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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 15, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of emergency. too many people are dying in the city. too many people are sprawled out all over our streets. and now we have a plan to address it. anchor: that 90 days is almost up. we have team coverage tonight. bestie reporter in the newsroom. reporter: when i spoke to the mayor yesterday about results of the 90 day state of the 90 day state of emergency, she told me it is not what it should be. we know that, but able get better. this was not intended to last forever, but more as a first
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step towards saving the tenderloin. reporter: it is close to k k -- noon in the daily cleanup at the tenderloin is underway. it goes from this come out with mounds of garbage to be coha some may describe as a semblance of stability. of emergency is up for review. withwithwithwith help where connections have been made. the city reports that 340 five people have been placed in shelters. with another 154 going to permanent housing.
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11,000 rounds of fentanyl have been seized and 10% of drug users have agreed to some kind of treatment or medical care. the mayor wants police to continue going after the drug dealers. the city agrees that changing this persistent culture here will take more than 90 days. >> a combination certain kinds of behavior that have become accepted in this community that the entrenched erakovic. reporter: the outreach is constant care. >> i come back. >> so the streets represent your freedom? reporter: 9.4 million dollars have been spent to operate the center, cover all the outreach and the cost of the community
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ambassadors. before the event for her trip to europe, the mayor vowed to keep up the pressure. >> it is time for it to work. accountability will play a role. reporter: the linkage center will continue to operate through june. but now under the supervision of the health officials. some of the staff that was brought in from other city departments will continue to work there until permanent staff is hired. dan: what does letting the s does let emergency expire actually mean in the neighborhood? >> it means the mayor can no longer say i want to rent the space. i want to bring in city workers here. it is an emergency. this emergency was brought on
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not by the tents on the street or because they were unclean. the difference was the depths from drug overdoses. which in san francisco was twice as many people that died from covid. that was the emergency. that is what the mayor used as the reason to go in there. to draw attention to the problem and say we are drawing a line somewhere. it is in the 50 square box -- blocks of the tenderloin. the big question is, if they do not want to go to the program's what is the city going to do? that is the next step. dan: it seems we have seen some real results here. the emergency clearly it was the drug overdose deaths.
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is the emergency then ove >> it is not over. there have been tremendous gains. if you want to the tenderloin a year ago, you would not be able to walk through it. you cannot get to the sidewalks because of the tents. this was the common scene in the tenderloin. this is what people were living with in the neighborhood. this was somebody's front yard. it was intolerable. that has been cleaned up considerably under the mayor's plan. i think you will see more of it going forward. there were drug deaths but they have not gotten worse. nothing unexpected has happened in the last 90 days. the progress has been made but hey has to be continued. you cannot just walk away from it and say we succeeded.
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headway, but the tenderloin has been a mess for years. what are the odds that we backslide and 90 days from now, we will be back in the same place? >> that is the big question. that is what we have to keep an eye on. san francisco is the hub of the bay area. how it is seen by the world influences everyone from danville up to el dorado county. it is just the way it is. you or someone you know works in san francisco. the stakes are high. the city has to make a decision about how he wants to move forward, if this behavior will be allowed. the mayor said no. the time has come to say, if you do not like it, what is your solution? dan: phil, thank you very much.
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the tenderloin has a lot of potential for improvement. that is why we decided to focus on this neighborhood for the next year. did you know it is the last tenderloin to retain that name? check out these images from the museum. the museum's director gave us the history lesson and some on the neighborhood. it is a part of collection reports on this neighborhood which you will find on the streaming tv app. download it wherever you stream and watch on demand. anchor: now to ukraine where russian forces are inching closer to the capital city. there are reports of fatalities tonight after russian missiles hit several buildings. the mayor ordered a curfew. ukrainian president zelensky made this impassioned plea to canada's parliament. >> they want to be victorious. -- we want to be victorious.
