helps them understand what they call a subpopulation, such as veterans and seniors, or homeless. i talked to somebody from the san jose's mayor office. the mayor will be joining the count and speaking to the media on the representative tells me they hope the information gathered during the count can help when it comes to allocating resources and coordinating services for the homeless. count will go on until 10:00 this morning, and it is going on tomorrow as well. reggie? reggie: it is important work. light nurseries and wineries are preparing for the next couple of days of chilly mornings. in livermore frost is a good thing. this will help the vines stay dormant until later in the spring. this should benefit their growth in the long run. a potential problem with the 70 degree temperatures followed by another round of frost. it is a different story at the
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nurseries, where they are taking precautions. >> anything new growth on plans, you should protect, because it is naturally tender just because it is new. reggie: one piece of advice, you might want to wait a few weeks to fully plant anything that is sensitive to cold weather. you can check the weather conditions any time on our abc 7 bay area news app. it is available on roku, amazon fire, mo droid tv -- amazon tv, and apple tv. kumasi: in pittsburgh police are investigating the first homicide of this year. we people were shot during an argument after the death of an elderly family member. when shooting victim died at the family home. two others are in the hospital this morning, one in critical condition. but did arrest one person and they are interviewing witnesses to find out what the fight was about. reggie: developing news on the ongoing crisis in ukraine. ukrainian officials plan to declare a nationwide state of
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emergency. it needs to be confirmed in 48 hours and approved by parliament. it would last for 30 days. overnight the eu announced plans to sanction hundreds of russian politicians, lawmakers, and other officials. it is a move that goes further than president biden's sanctions against the country as a whole. as bama we have cut off russian -- russia's government from finance. it could no longer raise money from the west. >> ukraine is in danger. putin is breaking the laws and principles that have kept the peace across europe and around the world decades. his country wants peace, but also has a right to self-defense. kumasi: here in the bay area there are shows of solidarity with ukraine. local activists partnered with museum to project artwork and inspirational messages from ukrainian artists alongside the walls of the palace of fine arts and -- in san francisco. we will monitor the developments
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and bring you updates here and on the abc7news app. you can watch our streaming channel on your roku, amazon fire, apple, or amazon tv. you can also check out reggie: a sophisticated ghost gun factory just discovered in the south bay. small arsenal uncovered inside this unassuming home. kumasi: plus, mass layoffs delayed. the supple mistake at the san francisco school board meeting that put off a decision to cut hundreds of jobs, for now. drew: good morning. you are working up to sub-freezing temperatures this morning. have extra time and dress warmly today, especially if you are getting in that morning run. getting in that morning run. it is bright, brisk, and in the ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+,
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reggie: some whale watchers in hawaii really got their money's worth to cut their encounter with a humpback. >> that is so gross. [laughter] kumasi: i wasn't ready for that. reggie: something i didn't realize until phil got close to a humpback whale, is there breath smells really bad. kumasi: oh no. reggie: this video was taken off the coast of maui. we see it -- we shared a similar siding on monday, and it seems this whale also wanted some of our attention. an employee of hawaii ocean rafting says boats never approach home back's closer than 100 yards because the animals are protected. sometimes the whales decide they want to get closer, and what can you do? kumasi: what can you do? reggie: you smell the breath. i've never seen a video where a woman says out loud, that smells so bad. kumasi: no. [laughter] drew: i don't want to get too
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close to a well to smell its breath. reggie: that is a little too close. kumasi: i want to hug it. reggie: i i i i i i i i last night i did that. with a beluga whale. [laughter] they are so cute. >> never in my life have i ever wanted to hug a whale. kumasi: i do. >> we are going to make that happen. we are going to make some warm weather happen later today. look at danville. 28 degrees. waking up in parts of the bay area you are cold this morning. 31 in concord. we are waking up to sub-freezing temperatures in spots. even palo alto, silicon valley, it is cold. you get the gist. it is cold out there this morning. one of the coldest mornings we have experienced so far this winter season. a freeze warning is in effect, so you want to dress warmly.
