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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in the city. ukraine's president calm it in atrocity, telling russian soldiers they can save themselves if they just go. he says ukrainians will never surrender. thousands of ukrainians continue to evacuate into poland. polish officials say one ukrainian enters the country every second. civilians in ukraine remain trapped without water, food, heat, medicine. >> with supplies cut off, it will become a desperate situation in two weeks. >> the united nations says the war has claimed 900 lives and led to 2 million refugees leaving ukraine. it has sent two make -- the u.s. has sent to patriot mistral -- missile systems of poland. >> vice president harris tweeted her trip comes at an important moment, as the u.s. continues to demonstrate unity with nato allies.
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the white house says she will talk to polish leaders about getting fighting jets to the ukrainians and offering u.s. support for the enormous humanitarian crisis. she will visit riemannian -- romania. the list of american company suspending operations in russia is growing. we look at why some have decided to put a lot of pressure early in the others are undecided. >> agriculture equipment maker caterpillar is the latest back, ending manufacturing committing one million dollars towards humanitarian aid ukraine. the list keeps growing, three hundred companies on the list updated daily by the school of management at yale university. some acted swiftly after russia invaded ukraine, while others including the comments, starbucks, coca-cola, and pepsi took longer. social media post shaming companies are staying in russia have added pressure. >> social media has been a game changer in the reputation industry. one person with a platform can
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force a company or person to do something that they may not have done without that pressure. >> it took over a decade for protests like this it uc berkeley to end investment in south africa in the 1970's over apartheid policies by the minority white government. social media pressure mounts on companies such as these that have not announced their plans. companies may appear slow to react, but they have to assess risk, reputation, and revenue. example, mcdonald's will lose $50 million a month by closing its eight hundred 50 russian restaurants, putting 62 thousand local employees out of work. it will continue to pay them. such action impacts customers caught in a dispute not there making. >> normal people in russia will be heard. the ruling powers who are prosecuting this war probably
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will not feel the pain the same way that normal people will. >> was the conflict is over, will they be quick to forget? --when the conflict is over, will they be quick to forget? >> a reason to york stock exchange as markets rebounded from a selloff, investors celebrated a drop in crude oil prices. sanctions against russia in a ban of oil imports are causing concerns about energy prices. >> the dow added 653 and the other indices gained. just as were getting used to five dollar a gallon gas in the bay area, it has jumped to six dollars in some locations. at this gas station, premium has climbed to six dollars $.59 a gallon. according to aaa, the average gas prices now five dollars 68 since a gallon, and 564 si
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five dollars 60 four cents in oakland. gig workers depend on their cars to make a living. our abc 7 reporter spoke with one driver constantly calculating prices and paid. >> to understand how gas prices are impacting workers who rely on their cars for a living, we met up with a san francisco resident. he divides his days between driving for lyft and delivering food for doordash. three years ago, he was a math teacher, now with gas prices averaging five dollars 44 since a gallon, he is relying on math again to decide if it is worth it. how is this impacting the orders you are accepting? >> you have to count better. anything over two miles, that means i have to make three dollars per mile. >> he waits in a parking lot
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with several restaurants across the street. he is doing everything in his power to save gas, even though he drives a prius. now he rejects 80 percent of deliveries. >> they are low-paying. >> he is considering something else. not driving and taking other jobs because of how high gas prices are. >> it is without an increase in our pay, it would be, it would be just mentally like nobody is that dome. >> -- is that d d d d d d >> these gig workers on the frontlines of this pandemic have been hit the hardest. they were front-line workers, and yet, the companies did nothing. >> he is urging customers to tip more and for companies to offer more bonuses. in a statement, one company said we are proud to provide people
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with access to discounts and gas and and car maintenance to help them maximize earnings, including two percent cash back on gas at any station art art holders. in the meantime, he is being strategic with his deliveries. >> i have a delivery now. >> is gasasasasasas public transit is reaching new highs. the biggest week ridership of the year was recorded yesterday mom more than 102 4000 people. the last time bart ridership was at height was last december, before the omicron surge. >> many are focusing on what can be done to show support for ukrainians. last night, city leaders decided to not into the relationship with the sister city in russia. our reporter explains. >> they are thousand miles apart, but san jose and a city in russia our sister cities. >> this is a formal contract
