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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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announcer: moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. >> tonight, the russian invasion of ukraine continues for a for day. the images coming out of ukraine are incredible as a satellite shows russian troops in the 17 mile convoy closing in on the capital city. good evening. >> thank you for joining us, you're watching abc7news at 5:00. russian forces pounded ukraine second largest city with multiple rocket launchers. reports say many were aimed at civilian areas. dozens of people were killed in all ukrainian officials say nearly 400 civilians have been killed since the fighting began. >> satellite photos showed long russian columns headed towards them. air raid sirens sounded.
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>> delegations met at the border with belarus but failed to make any progress towards peace. more talks are planned. ukraine's president signed a statement of intent to join the european union. >> large crowds are filling train stations looking for a way to escape the invading russian army. this is video of refugees entering romania. as the war in ukraine continues, we are hearing the story of a woman who is 39 weeks pregnant and hiding in a bomb shelter. our abc 7 reporter spoke to her in the organization that's helping many flea and find safe places to deliver babies. >> while the sound of war surrounds their home, she is no longer decorating the nursery. instead, she and her husband are gathering items and constantly racing to their bomb shelter. >> here is our shelter. i have to
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our little baby. and >> they do this up to five times a day. >> we take our small and run to our garage to this whole and we sit an hour or three hours. >> once it seizes they come out and run back home. during that small window she felt safe to be inside her home. besides survival, all she can think about is how she is going to give birth in the middle of a war zone. her due date is this week. >> this. >> she prays there is break in the gunfire giving her enough time to make it to the hospital. pregnant women across ukraine
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are giving birth in underground bomb shelters in hospitals across the region. >> this video was made by dr. and he was speaking in russian and he said, here's some moms already gave birth in the basement, and he says, look, russians, that's what you did. >> she is the president of save a life international, a nonprofit that helps women and pregnancy crisis that turned their offices into refugee shelters across ukraine. she says now, more than ever need help. >> we tried to transport them out of their shooting areas, out of the danger zone. >> elina is holding onto her faith and canceling the noise of war for her one-year-old daughter, focusing on welcoming life into this world.
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area continue to show solidarity further home country. a san francisco based ukrainian restaurant has seen an uptick in business since the invasion. abc7news visited the location and the financial district. we met a ukrainian doctor who is currently in the u.s. on a resident visa finishing his studies. he says being here and knowing what's happening in ukraine is taking a toll. >> the first couple of days i was unable to go to sleep. we were unable to eat at all. the first two or three days it was very tough to go to work and do what you are supposed to do knowing what's going on with your home country. >> he had one of his fellow residents are doing their part to show support for ukraine by asking hospitals to donate medical supplies, they set up a facebook fundraiser and you can donate. find the link along with a full-page resources at >> in berkeley there's a sign of
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solidarity with the ukrainian people. a ceremony was held at civic center park across from the old city hall. the mayor of berkeley tweeted about it saying, ukraine, we stand with you. and it was a similar scene in richmond where a ukrainian flag was raised over city hall, also in a show solidarity with the people of ukraine. >> a san jose city council member proposed ending a sister city relationship with russia in support of ukraine. sophia says ending the formal relationship sends a clear message. the city council will consider the proposal on wednesday. santa clara county has a sister county relationship. livermore and oakland also have sister cities in russia. >> download the abc 7 streaming to be apt to watch more videos on demand. it's available for roku, amazon fire, apple or android t >> developing news in the south
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bay and reports of the shooting from one vehicle to another. san jose police a man was shot at least once hermana way highway -- monterey highway in bailey avenue. the area is blocked off, san jose police say one suspect is in custody. >> the chp arrested a man they believe is responsible for two freeway shootings yesterday. what happened in the east bay and river -- livermore. highway patrol says a man and a white truck was shot but not seriously hurt. the suspect took off, but officers tracked him down about 10 minutes later. during their investigation they linked him to another freeway shooting. that one on 205 and tracy about 30 minutes before the livermore shooting. he has been booked on suspicion of attempted murder. >> new developments tonight about state masking guidelines in schools and public places. abc 7 reporter karina is in the newsroom with the announcement from california officials today to walk us through that.
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>> we learned of two big changes today when it comes to masks. first starting tomorrow the state is lifting the indoor mask mandate for unvaccinated people, but masks are required on buses and hospitals, homeless shelters and long-term care facilities. in 12 days the guidance for masking and schools will change after march 11. schools and childcare centers go from a required guidance to strongly recommended for california health and human services. that means the decision about masks will then be up to the individual counties and school districts. they could still require kids to keep them on, they can make them optional or remove the mandate altogether. here's why the state says they are making the change to the school mask guidance now. they are looking at data over the last few weeks. you can see here, according to the state since february 14, cases and case rates dropped by 66%. hospitalizations dropped by 48%.