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temperatures, very slow to warm today. barely cracking 50 degrees by noon. the next three days we will find some warmer weather i the end of the week, getting into the 60's in our warmest spots. sue, you ever want to hug a whale? sue: i do want to hug a whale. baby beluga. reggie: see? thank you. team whale hug here. sue: it is light out there this wednesday morning. cold, but light on the roadways. you are in smooth sailing through contra costa. this is passed north main. if you break lights at that transition there if you are headed from concord to walnut creek. only an eight and a drive. popping over to the south bay, past the s&p center and on toward the airport and you are in light conditions. let's take a look at some of your drive times as predicted. pretty typical. tracy to dublin, about 45
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minutes. highway four starting to bunch up. we will be back in just a few with more traffic. kumasi: thank you. the new bay area dining room that promises to take you to other worlds, literally. but it could cost you, as you might expect. reggie: more changes coming for this year's oscars. we know the hosts, but you will also be ti for hollywood's biggest night. kumasi: we are going to take a lead look outside. it is 6:12 and it is cold. we will be right back.
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if you thought my tiny tacos were tasty before... you're right! and now that they have nacho cheese flavor in every bite, you're even get my nacho tiny tacos for $3. or try them bacon loaded for $4. >> oh my god. reggie: this video shows moments
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before two blackhawk choppers crashed near a utah ski resort. it happened during a national guard training exercise. incredibly, everyone is all right. crews were practicing landing in snowy conditions. the choppers were approaching the landing zone when they lost control and went down. ahmaud arbery's mother expected to speak publicly, marking two years since his murder. the anniversary comes the day after the man -- the men found guilty of killing him were convicted on federal hate crimes. the jury announced its vertex yesterday morning. jurors determined that father and son greg and travis mcmichael, and neighbor william bryan, violated aubrey's civil rights and targeted him because he was black when they chased him down and shot him. >> we get justice for ahmad. we got federal and state. reggie: all three men could receive sentences of up to life in prison, matching what they
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already received in state court. kumasi: tonight city college will be holding a candlelight vigil and celebration of life for david wayne. he is the alameda county sheriff's recruit that was shot and killed as he was driving home from a training session last month. he is a former student at city college, where he studied administration of justice. the school will award his family and honorary associate degree. tonight's ceremony will include musical performances and speeches from his family and close friends. memorial is growing at the fremont police department in honor of a captain who died suddenly monday. 50 four-year-old frederick bobbitt was with the department for more than 30 years. captain bobbitt grew up in fremont and attended mission san jose high school. he was married and has a son, who is a detective with fremont police department. fremont police will release more information in the coming days on how to support his family. reggie: people accused of running a ghost gun factory are expected in court today.
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officials seized machine guns and ghost guns from the home in the willow glenn neighborhood. those guns are bought and sold on the black market. they are ordered online and assembled at home. they are untraceable, because they do not have serial numbers, making them popular among criminals. >> the people arrested here who have made firearms that are illegal, assault weapons, machine guns, and they are also making guns distributed to our community, likely falling into the hands of people who are not supposed to possess firearms. reggie: authorities say the suspects all have criminal records. there will be charged with felony counts of illegal gun possession. kumasi: a vote by the san francisco school board on whether to improve -- to approve layoff notices is going to wait. mistake but an end to the meeting last night. >> we have had a chance to look into the issue raised by the caller, that the agenda was not posted on the website in
6:18 am
accordance with our own policies and with the brown act. it appears it was not posted on the website, it was posted on word docs. my recommendation is we end this meeting, and re-notice the meeting with 24 hours notice. kumasi: the meeting has been rescheduled for 5:00 tomorrow night. reggie: we are learning more about what could be the future of dining. a restaurant at westfield valley fair in santa clara is debuting a virtual reality dining room. the vr realm inside i china consists of an immersion and tasting menu. what does it mean? the price? $4500. that is for 10 people. still. that is a lot of money. the room has eight high-tech video projectors. the restaurant hopes to get people to since they're inside more than just the room. kumasi: i'm trying to imagine,
6:19 am
what is happening while i'm eating? drew: you are sitting around that roundtable and there is different images. there it is. you are sent to different locations while you eat, i feel like. kumasi: so it is like eating inside the van gogh thing? drew: yes, except you might get transported to, say, mount fuji. reggie: that is cool. kumasi: yeah. reggie: they have this on celebrity cruises right now. drew: have you ever tried it? reggie: i haven't tried it, but i watched a video. the plates have to be in a certain spot and everybody has to ordered the same thing. it is on a schedule. so, it is multi courses, and they have projectors above the tables. it tells an entire story. it looked amazing, and people get emotional. kumasi: that is good. reggie: isn't that cool? kumasi: i wondered if it would
