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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 24, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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tonight in both weaponry and rhetoric. russian president putin cautioning ukrainians to, quote, put down your weapons. earlier this evening, ukrainian president zelenskyy said in a speech to the russian people, while pleading for peace, he made clear his country will fight back, saying to the russians, quote, when you attack, you will see our faces and not our spines. tonight from the white house, president biden saying russia will face consequences. stay with abc news for the very latest on and "gma" in the morning. on this sobering evening, thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> now from abc7, live breaking news. >> russia said we were lying.
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russia said we were supplying the world with misinformation. but what we said would happen has come to pass for all the world to see. >> russia has began an attack on ukraine. explosions and sirens in the country. russia's president announced the military operations this evening while you and leaders were holding an emergency meeting asking him to stand down. >> implications are being felt around the globe. stock futures tumbling in the u.s.. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> president biden said vladimir putin has chosen "premeditated war." ukraine's foreign minister is calling it a full-scale invasion. in new video message, the country's president implored citizens to stay home and declared martial law. >> the russian military says it
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struck ukrainian bases and other military assets in non-populated areas. putin warning countries who tried to interfere would lead to consequences "you have never seen." >> early morning explosions heard in the ukraine capital of kyiv. belying their weeks of claims they have no plans to invade ukraine, and said blaming the u.s. and allies for the crisis, russia moving into forward positions and crossing the ukrainian border. just hours before the invasion, the president denouncing claims it is a threat and doesn't want war, making a plea for peace. zelensky speaking in russian to appeal directly to the population. those pleas were an end escalating crisis blatantly explored -- ignored. he called president putin only
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to be silenced. the invasion triggering concerns of an all-out war. russian state news reporting the kremlin-controlled separatists region's inside ukraine that declared as independent requested help from putin and of the russian military in taking on ukrainian forces. >> this is right out of the russian playbook to manufacture provocation as a justification for invading ukraine. >> for weeks, president biden warranted attack was imminent. day after day, satellite images from a private company showed the continued buildup of russian resources, troops, and supplies along the ukrainian border. the u.s. and allies imposing new sanctions after germany said it would not certify the new controversial gas pipeline from russia to germany. and president biden has sanctioned the company that built it. russia undeterred by the sanctions. the u.s. prepared to follow through their series of warnings
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to vladimir putin. massive penalties, like export controls on critical technologies and full blocking sanctions of russia's major banks. >> it won't be bloodless. there will be suffering, there will be sacrifice. and all of that must and should be laid at his feet. >> president biden planning to meet with the g7 thursday morning. the meeting with a heightened urgency after russia attacked ukraine. >> a teacher who lives in the path of russian troops along ukraine's northern border shared her fear and concern with abc7 news. >> freedom, it always costs something. and i hope it won't cost our life. >> she lives in a small town that lies in the path of russian troops that are expected to advance on the capital city. she's already been the victim of cyber attacks. she said seeing russia try to
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take back her country is terrifying. >> i don't want to have anything in common with russian culture, russian language, as it poses a real threat to my country, my family, my city. >> while she is confident ukraine's military and civilians can defend their nation, she believes help from the west is needed. a rally in support of ukraine will be held outside of san francisco city hall. to keep tabs on the situation, download the abc7 mobile app. we will send out breaking alerts with major updates. >> turning to the weather. we are in store for another cold night and morning. that's go to sandhya patel. >> it will be dangerously cold enough to cause some damage. let's check out the current temperatures. falling to freezing in napa and fairfield. 31 degrees in napa. below freezing by a degree. hard freeze warnings and freeze
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warnings for the inlet areas. temperatures dropping to the 20's. for the coast and shoreline, advisory numbers to the mid-30's. 26 in napa and fairfield. 27 in santa rosa. 21 in san jose. bone chilling cold, winter chill alert bringing widespread frost. make sure you protect plants, pets, and pipes. i will be back with a look at the forecast and how cold it will get by morning, coming up. >> breaking news in san jose. a small fire was still dangerous enough to be deadly. it started in an apartment. it was filled with smoke. they found a person dead inside. you can see the scope of the response. 25 fire rescue and medical crews on the scene. arson investigators also there. no word on what ignited the tragic fire. >> turning to the pandemic and your help. santa clara is the only bay area
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county with an indoor mask today, promising data shows the county is on the cusp of meeting metrics and goals put forth by local health officials. manda del concilio explains what will have to happen for masks to come off. >> santa clara county would be the last county in the bay area to drop its indoor mask mandate. doing so depends on meeting three metrics. requirements introduced by public health officer dr. sarah cody. wednesday's county board of supervisors meeting, she said vaccination and hospitalization metrics are met. now she's looking for a seven day moving average of 550 new cases per day or fewer. >> today, as you can see on the public facing dashboard, the seven-day ruling average is 555. we will be meeting that metric tomorrow. >> she previously explained the county would have to hold there for a week before lifting. seven days could be the only
