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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 24, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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something. i hope that it won't cost our life. kumasi: much-feared military assault already turning deadly. blasting the capital city. key ukrainian infrastructure caught in the crosshairs. reggie: here is a live look from the ukrainian capital of kyiv. president biden set to join world allies at any moment to decide how the world will respond. kumasi: another top story -- mask mandate's final days. santa clara's timer started kicking yesterday. reggie: a lot going on on this thursday, february 24. kumasi: we want to check in with drew for a check of our forecast. drew: the second morning in a row we are waking up to freeze warnings. a frigid start to our day. on the board, 25 right now. 28 in sacramento.
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30 in palo alto. the freeze warning is in effect for the north bay and east bay and set a clear valley. frost advisories until 9:00 a.m. morning. you want to dress in layered -- the hat, gloves. clear skies. sunshine today, but still warm. into the afternoon, the mid to upper 50's. kumasi: breaking news. russia has begun an attack on ukraine. here is a live look at you have, capital of ukraine. russia's president announced military operations last night. this was while united nations leaders were having an emergency meeting asking him to stand down. jobina is tracking the latest. jobina: at any moment now, president biden will be participating in a virtual meeting of g7 leaders to discuss the situation. that comes as implications are already being felt around the world this morning. here in the u.s., stock futures are tumbling. within minutes of vladimir putin ramping up his address to russia, the sounds of explosions
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were heard in the ukrainian capital of kyiv. the russian military says it has struck ukrainian airbases and other military assets. now, popular did areas. an advisor to ukraine's president said people have been killed ands e hurt. the separatist region's inside ukraine that put declared as independent requested help from the russians in taking on ukrainian forces. >> the a the a the a the a the a sphere of influence, rick up the global rules that have kept us all safe for decades, and subvert the values that we hold dear. jobina: nato has called a meeting for tomorrow to address the situation. cranes president has declared martial law and told citizens to stay home. can clearly see from this video that many people are not heating that morning. a stream of cars -- are not hee
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ding that warning. a stream of cars is trying to get to safety. new sanctions on russia, including refusing to certify a new natural gas pipeline from russia to germany. that seems undeterred, wanting the first armed conflict between two sovereign nations in europe since the end of world war ii. reggie: a teacher who lives in the path of russian troops along ukraine's northern border shared her fear and concern with abc7news. >> freedom -- it always costs something. and i hope that it won't cost our life. reggie: natalia lives in a small town that lies in the path of russian troops. she says she has already been the victim of cyber attacks. she says seeing russia trying to take back her country is terrifying. >> i don't want to have anyth in common with russian culture, russian values, as it poses a
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real threat to my country, to my family, to my city. reggie: she's confident ukraine's military and civilians can defend the nation. she also says help from the west as needed. kumasi: a rally in support of ukraine will be held outside san francisco city hall this afternoon. if you want to keep tabs on the situation in ukraine, you can download the abc7news mobile app. kumasi: now the pandemic. -- reggie: now to the pandemic. santa clara county is close to meeting the metrics and goals of local health officials. it is the only bay area county that still has an indoor mask mandate. more on what you have to have next for those masks to come off. >> santa clara's public health officer says valuation metrics are met. she is looking for a seven day moving average of 550 new cases per day or fewer. dr. sarah cody previously
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explaining the county would have to hold there for seven days before lifting the indoor mask mandate. actor cody saying during yesterday's county board of supervisors meeting that the seven-day rolling average, new cases was 555. they should meet 550 today. that would mean a week before residents can go mask was indoors. residents have mixed reactions. >> hallelujah. i live downtown. i hang out downtown. it is about time. >> if there is a non-mask non-mk gosh. we are going to spike again. the fact is, we can't afford that. >> all in all, santa clara county is closer to becoming the last county in the bay area to drop its indoor mask mandate. dr. cody said the signs are very promising and she anticipates they will continue to trend downward. reggie? reggie: thank you so much,
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gloria. the cdc is expected to guide covid restrictions as soon as tomorrow. they will shift from case comes alone to looking at consequences of the virus, including hospitalizations, e.r. visits, and deaths. the cdc currently classifies 87% of counties across the u.s. as having high transmission rates. scientists say the updated metrics will result in fewer counties in that category. cdc guidance on masking indoors is not expected to change, at least not yet. kumasi: launching its full-scale attack on ukraine. why putin is choosing to do this now. also, when ukrainian explaining why he believes the west will win in the end. reggie: the legend of hank the tank might now be really out of control. the message some and south lake tahoe want you to know. drew: we just got the latest
