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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 24, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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, new overnight, we are learning about dozens of deaths and injuries. here is a live look at the capitaol. the emergency meeting asking putin to stand down. kumasi: and the russian invasion at home, tracking rising gas prices. will they keep -- will they keep going up? reggie: santa clara is close to changing its mask rules, reaching one very important metric. kumasi: it is thursday, february 24. reggie: we start with our meteorologist, greg tuma. >> cross freezing and a lot of spots. 24 feel thrilled -- 2 fairfield, even oakland is a cold morning at 35 degrees. freeze warnings and effect and frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. the freezer running encompasses a large portion of the bay area until 9:00.
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this is area -- here, the bay shoreline and coast. frost is likely forming on your car once again. the day planner, similar to yesterday because a lot of sunshine. we are slow to warm and chilly this afternoon. warm up the car this morning, warmer weather coming this weekend in eight minutes. kumasi: thank you, drew. the breaking news we are following, russia started an attack on ukraine. we want to take you live to kyie, the capital of ukraine. russia's president announced military operations last night while the united nations were holding an emergency meeting asking them to stand down. >> in one hour and six of icam, president biden will participate in a virtual meeting to discuss a situation. that comes as the obligations are already felt around the globe this morning and in the
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u.s. stock futures are troubling. within minutes of vladimir putin wrapping up his address to russia, the sound of explosions were heard in the ukrainian capital of kyiv. the russian military says it struck military assets, not populated area. we learned in our go 40 people are dead. russian state news are saying the two kremlin-controlled regions as putin declared independent requested help from the russians in taking on ukrainian forces. >> the kremlin's aim is to reestablish its sphere of influence, rip up the global powers that have kept us safe or, and submerge the values that we all adhere to. >> ukraine's president declared martial law and told citizens to stay home but look at this video, you can see many people are not heating the order.
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video shows a crush and a rush of people. streets are full, people are leaving ukraine in an attempt to get to safety. the u.s. and allies imposed new sanctions on russia, including refusing to certify a new natural gas pipeline from russia to germany, but seems undeterred, launching the first armed conflict between two sovereign nations since the end of world war ii. reggie: thank you. a teacher who lives in the path of russian troops on ukraine' northern border shared her concerns. >> freedom always costs something. i hope that it won't cost our life. reggie: it is in a small town that lies in the path of russian troops. she says she is already being evicted -- already seen being victim of cyber attacks. she says seeing russia try to take back our country is terrifying. >> i do not want to have
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anything in common with russian culture, as it poses a real threat to my country, to my family, to my city. reggie: while she is confident ukraine's military and civilians can defend their nation, she believes help from the west is needed. kumasi: in addition to the emotional impact this is having on so many people in the bay area who have friends and family in ukraine, the attack is having an economic impact here as well. gas prices that are already high are expected to rise higher. amy hollyfield is joining us live with ways we can save. amy: it is already painful. look at these prices at this gas station, hovering close to five dollars a gallon. their premium over tipped over five dollars a gallon. we do have tips for you that could help save a little bit. the first one is, do not fill up today if you can avoid it. experts say generally they find
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gas prices are lowest at the beginning of the weekend to attend to go up as a week goes on. another tip is use cruise control on the highway. that does tend to save 20% of your gas according to a study. another idea is to try to make it to one of the big discount stores for gas like costco. >> you can generally save the price of some of the membership charges that you pay with prices greatly lower than many stations around those retailers like costco, bj's, and other big box stores i generally try to bring in traffic by offering lower prices. amy: worried the price of gas will continue to go up now that russia has invaded ukraine, saying they are the second largest oil producer in the world. this could interrupt the supply. price is right now are already at the highest they have been since 2014. reporting live in orinda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you.
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a rally in support of ukraine will be held outside of san francisco city hall this afternoon. if you wanted to eat have -- keep tabs on the situation, download the abc 7 news mobile app. we will send out updates. reggie: in san jose, investigators are looking into an apartment fire that left someone dead. fire crews say the apartment was filled with smoke. more than two dozen medical crews responded to the scene last night near north seventh and east st. james streets. arson investigators were also called in. now to the pandemic. santa clara county could be close to ending its mask mandate. data shows the county is on the cusp of meeting metrics sell by -- set by local health officials. it is the only bay area county that has the indoor mask mandate. how reporter explains what could happen next. >> santa clara county would be the last county in the bay area to drop its indoor mask mandate.