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thing separating vaccinated visitors and residentss from going massless indoors. many we spoke with had mixed reaction. >> hallelujah. i live downtown. i work downtown. i hang out downtown. it is about time. >> if there is a non-mask, oh my gosh -- we are going to spike again. the fact is, we cannot afford that. >> stanford infectious disease doctor commends the county for holding out a bit longer than the rest of the bay area and relying on data. he says it will be key for whatever comes next. >> masking and other measures should be seen as a light switch that is dialed up and down, as opposed to one turned on and off. >> we wait for direction on whether the county will be dialing down. >> our trends are very promising. i dissipate they will meet that metric tomorrow. and we will continue to trend down. >> in san jose, amanda del
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castillo. >> to stay up to date, go, go abc7news/coronavirus. also get your covid questions answered. >> developing story. san francisco police and district attorney's office getting 60 more days to work out an agreement on use of force investigations. the current agreement was set to expire today. moving forward, the das office and police department will use an independent mediator to monitor both parties conduct until a new agreement is worked out. earlier this month, chief william scott said he was pulling out of the current agreement, saying the das office was not giving them certain details in cases. >> rape kit dna will not be used in a unrelated investigation. that is the pledge from william scott following criticism from cities, state, and federal officials. he issued a statement saying he shares concerns such a practice risks having a chilling effect
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on sexual assault reporting. jason putin said a woman was recently arrested based on her dna collected in a 2016 rape kit. >> the results of san francisco's february 15 election are officially official. the department of elections tweeted this video showing the certification of the results for the special municipal election that led to the recall of three school board members decisively. just under 180,000 people voted. 36% of those registered to vote. >> one of berkeley's main streets can soon be turning car free. berkeley city council approved a plan to add a bustling to telegraph avenue, reducing it to one lane for cars and bikes. they signed off on exploring making the streetcar free. something some residents have in pushing for for years. tim johns has more. >> on any given day, telegraph avenue in berkeley is normally packed with cars.
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in the future, it could all change. >> i'm excited. something we have talked about for over 20 years. >> the berkeley city council voted as part of the bigger plan to study how telegraph can become pedestrian only in the future. a move the mayor says could bring economic benefits. >> i think it will be a draw. it will bring more people to telegraph. telegraph is one of our busiest commercial districts. it will make it a destination. >> a move like this has been advocated for years, but it is gaining traction relatively recently. aided by a uc berkeley student organization called telegraph for people. >> my understanding is it doesn't happen often where tons of students are united around something and show up. >> on the streets of telegraph, some said they supported the possible conversion. >> i would for the most part. it is a hazard walking around the streets. >> others remained unsure. >> being a pedestrian, i never
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had issues. it is kind of inconvenient for the people who are new to the city of berkeley. >> the mayor acknowledges that work needs to be done. >> that is why we had to figure out deliveries and emergency vehicles and buses. >> even if it were to be approved, any potential change would likely still be years away. in berkeley, tim johns. >> the sheriff office recruiter was gunned down and killed in oakland was honored in san francisco. what his family had to say. >> one suspect, 50 crimes. south bay investigators caught the thief making the pandemic even harder on small businesses. >> a desperate pre-from lake
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>> a young alameda county sheriffs recruiter who was killed last month was remembered in san francisco, where he lived and went to college. a big turnout of family and friends with special recognition. j.r. stone was at the vigil tonight and has more. >> sheriff's deputies saluting pictures of david nguyen. the alameda county sheriff's recruit who was killed on interstate 580 in oakland last month as he drove home to san francisco after a day of training. >> seeing the community get
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together like this for a cause for my brother keeps me going. >> his sister, with a number of others, including the san francisco sheriff, honored him wednesday night, where he was so close to graduating at city college of san francisco. alan wong is a trustee who served alongside him in the national guard. >> with the support of his teachers, i'm moving forward with a proposal to have city college confer him and honor a degree in liberal arts and sciences. >> he was one unit away from a degree. his girlfriend read a journal of his or he vowed to do better in school. >> my solution is to enter city college with a completely different mindset. the mindset to learn and most of all, not cheat myself out of an investigation again. >> his family and friends struggling with his loss. still happy they shared his memories on the cold evening with his mother, who was hit
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particularly hard. barbara says she will remember the good times. >> you would force me to do anything with him, either working out, boy scouts all of these things. i did not really appreciate when i was younger. he was a great big brother. >> deputies tell me there is a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> the fire department pleading after a woman died and others were injured in a fire. they were inside a crawlspace under a freeway overpass in glen park this morning. the fire department says they were trying to keep warm. advocates say the city needs to invest in more shelter beds. >> we have purchased hotels, rented hotel rooms, and opened up these safe sleeping sites.