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drought monitor and. in the last 15 minutes, you can find it has been two months since we had substantial rain, and extreme drought has now come back. we will tal
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drew: we are waking up to another very cold morning. before degrees this morning. 34 in san mateo. some frost and windchill this morning. hour-by-hour we go. we are slowly warming through the 30's by 9:00 a.m. by midday, we are gradually going to the low 50's. we will be below average for another afternoon temperature,
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and then 57 in oakland, 59 in san jose. comeback in our warmest spots by saturday. let's say good morning to jobina and see how we are doing on the roads. jobina: we start with a crash we are following in san francisco. it involves multiple cars, according to the chp. the good news is there are no injuries. this is going to be on southbound 101. heads up if you are traveling to the airport this morning or need to head back in that direction. i will keep you posted if the bay bridge changes. for now, inc. moving slowly. son raphael bridge, we had an earlier crash in this area. that antioch route is going to be 33 minutes. reggie? reggie: a gator on the loose, seen in the middle of the street. catching the escaped crocodile walking around town. kumasi: not your average vending machine. try to guess what this box is
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now doing. reggie: and a live look outside. it
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reggie: breaking news as russia begins its attack on ukraine. here is a live look at the capital, kiev, where a state of emergency isn't -- kyiv, where a state of emergency is in place. gas has been disconnected in an effort to make sure residents don't lose power. russia claims it has neutralized some military infrastructure. the cranium foreign minister is made it clear his country will defend itself. kumasi: a lot of people are asking, why is vladimir putin doing this now? we need to look at the history of the region. >> this morning, ukrainians
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remaining defiant in the face of russian president vladimir putin as the crisis takes a turn toward war. matt gutman speaking with one ukrainian along the border with poland wednesday. he said economic penalties from the west suffocate putin. >> he will be pushed into a corner by the sanctions and his own politicians will be deprived of their wealth. they himself -- they will push it to end. >> a proem addingis a mor version of ukraine with a proper military, as opposed to 2014, when russia seized crimea. putin has since 1999, even altering constitutional term limits to hold his grip on the country. nikita khrushchev led the soviet
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union. his granddaughter believes putin is playing the long game. inferiority complex because of its size and potential, and it was never really expect -- never really a european country. >> although the kgb was technically disbanded when the soviet union fell, putin's experience as an intelligence officer made its mark. earlier this week, he claimed the soviet union was robbed. >> he remember's the soviet period when russia and ukraine were one. kumasi: here is another live look at the capital of ukraine this morning.
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i will give you another full update on the latest at 6:30. reggie:outhak tahoe pice want you to stop calling them about the bear hank the tank unless there is a real emergency. they say, please stop calling south lake tahoe with your opinions about hank. they are getting so many calls, it is impacting their ability to respond to real emergencies. the department says they have no say in what happens to the bear. and not call police. kumasi: meantime, some crocodile chaos in northeast florida. this is a crocodile that escaped from the zoo -- not the zoo, the zoo band. it was going
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the zoo to another peer the crocodile somehow broke the van's back window and got out. there was no real danger since the crocodile's mouth was secured, but handlers were able to get it under control. reggie: thank you for reading the florida story this morning. kumasi: this is what i do. i do the florida stories. [laughter] reggie: new at 6:00, if you don't understand the world of nft's, you are certainly not alone, and you may not understand this either. the world's first nft vending machine has launched in new york city. it is by neon, which brands itself as the digital collective platform for everyone. the machine will sell digital art to anyone with a credit or debit card. it will dispense a box with a unique code that is redeemable on the neon platform. drew: every time we do a story
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on this, i feel like we are getting played. kumasi: don't call me when i'm rich. reggie: those nft's? kumasi: i will be too rich to answer. [laughter] drew: you have your five phones. we don't have the number. could they have a better name? fungible to me is weird. reggie: it is bad. i start thinking about feet. i start thinking of athlete's foot and showers. i start thinking of jim slippers. it takes me down this whole mess. i'm thinking about college and basketball shorts. it's a whole -- kumasi: a train of thought process. reggie: just me? kumasi: we just saw inside his brain. drew: i like that. reggie: i think we are supposed to say we are talking about google's top trend searches in our show which is now streaming. drew: you are missing out a lot.
