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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 25, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> you have you have you have next? other countries of europe need to act immediately. kumasi: ukraine under siege, russian forces moving in on the capital city. troops seen racing to the
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streets, trying to defend it. the president will meet with nato allies. reggie: a highly anticipated announcement from the cdc, the shift in covid rules we expect to hear. kumasi: nordstrom has a new collaboration that is going live in stores and online. it's already ahead around the world. reggie: welcome to friday. kumasi: we will start with a look at the forecast. drew: temperatures are in the 20's and 30's. we do have freeze warnings and frost advisories until 9:00 this morning. we have low to mid 30's and the cold the spot is inland. we will take you to the south bay. it's a lovely view, a chili when with clear skies as the sun is slowly rising. it's very bright this afternoon. it's warmer than yesterday and
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wednesday. we will find the warmest spots in the low 60's. we will look at those in about nine minutes. reggie: many in ukraine are scrambling to flee the country or just find safe shelter as russia continues its military attack. here is a live look at the capital city. the president said at least 137 people have died, including 10 officers and 13 border guards. we do have live team coverage of this. we will get to the reporter in just a moment. we will start with the latest development. quest did morning to you. officials say we are watching the largest ground war in europe since world war ii. this morning, russian troops advancing on ukraine's capital city. leaving in their path the wrenching destruction of war. missiles raining drown on --
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down on neighborhoods. a rocket struck a residential building in a suburb. in this apartment building, and unexploded rocket caught in the ceiling. closer to the border, this missile jammed in the road. >> you are convinced poodle overthrew the government? >> he's going to try to do that. >> forces have launched 100 missiles so far and initiated multiple ground incursions. russian enemy sabotage groups have now entered kyiv. >> we know that they had a hit list. they can go in and just assassinate people. >> women and children hiding in the subway station, men over 18 were called to take up arms and defend ukraine. parts of the country, gridlock and chaos, long lines at gas stations. this american trying to escape. >> i wasn't going to leave.
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we thought it wasn't going to turn out like this. it >> russia is facing more punishing sanctions. president biden ordering a freeze on more russian banks, cut enough industries and semi conductors and other high-tech products. meanwhile, to pruden's ownrude'n backyard, thousands in several cities protesting the russian invasion of ukraine. the un security council will vote today on a resolution condemning russia's military aggression against ukraine. the u.n. refugee organization anticipating a crisis. 100,000 people have been displaced and thousands of crossed the border into poland. reggie: hundreds of people in the bay area gathered at city hall for a rally in solidarity with ukraine. we spoke to one woman who went
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to the raltting off a plane fro. >> everybody from ukraine. it's not possible. am i lucky? it sounds like a miracle. i am here and everything starts when we landed in the united states. the international community has to understand. we are our own country. this is only what we want from vladimir putin, to just get off of us. this is something he can't let go. reggie: she is a pac -- phd student. her family is in ukraine. kumasi: many in the bay area have been searching for ways to show their support to the people of ukraine. we are live with some organizations out there doing good.
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>> good morning. there are a couple of local nonprofits doing important work. i have some ways you can help. european countries are getting ready to receive hundreds of thousands of refugees. he is trying to help get his wife out of ukraine. >> i feel incredibly helpless. i feel anxious and super conflicted. am i doing enough? >> i am really stressed. i still can't believe it. >> as far as how you can help out, the nonprofit nova ukraine is based in palo alto. you can donate household supplies, food, close, shoes. they're looking for volunteers right here in the bay area. a nonprofit in san francisco
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they help children whose parents died fighting in eastern ukraine, sending funds to children and are so many other nonprofits that you can help out that are providing a directly to ukraine. unicef is one of those. kumasi: this is a volatile situation that is changing frequently. to better understand what's happening and why it matters, you can head to our streaming tv app. we have the latest information on demand when ever you wanted. the app is available for roku and amazon fire i searching abc 7 bay area. reggie: the cdc will ease mask wearing guidelines that comes as they shift to new benchmarks to guide the u.s. on rolling back covid restrictions. we have more from the live desk on that. jobina:
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will advise that most americans no longer to wear masks and doors. many state and local governments still made that change on their own. we don't know yet how the new rules will affect federal mask mandates. the shift comes as the changing how it analyzes the spread of covid-19. >> the cdc are going to be using different metrics to make their guidelines. hospitalized has plunged by more than 100,000 since the peak. it is projected to keep falling. the announcement comes after weeks of pressure from governors and state officials. kumasi: the next stage in the case of scott peterson.