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and we are looking at cabins and a number of other low barrier access to shelter. >> if you see someone who needs help, please call 311. governor newsom released a statement about the woman's death, saying he's heartbroken and says all of us should be ashamed of the unconscionable status quo that sees too many californians essentially discarded by the society. there is nothing humane or compassionate about allowing tragedies like this to occur. >> in the south bay, a serial thief's criminal career appears to have ended. arresting more than 50 businesses -- you are seeing one of the crimes. he smashed a window and stole a cash register. police have been investigating the burglary since last february. they would not elaborate on how they finally caught up with the suspect. but they say the similar way he broke into the businesses eventually led them to the proof they needed. >> south lake tahoe police had
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it with people about the 500 pound bear named hank the tank. he said they are expecting to take real emergency calls. they posted this message on facebook saying it is time to talk. please stop calling south lake tahoe police to give your opinions about hank. the department says they havecao find the best option f hh, but has been quite the commotion up there. >> i can't get over hank. >> aptly named. >> this cold weather. how much longer? >> two more days. tomorrow morning and friday morning. then we will break out of the cold winter's nap. definitely cover, bring insensitive plants. cover the pipes to prevent them from freezing. layered and indoor.
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more time indoors than outdoors. cold and frosty the next two mornings. it is already cold, 34 in santa rosa. 32 in fairfield. 33 degrees in danville. as we look hour-by-hour, tomorrow morning at 5:00 we are bottoming out in the upper 20's. that is not exactly where the temperatures will end up. hard freeze warning for parts of solano county. the rest of the areas in purple under a freeze warni 9:00 a.m. friday. widespread. frost and freeze can kill crops. frost advisory from the coast of the bay shoreline. 9:00 a.m. friday, temperatures down to the mid-30's. tomorrow morning, 26 in fairfield. napa, 35 in san rafael. 32 in redwood city. these are the places likely hitting their records. napa, santa rosa.
1:29 am
redwood city to 1987. not just us. we are feeling the chill. warnings up and down the state of california. not showing any rain on the doppler. a beautiful view. records likely the next two days. milder mornings and afternoons saturday and sunday. mornings are going to be cold. friday going down. upper 20's to the upper 30's. still very similar. sunday, temperatures coming up. 30's and 40's. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures rising. starting out with frost and cold conditions. some high clouds will be passing through. temperatures in the 50's. feeling like winter. do it all over again tomorrow. european model wants to bring in the possibility of a couple of showers between saturday night and sunday.
1:30 am
gfs is completely going the other direction. not really showing us anything. at this point, slight chance. slight chance for saturday into sunday. freezing cold and frosty. then we are going to bump up the temperatures. slight possibility of a couple of showers. warmer afternoons. feeling like spring. monday and tuesday, low 70's. talk about drastic changes. frosty and freezing. warm. >>
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>> disneyland is starting to feel like normal. >> parking trams are back. that is how people get around easier. >> we were here after christmas and did 20,000 steps. anything to decrease steps is great. >> so many steps. they were the first on board. so much to explore. you don't need to wear a mask as long as you are fully vaccinated. the nighttime spectaculars are back. the park is investing with the reimagined team town and downtown disney soon to reopen. >> they have been hungry to get back to normalcy. disneyland is a symbol of that normalcy. >> 30,000 cast members are back to work. more being hired every day. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> the warriors getting ready
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>> abc7 sports sponsored by
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river rock casino. >> wore returned from the all-star break in portland. james wiseman is on the road with the team as he gets on the court for the first time this season following two procedures and they can use his size down the stretch. draymond green not on the trip. out for more than a month with a back issue. health equals wealth for the warriors. steve kerr using the break to get rested and energized. >> a really good break. moving forward. requiring some health as well. >> like turning a corner for for straightaway. trying to peek at the right times, in terms of individually and collectively as a team. another level of focus and commitment you need to make that happen. >> this is a tough one. huge loss for bay area sports. the sports information director for decades has died.
1:37 am
lawrence worked to promote spartan athletics for 42 years, day and night, always on call. he was honored last season for working 5 hundred st san jose football games. a kind man is always ready and willing to help. lawrence was 67 years old. mark jones of espn san jose state alum mark spears calling today's women's hoops games against air force and the catch here is jones is the father of sophia jones who plays for the spartans. a little floater cutting the deficit. jones has come back from knee surgery. nice driving lefty finish. spartans lost the game 68-50 nine. what a day for the jones family. >> i want you to look in the camera, give your daughter a message. >> sophia jones, fantastic effort. there will be better days. you keep grinding it. great stuff. congratulations on your come back. >> that is a proud papa.
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