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let's show you outside. a live look from our camera. it looks cold from this vantage point. it looks really cold out there. we are talking about temperatures in the south bay, where a freeze warning is in effect. san jose, you are 34 degrees. 28 in campbell. it is a very oakland. a lot of us waking up with cold temperatures. you will find frost on your windshield because of this cold air. it is not just us. it is the entire state. 38 degrees in southern california. very chilly across much of the state. 27 in sacramento. here is live doppler 7 light. we have clear skies. that allows heat to radiate away from the surface.
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we are in store for a lot of sunshine later today. temperatures below average for this time of year. 55 in the city. it 57 in oakland, 58 in santa rosa, 57 for oakland. then again, for a third and final night, we go back to the freezer again. freeze warnings and frost advisories in the 20's and 30's. we are tracking freezing warnings this morning. we start to fall out over the weekend. a morning chance of a sprinkle in a north bay. it feels more like spring early next week. reggie: we are going to bring in ginger zee with a look at what is happening starting at 7:00. ginger: coming up on gma, we of course start with breaking news out of ukraine. russia launching an attack overnight, invading its neighbor.
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our team on the ground across the region, covering it all. and then the trial beginning for the only police officer charged in connection with fatal shooting of breonna taylor, accused of firing shots that endangered a neighbor. we will have the latest on that and one mom paying her son to stay off social media until he was 18. what he learned from it, and her parents can help their kids with social abuse. and a grey's anatomy star here live within exclusive sneak peek of tonight's midseason premiere. tori has some deals and steals for you. you don't want to miss those thursday morning on gma. reggie: what do you have to offer the children to make that social media deal? kumasi: thankfully, we are not there yet, but i think it's going to be a lot. i think this guy was like a dollar a day. that's not enough. i will tell you that right now. reggie: the kids are going to be like, "and what else." kumasi: and what else, right. reggie: ginge
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drew: we are taking a look at this cold blast for another morning. subfreezing temperatures. extra time to warm up the car, get the frost off the wind chill. we are waking up to 20's and 30's out there. it is a clear picture, and here is how the day is shaping up for us. the sunshine, we are slow to warm throughout the morning. still come up with a few clouds, it feels chilly out there. reggie: this morning, transgender kids and their families in texas say they feel under attack. it is because the state's attorney general issued a legal opinion saying that certain gender affirming health care should be considered child abuse. the opinion asserts that medical treatments such as hormone theory meet the state legal
6:25 am
standard of abuse or causing a mental or emotional injury to a child. texas governor greg abbott tweeted that the state will enforce the ruling, and called for investigations of any reported incidences. the aclu of texas responded with a statement saying "our state's leaders need to focus on helping our youth and all people in our state instead of falsely attacking parents and doctors who are lovingly advocating for their children and for medically necessary care." kumasi: the brown family is back and turning up the volume in this updated version of penny as a teenager. the show is actively embracing all of it. characters include a nonconforming trendsetter voiced by ej johnson. >> we have not seen these types of characters pretty much at all, and especially in the animated space, especially with a company as pivotal as disney. this is a big deal.
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>> ♪ i'm coming out ♪ it's beautiful. we are so proud. >> shouting really loud about things that are important. kumasi: season, you will hear familiar voices including lizzo, gabrielle union, and anthony anderson. louder and prater is now available on disney plus. reggie: i want to watch this. this looks good. kumasi: why can't i think of the name? who isn't it? he says everything. reggie: billy porter. of course. i see. we have known each other for a long enough time we really can play that game. seriously "he is in everything," and we take our talk. at 6:30, berkley's makeover plan
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for a historic stretch of town, now put into motion. kumasi: and we watch for california's most famous residents. reggie: the impact of the russian invasion here at home. sky high gas prices in california. a couple of tips you can use to save up. kumasi: and we are taking a live look outside. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me (friends laughing) you know her.... you love her....
