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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 4, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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story. lisa, let's talk about this warm up we are about to have. lisa: the coolest day of the week. temperatures are going up as soon as tomorrow. this is what you would expect to see in april, a cold front to the north of us. clouds moving into the north bay, but that will clear. we have fog in pacifica. 51 in oakland. 24 hour tempat change, five to 12rees win thebay. 's by noon time. breezy all around the bay. low 70's inland. still,0's at the coa developing, sacramento police are offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the suspects in a mass shooting. kumasi: six were killed and 12
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were injured outside of a bar downtown. we spoke to one of the mothers of one of the victims. >> this morning, police searching for the shooters that killed six people and wounded 12 blocks from california state capitol. >> we need another 5, 10 officers. >> gunshots rang out after a large fight in front of a row of nightclubs. a 29-year-old and her son, a father of two young daughters, two of the people that lost their lives. >> he was full of life, happy-go-lucky. always there to help somebody. >> officers on duty in the area heardunshots,orp.this is the laa string of recent mass shootings. >> the ago, pre-covid,
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when the city went two years without a single homicide involving sacramento's youth. now we are living in a different era. >> it is one that she says she should not have to face. >> this has got to stop. this has been going on for too long. it is not just sacramento, it's all over. >> federal agents are now on the scene trying to help get answers. president biden also calling on congress to act, including getting ghost guns and assault rifles, and requiring background checks on all sales. kumasi: thank you. we have been keeping on top of the updates on the shooting as well as investigation, providing immediate updates on the abc 7 bay area app. get the latest on your phone by
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downloading the app. reggie: judge ketanji brown jackson could be confirmed as the first black supreme court woman justice on thursday. today, the house judiciary committee is expected to advance her nomination to the full senate. judge jackson has full support, including susan collins saying she will support jackson. any time will be broken by vice president harris. judge jackson will join the term of the next court in october. kumasi: our goal of building a better bay area focuses on the workplace and what that means as many of us returned to the office. this morning, one of the area's largest companies is welcoming people back. google is starting a hybrid model. for many, this will be the first time stepping foot there since march 2 years ago. gloria rodriguez has more on this big day. >> this week will be different
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for google employees as remote workers in -- returned to the office, and returning in a hybrid model. most employees will be working from a bay area office three days of the week, and the rest of the week they can work from home or wherever they choose. they can work in the office more if they want. according to a spokesperson, 85% of applications for fully remote work or relocations have been approved since june, that is nearly 14,000 employees around the world. employees working on site need to have covid-19 vaccinations or approved accommodations. those not vaccinated and have an approved accommodation must test regularly and wear a mask. google is joining other bay area companies like apple and twitter welcoming back workers this spring. according to google, this hybrid model was inspired by google employees.
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it allows them flexibility but also the ability to collaborate together in the office. reggie: thank you. a major acquisition by elon musk. filings show the spacex founder has taken a more than 9% stake in twitter. he bought about 73 million shares. that makes him twitter's biggest shareholder. it is worth nearly $3 billion. as a result, twitter's stock has surged 25% before the opening bell. kumasi: a landmark united nations climate report will be published today. but the report was held up over the weekend by a number of fossil fuel producing nations. they rejected calls for the world to end its use of coal, oil, and natural gas. climate scientists negotiated over the weekend, and the report is based off of thousands of studies by scientists, only published every 67 years. reggie: much more coming up,
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including one aunt on a mission to raise money for inexpensive treatment that would save her knees's life. lisa: live look outside at the east bay cameras. 50 degrees. we will look for class to start out. everyone's a multitasker these days. and with supersonic wifi from xfinity, your internet can multitask too. it's got gig speeds to the most homes... advanced security that blocks billions of cyber threats and enough power for a house full of devices. plus when you get xfinity internet and mobile together,
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lisa: good monday morning. waking up to cloud cover in the north bay. milder temperatures. the rain getting to sonoma county, but we will look for breezy wind along the coast, also in the valleys. 50 downtown. 50 in nevada. here is a look at our hour-by-hour animation. cloud cover in the first half of the day.