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between two cities that the council has passed and the mayor has signed. what is different is the relationship is community leaders, community-volunteer leaders. >> the city council was set to discuss severing ties. instead, they voted unanimously to send a letter that expresses support to the russian people pushing back against the government in calling for overall peace. >> severing relationship sends the wrong message that is in peace. >> the president of the san jose sister city program condemns with the russian government is doing and says the communication currently happening between san jose and the other city is crucial. >> these important links are just for this moment. >> with most social media blocked to russians, he says he is the main source of news friends. not everybody once the city to have a relationship with russia. >> russia is the same as
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hitler's germany, and if you support having any relationship, think about what side of history you will be on. that and hopes to help build a bridge between local ukraine and russian communities. >> it will take finding that right ukrainian beater in right russian leader in the valley. >> discussions like the ones they just had are not done in the south bay. later this month, santa clara county will be discussing it sister city relationship the moscow. -- to moscow. >> if you would like to help the people in ukraine and the we have a list of groups and nonprofits on a website, >> here is a look at the pandemic headlines. california's test positivity rate dropped to 1.8%. it has not been that low since the fourth of july last year so it is encouraging. there are fewer than three
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thousand hospitalized coronavirus restaurants --patients in california, and the number of icu patients will probably drop below 500. >> it has started. the wind is picking up. it will get worse. this is outside from her tower camera. windy conditions will become dangerous overnight. our meteorologist explains. >> it is the direction of the wind and the strength of the wind, combining with lower humidity but that will raise the fire danger. right now, gusting to 45 miles per hour. there is an airport weather warning. half moon bay. 31 miles per hour. notice the wind remain strongest at the coast tonight, but as we head into tomorrow morning, direction changes out of the north. we are noticing was from fairfield to calistoga, 33 miles per hour, stronger over higher elevations. the humidity will plunge with that dry northerly wind into the teens in santa rosa and other places.
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this is concerning, fire weather index will show the fire danger will go up, high to very high, especially north and east bay hills. it is a trough digging down the spine of the sierra, a dry system. the wind is out of this direction. watch what happens tomorrow. that wind the direction will change. it is out of the north and that will be concerning, combined with the fact that we have not had much rain. i will be back with the rest of the forecast and let you know when that danger will subside. >> thanks. coming up, we are live. we will look at the state of san francisco and with the mayor said today come in with history is telling us. >> covid forced a death blow to concert plans of las vegas. concert plans of las vegas. we to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need.
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>> are working to build a better bay area,joplace t leit lessrime and sesongh f san ansc in this state of the city speech today, she outlined strengths and struggles. >> this city will rise to meet the challenges day after day. relentless in our effort and unyielding in our values. that is who we are. we are san francisco. >> we have team coverage on this tonight. our insider brings decades of
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experience in city politics and issues to give his perspective on where things stand. first, let's hear from our reporter about what changes we can expect. >> the mayor touched on the homeless crisis to climate, also aiming the state of the city at the pandemic and the comeback. >> it is time to open our eyes, open our city. >> she announced as of friday businesses will no longer have to require proof of vaccination or in negative covid test. >> today, we announce we are ending vaccine mandates for businesses. >> a move aimed at bringing business and foot traffic back to the city. >> we see it in our empty offices and the signs in union square, the half-filled hotels. >> a downtown plagued by the pandemic. the mayor offering hope. >> how recovery will not be
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easy, not quick, but it is coming. it is coming. san francisco is coming back. >> and signs of that comeback at the building. linda works for a company returning to the office today. >> it was nice to have lunch with my coworkers. >> happy to be back, but not sure how long it will last. >> not full-time. we would do a hybrid. we may go to remote only. >> it is a similar situation for daniel. he has a choice to go to the office, and hopes it stays that way. >> i think everybody is on the same page, where we have the ability to go into the office if we would like to. having netflix ability is nice. >> for linda, it is the commute, the deterrent to downtown. >> i miss the absence of the commute very much. i am much more productive without spending an hour on a train. >> the mayor pointing to public transit as a convenience on the