6:20 am
be overwhelming, but if people are responding well. reggie: it is a new form of dinner theater, i guess. drew: i want to feel something. kumasi: you are only paying $4500. drew: do you think that includes wine? reggie: i don't. drew: grab that hot cup of coffee or tea. we are finding cold out there. we are finding 33 currently in union city. we are at 42 in alameda. marinda, it is frosty at 36 degrees. a lot of cold temperatures this morning. we are at 28 in santa rosa. the freezing mark right now in palo alto. 30 in san ramon and lynn moore. it is chilly and cold across the entire state. we are at 19 in tahoe. even l.a., it is chilly at 40 degrees. we had that hail yesterday and parts of the bay area. that storm is moving to our
6:21 am
southeast, but it is dragging some very cold air from the north. it is forcing all of this cold air into the bay area. that is why we are so cold this morning. after that frosty start we will warm slowly. it is a bright day, but temperatures below average, in the low and mid 50's today. tonight we are going to do this again. sub-freezing temperatures for a lot of us. cold for another night with clear skies. it is for that fact we have a freeze warning in effect right now. we will do it again tomorrow morning for those sub-freezing temperatures. bring your pets inside, watch your pipes closely, and dress warmly. also find the hat and gloves. he is the seven-day forecast. frigid starts. we will find warmer air over the weekend. chance of a sprinkle in the north bay on sunday, otherwise stays mild early next week. reggie: "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. kumasi: ginger zee has a look at
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what is ahead. >> wonderful to be with you. you know we have to start in ukraine and that growing threat of war. president biden announcing sanctions against russia and threatening more. our reporters are live throughout the region. i'm going to be tracking that second storm that made you all cold, and now it is bringing freezing rain to the folks who just got severe storms and tornadoes damage, then eventually to the east coast. if you have plans to travel east friday and saturday, some things you are going to want to note. the tricks that can help you save the next time you fill up. and what you can do now to help save on rising rent. save on rising rent. that ♪ free, free, free. that's right, turbotax free edition is free. see details at
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6:25 am
standoff and an unbelievable way. he asked for water and took the opportunity to run for safety. officers ran the suspect over as he chased the hostage out of the store. the suspect is in the hospital with serious injuries. walkie's dancing grannies are preparing for their comeback back after losing several members in the waukesha christmas parade attack. the group has been hard at work practicing behind closed doors at the moose lodge, and they say that three members and a volunteer were killed when a man plowed his suv through that crowd on the 21st of november. the dancing grannies did not have enough members to perform at a parade after that attack. >> we were down to maybe eight surviving grannies. >> is this the most amount of members who have ever wanted to join? >> definitely. we have never experienced this many people. >> i was following them on facebook. i love to dance, then when i saw
6:26 am
the tragedy i wanted to be able to give back to them and support them. kumasi: the dancing grannies will be returning next month. they are getting to perform in the milwaukee st. patrick's day parade. reggie: glad to see them back. we are a month away from hollywood's biggest night. the oscars will return and 32 days. told you this month the show will have a host -- hosts -- a trio of very funny people. amy schumer, regina hall, and wanda sykes will sear the spotlight. issues obscures -- this year's oscars will be different. eight awards will be handed out before the broadcast and the ceremony will begin one hour before we see it on tv. to see who goes home with oscar gold, keep in on abc 7. the oscars air on sunday, march 27. more top stories coming your way. the bay area counties that seem to be in a better stage of the covid pandemic, at least by one metric. kumasi: the iconic restaurant
6:27 am
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. . reggie: winter has arrived. we are feeling that cold. a live look outside. it is close to freezing and so money parts of the bay area. drew is tracking the timing of the warm up. kumasi: we are watching wall street once again this morning. this is a live look from the stock exchange floor. stock futures are rebounding after more brutal lows on tuesday. we are going to check in on your money in just a few minutes. >> there is definitely a learning curve. >> his sister helped him.
6:30 am
reggie: parents, listen up. the way one mom got her team to stay off social media for six years. he says he feels more like a senior citizen now then a high school student going to college soon. kumasi: this is a funny story. good morning, everybody. reggie: we are going to check in with your weather and your cold forecast. drew: you are certainly feeling the frosty and frigid temperatures. have a freeze warning in effect for a large portion of the bay area. a lot of us waking up to cold temperatures. the coldest so far this season for many of us. we do have a freeze warning in effect. it is 29 in campbell this morning. we are at 33 in lps. it is a very cold morning. 28 in santa rosa this morning. 30 in livermore. 35 in san mateo. it is a cold start and we are going to be slow to warm today.