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second half, still some clouds. then the clouds got swept away on tuesday. that begins a warming trend. onshore wind today anywhere from 20 to 26 miles per hour. then they will change directions out of the north. that will help in the morning through the next several days. the south bay today should be in the upper 60's. 73 tomorrow. wednesday, 86. by friday, a couple degrees cooler inland. look at how mild overnight will be once we get into the midweek. instead of 40's, near 60 degrees. there will be some relief, but that will be toward dawn. holding onto that worked in the afternoon. 66 in richmond, palo alto. jobina: good morning, everyone.
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starting out with some good news. caltrans have slashed their fair prices in april to think the riders for their patients during the electrification process, also to lure in people returning to work this week. the metering lights came on at 5:44. the backup is already starting, so this is a testament of people coming back to the office. live look at the golden gate bridge, the chp issued a wind advisory here. san rafael bridge, san mateo bridge. reggie: going to great lengths to sell fake covid cards. one man's master plans as police catch him in the act. antirheumatic river rescue in the netherlands. a taurus divan tips over in the amsterdam canal. live look
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(music throughout)
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reggie: a scenic tour of the answered him canal turned into chaos over the weekend. all nine people in a taurus divan had to swim to land when the van crashed into the canal. police say it likely rolled into the water while parking. you may have seen a witness jump into the canal to open up the passenger door so that people could get out. everyone did get back to ground safely, they were just shaken up. a daly city family is offering $10,000 to find the person you attacked. four-year-old grandfather. the video may be disturbing to you. this is solomon hernandez gardening in his front lawn, when a man comes up, for no reason, to kick him in the back.
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the family says this is the second time he has been attacked. it happened once before in 2020, and that is when the family installed cameras around the house. >> it is too much now. >> he was literally jump kicked from behind. he had to go through it twice. we want to catch this bad guy, catch this criminal. reggie: the attacker ran away into the neighborhood. kumasi: a san jose woman is on a mission to save the life of her seven-year-old niece in poland. she was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a condition that destroys nerve cells that controls things like breathing, walking. novartis has a gene therapy that could help but it cost $2.1 million. that is why she held a fundraiser luncheon yesterday. >> it is 24/7 begging for money,
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thinking what else can we do to raise the money? the amount is unimaginable. kumasi: the story has mobilized many generous people worldwide to donate, but family still need more to meet their goal. reggie: some of the very area's best-known musicians came together for a benefit concert to help the people of ukraine. napa valley concert was held at the expo yesterday. the consul general of ukraine is in san francisco and was there and spoke to the crowd. >> if freedom has a name right now, it's name is ukraine. the ukrainian flag is the flag of freedom. i wish everyone of you to keep focusing on ukraine, not lose attention, not get tired of the war, and to act for ukraine.
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if it means supporting through humanitarian aid, do it. if it means going and fighting, do it. if it be providing what you can come and do it. reggie: all the money raised is going to two nonprofits. kumasi: a crowd came together in palo alto to celebrate the festival of spring. ♪ hundreds turned out to celebrate the ancient hindu festival of holi. holi celebrates the end of winter and the start of spring and the blossoming of love for many. another sign of spring in washington state weekend. this guy get valley tulip festival is back this friday. it is an annual event in the northwest but it was one of the first in the country to close when the pandemic started. they are planting flowers so that the field will be popping
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all month long. reggie: there is a new club that is all the rage in l.a. it is a private dog park. dog people, which is spelled ppl, charges owners $80 a month. they say they provide a clean environment and protection for dogs. it's also a social club for dog owners which includes a cafe, bar, lounge. it opened in september. one of the founders says they have more than 900 members. dogs have to be spayed and neutered and vaccinated. people interested in becoming a member have to apply, explaining who they are and why they want to be a part of the community. if they have to have someone come in and be response or something, i'm out. that is another thing those l.a. clubs make you do. lisa: if you have a kid, same thing, playgroups, all of that.
