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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 28, 2022 7:00am-8:59am PST

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[laughter] good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. breaking news this monday. ukrainian and russian officials meet to discuss a possible cease-fire as vladimir putin puts his nuclear forces on alert. battle for ukraine. russian troops bear down on kyiv. satellite images showing a military convoy closing in on the capital. vladimir putin raises his nuclear readiness, as the u.s. and western allies ramp up the pressure on moscow with sanctions threatening to cripple russia's economy. flights from russia banned, and more weapons on the way to ukraine. their president zelenskyy rallies his nation this morning. our team is on the ground tracking the latest from the fight inside ukraine to the crisis at the country's border. more than 500,000 escaping the assault, an exodus unlike any since world war ii. countdown to the state of
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the union. president biden preparing to address the nation. how the war, the pandemic and the economy will shape his message, as protective fencing goes up around the capitol with concerns over protests now looming. no more masks? when the nation's largest school district plans to drop the mandate, and how new york city is getting back to business. striking out. the start of the baseball season in jeopardy as players and owners try to reach a deal. will games be canceled? shaking up the race for oscar plus, more big wins at the s.a.g. awards. "ted lasso," "squid games," helen mirren, will smith and better late than never, michael keaton. ♪ a lovely day ♪ and it's more than a lovely day in philadelphia for a wonderful teacher inspiring the next generation. this morning, the creator and
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star of the new hit show "abbott elementary," quinta brunson joins us live for one of our biggest surprises ever. we're not kidding. get ready for a memorable monday. good morning, america. we hope you had a good weekend. tere's a lot going on this monday morning. we're looking forward to that surprise in philly. >> yeah, we are looking forward to that. but we begin with russia's war on ukraine. a dramatic escalation of tensions. vladimir putin setting his nuclear forces on high alert as anger rises around the world. hundreds of thousands protesting from berlin to new york, to tel aviv and madrid. >> more than 500,000 ukrainians have fled their homes. crossing the border into poland, hungary and romania. as we come on the air ukrainian and russian officials meeting to discuss a possible cease-fire. our team covering the latest developments from across the globe. senior foreign correspondent ian pannell starts us off in kyiv. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning,
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george, that's right. russia adding more forces to its invading army, but also facing hardening resistance across the country. i don't think i've seen anything quite like the mood in ukraine right now. they said they would defend their land. this is an entire nation leaning into the war efforts. with a number of civilian casualties rising, it's now clear that russia's claim that it's only targeting the military is untrue. day five of the russian invasion. ukraine standing strong. this morning, president zelenskyy addressing the nation claiming thousands of russian troops have been killed, saying ukrainians have shown who we are. russia has shown what it has become. this morning, potential peace talks as an ukrainian delegation meets with russian officials. zelenskyy says it's likely they'll fail, he wants his people to know he'll always try for peace, even if there's little chance. according to the president, so far the fighting has taken the lives of 352 civilians, 16 of them children.
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the ukrainian military mounting a fierce defense. against more powerful invading russian forces. the government releasing this drone video claiming they hit a russian military unit to the west of kyiv. these videos posted to social media show clashes in ukraine's second largest city kharkiv. government troops seen here battling on the streets with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades. the ukrainian government releasing these images claiming to show russian forces entering th and then apparently being defeed government troopse through the wreckage, but the russian military continuing to bombard the city. one u.s. defense official praising the ukrainian resistance saying they've been quite creative in finding ways to attack columns. now, vladimir putin appearing to raise the stakes higher, ordering his strategic nuclear defense forces on to heightened alert, claiming it's in response
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to aggressive statements from nato. >> this is the most convincing sign we've seen yet that the war in ukraine is not going according to plan. this is not a step that you take when you're winning a major conventional war. >> reporter: it may be early days in the invasion. satellite photos show a russian military convoy headed in the direction of kyiv, stretching over three miles long with fears these troops could enter the city at any time. many residents now taking up arms. we went to a weapons distribution center in kyiv. what we're seeing today are civilians taking up arms to try to defend their city of kyiv. let's follow them a second. we're seeing people with anti-tank weapons, kalashnikovs, getting them from the police station and these are men, some in their 50s, some just out of their teens ready to stand and fight and defend. ukrainian citizens showing resistance around the country. this city occupied by russian forces, locals came out facing the russian tank singing the
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ukrainian national anthem. while remarkable scenes president zelenskyy interestingly creating this international brigade from people who want to fight with the ukrainians. this morning, even releasing prisoners with combat experience who are willing to go to the front lines and fight. i think after five days of russian attacks and this invasion advancing, there's a real sense and concern this morning that the worst is still to come. george? >> russia has so much fire power. ian, thanks. let's bring in cecilia vega. we saw that announcement from vladimir putin ramping up the readiness of his nuclear forces. the white house trying to downplay it. >> reporter: george, exactly. the white house trying to dial down some of this rhetoric. they say these words from putin were escalatory and unnecessary. right now we're seeing from the
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white house and the western allies, they're ramping up the pressure on moscow. in recent days they're responding directly to those ukrainian pleas for more weapons to fend off those russian planes and helicopters. the white house approving that more than $350 million defense package, that now includes the first batch of surface to air missiles. this is big, germany also reversing its historic policy to not send lethal aid to conflict zones. it's now going to send those weapons to ukraine. we're also seeing what could be the most strict sanctions ever russians, freezing their assets, targeting their yachts and their mansions, even their ability to send their children to foonsy schools in the west. and on those sanctions, they're cutting russia off from the s.w.i.f.t. banking systems. it's the system that helps large banks transfer money internationally. this really could hurt russia's ability to do business beyond
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its borders. the big one going after russia's central bank, targeting $600 billion in rainy day funds that russia had set aside to sanction-proof their economy. they're going after the oligarchs and putin himself. it could hurt the russian economy in general, and that's going to have putin facing political backlash at home, george. >> the western response really accelerated over the weekend. amy? let's go to our foreign correspondent james longman inside moscow. james, sanctions already starting to have an impact there. james, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. russia is becoming increasingly isolated. the entire european union has now banned air flight. a number of airlines have suspended travel there entirely, and that's why the united states have told all u.s. citizens to leave here immediately. the stock market is closed because they feared a crash. interest rates have now been hiked. people's incomes are now worth far less this afternoon.
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we've seen big lines at banks as people try to store dollars. but there are concerns atms will run out of foreign currency. some major electronic retailers have actually stopped selling things like cell phones and laptops because so many people rushed to buy them before they became too expensive. u.p.s. and fedex stopped operating. bp has divested from the oil company here. authorities have kept a close eye on people, but moscow feels more like a police state. riot police have flooded the center of town following days of protests across the country. more than 5,000 arrested in anti-war protests. amy? >> james, as putin's military efforts are challenged in ukraine, the battle online is also heating up. >> reporter: that's right, amy. facebook says it's uncovered two social media disinformation campaigns targeted at ukraine.