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and effect until 9:00 this morning. hour-by-hour, we will warm through the 50's under sunny skies. mid-day, low to mid 50's. this afternoon, a warmer afternoon. it's a col col col col col col l warmer afternoon. it is 61 in oakland, 62 in san jose and 59 of the city. looking ahead, we will see a warm front moved through. we have some additional cloud cover and sunday.
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numbers are on the rise. that is weather. let's get a check of traffic. jobina: we are going to start with the mavs in san francisco. we are following estate alert. you will notice a backup on 280 two the 101. speeds have dropped to eight miles per hour. on the toll plaza, no metering lights are on yet. you should have a nice ride into san francisco. a live look in san jose, it's a little dark. the headline is that it is nice and clear. kumasi: nordstrom stores will be will coming young shoppers. bts dropped a line of merchandise that launched at midnight. it's our to the top google trend right now. it includes apparel, accessories, home goods inspired bite bts songs and videos. the line is available in most
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bay area stores. a grandmother known for much more that her cooking and bedtime stories, she's going viral on social media. reggie: we are covering the content between russia and ukraine.
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if you thought my tiny tacos were tasty before... you're right! and now that they have nacho cheese flavor in every bite, you're even get my nacho tiny tacos for $3. or try them bacon loaded for $4. turning to google to get answers about ukraine. the director of the east european it center at stanford university answered some of the top questions you are asking, including in the u.s. sending troops ukraine? >> we made it very clear president biden said several times. we're not sending troops. i don't see a sending troops to
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ukraine. ukraine is not a member of the nato alliance. reggie: we got answers to other questions, white russia invaded and u.s. sanctions, specifically the swift banking system. you can hear his response on our website. just said -- ted to -- had to reggie: scott peterson is waiting to find out if he is going to get a new trial. juror number seven who helped send him to prison in 2004 was biased because she was a domestic violence victim. that juror named strawberry shortcake has been granted immunity. she is set to testify. kumasi: attribute honoring the first african-american firefighter. he joined the fire department in
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1955. he was 28 years old. he was the only black firefighter for a decade. he later became the director of humanity services and transformed the department by consistently pushing for inclusion. a mural is being unveiled in his honor at rosa parks elementary. reggie: she is not your average influencer. this 81-year-old grandmother is an up-and-coming tiktok influencer. she's amassing hundreds of thousands of followers by sharing advice about cooking, gardening, and relationships. she was introduced to the app by her granddaughter. she considers herself lucky to have 222,000 grandchildren all over the world. kumasi: adopt us. reggie: tell us your wisdom. kumasi: can you ask questions? drew: you probably could reggie:
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in the comments section. reggie:i love how she has a ring light. what is my background going to be? drew: i don't know, i spend hours on tiktok. reggie: i don't have tiktok. drew: i don't create contact. -- content. reggie: why are you telling on yourself? drew: i just walked right into that. good morning. we have a cold start out there. it's our final frigid morning. we have a beautiful sunrise out there. for many of us, we are waking up to generally clear skies. we are in the 20's and 30's again. this is the third morning in a row. have the players again.
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it's a sunny day. it's warmer than yesterday. we will see our warmest spots. tonight, it's a chilly night. temperatures are not as cold as we have been the past couple of mornings. we do not have freeze warnings or frost advisories and effect. we have generally clear skies across california. we are going to get a warm front of me through here. unfortunately, the rain stays away from us. these storms are really going to be aimed at the civic northwest. we thought we might get a sprinkle over the weekend. that does not look to be the case. we could get a light shower. look at the rainfall potential over the next 10 days. it's aimed around portland and seattle. you could see if you showers in the bay area. it would be very light in nature
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and not do much to help us. we will find increasing clouds and warmer temperatures over the weekend. there is that when day chance of a shower again. we will keep you updated as we get closer. kumasi: you look like you might be cold. what's going on? ginger: you know. not that much colder than you were. about the frozen precipitation, we've got piles of sleet and freezing rain impacting us from here to boston. i'm going to be tracking this storm. russian troops are closi are cli the capital. we've got our team there. they will bring you update. we've got really refugees in poland.