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but also as a key to her climate policy. >> getting people out of their cars, creating dense, walkable neighborhoods like the ones we are building right here on this waterfront. that is climate action. >> the mayor put the spotlight on those struggling with mental health and addiction. >> we are adding treatment beds. we are working with community partners. we will launch an overdose prevention program and the first drug sobering center in our city history. >> public safety was another pillar of the speech today, calling a lack of police staff a crisis. she says it is a concern as more people return to the city and that it is paramount to fill the police academy. >> thanks. let's bring in our insider. first, what are your thoughts about the state of the city address? the mayor was smiling and excited. >> she has to sell the city back
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to the commuters and the conventioneers that make up the economy. we are the hub in san francisco. it helps to fuel the economy and the entire region. san francisco has been suffering come especially its image. the photos of people walking out of walmart with all the merchandise they want without even paying, the photos of other things with the recent embarrassment and the recall, scenes like that have all gone out into the nation, so she is facing tough challenges, and she was upfront about it. if there was a takeaway message, we have to do better with what we have. no big new programs. no baseball parks. no arenas. no convention centers. no big projects. get going with the basic get the city on track. >> what are the critical challenges that the mayor faces? >> the first is replacing the
6:18 pm
school board, which got international and national attention when it seemed to be putting the names of schools ahead of putting students back in schools. the second thing is as pointed out, understaffing in the police department. they're having a hard time getting people to join the police department. meanwhile, people are retiring or going to other districts. she knows that is a critical problem because she has to keep those foot patrols out there and she has to keep the city looking safe. it is going to be a challenge. she has also got to get just the city operation back. they are down something like 10 percent of the workforce in city workers. they are across the board understaffed. >> a lot of work to do. thanks. >> he spoke with the with the ww oakland and asked if oakland plans to make changes to the current covid rules. the mayor pointed out the difference between the city and
6:19 pm
the town. >> it is something oakland might do, but the open city council decides was to lift the state of emergency that they have declared. also, oakland is not a county, so we do not control the public health officer. that is the difference with san francisco. the state of emergency, which also has to do with the eviction moratorium, which some landlords are getting frustrated with. that is up to the council. i have not heard any plans right now to lift it anytime soon. >> sunny, but breezy. the weather will feel different.
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>> that wind picked up >> don't get blown away. the onshore wind is blowing. blustery outside. i want to show you how to prepare. secure outdoor objects. don't park under trees. the trees could fall with the wind gusts, especially the higher terrain. charge your batteries. those power outages materialize. higher elevations, 41 miles per hour, gusting
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the coast is the strongest, but that changes direction. 7:00, 38 the 39 miles per hour along the coast. tomorrow morning, the wind picking up around the north and east bay, especially the higher terrain. 25 to 35 miles per hour at lower elevations, gusting near the coast. the wind will drive the humidity down. that is concerning. what is causing this? a trough across the sierra nevada. we are seeing the onshore wind off the ocean towards land picking up. rain and snow the last few hours. more on the nevada side. tahoe has the possibility of picking up one inch of snow. live doppler locally. not showing you rain. that will be changing. as early as this weekend. temperatures have dropped. cooler in santa rosa. concord, san jose.
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temperatures, you have noticed that change. 50's and 60's. live from golden gate to san jose, just clear skies outside. here is emeryville. gusty winds tonight. fire danger tomorrow. possible sprinkles over the weekend. don't forget, spring forward sunday morning. early next week, some rain. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the low 30's to upper 40's. it will be breezy to windy to start the day. still windy into the afternoon. temperatures ranging from the mid 60's to low 70's under bright skies. the rain possibly's, saturday -- possibly's, saturday -- possibly's -- possibility will it is monday afternoon and evening going into tuesday that we have a better opportunity for seeing rain, certainly a
6:25 pm
rain-snow mix in the sierra nevada. in terms of rainfall totals, the pacific northwest, higher totals. lower totals here. we will take the rain. the seven-day forecast, gusty from the fire concern tomorrow. later wind friday. sprinkles between saturday night and sunday morning. we spring forward. a level 1 storm monday and tuesday, bringing the possibility of umbrella weather. >> that would be nice. thanks. for the people who live in a park in berkeley, there is a plan that involves finding them a place to sleep. also. >> i'm going to get my canine and send him up there. he will bite you. come out now. >> a second case of a suspect bitten by the same pol
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♪ announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> you are video showing a police officer officer and canine approaching a home on the domestic violence call.
