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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 24, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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second day of war begins. >> and what the doctors meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> it hurts. it hurts. >> i just want to have a peaceful sky over ukraine. >> my biggest fear at one time that i can call and they're not there any more. dion: ukrainians and russia both gathering at rallies calling for peace. hundreds of people gathering in strain. anchor: shows of solidarity being shown from nba to monuments. leaders of war as another day of war i should say begins to unfold, a very intense day, in fact. good evening. thank you for joining us.
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the country is entering the second day of war after russia launch an invasion. anchor: an advise or saying a downed enemy aircraft crashed into a residential building seeing it on fire. three people are reportedly injured there. ukraine's president said that that's 137 people have been killed. let's go now to tim johns tracking the international response to these attacks. >> the u.s. and an its allies announced fresh sanctions. but despite the new moves vladimir putin snows sign of stopping his invasion. biden administration officials saying hours ago that russian forces are closing in on the capital of kyiv with muscles streak across the skies, russia advancing its invasion of ukraine from the
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north, south and east. >> putin is the aggress or. putin chose this war. >> in response, president joe biden announce ago new round of sanctions in conjunction with u.s. allies targeting more russian banks, the country's elites and military cutting them off from american financial markets. >> putin's aggression against ukraine will end up costing russia dearly, economically and strategically, we will make sure of that >> president biden sending 7,000 more troops to nato countries in eastern europe as a she of force. this as administration officials warn russian troops will soon try to top the ukrainian government. >> sending ukrainian government zelensky and his family into hiding with a full scale invasion underway, some are concerned what putin's end goals may be. steven fish is a profess or who has studied authority areaism in post communist countries. >> to take over ukraine.
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it's to appear neck other territories that were part of the empire. >> it will not be easy. there are 40 million people in ukraine. most of them are hostile and governing them will be difficult to do. >> but this war is about a lot more than just ukraine. he believes it's about a wider issue of democracy vs. autocracy. >> what we see here is not a conflict between, you know, east and west, or conflict over ukraine itself. ukraine is kind of ground zero right now. >> it's a view that was shared by other local ukrainians hundreds of whom rallied for ukraine. many of them with families in the country. >> i'm terrified. i can't really -- it doesn't make any sense. it's not logical. >> and some like anastasia having left ukraine just in
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time. landing safely at s.f.o. airport a merely two hours before the attack began. >> am i lucky or it's sounds like a miracle. but i'm here. >> while the world waits to see what happens next, ukrainians say they'll keep fighting before their people and also their homeland. making sure vladimir putin has a fight on his hands. >> this is when he lost. because ukrainians will exit and they will resist. they will not back down. >> now, while fresh sanctions were introduced today, more could be on the way. earlier president biden saying that putin himself could be sanctioned in another big thing to look out for woul would be removing russia from swift that connects thousands of banks globally. all of this ahead of a meeting of the u.n. security counsel tom. tim johns, abc even news.
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>> that is fast-moving volatile situation to better understand exactly why it's happening and why it matters go to the streaming tv app. we have expert insight. and the latest information available to stream on demand whenever you want it. the app is available for roku, amazon fire. apple or android tv. just search abc7 bay area. >> well, we are not done with the cold weather just yet. let's get to abc7 news sandyhady patel. >> we are looking at those numbers tug. i want to show you the numbers. it is chilly no matter where you are. let's go to the north bay. 35 in napa, santa rosa. 28 degrees in antioch. 38 in livermore. 38 degrees in palo alto. feeling that chill down south. gill roy 32. san jose 35 degrees. freeze warnings and frost advisories covering all of the bay area except for san
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francisco. expect frost. here are some of the samples of temperatures. 27 in napa by morning. 28 degrees in livermore. and 35 in san jose. a live look from our camera. we had records to talk about today with santa rosa, napa, both records in the mid 20's. richmond 35. and redwood city 30. we are looking at more records coming tomorrow. i'll l you know when we will break out of the cold snap. >> let's turn now to the pandemic. santa clara county is set to join other area counties. they hit three key me tricks and expect to lift the rule on wednesday. the c.d.c. will release new guidance tomorrow easing its indoor masking recommendation. and it will also outline how the country should move into the next phase shifting focus from case numbers to the severe case that is lead to hospitalizations and deaths. >> as mask rules change so could some vaccine rules. the san jose mayor wants to drop
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the booster requirement to get into city owned requirements, including s.a.p. center home of the sharks. they claim low attendance because of the mandate. at city-owned facilities visit ors have gotten used to following signs for vaccine verification. earlier this month, covid-19 boosters were added to the list of requirements at city venues. sharks' president jonathan becker said those mandates and the ongoing pandemic have led to low attendance at that time s.a.p. center. >> the drive to get people in becomes much more difficult when you have to vax, boost, test, mask, etc. >> then thursday, the mayor announce add proposal to drop the booster mandate. he says it's his response to the recent declean of omicron variant cases. outside the s.a.p. center, some say the mandate made no difference. >> it's not stopping me at all. i want to live my life.
