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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 8, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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been waiting for. it is opening day. the weather is good for that first pitch. exciting. >> a good friday. i am excited. >> yes. this is the first time they will be at capacity for a couple years. good morning. >> we are going to the pool because it will be warm. >> i have friends visiting from out of town for the ballgame. nice weather. 60's for the first pitch. today, cooler weather along the coast. warm inland today. 50's for the most part. feels mild as you walk outside this morning. our east bay hills camera showing you clear skies. temperatures cooler along the coast and the bay, 60's and 70's. then we will find our warmest
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spots in the 80's inland, nowhere near the record warmth of yesterday. if you are heading to the home opener, sunshine, temperatures through the 60's. >> news on the war in ukraine. attacks are intensifying in the east. at least 30 people killed overnight. ukraine will soon receive more weapons to fight russia. >> thousands of ukrainian civilians are trying to get out this morning as the warships to the eastern part of the country. it is expected the region will see some of the fiercest battles so far. new video shows devastation. this apartment block took a direct hit. james longman was with a man who showed what the attack did to his friend on the eighth floor of the building and they want to make it clear that what you are about to hear may be
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difficult. >> that's the remains of his friends. his charred remains. i'm looking at his bones and his body. >> independent rights watchdogs say there's growing evidence of war crimes. to help ukraine, the u.s. has voted to reinstall the lend lease program. that gives president biden authority to provide weapons free of charge, delaying payment until later. the house must pass the bill. the united nations did vote to suspend russia from the human human rights council. >> thank you. san jose police are searching for a driver who took off after hitting and killing two women. the crash happened just before 6:30 last night at ocala avenue. police say those victims were taken to the hospital and died.
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many say they are not surprised about this crash because they say drivers are reckless. >> it is dangerous. people don't stop even if you push the light. they don't stop. they are still driving like crazy. so maybe if they put the lights, then maybe people can respect, because these lights they don't. >> police haven't released any information about where the woman -- the women were walking or the details on the hit-and-run. >> open police are warning of an alarming uptick in armed robberies after a man was shot and killed during an apparent robbery attempt in lake merritt. the 33-year-old victim was shot before 9:00 last night near a cul-de-sac on lakeshore avenue. this is the third deadly shooting in that area since november. open police -- the oakland
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police chief says they will have more officers patrolling. >> we may contact with our councilmember. we are reaching out to community members. we will have a discussion next week regarding the violence and our response. >> this was the 31st deadly shooting of the year in oakland. this time last year, it was the 36th. >> cal fire is looking to hire more than 100 seasonal firefighters. with the warm weather and drought, they say will be a long season. this week's spring heat is not doing firefighters any favors. it has moved the timeline up on fire season. they are planning to be at peak staffing by the end of may, which they say is early compared to past years. >> we are seeing conditions now in early april that we would see in june. >> while there were no major fires in the bay area, a small grass fire did start near baker beach in san francisco yesterday.
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you can see that smoke not far from people crowded on the sand trying to get relief from the heat. the fire was put out, no injuries reported. >> you can track the weather conditions any time on the abc7 app. today's opening day for the giants and oakland a's. the orange and black are right here hosting the marlins. gloria rodriguez joins us with more. >> good morning. there's a lot of excitement around this new season. the giants are coming off a win and franchise record 107 wins. the giants postseason -- posted this new video on social media ahead of his season their campaign called game up. holding a workout yesterday at oracle park. joey bart will be the primary catcher.