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one ran websites posing as genuine news entities. they created fake personas using things like facebook and youtube. the other was a threat actor who invented scenarios showing ukrainian troops surrendering. more russian tactics just being foiled. amy? >> james longman in moscow, thank you. we turn to heartbreaking scenes at ukraine's border crossing. let's go to our chief national correspondent matt gutman in lviv, ukraine. the u.n. says more than 500,000 people have fled ukraine to neighboring countries. you've been among them. >> reporter: this is the nexus of that exodus. right now, this very hub. you're seeing people board this train on track five in the station in lviv to poland. this train just pulled into the station. i want you to see what's waiting.theslee enai tnnelimupe stairs for hours. althem wen children desperate to get out of ukraine. this morning, the escape from ukraine is going nowhere. thousands packed into this tunnel beneath the lviv railway station in western ukraine.
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closer to the polish border and to safety, refugees dragging what they could whipped by wind and snow. traffic snarled for over 15 miles. the u.n. telling us at least 422,000 people have fled the violence so far. in the thick air of that train station, babies crying, adults shouting. a railway spokesperson telling us that every hour, 5,000 to 10,000 more people arrive. this is absolute chaos. >> there is no scheduled train. there's no information about trains. they're just in line for some possible, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow morning, maybe two days. >> reporter: in the meantime, they wait. young and old scurrying over the tracks, clutching hands. ukrainian men of fighting age are banned from leaving the country which is why marina was on the platform preparing to
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part from her husband sergei. >> nothing can scare me more. >> nothing can scare you more than what's already happening? >> no. >> reporter: every few minutes the crowd would rise and bolt. a train, and another follows. this train is going to kyiv. >> only women and children. >> reporter: caught in limbo african and middle eastern immigrants, these men say they've been discriminated against. waiting for their turn to board a train since friday, and their turn hasn't come. everywhere those good-byes. this mother smoothing her son's jacket, weeping through her mask, unsure when or if she would see her son again. yesterday there were thousands of the people on the tracks here. it has been organized. there are english speaking volunteers, military police. all the more remarkable given that this is the largest number of displaced people in this
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shortest amount of time since world war ii in europe. george? let's bring in steve ganyard for more. steve, it's pretty clear that the ukrainian resistance is more than the russians expected. is it just a matter of time, the russian military is so large? >> the ukrainians are doing an amazing job. it reminds me of the american revolution. you have a standing army, but then these militias providing support as well. what's most noticeable is, the russian military seems incompetent. it's shocking how bad they are. they aren't able to execute the very basics at a tactical operation level. this may lead to desperation. does putin do what he did in aleppo where he shells indiscriminantly. it's probably one of the things we need to watch today with the negotiation going on at the border. if it doesn't go well, or if there is no progress, then putin may use that as an excuse to come back and say the ukrainians are stonewalling us. we need to go in with more fire power.
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>> how about putting the nuclear systems on alert? the white house trying to downplay it. what is the practical impact? what is the danger? >> lots of danger with nuclear weapons. because they escalated quickly. this is the first time that russia or the u.s. has raised the nuclear awareness level since in 48 years. which was the yom kippur war. so what this shows is mr. putin is becoming more desperate. it's showing his military progress is failing on the ground that he has to resort to this kind of threat. he's threatened us in the past. we should probably take him seriously. >> you say desperate. a lot of close observers of russia and putin are suggesting now that he's mentally unbalanced, not acting rationally? >> he's acting rationally according to his own calculus. what's most concerning, though, is that he's pushing his inner circle away. we saw him publicly humiliating his closest advisers the other day. as these missteps happen, huge economic pressure, isolating
7:15 am
from his close advisers, that's what's most concerning. nobody there to prevent a catastrophic misstep. >> ominous. steve ganyard, thank you. amy? at this tumultuous time around the world, president biden is set to deliver his first state of the union address tomorrow. our senior white house correspondent mary bruce joins us with what we can expect from him. good morning, mary. >> reporter: the crisis in ukraine will loom large over the speech tomorrow night. the president will likely highlight the steps he's taken to fight back against putin's invasion and to support the ukrainian people. he's also likely to tout the united response from the west. the president will also have to tackle the many challenges here at home, from inflation to rising gas prices and the pandemic. the president also likely to hit on big agenda items, much of which you know remain stalled here on the hill. the big picture, the president is going into the speech in a very difficult position. our latest poll shows he has just a 37% approval rating.
7:16 am
that's the lowest point of his presidency. now here on the hill they're already beefing up security for this amid some concerns that a truck convoy may try to disrupt -- they put up big temporary fencing around the capitol, and the pentagon has authorized up to 700 members of the national guard. they are taking no chances. >> mary bruce, thank you. you can see president biden's state of the union address right here on abc tuesday night at 9:00 eastern. we're going to switch gears right now. we have a big surprise this morning for a very devoted teacher and her school as we close out black history month. robin is in philadelphia for all that. good morning, robin. how's it going? >> reporter: i'm going to share some good news. a lot of people are talking about and loving the new show "abbott elementary" which was inspired by the philadelphia public school system and its dedicated teachers. so this mornin w tea up with the show's star and creator. she's here with us.
7:17 am
quinta brunson, she's here to honor one of the educators here. t.j. showed up at that teacher's home earlier this morning to bring her here. she has no idea what's going on. we'll tell you about it coming up. when t.j. holmes is involved, you know it's big. that's all i'm going to say. >> we are looking forward to that. a lot more coming up here on "gma," including the story of president zelenskyy, his rise to power. how he's using the internet to rally his people in the fight against russia. and new york, once the epicenter of the pandemic, announcing major changes to mask mandates in schools. but first, let's go to rob. >> reporter: the latest u.n. climate report is out this morning. we'll break that down for you in the next hour. it is certainly chilly as we wrap up the month of february here in the new york city area with my breath showing and temperatures below freezing. we had snow in parts of upstate and western new york. here's a time lapse from yesterday. lake ontario still not frozen
7:18 am
over. we had a couple pulses come through, upwards of a foot of snow. some of this carrying all the way over to vermont. to montpelier, the capital there. snow squalls. we have more coming on the way. this front kind of drifts through, and chilly air reinforces that shot. the northeastern third from chicago to jamestown to albany, minus 4 is the windchill. four degrees in boston. it feels like 21 pittsburgh. temperatures will rise across parts of ohio, but 50 degrees in chicago. that will feel on the nice side. time for your select cities sponsored by wayfair.
