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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 28, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a shooting at the dave and busters. the new information just released. >> russia and ukraine are poised to meet, though expectations are low for break there. this as president biden is set to talk to allies about how to move forward. the latest of elements, coming up. kumasi: no more masks. we are expected to learn a lot more today about what the future looks like for california schools. reggie: if you loved we can weather, drew is tracking even warmer temperatures. plus, a look ahead at the brain coming later this week. kumasi: good morning on this monday. reggie: we will check in on the weather with meteorologist drew tuma. drew: today is the last day of february and we will -- we will finish it out on a dry day. remer last week? we were waking up to temperatures in the 20's and thursday -- and 30's, quite a
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difference between then and now. a lot in the 40's low 50's are now. 50 in the city, 44 in oakland, 36 in santa rosa. here's the exploratorium camera. most areas are fog free, which means a lot of sunshine on the way for our day. climbing to the 40's low 50's. sunrise is at 6:42 a.m.. look at your sunset now, setting after 6 p.m. we will take a look at the highs coming up in about seven minutes. kumasi: breaking news and east bay. talker please try to figure out what led up to shooting inside the dave and busters. mobile officers responded to the bar and arcade located off donna boulevard. this happened just before 11:00 last night. amy hollyfield is joining us live in the field this morning. what do you have so far? amy: police or here throughout the night, gathering evidence and working on this case. this is a dave and busters restaurant and bar filled with
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video games and interactive games, like ski ball. there is a lot of ground for investigators to cover inside pit concord police are telling us this morning that four people were shot here late last night. it was just before 11:00. police say this involved an argument between two groups. no one outside of those two groups was hurt. two men took them selves to the hospital. when police got on scene, they said they found another man and a woman who had been shot. they got them to the hospital. this dave and busters is located inside the veranda shopping center just alongside interstate 680 in concord on diamond boulevard. police say this is still under investigation. they do not have any more details to release at this time, so no information about whether any arrests have been made or will be made. they will release about -- they will release information about the people involved. kumasi: thank you. now to the developing crisis in
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ukraine. this is alive look at their capital this morning. we just learned that the treasury department has banned transactions from russia's central bank and the countries of foreign investment fund. this cuts off the russian central bank from the u.s. dollar and makes it a lot harder for russia to stabilize its economy. meanwhile, on the front lines of this war, officials say at least 350 ukrainian civilians have been killed since the invasion started and 14 of those are kids. the united nations is voted to convene an emergency session of the general assembly. it is only the 11th time this is happened since 1950. canada is the latest country to close its airspace to flights owned or operated by russian entities. the european union says it wants ukraine to become a member state. the eu nations are directly financing weapons purchases in support of ukrainian people. reggie: delegates from russia and ukraine are meeting in belarus to try to stop this
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invasion. expectations are low. >> goodddd we know that president biden is set to discuss russian invasion with allied nations from the situation room later today. the "washington post" reported overnight that belarus is now preparing to send soldiers into ukraine to fight alongside russians. this morning, the stage is set for negotiations between russia and ukraine you the border with belarus, although ukrainian president has already admitted to having low expectations for any breakthrough. the conflict in ukraine presses on, with the major better underway in hard keys, ukraine's second largest city, where ukrainians managed to put -- push back their attackers and recedes the city. >> he was, i think, think, thin, hoping for an easier path to victory and now he is not only
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losing some tactical engagements, but he is losing this entire war of messaging. >> the white house calling out pigs latest move after he ordered his nuclear deterrent forces on high alert, and response to what he called "aggressive statements" from nato countries. >> this is a pattern we've seen from president putin threw out the course of this conflict, which is manufacturing threats that don't exist, in order to justify further aggression. >> president biden and allies working over the weekend to banish aggression banks from the main global payment system "swift," a movement that crippled russian economy already this morning, the russian central bank more than doubled interest rates to an unprecedented 20% as they scrambled to manage the fallout from western sanctions. also assuring up supplies and defense a to ukraine, as people struggle to get out of the country. >> me and my husband, with my two daughters, we escape because
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it is very dangerous for my family. i'm very, very sorry for what is happening. >> the u.n. is nowowowow more than half a million people have fled ukraine. that is the largest displacement in europe since world war two. in washington, and wayne, abc7news. reggie: thank you. today, the ukrainian flight will be raised against -- at central hall in support. there will also be rallies across the area. hundreds of people showed up to san francisco hall yesterday for a rally. he ukrainian bay area residents and allies gathered. they said hopes for diplomacy are diminishing. >> in russia, you cannot have talks or diplomacy. you cannot trust them. their word is worthless. >>ukrainian mili.
