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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 1, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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reggie: driving down gas prices. kumasi: a crime that crippled traffic, a carjacking on the bay bridge. the victim sharing his story with abc7. reggie: the mess that plagued drivers for years is finally over, but at what price? kumasi: the oscars producer opening up about the slap, an exclusive interview. reggie:reggie: good morning, it is friday, april 1. rent is due. kumasi: [laughter] it is ok today, it is due. reggie: no joke. julian:. we have a nice-looking day. a a lot of sunshine. the cloudless eastern pacific here. that is high-pressure that will build in. we will see clouds for your
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saturday, but today is all about the sun. 44, blackout. 45, walnut creek. low 40's in the north bay. 49, san francisco. fog and pacifica. -- in pacifica. we start with cloud cover, numbers climbing through the 60's and 70's by noon. and by the afternoon it will be warmer with low 70's in the inland valleys. a cool coast for the next several days. we'll talk about the weekend in a few minutes. kumasi: after more than a month of record-setting gas prices, they are finally starting to dip. as we told you yesterday, the president is taking action to drive them down even more. we are tracking this and its impact on the a couple -- on the economy. the national average has dropped a $4.22 a gallon, but we are
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still paying more here in california. the state averages $5.88 a gallon and san francisco drivers are paying even more. as amy is telling us, the president is tapping into the nation's reserves, hoping to lower the price of oil. amy: exactly, the president is hoping by flooding the market with oil, you will see lower prices ae s station. the president has ordered the release of one million barrels of oil a day for six months. that will come from the nation's petroleum reserve. he says he expects to see gas prices drop significantly. but others in the industry say they are not so sure. >> it will have a little effect, but it will not be the major driver to overcome the huge increases in gas prices we have
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seen over the last few months. the conflict in russia and ukraine continues. and that is the major thing driving up the oil prices. amy: one oil analyst said the plan could bring short-term relief, kind of like taking an advil for a headache, but the root cause is still going to be there. the president is also turning his attention to the oil and gas companies, saying he wants congress to impose penalties on the companies who are not producing oil. in the east bay, amy hollyfield. reggie: we are hearing exclusively from a man at the center of a dramatic carjacking on the bay bridge. a suspect still a man's truck and took off after a crash midspan on wednesday. our reporter has the story. >> i think that that is my last
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day. he took the car and left. reporter: elmer. he would die after coming face-to-face with an armed man in the middle of the bridge. could you believe it was happening?? >> i never saw something like that. and i never thought it would happen to me. reporter: the chp says it began when the suspect's ford suv started weaving in traffic on wednesday morning. elmer says the suspect crashed into a car and tried to steal it, fighting with the other driver. >> after that, he fought with me, but i had an impulse. when they say they have a gun, i don't do anything. reporter: the suspect made a move toward him, brandishing his gun. >> he pushed me. reporter: seconds later, the suspect took off in the white truck elmer was driving. >> it is unusual.
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you do not think of a carjacking occurring on an elevated bridge structure. that the person must have been desperate following the accident to attempt something like this. reporter: elmer said in that moment he did not resist, thinking about his life. >> i think about everything on that moment, about my family, job, my friends. reporter: police are still searching for the man believed to be armed and dangerous, possibly still driving that white pickup truck. kumasi: ukraine officials say the next round of negotiations will resume today with russia. this is coming as russia is claiming a humanitarian corridor will open today from a key city. we have the latest from jobina. jobina: 2000 people are evacuating mariupol right now and they are being taken by the
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red cross to a ukrainian control to city. it is estimated that there are still 100,000 people trapped in the city. russian forces have handed back control of the turn noble powerplant. president biden says putin may have placed his advisors under house arrest. >> i am not saying with with certainty, but he seems to be self-isolating and there is indication that he has, that he's put under house arrest his advisors. jobina: australia's prime minister says his country will be sending some armored vehicles to ukraine after -- at the request of the ukrainian president. did not say how many. kumasi: if you want to help people in ukraine, we put together a list of nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees. it is all on our website. reggie: to the latest on the