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pediatric hospitalizations dropped by 47% and hospitalizations are down 50% and test positivity is down 53%. here's health and human services secretary. >> i know some people are concerned about what the next 10, 11 days brings, but i'm confident that we will continue to see the schools keep masks on. i know it won't happen everywhere, but i think in the vast majority, the message will be heated. >> and new mass guidance goes into effect after march 11 for schools, and it applies to all staff. >> despite despite despite desps date of mid march for optional indoor masking and schools, it's up to each school district implement a policy that aligns with local health officials. abc7news reporter touch base with bay area school districts about the possibilities that lie ahead.
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>> what were mask requi could soon become mask recommendations after march 11 and many california public schools. >> it's important that the state gave school districts and amount of time between the announcement to be able to enact the policy, but they are saying it's still highly recommended to wear a mask. school districts need to look into what are the metrics in their own community. >> already, san francisco unified is decisively looking through a lens of equity as they announced they will not change their masking protocol after march 11. they will still be required indoors. oakland unified said they will wait for further guidance from the county before making a final decision, as did doubling unified. >> we will be waiting to hear from alameda public health. as you know, local health agencies can be more restrictive. dublin will not be more restrictive than what the local public health is. we assume that they will be
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aligned with the state. >> berkeley unified lifted their outdoor masking mandate today, but they too are waiting for health guidance on masking indoors. >> we are making no announcement relative to indoor masking, we are reviewing what's coming out of the governor's office today, and then we expect to hear from our local health jurisdiction, the city of berkeley health department, and then meet with our school leaders and labor partners to really understand what the guidance is. >> some parents i spoke to were hesitant to go on camera. some say optional masks would vastly improve learning, others say they want their kids to still wear masks to school, and then there were those in the middle who said their feelings on masking up are evolving. in the east bay, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7news. >> a birthday party at san francisco's ocean beach ends with a violent attack.
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sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. book now at >> members of the bay area police department are remembering a former colleague killed in the line of duty. the police officer was shot and killed during a traffic accident. a suspect is in custody. today, officers honored their fallen friend, leaving flowers and mementos on a squad car. >> he had developed a lot of really good relationships with many of our people in the police department, including myself, and just really remembered for his infectious smile and his huge heart and amazing sense of humor. >> the officer transferred to
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the salinas police department for family reasons. his brother was also a member of the force. officer alvarado was supposed to get married next month. >> in san francisco, a celebration turned into a nightmare. one woman is sharing her story of being assaulted in an unprovoked attack during a birthday party on the beach. here is the story for you only on seven. >> ocean beach has long in the place she has enjoyed. >> i was raised in san francisco and a lot of people can't say that they are in native, but i am. >> which is what she and several friends were doing, celebrating one of their dogs birthdays with a period spread. that thursday at the beach quickly took a turn. >> there was a man sitting to the right of us about 30 feet away and he was just talking gibberish, just unintelligible stuff, he seemed agitated. with one sweep, it just cleared
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all the food that was sitting on top of the cooler and he took out a fool can from the cooler and just held his arm back and just hurled it. >> that can hit carla in the face. quakes she staggered a few feet forward and collapsed onto the ground. >> when i was down i knew my nose was broken. i could feel the blood coming down my throat. >> she blacked out, her nose broken, eyes swollen shut until monday morning. quakes i finally opened them and i burst into tears. quakes they arrived on scene after arresting stephen miller. they say the attack was unprovoked, but the incident does illustrate two problems in the city, one being safety. >> we shouldn't let somebody on the street that's extremely dangerous. >> not only should they be kept safe, but the general public should be also cap safe. >> as her physical and emotional wounds continue to heal, she
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shares this wish for change. >> i just would like to see san francisco be the amazing place that i know it to be because it was when i was growing up. quakes after the break, today former juror have any bias against scott peterson? the emotional testimony as
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ok, i've got it. everything i need to pull this project together. and all at the perfect price. at floor and decor, you can realize any aspirational project at an inspirational price. because with an unmatched selection of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, your bathroom upgrade has never been more "you." discover floor and decor today! >> deciding if scott peterson will get a new trial. >> a juror continues to be at the center of the appeal. abc7news reporter has more on the testimony today. >> this is a continuation of the testimony from friday and only a sketch artist were allowed in the courtroom and allowed to capture her. to remind you, she is granted immunity from perjury. if it's known that she lied on her questionnaire, she won't get in trouble, but scott peterson
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could get a new trial. things turned emotional in court when she started crying when asked about letter she wrote peterson after the 2004 trial. >> she sorry she sent the letters to him. she regretted doing that and then she was asked about why that happened and gave testimony about that. >> she confirmed that she did write peterson asking why men cheat referencing a boyfriend who cheated on her. peterson's attorneys are trying to prove that she lied on her jury questionnaire, accusing her of being bias against peterson with having an extramarital affair. on that questionnaire and asks if she had been the victim of a crime or involved in a lawsuit. she said no but in 2000 and 2001 she was involved in a domestic dispute with her then boyfriend and one with his ex-girlfriend. she saw a restraining order saying she feared for her unborn child. it was she that her boyfriend and she dropped the charges against his ex-girlfriend and she says that she does not feel that she was a victim in either