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and enjoy life. >> others waited on what they think is impacting turnout. >> that still makes them nervous and everything. so i don't know. >> it's for sure because of covid and the mandates. like i had to go get tested even though i'm vaccinated. but i didn't have my boosters. >> team performance is also a factor. but says fan surveys show it is far there the top concern. >> we asked fans. >> we are dedicated. but it would be great if we started winning and then the other fans would start rolling in >> nhl, counties city, it feels like we have more mandates than any other venue in the united states. >> the golden state warriors are selling out the chase center, booster mandate in place. but becker says there are differences including testing which only recently became an option for guests at that time shark tank. if city council approves the
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mayor's proposal to drop the booster mandate next week, that decision will coincide with the county's plan to drop its indoor mask mandate. in san jose, abc7 news. anchor: two sources are telling abc news that president biden has reached a decision on his nominee for the u.s. supreme court. one of the two source says biden had not yet made a formal offer as of this evening in part to keep secrecy around the process. but many allies of the president expect him to name 51 year-old u.s. appeals court judge katanji brown jackson to replace stephen breyer. the announcement is expected some time before tuesday's state of the union address. >> governor newsom is giving $50 million to cities an counties to help people move out of homeless encampments. the governor visited one such encampment where 70 people were living. this video was provided by the governor's office. i showed governor newsom help ago crew lean up the sight. by the end of the year, the
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state expects to clean up 1,000 encampments the bay area city includes redwood city, richmond, berkley, san jose. santa cruz county. salinas. petaluma. and marine county the money will clean up the encampments and move the people who live in them to shelters or other housing. new surveillance video of a burglary at the oakland marijuana dispensary. >> san francisco reopening now involves harry potter and fans like this. denails my story. dion: justice for hank the tank. while wildlife official says the massive bear may have been wrongly blamed for several home break-ins for south lake tahoe. >> here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy
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plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. anchor: it didn't take long for burglars to get into oakland's ivy hill cannabis store. surveillance video shows how they use add lexus and then four people just walked in. they were in and out in just seven minutes. ivy hill's owner says it's probably not the first time they tried. >> i'm pretty sure the same group of people has been attempting to hit us for month. we have pretty solid security and a whole system of monitoring that we do. and we've had o.p.d. people interrupt before. >> she estimates they got away
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with high quality products worth as much as $25,000. there was another $75,000 in damage to the building which is the former parkway theater. oak land police are investigating. dion: filing your taxes can be challenging. because bay area nonprofit is offering free services to make it less stressful. they have more than 1,000 volunteers to do your taxes for free. dozens of centers are setup with volunteers at your service. volunteers are trained to help filter -- to help filers claim credits that often go unnoticed. last year, united bay area helped 32,000 families across eight county. and all next week 7 on your side will be getting you ready to do your taxes. we'll be answering your questions live from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. representatives from the united way will be there to help. go to abc7 disea >> the university of california
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have seen a record number of students apply for 2022. it's the highest applications. they have jumped 3.3% from last ye fro dion: d.n.a. evident found the 500-pound bear named hank the stang not solely responsible for the destruction. there are that's three bears causing tall bad news in the area. hank was thought to have broken into more than two dozen homes causing extensive property damage. fish and wildlife plan to tag the bears and release them in a suitable habitat. but the new evident hank has barely escaped being euthanized. >> wizards from across the
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country gathered for harry port and the cursed child at san francisco's current theater. the mayor calling ate milestone since the theater shut down two years ago the economy is a key part of building a better bay area. tonight, j.r. stone was at that time theater and has more of the excitement. j. >> : harry potter fans here and there and everywhere you looked outside of san francisco's grand theater thursday night for opening night of harry potter and the cursed child. >> not having the arts was definitely hard. >> reopening night is a more accurate term to see thursday's show. the exact one that was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic the theater was closed for 660 days until soft opening last month. >> major london greed!