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preparations are underway for opening day. >> last year was an extremely exciting year on many fronts. i think everybody is looking to build on that success. >> giants baseball. >> brian mcknight will be singing the anthem. we will raise the flag. again, like we always do, there's a few surprises as to who will raise the flag and through the first pitch. there's some good surprises. come out and let's start the season. >> that was mario of the giants front office. despite a historic year, they struggled with attendance. my conversation with mario about that, what they are doing to bring fans back, what they have in store for the season coming up at 7:00. v.a.'s open the season against the phillies at citizens bank park at 12:05. the giants take on the marlins at oracle park. the first pitch is out 1:35. they recommend you go early if
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you are planning to go to the game. they say there is something so special about opening day in san francisco. i know this makes me want to get out to the ballgame. >> especially after you said brian mcknight. >> and that is what i heard. >> who knows might be there? he said surprises. thank you. april is earthquake preparedness month and, today, an earthquake simulator is coming to the east bay. it is currently on tour across the state. ryan curry is live with more. good morning. >> good morning. the office of emergency services is hosting this simulator to give people a sense of what a strong earthquake feels like and go over why it is important to be prepared for when a big earthquake hits. the simulator is part of a statewide towa -- statewide tour
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to give people all over the state the feeling of what it is like to be in a big earthquake. it will be opening 6:00 this morning. we haven't seen a powerful earthquake in the bay area for some time. this simulator will give a sense of what it is like to be in a 3.0-7.0 earthquake. the simulator was in los angeles recently, where people say it felt intense. >> it is crazy. i can imagine that being inside a building would be even worse. >> we do not know when the next big one will happen, but we do know it will happen someday, so it is best to be prepared. people who did attend that in los angeles say they walked away feeling a sense of what it was like to be in that earthquake and walked away feeling fulfilled. life in berkeley, ryan curry.
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>> thank you. make sure you are paying attention when you sign-up up to rent a scooter. details in the fine print that could surprise you. >> it is tiger time. he's already beating expectations. >> 6:09 after that record warm day. cooler weather begins to move in along the coast and the shoreline. it still stays rather warm inland. warmest spots in the 80's. everyone's a multitasker these days.
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>> looking at oracle park. the home opener later. right around 72. a breeze this afternoon but overall a nice day. air quality improving.
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t haze? ton the good to moderate side. saturday, even better air quality. good across the board. that continues into sunday. numbers right now. seeing mild temperatures, 56 and the city, 57 oakland, 59 san mateo, santa rosa, napa 48. the future weather is showing you, throughout the morning, not nearly as warm as yesterday. by midday, pretty comfortable. 60's and 70's but our warmest spots will go into the 80's. no records are forecast today. the cooling begins along the coast, then widespread over the weekend. the wind is gusty in the hills beginning saturday morning at 5:00 a.m. >> i thought i would start with an opening day update. if you are headed out to see the giants, the ferry will depart
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before first pitch and leaves oracle park 30 minutes after last. caltrans is warning of heavy traffic. they are free. you can take that's oracle park. the toll plaza. meter lights are on and we have a crash on 80 just passed it. san rafael bridge. things are moving. it is beginning to slow on highway four. 22 minutes. tracy to dublin, 38. >> thank you. music helping those in need. the band donating to support ukrainian relief efforts. >> looking to hold on to the betty white magic longer? you could own a piece of hollywood history ahead. >> let's take a look outside at 6:13. be right back.
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>> family and friends of a 14-year-old girl who was murdered nearly 20 years ago have increased the reward to find her killer. she was stabbed to death in may of 1994. the reward was increased yesterday from 100,000 to $200,000 in an effort to continue to solve this. investigators have said there was no apparent motive. >> a warning to anyone who rents or rides a scooter. make sure you read the fine print. daniel peña was left paralyzed by a scooter accident. he and his attorneys say an uneven sidewalk caused him to lose control. he had his head. they filed a lawsuit against los angeles and then found out he's on the hook for legal fees for the scooter company, bird. piña's attorney says they have an agreement to protect
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the city against lawsuits. that is how he got slapped with the bill for $300,000. >> this is a contract where a person has a phone app and simply is checking boxes. little dpo -- little do they know that one of them says we may come after you. >> after hearing about the injuries, bird decided to dismiss the lawsuit against him, but he's moving forward his claim against los angeles. the cases expected to go to trial later this month. >> for the first time in 20 years, pink floyd is releasing music today. >> ♪ >> the legendary rock band released the new single. all the proceeds go to ukrainian humanitarian relief. the song features the van's reginald guitarist -- the band's
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original guitarist, david gilmore, and drummer, nick mason, and features members of a ukrainian band. gilmore says that encouraged him to do this project. tiger was already beating expectations at the masters. he will try to continue his professional streak of never missing the cut. what's finished his first round yesterday just four strokes off the lead returning just 14 months after a car crash that shattered his right leg. many doubted he would even walk again let alone play golf. the masters champ walked on the course, only a slight limp visible. he said navigating the hills at augustine would be the toughest challenge. >> an afternoon tea time tomorrow. what will the next 18 hours look like tomorrow? >> lots of ice. >> tiger woods is scheduled to tee off at 10:41 our time.