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drew: widespread 70's away from the coast. overnight tonight, in the 40's. the next seven days, all about mild weather. the next school days, we will cool off. thursday morning we are tracking rain. light showers. we are just getting starting on this monday morning. of course we'll track all the latest from ukraine and russia. plus, we have that big surprise with robin and t.j. in philadelphia.
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings, california's top doctor said to provide new masking guidelines for schools today, according to our media partner, the east bay times that updates expected to include a date when the current mask mandate will be lifted for schools. today's announcement comes after the cdc changed its guidance for massive schools friday. communities with low to moderate covid cases can ease masking mandates if they choose to do so. seven bay area counties are in the medium to low risk of community spread category. solano and napa remain in the high risk. good morning, joanna. good morning. thank you, reggie. we're going to check in on bart right now because it is experiencing a major delay on the antioch line due to some unexpected maintenance work in the berkeley hills tunnel. so
7:24 am
this will impact people that are traveling both the sfo direction and anti october wreck shin, bringing in a live picture here from walnut creek. checking out 6 80 coton traffic is beginning to slow down, and certainly it is on 80 as well. so highway forward to the maze is going to be 34 minutes. reggie like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. ts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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tracking warming temperatures right now climbing through the forties, and we're on our way to a pretty warm afternoon later on today, 49 in the city right now at 41 in oakland. good morning 45 in san jose. that's cool spots santa rosa and napa checking in in the thirties or king street camera. here's a live look from san francisco dealing with blue skies and lots of sunshine out there. here's how the day is shaping up. we'll have clear and calm conditions throughout the day. the mild end of the month today our warmest spots going into the seventies closer look at those mild highs today. 73 concord, 70. in oakland today 74 in san jose 67 in the city. santa rosa up to 73
7:27 am
. reggie drew. thank you coming up on g m a the sag awards back in person this year, the highlights and how they're shaking up the race for oscar highlights and how they're shaking up the race for oscar gold. ♪ ♪ i'm here for - your annual eye exam. because i'm having trouble - reading? exactly. they sort of make me feel... like i'm the most fabulous thing you've ever seen? exactly. i'll take 'em. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms driving you crazy? inflammation might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me! xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid eye drop specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects, include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait fifteen minutes
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with up to 50% more lotion, a's lion tissue. and the actor goes to michael keaton. are you kidding me? i have stage fright. come on, michael. come on, michael. >> welcome back to "gma." yes, michael keaton making quite an entrance at the s.a.g. awards last night to collect his actor for his performance in "dopesick." we're going to have more from the s.a.g. awards and what they could mean for the oscars. we're following a lot of headlines including
7:31 am
dramatic escalations of tensions in ukraine. more than 500,000 ukrainians have fled the country. also, supreme court nominee judge ketanji brown jackson is going to make her rounds on capitol hill this week. senate majority leader chuck schumer plans to meet with her on wednesday morning. she could be the first female black justice on the supreme court. the clock is ticking to start the major league baseball season on time. mlb says if no deal is reached by the end of the day, games could be canceled. the regular season is supposed to start on march 31st, george. >> clock is ticking. we're going to take a closer look at volodymyr zelenskyy. he's just 44, a comedian who came to fame by playing a president on tv. now, he's leading his nation in the largest battle in europe since world war ii. martha raddatz has just returned from ukraine, she joins us with more.
7:32 am
good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's been a remarkable transformation to watch. a young leader with little foreign policy experience rising to face off against vladimir putin and leading the way. he's become the unexpected face of ukrainian resistance. with russian troops advancing, with his own life in danger, rallying his people, standing strong. the 44-year-old volodymyr zelenskyy sending messages of defiance across social media the streets of kyiv. saying we are here, we are defending ukraine. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: turning down an offer from the white house to evacuate, saying the fight is here. i need ammunition, not a ride. >> i think the fact that zelenskyy has made himself relatable and the fact that he's stood by his people literally on the frontline, that's given him credibility. >> reporter: zelenskyy's path to the presidency unorthodox to say
7:33 am
the least. the trained attorney showing his skills on the dance floor in 2006 winning ukraine's version of "dancing with the stars." voicing beloved characters like ukrainian's edition of "addington." zelenskyy created, produced and starred in the 2015 ukrainian satirical series "servant of the people," playing the role of an enthusiastic and outspoken schoolteacher turned president. in 2018, zelenskyy pivoting from entertainment to politics, announcing his candidacy for president of ukraine. taking office a year later with more than 73% of the vote and becoming known to many americans after transcripts were released from a 2019 call then-president trump made to zelenskyy, seemingly asking for a favor in return for military aid.
7:34 am
a favor that was never delivered, a call that was at the heart of trump's impeachment. but the stakes today are life and death. putin demanding for what he calls the denazification of the country, a phrase that has a somber meaning for zelenskyy. zelenskyy is jewish. his grandfather, the only one of four brothers to survive the holocaust. zelenskyy now pushing back on putin's inflammatory statements. this is a long way from over, but for the people of ukraine and people around the world, zelenskyy has truly been an inspiration. george? >> he certainly has. martha, you were in lviv last week. quite a journey home. >> reporter: quite a journey. there are no airplanes flying in and out of ukraine, right now, other than war planes. we drove down to slovakia and basically joined those refugees and displaced people trying to just walk across the border. it was really quite a journey.
7:35 am
it took a long time. but we, of course, are the lucky ones, so many stuck in that country and desperate to get out. george? >> no question about that. martha raddatz, thanks. amy? now to a major development in the battle against covid. new york lifting its mask mandate for schools statewide. he expects to follow suit for the largest school district in the country. erielle reshef joins us with the latest on that. good morning to you, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, amy. of course, new york was once the epicenter of this covid-19 pandemic, but now governor kathy hochul says new cases have dropped 98% and pediatric hospitalizations have dropped 80% since the peak of the omicron surge. she says in light of that, and her conversations with teachers and school officials, as well as the new cdc guidance out on friday, she decided to lift the mask mandate statewide effective this wednesday. the decision about new york city public schools, the largest
7:36 am
school district in the country, is up to mayor adams. he says, unless there's an unforeseen spike in cases, he plans to lift the mask mandate for schools on march 7th. we are expecting that decision to come by friday. connecticut and massachusetts have their mask mandates expire today. amy? >> erielle reshef, thank you. coming up next, a huge night for the movie "coda" at the s.a.g. awards. how it could shake up the race for the oscars. a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces
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we are back with the s.a.g. we are back with the s.a.g. awards back live in person this year and shaking up the race for the oscars. chris connelly is in los angeles with all of the highlights. good morning, chris. >> reporter: and good morning, amy. yes, some genuine surprises last night, setting the stage for a harder to predict oscars than usual. notably favoring crowd pleasers. >> and the actor goes to, "coda." >> reporter: with the feel good "coda" winning for best motion picture cast alongside deaf actor troy kotsur's historic supporting actor triumph, sunday night's s.a.g. awards giving a shakeup to next month's oscar races. >> do this. this is i love you. >> reporter: plenty of love in this room. after months of pandemic separation, the s.a.g.s setting it off with a full house gathered. >> it's so nice to see so many of you in person. it's been so long.