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>> theare e help of whole world. reggie: in walnut creek, a polish school held a fundraiser for the people of ukraine. to get the latest information on this crisis as it happens, head to the bay area abc 7 live streaming app good it will have all special reports, as well as live local newscasts. we have a lot of videos on demand. the streaming tv app is available for roku, amazon prior, apple, or fire tv. reggie: new masking guidelines for schools today. that is expected with a date for when the current mass mandate will be lifted. today's announcement comes after the cdc changed its guidance for masks and schools on friday. communities with low to moderate cover 19 cases can ease masking mandates if they choose to do so.
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seven bay area counties are in the medium to low risk spread category. napa will remain in the high risk category. reggie: new york state dropping its mass mandates following cdc guide lines. data shows 70% of americans live in communities with low to medium risk. five other states are expected to drop indoor mass mandates, but could bring them back if cases start to search. >> i would like to see the most masking when we really need it when there is another wave of covid, potentially next fall. it is very likely we will need to ask people to put their masks back on. reggie: the cdc says schools can lift mask guidelines, except in high-risk areas. kumasi: capitol hill starting today. they will opt so be optional for those attending the state of the union tomorrow. anyone who has been exposed to covid-19 or has symptoms is still encouraged to wear a mask. you can watch the state of the union address tomorrow night at 6 p.m. right here on abc 7,
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followed by a special edition of abc7news. drew: good morning. time now pushing 5:09 a.m.. we are waking up to warmer temperatures this week. we had freeze warnings and frost advisories. it feels more mild as you step out early this monday morning. it is a chilly 39 in nevada, so some cool spots out there. inland, where the upper 30's to middle 40's. later on this afternoon, it is very warm for our finish to. a lot of us will hit 70 degrees. we are climbing through the 50's, already in the low 60's and a lot of spots, which is where we should be this time of the year, if temperatures stop warming there. we will warm several more hours. by the afternoon, we expect a lot of 70's on the board, with some late day clouds moving in. all day today, a pretty sunny finish to the month of february. 74 in san jose, 67 in the city, 73 in santa rosa. pretty comfortable at 65 degrees
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and half moon bay. we expect a lot of sunshine. southern california hitting about 81 later today in l.a. we are tracking a storm system that will eventually bring us some rain at later the week. we will show you hour-by-hour, coming up in about seven minutes. first, let's say good morning to jobina. jobina: good morning. we are going to start with the commuter alert from bta. maintenance work is still underway but will wrap up, but we are almost there. the green lines and blue lines will be replaced by buses. live pictures from outside starting in oakland, starting with 880 at the coliseum camera. headlights are traveling southbound for your reference. in emeryville, headlights are traveling westbound. showing you 80, and things are the limit. reggie: coming up, a new report on climate change. the assessment on temperatures and every day life. reggie: also, the search for a
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driver who caused a bad crash, involving a fire truck. kumasi:
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reggie: oakland please return to find front of a fire truck, causing this crash. the whole thing caught on a restaurant security camera on saturday. a fire truck passed, then the car turned left into the path of a second fire truck. you can see the truck swerved to avoid the car, then ran straight into a store. the crash ruptured the buildings water main and flooded the basement, so water and power had to be shut off to that building. the red cross is helping displaced tenants because there is an apartment billing above it. three firefighters hurt not crash are going to be ok. kumasi: parts of australia are underwater. heavy rain brought record flooding on its east coast, killing at least seven people. thousands of homes and businesses are submerged. another 10,000 properties are partially flooded. emergency crews have been able to rescue over 100 people in 24 hours.