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doing so depends on meeting three metrics, requirements introduced by public health officer dr. sarah cody, and wednesday's county board of supervisors meeting, she said the hospital metrics are met. she is now looking for a seven day moving average of 550 new cases per day or fewer. >> today, as you can see on the dashboard, our seven-day rolling average of new cases is 555. so we will be meeting that metric tomorrow. amy: the doctor previously explained the county would hold there for a week before lifting, meaning seven days could be the only thing separating vaccinated visitors and residents from going massless indoors. -- maskless indoors. many we spoke with had mixed reaction. >> hallelujah. i live downtown, work downtown, hang out downtown. it's about time. >> if there is a non-mask, will
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we spike again? the fact we cannot afford that. >> we will have to see what happens. amy: an infectious disease doctor commends the county for holding out longer and relying on data. he says that will be key for whatever comes next. >> masking and other measures should be seen as a light switch that is dialed up as opposed to one turned on and off. >> for now, we wait for direction on whether the county will dial down. >> our trends are promising and i anticipate we will meet the metric tomorrow. and that we will continue to trend down. >> in san jose, i am amended oh castille, abc 7 news. kumasi: the san francisco school board will take up the issue on whether to approve hundreds of layoffs tonight. tuesday's vote was tabled because the meeting agenda was not posted online. united educators of san francisco certified more than 400 layoff notices sent to teachers, social workers, and
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other district staff left a month -- last month. this is part of sf's plans to raise money as it approaches a shortfall. reggie: the results of the february 15 election. the certification of the roles -- other results were tweeted. that is what led to the recall of three of the school board members. around 180,000 people voted, just under 40% of registered voters. drew: 5:09 and we are tracking temperature is getting close to freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect. a lot of us are waking up at temperatures close have not below the freezing mark from the north bay in santa rosa in upper 20's to napa 29 and same with san ramon. we have the slightest wind and that is creating a wind chill. we talk about the wind chill in frequently here because it does not get this cold. cold temperatures, a little breeze makes it feel colder, so
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in napa, it feels like 22 degrees as you step outside and 35 in oakland. feels like 32 in mountain view. by 9:00 am, we will see a lot of temperatures warming to the low 30's and 40's and sun. by midday, cracking 50 into the afternoon. it is another day filled with sunshine but it is cool with temperatures basically meant upper 50's. through tomorrow morning, this cold lasts with us so plants and pets, bring them inside. dress warmly with a hat and gloves. chilly sunshine today. by friday, we see 60's making a comeback inland. by saturday, feels closer to where we should be with temperatures upper 50's. let's say good morning to jobina. how are we looking? jobina: pretty good. thank you. aside from the wind advisory issued for the altamont pass, things are looking nice. we start at walnut creek showing us 680. things are moving at the limit. also emeryville, a live look at
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80, headlights traveling westbound. i will not hold you here for our super commuters. you will have a backup today. tracy to dublin will be 36 minutes. any act or, 40 minutes. sanders fell to san francisco, 15 minutes. reggie: our coverage of the russian attack on ukraine continues with a lot of -- with what a lot of people are asking, why now? kumasi: an alert from south lake tahoe police about hanging the tank. the message they want to get across about the big bay area. reggie: san francisco l dry eye symptoms driving you crazy? inflammation might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me! xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease.