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pandemic. tenant expanding its lockdown to deal with the worst covert outbreak since this whole thing started. most people in shanghai are being forced to stay home. the lockdown was supposed to last only 10 days and cover the city into phases, the east and then the west. but then yesterday, officials announced new restrictions of same people in buildings with positive cases will need to remain under lockdown for 10 more days. starting today, two venues are dropping requirement to show proof of vaccine or a negative test. the sap center in san jose, the mask policy depends on the preference of each event promoter. the other is chase center, easin g restrictions today to align with the department of public health in the city. all those not vaccinated are still required to wear a mask, unless they are eating or drinking. kumasi: an oscars producer is
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sharing what happened with police after will smith slapped chris rock. andrew has the details in gma's first look. reporter: an abc news exclusive. >> it sounds like chris rock had the option to have the lapd go the rest and remove will smith. reporter: for the first time since the on stage moment -- >> will smith just smacked -- reporter: will holmes talking to the producer, will packard. they said, this is battery, they were laying out the options. as they were talking, chris was being very dismissive of those options. reporter: at 7:00 a.m., more of our interview with well as he takes us through the moments we did not see at home. he attempts to get will smith to leave the ceremony and what he
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thinks should happen to the best actor winner now. andrew dymburt, abc news. kumasi: that interview with will packard will be this morning on gma, starting at 7:00 a.m. right after abc7 mornings. lisa: good morning, santa rosa, you have a little fog, otherwise we have high-pressure that will bring us more sun. we are in the 40's right now. santa clara at 42. as we slide up the peninsula, 48. so we are looking at the hour-by-hour forecast. you can see that there will not be many clouds at all through the day, helping with the warm up. but as we get through saturday, 8:00, higher clouds. by the end of the day, clouds will thicken up. it will be mild, but we will see temps come down for the second half of the weekend. 60's for the highs in san jose.
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and event sunday and monday is when we are cooling off. clouds, breezy winds, but a recovery for tuesday. by wednesday, 80's. this will hold for the rest of the bay area, where cooler air will arrive and at them much warmer weather next week. today, 68 in oakland. 70, fremont. and if you are going to the north bay, 76. upper 70's in antioch. jobina: we have a sig alert underway involving multiple cars, injuries reported here and multiple lanes are blocked. you can see from the sensors, picking up speeds around two miles per hour here, so it will be slow on westbound 80. and bringing pictures, san mateo bridge here. very clear. a little bit busy in emeryville, 80, headlights traveling westbound. we have been waiting on this for
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a very long time. san francisco's first bus rapid transit lanes it will be in service today. a live sculpture was lit for the first time last night. [applause] jobina: that is cool. so, the separated red transit lanes from mission to lombard street mean transit buses can travel without getting caught in traffic. the project included extensive utility maintenance, like the replacement of a 100-year-old water main. and a civil grand jury now found that there could be less delays and costs had it dug a hole to see where the underground utilities were before construction. >> it took too long and it cost too much. i there are lessons from this because we do not want this to be the story with every major project we undertake. jobina: because it was very expensive and it did take too
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long. new lanes means at 32% shorter times for riders. they will celebrate the opening with a ribbon-cutting at the memorial opera house at 9:15 a.m. this morning. reggie: fires, smoke, pollution -- a triple threat coming our way for wildfire season. kumasi: and what is with the owls? we will explain what they are doing, besides being cute, that is causing a hoot and one san francisco neighborhood. reggie: more magic returning to disney, the change the characters are making that will have things feeling like life before the pandemi
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everyone has a style...