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of those disputes and that's why she said she did not disclose it in the jury questionnaire. peterson's attorneys are trying to prove she wanted to get on the jury for financial gain and another jury could testify saying she had financial troubles and joked about book and movie deals. today was the first day the prosecutor could cross-examine. they asked if she had bias against scott peterson during the jury selection process before the trial and she said no. the hearing will be continuing throughout the rest of the week. quakes starting to feel that warm up yesterday. quakes we are inching a little closer to spring and it is starting to feel like it. >> tomorrow is the start of meteorological spring, and it's definitely going to feel like it like it did today, but we have some exciting news. we have rain coming to the bay area. there is definitely a moisture for the atmospheric river expected for the pacific northwest. the continuation of heavy rain
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in that area along with the downpour and flooding concerns. for us, we get the back end so we won't get as much rain, but certainly, this will look different than just some passing high clouds. live doppler 7 will be tracking rain as early as late wednesday going into thursday. blue skies right now from our golden gate bridge camera. temperatures are a good eight to 10 degrees above average. coming in and the low 60's to mid 70's, 63 in the city and 66 in oakland, 70 degrees in santa clara. filtered sunshine from our east bay camera. 70 in santa rosa, 72 in concord in livermore and another live view from our tower cam in san francisco looking good. springlike warmth, rain and wind thursday with a slight chance of rain friday afternoon and evening. numbers tomorrow morning in the 40's with a high cloud cover that won't get that cold. tomorrow afternoon it will be a warm 1, 75 in san jose in the
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south bay. 79, could get up to 80. 68 in pacifica in downtown san francisco. 70 degrees, north bay temperatures above average. santa rosa 71, san rafael and the east bay, 71 oakland. head inland and it will be mid to upper 70's. 77 in fairfield. level 1 storm coming in thursday. light to moderate rain. slight chance of thunder, breezy to gusty winds are expected. couple of showers in the north bay but it's really the early thursday morning time around the time people are commuting that we will are expecting light to moderate rain in that wet weather continuing into the evening hours before this winds down, potential is there for another wave to come down and friday bring us more showers. through thursday night, variations in the rainfall anywhere from a few hundreds to three quarters of an inch expected. in the mountains this will turn to snow. through saturday night we are expecting anywhere from a couple
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inches to seven inches. accuweather 7 forecast, springlike warmth tomorrow, mild to warm on wednesday. not quite as warm. rain, wind much cooler, still gusty on friday and a slight chance of a few showers in the late afternoon and evening. we are drying close to average temperatures for the weekend. >> it doesn't look like much rain but we will take whatever we can get. >> a criminal report out today from the united nations that parts of the globe are becoming too hot. thatlleunhabie. the reports find the devastating impacts of human caused climate change are getting worse. the highlights multiple threats including drought and fire that have already disrupted human life a natural ecosystems. that significant change needs to happen in the next decade to prevent irreversible damage. quake still ahead here, he's already a national champion weightlifter and only in eighth grade, but today he signed with
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a local professional soccer team. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future,
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you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> breaking news, weather and more with our new abc 7 bay area news app on apple tv, android tv
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and roku. search abc 7 bay area and download. >> a somber anniversary is being used to honor this public safety personnel. today marks two years since san mateo medical center had its first report of covid case. local political leaders use the day to pay tribute to the men and women fighting the pandemic. congresswoman jackie spear was among those giving out flowers and praise the hospital workers as well as the public staff and public safety. supporters showed up with signs and gifts just to say thank you. >> this means a lot. us nurses and health care providers have just been through quite a journey to get to this point and is just awesome that we are here today to offer each other smiles in appreciation. >> they have done so much. even today's health care workers cannot get in the way of the work. it was held early this morning between shift changes at the hospital.
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quick speaking of something else, and oakland teenager who's receiving a huge boost in his dream to become an olympic weightlifting champion. >> the soccer club signed the 14-year-old to a contract with the team. he will receive financial support from the team for his training and travel expenses. >> it's about supporting much more than soccer. we are really interested in how we can support the next generation of oakland talent in that circuit -- certainly represents him. >> it feels like there is an extra support system around me and more people are part of my village, more people are trying to support me and me giving other people the spotlight as well. >> he won four medals at the usa weightlifting national youth championship last summer. tomorrow he leaves for a national weightlifting competition in ohio will -- where he will attempt to qualify to represent team usa at the olympics. >> world news tonight is next. >> for all of us here, we
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appreciate your time. our next newscast is in half an hour
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. reports russian forces are now closing in on ukraine's capital city, kyiv. how close is this convoy? and after vladimir putin put his nuclear forces on heightened alert, president biden is asked, should americans be concerned about nuclear war? tonight, video showing explosions across ukraine's second-largest city, kharkiv. dozens of civilians feared dead. the russian military allegedly shelling a residential neighborhood. ukraine's president zelenskyy calling the attack on civilians a war crime. a convoy of russian forces stretching 17 miles long now headed for kyiv and closing in. the russians meeting fierce resistance from ukrainian fighters. vladimir putin escalating tensions by ordering russian nuclear forces on heightened alert. and president biden's reon


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