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what happened next would leave the woman with wounds. details are graphic. >> what is more disturbing, this is the second time it's happened with the same canine. our reporter has the story. >> if you are there, i will send my canine up and he will bite you. come out now. >> that is the police officer reporting to a woman's home on january 30, 2019. according to the police report, a person a woman identified in police bodycam video as her ex- partner cold to reported dispute. the officer had been to the resident several times for calls of this nature. the woman was on probation according to the report. she did not come out after one minute of commands. the officer in the canine went in. >> got her. got her. she is going to bite.
6:30 pm
>> in the report, the officer writes he yelled at her to come towards him. when she did not, he made his way towards her. he could see the dog was biting her. she had blood on her head, which he believes was from striking it or an exposed nail. she told first responders that the canine bit her head. >> the dog bit me. he bit my head. >> she received 11 stitches to the top and back of her head. her hand was also injured. in a writes this incident was reviewed by the brentwood police use of force committee which found the deployment of the canine to be within policy and law under the circumstances. in this domestic violence incident, the suspect was on parole for a violent felony involving a weapon and was hiding in an attic. it is unknown if she was bummed at the time and in the confined space of the attic, it posed a
6:31 pm
risk to draw officers, leading to the deployment of the canine. we recently reported another woman filed a lawsuit against the officer in the city after the same canine ripped her scalp on february 10, 2020, while she was hiding. according to the report, she and two ot profu pasng i g car that rammed a police vehicle. the police department spokesperson told abc7news that the canine has been inactive since april 2021 and is currently in the process of being retired due to age. >> if like to see investigated, contacted the i-team or call the following number. >> officials are investigating a disturbing and strange discovery in oakland, a mummified body has been found in a wall of the old kaiser convention center.
6:32 pm
the sheriffs's office the remains have been there long enough that the person's age and gender are unclear. the body was found by construction workers as they tore apart the wall. the center is under renovation and has been closed since 2005. the highway patrol is investigating an accident involving a school bus. the bus collided with the van just before one :00 this afternoon, knocking the van on its side. no children were on board at the time and no injuries were reported. >> a former police officer killed while protecting a tv news crew is being honored. a foundation is awarding the the officer the citation of courage. his family is in washington tonight to accept the award. his widow spoke at the ceremony. >>'s passion was to protect and to serve --his passion was to protect and to serve.
6:33 pm
he told me that this was his job. so we are absolutely honored here today to receive this award for him for his ultimate courage. >> he was shot in oakland in november and died. the police arrested two people suspected in the killing. they credit the community for sharing information that help the investigation. >> tonight, an celebrated by city and university officials at berkeley, a plan to create housing for students and the homeless. it is at the expense of the historic and cultural sites known as people's part. our reporter --park. there is a plan to develop the park and offer shelter. >> for some in the homeless population, the park may the university and city announced a plan to move those in the park to temper he housing. people's park will be
6:34 pm
redeveloped into student housing for the university. the chancellor think this will address the student housing shortage, while helping the community. >> this is our responsibility address the tragedy of homelessness. >> the residents will be offered a chance to live at the roadway inn. 42 rooms go towards housing residents previously at the park. each one will get a kitchenette, laundry services, and toiletries and access to a daily meal. >> we can guarantee every un-housed person will be offered interim housing and a wide array of services to support their transition. >> the city will use over $4 million in state money to fund the housing services. the university plans to break ground on the new student housing at the end of the summer. some in the city do not want the park to change.