6:31 am
it looks cold out there. a lot of sunshine today, but we are barely cracking 50 degrees by noon. where those lawyers today. the hat, the gloves. we will take a closer look at those afternoon highs and maybe find some warmer weather in about nine minutes. reggie: it is a cold morning. in the east bay local wineries had to prepare for some of these chilly temperatures. amy hollyfield, lived for us in livermore. amy: it is rough for all of us. i am cold. the great look fuller bow. look down below to the ground.l. there is the evidence you need to see that it is miserable out here. want to put a like it over those great minds, they just look so exposed. what winemakers say don't worry too much about them. they are ok. frost is not terrible for them. we were told that frost during dormancy is not a bad thing.
6:32 am
it actually helps put the grapevines to bed until spring. mnc helps their long-term growth. what the winemakers worry about is the next couple of weeks. the concern is when they see wide swings in the temperature. >> next week it is going to get up to 70 degrees again, and it is going to back down to 50 again. those kind of temperature fluctuations are not great, because we are going to start to see more. he will keep an eye on it. amy: we checked in with nurseries across the bay area. employees were busy covering plants, especially young plants that are too tender for this cold weather. nurseries have seen an uptick in plant sales because of the warm weather. peopleart their ga t ewe ek before planting anything. wait for consistently warm weather.
6:33 am
this weather is definitely too cold for people. do not come out here if you can avoid it. it is very cold this morning. reporting live from livermore, amy hollyfield. kumasi: thank you. warming shelters and centers have opened to try to help those without homes stay warm. this video shows some of the hail that came down in sonoma yesterday and overnight there was a big effort to get people out of these elements. the arlene francis center opened its doors for some of the nearly 2000 homeless in sonoma county. nearby catholic charities also opened a warming center. >> we are going to have patio heaters, warm clothing giveaways, we are going to have food, drinks, all of those things for people to try to help them get through the next few nights. kumasi: catholic charities warming center is going to be open again tonight and tomorrow night. reggie: as our temperatures fell, so did snow in higher elevations. this is from the east bay hills yesterday.
6:34 am
piure.rtf thea bayot hl, ctr vanvle. le even hit parts of the north bay. this dog had to go check it out. you can check the weather conditions where you live any on our abc 7 bay area news app. it is available on roku, android tv, and apple tv. kumasi: this morning the european union is announcing sweeping sanctions over the crisis in ukraine. ukrainian officials say russia-backed rebels are firing into government-held areas. 800 additional u.s. troops are being positioned to support nato allies in the region. president biden is condemning what he says is the beginning of a russian invasion of ukraine. in response, the u.s. is imposing sanctions on banks,
6:35 am
business elites, and their families. >> no russian financial institution is safe if the invasion proceeds. we are ready to press a button to take action on the two largest russian financial institutions, which collectively hold $750 billion in assets. kumasi: president biden is morning sanctions are to defend freedom. reggie: now to the pandemic. three bay area counties have reached a new milestone. san mateo, alameda, and marin have a roof -- improved to moderate covid levels. those areas have lower transmission rates. the region is averaging 26 new cases a day per 100,000 residents, down from 127 at the start of the month. the cdc says new data shows covid vaccines are not likely to trigger a rare complication from the virus and kids. the condition involves fever, swelling, and heart problems. since february more than 6800 cases have been reported in the u.s.. all in children previously
6:36 am
infected with coronavirus. that prompted the cdc to re-examine the vaccine and they found it is safe. kumasi: other covid headlines this morning. a new bill would require a 2 -- require k-12 schools in california to develop testing plants. it would also apply to preschools, childcare centers, and afterschool programs. the vallejo city council voted unanimously to resend the cities mask mandate, and target now saying masks are no longer required in its stores nationwide, as long as local regulations allow it. apple is dropping its mask mandate for customers at stores in several states, including some in california. it appears that bay area locations are listing masks as optional for fully vaccinated customers. apple employees are still required to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status. reggie: in the east bay after a nearly two-your closure, and an
6:37 am
instagram post a restaurant says it will resume service march 8. reservations open monday at 9:00 a.m. it is reducing capacity by 25%. you were going to have to show proof of vaccination and a booster shot for those eligible. the restaurant is also hiring to build its staff backup. kumasi: multiple bands of truck drivers set to drive a gigantic ranch rush-hour traffic in washington, d.c., and one convoy heading from california. the national guard now activated. reggie: you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we will check in again in a couple of minutes. kumasi: look at this. this is not a celebration. somebody really did like fireworks on the bay bridge. you might have seen it if you are looking that way last night. what the chp is saying this morning. reggie: don't forget to join us for a celebration every morning on abc 7, stemming from 7:00 to
6:38 am
8:00 on our bay area app. today we are speaking to the founder of the black vines wine festival. plus, everything you need to know about cryptocurrency. you can watch abc seven at 7:00 every week a streaming on your phone, tablet, roku, apple tv, amazon fire, and android tv. this should flow off your tone. it is so conversational. [laughter] drew: stream i i i i i i i i i thank you for doing that. drew: it is a cold start. we are talking frigid temperatures. we will take you inland, where san ramon at 30. on lot creek, you are waking up to 30. 30 in pleasanton. it is not just inland. it is a lot of us feeling those frigid temperatures. we are at the freezing mark in palo alto this morning. subfreezing in santa rosa.
