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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>, finding solutions. this is abc7news. kristen: the day after a mass shooting killed six people in sacramento, there has been an arrest in connection with the case this development comes after we learn more about the victims on what brought them to sacramento. >> thank you for joining us. you are watching abc7news at five :00, streaming live on the abc 7 bay area news app. more arrests are possible. the police chief saying multiple shooters were involved. the crimes street -- the crime scene littered with bullets. they are also reviewing surveillance video.
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abc7news reporter leslie brinkley is following this developing story. she is live in sacramento tonight. reporter: yeah, it has been an emotional day. i am here standing a block away from the state capital in the heart of this entertainment district. there are restaurants and nightclubs. and a stream of families are coming, different spots for people passed away with candles, flowers, to pay their tribute, to shed some tears and remember those who are lost -- who were lost at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. a lot of new developments here today. a bar fight that spilled onto the streets. as police pursued multiple suspects, there is word of one arrest. >> we have made an arrest. 26-year-old deandre martin. he was arrested for being involved in the shooting, as
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well as being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. reporter: sacramento police say they recovered over 100 shell casings from the area of the shooting, and have confirmed three buildings were struck by gunfire, three vehicles hit by gunfire. >> of those shell casings, we know we have at least two different calibers of ammunition that were used. reporter: a stolen handgun was recovered at the shooting scene. police executed three residential search warrants overnight and found one additional weapon. six people died. their names released today. two were 21-year-old women. there was also a 57-year-old homeless woman, melinda davis. as well as three young men, joshua hoy lou, devout seo turner, and sergio harris. one victim from the central valley town of selma was celebrating her birthday. her family is inconsolable.
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>> she just turned 21. she was just ready, going to the bars and stuff. yeah, she was a real caring person. reporter: a victim services center was opened at cal expo fairgrounds in sacramento. >> are those that have had deceased family members, we connect them with family burial services. reporter: emotional support services are available to anyone traumatized by the shooting. 12 people remain hospitalized from gunshot wounds. police say they are looking into whether a shooter could also be a victim. at 7:30 tonight, by golden one center, there is a vigil planned just a couple blocks from here from where the shooting took place. family members right now stopping here before that vigil to pay their respects to where they lost a loved one. police say they are very grateful to the public.
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they have had more than 100 photos and videos uploaded to a special community evidence portal, and they are obviously combing through those photos to see what more they can learn about the shooting, the motive, and perhaps to arrest more suspects. in sacramento, i am leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. ama: thank you so much. this shooting has once again put the spotlight on gun control. politicians are moving to propose new legislation, and are taking aim are -- at what are known as ghost guns. karina nova spoke to a congressman today and joins us from the newsroom. what did he have to say? reporter: the reaction from political leaders to the mass shooting was swift and stern. president joe biden, governor newsom, and attorney general rob bonta all say the gun violence plaguing our communities must end, and the devastating shooting in sacramento further proves that something needs to be done. california congressman eric
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swalwell authored and cosponsored multiple bills tackling gun violence. that includes enhancing background checks and banning assault weapons. >> most frustrating is not only that we are not making progress and advancing new gun safety legislation, it is that gun manufacturers are actually making progress and getting around the ability to detect guns. you have ghost guns that are starting to flood the streets, because of advancements in 3d printing, ai, and other forms of technology, you can make firearms that are not traceable. reporter: swallow all says guns are not just a california problem, legislation must be passed on a national level. at this point, we know the handgun recovered at the scene in sacramento was stolen. police say more than 100 bullet casings were recovered in the area. just this february, california legislators proposed multiple bills that would allow individuals to sue manufacturers
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and sellers, prohibit marketing certain weapons to children, and tighten those ghost gun restrictions. all of those bills are still in the early stages of making their way in the state legislature. in the newsroom, i am karina nova. dan: ok. ama: thank you. we set out the alert through the news app about an arrest in connection to the shooting around noon. it is one way to stay on top of breaking news. and able to push alert feature when you download it. dan: in the south bay, one student was stabbed during a fight in san jose. police to take another student into custody. the school was never placed on lockdown. zach fuentes is live tonight. this happened days after a shooting involving a student at another san jose high school, right? reporter: that is right. that one was on thursday. the person who was shot had a non-life-threatening wound. that was the same situation here
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today. . the student who was stabbed had a non-life-threatening wound. the scene they responded to this morning was a very dangerous one. >> very chaotic scene. we had a police officer there when the stabbing incident occurred. reporter: parents of students at gunderson high school say they got texts from their kids about the fight. many showed up long before everyone was sent home to make sure their children were ok. >> you worry about your own kids safety. reporter: the san jose police department says the call reporting the stabbing came in and around 1012 this morning. a school resource officer was the first to respond to the fight turned to stabbing. the incident broke out among students. officers responded. >> we believe there were several students from the high school involved in this incident. we do have a person that is being detained. reporter: in a statement, the san jose unified school district said our campus officer quickly stopped the violence and apprehended the suspect, thanks to the quick response of our
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campus officer and the san jose police officer. the school was not under lockdown and the incident was contained. the classes would continue as scheduled. a crisis team would be on hand to support students and staff. the stabbing comes days after an unrelated shooting near another san jose high school on thursday. police say one student was shot by another and suffered a non-life-threatening wound. police were able to find a suspect. parents i spoke with say there -- it is incidents like today's stabbing that keep them worried for their kids and others. >> it is really crazy and sad. kids need to know that there are consequences right now will affect them forever. i'm just glad that the student that got stabbed is not in critical condition. reporter: that is the good news to come out of all of us. that student will be fine as well as the student on thursday.