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reggie: i mean, there are a lot of clubs like this. it appeals to certain people who want to hang out with their dogs. reggie: that is called the park. kumasi: this is a park elevated. lisa: she is so generous. from last week -- reggie: the person from stanford who wants to pay you $50 an hour to be your assistant. kumasi: these people know their target market. reggie: i guess they do. bougie l.a. people. try that here. it really is called dolores park. there is a cafe right over there. you can go over there, too. it has bathrooms, everything. it is free. kumasi: i think you are there with everybody. reggie: lisa, how's it looking? lisa: i thought you would never ask.
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those canines enjoying the day. they will get hot, may need some water. as we look at live doppler 7, here is a system that a couple of years ago would maybe affect the bay, but now, no. we just have the cloud cover and a temperate day. with the cloud cover, numbers are up. 50 in san jose, 57 in sunnyvale. this is warm for the north bay. overnight lows a lot warmer once we get into the afternoon highs. 15 to 25 degrees above average wednesday and thursday. wins, 22 miles per hour in the city. the breeze keeps temperatures today in the 60's and 70's. upper elevations, 26 miles per hour above half moon bay. live look outside where we start with clear skies.
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slightly cooler today. some warmth midweek. heat peeking into the 90's and linda on wednesday and thursday. close to 70 downtown. here is the hottest day. half moon bay in the 70's. by friday we get the sea breeze. if you like them more, you'll want to be in linda on friday. partly cloudy skies today. breezy at times in the accuweather seven-day forecast. the real heat arrives wednesday and thursday. stays hot inland bayside. cooler along the coast and into the weekend. reggie: thank you. good morning america comes up at 7:00. kumasi: sam champion has a look at what is ahead. >> coming up, the latest on the more in ukraine and the reports of alleged atrocities, sparking worldwide outrage, as russian forces pull back from the capital.
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ukraine's president accusing russia of genocide. also, more air travel chaos. after more than 12,000 flight delays and cancellations left thousands of passengers stranded over the weekend, what southwest is saying over the weekend as
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lisa: good morning. a comfortable day out there. partly cloudy this afternoon. here is what we can expect in san jose. 70 today. a few degrees warmer on tuesday. wednesday, mid 80's. thursday, low 90's. for the entire bay area, this trend to you through the week. hot weather on wednesday, thursday. holding onto the heat inland on friday. the good news is, because we are so dry, this is not a prolonged event.
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today, 60's and 70's. reggie: the warriors played in sacramento against the kings after that deadly mass shooting this weekend and there was a moment of silence inside golden 1 center. before the game, head coach steve kerr address the shooting, saying it is devastating. god violence hits close for kerr. his father was shot and killed by gunmen while serving as the president of the university of beirut. he once again called for action on gun laws. >> at some point, i would hope that we actually think about our fellow citizens and do something about it, instead of play politics. because that is all we do. again, i am so, so sorry for the victims and their families. my family has gone through the same thing. we know how devastating -- just
6:25 am
life-changing. everything changes here for the victims and families. it is just time -- time for us to do something about it instead of having another moment of silence and then send thoughts and prayers. reggie: draymond green was asked about the shooting and he said these are the types of things that affect everyone and alter daily life. kumasi: tiger woods reveals he is practicing to possibly compete in the masters which starts on thursday. he said it will be a gametime decision on whether or not he competes. just over a year ago, he had to be hospitalized after a car crash that nearly cost him his leg. >> we have seen him come back from so many things over the years but this would be remarkable if he can handle this. a tough thing is if he can physically get around the course walking. >> for the tournament and everyone to have tiger there would be phenomenal.