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. reggie: breaking news. russia's full-scale assault on ukraine has begun. casualties are being reported as countless ukrainians are fleeing from blasts heard overnight. kumasi: our camera taking a live look from the capital city of kyiv. a meeting of g7 leaders is now underway, urging prudent to stand down. reggie: a threat of cyber
6:30 am
attacks at home, everything from electricity to other sites online. not only that, but surging gas prices. hopefully, you can beat the squeeze at the pump. kumasi: markets in turmoil. here is a live look at wall street this morning. we'll have another check of the markets in a few minutes. it is thursday, february 24. reggie: we are going to start with cold temperatures again. drew: for many of us, we are waking up to an even colder morning this morning then yesterday morning. 20's and 30's out there. freeze warnings and frost advisories are in effect until 9:00 a.m. 25 in napa this morning. 24 in fairfield. 34 in oakland right now. likely you are waking up to some frost and very cold temperatures. along the embarcadero in san francisco, clear skies this morning. a lot of sunshine, similar to yesterday.
6:31 am
slow to warm into the afternoon. temperatures in the mid and upper 50's. we will try to find some warmer weather coming in the next few minutes. reggie: the russian invasion has begun. new images released by the ukrainian minister of internal affairs shows the aftermath of explosions in its capital city. an advisor to ukraine's president says about 40 people have been killed. several dozen more have been heard. they struck ukrainian airbases and other military assets. ukraine's foreign minister calling in a full-scale invasion. the president is calling on world leaders to intervene. our presidents and russia's president, vladimir putin, has chosen a premeditated war. putting meantime has warned that countries that try to interfere would lead to consequences you have never seen. here is abc news reporter faith abubey.
6:32 am
faith: key infrastructure and air defenses under russian attack. the country waking up to air sirens and russian ballistic missiles going off. this video capturing a plume of smoke and an explosion in the distance, near ukraine's city. reports of flares and sounds of explosions in several eastern cities near the nation's capital of kyiv. >> we have seen a large flash in the distance over there, followed by booms. faith: russian president vladimir putin essentially declaring a full-blown more overnight. a military operation is underway in ukraine. in a new video, ukraine's president telling ukrainians to stay inside and remain calm, and calling on the world to respond to attacks. overnight, put in warning that any countries that interfere with planes in ukraine will face consequences they have never seen.
6:33 am
the u.s. secretary-general in an emergency meeting saying to give people a chance. >> there is no purgatory for war criminals. they go straight to hell. faith: president biden will address the nation later today, announcing what he says will be severe sanctions to punish russia. they could involve cutting off russia from all western financial institutions. abc news. reggie: here is a look at some of the newspaper headlines this morning. the new york times says putin warns world. biden vows to hold him accountable. russia launches ukraine attack. biden condemns premeditated war. warnings of dire consequences. kumasi: the russian invasion is extending beyond explosions. cybersecurity researchers warn of cyber attacks. jobina: observers say the online
6:34 am
assaults have hit at ukraine's parliament as well as other government and banking websites. cyber experts say hackers have affected hundreds of computers with destructive malware. it is not just ukraine dealing with this issue. in the u.s., the department of homeland security's warning about the very real threat from cyber attacks if u.s. relations with russia continue to deteriorate. the potential targets they are most concerned about include the electrical grid, oil and gas pipelines, and water treatment facilities. senior fbi and homeland security officials held a conference call last week, with bank leaders and some of the nation' as governors encouraging them to shore up their security. the fbi insists they cannot take this threat seriously enough. we have already seen sophisticated russian hackers infiltrate the 2016 presidential campaign. kumasi: we know social media is playing a huge role in documenting the situation in
6:35 am
ukraine as it unfolds. abc news obtained this video from the ukraine border guard's twitter account. it shows military vehicles including tanks driving through a checkpoint where ukraine borders russia. there are concerns that social accounts could go dark because of cyber attacks. researchers who work in online intelligence say they have been locked out of their twitter accounts multiple times in the last 24 hours. kumasi: russia's -- reggie: russia's invasion is a primary concern for those who have friends and family in the ukraine. consider the conflict's impact on oil prices. amy hollyfield has more. amy: oil prices are up this morning. it takes a while for the impact to trickle down to the pump, but calculating what happened overnight, it would calculate to be about a $.10 increase per gallon. these are prices already looking hi this morning.