6:39 am
34 in novato. along the coast we are in 30's. the warm spot is san francisco and oakland in the low 40's at this hour. freeze warnings currently in effect for a lot of us. a lot of the north bay and santa clara valley, temperatures are at or close to sub-freezing. keep your pets inside. protect your plants. also we know, just in layered, but add the gloves and hat. maybe a scarf too. numbers are slow to warm throughout the morning. we are gradually warming into low and mid 40's after this cold start. by mid day are lucky if you are cracking 50 degrees by lunchtime and into the afternoon. it is a bright day, but we are calling it brisk. 56 the popular temperature for oakland. san jose, 5. 58 in santa rosa after that
6:40 am
chilly start. looking at the next three days we will find frigid morning but gradually warm those afternoons. by friday our warmest spots going into the low 60's. by the weekend we are even more than that. let's say good morning to see how we are on the roads this morning. sue: we are getting busier. let's clock in right now. we have a couple of problems i want to point out to you. we had a car fire, central lafayette. that is now out, but you have a big back up toward the 680 interchange. yourself plenty of time. you are looking at an additional 15 to 20 minutes west on 24. and we had to 880, this one southbound. had a three-car accident off to the shoulder, apparently folks are out of their car trying to take pictures of the accident, and you can see traffic backing up to 238. getting busier as we mentioned. highway four into hercules from
6:41 am
antioch, that is 47 minutes. from hercules to the maze, not too bad, 21 minutes. we do have metering lights on at the bay bridge. you are highway 87 commute is looking
6:42 am
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♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at reggie: today washington, d.c. is preparing for possible convoys of truckers. there is word that three convoys are headed to the capital to protest vaccine mandates and other issues. one group in southern california is expected to start an 11-day trek. officials in d.c. are taking no chances after seeing truckers lock traffic on the bridge linking the u.s. and canada. >> the administration's tracking reports of a potential convoy that may be planning to travel to several u.s. cities. have been working closely with our federal, state, and local
6:44 am
partners to assess the threat environment, keep our communities safe. reggie: as many as 700 national guard troops could be deployed to washington. also happening today, ups workers and local unions will protest outside the company's san francisco hub. last month ups cut wages of nearly 4000 part-time workers by as much as six dollars an hour. today's protest is part of nationwide action against the company during another demonstration is planned for tomorrow in philly, and another is scheduled for next week in southern california. kumasi: a massive sweep in san jose resulted in getting 35 sexual assault suspects off the street. the department said it made the arrests in a span of six weeks. a police spokesman said it took a lot of coordination. >> there are a lot of cases we need to per ties. some of these are very serious offenders. it was just a coordinated effort
6:45 am
, a way to help clear the queue for some of these detectives. our sexual assault detectives carry a big caseload. kumasi: all of those arrested or charged with sex crimes. police admit there are still some suspects out there. this, of course, is such a difficult topic, and even a story like this can be triggering. find local resources you can go to reggie: it seems if you fell victim to a scam or identity theft in 2021 you are not alone. people reported losing a record-breaking $5.8 billion to fraud in 2021. the ftc says crooks stole money by posing as romantic interests, government employees, or relatives in distress. others convinced consumers that they were tech-support experts or representatives of charities. the ftc says you can protect
6:46 am