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>> i've got say, this is really icing on the cake as we start to reopen our city and recover from this pandemic. >> san francisco and new york city are the only two u.s. locations where this harry potter show can be seen. many we talked with made a long journey get here. >> i'm from pats -- potts dam, new york. those here were excited to drink butter beer and enjoy harry potter among other diehards. they say it's been a very long pandemic. >> i have felt very cooped up. >> a long time. a lot of video games. thank you playstation station 5. >> always been a huge geek. and just this is incredible. >> here we are today celebrating what i think is an extraordinary milestone after dealing with a global pandemic. >> thanks to our audiences, the magic has now returned to san francisco. >> as for those who might be interested in coming to watch
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this harry potter performance, it runs through september 4th j.r. stone, abc7 news. >> how nice is that to see everyone so excited and the arts beginning to come back to life in this great city. amia: but they're eager to get inside because it's pretty cold. >> it is indeed. tomorrow before you head out the door, make sure you grab that jacket. i want to show you the temperatures because they are falling and they're going oh be dropping to freezing by the time you wake up in the morning. 35 degrees in danville and napa. 45 in san jose, san francisco and even half moon bay drop into the 30's tonight. as we head towards tomorrow morning, we are expecting upper 20's to show up in some of our north bay valleys 28 degrees in fair field. 29 in santa rosa. freeze warnings for east bay and north bay until santa rosa. definitely, remember the frost
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and freeze could do some damage. frost advisory first the bayshore line, the coast until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow as well. we are expecting frosty conditions just like today. already, how low are those temperatures going to go? try 28 in santa roadsa. 27 in napa. 28 in livermore. low 40's right around the bay and coast. 31 in half moon bay. 35 degrees in san jose. just a friendly reminder, these are cold weather alerts. make sure you limit your outdoor time especially during the morning hours. bring in any tender plants and cover any pipes so they don't freeze with the freeze cold conditions. >> here are the records. napa, santa rosa and livermore that will likely see records tomorrow as it will be cold enough for that. clear skies tonight. we did have a few whipsy clouds this afternoon. sit a lovely view from our emryville camera. frosty and freezing cold tomorrow morning. records likely not as cold at
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that time weekend time period especially sunday. so if you want to get outside you're good to go. look at that time temperature trend for north bay valley going from the upper 20's tomorrow morning to the low 30's. that an improvement saturday. and we'll bump you up into the low to mid 40's. that will be a nice change of pace. tomorrow afternoon sun will upper 50's to the low 60's for your friday. for the weekend, there is a beach path hazard statement. wave heights will be coming up the risk of rip currents and waves will be running higher. be careful if you're going to be out and about. over the weekend, sunday morning. might see a little sprinkle in the north bay or a light shower. be it's not really going to be a game change as we head towards next week, this is looking encouraging. possibly of rain. other computer model is going dry. certainly looks like the potential is there for sierra snow. morning records lows are likely. chilly with some frost again saturday. although, not quite as cold.
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not quite as widespread. maybe a few sprinkles sunday with those temperatures rising to spring-like levels. in the 70's inland. we'll keep that chance on showers wednesday. go ahead, wash your car so we could get
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ama: after a winning streak on "jeopardy" the champion was asked an even more important question recently. her girlfriend general vaive proposed. she posted it on twitter saying that she said yes and proposed back to genera -- she earned the second longest consecutive wins. she's expected this fall for the next tournament of champions. congrats. dan: super excited. we're happy for both of them. the warriors back in action after the all-star break. ama: larry beal with sports. larry: i think they found their mojo. look at steph styling on the
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>> warriors back from the all-star break. tonight in important lapd steph curry looking to ride the momentum when he had 16 threes so he showed up like he just came off the set of the matrix. you've got to back it up when you stride in like that. warriors sluggish early. this is curry's first three of the night. just 2-7 from downtown. ben mclemre. warriors down by so quickly. then they get hot. nice ball movement clay thompson, slash. h-- splash. he had 18. curry, a season high. up 12 in the third. no-look pass to gary payton t.b. ii. but curry gets taken out by kevon looney. they're both ok. warriors running away it. look at curry to klay.
11:30 pm
the splash and dame. he seen this movie before. ugh. tired of those guys. warriors win 132-95. senior nights at u.s.f. they try to take down number one gonzaga. off the turnover. boullier was held to 27 points. dion limb pumped at that time game! chet holmgren, maybe the number one pick in the draft with authority. coast to coast. he had 15 boards. zags never really threatened win, 89-73. st. mary's at san diego. all gaels. s the as inside. they're up 17 at the break. and kyle bowen he had 12 points as they would cruise 60-46. they clinched the second seed in next week's west coast conference tournament. having fun on the farm. number two, stanford women, they've never ever lost to
11:31 pm
washington state. 70-0 coming in. cameron brink is better. stepping through another double-double. 15 boards. hailey jones to beat the buzzer. 14-1 for her. 61-54 is the final. 5 soo-0 in pac-12 play and 71, all time against what zoo. to the ice. 44 zdeno chara brawling with jeffery viell. he can still punch. they're trying to snap the loss. sharks snap slide 4-3.
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ama: thanks for watching. i'm ama daetz. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, from "american idol," luke bryan, katy perry, and lionel richie. pal although adlon and music from banks. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for joining us. i'm glad you did. you know, it's hard to do a comedy show when there's a war going on, but we are here while more than 6,000 miles away, women and children are fleeing ukraine. men age 18 to


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