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you can watch on espn and espn plus. >> jeopardy champ amy schneider back in oakland after being invited to the white house as part of transgender day of visibility. i talked to her about the visit. >> it was hard to believe. it was not something i ever thought about imagining. it looks just like it does on tv. you are like, i have seen this before. it was neat and an honor. >> during her visit, schneider met the second gentleman and a group of transgender youth who were also invited. cool because she got to go with genevieve, her fiancé. >> awesome. >> just the fact that she was there and invited is a big step forward. happy for her and us that we get to benefit from her visibility.
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>> what is a workation? you work on vacation? sounds terrible. >> pino. my husband has had to do it. >> we will get some he released today along the coast and bay shoreline. a look along the embarcadero. good air quality today. it turns cooler for everybody over the weekend. the forecast headlines. relief from the heat yesterday will arrive on the coast and bay today. still warm and going back into the 80's but nowhere near the record of yesterday.
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over the weekend, much cooler, the winds picking up with an advisory, and monday, tracking rain. some encouraging news. highs today. today is a day of transition. trying to get rid of that heat of yesterday but it hangs on inland. santa rosa 84, 80 tuesday is a, but that is cooler than 94. 60's and 70's in the band shoreline. a breeze picking up later. not out of the question to see wind gusting over 30 miles per hour in the city today. overnight, temperatures in the 40's under clear skies. we have a wind advisory tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. in the north bay mountains, solano county and east bay. we are watching an offer wind developing out of the north, gusting as high as 60 miles per hour. there's the possibility of downed trees. through the weekend, notice the
6:22 am
wind is active throughout the day saturday and sunday. we will notice gusts from time to time as the wind advisory is in effect. the wind will calm down early next week. by monday, tracking rain returning. rain, afternoon and evening monday, and we are tracking snow in the sierra, so we will likely see a few inches falling. we will track snow and rain next week. another chance coming by thursday. the seven-day forecast. cooler weather over the next couple days. there is level 1. another chance of showers thursday. >> thanks. good morning america coming up. >> linsey davis has a look at what is ahead. >> coming up, reports of a deadly rocket strike on a ukrainian train station. the latest from the region. stunning new details about two men arrested for impersonating federal officials.
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>> a view from the exploratorium huma. cloud free sky. cooler weather along the coast and day, and tomorrow, inland. sunshine today. this afternoon, you could see we are in the 60's. that feels better than yesterday. our hottest spots were in the 90's yesterday. today, paredes. some heat reliefnld but still pretty warm. oracle park will be a nice day the giants take on the marlins. first pitch temperature 62. through the afternoon, 60's. we have that afternoon breeze,
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likely gusting close to 25. >> bay area food banks say they are seeing an increased demand for food. >> need was high at the start of the pandemic and with rising gas and inflation, people are coming back. food banks of contra costa and solano now serving 60,000 people every month. to help how to a global foundation pledged to match any monetary donations given. >> they are matching up to $500,000 in because we can purchase two meals with one dollar given to the food bank, we can provide 2 million meals if this is meant. >> the program runs through may 31. the food bank expects demand to stay elevated for another couple years. you can now own a piece of hollywood history that belonged to betty white. julian's auctions in beverly hills is putting 1500 of white's possessions on the auction block, concluding awards,
6:27 am
paintings, scripts, outfits and jewelry. auctioneers say the most personal item is a gold watch gifted to the actress by her mother. the auction will be online for three days in september. i would go for the outfit. >> yeah? i wish this stuff was on display somewhere, you know? >> maybe there's more. strategic. >> like a smithsonian section for betty white. i don't know. >> next, history was made yesterday and today is the celebration of the first black woman to serve on the supreme court, on the south lawn of the white house. >> annie's new man needs a name. the contest to decide what this falcon will be called. >> taking a look outside. we will be right back.