yourself by refusing to give out personal or financial information in response to a request you did not expect. the biden administration is giving u.s. ports a financial push. the white house announced a $450 million grant program to strengthen the supply chain. money will support projects that expand capacity, expedite imports and exports, but would also get products to shelves quicker, which would lower prices for consumers. boards will have to apply to get that money. first grants are expected to be handed out in the fall. menlo park way possible facebook is going global with its reels feature in hopes of trying to steal some shares of tiktok's surging success. the real is now available and more than 150 countries, with new editing features that includes a video clipping tool that can come in handy for creators that publish longform content. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. once again, stocks took a major
6:47 am
hit yesterday. the s&p 500, now down 10% from the hyatt set after the start of this year. right now you can see we are up about 200 points. kumasi: spotify has released its first physical product. it is called car thing. this $90 device is meant for cars without infotainment screens. users can control their music with a touchscreen or voice control, but it only works with spotify premium. you need to have a smartphone with bluetooth or an auxiliary record. how much would it cost you to convince your child to stay off of social media for six years? for one mom in minnesota the price was $1800. it started with a bet that came to mom after seeing her three daughters deal with social media. she told her son, who was 12, if he could last six years without social media she would pay up and give him those $1800. he did not have any social media apps. >> being 12 i didn't have a
6:48 am
concept of money yet, so i was like, absolutely. i've had it in my savings for six months, because i knew at that point for sure he was going to make it. >> sievert got the $1800. he says the first apps he downloaded were snapchat and instagram. as for the money, he says he's going to buy a tv for his dorm room this fall. reggie: that is funny that he put that picture on his instagram of him as a little kid. saying, here is my first post on instagram. drew: here's my journey. kumasi: i'm intrigued. i'm about to go follow him. reggie: i have a feeling this is going to be quite drew: a ride for him. drew:going from no social media to a star overnight. reggie: those dm's, going to be real full. [laughter] drew: ok. great. reggie: welcome to this trash social media world. drew: never open the dm's. reggie: really? drew: i mean, what good comes
6:49 am
from it? reggie: never open the dm's? ok. [laughter] i'm never going to say never, ok? drew: let's talk about how cold it is out there. reality check as head out the door. we are finding subfreezing temperatures this morning with this cold blast. some of the coldest temperatures this winter season. you may even have some frost on your windshield. dress and liars but also add the hat, gloves, the scarf this morning because it is cold in a lot of spots. right now we are sitting at the freezing mark in palo alto. oakland, you are warmer, but still cold out there. 36 in half moon bay. you get the point, it is cold. yesterday we were dealing with hail in parts of the bay area. that storm, you can see it is moving to the south and east right now. we are getting cold air from the north forced into the bay area.
6:50 am
that is why we are so cold this morning. we have this frosty start. it is a sunny day but a brisk day. temperatures below average later on today. tonight we are going to do this all again. freeze warnings for a lot of us because temperatures are dropping well into the 30's, if not up her 20's and our coldest spots. he was a freeze warning for the santa clara valley. protect those plants, bring in your pets, dress warmly. we also have a frost advisory for parts of the marin and sonoma coast line it is very cold couple of mornings we have on our way through friday morning. here is the seven-day forecast. warmer air moves in. a chance of a sprinkle in the north bay sunday night, but otherwise mild air continues. reggie: new this morning, the u.n. is out with a dire warning about climate change. it says a global wildfire crisis is imminent.