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ours is helping you find yours. right now, get an extra 30% off top designers... and 15% off fragrances, makeup and more. own your style at macy's. kumasi: a couple of barn owls had to be rescued from a roller rink. our reporter has the story of the recovery in new habitat. reporter: these two are watching a street corner right now, news that should make you smile
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because in february these owls got inside the building here. >> i could not believe what i was looking at. he landed next to another one and if they had perched themselves near the dj booth. it was amazing. reporter: they were inside of the church of eight wheels, a former church now a rollerskating rink. as the music played, video showed the owls appearing to dance. those from a nonprofit saw the video and grew concerned. >> that is not an animal dancing or enjoying itself, that is a stress wild animal trying to use his sentences and figure out what is happening. reporter: those with wild care found somebody to rescue the two, had -- who had likely been high above but inside the roller rink for five to seven days. they were put in an incubator with iv fluids and feeding tubes
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at the wild care facility. one of the birds passed away within 48 hours. >> and a come back another day and i see the same thing. this thing flutters through and i am like, what is this? another owl? reporter: they successfully caught the third owl. david miles and others boarded up holes for the two likely came in sign. >> they were investigating anything that could be a nesting site. the problem was it went to a rollerskating rink. reporter: over the next three weeks, a happy ending, the two remaining owls gained strength and were released at the top of the building where an owl house was constructed in a spot where they could easily search for rodents. >> every time we open, we ring the bell, the entire
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neighborhood hears it. but now we do not ring them anymore because we want them to live there. >> we are watching and waiting to see if it is also a love match. reporter: jr stone, abc7 news. reggie: the story had everything. kumasi: twists and turns. reggie: love, loss. healing. kumasi: i felt bad because i thought, look at them dancing. reggie: that is stressed. kumasi: but they are ok now. reggie: i think so. kumasi: let's hope so. reggie: just do not ring the bell. kumasi: that was a journey. i love owls. reggie: i really was not prepared. [laughter] today is april 1, which means april fools' day pranks, starting with a butterfinger. it has come up with a new food. and we just assume that this is a joke. it's butterfinger plus mayonnaise.
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butterfinger tweeted a picture of the jar with a message that says that your favorite mayo just got more crunchy in peanut buttery. hellman's with butterfinger, a new way to make anything you put mayo even more irresistible. you know what that looks like? i cannot think of the name. it's that peanut butter and grape thing, it looks like -- kumasi: when they put the jelly in peanut butter together in the same jar? reggie: it is that same twisting. what's that called, goober something? kumasi: does it have a name? reggie: it has a name. smcuuckers goober grape. that is what it is called. jobina: when you know it is mayo, it turns your stomach. reggie: this goes a little bit further. this is over the line.
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ok. jobina: thank you. [laughter] lisa: well, we will get you going with cooler temperatures, some scattered fog at the coast. the sea breeze is with us. a nice pattern for the next few days. on the doppler, we have a ridge of high pressure that will be dominating our weather. 49, san jose. 42, santa rosa. and as we go down the coast, 47, pacifica. a look outside where the sunny and warmer day will be here today, and as we go through the afternoon it will be beautiful in the south bay with 74. 71, sunnyvale. and upper 60's from redwood city. the sea breeze will kick in at 1:00 p.m. and we will have 50's. 62, daly city. in the north bay warmer from low 70's in petaluma and sonoma.
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and a nice afternoon on the east bay. we are warming up with 68 in oakland, 70 in newark. 71 in castro valley. and inland, above average today with temperatures in the mid-70's in san ramon to the upper 70's. a few days where the temps will stay comfortable, but as you look at the seven day forecast things will change after the weekend. we are talking nice weather tomorrow as the clouds increase in the day and breezy on sunday into monday with a weaker system passing to the north on tuesday. and. then warming up check out wednesday through thursday, 80's commander 90, -- near 90. reggie: tracking climate change is a key part of building a better bay area. with the drought, state officials are already preparing for fire season. the fires themselves are not the only threat.
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according to a new report from princeton, wildfire smoke will reach higher levels than originally thought. smoke pollution could increase by 50% by the middle of the century. it creates large problems for those in its path. >> the toxicity of the wildfires get worse as they linger in the air for hours or days. reggie: official say it is not too soon for people to check their homes and make sure that they are ready for bad air quality. caring about the environment is part of our commitment here at abc7, so to learn how to take action you can go to our website. kumasi: i am excited, andrea pacelli announced his tour in the u.s. and he will kick it off in san francisco on december 1 with music from his latest album, as well as his crossover hits, love songs and holiday songs.
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tickets go on sale on april 11. he will perform at sap center this year. he will be there on june 18. and it will be a rescheduled show from 2020. coming up the things to know. reggie: our favorite jeopardy champion is going to the white house. kumasi: and a look outside at 5:22 a.m.