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>> building a better area, this is abc7news. >> the white house claiming a legal victory in connection to its vaccination policies as a wave of covid cases it's washington. >> a celebration of the first black woman nominated to the supreme court. >> we are getting told what is in store for the weekend. good morning. we made it to friday. >> we are excited because it will be a nice day. >> it is. yesterday was one of the hottest since october of 2020. it has been sometime since you saw the record heat. today, we will start to cool off, first along the coast, then the bay shoreline and inland. now, in the mid to upper 50's. stepping outside, you are feeling that mild air.
6:31 am
just know that we are tracking some cooler weather. outside, it is a beautifullike . sunshine today. we are in the 60's and 70's. our hottest spots yesterday were in the 90's. it is still warm inland but it is a day of transition. we will track cooler temperatures over the weekend in nine minutes. >> thanks. when the temperatures heat up, many people had to the beach. >> this is what it looked like yesterday. hundreds enjoying the sun and sand. some may be walking around and riding the waves. >> i will probably be here all day, make a day of it. the weather is unseasonably amazing so i will try to capitalize. >> to give you an idea of how popular this spot was, this was the parking lot. it is hard to find a spot. clearly worth it. >> these hot temperatures are
6:32 am
only going to compound california's drought. we are already dealing with the driest start to in your on record. i the south bayn, water deliveries are lower, meaning there's even less water to use. santa clara county asking users to reduce usage by 15%. >> due drought and our loallevels, we are unable to fil this basin. so what we are doing is drawing on our groundwater reserves. we need to conserve, otherwise, if these dwindle, we could have serious issues later this year, possibly next. >> he says we are even worse off than the last route, which began a decade ago. more climate watch coverage on our streaming app. you can download the app on roku, amazon, apple tv or elsewhere. the chp investigating a freeway shooting in the east bay.
6:33 am
a man called saying he had been shot in the arm all driving his motorcycle on 580 into livermore. officers could be seen with the motorcycle as it was about to be towed yesterday. chp confirms the victim was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. those who live and work in the area were shocked. >> my 16-year-old in the car was railing against, why do so many people have guns and pulled them out right away? what could have caused someone to shoot someone? is hap ten. to ourowanmo >> the chp says there's no suspect description and arrests have not been made. >> california could join the four-day workweek movement. a bill in the state legislature would shorten the work week from 40 hours to 32 hours for companies with more than 500 employees and require overtime pay if employees work more than four days a week.
6:34 am
supporters say it adapts working life with the transformation that started with the pandemic. opponents say this would have a negative effect on the economy. >> a celebration of the white house today for judge ketanji brown jackson. she's becoming the first black woman to serve on the supreme court. the ceremony will be on the south lawn. it comes after the senate's historic bipartisan confirmation. >> the nomination is confirmed. >> jackson will justice stephen breyer this summer. abc will carry a special report for the celebration at the white house around 9:15. we will bring that to you live and on the abc7 app wherever you stream. to the pandemic. the white house can claim a legal victory in connection with its vaccination policies. jobina tracking that. >> a federal appeals court has
6:35 am
upheld a mandate by president biden that all employees of the federal government be vaccinated. a higher court ruling will affect 300 -- affect 3.5 million government workers. this must come as covid cases hit washington. how speaker pelosi tested positive one day after she was with president biden, speaking with him without a mask. the white house says the encounter was brief and was not deemed a close contact. washington, d.c. and 11 states are reporting significant upticks in hospitalizations, mostly tied to the omicron ba.2 subvariant. >> i would get vaccinated now, get boosted again. >> new york city already seen the effects of rising cases. broadway shows have canceled performances as stars including
6:36 am
sarah jessica parker and daniel craig have tested positive. health officials are recommending people wear masks indoors again. >> thank you. we could know soon what sanctions if any will smith will be facing over that oscars slat. the academy's board of governors is meeting to discuss how to deal with this. the academy said because of into interest interest in the case, they want to handle it sooner rather than later. the board say they violated the academy's standards of contact -- conduct. a man is offering a reward for information leading to the return of his dogs. they were stolen from his home. here are the dogs. they are worth thousands of dollars. he says four men broke into his apartment around 1:00 in the morning monday. >> they did not touch anything valuable. there was lose money upstairs.