7:41 am
>> reporter: so many performances. >> and the actor goes to will smith. >> reporter: the 52-year-old overjoyed by more than his male lead actor s.a.g. >> you're going to be the greatest of all time. >> reporter: for portraying tennis patriarch richard williams, father of serena and venus. >> one of the greatest moments of my career just now because my name was called for "king richard" sitting next to venus williams. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: winning for female lead actor and now positioned as an academy award front-runner in what's been a wide open category, jessica chastain. ♪ bringing the life of the televangelist to the movies with "the eyes of tammy faye." >> it was a dream of mine to play tammy faye. she was a real trail blazer. so nervous. >> reporter: "west side story's" only nominee ariana debose winning for her performance as anita. >> the anita that we see on the
7:42 am
screen took every bit of me. but she took ten years to make and i'm extremely proud of her. >> reporter: a lifetime achievement award for dame helen mirren. >> i suppose i'm still alive, so by that measure i'm eligible. >> reporter: there were several acknowledgments and calls for support to ukraine. >> sending our thoughts, prayers and hopes for impending peace. >> reporter: the tv field, "succession" taking home a top cast honor. from overseas the cast of "ted lasso" enjoying their win and -- >> michael keaton. are you kidding me? i have stage fright. >> reporter: michael keaton nearly missing his award for "dopesick." >> sorry. quick trip to the men's room. >> reporter: and "squid game" making the transition from international popularity to awards show success.
7:43 am
winning for lead actor and lead actress. male actor for lee jung-jae, and also jung ho-yeon, victorious in her first role ever. and the much beloved jean smart also winning for "hacks." on the film side not always a reliable road map for the oscars. the s.a.g. awards going their own way last year for three of its movie awards, but it certainly adds intrigue to the days ahead. guys? >> thank you, chris. robin, what's happening in philly? >> i'm here with t.j. what you up to? >> y'all sending me to knock on people's doors in the middle of the night, that's what i was up to, robin. >> the dog was barking. >> a big dog. >> we're here at a philadelphia l philly school. we don't have a hall pass so we'll go to break and be right back. oh man. ♪ come on. ♪ ♪
7:44 am
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7:48 am
t.j., you actually seemed legitimately concerned about that dog. >> okay, george, i don't know if you could hear how big that woofing was. you show up at somebody's house at that time of the morning, makes me a little nervous. >> but it's worth the wait because quinta brunson is here. she's the star and creator of "abbott elementary." she has done it all, and she's helping with us this incredible surprise we have planned for that teacher that you have brought here to the school, t.j. >> she is, and she's hanging out. look, we have a lot going on here. look who we have here, but she has no idea. >> you've done it all. have you ever been part of a surprise like this? >> i have not. i've not done that much. i should do more. i've never been a part of a surprise like this. to give a teacher something incredible like this, i almost cried when you told me. >> she really has no idea, the teacher? >> no. she just got snatched out of her home by a stranger.
7:49 am
>> which is scary in philly. >> you can see it. >> you really did just take her from her home. >> i did, and i immediately had to announce myself and say who i was. she has such good energy. we're hearing such good things about her. so many people gathered to honor this teacher. a lot of teachers around the country are deserving just like her. you all have been showing -- teachers relate to your show. they say you're showing what they go for. >> yeah. coming from a teacher myself -- my mother was a teacher. being influenced by amazing teachers, i got to really see what that do for their students. my mom didn't stop working until 8:00 at night. wake up at 7:00 and do it all over again. it's exciting to be able to give one teacher something beautiful. i'm happy we can do that with "abbott elementary" as well. this is exciting. >> you were motivated by a teacher you had. >> yeah.
7:50 am
my teacher miss abbott, she influenced the title of the show. she was an incredible teacher. i want to shout them all out. they were all so incredible and moved me to celebrate them as much as i can with this comedy. between my mom and all you wonderful teachers out there -- >> everybody is talking about "abbott elementary." >> i'm so happy. please keep watching tuesday on abc. we're hiatus. keep checking us out. on hulu. >> i knew that was coming, hulu. you want to stick around and watch the surprises. wait until you see what the teacher is getting, what the school is getting. it's going to put a smile on your face for sure. come on back here to "gma," monday, funday. >> we're doing this. >> we do that on the show. >> they're dancing now. so much more ahead. we'll be right back. dancing no. so much more ahead. we'll be right back. there can be some not-so-pretty stuff
7:51 am
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie key from abc. seven mornings and verbena is looking at traffic. thank you, reggie. good morning, everyone. we're going to start with the crash. we're following in the south bay right now and zoom into the map so you can see the impacted area . this is going to be on northbound one before totally road speeds are down to around 21 mph in that area, and then, as we check in on this commuter alert, we're still dealing with the issues on the antiochus line due to track maintenance, you will experience major delays in the sfl and antibacterial actions and will wrap up here with the live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza high trip job any, you know people going back to work when you see that image right there on the bay bridge right now. temperatures in the thirties and forties up to 49 in oakland, 51 in hayward, though, so we are warming pretty quickly. with a lot of sunshine . outside we go the exploratorium camera showing you blue skies and the day shapes up like this clear and calm a lot of sunshine well into the sixties midday and then into the afternoon mild into february are
7:57 am
warmer spots going into the seventies later on, reggie drew . thank you coming up on g. m. a the star of the new hit show. abbott elementary. quinton branson is live helping surprise. one very deserving teacher who goes above and beyond. here's more gmail. i'm a millionaire! i'm not a millionaire? i'm a millionaire? i'm not a millionaire. crypto is complicated. but as a tax expert with crypto experience, you can hand your taxes off to me. you do your thing, we've got your taxes. intuit turbotax live.
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good morning, america. e batt for ukraine. the ukrainian delegation meets with russian officials, as vladimir putin raises the stakes, putting his nuclear forces on alert. u.s. and western allies ramp up pressure on russia. our team is on the ground tracking the latest, from the fight inside ukraine to the crisis at the country's border. fearless fighters on the front lines. ukraine's women answering the call to defend their country, standing up to russia. >> this is our only chance, you know. >> this morning, what they want the world to know. filing for freedom. actress amanda bynes petitions to end her conservatorship after nine years now saying she doesn't need court protection. breaking news.