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australia has experienced a similar flight back in 2011 and that one was described at the time as a once in a century event. reggie: new this morning, a report on the impact of climate change. it shows a worrying rise in temperatures and how it will impact everyday life. here is a closer look at the u.n. report. jobina: this report allies -- outlines the impact and they are getting worse and could potentially be irreversible. the report highlights multiple threats, including whether multiple extremes, drought, and fire have disrupted human life and ecosystems. it is at sure whether either will be able to adapt. strategies can be successful if they global temperature rise is limited to 1.5 degrees celsius. >> with the types of solutions that we are and plummeting now,
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rather than waiting until later, we are more likely to save money in the future. >> according to current commitments, locally, nations are expected to increase 14% over the decades. jobina: significant change needs to happen in the next decade to prevent irreversible damage. solutions on the table, but scientists and experts are urging action now, not later. reggie: abc7news is dedicated improving our climate and community by focusing on the climate. you can find more information on our app. kumasi: as black history month comes to an end, people gathered downtown in oakland for the parade. assist the largest free parade in the state, sell rating black artists and organizations. this year, people were able to celebrate in person after being first to go virtual during the pandemic.
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it featured 150 music, and black organizations. there were also 200 vendors. there were also some abc seven news anchors. they were out and about. is jobina popping up? [laughter] listen, me and jobina had the best time at the black joy parade. drew: did you get mistry aixa did you get in the street? kumasi: yes. you see people and you had to hug them. reggie: i could have sworn i saw you in the area. you wearing orange socks? >> [laughter] kumasi: it was so much fun. a great day. it was beautiful out and people were out eating, drinking, living. drew: how is the branch? kumasi: it was fun. that was the day before. i had myself a weekend. drew: oh my gosh. kumasi: we have to bring in at
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jobina next time so we can tell you about the whole fullness of it. >> [laughter] drew: i'm happy. you look great out there. for the weather, sun was out there. even warmer today. temperatures are climbing even more by this afternoon. looking at our east bay hills camera, we have good visibility out there. here is the update on the pollen forecast. tree pollen is at medium levels this week, loafer grass. as our sun angle gets higher and higher, where that sunscreen. unipart, pine, and cedar are your main pollen offenders right now. it is in our cola spots, but around the bay shoreline, it is mild compared to where we were last week. we had freeze warnings and frost advisories. 52 right now. the call later on today is that is a mostly sunny day, a mild
5:18 am
finish to the month of february. widespread 70's and most spots, hitting 74 in san jose, 73 in oakland. overnight tonight, a blend of of stars and clouds. namely in the 40's, if not 50 degrees in san francisco. more 70's on tuesday. things begin to cool off as we had midweek because we are tracking rain, according to the forecast. we start out this morning and we are dry. watching thursday morning, here comes that cold front, bringing the cooler weather first, then likely light showers. right now, it is a level 1 on the storm impact scale. sunny and light for the next couple of days. watch thursday morning. it could impact the thursday morning commute. otherwise, temperatures stay cool i friday and saturday. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this money. reggie: actors recognizing the actors. the sack awards. kumasi: would you trade i
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kumasi: it is 5:20. here the some things to note this money. number one, russian and ukrainian delegates meeting to
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make -- meeting today for discussions. over 350 civilians have died, including kids, since the invasion started. reggie: concord police are investigating a shooting at the dave and busters on diamond boulevard. it started as an argument between two groups. 4-4 shot, including three men and a woman. no word on their condition. kumasi: state health officials are set to update state mass guidance today. reggie: number four, it is a critical day for the upcoming baseball season. if there is no collective bargaining agreement by the end of negotiations today, opening day will be canceled and possibly a whole week's worth of games. drew: get ready for a warm finish to the month of february today. the final day of the month looking very mild by 4:00 p.m. a lot of us going into the 70's and sunny skies later today. jobina: we have pretty mild traffic, too. no major advisories are blocking issues coming through chp right now.