6:21 am
so many tens of thousands of ukrainians are trying to get out. the cdc anticipating new guidelines from them when it comes to indoor masking. we will talk about what to expect and what it really means coming up right here on gma. it's a friday addition of good morning america.
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to hawaii for fun in the sun. it can be so much more. we recently got the chance to visit a sanctuary in maui. it was made possible by our sponsor. they make it so easy to fly nonstop.
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>> welcome to the sanctuary. it >> you can make lasting friendships with the unexpected. >> you like that? we found this hidden treasure, place so special you can find your new bff. the sanctuary sits on eight lush acres and is island paradise for rescued animals. >> this is what we refer to as our cat lounge. >> the organization provide shelter and care to more than 300 rescued animals. >> this is nancy. >> after you. >> laura lee cashed out her savings and bought the farm in 1999. she devoted her life to animal protection and humane education. >> we are going to take you to animal alley. >> the best part of the tour? every animal has a story.
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>> he was living down in the gulch, just as a wild boar. he found his way to the sanctuary and made friends with the other pigs through the fence. it was apparent that he wanted to live here and join the family. we adopted him. what we love about bernie is he helps us dispel the myth that the wild pigs are vicious. he does not have a mean bone in his body. the animals are all innnn here. they are at peace because they know they are safe. they know they are loved and they don't have fears or concerns. >> thank you for inviting this. >> come back anytime. >> i'm staying. i found my happy place. >> let's go, nancy.
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you can see much more by searching for the story right now on kumasi: mike and nancy heading off into the sunset. reggie: that's my favorite thing in the newscast this morning. come on, nancy. kumasi: back to san francisco. reggie: that breaking news about the pick for the next supreme court justice. kumasi: extra analysis on the assault on ukraine. a commander sharing the one thing you should keep in mind. reggie: a possible change to the booster mandate in san jose. the mayor wanting it to go away. when that could happen. have a live look outside.
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age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: right now, the capital
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of ukraine under attack. troops closing in on the city as you wake up. world leaders are meeting. they are figuring out how to respond. kumasi: we have any support -- up in court nominee. her connection to justice the journey ahead. reggie: we are saying hello to the sunrise. drew is laying out what to expect from the weekend ahead. kumasi: happy friday. reggie: it sounds like it's better for the warmer. drew: we do have have have havee
6:30 am
kumasi: presi presi presi picked his nominee for the supreme court. the choice is appeals court judge jackson. she would be the first black woman to serve on the supreme court. she will be replacing stephen breyer. jackson was once a clerk for breyer and started as a public defender. president biden is expected to officially announce the nomination later today. reggie: this is a live look at the ukrainian capital. russian troops are closer in. an assignment that the chaos could unfold, the new york times is reporting the ukrainian defense ministry went on facebook to tell residents to
6:31 am
repair molotov cocktails. here's what we know right now. the president says at least 137 people have died. more than 300 others are hurt. a senior pig unofficial says russian forces of launched more than 100 missiles and initiated ground operations. russian troops have seen control of general. -- chernobyl. russian sabotage groups of energy capital and designated him a target. men over 18 have been called to take up arms and defend ukraine. kumasi: forces have blocked from the west. that would mean the capital is surrounded. on gma, a retired colonel says he expects russia put out misinformation. >> i think we will see disinformation throughout the day. the russians will claim the
6:32 am
government is fleeing and they will put innate up at government. this is the time where the capitulation is highest. he is going to be the target as noted. >> russia has said it will only negotiate with her ukraine if the president surrenders the army. you can see the interview on gma coming up at 7:00. world leaders are trying to figure out how to respond to the crisis in ukraine. president biden is meeting with nato leaders to discuss a plan of action. jobina: president biden is joining from the situation room. we do plan to get an update later today when the nato secretary-general holds a press conference. it comes after president biden announced new sanctions on it russian banks. thatatatatat participation in global markets. president biden did not sanction
6:33 am