6:26 am
kumasi: he spoke in february about his recovery and said he had been working on his strength and development. analysts say because augusta is very hilly, it would be a challenge. more news at 6:30. an alarm report on antidepressants. talking about a concerning trend about who they are being given to and how much. reggie: the smash hit his back. kumasi: the reason you want to take a quick peek reggie: live look outside.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. reggie: top stories at 6:30, gun violence strikes sacramento. a night out in the downtown district, still so many questions and not a whole lot of answers this morning as we mourn another mass shooting. kumasi: google getting back on campus, a sign of where the area may be heading as a whole. reggie: live look outside to start this monday. lisa is tracking a midweek heat wave that you have to pay attention to. we are talking 90's in some areas of the bay area? lisa: it is happening. and that means 70's at the
6:30 am
beaches, half moon bay, pacifica in the 70's. that is rare any time. you can see the camera shaking a bit, anywhere from 25 to 40 mile-per-hour wind. it will not be that windy at the surface but it will be breezy today. that will aid in the cooling trend today. 50 one in oakland. 44 in santa clara. the sun coming up at 6:50. already milder due to the cloud coverage out there. by the afternoon, breezy wind, temperatures in the 60's. by noon time, a mix of clouds and sun. mid-60's from fremont, low 70's inland. reggie: developing this morning out of sacramento, police are still searching for the suspects in the deadly mass shooting. kumasi: it happened outside of a club in the heart of downtown. six were killed and 12 were injured. jobina has the latest on what
6:31 am
witnesses are calling chaos. jobina: police say multiple shooters fired as clubs and bars emptied out in the morning. this shows the chaos that unfolded as settler rounds of gunfire rang out. three men and three women died. surveillance cameras captured part of the shooting. they say it is a complicated crime scene. it spread across at least two blocks. the police chief says there was a large fight that happened before the shooting and confirmed there were at least two shooters payment one man there said he found a bullet hole in his car. >> i heard gunshots on them people diving on the ground, falling down. next thing i know,. >> we are right up against the wall. it happened across the street. we had turned in the alley and everyone was running against each other, running into each other. it was crazy.
6:32 am
jobina: police say they found a stolen gun but have not released descriptions of a suspect. police are offering $1000 for a reward for any information leading to the shooters. kumasi: we heard sacramento mayor darrell steinberg talking about how the tragedy happened. he spoke passionately about the larger problem the shooting reflects. >> the chief alluded to the onyx of the bill increase in gun violence. i want to remind all of you of a day not so long ago pre-covid when the city went to years without a single evolving sacramento's youth. two years. now we are living in a different era. now there is the issue of guns and this is not a sacramento issue, it is a national issue. no surprise that any city would be hit with this kind of
6:33 am
terrible event. but here is what i know. it is beyond time to have a sane conversation about guns in america. we have a sickness in our country, sickness in our culture. can't we agree that on one side of the line, firearms for hunting, sport, even for self-defense is ok, and on the other hand, ghost guns, these guns that can be made by parts that allow the firing of multiple rounds at a time are absolutely unacceptable in our community and country? we must all ask ourselves what can we do different, what can we do better to not ensure this will never happen again, because that is impossible, but to do everything we can to minimize the chance that we will stand here like this mourning the deaths of innocent people and
6:34 am
mourning their families. kumasi: president biden put out a statement, calling on congress to take action. it says band ghost guns, require background checks for all gun sales, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. these are just a few of the steps congress urgently needs to take to save lives. it is back to the office for thousands of bay area employees for the first time in two years. reggie: for google, it means most employees will be back in the office at least three days a week. glory is in sunnyvale. >> this week will be different for google employees as remote workers returned to the office, and they'll be returning on a hybrid model. most employees will be working from a bay area office three days a week, and the rest of the week they will work from home or wherever they choose. they can work in the office more if they want as well.
6:35 am
85% of applications for fully remote work or relocation had been approved since last june. that is nearly 14,000 employees around the world. employees working on site need to have covid-19 vaccinations or approved accommodations. those not vaccinated and have an approved accommodation must test regularly and must wear a mask as well. google is joining other bay area companies like apple and twitter welcome them back about workers this spring. there is the option for employees who don't feel comfortable returning to the office to request a work from home extension. kumasi: thank you. for the first time ever, an entire city's population is set to undergo covid testing. all 25 million of shanghai's residents will be tested today as they deal with an outbreak.