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we're showing a live picture of the cemetery bridge. kumasi: number seven, the supreme court nominee is heading to capitol hill this week to meet with lawmakers ahead of her senate confirmation hearing. the first meeting that has been made public is with majority leader chuck schumer and that is wednesday morning. reggie: some hollywood heavyweights walked away as big winners during the screen actors guild awards. stars of tv and film were in santa monica for that first in person award show of the season last night. abc news reporter will ganz has the highlights. >> and it goes to will smith. [laughter] >> screen actors guild awards. >> that may have been one of the greatest moments of my career just now. >> where actors recognize actors. >> hi, lady gaga, you are amazing. >> but stars are just like us. >> thank you sorry, quick trip to the men's room. >> michael keaton nearly missing
5:23 am
his own award at the show's first year back in person. some old favorites reuniting. as for the awards, for television comedy, "ted lasso" winning big. acting more it's going to two of the stars of "squid games." both of the actors emotional after their historic wins. on the film the oscars is now hotter than ever, thanks to a somewhat surprising win in the race for best actress. the awards also -- often s a bellwether of what is to come in the oscars. >> i am so proud and just shows that dreams can come true. >> taking home the big award of the night, "coda" is the big film to be. >> this just shows that a staff
5:24 am
actors can work just like anyone else. >> last nights awards barely over two hours long, which was amazing. for comparison, last year's oscars were three hours and 19 minutes. ouch. will ganz, abc news, new york. reggie: jessica best actress. at&t has started deploying and testing 5g small cell radios on street lights in several cities. it is a way of boosting the 5g experience in dense, urban environments. at&t did not say which cities the testing is taking place in. mike: -- kumasi: the new galax book laptops are coming with some upgrades. it has three models so far. a fourth business model is coming later this year. a new concept phone now on now n
5:25 am
display is so flexible that it can fold inward and outward. the ultraflex by tcl has a free hundred 60 degree rotating hinge. the prototype has an eight inch screen and like most foldable phones, the crease is slightly visible. reggie: ok. kumasi: my friend has a phone that fold in half and i think it is key. reggie: i have never even seen one in real life. kumasi: i know. it is like you still have a whole phone, but it does not take all the space in your purse. reggie: she likes it? kumasi: she does. reggie: she is like second ring friend. coming up at 5:30, discern commercials get your attention? the secret to getting your eyes on ads. kumasi: the big box store we are learning will be closing its union square store just a few weeks. reggie:
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5:29 am
of an early morning amber alert found safe. the questions now about what happened to him. good morning. it is monday, for break 28. kumasi: start with a check of our forecast. drew: lots of sunshine when the sun gets up and little over an hour. visibility is at 10, which is as good as it gets. last week, we had freeze warnings and frost advisories. it feels mild out there. doubled up are 40's, some chili spots like santa rosa and napa. they are waking up to temperatures and upper 30's. we will quickly warmed to the day today. a life look at sutro tower right now, showing you we have clear skies and a light breeze. will be climbing well into the 60's, if not 70 degrees. all in all, it is a mostly sunny day. we will go into low and middle 70's away from the coast. by the way, sunset now after 6
5:30 am
p.m., at 6:02 later on today. we'll take a look the skies and our next chance for rain and about seven minutes. reggie: developing news, placing concord art of investing a shooting at the data busters. there was a fight inside the bar and arcade. any holyfield is life force in concord. amy: concord police tell us this morning that four people were shot here. three men and one woman. they say it happened late last night. it was just before 11:00. police were here through out the night, gathering evidence inside this restaurant and bar it is also filled with video and interactive games. police said this morning, two groups of people got into an argument last night and shots were fired. they say no one outside the two groups was hurt. this gave a busters is located inside the veranda shopping center located on diamond boulevard. it is right alongside interstate 680 in concord. police say they are still investigating, so they have not
5:31 am