russian vladimir putin, doing so would've limited consequences. >> you can be sure that vladimir putin does not have any assets abroad that the european authorities or u.s. authorities could get. he's not planning to go to disneyland for vacation. he's not worried about visa restrictions. jobina: kyiv will likely fall before the sanctions put pressure on the russian economy. critics are pressing the white house to do more. mitch mcconnell is recommending the by demonstration use every sanction available. kumasi: the war in ukraine will have an economic impact locally. how much it will cost us is uncertain. amy is live with what our bay area expert is saying. >> he says it's not going to be a crippling impact. we will feel it from the supply of new cars to gas prices,
6:34 am
expect to see some changes. it's evident that the bayas pthl aaa and gas buddy say trice's went so high yesterday they set a record. the supply of new cars could slow down. they are the leading makers of carts -- parts. you will see some changes. when we checked in with an economist, he is advising that consumers stay calm. >> our economy is insulated. we don't do a lot of trade with them. they are a major exporter of oil. this could ripple through the economy since every industry uses energy. >> the stock market is showing it doesn't like this unstable
6:35 am
situation. we see some yo-yoing going on. the economists said consumers and investors should not panic. we are insulated from russia. we may see moderate changes. the u.s. economy will prevail. we are reporting live in the east bay. reggie: to get the latest, head to our streaming tv app. we will have all of the abc news special reports on the crisis as well as all of our live local newscast. we have lots of videos on demand about what exactly is happening and why it matters. the app is a venable for roku, and was on fire, apple, android tv. kumasi: today tod release new information about easing indoor masking recommendations. it will outline how the country should move to the next phase.
6:36 am
clara county is joining others and dropping the indoor mask mandate. officials say they have hit three key metrics and will lift the rule on wednesday. sam liccardo is proposing the stop the -- you need proof of a booster to get into city-owned facilities. in san francisco, the golden state warriors are selling out chase center even with the boosting mandate in place. testing became an option for guests at the shark tank. the san jose city council could weigh in on tuesday. reggie: tensions felt to hunter 50 miles above. a look at the impact sanctions could have on the international space station. kumasi: you are looking at the big board. we are starting off by three
6:37 am
hunter points. an update on the markets is next. reggie: going inside disney world's new galactic start cruiser experience. drew: that looks very cool. we have another frigid morning out there. we do continue to have freeze warnings for the north bay and santa clara valley until 9:00. we do have a frost advisory in effect. this is our third morning in a row. the coldest spots are in the 20's and 30's. it is 29 santa rosa, 35 in san jose. add some extra time like you have the past couple. later on today, to warmer afternoons, we are warming through the 40's. we are in the low to mid 50's with a lot of sunshine out
6:38 am
there. later on, we do expect our warmest to exceed 60 degrees. it's a cold morning again, a bright afternoon compared to yesterday. it is 59 in the city. it is 62 in san jose, 57 for half moon bay. as we head into the week, we have increasing clouds. numbers are warming into the upper 60's by sunday. jobina: our traffic is a lot better. we have been following that sig alert on northbound 280, the backup is gone it. that is good news. i expect that alert to be canceled or next few minutes. metering lights are now on. there is no real backup in that area. as we bring you a live picture, i want to let you know that today barbara lee will join bart
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call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. the international space station. the u.s. side controls the electricity. they have to work together to function. the space chief indicates that blocking cooperation could result in the station going into a deep orbit and crashing to earth. kumasi: the crisis has raised the threat of cyber warfare, which could cross orders.
6:42 am
could a russian cyberattack spread to nato countries and dragged the u.s. into war? jobina: the senate intelligence committee chair has warned russian president vladimir putin has not yet unleashed russia's full cyber capabilities. there is concern russia could unleash malware by geographic locations. that could be viewed as an attack. that means if you attack one nato nation, you attack all of them. reporters questioned the press secretary about whether that would drag the u.s. into war. >> that is up to the nato alliance to determine. a cyberattack does constitute an attack, that would definitely be a point of discussion. jobina: homeland security is urging people to act now to secure their networks. we have already seen a cyberattack before last summer.