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reggie: we continue to track breaking news. russian forces have started their attack on ukraine. this is a live look at kyiv, where a state of emergency is in place. the president declaring martial law overnight. an advisor to ukraine's president says 40 people have been killed, several more injured. the ukrainian foreign minister made it clear his country will defend itself. it's military has roughly 250,000 active serving troops. kumasi: many people are asking why is vladimir putin doing this
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now? to answer that question, we need to look at the history of the region. here is andrew dymburt. andrew: this morning, ukrainians remaining defined in the face of russian president vladimir putin as the crisis takes a turn toward war. matt gutman speaking to one ukrainian along the border in poland wednesday who says economic penalties from the west will suffocate putin. >> he will be pushed into a corner by the sections and the fact his own oligarchs will be deprived of the wealth and they themselves will push them into a corner. >> if you're pushed into a corner, you attack. >> he says it is not a problem, adding this is a grown-up version of ukraine with a proper military as opposed to 2014 when putin's military sees crime area -- seized crimea. putin has been in power
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unopposed since 1999, even changing constitutional term limits to maintain control. a former strongmen led the soviet union and she believes putin is playing the long game. >> russia suffers from a tremendous superiority complex because of its size and history and potential. and also tremendous imperial already complex because it has not been accepted into be -- being a european country. andrew: he became a spy and eventually the chief of russia's counterintelligence agency. though the kgb was disbanded when the soviet union fell, putin's experience as an intellivision -- intelligence officer made its mark. earlier this week, he claimed the soviet union was robbed of land. >> he remembers the soviet period when russia and ukraine were one and he feels that was right and should be restored. andrew: andrew dymburt, abc news, new york. kumasi: here's another live look
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at the capital of ukraine this morning. we will continue to monitor developments throughout the morning. we will have another update coming up at 5:30. you can find the latest on our apps and on reggie: south lake tahoe police have had it with people calling them about the 500 pound bear nicknamed hank the tank. the department says they are getting so many calls it is impacting their ability to take real emergency calls. the department posted this message on facebook saying it is time to talk, please stop calling south lake tahoe police to give your opinions on hank. the department says they have no say in what happens to the bear. local wildlife advocates and the department of fish and wildlife are working to find the best option for the bear, presumably if there's an emergency with the bear, you are supposed to still call police. kumasi: happeningngngngngngngngg will sober the opening night of harry potter and the cursed child.
5:17 am
yesterday, the mayor raised a special flight to celebrate the return of the show. the play started again last month but tonight is the official opening night. it first opened october 2019 but like everything else, they shut down in march of 2020. >> it has been quite a journey to get back to this moment of celebration. i want to express how grateful we are to san francisco for making this moment possible. >> just amazing to have it here in san francisco as we focus on our recovery, as we begin to open the city, as people and tourists begin to come back. kumasi:kumasi: it's at the current theater -- the current theater in san francisco and new york are the only ones you can see the play. reggie: and it is truly magical. i love it so much. kumasi: you have seen it twice, right? reggie: well i have -- yes. [laughter] kumasi: you saw the long one and then the condensed one. reggie: i'm seeing it again tonight actually. kumasi: tonight? reggie: yeah, because it is opening night. how long is the short one --
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drew: how long is the short one? kumasi: 3.5 -- reggie: 3.5 hours. i'm not a harry potter person and the fact i like it this much is amazing to me. what house? slithering. -- slitherin. don't come after my house. drew: i won't. another morning we see temperatures subfreezing. freeze warnings in effect for much of the region and the deeper purple in the north bay at east bay in the santa clara valley. the closer the coastline, he frost advisory. all in all, it is cold. there is not much of a difference between these two watches and warnings. just know we are subfreezing in a lot of spots like the south bay. we are at 28 campbell, 35 in san jose, 25 right now in saint teresa. we start out cold again, even in the north bay chilly temperatures. napa, santa rosa is 29, 41 in the city, 29 in antioch.
5:19 am
it is not just us locally but across the entire state area did look at l.a.. we are warmer in the city than in l.a.. l.a. is 39. 34 currently here, 26 reading. live doppler 7, a lot of sunshine when the sun gets up in an hour and a half. to the north, there's a storm system. it is weak and it will move to the east so we will not see precipitation over the next couple days. highs under chilly sunshine, again into the 50's. 57 oakland, 59 san jose, 50 santa rosa, 57 conroe. for a third night, we go back to the deep-freeze with freeze warnings and frost advisories and effect. this is the last morning we will find cold temperatures tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast, cold morning today and tomorrow, and then we warm up -- thought out so to speak over the weekend, and a slight chance in the north they on sunday but otherwise, dry for early next weekend doing springlike monday and tuesday. kumasi: thank you.