6:37 am
they only came for the dogs. they were in and out. as soon as they saw the dogs, two chase me out, the other two grabbed the dogs. >> rodriguez said the armed men spend no more than 90 seconds inside and he's devastated that his pets are gone. >> dogs are not just dogs. dogs are family. when they went into my house and took my dogs, it was like they were taking a part of me. >> as police investigate, rodriguez has taken it upon himself to follow up on leads. he says never underestimate the power of social media. that is why he has hopes his dogs will be returned. >> twitter is working to fix the mayor of san jose's account. it got hacked. someone calling themselves a moderator of a sneaker head social media account took over the profile.
6:38 am
the miracosta office tells us we are working closely with twitter support and ar grateful for their support. >> the bird who stepped into play dented to a family of families -- in to play dad to a family of falcons needs a name. >> the new bird has been by her side for hours, maybe even a little before the death of her longtime mate, helping to incubate eggs. now they are holding a contest to name him. they are asking you to submit suggestions on instagram, facebook and twitter. we are invested and we are getting an update from the source. we are talking with dr. john patterson at 7:00 as we do every week to get an update on annie.
6:39 am
>> we love sean as much as we love these animals. >> yes because you can tell how much he loves them. he breaks down what is going on. >> knows all the falcon gossip. >> he told us when annie left for that week, she had grandchildren on alcatraz. >> that is when we fell in love with him. a simulated shake helping you to get ready for the next one. the earthquake preparedness tool you can use in the east bay today. >> a look at the new york stock exchange. down slightly. another update next. >> you're only as old as you feel. the group proving middle-age may be the best age to go on spring break. >> ok. >> don't forget, you can watch us for an extra hour now. it is our streaming explosive show, abc7 at 7:00 on the streaming app. you can download that on your phone, tablet, smart tv.
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>> 6:40. a live look from the tower. you see the thinnest layer of fog over parts of the city. the marine layer basically absent. expecting a lot of sunshine today and through the weekend. your pollen and uv index. tree pollen still running high. your uv index is running high. getting more direct rays from the sun. sun will be in full effect today through sunday. hour-by-hour. we are noticing cooler air is beginning to influence the coast and bay shoreline, but still pretty warm inland. by lunchtime, you will feel the cooler air close to the water, but we are still finding our warmest spots in the 80's. not as hot as yesterday, where our hottest spots get into the 90's, but nonetheless, 80's is above average. cooler along the coast but still warm today. it is a day of transition as cooler air tries to move in.
6:41 am
68 in the city. that will feel a lot cooler than the mid-eighties of yesterday. 76 in oakland. 82 san jose. 84 santa rosa. 85 in concord. the game forecast. it is nice day in the park. 60's, a breeze later this afternoon. let's see how we are doing on traffic. >> hi, everyone. we start with a car fire i'm following in san leandro causing a slowdown. this is on northbound 880 before marina boulevard. down to eight miles per hour. the backup is growing. also backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 542 time. different from what we saw even this time one month ago, very crowded. the san mateo bridge looking good, moving at the limit in both directions. you're one slow spot will be highwa
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>> an earthquake simulator today in berkeley. it is earthquake preparedness month and emergency services are using this to get us prepared. ryan curry is live at the lawrence hall of science. hey. >> good morning. just arrived moments ago. this earthquake simulator designed to give people a feel of how intense a powerful earthquake can be. crews are in the process of getting it set up, which should usually take around 45 minutes. once it is up and running, it will give people a good sense of what it is like to be in a powerful earthquake. it is something they are going to focus on this month given the fact that it is earthquake preparedness month. we haven't seen a powerful earthquake in the bay area in quite some time.