8:01 am
the alarming new report about climate change and why it's not too late to act. a trip through time. a first look at the new show taking us behind the scenes of some of the biggest moments in history, like when john lewis inspired the nation. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ class is in session. >> mondays are my favorite day. >> and this monday morning is going to be one for the books. "gma" is teaming up with the star and creator of the hit show "abbott elementary" to honor a philadelphia teacher. wait until you see what we have in store for her, and her third grade students. we're live in the city of brotherly love spreading the love and we're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america! ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ good morning, america. hope you're doing well this monday morning. great to see all those smiles in philadelphia, robin and t.j. >> that's right. they are there talking about a
8:02 am
hit with audiences, "abbott elementary." teachers are loving it. yes, there they are in philly with the show's star. they're wrapping up black history month with a big celebration for a deserving star. robin, how's it going? >> i'm here with the show's creator, quinta brunson. "abbott elementary," i'm telling you you need to check it out. people are talking about it, and we have an a-plus surprise for one of the teachers here. quinta, just like your character on the show, the teacher that we are profiling, like your character, wants the students to succeed in and out of the classroom. keep coming with me. don't be scared. don't be scared. then t.j. -- we're doing a little dance here like gregory. like gregory. >> good morning. happy monday. >> t.j., you surprised the teacher this morning. >> i did, and this is going to
8:03 am
be a part of the surprise. she hasn't seen this hallway. this is jamee from mural arts philadelphia. they put this together in a matter of days. it's part of the big surprise. she has no idea the hallway looks like this. >> this is one of many surprises we have in store, so stay with >> we're looking forward to that. we'll get to the news. we start with the battle of ukraine. ukrainian and russian officials are meeting this morning to discuss a possible cease-fire after vladimir putin put his nuclear forces on high alert. we go back to our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell in kyiv. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. russia may be talking diplomacy, but more of its forces are invading and trying to advance. one u.s. defense official praising the ukrainian resistance for how they're slowing the attacks down. day five of the russian invasion, but ukraine standing strong. this morning, president zelenskyy addressing the nation claiming thousands of russian troops have been killed, saying ukrainians have shown who we are.
8:04 am
russia has shown what it has become. this morning, potential peace delegation meets with russian officials on the belarus ukraine border. while zelenskyy says it's likely they'll fail, he wants his people to know he'll always try for peace, even if there's little chance. according to the president, so far the fighting has taken the lives of 352 civilians, 16 of them children. the ukrainian military mounting a fierce defense against russian forces. the government releasing this drone video claiming they've hit a russian military unit. to west of the kyiv. these videos posted to social media show the clashes in ukraine's second largest city kharkiv. government troops seen here battling on the streets with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades. now, vladimir putin appearing to raise the stakes higher, ordering his strategic nuclear defense forces on to heightened statomo.caed "aggressive"
8:05 am
it may still be early days in this invasion. satellite photos show a massive russian military convoy headed to kyiv. stretching over three miles long with fears these troops could enter the city at any time, many residents now taking up arms. we went to a weapons distribution center in kyiv. these are men, some in their 50s, some just out of their teens ready to stand and fight and defend. a 39-hour curfew that has been in place has ended in the capital city. we're seeing long lines at stores that have re-opened. so far today, this city is relatively calm this morning, but with putin's tactics stalling on the ground there are fears he could result to greater brute force. i have to say, in the last hour or so, we're starting to see evidence of that emerge in the country's second largest city. george? >> okay, ian, thanks. amy? now to more on the growing refugee crisis. hundreds of thousands of
8:06 am
ukrainians fleeing the russian assault heading to neighboring countries, including poland, and that's where marcus moore is this morning. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: amy, good morning. the number of people and families that have been fleeing their country is truly staggering, and many of those men, women, children are arriving on buses here in poland coming to this place to get food, clothing and medicine. we know that more than 280,000 ukrainians have come to poland to get away from the violence. on sunday alone people crossed the border and they've come to places like this and then they'll go on to cities and towns across europe. the volunteers help all along the way. i've met families, some of whom waited days to get out of the country, and now they don't know what will happen next. we know at this point more than 500,000 ukrainians have left the country to try to find safety. so we've seen this constant flow
8:07 am
of humanity fleeing a manmade catastrophe. and when you look around, you see the faces of women and children. i met a 15-year-old girl who told me that her father stayed back to fight, and that's the case for so many other men who are staying back in ukraine to fight this battle. the concern here is that as this continues the situation will only grow more dire. guys? >> it's so heartbreaking to see those continuing images. marcus, thank you for that. coming up, we'll talk about the women of the war taking up arms to fight for their country. also this morning, amanda bynes has filed to end her conservatorship. plus, ree drummond and cyndi kane are here cooking suppers. anrobin isowin philadelphia. hey, robin. >> you can see our artist is still hard at work. we have an epic surprise for a teacher in philadelphia. she goes above and beyond for her students, and this is her hubby. you are helping us pull this off.
8:08 am
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24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. [ticking clock] stressed out? time to refresh your rhythm with trident. ♪ ♪ trident gum. the fresh chew to refresh your rhythm. we are back now with our "gma" cover story as the world watches the urgent situation in ukraine unfold, this morning, we're taking a closer look at the women of the war who dropped everything to defend their country. erielle reshef is back with that. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning again, amy. though they are not required to fight, women of ukraine have become a formidable force in the resistance against russia. many stepping up to protect the country and the people they love. they are ukraine's mothers, daughters, teachers, politicians, beauty queens,
8:13 am
now on the front lines defending their country under siege. >> when russia declared war on us, ukraine, this is when i decided to arm myself. this is when i got my kalashnikov. for the last five days i spent trying to learn to use it. >> reporter: this ukrainian parliament member going viral for her post bearing arms, preparing for the raids in kyiv. >> we've given away like 20,000 kalashnikovs and mine is one of them. >> reporter: men are required by martial law to stay back and fight the russian invasion, but many women are foregoing the chance to leave. >> i was helping my husband to pack for a war, like t-shirts, underwear, weapons and then i thought, okay, he's going to war. i'm going too. we're here together. >> reporter: and there's a former miss ukraine, photo on instagram with her in fatigues,
8:14 am
rifle in hand, underneath patriotic hashtags. a video, training. the invaders will die on our land. all world see this! this woman remaining in kyiv, needing provisions for citizens and soldiers alike, talking to us from her darkened home, lights off for safety. >> we decided to bae bread for our soldiers, so we bake it for free because we need to show help. >> reporter: women of ukraine hoping that, like them, the world will take notice and take action. >> we will now have a generation of children who know what war is, who will know to go down to the bomb shelter when the siren is alarmed. this is what makes me very angry and this is what empowers me. >> reporter: and that lawmaker telling us that despite years of tension with russia, she never imagined that war would literally land at her doorstep, george, but she says once it did, there was no option but to serve. >> such courage.