6:36 am
they have hit a high of 61 thousand total infection since march 1. testing will take three days to complete. stay up-to-date on all covid headlines by heading to reggie: ukraine is accusing russia of committing more crimes. president zelenskyy visited this morning where civilians were killed. the mayor says hundreds are buried in a mass grave. local officials say it appears some were tortured. secretary of state antony blinken says this is a punch in the gut and agrees russian forces have committed war crimes. >> we cannot normalize this. this is the reality going on every day as long as russia's bertelli against ukraine continues. that is my needs to come to an end. reggie: president zelenskyy calls the killings a genocide. ♪ kumasi: the sounds of broadway
6:37 am
echo through times square in manhattan. stars saying to support ukraine. billboards all throughout midtown were lit up in blue and gold, the colors of the ukrainian flag. if you want to help people in ukraine, we have put together a list of verified groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies. go to violence shakes a san francisco neighborhood. the shooting near a playground that left at least two people dead. and you are looking live at the big board of the new york stock exchange. another update on the markets coming next. and new at 6:00, your dream job in wine country is opening up another bottle. a six-figure salary, rent free living, and the wine. and you can watch us for an extra hour now. we are live every weekday from
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7:00 until 8:00. download now for your phone, tablet, amazon fire, or android tv. lisa: good morning. . 10 minutes away from sunrise. live doppler 7 picking up on a system of clouds in the north bay. it looks pretty. temperatures in the 50's for oakland. 50's in san jose. half moon bay starting out milder. another nice of you. numbers in the low 50's in petaluma. really mild. that will be the trend for the overnight lows as the warmth builds throughout the week. wind gusts at 30 miles or at sfo. 45 mob our wind gusts in the upper elevations. partly cloudy the afternoon. we have some sun out there today
6:39 am
but temperatures will be coolest today. tomorrow, no cloud cover. breezy, over 25 miles per hour. tonight into tomorrow, the wind turns to an offshore component out of the north. that is how we will warm up tomorrow. it dramatically on wednesday for the inland, east bay. 90's on thursday and friday. saturday we get into that cooldown everywhere. we will get cooler sooner on friday along the coast. you know how that goes with the heat ways. 67 in fremont. 70 in santa rosa. good morning, jobina. jobina: now that people are returning to the office this week, more than we have seen in the past, i want to let you know about some changes, including the san francisco bay fairy. this is essentially going to make it easier to connect to
6:40 am
other transit services. the bay bridge toll plaza is packed right now. metering lights came on at 5:44, much earlier than we typically see in the 6:00 hour. san mateo bridge, a wind advisory issued by the chp. richmond san rafael bridge, golden gate bridge. tracy to dublin, 59 minutes. antioch to concord, 39 minut
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kumasi: today, antioch mayor thorpe is about to make an announcement on staffing levels. it comes to weeks after the da office started a criminal misconduct investigation. three pittsburgh officers have
6:43 am
been put on administrative leave and one antioch officer is involved. mayor thorpe says he has been "committed to reforming the antioch police department since he took office." developing news in san francisco. two men are dead and two are hurt following a shooting at a playground. the men were shot just before 5:00 last night. here is abc 7's reporter with more. >> heavy police presence into the night, two people shot and killed in the crocker amazon neighborhood. the supervisor passing along information from police. >> we know there are four victims of the senseless act of gun violence. unfortunately, two have passed away. it is sad, my heart goes out to the victims and their families. >> police call to brunswick street sunday afternoon. maria lives less than one block away and is shocked by the shooting. >> i never no shootings,
6:44 am
no police activity. i have lived here since october and nothing like that happens. >> terrifying moments for the neighborhood, the shooting happening near a playground. police have the area blocked off. >> luckily, the playground was almost empty, i think there was a mother and child who ran in the other direction. >> what are your thoughts of it happening right near the playground? >> it is horrifying. >> few details have been released by police. the investigation is ongoing. >> they are looking for a silver sedan that came, let out 20 plus shots at these individuals when they were on the sidewalk. >> the supervisor says he has been fielding calls throughout the evening. concerned neighbors wanting more information and he wants neighbors to know -- >> this did not take place at the park, it took place at the sidewalk.