6:36 am
this is without what happened overnight trickling down. we were already up five dollars a gallon for the premium gas here at orinda. there are predictions it is going to get worse. we know california has the highest prices in the country. here is our average price per gallon compared to the national average. we are about $1.20 higher. prices are already the highest they have been since 2014, so supply disruptions since this invasion of ukraine could drive prices even higher. analysts say one thing you can try to do to save money at the pump is make it one of the big discount stores for gas, like costco. >> you can generally save some of the membership charges you pay with prices greatly lower than many stations around those retailers like costco and other big box stores, which generally try to bring in traffic by
6:37 am
offering lower prices. amy: a couple of other cost-saving tips include using cruise control on the highway. that tends to save about 20% of your gas, according to a study. also, try to fill up at the beginning of the week. analysts say generally they find prices are lowest at the beginning of the week and tend to go up as the week goes on. russia is a top energy producer. we were already dealing with high prices because of inflation. we will be watching to see if they continue to go up. abc7news. reggie: we will continue monitoring developments and bring you updates on the abc7news apps. this is always available on roku, apple, and andrew tv. just search for abc 7 bay area. you can also head to kumasi: the san francisco school board will once again take up
6:38 am
the issue of whether to approve. united educators of san francisco says more than 400 preliminary layoff notices were sent to teachers, social workers, and other district staff last month. layoffs are part of as if unified's plan to save money as it faces a budget shortfall. reggie: maybe try boost as your first word all guests of the -- wordle guests of the day. kumasi: the stock exchanges down significantly, off 800 points with so much uncertainty as russia has invaded ukraine. more in a few minutes. reggie: it got easier to get to the happiest place on earth. the feature that just got returned to disneyland for the first time since the pandemic. kumasi: and we are on for a full extra hour every weekday now.
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we are streaming on all abc 7 bay area apps. you can download it on your phone, tablet, apple tv, amazon fire. drew: and we are talking about very cool temperatures this morning. a colder morning than yesterday morning. freeze warnings and frost advisories. this is in effect for much of the bay area. good morning, danville, waking up to 28. it is 20 in livermore. this cold weather is widespread. 30 in palo alto. the city one of the warmer spots relatively speaking, coming in at 42 degrees. slow to warm to the 30's by 9:00 a.m. another day of below average temperatures. after a frigid start, 59 in san
6:40 am
jose. future trak or by tomorrow afternoon, we will start to see some 60's make a comeback back to the forecast, and to start at the weekend, we will find mild air moving in and temperatures above average. good morning, jobina. jobina: i want to quickly mention on camera a new crash that just came in on northbound 880 before 92 and hayward. a commuter alert from the vta. we are entering the last week of maintenance work. blue and green lights will be replaced by buses. metering lights came in at 555. the back has started.
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kumasi: breaking news on the conflict between russia and ukraine. this is a live look at the capital of kyiv, where the russian military has started its attack. at least 40 people have been killed and several dozen were injured. the european union is encouraging russia to stop this attack immediately. reggie: cnn reporter clarissa is in carkiev, away from kyiv, and she is giving us real perspective on how dire the situation is. we want to show you a clip of her report from a subway station that is now a bomb shelter. she calls the scene surreal. clarissa: this would have been full of commuters making their way back to work today. it has become an impromptu bomb shelter. it is just full. we arrived 15, 20 minutes 15, u we were outside. we heard a series of thuds and so people start to pour in here. i think you can get a sense of
6:44 am
just how many people are taking shelter here right now. these people are confused. they are desperately uncertain about what they are supposed to do. where did they go from here? there are a lot of children in here. there are a lot of animals, dogs, pets. to try to move down. they have their pets. they have their families. what comes next. reggie: that gives you a real idea of what the average person is going through. it is hard to believe after watching that -- cnn is also reporting the ukrainian subway system is still operating. the trains are running.
6:45 am
people are getting on and off of those stations despite crowds using it as a bomb shelter. kumasi: testimony is set to resume in the trial of a former police officer charged in the breonna taylor case. jobina is at the life desk with reaction from someone who survived the terrifying night. jobina: the neighbor was in his apartment when several bullets came through the wall. the officer was ultimately charged with firing 10 shots in a botched police raid. police officer brett hankinson is the only officer involved in the raid to face criminal charges. breonna taylor was killed on most two years ago. hankinson was dismissed from the department several months later. the former police chief has admitted hankinson filed blindly into taylor's apartment. it is a sentiment echoed by her neighbor, who said the bullets that came through his wall narrowly missed his then-pregnant girlfriend.