8:15 am
erielle, thanks very much. we turn now to amanda bynes filing to end her conservatorship. after nearly nine years. it follows britney spears ending her long conservatorship. kaylee hartung has the story. >> reporter: britney spears' case shined a new light on the nature of conservatorships. now amanda bynes is ready to take control of the next chapter of her life. amanda bynes wants to terminate her nine-year conservatorship. >> i imagined something a little more graceful. >> reporter: her mother was granted control over her life in 2013 after she allegedly started a small fire in a stranger's driveway and was hospitalized on an involuntary psychiatric hold. prior to that she was involved in a series of run-ins with the law, for both dui and possession of drugs. the actress' attorney says protection of the court is no longer necessary. >> she has a doctor's declaration that indicates that
8:16 am
she's able to manage her own financial affairs, that she's able to live independently. she has been working hard at school for the last several years, earning almost straight as. she's ready to live free of this conservatorship. >> reporter: bynes has been out of the spotlight for more than a decade. her last big-screen role on "easy a." her mother's attorney telling "gma" that she could not be more proud of amanda for the progress she's made and the healthy and safe life she's created for herself. >> her family has been with her on this journey since the beginning and they fully support her. >> reporter: this petition coming just three months after pop superstar britney spears successfully ended her 13-year conservatorship. experts say, in addition to her family's support, there are key differences that might signal an easier road for bynes. >> i think amanda bynes has a very good chance of winning her petition to terminate her conservatorship. she hasn't been making the money that britney spears was making. there were all sorts of reasons
8:17 am
for people to keep her in the conservatorship to keep the money flowing. >> reporter: amanda's attorney explains that unlike britney, amanda's individual rights and freedoms were never taken away. she has been able to go to yoga class, go to the beach at will. she said this move for her is about taking away the stigma about what it means to be conserved. >> kaylee hartung, thanks. we continue our black history month with a series called "i was there." it focuses on some of the most pivotal moments in history including bloody sunday, which was a turning point in the civil rights moment. will reeve is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning, george. we're excited for this show. we're going to dive into these crucial moments in "i was there." it will help us use history to inform the present and prepare for the future. it's a trip back in time. >> you have to see it to believe it. >> reporter: history channel's "i was there" executive produced
8:18 am
by george stephanopoulos takes us behind the scenes of some of history's biggest events to deconstruct how they truly unfolded. >> the biggest aircraft ever. >> reporter: the host travels to the scene with cgi technology. archival material and expert testimony helping to bring the stories to life. we're transported to bloody sunday when civil rights activist john lewis led 600 people across the edmund pettus bridge in selma, alabama, until they were brutally attacked. demonstrating for voting rights. >> john lewis was the toughest person i ever interviewed. he was willing to put his body on the line to fight for this cause he believed in so deeply. >> reporter: state troopers violently attacking the peaceful demonstrators including john lewis. >> dozes of peaceful protesters are beaten and injured for daring to demand their
8:19 am
constitutional rights. >> to add insult to injury, people are on the ground bleeding, injured and they were denied medical care on the scene because colored folks didn't go to white hospitals. >> reporter: meanwhile, in new york, executives at abc news make a crucial decision, to cut into regular programming to run the local footage from selma. >> that decision shows how significant it was and how in realtime, people recognized that this was different, that the world had to see this as soon as possible. >> so many moving parts. so fascinating. that cgi really puts wilson inside the moments. the innovative concept, george, we're so excited to see that. congratulations to you on your show. there's a new episode of "i was there" tonight at 10:00 eastern on the history channel. >> i'm going to think about getting you back about that hair
8:20 am
comment. thank you, will. let's go to rob. agree ther hair, george. good morning, everybody. it's kind of chilly here. going to jacksonville, florida, that's a warmer spot. they're working on the pier there because of hurricane damage. this is the time of year to do it. we'll see a warm-up kind of make its way up a little bit farther drew: widespread 70's away from the coast. overnight tonight, in the 40's. the next seven days, all about mild weather. the next school days, we will cool off. thursday morning we are tracking rain. light showers.
8:21 am
and now to our huge school surprise in philadelphia. we teamed up with the star of the new hit comedy "abbott elentary horn incredible and deserving teacher. robin is there with quinta brunson. >> she's in character. she turned to the students like shush and they were silent. she grew up here in the philadelphia public schools. you need to work again. >> guys, guys, we're in the middle of filming right now, so we're going to be quiet for a little bit and then we'll come back to the noise. >> i'm telling you, she was inspired to create "abbott elementary." so many people are loving this show, its authenticity is resonating with teachers across the country. >> mondays are my absolute favorite day. that's when i come back here and see all you guys again. >> reporter: it's the break-out sitcom many are talking about. >> i'm janine teague. i've been teaching second grade here at "abbott elementary" for
8:22 am
a year now. >> reporter: "abbott elementary" shining a life on real-life experiences at a philadelphia public school. >> oh, look at this. it's just a loose wire. >> reporter: despite the odds, teachers are determined to help their students succeed in and out of the classroom. >> we can't teach the kids right if you don't respect where they're from. it's about respect. >> i am good at this job. i know how to do it well. >> reporter: and there's principal ava bringing in the biggest laughs. >> what it do abbott teaching crew? >> she need help. look at her, with that i need help face. >> "abbott" making a grand buts neor9 miio tol >>eachg ishe hdest and . s >>orr: the reality of many educators
8:23 am
particularly from schools in low income african american communities. >> as a product of philadelphia school system, i'm proud to say i survived and am here today. >> reporter: inspired by her journey as a daughter of a public schoolteacher, sharing her hopes on "gma." >> i hope this show presents what it is teachers go through while also having heart and humor. >> reporter: wracking in 1 million tweets since its premiere, the show striking a cord with teachers. one writing i feel seen. >> teaching is a calling as much as it is a profession. the herculean task these teachers are taking on and they do it very often joyfully. >> just the day in the life of being a teacher here. you get used to it. >> that smell in the walls?
8:24 am
>> you're never going to get used to that. >> quinta, it's been so much joy being with you all morning long. this show is something you created. what does that mean to you? >> first of all, we're here in a school in philadelphia that's just so similar to the school i went to. my teachers had a classroom just like this. it's so surreal. to be able to make that feeling come across in my show and then be a part of something like this because of the show, i don't know. i cannot quantify it right now. maybe i will be able to in ten years or something in a book. right now it feels fantastic. i feel humbled which is weird to say, but i feel very humbled. >> your grace -- you're looking at the floor. you should see her expressions in being here. >> it's so -- these are the floor that i feel like made me. these are the walls i feel like made me care so much about my childhood, this city, my teachers.