6:35 pm
one person lives at berkeley and was previously homeless. she supports moving those in the park into housing, but does not want the park to go away. >> the park needs to be a park again. college students need a part. they do. >> in addition to housing, the first presbyterian church will offer a support center for services. the university and the city think this will improve the city. >> we will provide real transitional housing options to get people off the streets and back on their feet. >> in the north bay hundreds of teachers in one school district are planning to walk out of the classroom tomorrow. it is creating major staffing issues. now one school will be closed. our anchor has more on why teachers say they have decided to go on strike. >> was students in the unified school district show up for school on thursday, it is unclear how many teachers will be in the classroom. >> over 94 percent will strike
6:36 pm
tomorrow. >> you will see almost all members picketing. >> they are both teachers in the sonoma county district, who served on the board of the local teachers union here they say the strike is about paying teachers a living wage. they want the district to follow a factfinder's recommendation of raising teacher salaries by 14 point 6% over the next three years. >> the union says the average teacher salary at schools like this in the district is roughly 15 thousand dollars less than the average teacher salary for the state. this, despite the county's high cost of living. >> if we do this. >> at a board meeting pleaded with the district to increase teacher salaries. some teachers described having to work side jobs to pay their bills. >> i worked full-time as a teacher, and last year, i took home 30 thousand six hundred dollars. is support my family of five. >> wholeheartedly, we want to
6:37 pm
compensate teachers and do it in a financially responsible way. >> the district superintendent says the district simply cannot afford the teacher's proposal, which they would have to match for all union employees. >> we also have custodians,, office managers, office assistance. >> the strike scheduled to begin on thursday would impact six thousand students in the district. they are bringing in administrative staff, substitutes, and retired teachers to help with staffing issues. one school will be closed. all but one of the other sites will end of the school day early. >> s s s s s s s s s concertgoers are left empty-ha
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at >> and ever you buy tickets --whenever you buy tickets on the secondhand market, there are risks and pitfalls. we expose another side of the secondary market that people ought to know about. >> i don't think people think about this.
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the postponement of the las vegas residency of adele disappointed fans holding the tickets and those who had to sell those tickets. the postponement left sellers of tickets on stubhub empty-handed. >> i am so sorry to sorry to sos >> she tearfully apologized to fans in january, after postponing her residency in las vegas at caesar's palace. michael of berkeley was so excited when he got a chance for those prize tickets. >> she sold out in 12 minutes for that show. it was the opening-night show. ♪ >> the fan club member knew would be a rare opportunity to see one of his favorite performers. >> she does not do concerts. that is the thing. she has a lot of stage fright. >> she postponed her show,
6:42 pm
saying it was not ready and some of her crew came down with covid. michael had been planning to see the show with a friend, but they ended up selling their tickets out of concern about omicron. >> a lot of people had their tickets listed for thousands of dollars. i sold mine for six hundred dollars each. >> he said he was only interested in recouping his money and the ticket fees, but when it came time to get his money, he was told he would have to wait. >> they said we will not pay you until after the concert. >> there is no word on when the tour will be rebooked. adele canceled two shows in 20 17 at wimbley stadium due to illness. she has yet to return to london to perform in concert. >> the guy bought the tickets. he brought the risk of knowing, i sold the tickets and i want to be paid for my tickets. >> stubhub told us this policy is to protect sellers due to the
6:43 pm
fact if we were to pay him now and the concert were to be canceled, we would have to take that payment back. >> we asked stubhub numerous times if it would hold that money indefinitely. we are still waiting for an answer. michael wants to know who will get all that interest that is accumulating on the money sitting in the account. he may find out. he tells me he plans to sue stubhub in small claims court. i want to hear from you. send us your stories about buying a home, car, paying off the loan, anything that has to do with money. we want to hear about your triumphs, frustrations. go to to share them . >> this is timely. with things opening up, concerts a back big time. it's good to know. >> it is. >> thanks. >> get ready for the wind.
6:44 pm
it is coming.
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i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in ke a gigillion at&tusiness, o 5-gigs. limited availability >> three, two, one. full power. and lift off. falcon 9.
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>> it never gets old. against the blue sky. spacex launching a rocket from florida. the falcon 9 carried 48 satellites in orbit. it happened around five: 45 this was. spacex has its headquarters in california. >>, or frequency all the time. interesting. -- greater frequency all the time. interesting. >> it's a good thing it was not here. let me show you alive picture from the east bay hills. the camera is shaking. it's not just windy near the coast, but the higher elevations. higher elevations under a wind advisory starting at midnight until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. gusts could cause damage. be prepared for potential power outages. trees getting knocked down.
6:48 pm
unsecured objects blown around. 40 five at sfo. 30 one half moon bay. hour-by-hour, windy conditions remained of the coast in the higher terrain. tomorrow morning, it starts to pick up, especially the lower elevations inland. 20 five to 35 mile-per-hour wind, and we are looking at heightened fire danger. clear skies now. a freeze warning. her freeze warning for some counties tonight or tomorrow morning. mid 20's to low 30's was so protect any sensitive plants. frost and freeze damage possible. windy tomorrow. bright. it 60's to the low 70's. cooler today. that will not last long. the seven-day forecast , with the lighter wind, friday is warmer, and a chance of a few sprinkles between saturday night and sunday morning when we spring forward. level 1 storm monday into tuesday could bring us wet, windy weather.