6:45 am
still, these young men were coming from the basketball court. it is very sad. reggie: this morning, travel headaches continue as flights across the country are canceled. it comes as a combo of one airlines computer glitch and bad weather. jobina has more on the impact of these cancellations. jobina: more than 470 flights have been canceled today. eight flights at sfo, one at oakland international have been canceled so far. over the weekend, more than 12,000 lights were either delayed or canceled. 900 of the cancellations were from southwest airlines, the nations largest domestic carrier. 12% of their flight never took off. the airline is blaming severe weather and technology issues. computers crashed early saturday morning and this was the result. other airlines, including american and jetblue, also canceled hundreds of flights.
6:46 am
reggie: now for your morning money report and a big sale for tesla this morning. despite the wide spread global supply chain issues. they have delivered a 60% increase in vehicles from the same time period last year. tesla says it is on track to deliver more than one million vehicles globally by the end of the year. they credit that in part to a new factory opening up in germany soon. tesla stock has risen 30% in the past month. those macbooks really grow up fast, don't they? or they die early. apple is repairing to make some older models obsolete. according to multiple reports, the 201411-inch macbook air, 13-inch macbook air and 13-inch macbook pro will be put on the obsolete product list at the end of the month, which means they will stop caring replace but parts. live look at the new york stock exchange this morning.
6:47 am
down about 146 points. kumasi: back to the future for angry birds. the original game is back in the app store. this is based on fan demand. the game costs one dollar. there is a growing push to start school later to help the mental health of teenagers. our state became the first to require high school start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. a task force is advocating for a later start times across the country as a way to promote healthy sleeping habits. the cdc finds most teenagers don't get enough sleep, which makes them likely to perform poorly in school and suffer from depression. research has found attendance and academic outcomes improve with later start times. a job posting that went viral last year is launching again today. reggie: murphy good winery is
6:48 am
offering up what they say is more than just a dream job. last year, more than 7200 people applied for this one job. the person who wins will spend one year explore multiple job specialties, businesses to see what they're interested in most. the position pays $10,000 a month for a year and includes free housing and a year supply of wine. kumasi: i forgot who won last year. jobina: they picked two people because they were that good, and i interviewed one of them. he was cool. reggie: i was thinking, there is no downside to this. jobina: apply. reggie: that is a really cute place they have downwntown. it is next to one of my favorite restaurants. if i had unlimited funds, i would buy a place there.
6:49 am
jobina: you could live rent free and do this job. reggie: bye. i can put a video together. lisa: good morning, everyone. hopefully you like the weather for the week ahead. we don't need the heat or the offshore wind. today, we get the cooler day out of the next seven. san francisco, 50 degrees. 51 in oakland. from the roof camera, just a sliver of sunshine. mid 40's in napa. warmer due to the cloud cover this morning. partly cloudy conditions today. we are breezy in the upper elevations and at the coast. notice how the clouds got swept away. overnight into tuesday, high pressure builds in. wednesday's highs, 15 to 20 degrees above average. upper 60's downtown. 80's in the north bay. that it gets hotter into
6:50 am
thursday, 90's arriving. mid 70's from half moon bay. 80's in san francisco on thursday. the good news is the wind shifts on friday, who off along the coast. it stays hot inland. overnight lows, inland east bay, upper 40's the next few days. with all of that heat, upper 50's for overnight lows. much of the night you'll have the windows open and maybe even the fan going. highs today in the low 70's in concord, mid 60's in oakland. breezy northwest wind today. it is the coolest day. the heat arrives wednesday and thursday. still warm inland on friday. reggie: a group is about to take on san francisco's fentanyl crisis. mothers against drunk death will reveal this billboard today in union square. the ad is intended to mourn
6:51 am
taurus from visiting cities known for it's dirt cheap fentanyl. this comes after the end of layer month kumasi: a partial building collapse in downtown santa rosa is the center of an investigation this morning. firefighters say the awning gave way before noon on sunday. witnesses saw a cloud of dust and then broken debris and glass left behind. a woman associated with the story talks about what is next. >> first and foremost, we will get the building fixed up, debris removed. we plan to be open as soon as possible. kumasi: the luggage company was closed when the awning collapsed. no one was hurt. reggie: costco could be opening a new location in pleasanton by the end of the year. a legal challenge by residents to prevent the opening has failed. it was focus on air-quality quality impact and traffic concerns.