6:45 am
according to the office of emergency services, this will give them around a 3.0 to 7.0 earthquake feel. it is perfectly safe, but they are trying to get people to not take this lightly, remind people it is serious. those in los angeles who wrote it recently said it felt intense. >> it could happen but we need to stay prepared, understand what we need to do in case it's an earthquake. >> again, this simulator is supposed to take around 45 minutes to set up. once it is done, people will be able to rhyme it -- able to ride it. after that, tips on what to do to prepare for an earthquake. it is something they don't want people to take likely. we don't know when the next big one will hit so it is better to be ready now as opposed to later. >> we are ready for you to get in the simulator and tell us what it is like.
6:46 am
>> we will have to wait and see. i don't know when it will be ready but once it is, should be fun. >> all right. >> looking forward to that. >> tesla's new billion-dollar giga factory in austin is open. as many as 15,000 people showed up to see what it looked like. elon musk hosted what he called a cyber rodeo for the opening. and he says that this is the size of three pentagons and the third largest factory in the world by volume. he drove up in a tesla in this outfit and said the tesla was the first ever made in menlo park in 2008. this new factory will be the company's headquarters but he says he's not leaving california altogether. >> california is great. we are continuing to expand in california, but we ran out of room, so we need a place where we can be really big, and there
6:47 am
is no place like taxes. >> there was a party. >> that is why i never bought a hat texas -- a hat when i lived in texas. i do not think it would look right. >> the austin plant will make batteries, the model y and the new tesla cyber truck. >> some people can pull it off. some cannot. have you ever wanted to google something but cannot describe what you are looking for? google is rolling out a multi search option to let you search using text and images at the same time. this has never been offered before but you can now find it through google linens. it is designed to make it easier to refine searches and pinpoint the item you are looking for. >> twitter is letting you get rid of -- get out of unwanted
6:48 am
conversations, testing a feature called unmentioning. you can remove your username from a conversation to stop feature mentions and notifications in a conversation. >> walmart is raising the bar for long-haul truckers. the company is increasing pay from $88,000 starting to between $95,000 and $110,000. walmart has a need to fulfill growing online orders and deliver products to warehouses and retail chains. 40,000 drivers were hired last year. looking at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. down 74 point. snapchat upgrading a feature that teaches the basics of american sign language. the special augmented reality lenses include the entire asl alphabet now. snapchat are's can --
6:49 am
snapchatters can learn them. deaf and hard of hearing employees at snapchat helped create the future. >> a new study finds life expectancy in the u.s. is still dropping. last year, decreased zero point -- decreased 0.4 years and the trend is expected to continue. the decade before the pandemic, life expectancy overall did not change much, but more than 900,000 americans have died from covid in the past two years. researchers say life expectancy is more than five years less in the u.s. than similar nations. >> they say you are only as old as you feel. are you ever going to be too old to go to spring break? apparently not. a group of nearly 250 adults making headlines this morning for what they call middle-aged spring break.
6:50 am
we could not find any actual video of them so you will have to imagine they are part of this group on the beach, and maybe they are. the adult spring breakers have been going on the same trip for nearly 15 years to destin, florida. they said they have no plans to stop and look forward to everyone who came and havi athe man who organized, richard, apparently no last name, like cher, says every year is another chance for debauchery. ok. >> i support them. >> do you? >> why can't they have a spring break? >> they can. i don't know about debauchery. >> they have it together. they keep coming back. >> do you know that? >> clearly.
6:51 am
>> because they are still alive? >> 15 years is a long time. >> everybody comes back. >> as adults, it is hard to keep those friendships. i went to florida my spring break. i went to fort lauderdale. i needed to go home. that place chewed me up and spit me out. i made it. so i get the appeal. >> you look three years older after you left that. >> easily. good morning. here's a pretty picture. we have the exploratorium camera. the sun rises. forecast headlines, no more record heat. relief arrives today. tomorrow, a more widespread cooldown. four weather influencing the coast and bay shoreline.