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kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know. one, the president has ordered the release of one million barrels of oil a day for six months. the plan is to flood the market with oil, hoping you will see lower prices at the gas station. reggie: russian forces have opened a humanitarian corrioddor today. thousands are evacuating the city. kumasi: the chase center and sap center are dropping proof of vaccine and negative covid test policies today. the sap center says masks could still be required depending on the event. reggie: four, state officials will conduct the for the sierra snowpack survey of the water season. it is not expected to look good, less than 40% of normal. that would be the lowest in
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seven years. lisa: number five, patchy fog in the north bay. sunshine today leading to warmer temperatures, 60's and 70's. jobina: a sig alert where injuries are involved, multiple lanes blocked on westbound 80. take richland parkway to re-access 80. kumasi: number seven, restaurant week is kicking off today featuring 160 restaurants from far and wide. it also includes brunch. it goes through april 10. reggie: where are we going? kumasi: we need to look at the list. amy schneider visited the white house to market transgender day. she took a tour of the west wing and answered questions from reporters. she expressed her disappointment in the wave of anti-lgbtq bills going through state legislators.
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>> being a trans person that is not threatening and is a normal person like we all are. the more that people like me can be seen, the harder it is to sustain the myths that are driving a lot of hate and fear. kumasi: schneider met with the second gentleman, as well as transgender youth also invited. reggie: you will soon be able to give mickey mouse a hug. for the first time in forever, you will be able to get close to the characters for photos, monographs and hugs, because disney theme parks and cruise ships are relaxing covid restrictions this month. starting on april 18, guests can share special moments with their favorite disney friends once again. recent guidance has provided opportunities for them to bring back their beloved magic. disney is the parent company of abc7. did you see the picture we had
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of minnie mouse? she was in the corner. kumasi: like i am here, do not touch me. reggie: i will be happy to see that. [laughter] coming up, the pandemic has taken a toll on us, but we cannot forget about teenagers. what we are learning about the impact on their mental health. kumasi: if you live near stanford, we have a job for you, the gig helping students make serious cash. reggie: relief for renters, what it means for landlords. kumasi: here is a live look at sfo. we will be right back.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: developments in the capital riot investigation. kumasi: we are ready to pay less at the pump, but how soon will we see relief? amy hollyfield is getting answers. reggie: stanford students need your help, what could earn you some quick cash. kumasi: ok, we will get to that in a moment, but in the meantime, good morning. it is friday. reggie: we are checking on the weather. lisa: good morning. current numbers on the peninsula with the fog, 47 and pacifica. 46, half moon bay.
5:31 am
fog from napa to santa rosa. winds in the upper elevations up to 40 miles per hour out of the north. st. helena with gusty winds. northerly winds will bring us warmth today. we were not see the gusty winds at the surface. upper 40's through 8:00 as we . full sunshine at 11:00. 63. and then throughout the afternoon it will be a warmer day. 2:00 p.m., low 70's. and all that yellow indicates the warmer air, cooling off by the evening. we will talk about the weekend in a few minutes. reggie: get ready to pay less the next time you fill up. relief from record high gas prices is finally in sight. we are tracking this as part of our commitment to bring you stories on the economy. lower prices are expected after the president announced a historic release of one million
5:32 am
barrels of oil a day from our strategic reserves, every day for the next six months. amy hollyfield is live with more on the plan and how soon we could see the prices drop. amy: hi. gas here at this station is six dollars a gallon and more for the higher grade, so it would be great to see those prices go down, considering what we are paying in california. you likely will see them go down, but issues in california will still keep our prices pretty high. the plan is to flood the market with oil, hoping it will drive down the cost, and analysts expected to help a little. one called it a short-term relief, like taking advil for a headache. that is for the nation. here it is different. >> california's prices have been driven up by refinery issues here. and the premium that we pay in california, the mystery gasoline
5:33 am
surcharge, above higher taxes, has gone way up. so that would not be addressed by releasing more oil. but i think that by releasing more oil, things make more sense now. the strategic petroleum reserve is there for geopolitical disruptions to the market and are certainly is one right now. amy: the president has ordered the release of one million barrels of oil a day for six months. that oil will come from the nation's petroleum reserve. you may not see the price impact right away, it could take time, as companies have already purchased their gas and will sell it based on what they paid for it. he says it should be coming. he is also calling on companies to do their part, saying they should not take advantage of the war in ukraine or the pandemic to increase profits. he wants congress to impose
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financial penalties on oil and gas companies, at least those on public lands that are not producing oil. kumasi: a south bay student is in the hospital this morning after being shot by a classmate. it happened to yesterday in san jose. police say that both the suspect and shooting victim attended the school. students sheltered in place while police looked further shooter. they found the suspect with a gun and took him into custody after about two hours. the victim is expected to survive, but the shooting follows a violent weekend in san jose where there were at least four incidents involving gun violence. >> we have juveniles with guns. we are going to do something. we need to combat the problem together. it will take more than just police. kumasi: the police gave the all clear and the shelter-in-place was lifted, parents waiting for hours to figure out if their children were safe.