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kumasi: if you're just running us, here are the seven things to know. russia launched an attack on ukraine and at least 40 people have been killed and dozens others are hurt. ukraine's president declared martial law. reggie: president biden promises swift action against russia. he plans to address the nation this afternoon. we will bring that to you live. nato scheduled any emergency meeting for tomorrow to decide the next steps. drew: we are waking up to another frigid morning. freeze warnings, frost advisories in effect. we will slowly warmed to mid to upper 50's today area did a lot of sunshine. reggie: aside from the wind -- kumasi: aside from the wind advisory -- jobina: aside from wind advisory, a clear picture as we look at the san mateo bridge. kumasi: president biden interview candidates for the supreme court. he has promised to make a decision by the end of the month but there are reports that announcement could come as soon as today. reggie: san francisco unified
5:23 am
will revisit a proposal like a cut hundreds of jobs to help balance the budget. the original meeting on this to be postponed after officials realized they failed to post the agenda online. kumasi: berkeley's telegraph avenue could be one day carver free. the city council approved a study and a plan to add a bus lane, reducing telegraph to one lane for cars. the mayor says changes are still years away. reggie: we are hearing from the minnesota mom who got her teenage son off of social media for six years. here is an abc news reporter. >> we are hearing from a mother that successfully challenged her teenager to stay off social media for six years. >> we are in the kitchen and my mom came up to me and said would you ever want to do this, i will give you $1800 on your 18 birthday a few staff social media. >> so she made a deal with her than 12-year-old cyber, calling at the 18 for 18's challenge --
5:24 am
a teen challenge, stay off social media until you are 18 and earn $1800. >> i thought absolutely, $1800? >> it was spur of the moment. i knew he would want to win. e sures sialedid shetestgg w and was hongat 8:00 a.m., the en how to limit your teenagers social exposure. kumasi: spotify's out with part of its first book cast. it is by dolly parton and james patterson. it combines a storytelling with original music. there are two free episodes and more will be released in the coming weeks. reggie: employees at a big bay area tech company are returning to office. the perks waiting for them. kumasi: and the coverage of the russian attack on ukraine continues with front-page headlines and serious concerns about cyber attacks. reggie: it's 524 time and we
5:25 am
will be right back.
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hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> tilting a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: breaking at 5:30, the russian invasion of ukraine has begun. new images showing the aftermath of explosions, the new death toll overnight, and the call for world leaders to intervene. kumasi: the russian invasion extending beyond missile explosions.
5:28 am
the serious concern about cyber attacks there and here at home. homeland security is warning about potential targets. reggie: it's another chilly start to the day. here is a live look outside rom four of our tower camera's. drew is looking to our weekend weather. it is thursday, february 24. kumasi: we start with a check of the forecast withdrew. reggie: good morning. stepping out later on, it is chilly. we expect frost on windshields for a lot of us. take maybe five extra minutes, warm up the car and get the frost off of the window. 20 a in danville, 30 pleasant hill, 29 dublin, 32 current temperature in antioch. we have a freeze warning for the inland east bay. 30 right now in palo alto. 29 santa rosa, 35 oakland, san francisco is a warm spot this morning at 41 degrees. a freeze warning is in effect and frost advisory for many of us until 9:00 a.m. for these very chilly temperatures. the exploratorium camera has clear skies and a lot of sunshine similar to yesterday.
5:29 am
warming to 40's and 50's by noon and then in the afternoon, mid to upper 50's for another chilly afternoon. warmer temperatures coming our way in nine minutes. reggie: breaking news, the russian invasion of ukraine has begun. new images released by the ukrainian ministry of internal affairs show the aftermath of explosions in its capitol city. an advisor to ukraine's president have said 40 people have been killed and several the russian military has struck ukrainian airbases and other military assets. ukraine larry: foreign minister -- ukraine's foreign minister calls this a full-scale invasion. he has declared martial law and is a calling on world leaders to intervene. russia's president, he says, has started a premeditated war. russia says anyone the interviewers will lead to " consequences you have never seen." >> military bases and other
5:30 am
systems under russian attack. the country waking up to sirens and russian ballistic missiles going off. this video capturing a plume of smoke in an explosion in the distance. ukraine's second largest city here. more reports of flares and explosions in several eastern cities and near the capital of kyiv. >> i've seen a large flash in the distance followed by a boom several minutes later. >> vladimir putin declaring the whole war overnight, sing a special russian military operation is u i think we passet of no return. faith: in the new video, ukraine's president telling civilians to stay inside and remain calm. then calling on the world to respond to the russian attacks. overnight, put in morning any countries that interviewer with its plans will face "
5:31 am
consequences they have never seen." the u.n. secretary general in an emergency meeting urging putin to instead give peace a chance as the session wrapped up. the ukrainian abbasid are confronting his russian counterpart. >> war criminals go straight to hell. faith: president biden will address the nation today, announcing what he says will be severe sanctions to punish russia. they could cut pressure off from all financial institutions. faith abubey, abc 7 news. reggie: here are some of the newspaper front paper had lines that headlines. "russia tax as -- "russia launches ukraine attack, biden condemns premeditated war as wide warns of dire consequences-- va -- vlad warns of dire consequences.