said yet whether any arrests have been made or if they will make any. they also have not released any information about those people who were involved. reporting live in concord, any holyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: developing news this moring on the crisis in ukraine. more than half a million ukrainians have left their homes, crossing the border into poland, hungary, and remain a. this is a life look at the capital. russian and ukrainian festivals -- officials are meeting to discuss a possible cease-fire. jobina: we learned in the last hour, the u.s. is close the is indices in several places, telling citizens to leave because of issues elated to the russian attack on ukraine. crane president says thousands of russian troops have been killed, but president putin is raising tensions he has ordered his strategic nuclear defense forces onto heightened alert. he claims this is in response to so-called aggressive statement from nato. >> this is the most convincing
5:32 am
sign we've seen yet that the war in ukraine is not going according to plan. this is not a step you take when you're winning a major conventional work. jobina: it may still be early days of invasion, but a huge military convoy is headed in the direction of the craning capital, stretching more than three miles long. civilians are now taking up arms to try to defend the city. the president of ukraine says he will also release prisoners who are willing to go on the front lines and fight. kumasi: thank you. the foreign minister says largest plane in the world was destroyed by russian forces outside of the capital city of ukraine. satellite images show significant damages to the hangar where the plane was kept. it was unique to the world. it was used to to move exceptionally large cargo. the defense industry conglomerate tweeted about it, saying it would cost more than $3 billion to restore this plane. reggie: in today's "gma" first
5:33 am
look, many ukraine women are staying back and taking up arms to fight the russian invasion. in this morning's first look, they are ukraine's mothers, daughters, politicians, beauty queens. now, they are on the front lines defending their country under siege. >> i was helping my husband to pack for war. t-shirts, underwear, weapons. then, i thought, he is going to work. i am going, too. >> men are required by russian law to stay back and fight russian invasion. many ukrainian women are forgoing the right to leave, standing shoulder to shoulder with the men. one woman, former miss ukraine, she posting pictures. coming up at 7 a.m., we will have much more on the pivotal role ukrainian women are playing, as were unfolds in their streets.
5:34 am
reggie: for the latest information, you can head to the abc 7 bay area streaming tv at. we have videos available to stream on demand. it is available on many platforms. just search for abc 7 bay area. kumasi: the chp is best to getting another shooting on freeway in the east bay. shots were fired yesterday afternoon on westbound interstate 580 in livermore. this truck was involved in the incident. there was a car seat in the truck bed. the freeway was temporarily shut down for about half an hour while officers responded and investigated. reggie: we could learn more today about an amber alert out of sunnyvale. you could've heard it on your phone yesterday morning. the two-year-old boy is safe, but there are still questions about what happened during the 14 hours he was missing. jared stone has more from the family. >> family members honking one
5:35 am
another -- hugging one another after his two-year-old, lessing and his suv, was found nearly 13 hours after an amber alert was issued for him. >> they said chp deactivated the amber alert because jacob had been found. ne repokews at 6:00, after chp confirmed it, and shortly before police told us he was found inside this stolen suv in a r. lot me four mifrs sunnalr he wa aree was staying with his m ae department, the chp, the news, and everybody out there that helped us find this baby. i appreciate every single one of you. i promise, all of you guys will be my praise tonight. thank you so much. >> jacob was in the stolen seb that was taken just before 4 a.m. sunday outside the inn.
5:36 am
his mother said she was bringing groceries inside to their hotel room, left jacob in the vehicle since he was sleeping. shortly after, her suv was stolen with him in the backseat. hours before he was found, she made a plea for help. >> he is a baby. he is little and i know he is scared and hungry. >> while officers were initially searching for a person of interest seen in this hotel surveillance video, they tell us no arrests have been made, family members just happy jacob is ok. >> i'm super excited he was found. i can't wait to be able to hug him and see that he is ok. it has been the worst couple of hours ever. >> as to what went down during those 14 or so hours when jacob was missing, that is still unclear right now. the good news is that jacob is ok. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. kumasi: stopping social media misinformation campaigns targeting ukraine.