6:52 am
this will be more than three acres in size, will have gas stations with 20 pumps. kumasi: a health alert about antidepressants and how women are turning to them more than ever before. according to the cdc, one in five women are turning to the medicine. our chief medical correspondent is on gma to talk about why these numbers could be so high. >> there seems to be some differences in the rates of depression in women versus men, and as women age. whether that is a hormonal contribution as women get to menopause or more just lived experiences, life stressors, world events, we don't know. but the numbers are jaw-dropping when you see how common this is. kumasi: you can watch the full interview coming up at 7:00 on gma. the clock is ticking if you still need to file your taxes.
6:53 am
the deadline is coming up on april 18. the irs as it has gotten back about half of the returns they expect, but that still leaves about 79 million taxpayers who have yet to file. the average return this year is around $3200. reggie: a 60-year-old man in germany suspected of getting the covid vaccination multiple times to turn a profit. he got the shots so that he could forge vaccination cards with real batch numbers. officials suspect the man got up to 90 shots for covid-19, and he did this for months until police caught him. he is being investigated for unauthorized issuance of vaccination cards and document forgery. kumasi: an update to a fox that was rescued from an illegal trade in peru. we told you about him last year. a family that adopted him originally thought he was a dog, but they found that he was a fox.
6:54 am
officials say that since he was raised as a dog, he cannot be released into the wild. now he is settling into his life at a breeding center. can we rewind? 90. reggie: did lisa stutter? kumasi: i am not talking about that. i'm talking about these 90 shots. i am excited about that. reggie: 90 shots? a scam is a scam is a scam, but don't put your body through it. kumasi: 90? the 90's and lisa's forecast, i'm excited about that. reggie: i thought you were talking about something completely different. i am trying to warn all of the
6:55 am
gays about when they can go to marshall's speech this week. it will be in the 70's this week? lisa: and i did not stutter. kumasi: and that is that. [laughter] reggie: love lisa. kumasi: the seven things that you need to know today. reggie: you can watch our newscasts live and on-demand. it's available for apple tv, amazon fire tv, roku. download now and start streaming. if you could have seen lisa's face, it was even funnier. kumasi: live look outside. beautiful sunrise this morning. we will be right back.
6:56 am
large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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kumasi: here are the seven things you need to know this morning. number one, sacramento police are offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the shooters involved in this mass shooting. six people were killed, 12 injured outside of a club early yesterday morning. reggie: number two, the ukrainian president visited vucevic this morning. the city's mayor has accused russia of murdering hundreds of people and dumping their bodies in mass graves. kumasi: the senate judiciary committee will vote to advance the nomination of ketanji brown jackson. a full senate book could happen on thursday. reggie: google employees returning to the office starting a hybrid model.
6:59 am
three days a week for those working in the bay area offices. lisa: number five, looking at sunshine mixed in with clouds. low 60's, breezy at the coast. low 70's inland. jobina: number six, an alert from caltrans, and some good news. fares are cut and have for the month of april to think customers for their patients and to alert people that come into the office. kumasi: number seven. look at this beautiful view, a double raimo forming in the san ramon area. whoever did this time lapse said it was captured on march 28. that is stunning. wow. jobina: lisa, do you think that is a filter? lisa: maybe not. it just may be creativity. reggie: and you did not stutter. [laughter] lisa: i think i did that time.
7:00 am
reggie: put together your hot weather plans this week. today is the day to do it good morning, america. for our viewers in the west. global calls to charge putin with war crimes on this monday morning. worldwide outrage. new evidence of the staggering devastation from the war. ukraine's president accusing russia of genocide as russian forces retreat from kyiv. this as 11 ukrainian mayors are being held captive by the russian military. this morning, how the white house is planning to respond to it all. urgent manhunt for at least two suspected shooters after six people were killed and a dozen injured when gunfire erupted outside bars and clubs in sacramento. the investigation this morning. confirmation showdown. the senate judiciary committee set to vote on supreme court nominee judge ketanji brown jackson.


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