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anchor: tomorrow, he will speak to congress. you can watch that live at 6:00 a.m.. . president biden will travel to europe for a summit with all members. helping with efforts to help refugees fleeing ukraine. she loaded supplies into a truck which will be airlifted to a field hospital in poland. >> it comes with all the supplies you need, from iv tubes, aed, accident concentrators and bolts pleasant you we need to treat wounds. anchor: the supplies are being sent to a nonprofit humanitarian
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group called direct relief which has worked in ukraine for decades. if you would like to help people, we have put together a full list of verified groups send donations to refugees. it is on our website. to a drop in oil prices. the dow ended points to close. the nasdaq gained, and the s&p 500 went up. right now, napa has the most extensive -- expensive gas. at to record-setting $5.91 per gallon. that is higher than san francisco. it is the same price as yesterday. guess is actually getting cheaper in san jose. it is down a penny from yesterday. anchor: you probably woke up
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with raindrops. what will you will be going to sleep under different conditions. anchor: we have another storm ss coming before winter is only -- over. i want to show you what you are facing tonight and tomorrow morning. that is fog over san francisco, so visibility is poor. had about an inch of snow in the sierra nevada. had about an inch of showers. trace amounts in san jose. everyone else in between, redwood city did not measure, but there was some damp roadways out there. our next-door is already queued
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up on life doppler. i will be back. dan: coming up next, cash and covid. the funding at all is happening at the very top of the federal government. anchor: plus, putting taste to the test. ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear!
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tested positive for coronavirus. this is a video of doug emhoff. vice president harris has tested
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negative for covid. in just a few days, we will pass a second anniversary of pandemic related shutdowns. the bay area first shelter in place order to place in mask mandates are mostly gone and the threat of coronavirus. san francisco leads the bay area as the only county ranked with low transmission, covered in blue on this map. all other counties are in the substantial or high categories. but we could soon face an increase in cases and possibly a decrease in the resources to protect ourselves. we have team coverage for you tonight to cover both of these singles. let's hear from a reporter. you are tracking signs of another possible surge. reporter: we where in a much better place today than we were weeks ago. covid trends in europe tend to
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put the u.s. 446 weeks later. -- four overtake omicron. it is moving at a slower pace, but it will become the global dominant stream. reporter: senior investigator for the gladstone institute. he has worked in virology for over 30 years. >> there are hotspots forming in the united states, for example in chicago. i would not be surprised if it makes a much more significant entry into the united states. reporter: throughout california, scientists are monitoring wastewater.
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this will be the first line of detection before any outbreaks. alexander is a professor at stanford. she is part of a team that is tracking 12 water plants in northern california. >> we see the mutations are going up. some of them come out there going up more quickly than others. like for example, in oceanside in san francisco. reporter: but the increase is very small. >> until this last week when we had this little bump in wastewater concentrations, but if you look at the big scheme of things, we have gone down quite a bit. reporter: even if it becomes the dominant strain in the u.s., the doctor says we are in a much better place. >> do you think it could lead to lockdowns? reporter: no. i doubt it. we have too many tools now. reporter: dr. green sets
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vaccination rates are key. over 78% of californians have received at least one dose of vaccine. you are very unlikely to end up hospitalized. dan: before you go, can people who have been infected with any of the covid streams, get reinfected? reporter: yes. a study found that the infections were about four times as common for people who have recovered from the delta variant. if you are vaccinated and boosted, your chance of hospitalization goes down. ama: the white house as it is running out of money to pay for the tools to better covid-19. you can see the impact of this before the end of the month. during a split from the newsroom with a look at how much the white house is requesting. reporter: the white house as the money is needed for testing vaccines and treatments.
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today, the president office wrote a letter to the house speaker nancy pelosi asking congress to approve the $22.5 billion in emergency funding. the white house as the money is needed to prepare for any covid-19 searches. -- surges. we will see the impacts as earl as next week if democrats and republicans do not agree to net -- new spending. >> we would have to step by think treatments -- we would have to stop buying treatments. we would have fewer test in the future. we do not have enough money to buy a fourth dose if boosters are needed for all americans. reporter: the white house is
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watching what is happening in europe and china where there have been case spikes. the biden administration has been pushing to get the additional pandemic funding since january. house have introduced a standalone covid relief bill but as of now there are not enough votes to pass in both chambers. republicans say they will not support additional funding. live here in the newsroom. abc 7 news. ama: we have been tracking it moments in the endemic. -- pandemic. we look back at what we have been through. dan: let's turn it to the weather forecast. anchor: we have more rain coming this weekend. if you have outdoor plans, sunday is the day you will want to carry your umbrella.