6:49 pm
>> thanks. >> some extra star power for the warriors. >> this was so much fun last night. how did he end up warming up with the warriors? it started with an email. this is no hoax. stanford, epic comeback. stanford, epic comeback. ro your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so, remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments from a retina specialist that may help protect against vision loss. visit and take charge of your sight.
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♪ announcer: now abc 7 sports with
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larry beil. >> good evening. they talked. still no deal. mlb canceling the first two weeks of the regular season. players and owners have one major issue. that is the international draft. it should not be a hang up, but maybe it is. owners gave players three options. nothing acceptable. they canceled week two. the earliest the regular season could start is april 14. hoops. the only way stanford can get in the tournament is to win a pac-12 tournament. they barely prolong their season. a comeback against arizona state. opening-round. las vegas. straight to the finish. two minutes. down 10. rejected. this turned everything around. harrison finds jones. misses. racing to the other end.
6:53 pm
still down. 45 seconds. stanford down four. clutch three. one point game. 20 six. game-high. 70-60 nine per four seconds left. strip. what i found. banks it in. time expires. just like his dad was for years of stanford. right place, right time, beats the buzzard. 71-70. stanford victorious. they will face arizona tomorrow. >> felt good. >> did you call that? >> i don't know. i made it. our team, we have to do it as a team. once you shoot, you have to knock it in. all credit to the guys on the team. >> we are not pretty. we don't want to be pretty. we are tough and gritty. that was that play. it is a group that believed we could get it done. >> playing washington state as we speak. quarterback musical chairs continues with the colts trading
6:54 pm
carson wentz for washington for third round fixed, meaning they now need a cornerback. hello, jimmy garoppolo. the colts looking for leadership. he has that. a hang up that might be his health. he just had surgery on his shoulder. he should be ok by training camp. the warriors were slumping. they had a losing streak. they needed a boost. will ferrell, jackie moon from semipro. he supplies everyone rest night. -- last night. he is a big fan. he got them ready for the clippers. closing out on defense. he was captain of his high school basketball team. he can play. one player revealed how this came together. it started with a random email. >> he emailed me. it was a while back. i did not believe it was him.
6:55 pm
so we exchanged a couple of emails, then concocted a plan. he is a huge fan. he knows how much he likes dressing up as jackie moon. it was a natural fit. it felt like a good time to do it. just make everybody laugh in a tough stretch of the season. >> i had no idea that was coming. that was so cool. dreams do come true. >> he gave it the full warm up session. he gave us a riveting speech before the game. so it was good vibes. he is obviously hilarious. he brought it today. >> that was awesome. i will never forget that night. >> how many organizations in sports would do that? he was out there the whole time during warm-ups. some of the players did admit they won game, everybody had a
6:56 pm
great time, and it worked out, but it could have gone terribly wrong if they had lost again. you don't know how those things will go. it is a different vibe last night. everybody loves jackie moon. >> they are there to entertain. it is a show. and he can play. he is out there. >> he has skills. >> thanks. >> tonight, the goldbergs, wonder years, the connors in home economics, and a million little things, followed by the news at 11:00. abc 7 news is streaming 24/7. get the bay area app and join us when you want wherever you are. that will do it for this edition of the news. thank you for joining us. >> are all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope you have a nice evening and we hope to see you again at 11:00. ♪
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♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- an actor and museum educator originally from seattle, washington... an environmental advocate from washington, d.c... and our returning champion-- an executive assistant from rye beach, new hampshire... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [ applause ] thank you, johnny. welcome to "jeopardy!" yesterday was my favorite kind of "jeopardy!" show, a close game between all three contestants. but it was maureen o'neil who took a slide lead into final jeopardy!
7:00 pm
bet everything, doubled up, and locked up her second win. welcome to shelley and sallie. i'd like to see another well-fought game today. can you help me out with that? yes. all right. i'm rooting for all of you. let's see what happens. here are your categories in the jeopardy! round. we begin... then... next... and we end with... c-a-t in quotation marks. maureen, you ready to start? furniture for $200, please. - sallie. - what is rocking chair? right. literary characters for $1,000, please. - shelley. - who is daisy buchanan?


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