5:32 am
kumasi: global stocks have plunged. yesterday, stocks extended losses as world leaders waited to see what happened. we will watch to see what happens when the market opens in an hour. the russian invasion of ukraine is extending beyond missile explosions. cybersecurity researchers say the country is bombarded by cyber attacks. jobina is at the live desk with more. jobina: thank you. observers say the online assaults had at ukraine's parliament and other government and banking websites. cyber experts say hackers have infected hundreds of computers with destructive malware. it is not just ukraine dealing with this issue. in the u.s., the department of homeland security is warning about the real threat of cyber attacks. if u.s. relations with russia continue to deteriorate. the potential targets they are most concerned about include the electrical grid, mobile networks, oil, and gas pipelines and water treatment facilities. senior fbi and homeland security
5:33 am
officials held a conference call last week with thanking leaders and some of the nation's governors encouraging them to shore up their security for computer networks. the fbi insists we cannot take this threat seriously enough, reminding americans we have seen sophisticated russian hackers infiltrate the 2016 presidential election. -- presidential campaign. reggie: thank you. the humanitarian impact, particularly for those in ukraine. of course there other economic ran -- economic ramifications, including on oil prices. amy hollyfield is live this morning. amy: oil prices are on the rise this morning and the concern is that will trickle down and impact us at the pump with prices already looking high, close to five dollars a gallon, even premium tipping over five dollars a gallon. now the concern is that will go even higher. we know california already has
5:34 am
some of the highest prices in the country. here's a look at the average price per gallon compared to the national average. we are about $1.20 higher than the national average. prices are already the highest they have been since 2014. how supply disruptions, because of the invasion, could drive prices higher. analysts say one thing you can do is to try to keep your prices down, try to get away from the big cities when you are filling up. include using cruise control on the highway. that tends to save 20% of your gas. also philip at the beginning of the week. analysts say generally they find gas prices are lowest at the beginning of the weekend tend to go up as the week was on. rcs at one of those big discount stores like costco. buy your gas there.
5:35 am
russia is a top energy producer so any disruptions in supply could send prices higher than they already are. we were already dealing with high prices here because of inflation and now we will be watching to see if these prices go up more. live in orinda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. we will continue to monitor developments and bring you updates here on our and abc 7 news app. just search for abc 7 bay you can also had to . kumasi: a san francisco fire department is pleading with people to experience -- who are experiencing homelessness to come off the streets after one died and three others were hurt. they were inside of a crawlspace under a freeway overpass in glen park. apparently trying to keep warm there. homeless advocates say the city needs to invest in more shelter beds. >> we, as you know, have purchased and rented hotel rooms as well as opened up the safe
5:36 am
sleeping sites and we are looking at cabins and a number of other barrier access to sheltered. kumasi: if you see someone who needs help, the fire department says call 311. governor gavin newsom released a statement about the death, saying he is hard rogan and says "all of us should be ashamed of the unconscionable status quo that sees too many californians essentially discarded by our society." there is nothing humane or compassionate about allowing tragedies like this to occur. reggie: a big turnout, a family and friends came together to honor the sheriff's crew killed in oakland last month. sheriff's deputies at last night's visual saluted pictures of david nguyen. he was killed driving home after a training exercise. he was one unit away from earning a degree from city college. the school awarded him an honorary degree as loved ones shared members. >> seeing the community get together for a cause like this,
5:37 am
just for my brother, that is what keeps me going. reggie: there is still a $10,000 reward for those leading to the -- for information leading to the arrest of the killer. kumasi: the attorney's office are getting 60 more days on the agreement on force -- the current agreement is expiring yesterday. moving forward, an independent mediator will be used to monitor both party conduct until a new agreement gets worked out. chief william scott earlier this month said he was pulling out of the agreement, saying the das office was not giving them certain details in cases. reggie: rape kit dna will not be used in unrelated investigations, the pledge from san francisco's police chief william scott following criticism from city, state, and federal officials. chief scott issued a statement saying he shares concerns such a practice risks having a chilling effect on sexual assault reporting. last week, the district attorney