8:25 am
it's just -- i don't know. it's something very deep happening inside. i'm not going to cry. i've been crying a lot on tv. it's not cute. it's incredible. >> okay, you see this. there's always two in the group that stand up. they always have to do that. you know, it's not just the viewers, but also social media. >> yes. >> and we went online. we wanted to see some of the top ones. this is how you work on your set all the time, right? >> i do. it's a little bit more -- guys, lt's sit down. let's be quiet. okay. all right. >> and we're back. >> we're back. >> the tweets we've seen. we looked at the top three, and there was one that really jumped out at us. "abbott elementary" exists because a sixth grader grew up and never forgot how seen she felt by her teacher. let that sink in. >> yeah. between my mother who is just
8:26 am
incredible and miss abbott who the show is named after i had these teachers that just made me -- they poured into me. i know because of my mom how much that takes at home for them to pour into you at school. that tweet is true. that is why the show exists. i don't think i could have created this without my love of teachers. this deep love that i hope i'm sharing with the world in a positive way. >> and as you said on "gma," the heart and humor comes through. >> yes. >> are we ready to surprise a teacher? >> i'm ready. >> we are. quinta, you going to stick around? >> yeah. >> we got a big surprise for a teacher. she's outside the teacher's lounge, and waiting and she has no idea what to happen. the big reveal is coming up. stay with us.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. senator dianne feinstein's husband has died. he died at home last night after a long battle with cancer. he was chairman and president of bluhm capital partners in san francisco and also advised presidents obama, clinton and carter on economic policy. the statements are my side for the good times and the challenges. i'm going to miss him terribly. blum was 86 years old. >> checking in on traffic, we will go to san jose first and look at our graphics on northbound 101.
8:28 am
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♪ i got a feeling ♪ ♪ i got a feeling ♪ early start for t.j. in philly and a big surprise for a philadelphia elementary school teacher right there. seeing what else is in store for her. robin and t.j. are there in philadelphia. hey, guys. >> we are excited. i'm here in the classroom and xiomara robinson teaches third grad in this school. the school's principal, she's right there by my side, principal dupree, she's been with us the entire time helping us. she's here along with some of xiomara's former students to help us with this surprise. are you all ready to get this party started? t.j., take it away. >> okay.
8:31 am
this poor thing here, i've been putting her through it. she's keeping her eyes closed here. she's giggling. she's hear people talking about her. this is xiomara. she's wondering what's going on. this strange dude already knocked on my door before the sun came up. come on. a few more feet. a few more feet. you're fine there. you're fine there. now i'm going to have you stop in this spot right here. when i count to three, open your eyes, okay? one, two, three. >> all: surprise! >> okay. xiomara, i'm sorry we had to do you like that. you know your kids over there. you recognize some of these faces. this is our good friend robin roberts. xiomara, you are live right now on "good morning america." now we've been hearing all the wonderful things about you. we know how great you are. everyone at this school wanted the whole country to know how great you are.
8:32 am
so i need you to take a look at that monitor as we share your story. >> ready. it does not matter if you catch it. >> reporter: in miss robinson's class school is about more than what's in any textbook. here, kids get to be seen and feel special. >> you see it in the way she talks. you see it in her classroom. you see it in the way the children talk about her. >> it's beautiful. >> she allows them to be themselves. they all have their own different personalities, and she helps that come out in them in a good way. >> reporter: miss robinson comes out of her own pocket to make sure her students never go without. >> teaching is an unforgiving job. sometimes we're their mother, their counselor, so we don't just teach the lesson. it encompasses the whole child. >> reporter: in a school where over 95% of the student population is black, miss robinson makes sure black history month goes outside the
8:33 am
standard curriculum. >> martin luther king and malcolm x, very, very important figures, but we need to make sure we're exposing our children to some other african american figures as well. >> reporter: black history month is just one month, february. but all year students get to see the importance of a strong black woman leading their class. >> i didn't have a lot of black teachers. i wasn't represented. i think it allows the children to see i can do this. i can grow up, go to school. i can be smart. i can go further in my education and i can actually have this job of being an educator and do the same thing. >> reporter: miss robinson is setting an example and inspiring the next generation. >> what she was teaching me, i was like, oh, wait. i can be a teacher. >> i just want to say thank you. >> thank you. >> you make me feel myself and
8:34 am
confident and you make me feel comfortable when i'm around you. >> okay, now, i told you when i knocked on your door this morning that you had a day of surprises in store. what do you think now walking in here finally and seeing this is all for you? >> wow, it -- >> she's still teaching. >> it's amazing. it's amazing. i just -- i love it. i love them and to me it's just an opportunity. it's just a great time. i don't see it as a job. i see it as a privilege to be able to really help them become who they can really be. >> that means so much. you can tell how much you mean to them. this is just one of the surprises. we have another surprise,
8:35 am
somebody we want you to meet. go.rn, good.he classroom. ing.o,as >> we wanted janine to be part of the surprise. what does it mean to be a part of the surprise? >> i'm so excited. the whole show is dedicated to teachers like you as i'm sure you know. you are so cute. i didn't know you were small like me. yeah, i mean, i hope that you're enjoying all this. everyone here loves you, first of all, everybody in the whole school. i don't know. we make "abbott" for teachers like you. i'm happy you enjoy it. i don't know. i don't want to ruin anything. i'm excited to be here to be a part of what's about to happen to you. >> okay, so, we're two surprises in. we have more. resources, students, schools
8:36 am
always need resources. i'm sure you could use books. so if you can see behind me, all these books donated by scholastic. they're donating $20,000 worth of books. >> oh, my goodness. yes. that is amazing. >> oh gosh. a former student -- but wait, there's more. you got to hear it. a former student steven briggs has a presentation we'd like to make. >> 40 plus years ago i was a student here and while it's great to be back,it's even better to give back. wells fargo would like to give you $40,000. >> what? >> to support some of your programs. >> yes! >> principal dupree, what does this mean? what can you do with this money?