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reggie: mountain view is revealing developments in the tragic death of a 13-year-old boy. two weeks ago he was hit and killed by a truck at el camino and grant road. now investigator statay video shows him falling off of his bicycle in front of the truck in a blind spot. mountain view is looking at potential bike into safety improvements at that intersection. kumasi: new details in the investigation of the capital riot's. abc news confirms that jared kushner met with the investigating house committee this week. he is a member of the trump family, the first to be questioned. it lasted about six hours. one committee members said that his interview was "really helpful" in furthering the investigation. the january 6 committee wants to speak with his wife, eve ivanka trump. she was at the white house on the day of the riots. reggie: strong winds and
5:36 am
downpours, several tornado watches and warnings issued at this week in the deep south. we are tracking that weather at the live desk. jobina: the long line of storms is hitting the east coast and a deep south hard. we have seen over 30 reported tornadoes recently across 10 states. damage and debris flying everywhere. severe storms have happened from new york all the way to the midwest, winds clocking at 140 miles per hour in some places. storms are likely through the weekend, going into next week. by wednesday, storms will hit alabama, georgia and tennessee. the national weather service has more severe weather is expected this month for the east coast. we could see above normal rain for the midwest as well as the northeast. kumasi: state lawmakers have passed emergency legislation extending the eviction ban, but it only covers people who submitted an application and are
5:37 am
waiting for aid. tenants had until midnight last night to apply for aid. lawmakers extended the protection another three months. so far, half a million californians have signed up. >> we know people are maxing out cut cards, taking loans from fans -- from families and friends. we know that there also taking loans, unfortunately, from loan sharks. people will do anything to pay their rent. kumasi: this is also meant to benefit landlords who have not received payments for several months to year -- a year. alexa is getting an upgrade, how she has upped her game to get the best deals. reggie: more than garlic, why to fame.are re is li.lisa: we are checking r satellite picture, which is a familiar scene with
5:38 am
high-pressure deflecting any weather systems to the north. it will be our fair weather friend for the next several days. 50 in also bronte. 42 with frog -- fog in the north bay to the coast with the visibility at about four miles. that will lift it we'll have a cooler day at the coast.. if you are going to the beach, we will have sunshine, but beat only in the 50's. 60's, stinson. cool at the shoreline. we will warm up away from the coast. tomorrow, 70's. clouds on the increase. we'll enjoy a warmer afternoon. by sunday, we are coming down from the low 60's in the beta the mid 60's -- bay to the mid 60's nland. cool and breezy weather is on the way. today will be the warmer day. and then tomorrow.
5:39 am
highs today ranging from the e tya.50's at thein i-76, concorde. 70, santa cruz. mid-seventies inland. jobina: we are starting with that traffic alert because we have a sig alert in affect. well, that is on westbound 80 there. we had a glitch there. multiple lanes blocked. tracy to dublin is slow at 56 minutes. oakland, the coliseum camera, southbound traffic on 680, very busy. we want to go back to the sig alert, westbound 80. the average speeds around six miles per hour. caltrain is half-price starting today with all fares discounted by 50% on month. on monday it will resume its full schedule, 104 trains a day. monday will bring changes to the
5:40 am
schedule for the golden gate ferry service. and you can also take it from oakland. it should make connecting to other transit services much easier ♪ ♪ let's go out of town for the summer ♪ ♪ i wanna go across the trees ♪ ♪ just take my hand ♪ ♪ we will have fun till the sun goes down ♪ ♪ and we'll start over again ♪ ♪ ok, floor and decor, show me what you've got. now this tile says "spa day, all day."