5:38 am
said a woman was arrested based on a dna collected in a 2016 rape kit. >> coming up, a local woman questioning how she was treated on a recent flight. the musical chairs and the airline's response. reggie: the happiest place on earth got easier to navigate. the feature that returned to disneyland for the first time since the pandemic. first, a check on the weather. drew: talking temperatures again frigid for a lot of us, freeze warnings in effect, frost advisories because we see 20's in coldest spots and a lot of 30's. 29, same in santa rosa and napa. 30 palo alto. take the heavy jacket with you, the scarf, the gloves, the hat, and take it all because you will need to stay warm. hour-by-hour, we are slowly climbing out of the 30's by 9:00 a.m., by noon, a lot of sunshine , we gradually climbed to 50 send it will feel chilly with a light breeze. this afternoon, we get to mid to upper 50's.
5:39 am
for another day, temperatures this afternoon are below average for this time of year. we have the cold blast overhead this morning and continues for another morning tomorrow. keep the pets inside. add extra time not only to warm up your car but many of us may wake up to frost again on our windshield. take extra time to take that off and dress warmly and layered. this morning and tomorrow morning. chilly sunshine today, temperatures again to the 50's. we begin to find warmer weather by tomorrow afternoon, going back to the lower 60's in warmest spots. starting up the weekend above average as we get to the deep-freeze on saturday. let's check on traffic with jobina. jobina: good morning. according to the chp, there are six to seven cars involved in a crash in san francisco and we are starting to see the slowdown on our maps. it will be southbound 101 before the sfl offramp. heads up if this is a part of your commute this money. headed to the airport going south on 101 as well.
5:40 am
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kumasi: we continue to track breaking news between russia and ukraine. here is a live look at the capital of kyiv, where the russian military started its attack. abc news learned u.s. troops in poland are deployed to the border with ukraine to help with a surge of people trying to leave the country. in a few moments, at 6:00, president biden will be participating in a virtual meeting of g7 leaders to discuss the situation later today. present biden is expecting to address the nation, announcing further sanctions against russia. we will bring a speech to you live on abc 7 news as well as on
5:43 am
our abc 7 apps. reggie: a criminal career has ended. police arrested a man for burglarizing more than 50 businesses. you are seeing one of his crimes. he smashed a window and stole a cash register. san jose police have been investigating the burglary since last february. they would not elaborate on how they finally caught up with the suspect but say the similar way he broke into the business eventually led them to the proof they needed. kumasi: an alameda woman is questioning how she says she is treated on a recent delta air lines flight. she reached out to abc7news after she was forced to move seats to accommodate two other passengers. now that abc7news has stepped in, delta is investigating. abc7news reporter julian spoke with a passenger. >> i have been flying with delta forever. >> camille anderson says that has changed after her recent trip with delta airlines.
5:44 am
she and her boyfriend ran into atlanta, to visit family. >> my mom lives there and i went to visit her and her sisters who have kids. >> the flight on february 3, a game of musical chairs in the air. she was seated in row 15 and the window seat at take off, but by the end of the flight, row 34. she said the people sitting next to her were upset about the seat assignment. >> they felt they were ticketed first class seats but they cannot provide the ticket. >> after the complaints went on for more than an hour, she started recording part of the exchange. >> [indiscernible] >> or what? they are occupied. >> she said that was a eaking with two passengers. eventually, they proposed a solution but camille would have to move. >> are you by yourself? >> yeah. >> there's a seat back there, and that will give you more space. >> instead of asking the two
5:45 am
white women seated next to me, in an attempt to accommodate them, they basically made me have to move. i don't know why i had to move because that was the seat i paid for. >> so camille moved to her new seat in row 34. she said she was embarrassed by the experience. >> has him walking back, it is humiliating. it's having the entire flight look at you, and everybody is asking what is going on. >> after getting back to the bay area, she spent the next several days contactindelt a >> i submitted a complete online. >> after hours and hours on hold, she finally got a customer service supervisor on the phone who told her -- >> so how humiliating to go to a different seat? >> so you're saying there's nothing you can do? >> no. >> not satisfied with the response, camille reached out to abc7news. after we stepped in, delta provided the statement, "we are looking into the situation to better understand what happened.