6:43 am
hackers believed to be affiliate with russia shut down the colonial gas pipeline. reggie: street's opening bell this morning after a turbulent week with ukraine. wall street is heading on the back of a huge positive turnaround on thursday. the market started deep in the red, but bounced back close to positive territory. this is happening after president biden slept sanctions on russia. the cdc may release looser covid guidance today. we are starting in positive territory, up 200 31 points. citigroup is dropping overdraft fees, the largest bank to do that. these fisa been criticized by consumer advocates, saying they punish those who can least afford it. the fees we by the summer. customers can transfer money
6:44 am
from other accounts or have their purchases denied if their account reaches zero balance. kumasi: a bay area nonprofit is offering free taxes services. there are more than 1000 volunteers that can do your taxes for free. dozens of free tax help centers across the bay area with iris certified volunteers. they are trained to help you get credits that go unnoticed. they helped 32,000 families across eight counties last year. you can find the closest by dialing 211. all next week, we will be getting you prepared to do your taxes. next friday, we will be answering your questions live. it is from the united way, you can send your questions now. just go to reggie: a record amount of students are applying for fall
6:45 am
22. it's the biggest amount of applicants ever. applications jumped more than 3% from last year. the high school outreach program construed to the boost from underrepresented groups for 2022. kumasi: the mayor of san jose and developers are looking into the future. on it getting commercial housing and hospitality development deals in place before covid act on track. >> an extraordinary amount of of investment along with affordable housing, all of this is happening in concert with an incredible revival here. i think we've got great opportunities. kumasi: city leaders get updates on several large projects, including google's plan for the
6:46 am
80 acres it owns downtown. this is the first future of san jose event held in person since the pandemic started. reggie: $50 million to cities and counties to move people out of homeless and cap it's. the governor visited and encamped were 70 people were living. it shows governor newsom helping ecru cleanup the site. by the end of the year, they expect to clean up 1000 and cap it's. local cities include redwood city, richmond, oakland, san jose, san raphael. the money will go to help clean up the encampment's and move the people who live in them to shelters or other housing. kumasi: we are still a burning black history month all month long. that includes the people and organizations making an impact in the black community. black lines is celebrating its 11th year with a big festival. it was the best festival in the
6:47 am
country. it's a community celebrating lack owned wineries which represent less than 1% of winemakers. to get ready, i talked with its founder. >> we very safe space for people to be themselves, luxury yet unpretentious experiences. kumasi: the festival is sold out. black vines will be at the black joy parade sunday in oakland. it is back after the pause for covid-19. we talked with their founder this week. you can find those conversations right now on are we going to both? jobina: are we going to both? i am so excited about this weekend. there are branches, wine
6:48 am
festivals, parades. i cannot wait. the amount of branches we -- brunches we are about to attend. i ran into one of the djs who is getting his hair braided. he's ready. kumasi: outfits picked out? i'm ready. jobina: i am so ready. reggie: when you say am always ready. i ran into her on the street. it was the prelude to this weekend? i know the party is going to be tart. jobina: i literally went like this. reggie: they were screaming. there was hugging. it was a scene. drew: i love it. i cannot wait for this.
6:49 am
we will have warmer weather. it will be nice to be out and about. right now, it is certainly cold out there. remember this at 6:45 a.m. we have clear skies. there are a few patchy clouds. you're waking up to some pretty cold temperatures. we are at 39, 35 in union city. oakley is 36 degrees. a lot of us are under freeze warnings and frost advisories. cold temperatures are in the 20's for parts of the north bay. it is 35 in san jose right now. later on today, it's a warmer afternoon. expect a lot of sunshine out there. that will feel pretty nice to finish out the week. tonight, it's a chilly night. it's not as cold as we have been. we do not have any freeze earnings.