5:37 am
metta is describing its news. reggie: shopping online a lot? the risk of that by now, pay later action. drew: a pretty warm afternoon on the way. right now, coldest temperatures are in the 30's. a lot of low to middle 40's. warm spots coming in at 52 degrees. hour-by-hour, we will warm pretty quickly today. a lot of sunshine later on. climbing through the 50's, if not 60 degrees by 10:00 a.m. this afternoon, by 3 p.m., 70's making a comeback. away from the coast, we expect a pretty warm afternoon on the way, way above whatever we should be this time of year. josé sunny, and mild fish to the month of february. 70 and oakland, 73 in santa rosa. will hit about 76 for the height in fairfield. pretty warm across the entire state today.
5:38 am
eureka will see a lot of cloud cover, but light santa ana winds are picking up. a lot of sunshine. 81 in l.a., san diego up to about 74. here is live doppler 7. the storm we are tracking, there is a weak area of high pressure currently in control across california. it is keeping the storm track will to the north. you can see that storm track moving into vancouver and seattle. it will remain there until at least wednesday. i would say night and thursday, this high pressure will lose ground in the front will sink to the south. with that means for us, we will see the return of some rain. right now, pretty light in nature, but we will track showers especially on thursday morning. here's the storm impact scale as we head to thursday morning. it is drizzle and light showers. i think the biggest impact is really the timing. it is coming during the thursday morning commute. we will likely find some slick roadways out there. just plan ahead as you go toward the end of the week. thursday morning, at some extra
5:39 am
time to the commute. it rainfall. we will go hour-by-hour. i will show you store much closer to where you live, coming up in about seven minutes. let's take a morning to jobina. jobina: good morning, everyone. no major blocking issues. a great time to head out the door if you need to commute this morning. a life picture in walnut creek showing us 680. to are traveling southbound and moving at the limit. same thing at the bridge here. busier than the bay bridge. it is empty, if you need to go into san francisco. we want to let you know about that. we are seeing slow traffic, as far as super comedic coming out of tracy. 53 minutes already for that ride. antioch to concord on time.
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( ♪ ) (chiming) ( ♪ )
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(laughter) ( ♪ ) usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac.) who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. ahhhh! we're no one hit wonder. ♪ i don't give a med bout' my reputation ♪ allow us to reintroduce ourselves... folgers”. not me! kumasi: with the world's
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attention focused on eastern europe, north korea says it has carried out missile launches great officials there say the launches were done to test the cameras on a reconnaissance satellite. north korea's state media released two photos of the korean peninsula as seen from space. there were apparently taken by the reported spy satellite. the statement could not be independently verified. reggie: the parent company of facebook has stopped two social media misinformation campaigns. another involved the specific targeting of facebook accounts belonging to members of ukrainian military, politicians, and a journalist. last week, they banned russian state media from running ads or making money off of facebook. in the south bay, some stores are showing their disapproval of the russian invasion by boycotting russian product. "do not buy" signs are up in some liquor stores. they say they want to show their
5:43 am
support for ukraine. >> they have plenty of options beside russian products. whether -- whatever they wan buy, that is fine. we do makes ejections to stay away from the russian products. reggie: the governor of new hampshire signed an executive order to remove all russian spirits from store shelves. he said while the move is mainly symbolic, the russian liquor industry could be impacted if other states follow their lead. kumasi: this is sad news for pilot letters. one of the last two marie calendars restaurants in the bay is closing its doors today. you can blame the pandemic. according to the news, the location on blossom hill road in san jose is closing. the franchise news that sales were down and he could the kitchen is already cl, but the bakery will sell pies to go today. the only other marie calendars left in the bay area is in sunnyvale. in san francisco, the crate & barrel in union square is also expected to close for good next month. "the chronicle" spoke to a store
5:44 am
employee, he says march 23 is going to be the last day. the store has already started to roll out simple sales in order to liquidate its stock. there is no official word yet on why the store is closing. we have reached out for comment. reggie: online, you've probably seen the option to buy now, pay later. it allows you to get a product right away, while slitting a payments over time. experts say there is a risk he might not be aware of. our news reporter explains. reporter: for millions of americans picking purchases online, like this 41-year-old. >> it can be buying an xbox or a jacket. reporter: a popular option is to buy now and pay later. it allows people to purchase right away. they can make a series of installed a payments over time, without charging interest. as long as those payments on time. >> it is much more affordable to pay $250 every two weeks than putting up $1000 upfront.