5:46 am
delta has no tolerance of disk imitation in any form and these allegations encountered outer deeply held values in honoring our customers." camille feels these words were hollow. >> me as a black woman, i was displaced to make two white women comfortable. that does not make sense to me. >> do you think you will fly delta soon? >> never again. >> julian glover, abc 7 news. kumasi: you can get on touch with -- in touch with julian on facebook and twitter and instagram. google employees are returning to the office. as they do, parts will be waiting for them. google tells abc 7 news they are bringing back fitness centers, cafes, massage services, and shuttles. masks will only be required in the company's santa clara offices where county regulations require it at this point. there is no weekly employee testing requirements but employees will need to be vaccinated. going back to the office is
5:47 am
voluntary. the company says 30% of bay area google employees returned. reggie: does the -- disneyland is starting to feel like itself. the parking trends are back helping people get around easier. >> we were here before christmas and we were at 20,000 steps so anything to decrease his great. reggie: mickey and minnie were first on board. you do not need to wear a mask as long as you are fully vaccinated and the nighttime spectaculars are coming back soon. the park is also starting construction soon on a reimagined tune town in downtown disney. >> they have been hungry to get back to normalcy in their lives. disneyland is a symbol of that normalcy. reggie: 30,000 cast members are back at work with more being hired every day. disney is the parent company of abc 7. fantastic. -- fantas thing so i'm glad they're bringing it back. a world of color is coming back
5:48 am
in april. kumasi: will that be there when you go? reggie: nope. [laughter] drew: but you know you can clock miles walking around disneyland. reggie: you really can. it's a long walking from the parking structure to the parks, so i'm happy to see that. drew: we are talking temperatures not only here -- it is cold in southern california. san francisco is warmer than l.a.. low 40's in the cities but elsewhere, subfreezing temperatures. a live look for the east bay hills camera, clear skies, and that is allowing cold temperatures. here are the warnings and advisories. a freeze warning on a santa clara valley. a frost advisory around the bay shoreline and coast. basically it is cold. temperatures are subfreezing in some spots. 30 in castro valley, 36 berkeley, 35 oakland, 34 in union city and even colder elsewhere. 29 napa and santa rosa this morning, 30 palo alto, 36 in san mateo. l.a. is 39 degrees right now.
5:49 am
sacramento at 28. that is a record low in sacramento this morning. live doppler 7 along with satellite, clear skies across the entire golden state. we will see a lot of sunshine and that sunshine will be chilly like yesterday. temperatures below average for a second day, 55 in the city, 57 after the chilly start, 59 san jose, 58 santa rosa, 57 concord this afternoon. for a third night tonight, we will go back down into the freezing category for a lot of us, so the final night of subfreezing temperatures for many of us and then over the weekend, we begin to warm up. here is your accurate forecast, freeze warnings in effect this morning and tomorrow morning and warmer weather moves in over the weekend. a slight early-morning chance of a sprinkle, otherwise mainly dry early next weekend feeling like spring. our warmest spots go back to the 70's. reggie: new at 6:00, a whole new vending machine that does not sell sodas or snacks. the first of its kind that drop in new york city and soon to
5:50 am
make a big buzz or a whole lot of confusion. kumasi: reconfiguring a main street in one east bay city. the plan to move forward with something that residents have been pushing for for years. reggie: a top request from customers. what target will deliver to your car soon. kumasi: ♪ ♪ at lowe's, you never have to be finished with your finishing touches. with aisles of ways to refresh and restyle. for whatever style you're feeling. at prices you're really feelin. shop the lowe's bath style & save event now in-store and online. ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation
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5:52 am
reggie: without wearing about cars could be a reality. the city council approved a plan to add a bustling to a popular street, reducing it to one lane for cars and bikes. it also supported a motion to begin studying how to make telegraph car free. the move could bring economic benefits. >> i'm excited. something we have been talking about for over 20 years. i think it will be a draw. i think it will bring more
5:53 am