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an investigation by the police department in the school district is going to be ongoing. live in san jose, zach point is, abc 7 news. ama: thank you so much. the mayor of the antioch says the city needs to take action to deal with staffing shortages at the police department. the mayor plans to ask the city council to approve a plan that would pay $40,000 bonuses to attract existing and first-time officers. the bonuses would be paid out over three years with $20,000 upfront. >> we will also offer county graduates a down payment assistance incentive, where they can have up to $60,000 towards a down payment for a home located here in the city of antioch. reporter: the mayor's plan calls for the hiring of 10 additional officers above current staffing levels of 115. part of the department's staffing shortage is due to an and vet -- an fbi investigation including officers of crime of moral turpitude. the officers are on administrative leave. a police drown went to work
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today in an area of oakland was shut down as officers investigated the report of a possible shooting. you see one of the departments new drones in action. it launched after the report of a shooting near the fruitvale part a state -- art station. police discovered the call was a false alarm. no one was hurt and no one was arrested. dan: let's move to a look at today's coronavirus headlines. in new omicron subvariant has been found in the nike -- the united kingdom and is a hybrid of two other sub variants. there are about 600 confirmed cases. lawmakers have agreed to a deal to provide $10 billion in funding for the united states covid response. it will allow for the purchase of more tests, vaccines, and therapeutics. arizona, missouri, and louisiana are suing the biden administration over its plan to end the pandemic rule that kept most immigrants from entering the united states.
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google is calling for its employees to return to the office this week. the company is ending its voluntary work from home. it'. google says advances in prevention and treatment of covid-19 and improved safety measures allow for transitioning to a hybrid workweek. the company expects most workers to come into the office three days a week and have two days of remote work. >> i had a feeling that they were waiting here already. dan: a woman had a lot more stolen than just her car. . inside was a friend's dream wedding dress. how this crime is connecting her even more with her work. ama: slavery is a dark part of our history and is being told in a new book geared toward children. the impact it is expected to have
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dan: can't on camera. a woman who wrapped up a day of shopping with her best friend quickly becomes the victim of a crime in oakland.
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suspects grabbed her car keys and took off with more than her honda. as news anchor deon lynn explains. reporter:reporter: i parked right here at 8:30 p.m., and i checked my surroundings. reporter: for this young woman who only wants to be identified as ms. u, advocating for safety is part of her dna. >> i have been volunteering since high school. a lot of things we promote is safety. reporter: which makes what happened to her on march 27 as she parked her car all the more ironic and terrifying. >> usually i check my surroundings before i get out of my car, i check if anyone is following me. reporter: she saw nobody was around, and she walked around to the passenger side to retrieve her purse. that is when she noticed something was wrong. >> i immediately closed the door and i turned around, and i see four or five guys approaching. i immediately started running. reporter: surveillance by a
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nearby business shows one suspect catching up to her. she says at least one person in the group had a gun. >> one of the guys grabbed my arm, and he pushed me to the ground. i hit my head. reporter: within seconds, her black honda civic was gone. >> at that moment, i was really scared. but i did not have a lot of time to react. reporter: while her physical wounds were not serious, her heart is broken over what was inside the trunk. >> out of everything, the wedding dress is the one that is like, what i was sad about the most. because it does not belong to me. reporter: one day before the carjacking, she picked up her best friend's a dream wedding gown. they had searched for months to find it. >> it was really beautiful. the perfect dress on her. the moment she tried it on, we thought, that is the one. reporter: she planned to store it at her home until her friend's fall wedding which had been postponed because of the pandemic. >> she was like, are you joking? reporter:+ while she takes time
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off from work, she is speaking out on behalf of the community she calls home. >> within the asian community, and a lot of people are in fear of reporting and be on the news. reporter: in oakland, dion lim, abc 7 news. ama: contender brown jackson is on track to be supreme court justice after two senate votes. the judiciary committee which is evenly split between democrats and republicans voted along party lines for a tie. the senate majority leader moved the nomination out of committee. it passed the full senate with 53 votes, including three republicans. schumer said despite opposition, jawi bthnext supreme court justice. >> judge jackson ultimately has enough support to get confirmed on a bipartisan basis and the senate is going to keep working until this nomination is complete. ama: republicans against moving forward with a nomination say
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jackson is wrong for the court based on her policy and philosophy. democrats hope to complete the nomination process by friday. the 1619 project documents the arrival of the first enslaved africans in the english colony of virginia more than 400 years ago. the first picture book for kids has been published. tomorrow one of the authors will be reading the book to san francisco public school students in a live assembly. senior education reporter leanne melendez has the impact the book is expected to have on students. >> this was a really beautiful civilization that existed way before whips and chains and oppression. reporter: the children's book "" the 6019 project born on the water shows people living in different regions of western and central africa with their own traditions and customs, until they attempted to take that away from them. >> this book in particular was written with black children in mind to be able to speak directly to them about what
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their origin story is into feel proud of the people that came before them. reporter: the authors selected the title "born on the water" because africans were taken away from their homeland, put on the slave ship, and it was at sea where they were forced to become a new people. this effort cisco unified school district has taken great interest in how to teach this hard topic to all children. deputy superintendent of instruction reached out to all teachers. >> make space for them to feel, to process, to respond, and if necessary, take a break. >> it is never ok to force people to work without pay. it is never ok to treat people as if they are not human. providing opportunities for students to express themselves about how they are feeling about this information is critical to racial healing and understanding and for all of us to move forward. reporter: for all students, it is a chance to learn more about the black resistance and the many contributions of those born
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on the water. in san francisco, leanne melendez, abc 7 news. dan: abc 7 is committing to pride 365 days a year, and we are very pleased to announce we have a new media partner for san francisco pride. the city's first pride parade since before the pandemic is set to take place june 25 and 26th. several other pride events are returning like the festival at civic center plaza. san francisco posts the largest free pride parade anywhere in the united states. ama: a pleasant start to the week in the bay area. . but it is expected to change. when the he will arrive what are you recommending for muscle pain?