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let me show you a look at your right now. you can see the golden gate bridge on the left side of your screen. all the fog rolling in. we will have to deal with this tonight and tomorrow morning. there are also some lingering clouds, but you may have also felt a little bit of the murkiness. 50 the dryer air is beginning to move in. santa rosa down to 47 degrees in terms of the do point. -- dew point. our camera right over san francisco. mid to upper 50's san francisco and oakland. there is so much
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moisture at that you will see views like this going to tomorrow morning. a beautiful view from our emeryville camera. cooler with every fog overnight. possible sprinkles. our next storm arrives saturday. first thing i want to show you tonight, temperatures will tumble tonight. frost advisory goes up tomorrow. numbers will be down to the low 30's. any frost that forms can kill sensitive plants so bring them inside cover them. morning the 30's and 40's. fog will be around parts of the bay area. this will slow down the commute. tomorrow afternoon, upper 50's to the mid 70's. it will be warmer than it was today. 70 degrees in santa rosa.
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62 in san francisco. on thursday, a system will brush the north bay. could see a few sprinkles thursday morning. will not amount to a whole lot. saturday is looking good. widespread rain is expected. it will get windy. most of saturday, sierra get some snow. they will be lower than the system that came through this morning. rainfall totals look higher as well. most of you will be between a quarter to about 6/10 of an inch. seven-day forecast, morning fog. a milder day. sprinkles possible thursday. a level one storm for saturday that brings us the wet weather. one last blessed of winter before spring against on sunday. . ama: today is
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dan: get ready to cheer on a local contestant on jeopardy today. he is from san francisco. he will be up against an elementary school teacher. the returning champion was a copy editor from new hampshire.
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jeopardy errors at 7:00 p.m.. ama: today is equal pay day, that they women. according to numbers released by the white house, for in 10 women serve as their families primary breadwinner. >> imagine what that means in money for rent, food, groceries, lower credit scores. and costlier loans. it has a big impact on women's retirement. ama: house speaker nancy pelosi promised to continue to push for the paycheck fairness act. we are making progress. this year is the earliest equal pay date yet. dan: te to improve the bay area's homeless situation. when counting may have a solution. ama:
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news.
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dan: you could call the bay area at the land of tents and tesla's. thousands of people streets because they cannot afford a home. what would it take to change that? ama: wanted bay area code team have an answer. -- one bay area an answer. dan: our reporter s s difference that is being made in san mateo county. reporter: this building used to be a local hotel. it now makes up 500 homes for people who used to be homeless. >> we have two more hotels and another one in redwood city. reporter: he said they will have up to 640 homes.