6:51 am
the report finds the risk of catastrophic wildfires will increase by more than 50% by the turn-of-the-century. researchers say worsening heat and dryness are the biggest risk factors. the u.n. also says many countries are not prepared to address the problem. covering the impact of climate change and wildfire danger is an important part of our effort here to help build a better bay area. stanford researchers recently identified areas in california that are double hazard wildfire zones. you can find out more about that story and people finding solutions to the climate crisis right now at kumasi: in the east bay there is a plan to fight crime with cameras. san leandro's's police chief presented at last night's city council meeting. the police chief has r has emphasized that they are not going to be used for surveillance. video would be kept for 15 days
6:52 am
and then discarded. >> if there is information to suggest a crime occurred will go back and look at the video to see if we can glean any intelligence information that will help us solve the crime. we are not pulling people over based upon seeing someone drive for some low-level offense. it is crimes that have occurred. kumasi: the estimated cost, $110,000 a year. [gunfire] kumasi: it is not the fourth of july. this is the bay bridge yesterday. traffic is moving again after this illegal fireworks show. it happened on the upper deck just before 8:00 last night. chp says 10 to 15 vehicles parked just past treasure island. people started lighting off these fireworks, and got back into their cars and took off a few minutes later. chp says there were no arrests or citations. reggie: the newest members of
6:53 am
the san francisco fire department or on the job. meet marley and sadie. the dogs will tend to the health and wellness of the firefighters. arlie is a red fox laboratory -- labrador retriever, and sadie, a yellow lab. >> our members see also it's of challenging scenes and go through also it's of challenging situations. and sometimes we just need anybody to talk to, we just need a little dog to pet. reggie: take a look at sadie here. sadie really wants to eat those flowers. a nonprofit called thor's hope foundation donated the dogs to the department in partnership with performance canine training. we are seeing new video of hank the tank. by now you know that is the bear who is in south lake tahoe and keeps breaking into homes. this time he startled a family enjoying time in their hot tub. >> the bear is walking around and i think it is hank the tank.
6:54 am
kumasi: to be clear. reggie: to be clear it is the most celebrated bear currently in the world. the family solve a 500 pound black bear on saturday near a frozen canal, trying to walk up the doctor -- the dock to the home. hank has made his way into about 40 homes and caused significant damage. a tahoe-based nonprofit wants hank to be taken to a sanctuary. however, fish and wildlife says there are challenges with that plan, including needing approval from the state. i say, approve it. kumasi: you know we care about our skin here, and since it is cold it is especially important you are taking care of your skin. good morning america went to the beauty experts for some tips and tricks to keep your face going through these winter months. >> first up, get even more out of your face mask by wearing it in the shower.
6:55 am
you want to apply the face mask, then you are going to get into the shower. the steam from the shower is going to open up the pores and allow the mask ingredients to penetrate so much better. you cream is loaded loaded loadd anti-aging ingredients, hydrating ingredients. so use your under eye cream on your lips to keep them moisturized. kumasi: i will take all the tricks. don't put perfume on your neck? i messed that up. why? i guess that's why you need to watch the full report on skincare secret weapons. that is coming up on gma at 7:00. they are going to tell us why we should not put perfume on our neck. reggie: ok. kumasi: but we should do -- reggie: make sure you keep not just your face highlighted -- hydrated, your hands. kumasi: make sure you do your elbows too, because they need reggie: do your elbows. you might need to hit those
6:56 am
needs. the forget about your feet kumasi: the heels, especially. reggie: mine need some help right now. they need the help
6:57 am
(swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
6:58 am
drew: here are the seven things to know this morning. number one is a frosty morning out there. we are finding temperatures well into the 30's, if not the 20's. a lot of sunshine, bright and brisk in the 50's this afternoon. kumasi: there was a deadly fire overnight on a freeway overpass in san francisco. it happened on 280 in the glen park neighborhood. three people were critically hurt, and one person died, after being pulled from a confined space. reggie: concerned about the young house population being out in the coal. volunteers are founding -- are fanning out to record the
6:59 am
county's population. kumasi: ukrainian officials paii to declare a nationwide state of emergency. it needs to be confirmed in 48 hours and approved by the country's parliament. reggie: negotiations resumed today between major league baseball and the players association to end the lockout. if an agreement is reached by monday the new season will start as scheduled, march 31. >> we are following a backup coming into lafayette on west 24. a car fire is off to the shoulder, and traffic is stacked into 680. >> if you are a beyonce fan, you are invited to a special mass honoring queen bee at stanford tonight. it will use her live story and music to celebrate the empowerment and spirituality of black women. it starts at 7:00 p.m. at stanford's memorial church reggie:. they did that big grace
7:00 am
cathedral years ago. it is a thing. kumasi: it is a thing. i am ready for good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start this wednesday, president biden has declared russia's actions the beginning of an invasion. europe now on the precipice of war. breaking news. for the first time in this crisis a nationwide state of emergency has been declared in ukraine as russian lawmakers give vladimir putin their blessing to use military force. satellite images show russian moving more troops and military supplies into belarus just across the border from ukraine's capital while the u.s. and its allies scramble to stop an advance. president biden announcing strict sanctions and promising more. we're live in ukraine, russia and washington this morning. double trouble. back-to-back storms wreaking havoc across the country. this morning, 38 states on alert for heavy snow, significant ice,


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