5:45 am
reporter: one consultant says the shoppers in the u.s. has surged by more than three hunter percent since 2018. they are reaching 45 million active users last year. financial technology firms that offer the service are finding a major foothold among younger consumers and shoppers on a budget. >> younger consumers in particular have moved away from traditional credit. we sort of fill that void. reporter: experts warn that these firms are not without risk. consumer advocates warned shoppers make it behind on payment schedules for multiple products and risk getting charged high late fees and interest. >> if you can't afford to pay for something and for right now, can you really afford to pay for it in the next month or two? reporter: the consumer financial protection bureau launched an inquiry into the biggest firms. >> what was your response to that? >> i think the key is the
5:46 am
purpose of the regular should. if it is about protecting the consumer, we are all four. if it is about protecting the existing financial services system, that is problematic, because we want to offer consumers a different choice. reporter: if you're planning to make a purchase, experts recommend making a schedule of your payment due dates to make sure that you have enough cash on hand so that you can meet those obligations, to avoid damaging your credit. kumasi: when it comes to commercials, apparently there is a secret to getting people's attention. if you guessed animals, you're right. a new study says people pay more attention to ads when they feature dogs and cats. an enthusiastic tone also applies. people are more eager eager eagg a goal or product when an animal is involved. it is not all good, though. the study says people also take more risks, including selecting
5:47 am
a volatile stock option, and they bit more money, when ads feature a dog or a cat is the spokesperson. what? reggie: does that exist? are there commercials where a dog is a spokesperson for something where you win money? i'm just trying to think of what that is. i have known this. maintenance of you see me post a picture of me and my dog? kumasi: get the lights. reggie: animals get ratings. it doesn't have to just be a pet. it can be any animal and he gets ratings. old trick. i'm surprised we don't have a pet appear right now. is there a pet? kumasi: glenn might have one. is he back this week? reggie: there has to be a rat outside. kumasi: i don't think it works for rats. it might. drew: we can try. reggie: can we capture those over the playground?
5:48 am
that gets ratings. drew: the nice civic center playground. reggie: nicest playground in town, but rats. drew: if you want to be outside, enjoy. sunshine and warm temperatures. we do need an update. 5:48 a.m., clear skies. looking at air quality, encouraging news. both today and tomorrow, we have good air quality across the board. if you are out and about later today, you can breathe easy for the next 48 hours. right now, temperatures in the 30's and 40's and our coldest spots. 41 in vallejo, some cool spots like napa and santa rosa in the 30's. we will quickly warm today because sunshine in full effect, high pressure in control. this is the forecast later today. lots of sunshine, some late day clouds moving in, but all in all, we will be in the mid 60's, low 70's for santa cruz and monterey. be aware that your ocean water temperature is still pretty chilly.