8:37 am
>> so, like, this is amazing. i didn't even -- you know, just the fact that we're honoring a teacher like miss robinson warmed my heart. but to know that -- we were talking about equity. this is something that will really help us when we're talking about equity. this is something that will go to us getting things for our auditorium, audio, sound, visual equipment to do some things. incentives and pbis so we can reward our students and things. this is going to go to doing some amazing things here. wells fargo and "good morning america," i want to thank you for this opportunity. >> thank you, steve. >> look, i know it's been a lot. feels like we might be done. we're not. we're not. come over here please. you're still rolling with me here. if you look out the window, take a peek at that truck. that truck is full of pencils,
8:38 am
paper, printers, markers, everything in that truck is being donated. >> amazing. >> whoo! >> we know resources are always tight. we know sometimes you come out here out of your own pocket with whatever kids might need. we're not done yet. come on. i love it. they're teaching. she's not just a teacher on tv. she's teaching. i love it. come on. we got one more thing for you. now this is why i wanted you to keep your eyes closed. this is why i wanted you to keep your eyes closed. the wall looks different. of course. >> when did this happen? >> i know. this is jamee from mural arts philadelphia. they've been working on this for days for your hall here. >> that is so amazing. but -- >> i got a bulletin board! >> you got a bulletin board. some of your kids have been
8:39 am
writing messages here, but say it loud and say it proud, something you say. we're putting this right outside your classroom for you to have. >> that is so awesome. that looks so good. >> okay, but one last touch. who has my marker here? where's my marker? we need you to sign. there she is, jamee, we need you to sign down here and make it official. >> just sign my name? >> whatever you want. it's yours. you can sign whatever you want to sign down there. miss robinson. fantastic. >> that's so awesome. >> come on in. >> you had no idea? >> none. >> this is to you, miss robinson. this is to you, miss robinson. i've been waiting to say that all morning. this has been a great surprise. thank you to everybody who has made this happen and our cast
8:40 am
and crew who has been here as well. >> thank you so much. you guys are awesome. you guys are good at keeping secrets. i don't know how to feel. >> we're done now. that's it. we got nothing more. back to you guys. >> that was so fantastic. >> congratulations, miss robinson. coming up, ree drummond and cyndi kane are here with some cyndi kane are here with some easy weeknight meals. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever,
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busy weeknights call for speedy meals and cyndi kane is making dinner time easier than ever. she joins us now with the pioneer woman herself, her best friend ree drummond and they have a delicious recipe you can find by scanning the qr code on your screen. you already started. >> ree told me to start immediately. am i badly coached here? >> we're bossy best friends. >> i love that. tell us what we're cooking. >> okay, we started at the start of the week we had a full pork loin. for the sake of kitchen economy, you cut it in half and you'll use part of it on another meal. this is all about saving things forward. >> we're putting it in the slow cooker which is my speed. >> right. you sort of dump all this in. stir it up. >> yum. >> four to six hours on high, six to eight on low. have it ready by the end of the week. >> you can throw it in the
8:44 am
morning, do your work and come back and it's ready. >> absolutely. >> it makes a little sauce, and the sauce you take about a cup out after you cook it and then you cook it down a little built. then there's a slurry with cornstarch, so it thickens. then you have this sauce instead of your normal barbecue, you have sort of an asian pork situation. you put this over the -- >> flavor. >> and that pork comes apart with a fork. >> right. >> just falls apart. >> you know how to do this. >> i'm a big slow cooker person. >> then you make your sandwich. i like to add more sauce. >> more sauce the better. >> ree here has the salad that goes with it. >> i'm the assistant. the great thing is that this whole cookbook is about taking things from different meals of the week and spinning them into
8:45 am
other meals, so the veggies came from a meal earlier in the week. so this is basically a noodle, cabbage slaw. i love this cookbook. it's for real home cooks. it's an approach and strategy. saving money, because you're not wasting food. >> particularly with grocery bills the way they are now there's no wasting. >> hyacinth and i have been best friends for years. we raised our babies together. i have a cooking show and cookbooks, but she's the cook i most want to be like. i'm excited about this cookbook because it's like everything she is. she's frugal and creative. she sees so prabt call.
8:46 am
she's so practical. she has this week by week approach where nothing goes to waste. >> what about that dressing you put in there? >> it's asian. it has sesame oil and ginger and soy sauce. if you're trying to avoid carbs, you can take out the noodles and put more cabbage in it. >> this is the week. this is what we just made. she has arrows that go to each little -- >> you take what you don't use and you shift it to the next meal. you've got the plan for the week? >> right. right. >> that's incredible. >> you're going to need it. >> believe me i know. you ladies are awesome. everyone at home, you can get these recipes on our website, remember "save it forward suppers" is out tomorrow. thank you very much. we appreciate it. over to you, rob. >> reporter: amy, i'll tell you what's cooking, it's the climate. today the u.n. released its ipcc climate change report, and some
8:47 am
of the headlines are startling. check this out. a, quote, unprecedented change to the climate has already affected all forms of life in every part of the world. nearly half of humanity is living in the danger zone now with many ecosystems at the point of no return. that said, it's not too late for most of the world if we limit the warming to 1.5 degrees celsius which is a big ask, because we're already at 1.1. experts think we can cap that if we aggressively curb carbon. there's a lot of solutions and adaptations. i'm in a spot in a city of brooklyn, and it was crushed by hurricane sandy. across the river they're building a seawall to protect lower manhattan. as much as we plan to adapt, it won't be enough if we don't curb
8:48 am
>> reporter: all right. we're head >> reporter: all right, we're heading back to philadelphia when we come back. stay right there. everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins. keytruda - a breakthrough immunotherapy that may treat certain cancers. one of those cancers is advanced nonsquamous, non-small cell lung cancer where keytruda is approved to be used with certain chemotherapies
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of cancer keytruda is approved to treat at, and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. welcome back to "gma." let's go back to t.j. and robin in philadelphia where they have had the best morning. hey guys. >> we have. we only have a little time left because they're going to revoke our hall pass. any moment here. a final thought from you what this moment means to you. >> words can't describe. i mean, at all, just who knew one little mention of my name would go to this. we don't do it for the accolades. we do it because we love it, right, and so just to be recognized, just to say we love it has been awesome. >> that's wonderful. you said if you need a body double -- >> right there.
8:51 am
>> i could also body double for you. >> she was not acting. >> not acting at all. >> yes, you came out and said when do you have time to do this. jamee from mural arts philadelphia put this together in the past couple days. >> amazing. beautiful. >> so much love there as well. >> the money man right there, thank you. we appreciate it. you shell out $40,000 you're getting the final shout-out on "gma." we're just so appreciative of what teachers all across the country do. >> thank you, guys. you can watch "abbott
8:52 am
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thanks for watching on this monday. >> you can always download the abc news app to watch "gma," all of our reporting at abc news all day long. have a great day.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. here is jobina with traffic. jobina: we've been dealing with this delay since 6:00. i want to bring in the graphic now. it is down to about 20 minutes on the any outline -- antioch line. expect big bill -- big delays. drew: we are finding those temperatures warming through the 50's. 54 in oakland, 56 in hayward. we are on our way for a nice day for the last day of february. we are already into the 60's midday and then later this afternoon, it is a mild end to the month. your sunset is coming at 6:02
9:00 am
p.m. kumasi: we are back at 11:00 for midday live. have a good day. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the series "our kind of people," morris chestnut. plus, model, actress, and podcaster molly simms. plus, be aware and avoid love scams. ali wentworth joins ryan at the co-host desk. all next on "live!" [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and ali wentworth! ♪ ♪ >> ryan: hi, deja. >> ali: i know. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> ryan: well, thank you,


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