6:46 am
>> the shot upsets me. i think about it all the time. my son would have never gotten to meet me. i would have never gotten to meet my son. jobina: hankinson's attorneys argue he was doing his job, saying he defended his fellow officers after taylor's boyfriend opened fire, thinking they were intruders. if convicted, hankinson could face five years in prison. reggie: now for your morning money report. the russian invasion of ukraine is casting a much larger cloud over the global economy, including the snack aisle, believe it or not. the major snack maker monda left -- mondeleev will have to close its manufacturing factories. the snack maker has more than 4300 employees across eastern europe. global markets have been sliding
6:47 am
overall because of the invasion. markets in tokyo and seoul down around 2%. hong kong and sydney off more than 3%. germany's benchmark index down more than 4%, likely due to the closure of its nord stream 2 gas pipeline, part of sanctions placed on russia. and the price of oil now at its highest since 2014. the new york stock exchange, as trading gets underway this morning -- we are considerably down, about 830 points. kumasi: san francisco city hall the be lit up to celebrate the opening night of harry potter and the cursed child. layer -- mayor london breed raised a flag to celebrate the return of the show in the bay area. the play started last month, but tonight is the official opening night. the cursed child first opened in october of 2019, but like everything else, shut down in march of 2020. >> it has been quite a journey to get back to this moment of
6:48 am
celebration. i want to express how grateful we are to the city of san francisco. >> amazing to have it in san francisco as we focus on our recovery as we begin to open the city, as people and tourists begin to come back. kumasi: san francisco and new york are the only cities in the u.s. where you can see the play. reggie: disneyland is starting to feel more like normal again. the parking trams are back. >> we were here after christmas and we did over 20,000 steps. anything to decrease steps is great. reggie: mickey and minnie were the first ones to board, of course. you do not have to wear a mask anymore as long as you are fully vaccinated. the nighttime spectaculars are coming back soon. park is about to start construction on a reimagined tune town. -- toontown. >> disneyland is a symbol of normalcy. reggie: 30,000 cast members are back at work, with more being
6:49 am
hired every day. disney is the parent company of abc 7. cars coming back. they are bringing back the parade, and adding effects, including encanto. and fantastic -- phantasmic, which is my all-time favorite, is back at the end of may. drew: you walk around that park and -- reggie: locking main street is one thing. walking the parking lot, give me the trap -- tram. drew: a cold morning, the second in a row with frigid temperatures. we will get that again tomorrow morning. remember, keep your pets inside. take care of plants. frost and windchill. dress in layer's with a heavy jacket, a hat, and gloves. these numbers right now -- 25 in napa. 28 in livermore.
6:50 am
34 in oakland. 36 in san mateo. it is across the entire state that cold air is gripping california. you can cla right now at 39 degrees. a record low for sacramental coming in at 27 this morning. live doppler 7, part of the reason we are so cold -- we have totally clear skies. that allows us to cool off quickly in the overnight hours. that means a lot of sunshine later today. as the sun slowly gets up here, you can see we have clear skies overhead. this will lead to a lot of sunshine, but chilly sunshine, similar to yesterday. in the upper 40's to low 50's. i 4:00 p.m., we are in the mid and upper 50's. chilly sunshine today. 55 in the city. 58 in santa rosa. 57 in antioch. tonight, for the third and final night, we go back into the deep-freeze. freeze warnings and frost
6:51 am
advisories again. temperatures in the 20's and 30's in our colder spots. for the next seven days, keep it warm later this afternoon. have the layer's on. a cold morning this morning and tomorrow morning. we start to warm up over the weekend. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle. most of us remain dry. it feels a lot like spring. let's check in with jobina. jobina: it is time for our toyota tahoe traffic report. we have more snow in the area and some chain requirements. for 89, you are going to need those chains. 90 inches of snow in northstar. all of the drive times are similar for all three resorts. we have chain requirements for 88. if you are headed toward kirkwood, the drivetime -- now 78 inches. sugar bowl still rocking.