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reggie: san francisco will begin offering a second booster shot starting today to those 50 and up. it was authorized on tuesday and made available on wednesday by other bay counties. california is averaging more than 1900 new covid cases a day, that is five new cases per 100,000 californians. the u.s. senate is moving toward approval of a $10 billion emergency coronavirus response package. the deal cuts $5 billion from what the president was asking for. and you know about the impact of the covid 19 pandemic has had on teenagers, a report showing how
5:43 am
much many of them have suffered. we are breaking down the numbers. jobina: the cdc report found more than one third of high school students said their mental health suffered in the pandemic, 44% reported feeling persistently sad or hopeless in the past year. more than a quarter of them had a parent lose a job. >> children's mental health is so impacted by what is going on in the family, in the community, and then of course with online school and with disruption in school. jobina: the survey was done from january to june of 2021, among the hardest hit were lgbtq kids and asian americans. 64% of asian-american students said they experienced racism during covid, african-americans not far behind in the numbers. researchers also found lgbtq students reported greater levels
5:44 am
of poor mental health, emotional abuse and attempted suicide more than their counterparts. kumasi: thank you. new this morning, the u.s. economy is getting closer to pre-pandemic levels when it comes to employment. the labor department released a report showing the unemployment rate has dropped. 431,000 new jobs were added in march, about 60,000 short than but was forecasted, so it is the 15th consecutive month now that the report has shown growth. but the economy is still more than 500,000 jobs short of pre-pandemic levels. are you looking to become somebody's personal assistant? a high net worth a sanford student could be your next client. one student is hiring their own personal assistant and is willing to offer $50 an hour. this was posted through it's a part-time gig, 20 hours a
5:45 am
week, but this is what you need to do. anticipate and tackle issues, and you are also slated to be on call with the role. i read the description, you need to be able to help the person run errands, take them to the airport, to the vet. it's a lot of stuff. reggie: this has to be a joke. tell me this is a joke. kumasi: it could be, it is the day. [laughter] reggie: can you imagine? kumasi: if you are a high net worth student at stanford, you might need support. reggie: no, you need to do your own. you will never learn. am i right? lisa: you are right. reggie: can you imagine being this person's parent? i would go through the roof. kumasi: no. people have support as adults. reggie: watch me cut off that check to you. lisa: that is tough love. you are done. reggie: paper stanford yourself.
5:46 am
-- pay for stanford yourself. kumasi: you do not know their journey. reggie: i do. i'm a parental expert. do you not know this? i have seen tv shows and movies. lisa: good morning. w are on our way toe a good start to the weekend, although we will see changes as we go through the second half. live doppler picking up on the cloud free conditions due to high-pressure, but we have patchy fog in the north bay and at the coast. livermore at 43. fog from napa to santa rosa and even down the coast, three mile visibility at half moon bay. our camera looking nice with sunny skies this afternoon. clouds will increase tomorrow. cooler weather on sunday into monday. and breezy conditions before things do an about-face. over the weekend, the rain in portland and seattle and through
5:47 am
northern california. do you think it will come to the bay area? of course not. we'll get windy, cloudy skies. and as we look at the day today it will be the sunniest day as we have high-pressure in control and temps responded with norths in the upper - -winds in the upper elevations. and cloud cover for saturday. mild, but things will be changing. today is nice with temperatures in the upper 60's across the bay, richmond, oakland. 70, palo alto. the north bay will be warmer. low 70's there. and the forecast shows clouds returning tomorrow. breezy onshore winds through sunday and monday. then it is all about the about-face on tuesday. even the beach will be warming up. it will be pleasant on wednesday and thursday. reggie: skippy is recalling
5:48 am
thousands of jars of peanut butter in 18 states, saying the jars could be contaminated with fragments of stainless steel form a piece of -- from a piece of equipment. the recall is voluntary. the products include reduced fat creamy peanut butter spread, reduced fat chunky spread, and creamy peanut butter blended with plant protein. they all have best if used by dates of early may. kumasi: alexa has a new feature that could save you money. the voice assistant can notify prime members up to a day ahead of discounts or sales on items in their car on their wish list. users can then ask alexa to go ahead and buy it. you can also ask, where is my stuff and find all the relevant tracking information. reggie: we just turned everybody's devices on in that
5:49 am
story. kumasi: as well as i did not buy anything for anybody. reggie: [laughter] how fast is the housing bubble growing? the warning signs and the best time to buy. kumasi: but first, spring is in full bloom and go more. -- in gilroy. we take it inside a fashion show. reggie: we are coming right back.