6:31 pm
the last homeless census shows that more than 1500 people were homeless. hundreds were without any place to go. he is confident they will bring the number down to functional zero. >> we are calling this the year to end homelessness in san mateo county. reporter: though some of the hotels are permanent housing, others provide transitional housing. in turn, freeing up those transitional rooms for more homeless people. >> we know good things happen when you get a roof over somebody's head. able to buy these hotels? a big portion of it was from the care act. one of the many challenges still
6:32 pm
faced will be maintaining the funding to keep the housing going. >> i am hoping the federal government will see the success that we are experiencing here and understand this is a cheaper way to proceed and keep the dollars were linked. dan: homelessness is an issue that touches every bay area county. we tracked trends i i i homeless population for every bay area county. to see the results of that research, go to our website. ama: the enrollment freeze at uc berkeley is no more. it -- the legislation it clears the way for enrollment next fall. it overrules up court ruling some may think this is a victory
6:33 pm
for incoming students, it actually is not. >> the students are going to get hurt by this because there is not enough housing for the incoming class. ama: admis admis a out next week to 15,000 incoming freshmen. with classes and jobs on the chopping block at san francisco city college, faculty sent a message to the board of trustees. he held to protest this morning. last month, the board approved layoffs for 50 full-time faculty members. before this can happen, more than 300 part-time instructors will have to be laid off because of labor regulations. >> to not keep a community commy keep it aligned with our mission statement. ama: the school is facing a
6:34 pm
budget shortfall of 6 million dollars. dan: one of san jose's first homicides of 2021 remains unsolved. our reporter talked with matthew's family as they struggle with loss and search for answers. reporter: all is calm on the street in east san jose today, but one beer ago what happened here changed this family's life forever. matthew was shot and killed, his family still haunted by the events. >> it breaks my heart every time i think of him and see his children without their father. >> it seems so fresh, even though it has been a year. it reopened the wound. reporter: he was leaving a fundraiser when he was shot by a passing car point blank. san jose police continue to
6:35 pm
investigate, but no arrests have been made. the family has no idea why this happened, but they still hope for answers. >> i am trying to be there for his children. i have to be strong for them. i do pray that there is justice and we get closer. reporter: matthews best friend says she still looks at pictures of him every day. she says his memory lives on. >> as we were doing the balloon release for his one year, a hummingbird appeared and circled around us and would not leave. we all got the chills. we believe it was him. reporter: she hopes another sign will appear that leads to an arrest. the only evidence that remains is surveillance video of a blue
6:36 pm
explorer leaving the scene. >> if anybody has any information about the car, please come forward. reporter: the family has raised $10,000 for our lord. -- a reward. ama: coming up, a relic restored. dan: goldilocks moment for winemakers . getting that smoky flavor just right after years
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ama: san francisco's grace cathedral reopens to visitors tomorrow. the church has held worship services since last may, but it will be the first time visitors are being welcomed back inside the iconic church. >> we have new ipads that are installed so people can come, go to different stations and learn about this church. it was founded in 1849. ama: the cathedral what this
6:40 pm
late recently discovered photographs that were commissioned in the 1930's. if you plan to go, proof of vaccination and masks are required. there was a $12 admission fee. dan: a 12-year-old restoration project has just been completed high atop the santa cruz mountains. the radio tower serves as a reminder of tensions during the cold war. reporter: the five-story concrete building plans in, almost invisible. but on the third day, the structure at 3500 feet is hard to miss. >> throughout the bay area, you can look and see the box on top of it. it was the primary symbol of what the air force base was secure for, the radio tower that
6:41 pm
was much in our skies. reporter: it was used to detect the approach of soviet bombers during the cold war area -- era. the tower began to deterioratere when the land was acquired. >> it was it, it was falling off, pieces of concrete were falling off, so we had to have it close for safety. reporter: were $100,000 toward the restoration. yearly visitors now have full access to the summit. the tower itself is sealed but
6:42 pm
while ventilated to extend its life. >> even though modern technologn has made the radar obsolete, the fact that it was restored and will be standing here will be an important reminder for future generations of the importance of vigilance. fremont. one person has been shot on dome street. this does appear to be a fatal shooting. it appears to be in a driveway in the home. this one person is in custody. we will bring you more information as we get it. still to come, the next round
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hungry fish to take a bite out of the mosquito population. the county provides them free to
6:46 pm
residents in man-made bodies of water to gobble up the bugs. >> t t t in the art of postural -- artificial bodies of water like swimming pools. sources of stagnant water can breed mosquitoes. dan: mosquito fish are small. they are about an inch long. organizers say the program provides an alternative to putting chemicals in the water. ama: researchers are hoping to help winemakers adjust to a new reality of climate change, wildfires. a lot of them and at the smoke that comes with them. being able to better detect the smoke damage could be critical. reporter: a slight come that smoky taste can add character to a fine wine. but not too much smokiness. >> i have encountered ones in the bottle and thought this is
6:47 pm
an ashtray. reporter: lme is the who judges competitions. she says the effects of wildfires can often be tasted. but identifying which vines are damaged can be tricky and expensive. >> do you just trash a we did not know what to do. reporter: enter winemaker and professor phil cruz. he took note of the smoke damage and began studying better techniques to identify which groups contained smoke tint. he says it cannot remain hidden when smoky compounds bind with sugar molecules. but they can be released later by enzymes during the fermentation process or even when the compounds come in
6:48 pm
contact with the saliva of a wine drinker. >> phenols. that is what you can taste. reporter: the professor at work done in australia. he says the key is to test for smoke derived compounds that can be used as biomarkers. report on the table. separate compounds and you measure them by using mask up trauma t. reporter: the hope as it can save winemakers around the world millions of dollars a year by identifying just the affected grapes and saving the rest.