people to telegraph. it is already one of our most busy districts and it will make it a destination. we have to figure out terms of deliveries and emergency vehicles, buses. reggie: the mayor says even if everything goes as planned and the project gets approved, any potential change would likely still be years away. kumasi: the u.s. postal service is rejecting a push from president biden to buy more electric trucks for mail delivery. here is the new generation fleet of trucks. 90% will be running on gas. despite the epa and white house requests. usps says a does not have the extra money it would cost to get an all electric fleet. however, these trucks are supposedly designed to be converted into electric vehicles down the road. target is expandiong -- -- -- -- expanding its curbside pickup to include certain product. target employs when i'll be able to deliver starbucks to your car. target has not named the test
5:54 am
locations yet, but customers will also be able to make returns using the curbside service through the app. reggie: it is a big honor for some bay area restaurants and chefs. they made this year's list of semi finalists for the 2022 james beard awards. the house of prime rib is a.c. moore finalist and in the best hospitality category. kudos also go out to the owner of the coy palace and the pallet teahouse in san francisco. he is up for outstanding restaurant. among the other finalists, one in san francisco and barbecue in oakland. [laughter] [applause] kumasi: yes. reggie: crystal of oakland and d david oshima of san francisco are semifinalists in the emerging chef category. those winners will be announced in june. drew: i gotta go. kumasi: something just came to
5:55 am
me and i will tell you later but what are you going to say? reggie: drew did not go with us. we do need to go again. because of this announcement. kumasi: we need to. reggie: if you have not been to this barbecue. kumasi: it is on another level. reggie: drew: we just got this drop monitor in a few seconds ago and what we feared is happening. we are regressing because we have not seen rain and some time. extreme drought made it into parts of the bay area. mendocino county, the red now is extreme drought and parts of sonoma county are back in extreme drought. the rest of us are severe drought. i think next week when the next monitor comes out we may see more regions expand that drought category because we are going on almost two months without seeing substantial rain. the other big story, in the 30's if not the 20's right now.
5:56 am
plan the day for you and we find sunshine throughout the day but it is chilly again. temperatures this afternoon mid to upper 40's. kumasi: new at 6:00, cova changes at the cdc. the way it will now handle restrictions as soon as tomorrow. reggie: plus we are coming back with our breaking news. the russia/ukraine crisis, the tents exits of ukraine's fleeing their country by road and air. president biden is said to join the urgent meeting with g7 leaders in a few minutes. kumasi: the tsa's mask mandy on plans reconsidered. set to expire in the middle of the spring break rush. the group fighting to push that back. reggie: this live look outside, it is 5:56. we will be back with another hour of news. ♪ >> i'm now hearing from victims across the country, bank accounts trained in seconds. the banks would not refund their money until -- >> you do not know how excited i got. >> my money is back. >> so happy i wanted to cry.
5:57 am
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yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability ♪i want to break free♪ (vo)at&t business fiber, imagine a place where we can. finally be free. free to zoom without a meeting request. free to enjoy savory bites, and stunning sights. and free to reunite with old friends...and new. it's time to break free. ♪i want to break free♪ ♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7news. kumasi: breaking news at 6:00. the russian invasion of ukraine now underway.
6:00 am
>> freedom, it always costs something. i hope that it won't cost our life. kumasi: much-feared military assault already turning deadly. blasting the capital city. key ukrainian infrastructure caught in the crosshairs. reggie: here is a live look from the ukrainian capital of kyiv. president biden set to join world allies at any moment to decide how the world will respond. kumasi: another top story -- mask mandate's final days. santa clara's timer started kicking yesterday. reggie: a lot going on on this thursday, february 24. kumasi: we want to check in with drew for a check of our forecast. drew: the second morning in a row we are waking up to freeze warnings. a frigid start to our day. on the board, 25 right now. 28 in sacramento.


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