5:49 am
a lot of sunshine today,, for the final day of february.7t bay. about 67 later on today in the city. overnight tonight, a blend of stars and clouds. numbers basically in the middle 40's, if not 50 degrees as we head into tuesday. tuesday itself is another warm day. do expect temperatures to go back into the 70's in our warmest spots. by mid week, we will see much cooler air moving in. thursday will feel chilly as we bring back some rain in the forecast. future weather will begin at 5 p.m. on wednesday, finding increasing clouds by wednesday afternoon and cooler temperatures moving in. it is likely early thursday morning that we begin to see this cold front moved into the north bay first. it lights south throughout the thursday morning commute. this is 6:00 a.m. and we are tracking light rain out there. i do expect most of us to pick up less than .25 inches. it is more about timing that
5:50 am
likely brings slick roadways. we will keep you updated on that. right now, it is a level one on the storm impact scale. we are all about storm like warmth -- springlike work for the next couple of days. we will track rain late thursday morning. the system is out of here by friday. this weekend, saturday and sunday expecting increasing sunshine, temperatures in the 50's and 60's. reggie: making weeknight meals in just minutes. our simple, delicious -- where my sink? kumasi: [laughter] this is how we know you don't cook during the week. reggie: just order your food. just some simple steps to get the lucius food to your home. kumasi: [laughter] strike out. the critical day today for the upcoming major league baseball season. is it going to happen as planned? reggie: i'm going to try this one. kumasi: reggie: reggie: you can do it. it is one of the best reviewed
5:51 am
and most-watched shows. talking about the impact of "at elementary," nowadays, mediocre wifi just won't cut it. but xfinity has wifi faster than a gig to power a house full of connected devices. it can handle all this all at the same time. oh!
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kumasi: it is a critical day for the upcoming baseball season. if there is no collective bargaining agreement by the end of negotiations today, opening day is going to be canceled and possibly a weeks worth of games. after a long day of conversations yesterday, both sides are still far apart on reaching a new deal. today's talk will be the eighth consecutive bargaining section. the union says it is ready to stay as long as it takes to reach an agreement. reggie: nearly 200 san francisco teachers and staff embers can face layoffs as soon as march 15. the school board expected to vote on this tomorrow. the district says layoffs are necessary because of the projected $125 million budget deficit for the next school year.
5:54 am
compared to pre-pandemic, the district has already 500 fewer students. declining enrollment has impacted the deficit, along with higher pensions and health care costs. kumasi: i am excited about this. "good morning america" is until adelphia with an incredible surprise for dairy -- a very disturbed -- deserving teacher. one actor is in on this this ths they went to the teachers home this morning. >> there is a dog. how big is it? hello, i'm tj holmes. i am not with publishers clearinghouse. i am with "good morning america." how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> i thought i would stop by. i am here because we heard how special you are and we have a day planned for you. i need you to come with me right now. don't worry, your husband is in on it. he knows exactly what is going on. i am going to have you stop in
5:55 am
the spot right here. when i cap to three, open your eyes. 1, 2, 3. >> surprise. kumasi: i love the surprise. this isn't even the best best you have to see what the teacher is aha soolcong up on "gma" at 7:00. there is robin. reggie: there is robin. kumasi: maybe that is part of the surprise for her. reggie: i am glad that is more to it. i thought she was being just surprised by her own classroom and the kids she teaches everyday. hopefully, it is really good. kumasi: you should also watch "rabbit elementary," so we can talk about it. reggie: you know i am on every day, so we could talk about it the next day. kumasi: drew. drew: there is a lot going on. after prioritize which show i watch when.
5:56 am
reggie: [laughter] drew: good morning. we are in the low 40's, if not 50's. member last week when we had freeze warnings and frost advisories yan gomes it is not that cold this week. we will warm up pretty quickly. allied look at san jose. we are in store for a lot of sunshine and temperatures that will warm pretty quickly. we will go into the 60's midday. i 4:00 p.m., it is a mild finish to the month. we are in the 70's in the warmest spots. 67 in the city, 73 in santa rosa. half moon bay is pretty comfortable this afternoon at 625 degrees. kumasi: new at 6:00, 6:00, 6:00, upper auction. the virtual tour of the california home referred to as "the one." reggie: negotiations now underway between russia and ukraine. the russian invasion being severely slowed by the ukrainians.
5:57 am
talks with one focus in mine. kumasi: the climate is changing. ♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪
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