6:49 pm
all in an industry notoriously tight profit margins and discriminating consumers. ama: is based on an analysis of more than 200 samples of grapes from 21 grape growing regions in california and oregon. anchor: we do have have have hae coming this weekend. i want to show you what you are facing, which is fog. you cannot even see the golden gate bridge. this is what you will have to deal with tomorrow morning. visibility is down. left over moisture, perfect combination with the light winds to form. temperatures tomorrow will range from the upper 50's to the mid 70's. warmer than where we work today. as we look at the sierra nevada, they will get snow, several inches. if you have travel plans, saturday will not be a good day
6:50 pm
to travel. the accuweather forecast, morning fog given way to a milder date. possible sprinklers, especially in the north bay. we bring on a level one storm. light to moderate rain. sprint starts sunday morning and look at the warm up. 80's well above average. dan: now to someone who has often been described as a windstorm. anchor: to say above average. anchor: for the warriors last night. andre iguodala was missing. andre iguodala was missing. whe to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine we had out reminder of just how good the warriors could be. they were united last night. steph curry one to 440 on his birthday. all was right with warriors world. but there was somebody missing,
6:54 pm
andre iguodala. no timetable on his return. he has missed 23 of the last 24 games. he has lower back tightness. his presence is definitely valuable. >> basically another coach, but a more effective one than any of us can provide because he is with them in the locker room and he has the respect. he has been phenomenal as a mentor, as a coach, as a guy who knows what it takes to win at the highest level and is demanding those things from his teammates. the warriors will host the celtics tomorrow. the guilt will play the making their way to portland. this will be the program's 11th ncaa tournament. tommy says this tournament to run will be a chance to write
6:55 pm
some more history. >> this is just on their chance to write another chapter. i think we will be ready for whatever. anchor: wheels up for the university of san francisco. they boarded their plane indianapolis. the tenant seemed will face -- the 10-seed. jumbo left the sharks in 2020. first time returning to the tank. he went to the playoffs 10 times. they got to the finals once. still chasing that elusive stanley cup with the panthers. >> it is going to be fine. i am going to enjoy every minute of it. really looking forward to it. the fan base has been
6:56 pm
unbelievable. they really look out for the players here. for them to still be thinking of me as special, the people up here are great and i am happy to have them on my side. anchor: this did not take long. less than 24 hours after the atlanta braves acquired matt olson, they have signed him on an eight year contract. he grew up as a braves fan. put the jersey on for the first time today. man in sports, jenna fischer. if some day i become a billionaire, i will pay my players. i will not trade them when they are in their prime.
6:57 pm
the season finale of the bachelor. that will addition of abc seven news. thank you for joining us. dan: have a good night. have a good night. have a good night. at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you.
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♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- an elementary school teacher from washington, d.c... a digital marketing manager from south san francisco, california... and our returning champion-- an academic copy editor from durham, new hampshire... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [ applause ] thank you, johnny. welcome, everyone. an often underrated skill of people who win on "jeopardy!"
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is bounce-back ability. case in point-- yesterday's show, amy bekkerman hits a daily double, loses $4,000. could've been crushing for her. but on the very next clue, she finds the other daily double, bets big again, gets it correct, and goes on to win the game. it was clutch "jeopardy!" so there you go. ariel, simi, don't count yourselves out. good luck to all three of you. let's get into the "jeopardy!" round and see how you fare with these categories. we begin with... next... then... we have... and in that vein... and... amy, you're the champ now. where to? foreign words & phrases for $600, please. - simi. - what is "slowly"? - right. - ancient mariner for $200.


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