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♪ ♪ create a season full of curiosity. your happiest spring starts at lowe's.
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kumasi: gilroy garlic, more than garlic -- it's actually a development center for flower seeds. a show is underway at nurseries on flowers that they will be planting a year from now. david has an inside look. reporter: color is everything when it comes to choosing flowers for the garden. characteristicsa re important, such as how long the blooms last and a drought tolerant. this is a private event where flowers seed companies show off what could take 10 years to breed a better flowers. >> it goes from hand brushing the pollen onto the female. we use bumblebees in some incidents to make crosses. and sometimes we do it in a lab.
5:53 am
reporter: 900 growers have come to gilroy to see what catches their eye and how well flowers will grow on their home turf. they will germinate the seeds this year and have them ready to sell next spring. >> the floral industry, like the fashion industry, releases a season or two in advance. how do they know what will play well to consumers? reporter: orange and yellow are popular. do you ever miss the mark? >> yes, we have missed the mark. reporter: what happens? >> we do it all over again. reporter: how they perform is a major focus in drought conditions. a senior breeder says they stress test the flowers by withholding water. >> the ones that make it through, you capture those and the process continues until you have two breeding populations of things that have appeal and can sustain themselves. reporter: breeding flowers
5:54 am
develops more pedals. -- petal.s. additional petals prolong the bloom. but it all starts with seeds. reggie: the great, otis active national park ranger, betty reid soskin, is now retired. she worked at the rose the riveter world war ii homefront national historic park in richmond for more than a decade. a retirement celebration will be held it there on saturday, april 16. kumasi: happening today, the famous nighttime food festival is back. off the grid is coming back. the highly anticipated street food festival will kickoff tonight. you can check it out until 10:00 p.m. over 25 food trucks will be there, along with a bar, entertainment stage. it's been two years since they set up shop at fort mason.
5:55 am
this is the largest reoccurring street food festival in northern california. reggie: we are looking at menus because restaurant week is kicking off, the train hundred 60 restaurants. it will run through april 10 with special prices. for the first time, you can order brunch. meal prices range between $10 and $75, but usually it's a good deal. kumasi: did you find a brunch option? reggie: not yet. kumasi: i will work on it. reggie: please do. lisa: we are on our way to a nice afternoon inland. anti-outcome upper 70's. -- antioch, upper 70's. coming down for sunday and monday. theh look at that recovery -- then look at that recovery, 80's. in the 50's today in santa clara. low 70's for highs inland. belmont and redwood city, temps
5:56 am
in the low 60's by noon, upper 60's by 4:00 p.m. the sea breeze coming into play. san rafael and fairfax, about 68 by 1:00 p.m. low 70's by the afternoon. a little bit above average. and sunshine to enjoy. kumasi: your dm's just got a major makeover. instagram says the rest is up to you. reggie: plus, the mess is no more. no longer a dr. seuss ride. but will the new bust lane actually -- bus lane actually save drivetime? we will take a look at how much. kumasi: do not mess with mama falcon. this falcon is back in the headlines. is this the story? reggie: no, because this morning we are remembering our friend, herman. rip.
5:57 am
we are truly sad about it. we got attached. kumasi: i did. we will talk about it. reggie: a live look when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. >> i think that is my last day. he just took the car, and then he left. kumasi: the unimaginable.
6:00 am
on a trip across the bay bridge, the man held up at gunpoint, sharing his story only with abc 7 news. reggie: the mess is finally over, but is it -- but was it worth the drive time we should be saving? the grand opening of a major artery that for years has been a major pain. kumasi: amy schneider's shining moment -- a white house appearance for a very important reason. reggie: what press secretary, i really bought it. who has a question? kumasi: we are going to check in with lisa. lisa: it has been getting a little warmer and a little sunnier day after day. today, we will have mostly sunny conditions as high pressure takes us through the weekend, starting with some fog from half moon pacifica. upper 30's. low 40's in the val


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