6:50 am
we are pretty pretty pretty california. this warm front moves through over the weekend. it brings us warmer weather and cloud cover. rain is aimed at the pacific northwest. storms do return to the west coast. it is portland and seattle that makes out really well with these storms. for us, we could see a light shower. these rainfall totals are light in nature. here is the accuweather seven-day. we have increasing clouds over the weekend with warmer temperatures. monday is even warmer. midweek, there is a chance of showers. let's check in with jobina. jobina: it's time for the the te traffic report. we have an update. no chain requirements for 89
6:51 am
anymore. it wouldn't hurt to bring them along. they are ranging ranging ranging hours 18 minutes to three hours and 24 minutes. northstar has 29 inches........ we do still have cheney controls in effect for 88. if you're headed to kirk what it, heads up there. that is one of the longest drives. sugar bowl has the most snow. kumasi: a new law could law coud the next time you rent a car if you're not paying attention. it allows rental car companies to slap on a fee if an unauthorized driver is caught behind the wheel. that means anyone who is not on the rental agreement. depending on the company, it could range from $13 to $15 per day. the law went into effect on january 1 after leaders lobbied
6:52 am
the legislature as a way to recover money lost during the pandemic. reggie: regulators are investigating a glitch on 1.7 million hondas. it involves new models. the national highway safety ministration says it received hundreds of complaints about the automatic emergency braking system. the vehicles can stop for no reason. honda said it is cooperating with the investigation. if you notice a problem, contact the dealership. it's time to believe in magic. harry potter is back in san francisco. it was opening night of harry potter and the cursed child. the plate drew fans from over the country. reopening. since the theater shut down two years ago. >>
6:53 am
this is really icing on the cake as we start to reopen our city and recover from this pandemic. >> not having the arts was hard. >> i've been a huge geek. this is incredible. reggie: the only two u.s. locations where this harry potter can be seen it. kumasi: amy schneider is on cloud nine. it has nothing to do with all that money. she's happy because she is now fiancé. her girlfriend proposed and amy close to the news on twitter. she proposed back to genevieve. amy's streak ended in january after earning second-longest consecutive wins of the show. she's expected to return this fall for the next tournament of champions. reggie: an exciting sneak peek at a new star wars experience at
6:54 am
disney world. we are checking out the electric star cruiser for good morning america. >> it transports you to the galaxy far far away. the first of its kind tonight adventure on board this massive starship where you play the hero. i'm about to get on the launch. this takes us into hyperspace. this is lightsaber training. reggie: did you see that outfit he was wearing? you can watch the full report on star cruiser experience coming upon gma at seven. there is a surprise for young -- one young fan. you can book your stay now. disney is the parent company of
6:55 am
abc 7. kumasi: i want to see you doing all of that, giving us a tour. i feel like i would tune in and be ready to go. reggie: were you here when galaxy's edge? kumasi: we were talking about that. reggie: that is one of my favorite things i've ever done. it was great. i hope it was great for the audience. i was at 812 of excitement. it was a lot. kumasi: we will work on that. up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie:
6:56 am
6:57 am
things you need to know. ukraine is mounting its defense.
6:58 am
ukrainian military forces are on the streets this morning. troops are closing in on the capital. reggie: president biden meeting with nato leaders. this comes after he announced sanctions on russian banks. >> president biden has picked his nominee for the supreme court. ketanji brown jackson, she would be the first black woman to serve on the supreme court. reggie: scott peterson is expected to be back in court today. this time for hearing as he waits to find out if he gets a new trial in the murder of his wife and unborn son. drew: freeze warnings and frost advisories and effect. this is our final frigid morning. we find temperatures later on today with a lot of sunshine. more 60's, saturday and sunday. kumasi: most of our here shoes of cleared and the toll plaza is open. hank the tank apparently is not
6:59 am
the only bear that has been breaking into homes in lake tahoe. dna evidence has linked three bears to the damage done to two dozen homes. fish and wildlife will tag these bears and release them in a suitable habitat. could you imagine if hank understood english? reggie: we don't know that he doesn't. kumasi: that is so true. reggie: he's been framed. let's just say it. i'm not trying to get into the vast conspiracy. they said that hank the tank will not be euthanized. they said it. none of that is out there, let's hold them to that. he deserves to be in a safe place. kumasi: what if he is the ringleader? reggie: don't blame hank. kumasi: if you were 500 pounds,
7:00 am
you could do what you want our viewers in the west, breaking news. russian forces closing in on the capital of ukraine. under attack. overnight explosions rock kyiv. russian forces close in. ukrainian military police in combat gear defend the city. president zelenskyy makes an urgent appeal asking all able-bodied men to fight and saying he has been named target number one by russia as tens of thousands of ukrainians flee for safety. the biden administration and allies around the world leveling harsh sanctions on russia. >> putin is the aggressor. putin chose this war and now he and his country will bear the consequences. >> anti-war protests in the streets of moscow.


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