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dan: an initial public comment period. runs through may 2. it is a controversy the i team's dan noyes has been closely covering since august of 2020. ama: i'm not really ready for the weather. i'm going to be honest. dan: here it comes. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it is way too early but thursday, temperatures are going to spike and we are going to be seeing records more than likely. get ready for that. we are in the comfort zone. i want to show you the satellite and radar and what brought the weather that is in the comfort zone. there is a system passing to the north and the pacific northwest. that has been responsible for driving up the onshore winds, bringing more cloud cover, some areas have been cooler and some areas, a little milder. we do have clouds overhead on live doppler seven. the winds onshore gusting to 38 at sfo.
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26 and hayward. when you get the wind gusting to 30 in napa, it cools us off. same wind direction generally speaking kicking up the swells. a beach hazard statement until 9:00 p.m. wednesday. a northwest while bringing a high risk of sneaker waves, strong with -- rip currents, and waves. i know people may want to go to the beach, but be careful. we are seeing clouds on multiple. levels 57, san francisco. 67, san jose. 54, in half moon bay. emeryville camera moving toward the golden gate bridge, you can see how shaky the camera is as we. look at the low clouds mid 60's from santa rosa to napa. 70, concord. the warmest spots made it into the 70's to and from our east bay hills camera. you can see the marine layer getting ready to move in. partly cloudy and gusting through tomorrow. warming trend starts tomorrow. the heat spikes on thursday. that is when records are likely.
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i want to show you what is going to happen. tomorrow morning at around midnight, you will notice there is still a lot of cloud cover. then the clouds break up. as we head into 5:00 a.m., patchy at best. clouds will clear out quickly, leading to a nice-looking sunny day with milder weather. temperatures in the morning, upper 30's to upper 40's. patches of clouds for the afternoon and south bay. 75 degrees in morgan hill. . a nice day on the 66 degrees, 59 in daly city. the breeze go stick around on the north bay. . 73 in napa. castro valley, 71. inland areas, really nice. 76, livermore. watch the temperatures on wednesday, mainly 80's inland. thursday, we bump up the bay and inland in the 80's and 90's. . coast in the 70's. friday it will be pretty warm.
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if you are looking for rain, this computer model wants to bring in the possibility on monday. the other computer model, not so bold. we will hold out hope. temperatures rebounding tomorrow warmer midweek with records like -- likely on thursday. 80's and 90's. cooling will begin on friday, and it spreads over the weekend. it will be a sharp drop off as the winds kick up sunday and monday with the slight chance of showers. ama: thank you. dan: we will be right b
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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dan: some big name musicians are coming to the bay area as concerts ramp back up. ama: mountain winery released its schedule, it may have some of you feeling nostalgic. . among the acts booked are zz top, boys to men, smokey robinson, sarah mclaughlin, and chicago. dan: there is also a heavy bay area flavor with john fogarty and michael franz he. if you want to buy tickets, they go on sale this friday at 10:00 a.m.. ama: we have more music news. coachella is in need of another headline act because kanye west has pulled out. organizers will have to move quickly to fill his slot because the festival starts in less than
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tonight, tonight, the horrific images now emerging from ukraine. we warn you, the scenes, extremely graphic. president biden responding tonight. president zelenskyy very emotional before the cameras. tonight, the images revealing the unlimited brutality on the streets outside kyiv. hundreds of men, women, and children killed in bucha. reports of victims assaulted, tortured, and executed. our team on the ground in bucha. what they witnessed first hand. ukraine's president zelenskyy shaken by what he saw, describing the killings as genocide. president biden saying putin should be tried for war crimes. james longman tonight taking us to the scene of the horror outside kyiv. and martha raddatz standing by with what her sources are telling her now about russian troops and where they're headed. back here at home tonight, the deadly mass shooting in sacramento.


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