6:52 am
it seems like the spot to be. three hours and 40 minutes for the ride. 104 inches. kumasi: happening now, we are on watch for big bear's most famous residents -- a pair of celebrity bald eagles. let's look at the nest cam. eagles jackie and shadow are hunkering down during this latest storm. mom jackie laid two eggs birdwatchers say they are likely to start hatching around march 1. the world is ready to celebrate. the first tiny hole a chick makes as it makes its way out. reggie: walking down the most historic street in berkeley without worrying about cars could be a reality. the project to reconfigure telegraph avenue is now in the works. the city council has approved a plan to add a bustling to the popular street, reducing it to one lane for cars and bikes. they also supported a notion for
6:53 am
hot -- a motion for how to make it car free. the move could bring economic benefit. >> something we have been talking about for over 25 years. i think it is going to bring more people to telegraph. i think it is going to really make it a destination. there is a lot to figure out in terms of deliveries, vehicles, and buses. kumasi: change would still be years away. kumasi: the main wor wor wor wor on a web browser, but some people found a similar app on the app store, which was created by stephen several years ago. he started noticing a big spike in downloads and revenue after the online wordle started to become popular. so he reached out to josh wardle
6:54 am
. they decided the proceeds should go to charity. it will help mentor students. they are set to make an $8,000 donation later today. reggie: a big honor for some bay area restaurants and chefs who made the finalists for the james beard awards. a restaurant in san francisco is a semifinalist in the best hospitality category. and the teahouse in san francisco is up for outst restauranteur. among other local semifinalists -- a bucket in san francisco, and horn barbecue in oakland. reims and oaklandaklandakland and san francisco is up for outstanding chef. and crystal of oakland and david of san francisco are semifinalists in the emerging chef category. the winners are going to be announced in june.
6:55 am
kumasi: let's eat. reggie: kumasi and i are secretly -- not secretly -- conspiring to figure out a way to feature all of those people. kumasi: we can show you all the great things. we should do it again. reggie: we need to make sure it is still high quality. [laughter] kumasi: up next, seven things you need to know today. reggie: a live
6:56 am
6:57 am
kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. waking news we have been tracking all morning. russia has launched an attack in ukraine. at least 40 people have been killed. dozens of others injured. ukrainians are rushing to escape into poland. others sheltering in the subway. ukraine's president is vowing to defend his country.
6:58 am
reggie: president biden has met with his national security council and members of the g7 summit. he plans to speak later today. nato has scheduled an emergency meeting for tomorrow to decide next steps. drew: it is another cold morning out there. freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect this morning. here is how the day plays out. a lot of sunshine. we are slow to warm through the 40's by midday. into the afternoon. chilly sunshine and temperatures in the mid and upper 50's. jobina: the bay bridge toll plaza is one of our busiest spots right now. our other is a spot is northbound 880 at hayward, due to a crash. kumasi: president biden has interviewed candidates for the supreme court has promised to make a decision by the end of the month. there are reports that announcement could come as soon as today. reggie: tonight, san francisco unified will revisit a proposal that could cut hundreds of jobs to help balance the budget.
6:59 am
the original meeting to do this had to be postponed after officials realized they failed to post the agenda online, which is illegal. kumasi: target is expanding curbside pickup to include returns and include starbucks. it's is going to start in certain test markets in the fall, but target has not named the locations yet. reggie: is this good? drew: yes. kumasi: when you go in to return something, that is when you get caught up, especially at target. you are going to go and leave, and then, look at that. drew: this was fun. reggie: remember when you used to be able to stand and walk and whatever? jobina: the lady in the disney story, when she said "less steps." reggie: we are really turning into the people at the end of "wall-e." kumasi: you do not need to be
7:00 am
walking around target sometimes. you need to go home and get in the car. drew: this is true. good morning, america, breaking news for our viewers in the west. russia has invaded ukraine. russia launches a full-scale attack on its neighbor. explosions echo through the capital of ukraine as vladimir putin declares the start of what he calls a special military operation. black smoke and fire seen at one airport. this video shows military tanks entering the country. putin warns the world of russia's military might. ukraine's president declares martial law after his emotional plea for peace was ignored. our team is live from the war zone. also overnight, the white house saying the world will hold russia accountable. president biden set to meet with world leaders this morning, preparing to announce further sanctions as officials warn of possible cyberattacks against the u.s. targeting key
7:01 am
infrastructure from wa


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