6:52 am
still warmer inland. tonight, clear. numbers in the 40's. wind advisory tomorrow morning for the north bay mountains in east bay hills for offshore winds developing. gusts could go to 60 miles an hour so not out of the question to see trees come down at high elevations. we have this front moving through that kicks up these winds. breezy and windy saturday and sunday. the winds will back off monday but that is when we are tracking wet weather. by monday afternoon, evening, we track our next system moving through. light showers, some snow falling around tahoe. that's something we will track. the seven-day forecast, or weather the next couple days. the weekend looking beautiful. windy. another chance of showers thursday. >> an innovative new project holds the promise of saving water from evaporation generating clean energy.
6:53 am
turlock irrigation district is lauhi sundrenched irriey int solar power designed these panels to act as canopies. once suspended, the test grids are expected to generate five megawatts of renewable energy. the ceo believes they might also protect the water from the effects of climate change. >> after looking at this, driving from san francisco to los angeles, after years of drought, we thought there must be something we can do to put a lid on evaporation. >> the pilot project is expected to cost $20 million. it is receiving support from the department of water resources and state grants. >> san francisco has announced programs to reduce carbon emissions. low income consumers will
6:54 am
receive discounts for 100% renewable energy. there will be rebates to reduce -- to replace fossil fuel powered appliances. mayor breed has a goal of net zero emissions by 2040. >>og is lucky. he found himself in a tough spot when you got stuck in a drain. police used volunteers and a rope to pull him up. look at that. what a dog that is. looks like a beagle. someone heard the dog crying from the drain. he was not hurt. was quickly re-knighted with his owner -- quickly reunited with his owner. look who i have today. >> woodstock. >> woodstock the bugle. one of our viewers gave this to me. >> that is a good woodstock. >> look at that. >> look at this. >> there is my boy.
6:55 am
i love seeing him. it brings me joy. >> next, the seven things you need to know. >> you can watch all of our newscasts live. our connected tv and is available -- tv app is available. >> let's take a look outside. friday, opening day. beautiful. nice day. >> i'm excited. >> your back. did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone.
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>> if you are just joining us, seven things you need to know. san jose police are investigating hit-and-run crash. two women were killed when a red pickup truck hit them in a crosswalk at ocala avenue and oakton court. the suspect was last seen driving north on capital expressway. >> attacks intensifying in eastern ukraine. at least 30 people were killed overnight when the train station was targeted. the senate has pledged to give more weapons to ukraine. the house has to pass that bill.
6:58 am
>> the academy's board will meet today to discuss possible sanctions for will smith after he slapped chris rock. the academy moved up its meeting, citing intense interest. >> president biden will host a celebration for judge ketanji brown jackson today. she was confirmed yesterday as the first black woman to serve on the supreme court. live coverage of the event that is supposed to start at 9:15. >> let's take you to the camera. the sun is up looking beautiful. cooler weather beginning to move in along the coast and bay shoreline. it is still pretty warm inland. no nighties on the board. 60's in the city. 82 in san jose, 84 santa rosa. concord up to 85. >> opening day is today for the giants. the fair will depart 90 minutes before the first pitch and leave after. >> all the details about opening
6:59 am
day at oracle park. the giants play the first game of the season against the marlins. start time 1:35 p.m. d.a.'s play their season opener in philadelphia at 1205 >> >> p.m. fun day. >> did we learn who else would be there? >> they said others might show up. we don't know who will throw the first pitch. will be cool to see. >> it will. i covered this and it rained. >> not today. >> way better. >> there's much happening today. >> i'm excited. >> we are. >> what are the snacks? >> we have to figure that out. >> i will stop by gregory's. >> shout out.
7:00 am
i have been hearing about gregory's. >> the party continues next on our abc 24/7 stream. hope tes good morning, america, f our viewers in the west. on this friday the deadly attack on a train station targeting ukrainians urged to evacuate. breaking overnight, at least 30 people killed after a rocket strike at a packed ukrainian train station. thousands of civilians racing to escape the war zone. ukraine's foreign minister issues a new stark warning and millions brace for russia's renewed assault on the east. history on the high court. judge ketanji brownjackson confirmed to become the first black woman on the supreme court. >> and this nomination is confirmed. >> what's next this morning. covid outbreak in the capitol. more than a dozen lawmakers and members of the administration


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